The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 29, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1944
Page 3
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THE DAILY CL'INTONIAN Page Three Wednesday, November 29, 1944. dous amount of flak info I lit skit-n that it was visiblo to observers on shore. During the night the enemy again Naval Forces Hurl Tons Of Shells on Ormoc; Jap Airmen Hit Harbor jj Clinton Social Notes 17 Game Club Members Attend Meeting Monday The Centenary Ladles Game Club held their regular meeting Monday evening with seventeen members present.' Plans were made for a Christmas staged a series of harassing attacks piirtcd, with mechanized units do-stroyiiig Jap artillery positions and blowing up a large enemy ammunition dump. Despite the Inclement weather, Army Liberators struck at enemy airdromes In the nearby Vlsayas group, dropping 169 tons of explosives on the runways and Installations of the Lecarlota and Taillway Wednesday ABC Club, 7:30 p. m. with Mrs. Henry Pullien, Elm street. (Conttnued trom page 1) Universal Bunco Club Enjoys Birthday Party Job's Daughters Attend Methodist Church Sunday against sea and shore Installations in the Tacloban sector, but damage was described as negligible, und bombing was inaccurate due to low cloud formations over the area, (round Action Halted Meanwhile, ground action on the Women of the Moose meeting at the hall, at 7:30 p. m. All members please attend to discuss plans for attending the charter night supper Members of the Happy Hour Bun Louise Call, Honored Queen of dromes, and destroying one park co Club of Universal held a birth the Clinton Chapter of Job's Daugh ed plane. at Terre Haute, Thursday evening. ters, chose the Methodist Church clay party Monday evening at the recreation hall. Mrs. Mary Ambro Fllendly Bunco Club, Mrs. Mayme for her "going to church" Sunday was hostess for the meeting. Get in tut scrap! northwest section of the island was held motionless for the second straight day, due to heavy ruins which have transformed the battle Following the regular business area around the Ormoc corridor in to a vast sea of mud and water. Only limited skirmishes were re ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP 17 North Tth St. PHONE 1S4-W I'F.itMANKNTS CIVHN AT NIGHT Osborne, South Fourth street, 7 : dt) p. m. ThuraSay The King's Daughter Class of the First Baptist Church, Miss Bevere-ley Crowder, 10B7 South Third street, 6:30 p. m. Ladles Auxiliary of One-Half Century Club, club rooms, 7:30 p. m. B. & I". W. meeting, 7:30 at the Pythian Sister Hall. Church Fellowship meeting at the party and the place is to be announced later. Mystery pals are to bring their Christmas gifts. Following the regular meeting, bunco was played wit if prizes being awarded to Mrs. Mildred Almone, travel; Mrs. Anna Bennettl, bunco; Mrs, Mary Hess, high; Mrs. Irene Turclil, low and Miss Rosalie Muzza-relli, mystery. Delicious refreshments were served by the hostesses, Mrs. Anette Qll-lio and Mrs. John Gambalanl. The next regular meeting will be held January 30. Mrs. Charles Sizemore of Porlli-mouth, Va. and Mrs. Howard Size-more of Cory, Ind. spent the past week with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Size-more of 939 Walnut street. Mrs. Robert Sizemore who teaches in ported, Willi forward troop movements halted for the time being. However, near captured Union, some American tank activity wus re- with 25 members attending. Rev. Crawl of the Baptist Church officiated due to the absence of Rev. Jordan. Those attending were Mrs. Peg Helms, Guardian, Ray Shew, Associate Guardlun; Mrs. Stella Kamm and Mrs.' Letha Griffin, Hilda Lou Salmond, Betty Jane Davis, Gloria Osmon, Kay Plttlnger, Rose Marie and Shirley Henderson, Hetty Harrison, Vera Jane Eaton, Mary Evelyn Griffin, Carolyn Whitcomb, Sally Co-gan, Myra Griffiths, Edith Graham, Mary Lee Vrablc, Martha Jardlne, Marbara Burgan, Margaret Ilene Pi- fighters and torpedo bombers and made their attack at about noon on Monday, according to the communique. I'. H, Ships Daniauyd The ships were a part of Vice Admiral Thomas Kinkald's Seventh Fleet. The attack caused "some damage and casualties," Gen. MacArthur reported. Fifteen of the enemy planes were blasted out of the skies during t lie raid by the accurate shouting of American fighter planes and nnll-alr-craft batteries. This nunibiT comprised more than half of the attacking force. Hlrongi'Mt Jnp Hid It was the strongest single bid of the Japs to date against the powerful Allied naval units which have been screening MacArthur's great liberation forces since the first duy of the Leyte invasion. The warships were 30 miles offshore, but they threw such a tremen meeting, bunco was played with Mrs. Victoria Molle winning blub; Mrs. Maggie Cox, bunco; Sirs. Hes-le Slhia, low; and Mrs. Grace Mrann, travel. Miss Victoria Troskey was a guest at the meeting. Mrs. Victoria Molle will be hostess for the next meeting. Mrs. J,ucy Kuch of Melrose Park, 111. has been visiting at t lie home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dertottl and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bertottl and family. While here, she will also visit other relatives and friends. Falrvlew Methodist Church at 7:30 p. m. Bring cookies or doughnuts. Stltch-ln-Tlme Clul), 1:30 p. m. Mrs. Harry Morgan, Soutn sixm DR. O. R. BREDEWEG OPTOMETRIST Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them 2IH Illackman Ht. ( I.INTON, INK. I'lione 1715 anl, Mary Catherine Sawyer, Betty street. Acme Club, Mrs. Harry Kelley, Walnut Btreet, 7:30 p. m. Ann Dick, and Georglna Alley. Mrs. L. F. DePoister will be the Friday Dugger was also a guest over the Thanksgiving holiday. -' Mrs. Margaret Stelr and son, Johnny Lee have returned home after spending the past few days In Terre Haute. honor guest at a tea to be given Current Event and Art Club, 2 p m. Mrs. Walter Jones, aaa n Street. Saturday, December 4 by the Ladles of the Christian Church. The tea will be held in the church basement in the form of open house between the hours of 2:30 to 5 p. DEB Club, 2 p. m. with Mrs. Mar ine Turner of South Fifth street. "Buy an Extra Bond today" The Federated Patriots Club with the Women's Relief Corps ( Cefi PrtttifMiauianHlmMti wm meet at Terre Haute, Friday with the Morton Corps. A covered dish dinner will be served at noon. Each member to take a 10c gift for the Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Beard of Scotland, III., are the parents of a Xmas grab bag. Saturday Tea in honor of Mrs. DePoister, boy born Tuesday at the county hos pital. The infant weighed nine Jt ,,.y. pounds five ounces aDd has been Saturday. 2:30 to 5 p. m. Christian named Michael Lee. Mrs. Robert Shanklin, Montezu Church basement. Monday 1 k MR . MD MRS. AMERjlli "' "'Jf . ' f ' Brouillet Chapter, D. A. R. meet ma, is the mother of a girl born Monday at the county hospital. The baby weighed six pounds 11 ounces with Mrs. Fred Porter, 618 Mulber-rv.Mrs, Fred Meyer, assisting. Mem bers are to bring rummage to send to Kate Duncan Smith's school, D. A. R. and has been named Cora Jean. The infant's father Is Rev. Robert Shanklin of the Montezuma Methodist Church. Mrs. Le Roy Swingle, Newport, is the mother of a girl born Monday Jacksonville Man Observes 80th Birth Anniversary at the county hospital. The infant weighed nine pounds one ounce and Joel Lehtovaara was honored has been named Shirley Lee. Tuesday evening at his home in The baby's father is first class Jacksonville when a group of friends met at his home for a surprise pot- seaman in the U. S. Navy. Mr. and Mrs. James Brook, King luck supper. Mr. Lehtovaara observed his eightieth birthday man, Ind., are the parents of a boy born Monday at the county hospital. The infant weighed nine pounds With Victory comin' our way let's make up our fighting men by keeping in there it swift and sure. Instead of letting up, pitching till the thing is cinched. Victory now, above all, is the time to give out takes something extra to win. Make it an with extra dollars, extra effort. Let's back Extra War Bond . . . Today . . . Nowl TERRE HAUTE COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Those attending were Mrs. Hulda Wiitaniemi, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ni- 15 ounces and has been named Sam uel Lee. OSRITAL .lllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllll Yes it takes the world's finest ingredients available and years of "know-how" in blending and freezing to make our Sealtest Ice Cream so high in quality and so delicious in flavor. Mrs. Myrtle Fisher, Rockvllle, was admitted to the Vermillion County Hospital Tuesday as a surgical case. Mrs. Doris Kite and baby of route YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON one and Rolen Johnson of North emi, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Hultunen, Mrs. Emma Hill, Mrs. Ella Kitinoja, Mrs. Martha Lahti and Miss Taimi Lahti. Dreamland Pleasure Club Holds Turkey Dinner Nineteen members of the Dreamland Pleasure Club enjoyed a turkey dinner Monday evening at the Roma Cafe. Gifts were exchanged and the e-lection of officers was held following the turkey dinner. The next meeting will be in the club rooms on December 5 with Mrs. Isabell Mucierelli as hostess. Mrs. Wood Harrison of New York who has been visiting relatives here has returned to her home. Mrs. Cora Harrison returned with her for a Visit. Cpl. Paul Oliver of Ft. Knox, Ky. spent the week end with his wife, Seventh street were dismissed from the county hospital Tuesday. CL0VERLEAF Relentless Soviet Drives Pounds At Czech Rail Centers the Vitamin-W Complex The various components of the Vitamin B Complex are all water-soluble vitamins. They are promptly used by the body and are not stored in the body ( as is true of Vitamin A). Since the Vitamin B Complex is used up daily it must be replaced each day in adequate amounts for daily needs. ClovtrUaj Creameries, Inc. Division National Dairy Products CartnraUm Tune in the Joan Davis Sealtest Village Store Program, with Jack Haley, Thursdays, 8:30 P. M., WMAQ (Contlnned from nags 1) Mrs. Annabelle Oliver and daughters Front line observers offered the of Morey Street. opinion that the Soviet drive through eastern Czechoslovakia toward the Carpathian Passes is beginning to look like a long-range blow against the German flank in southern , 5c and 10c VARIETY STORE JONES The Soviets already are within 90 miles of Krakow, Poland, which is astride the Soviet's projected route Into Germany. at What are VITAMINS? Vitamins are definite chemical compounds. They are not only essential to good health and abundant energy but are necessary to life Itself. Vitamins are present In many of our foods in their natural state, but overcooking in many Instances may destroy all or part of the vitamins present. The natural way to get vitamins is in food, but since the diet of millions of homes does not provide enough vitamins (due to the fact that many foods do not contain sufficient amounts of vitamins) it is obviously wise to supplement this deficiency with some suitable vitamin product. Bapplnegg Comes Through Health The better you feel the more fun you have! Vitamins can supply the extra energy you lack to see you through the day in top condition. (The Nazi DNB agency admitted that a three-pronged Russian drive is developing in Hungary toward Pecs, 23 miles west of the Danube city of Mohacs and some 100 miles M M U M I are .... VITAMINS Necessary? The answer is definitely YES. There are five general classes of foods all of which are essential to life, good health abundant energy, steady nerves, and to build and maintain bones, nerves, muscles, and all other tissues of the body. THE FIVE CLASSIFICATIONS OF FOODS 1. CARBOHYDRATES such at cugan and Marches. These provide- fuel and energy for the body. 2. FATS euch ae butter, lard, vegetable oils and margarine. Provide fuel which the body converts into heat. ' 3. PROTEINS euch ae meat, fish, fowl, eggs and cheese. Essential in build, ing niusctee and other body tissues. 4. MINERALS such ae Iron, Calcium and Phosphorous. Essential in building blood, sound teeth and strong bones. 6. VITAMINS. These are essential to the life and health of men. Vitamins are necessary to Fats, Protelne and Minerals into the proper forme so they can be readily at similated by the body, MINIMUM ADULT DAILY REQUIREMENT I .a 9k i south of Budapest.) Moscow also reported new advances on the Latvian front west of Jel- ffor CHRISTINAS 1 gava where Red Army columns broke through the German lines to 'Where Values And Friendship Count" capture a number of Nazi positions A series of German counter-attacks to regain their lost territory proved futile, Moscow said. The Soviet communique admitted A Store With AH Up-To-Date Merchandise At Prices That Suit You Where Xmas Shopping Is A Pleasure! HOME-OWNED Tli Mlurt' On The Curlier" i at i m Of. 8 Hf that Germans In East Prussia took the initiative In an attack that came after strong artillery preparation. Penetration of Russian positions by mifi(ifiitififfcicitccicicia the Germans was admitted by the Mobcow report which said the Nazis CHRISTMAS UISHES later were thrown back. Everybody Needs Them . . Ask Your Doctor FERRO-B-PLEX capsules Notice! The Clintonian Want Tour News. Please Cull Miss Lear To Report Social New. I'lione S3 or 88. HEALTH-AID VITAMINS An Unusually Large Line . . . Late New Models. Prices In Reach Of All From 5c Up! A Small Deposit Will Hold Them Until XMAS. Men's and Ladies Gloves n'raxm. Winter Caps For Men and Boys FANCY HOSE MEN - LADIES - CHILDREN EACH CAPSULE OF FERRO B PLEX CONTAINS: Vitamin B1 (Thiamin Hydrochloride) 1.5 mgm 150 Viumin B2 (Riboflavin) 2.0 mgm 100 Niacinamide 22.0 mgm 100 Calcium Pantothenate 1.0 mgm Ferrous Sulfate (Iron) 1.0 grain 120 Dried Brewers' Yeast S'z grains They have always been our main line ... so you can get most any style or pattern desired. A LARGE ASSORT WeV.W.VeV.VeV.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.VeW Christmas Gift Pillows $1.25-$ 1-99 "t Late Patterns Visit Our Store To See CLIP AND MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY TO WARD STILSON BRANCH P. O. BOX 1. BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Dear Sir: Please send one bottle of 100 "FerroBPlox" Health-Aid Vitamin Capsules to NAME B I I i 'NEW MERCHANDISE a' Arriving Every Day. Shop Early - While Street R. R. Selections are Complete. State Town I agree to pay Postman $2.95 upon arrival (Postage and C.O.D. charges prepaid.) MENT. ALSO ENAMEL WARE GLASSWARE CHINA CLOTHES CLOSETS $3.89 to $7.99 Large1 Assortment of RUGS 20C up JONES' The Store On The Corner Avoid the last minute rush! .VeWeV.VeVeVeV.V.V.V.V.VeVeV.VeVeVeVeV.V.VeV.V,W us cheese food that' digestible VITAMINS .... Will Go A Long Way Toward Helping You To Better Health And Happiness 5c and 10c VARIETY STORE MAIN and MULBERRY as milk itself I SPREADS! SUCBSI 70 ASJSl MELTS PERFECTLY! 9fc mini l"filft

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