The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 29, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 29, 1944
Page 2
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I Wednesday, November 29, 194-1. I'age Two THE DAILY CLINTON! AN turned alter peeing serviee for L'f I muii i lis in tin1 Panama Canal Zone Mr;;. Kdnu HnniH and Jul her ami I Mrs. Vernon Oliver, Mrs. Knilierinr T. C. Brigs was proprietor of I he Marble and Granite Works while J. Band wax owner of the Cigar Manufacturers establishment. J. N. FriHt wuh owner or the Frist Funeral Home an establish- (luce, Workman and Workman and wine and liquor sales: ; AyUen and ! Fennel; Buffo and Buffo; A. Butter; j J. It. Collier; Harrison Brothers; William Kelly! (V H. Meyer; J. i Mooney; C. Nick Ion, Stefanl and during t lie tm miner vacations of ""IiokI , ami itn rim1, 1 1; at period of lime Hie lalher is In pay die sum of per month maintenance as provided in I ho former decree. ; C0UiU hev's ! Hearing was had In Vermillion Circuit Court on the application for nilt money and maintenance in the divorce case of Frieda Kiie.cvirli m Geo rue K liezevlell. ,M r, KlieeVieh was ordered to pay the hiiiii of .ro Ittoniey feeH on of before Dec, "Kill. Three restaurants were in operation in IIhi.V owned by the Harrison Brut hers, T. L, Kibby and the Meyer Brothers. Twelve TolmiToniMt Needs of the smoking public were catered by by 12 local shops and restaurants including stores owned hy Ifitllo ami Buffo, Mrs. Bucher, II. Butler, Harrison Brolhers, William Keiley, W. Meadows. Paul SSutn-berleiii. Tucker and Slater. A. K. Tut w ib r, Siefani and Basso, tl. W. Lane and Ihe Meyer Brothers. Tninspoi-lHllon .eC4l The major mode of (raiiKtiortalion of the day Is reflected in the faet that three livery stables, four blacksmiths, one wagon dealer and one feed store were in operation as compared with one lone automobile repair shop- One bicycle sundries shop ment which he founded and lfl to day carried on by hia family. Three barbers were in Clinton al that time, (L K. Dale, J. L. Grub and I). W. Porter. Other CHtnbliHhmenlH listed in Hie record Include Billiard and Pool Parlor. Harrison Brothers; Mottling Works. Kellys; jewelers and opticians, Harger and Hadley; cement plasterer, Harger and Hadley; pro- Basso; Tucker and Slater and Paul Zamberletll. C'EMETKKY MEMORIALS MONUMENTS uud MARKERS Torre Haute Monument Co. BI1FJX V. M I'K I' lion 882 ltt'iirencfitutlvft uff tf, tteventh, Clinton 7A St. Bernice Home Ec Meets Mrs. Carrie Foltz Is Hostess to Club; Local Servicemen are Home Mrs. Faul Brinton who la employed in Indianapolis was the woek end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mra. George Beard. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hall ami daughter, Kay, enjoyed a four day vacation and hunting near St. Klmo III. Mrs. Iva Wooten and family have moved from their home in St. Her-uiee to Fairviow. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Jordan and family accompanied by Mrs. Vina Shuey were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bob KUngen of near Perrysville for SAVE FUEL! Cover your screen doors and the windows with Flex-O-GIass to keep out the cold and keep in the heat. Try Mortite Utility Tape, the New Plastic Weather Strip that unrolls like ribbon. It has hundreds of uses. Plug up all openings and cracks around windows, doors and transoms. We also have rubber covered and felt weather strip. The wood weather strip with the felt is fine for doors that do not fit well. LEWIS HARDWARE & BOOK STORE The divorce decree of lone (Mills s Henry (Jillls pan been so modi-fled lhal the iilainiilf will o;iihuie to liae the eiintn1 of their Hon, Paul, and lhal de-ndaiil is to pay Hie sum of "( n-r weeli hi Ihe Clerk of the llmd Circuit Court lor bis siipporl, (Pinion in !." Was Typical Busy Small Tom n (Continued num page 1) while t J io Banner-Bence Drug Company, the Busy Drug Company. Crane and Staler, proprietors; Walk- ers' Drug Store and White's Phar- macy were in operation. One veterinarian, J. A. Tait, was alo in practice. Two Firms John and Adams and J. Wilter- mood were the two law firms ac-tio in rhe town at (be time. One photographer's studio, owned by A. F. Cunningham, was listed while William AVood was proprietor of a music store. Ten grocery stores are listed in the record among them J. F. An drews, Mrs. Purcher, T. Cumhell, Hendley and White. G. V. Dane, (. Marshall, D. It. Murray, Scott nd Paine. A. K. Tntwiler, and J. L. ValUer. Meat markets were run by i. ('. Dicks. Charles Dormau, How-?r and Halter. D. .1. Houston and P-Cann and Kaiidolph. Hardware, dry goods a nd millinery came in for t heir share of at- 'tt at inn from the 2nih century Clin-tonites with Clritfith and Hays, Mor-ga n Cash Kmpoi ium and t he Peo-pels' Store in t he dry goods busi-n'-ss. The t'linlon Hardware Company, J. K. Duggan. iiresident; George Hopkins, Staats Itaynes and Adhams and the Swinehart. Hard-v.are Company took care of the nuts, bolts and hammer needs for I he town. Three Millinery Shops The "where did you get that hat" millinery of Clinton's latlies was furnished by three shops, Miss Glen-na HIack. the Morgan Cash Emporium and JSVwton 'and Hnrt pence. Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Jordan and daughter Judith of Terra Haute were also guestK of the Klingens and accompanied the Jordan's to St. Bernice for a brief visit. Mr. and Mrs. "William Wheeler bad as guests for their annual Thanksgiving family dinner, Mr. and Mrs. John Grimes. Mrs. Katherine , Buckner and daughter, Peggy, Mi, and MrB. Nye Parker and son, Jack. Mrs. Ramon Snodgrass and Miss Eilene King of Indianapolis were week end guests i " their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis King west of St. Bernire. Mr. and Airs. Curl O'B riant and daughter, Knsemary June of Ht. Bernice, Mr. and Mrs. La fa yet te Bice of Bana and Mrs. Jennie O'Briant Of Logan were holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Karl O'Briant and family. Lt. Clydo Shuey, son of Airs. Vina Shuey who has been in Itadar work In the South Pacific area is now in Washington, D. C. for special Induing. Mrs. Bendle Kndicott and Hiil- ilren, Charles and Betty, enjoyed a few days vacation with relatives in Eldorado, 111. Mrs. Ernest Skinner visited relatives in Sullivan, Ind. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Foltz were holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Col-lett Dean of Vermillion. 111. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Boilings of Chi ! 1 i ! Bessie Spurr of HiHudale v;o uranted a divorce rrom Jerry Spurr in Vermillion Cfreull Coin! on rounds of cruel and inhuman trealment. and her maiden name of Bonebrake restored. The couple wa. married July 7, and separat ed Kepi. 17, 19 14. Hearing was had in Vermillion Circuit Court on the .application for suit money and maintenance in the divorce case of Viola Smock vs Homer Smock. By agreement of parties Mr. Smock is to pay $3 per week maintenance pending the divorce and $50 attorney fees on or before Jan. 20th. Hearing was had on the applica tion for suit money and maintenance in the divorce case of Dorothy Kazakevich vs Joseph Kazakevieh and defendant ordered to pay $25 per week maintenance pending the Divorce and $50 attorney fees on or before Jan. 20. Edna Wilfong of Clinton t owlish i p wa s gran t ed a d i vorce from Orion Wilfong on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Plaintiff was awarded the custodv of their children. William aired 11 and Wan- ,ln nffprf s The eounle was married May 10, 1 flit 2 and separated Nm ember lit, 11H2. Plaintiff was orderei' not to re-marry for a period of twe years. Eva Lena Kelley of Newport was 'granted a divorce from Leoniel Kel-j ley In Vermillion circuit Court on .grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Kelley was awarded tin custodv of their children. Lorem-asjed 13 and Donovan atred 11. and defendant ordered to pav $2 ft per week maintenance. The couple w:r: married Sept. 12. J J 2 5 and separated Jan. !. 1!M2. Virginia K. Kamarata of Clint in has filed suit in Vermillion Civ lit Court seeking an ahsoinle divorce from (ieorpe J. Kamarata on 'grounds of cruel and inhuman Ir-ai-ment. .Mrs. Kamarata a:4 for the custody of their son, Donald aged 3, together with reasonable support. The couple was married Apr. " 10:tfi and separated Dec 27, UMIi Circuit Clerk Carl lt. Biggs has issued the following narriage Myerses: Kenneth : Peck, j'o of CJmton an d1 Anna -Pnrmaih 4H of Hillnd ile; Arthur Hays, 37 of Ohio and Helen Farrington 30 of Cnivetsal; K!::ier Jackson 48 and Clara Shannon, 61 both of Cayuga. Judge Howard L. Hancock of 1 !ir Parke Circuit Court lias been nam id special judge to hear the petit ion for t he modification of the divorce decree of Kvelyn Martin vs 311 Martin. .ludKe K. A. Uavisson has rendered a decision in the petition to mod ify tlie divorce decree of .John Gam-bill vs Klfrieda Gambill. The court ran ted the custody of their sri, Woodrow to the father and petitioner ilurin; t he school months, and during that time relieved ihe father of payment of support in the sum of $:!5 per month. The mother to have the custody of the boy did a nourishing business, too. Livery stables owners were J. C. Church, W. S. Lewis and Smith's Livery, owned by Roy Smith. The ''mighty blacksmiths" in business included L. W. Ayers, Joseph Pol- lock, J. h. Iteid and Maria nd Roads. W. L. Morey ran the wagon business in the town. The feed store owner was J. M. UnbertBon while the bicycle department was taken care of by H. N. Miller. One Auto Itepainnan The hrave man who saw Into the future of horseless carriages and who probably dodged more catcalls of "Get a horse" than any man in Clinton was S. R. Painter, manager of the Clinton Manufacturing Com pany which specialized in automobile repairing. Real estate, electricity, water. coal and insurance, still a part of any community, were taken care of in the early days of Clinton by John son and Adhanison, who were the original real estate men; David Mc- Itolh, president of the Clinton Electric Light and Power Company and of the Clinton Water Works Company; coal dealers Geer-Wilkerson Lumber Company and G. B. Tillot-Ron while insurance policies were sold hy Johnson and Adamson's firm and J. W. Ttobb. I A. C. Butcher owned Clinton's on ly saw mill while P. Harlan ran the, town's second band store. William j Wood was agent for the Singer Sew- , ing Machine Company branch in ! Clinton. Stationery was sold by the! Crane and Slater store. llakeries in Operation : Two bakeries were in operation,' Meyer Brothers and J. J. Wilkerson while the former were also owners; second one. BETTER 220 Elm St. cago enjoyed Thanksgiving with lhe,m' fiction and seven new non-fic- Parker attended the funeral of Mrs. Doc tlornfr in Bedford, Ind. Army Nurse Jnanita Dorfmeler of liantonl Field nca1 loned witli hei parents. Mr. ami Mrs. Preston Dorf-meicr hint week. Pfc. Homer Jones who was se verely wounded while in action in France is hospitalized in Battle Creek, Mich, lie visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Junes for three days before returning to the hospital. Mrs. Kxa Price of Bedford, mother of Charles Prlee was the guest of her son over Thanksgiving. Later, the family were guests of Mrs. Charles Price's mother, Mrs. Cora Com'p-ton at Chrisman, 111. Mr. and Mrs. William Baslian. Mr. and M rs. Paul Doane, Charles Ames, Mrs. Mary Hess all of Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. William Han- sell of Blackhawk, Mrs. Okla Ridin-ger and son, Jackie of Jasonville. Peggy Ditto and Mary June Doane and Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Pruitt of Terre Haute were Thanksgiving Day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Doane. Mary June Williams of Indianapo lis visited with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Williams over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Foltz and Miss Elsie Follz of Terre Haute enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with the former's brother-in-law, and sister. M r. and M rs . I ra J on es . Mr. a n d Mrs. Dennie Grounds were also present. 1 Mr and Mrs. Ira Jones were re - cent Kuests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones and family. Ernic Pyle's New Book Availal)Ie Al Local Library Ernie Pyle's "Brave Men," latest book by the Vermillion County-born author and war correspondent is now available at the Clinton Public Li-ibrary. according to an announce-,iuenr by library officials today. The book, chosen as the December selection of the Book-of-the-! Month Club, is included in seven tion volumes received at the Lb rary this week. The list includes: rietion "The Ci recti Years." hy A. J. (Toil in. "Dear liahy." by William Karoyan. "Death Hides The Ninnt," hy Peter Field. "Karth and Hih Heaven," by Cwelhalyn Craham. "Immortal Wife," hy Irvine Stone. "The Muildine of JiiJijh," hy Mazo D" l,a Uodhe. "Ship to Shore," hy William Mc K.e. iiii-l'iflifii "Hrave .Alen," by Krnie Pyle. "Itrazil on the March." by M. L. Ciike. "Peojde on Our Side," by Kdear S'jow. "The cold Desert," hy .Mildred Cable k. I.. French. "I Never Left Home." hy Hub Hope. "The Time tor Decision." bv Sumner Welles. "An American Proirrain ," by Wendell Willkie. Avreshire Mines Allocate &0,000 To 6tli War Loan Avreshire Colierira Corporation, until recently ihe Avreshire Patokr Colleries Corporation, has allocated $rjntWMi for the pun-iiase of Sixth War I.oun bonds to Vermillion county, Mrs. Delia S. Swinehart. county war finance chairman, said today. In the Fifth War Loan this company allocated Hie same amount to the county. The Avreshire Colleries ( 'orpora-tioii, will) (he office in Indianapolis, onerales four coal mines in Indiana: Ciiaiou, rit. Staunton and Winslnw. The Clinton mine lotviLed west of the rity, employs about ii:i Mi. u 1 he mine has been opwntiue 1 7 'ears in this community and is now t.r.i!n'-inc nbout L'ft.don ions month lj ('ail Walker is Ho- Superintendent f Hie 'l:nton Mine. d.j Bourbon VVuisky Bourbon whisky gets its name I from Bourbon. Ky.( where it was ; originally distilled. i ' , j j 1 : H is One mill was in ouprnlion !ier,e of one of the town's two Hint, time., j'lyie Clinton Aiming rooms. Mrs. B. II. Butcher ran thp ' C otiiiKiny, owned hy J. ,. Dilsard. If The Glory That Was Turkey. . . Is Now Grease Spots On Your Best Bib and Tucker &fts favorite r(ottiatna alcti CimGL TONES , ARROW Ladies, tins is the year to show the menfolk how practical minded you are. Best way is hy giving them War Bonds. Another good way is with this matched Carol Tone shirt, tic and handkerchief Ensemble that Arrow is featuring ill tho Saturday Evening Post this week. The shirt is a fine quality broadcloth and lias simple Classic Stripings. A fine variety of colors. Shirts $2.21 Harmonizing Ties $1 Handkerchiefs 50c ROSENBLATT'S First Buy War Bonds Don't Worry PUT US THE SPOT! Have Your Holiday Garments Dry Cleaned AT (rmsteads former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rollings. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd North up and family of Toledo. O. enjoyed a week's vacation with the former's sister, Mrs. Cora Conners and other relatives in this vicinity. Miss Emma Belle Botner of Olivet College, Kankakee, III, and Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Moore and daughter, Patty of Terre Haute were guests of Mr. and Mrg.. Pau.l Botner and family for the wek Tii'd.' Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Krnhari and Bon. Frank ic. of Cary, Ind. accompanied their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krnhart to Bridgeton lor Thanksgiving Day and their family re-unlon. Boss Chambers was also a guest of the Krnhart 's for thai day. Mrs. Carrie Foltz was hostess for the St. Bernice Home Ke Club last Tuesday. Ten members and one guest answered the roll call with a Thanksgiving q nutation and Mrs. (Jertrude Reed gave die lesson. .Mrs. Bertha Kuhns hud charge of the recreation. Mrs. Daniel Bright of Jacksonville. N. ('. a former number of the club was t)i guest. The Christmas party will be at the home of Mrs. Burlin Ray. Pfc. Charles Hehman and wit'.- (i Brownstown, Ind. who wen- married last week were guests of the im-uier's uncle Theodore Hehman for a brief visit. Pfc. Hehman has re- MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line f For Rerviro lrop Is A f'nrd E. W. Walsh Monument Co. iil 14 Wabash Avo. Terre Haute, IndinnH If You Can't Sleep Due To RHEUMATIC PAINS 11b thi ad and taVf it to yutir druiritut no mk for the ftrunin Wilhm KUX Compound'. Rub oftn art quickly to nwacula r pain and rWirv f-v-rihnai of r brums te. neurit ic and nrurniinc pmn. A iui4 mdktMn Imkm INTKKNAI.I.Y. it mar h'p ' anoth and rclirvc murulnr Tafna in the mrm, ahnuluVra. bark, and as yiu get that murh ni. t rrt ami cemfort. Try RUX tonijfht. KfulU will ! apeak for (tiemalvea. Over a million bot-lea aold prove it' pvul. Contains no upi-atee or hahit lorminit dnt. Take only na tlfeeted. Ecoitomiral. Keromnu-nded and o)d be WHITE'S PHARMACY A LITTLE Phone 120 Jz-v. -irM. r - :Jh$f . ATTEND CHURCH OFFER A PRAYER FOR US ON THE FIGHTING FRONT. Do Your Christmas Shopping af the Christmas Bazaar PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Friday, December 1 . m. Everyone Welcome , a-v. 4 ISt 'ft ft Doors Open 7:30 p 5 'HANDIWORK APRONS 1 CAKES CANDY CANNED GOODS CHICKENS and EGGS FISH POND 11' ''"" mmmmm

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