The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 31, 1998 · Page 15
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 15

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1998
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

w s c THE PALM BEACH POST TUESDAY, MARCH 31, 1998 15A,,, 1 T liVIUiV Flag-burning amendment poses danger to freedom , 111 the letter "Flag protection amendment is one Congress should pass," an American Legion commander urges adoption of a constitutional amendment to allow prohibition of "the physical desecration of the flag of the United States." ( There would be "no danger to the First Amendment," he writes, adding that "freedom of speech . . . guarantees the right of the American people to be heard on the issue of flag protection." ',, Every one of us, of course, has the right to be heard. That includes the flag-burner who chooses HOUP1NI No escaping trial if sex charge is true symbolic speech to express a view. So said the U.S. Supreme Court in Texas vs. Johnson, when the late Justice William J. Brennan Jr. wrote: "If there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that the gov Tips, supplied by the state Department of Transportation and available from police stations or any bicycle shop. A bicycle is legally defined as a vehicle, and riders must obey the same traffic laws as drivers. And yes, to avoid the obviously disgruntled auto driver's response: Bicyclists have been known to ignore these laws. In this case, ignorance of correct bicycling rules is not bliss. It's dangerous. Herb Trotzky Jupiter Expanded airport will let area grow up As a retired pilot who frequently used to fly into Palm Beach International Airport, it saddens me to see letter writers flailing back and forth about the proposed runway expansion. The lengthened runway would allow the airplanes to be higher over the old takeoff flight path, thus reducing the noise on the ground People now have to go to Fort Lauderdale or change planes in Atlantato take overseas flights. It is time to grow up and adapt to the times. And regarding the planned new access road from Interstate 95 all the important airports have a quick-access highway setup. The West Palm Beach area could gradually be turned into a Shangri-La with some astute planning. And yes, the area needs a convention center and a new adjacent hotel or two. The airport was here before the homes of many of the people complaining about airport noise. Let's prepare for the next century. H.C. Rogal Palm Beach Gardens EffiH between 51-year-old President Clinton and a 21-year-old White House intern are proven to be true, will President Clinton, who is Simpson's commander in chief, be charged and tried as Simpson was, because there can be no such thing as consensual sex between two people of such disparate authority? If the president is not tried, will the conviction of Simpson be thrown out, and will Simpson be released from jail? Richard T. Boverie West Palm Beach Bn the so-called Aberdeen sex scandal, President Clinton's secretary of the Army and the military court proclaimed that any sexual activity between a 32-year-old drill sergeant, Staff Sgt. Delmar Simpson, and 23- or 24-year-old female trainees had to be rape, because there could be no such thing as consensual sex between two people of such disparate authority. Simpson was convicted of rape and will spend 25 years behind bars. If the allegations of a sexual relationship ernment may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea itself offensive or. disagreeable." ; The framers wrote the First Amendment not to safeguard majority rule but to protect the individu-al'wight to freedom of expression. - -Flag-burning poses no clear and present danger, but there is a danger in constraining freedom of speech by means of constitutional amendment. That would put us on a slippery slope indeed. A. William Larson Palm Beach Shores 1 Editor's note: A William Larson is a retired Marine dorps colonel. Wrong-way bicyclists: You're dangerous i Any person who would rather be ticketed than ride his bicycle with traffic is neither a serious nor ah experienced bicyclist and is obviously not aware of many states' laws outside of Florida that also require riding in the same direction as traffic flow. The writer of the letter "Bikes riding on wrong side of road" (March 19) seems oblivious to the danger he poses to other bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers by riding his bicycle against traffic. Rearview mirrors are available that can be attached to bikes. I doubt that this "I'd rather be ticketed" rider has even read Florida's Bicycle Laws and Safety Starr's probe reflects naked ambition Whatever one's political alliance or loyalty de type of advertising is really worth all the money it ( costs to implement. ' I gave my son the coolie cup. After all, he's a public-school student, and the money is supposed to be going to him anyway. Cindy D. Smith;' West Palm Beach Keep spouse-abuse warnings non-sexist ; In response to the recent Opinion column "Marriage now all cake, no punch": Why does. Kathleen Parker allude only to husbands abusing, wives? Verbal, emotional and sometimes physical; abuse can and often does occur against husbands. Spousal abuse is a two-way problem. ; Ms. Parker insinuates that husbands are never victims. Many abused husbands remain silent for fear of humiliation. The warnings given at the time a marriage license is issued in some states are: gender-neutral for a reason. Let's not pretend oth-; erwise. Charles E. Loucks Lake Worth procedure is not even known to most workers. The real reason for resisting a minimum-wage raise is the irrational fear of employers. Also, employers, if they are making a profit, want to keep all of it and not share it with the people who help them make that profit. George S. Walsh North Palm Beach Lottery gimmick doesn't help schools I recently won a prize from the lottery. No, it wasn't millions of dollars or even a few hundred. I won one of those foam soda holders, a "coolie cup." You see, the Florida Lottery has a new advertising ploy. It pays someone to stand outside places that sell lottery tickets with a roulette wheel. When you buy a ticket, you get to go outside and spin the wheel to win a prize. Everybody wins something. As I sat in my car holding my cup with the "Mega Bucks" logo, I wondered how many other Floridians were getting a prize, how many people are being paid to pass them out and how much it cost to make those little wheels. Mostly, I wondered whether this V 3 jJt mands, Jonathan Rauch s excellent article "In Washington, witch hunts return" (March 18) should be used as a yardstick to measure the current political scene. His clear and succinctly presented comparison of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's procedures to those of the McCarthy hearings should sound a warning to all. But I must disagree with his conclusion that this is a "new," leealistic sort of McCarthyism. 7 , YLA Mr. Stan- Both are driven by the crass political ambition of a Write us party hungry for control of our country Audrey Hirsch Royal Palm Beach Raise minimum wage, ensure it's paid KV Was In "Raising minimum wage won't save the low wage earners, James K Glassman writes that a fooM w hieher minimum wage will result in employers let ting people go or failing to hire workers. That's nonsense. Having owned three businesses, 1 can The Palm Beach Post welcomes letters from readers. All letters are subject to editing for brevity and clarity. Even e-mail and faxed letters must include the writer's name, address and daytime telephone number. You may receive a phone call for verification. 'Open letters' or letters addressed to a third party will not be published. Our addresses: Letters to the Editor The Palm Beach Post P.O. Box 24700 West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4700 Fax: (561) 820-4728 Internet: say that it is the need for help that creates a job. The real shame of the minimum wage is that our leaders do not finance inspection of companies' books to see if they are complying with the law. If we are serious about enforcement, start checking the books and asking employees what they are paid. You will find violators all over. The only way an Off employer can get caught is if an employee com plains to the right authority in the right way. The j)U Students speak out .bveryttamn don't have much to spend their money on. Therefore, a higher cigarette price will be completely irrelevant. The raised prices might even lead to the theft of o o o Common sense won't keep kids from smoking In trying to stamp out the most preventable cause of death and disease, smoking, empha Do high cigarette prices keep kids from smoking? Students from Lincoln Park Academy in Fort Pierce comment. cigarettes. Basically, if teenagers want cigarettes, they will find a way to get them. David Epps, 15 Except Selected Brighton at 25 Off (Excludes previous sales, special orders, & voids other coupons.) sis is bemg placed on dissuading youth. Nine out of 10 smokers start smoking before they're 18. But no matter what new laws are passed, people will continue Hits those on allowances As a Smoke Free Class of 2000 Youth Ambassador, I find it gratifying to see the efforts made to curb teen smoking get lLVf s. Mr. Lynn r ' i V ting results. The new tax increase will be extremely effective for pre-teens who depend upon their parents for money. For older teens who work, howev Ms. Bailey incognito er, higher taxes probably aren't going to make a dramatic impact. Shayna Bailey, 15 support cocaine or heroin addiction, and smoking is a comparable addiction. If people are willing to pay a ridiculous $2.50 today, surely a few more dollars and cents won't matter. Danielle Dirks, 18 Smoking 'cool' to teens Cigarettes are like clothes or shoes to teens. Only a few smoke because they are addicted. Most do it because they feel more sophisticated. Adults should know that kids who smoke are trying to rebel. If adults would make less of it, we would not see it as so cool. Marie Stokes, 18 Teens will bum cigarettes High prices will not stop teens from smoking. Some steal them from stores, borrow money from others or simply bum cigarettes off other smokers. Emily Ox man, 15 Too simple a solution If kids want to smoke, they will pay whatever it costs. If they can't afford cigarettes, they will resort to stealing. Raising the price of cigarettes should not fool anyone into thinking it will stop underage smoking. Jimmy Terpening, 15 Kids work, have money Most teens have jobs and Sportswear & Boutique Qifts & Accessories to smoke, because smoking has become an act of defiance. Because of the addictive qualities of nicotine, most smokers will stop at nothing to get a cigarette. Jamie Lynn, 16 Tax will increase demand ; Raising prices will only have an adverse effect Making them harder to get will make kids try harder to get them. Because smoking is a physical addiction, people will not be deterred by a price increase. Danielle Malone, 18 Money's no hindrance I don't feel that higher prices will deter kids from buying cigarettes. Kids will pay ridiculous amounts of money for drugs, so why wouldn't they pay ridiculous amounts for cigarettes? Christie Kulavkh, 15 This addiction is fierce Raising the already high price of cigarettes will not curb smoking. Some people are will GARDEN SQUARE SHOPPES 10941 North Military Trail Palm Beach Gardens Speak out Middle school and high school teachers interested in having their classes participate may call Sharon Horine at (561) 8204741 (fax 8204728). Students may mail letters to: Students Speak Out The Palm Beach Post P.O. Box 24700 West Palm Beach, FL 33416-4700 t We 't hw I 2 Bi vt 561-622-9644 ing to pay outrageous sums 10

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