The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 10, 1968 · Page 70
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 70

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Sunday, November 10, 1968
Page 70
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E-Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 10, 1968 Eckert Defends Methods As Commissioner Football Standings 1 attempts to promote baseball. "The major leagues had terrible relations with the colleges when I came into office," he said, "but now they're excellent. "I was a prime mover in forming a promotions corporation to promote baseball on a national scale, not by Individual clubs. the best way' to be prepared to make them." He denied that not being a life-time baseball man has been a disadvantage, or that he might knuckle under to the owners on a major issue. "There have been some advantages to not being a baseball man when I came into this job," he said. "I haven't been hard ened by fixed positions in the past. "I played a major role In expansion," he added with obvious pride. "I talked to individuals in both leagues and told them we're going to expand on a uniform basis. I urged and convinced them to expand the same year and to break into two divisions the same vear. "The entire job has expanded many times," he said. "Landis had only a few men on his staff and he seldom left his office. The commissioner's office has Increased in number many times since then. "I travel 60 per cent of the time now, getting to know the players and the stadiums and the problems. I've been making decisions all my life and that's wanted this expansion to be better than the last, to make the new teams more competitive. I told them to come up with a better plan. "I think we've given the new clubs a far better shake this time." The commissioner, while Insisting that his job was not to promote himself or his office, made it a point to speak of his "If the leagues had decided they wouldn't expand together, I would have stepped In and told them they were going to. I would have cast the deciding vote. "I sat down with Chuck Fee-nev, (San Francisco) Lee MacPhail, (New York Yankees) Roy Hofhelnz (Houston) and Cal Griffith (Minnesota), the expansion committee, and told them I American League ilrni Dlvlslo. L T Pet. Ptv OP New York ( 2 0 7HI 2.11 177 H'.uslon 4 5 0 . 444 18 l.W B"on 3 5 0 .375 128 2171 2 5 1 XH 1.W 217 Buffalo . , 1 7 1 .125 128 24.1 Wettrre Division NEW YORK (AP) Almost three years ago Gen. William D. Eckert, A.F. Ret., was named commissioner of baseball, and throughout the country people asked: "Who?" Gen. Eckert had made a name as a combat officer and management expert in the Air Force, but in baseball he was referred to as "the unknown soldier." His only baseball experience was that of a fan. His selection by the club owners only served to increase the cries the press and many fans have been making for years that baseball needs a dynamic leader to take control. They wanted a man to guide the owners and their self interests and push baseball In the direction of its own interests. They wanted another Judge Landis, a kind of czar during his reign as baseball's first commissioner. Instead, they got a mild-mannered soft-spoken man who has been far from colorful. He has chosen to do his job while remaining in the background, and Kansas City 7 2 0 . 778 230 124 Oakland 2 0 .750 2S3 1HI San Ul'BO 6 2 0 ,7W 242 1M "nycr 4 4 0 Ml 140 181 llnnrlnati 2 7 0 . 222 140 108 Last SumUv' Result VwYdrkM. Buffalo 21 Drnvpr 15. Boston 14 Houston 27. Cincinnati 17 Oakland 18. Kansas Cltv 21 San bit-go M. Miami 28 . Today's (iamcN Houston at New York KansasCity at Cincinnati Miami at Buffalo Oakland at Di-nver San DiPKoal Boston National League Kastpm (onff imcf Capllol Division L T Pel. Pts. OP Dallas . .'. 7 1 0 .875 247 95 New York 5 1 0 . 625 198 171 Wastilnmop 3 5 0 . 375 147 221 Philad lpltia 0 8 0 .000 115 240 k Century Division SI. Lows 5 .1 0 .625 205 175 r W OHB) Cleveland 5 1 0 . 625 182 161 N.wOrleuns 3 5 0 .375 144 177 I'ltlsbuiltti 2 6 0 . 250 1.13 207 W estemt Conference Coastal Division Baltimore 7 1 0 . 875 239 98 Los Amides 7 1 0 .P75 180 101 San Francisco 4 I 0 . 500 158 17. Atlanta 1 7 0 .125 113 260 as a result he Is only a little better known soldier now than he was three years ago. But Eckert, confronted in his Fifth Avenue office with that image, offers no apologies. In fact, he ignored any idea that it exists. "I don't need to defend myself," he said. "I get letters Central Division Minnesota 4 4 0 . 500 189 137 Chicago 4 4 0 5U0 140 20. (Jrifn Hay 3 4 1 .429 164 129 Del roll 1 4 1 ,429 144 148 Last Sunday's Results Baltimore 26. New York It Chicago l.l.tireen Bay 10 Cleveland ill. San Francisco 21 Dallas 17, New Orleans.! Los Antjeles 10. Detroit 7 Minnesota 27. Washington 14 I'Mlsbuik'h 41, Allanla 21 from the fans telling me they think I'm doing a fine Job, and I've traveled throughout the leagues getting to know the WA - ' M n ri St. Louls41, Philadelphia 17 Today shames MM 1 1 IN MVS w v J V I I II VW IW7 players and managers." He leaned forward in his chair, holding a long, thin cigar, and praised baseball. He quoted Baltimorrat Detroit (in-cn Hay at Minnesota Los Angeles at Atlanta New Orleans at Cleveland New York at Dallas Pittsburgh at St. Louis San Kranelsco at Chicago Washington at Philadelphia attendance figures for populari I III: , J ill III . w II II II ty, he interpreted expansion and pensions and salaries for progress, etc. But when pressed by the taunts of his critics and by his I J W XH l I I I I I J own pride, he got away from the general superlatives and did Jr' Wavyvn i .. u n u m i i i r defend himself. I Wf yW7U ,t l l,.llttlV 1111 it "I'm not the kind of guy who i mi sszsx vf v- -r.v v a'.vAy i i i i rushes out and seeks publicity," he said. "As far as credit goes, let the individual clubs get it. I don't have to advertise what I've done just as long as the job gets done. "I don't think I have to operate as a czar. I'm not arbitrary. I'm more of a businessman who Fans Set For Feast '. Special to Post-Times JACKSONVILLE Geography and the calendar don't exactly make it a legitimate dou-bleheader, but followers of Florida's top three football teams have a chance to see all in action on the Thanksgiving Day weekend. Florida State will play Houston in the Gator Bowl here on Friday, Nov. 29, at 8 p.m. and 18 hours later in Gainesville, 70 miles -distant, Miami and the Florida Gators will square off. Jacksonville fans have started a movement to encourage visitors to make It a big week-end, and local Seminole Boosters report an upturn in ticket sales, although there are still many good seats available for the Friday night game. gets things done the best way possible. If things don t move ahead as fast as I think they should, I'm prepared to put on pressure, but cooperation and persuasion still Is the best way, not issuing edicts. "We've had many more meet ings between club owners now than in recent years. I tell them to get together and thrash It out and make a decision." To be effective, he said, the commissioner has to be an organizer and administrator. "Landis was more personal I II U .1 &&J4V. 1 ...... ""1 "II II i l A I TUdeLESS BLACKwALLS: I I with a more individual opera I II I A kr-imr- f u 'iir i 1 nz j M :. i i tion," he said, and he pointed I II lSa:TtJiBS'l 1 U II 'in HI I ,rui-..5i r-.i.i. I Caray Improving; ST LOUIS (UPI) - Harry Ca-ray, play-by-play broadcaster of SI. Louis Cardinals' games, was recuperating in Barnes Hospital Friday, six days after he was hit bv a car. out that Landis could run his office that way because he did not have to contend with television and expansion and colleges and unions, etc. OUTDOORS By Ed Buckow 111 V OOSjjflSW,, W"v(F II 'If illl "111 . I w'" "ooVin it off your car. It ' ISNCSjw f'll$f II T ' ill Hi t Whifewoli only J3 mort toed. CSjf fr P I Hf $ MONDAY & TUESDAY ONLY! SS, I 36-Month High Speed Tire Wf AIR CUSHION 1. UFCTIME QUALITY GUARANTEE on WWWK. If t quality of notorial and workman- LfeaVHV. JLm aOOtOw obo If IK J hip for IKt lift of ttio original traad. Jjfa: '-VfefSsA ?k S tfM fAl IfeV fJ 1 AdruiUMnt praratod on Iraad war f VV' "r II 1 J " If I baitd an prio in offoct at Hit timt of ( '.'. . JJ J ' 1 ( i J Words lifetime quality and rood haz- adjultmtnt pim Fadaral Excisa Tax. '.V V f fc ' 2. lifetime road hazaro guaran. 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Jf - zz "rr- ENJOY THE SOUND OF stereo tape IV T RIVERSIDE -4 TRACK PLAYER player - 4 track Traffic Jam At The Dock "MAN, THE BOAT TRAFFIC is so bad it's like being on Broadway," I remarked to the dockmasterat the Jupiter Marina. I was standing there in the Boston Whaler, trying to hold her off trom the dock while Bill Lund was getting a bucket of live shrimp in the bait shop. One outboard after another roared past in the waterway, and the wakes rolling In made it rough. Because of heavy boat traffic, Sunday is not the best day to go fishing in the Intracoastal Waterway and other places, for that matter. For this reason, I was rather pessimistic concerning the success we might have fishing in the waterway north of Jupiter. Lund all 110 pounds of him returned to the boat with the shrimp pail in one hand and his arm around a bag of ice cubes. '"Watch It, the bag is open," said Bill, as he handed It to me. The boat lurched and an instant later the boat was full of ice cubes. Bill jumped into the boat, slid on an ice cube, and we were oft plowing through and bouncing over wakes. Game Fish Plan In pro football they don't go onto the field without a game plan, and Bill carries this idea Into fishing. His plan was to drift fish with live shrimp on ultra light spinning tackle in the water way, and plug cast from the other side of the boat with light salt water "spin gear. He figured this was a good way of finding out where the fish were lurking. (His wife, Gwen, had put in an order for two trout before we left the Lund residence on the Loxahatehee River. . During the middle of the afternoon we drift fished on the west side of the waterway near the shore, away from the boat traffic The results were typical for that time of day. Ladyfish, croaker and one unwelcome catfish nailed our shrimp baits, but there were Even our lowest-priced tape player has solid state dependability, attractive design and dual amolifi- no takers on the Zaraspook plugs. Schools of mullet were everywhere, which was an encouraging sign. The big ladyfish were most welcome. On a limber little j Fasy to reach up front contros fiberglass stick, a I'L reel and four-pound test line, they were dynamite. 1 don't think there is any wilder ultra-light spinning salt m II II x . . . m tn,,ntr And ii tlnrtar Kjmtr nntn water sport. Those ladyfish will circle the bow, the stem, run nis INaTALLATlUN - cuo,.,- s,,,ut. r . J efs! under tiie boat and they might even jump over the boat. Late in the afternoon a change in the activity became noticeable. Big fish were beginning to clobber the schools of mullet. We "N 5.99 norlable worked harder with the Zaraspook plugs, and were rewarded with a few big jacks and several trout strikes. hand spotlight Zaraspooks are not the easiest plugs to hook fish with because of their erratic action on top. Some fishermen call them the "here and there plug," and when a trout strikes at one it often gets a TAPES IN YOUR CAR y mouthful of water instead of plastic and hooks. Exp losive Action - A half hour before dark the action In the waterway became almost unbelievable. The fireworks were really something as large gameflsh exploded In the bait schools, causing the mullet to take wildlv to the air. It was like the "good old days" the Handy chrome-plaf-ed spot gives you light where you need it! Plugs into 12-V linklor in mr 1 ft-ft fisherman in this area talk about. The point of this column has nothing to do with the fish we caught, but to report the remarkable experience of finding ourselves in the midst of such terrific fishing activity in the waterway and on a nolsv Sunday. y cord. Bill took a tine specimen of a trout on his Zaraspook to fill half of Gwen's order, and then we tried hard to get trout No. 2. The trout kept striking my plug just as I would lift it out of the water Call 832-3863 Open Mon. & Fri. Til 9 PM Auto Service Opens 1 22 No. Olive Ave. Downtown West Palm Beach FREE PARKING (CITY LOT) beside the boat, and Bill had strikes, but couldn't hook his lish either. ; Finally, as night fell, we gave up. The din around us was terrific not from roaring outboards, but from cascading mullet and the explosive strikes of gameflsh, It was music to a fisherman's ears. Fishing in that relatively unspoiled stretch of waterway is not shot by a long shot. Daily at 8:30

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