The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 28, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1944
Page 2
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i'ag-e two THE 11 A I L Y CLINT O MAN THiiEiluy, Noverutiitf .?2, tail LEADERS AT C. I. O! CONVENTION n;nimal air line :nni sei down Malt's." liljlt 1:'. aloiiK his I'oiitt oijeratoi- (ci jilek up H-allif in "thi;1 llaiidU.s which lie ' between Ktartint; provements and nee-iorReplifat trade comes where il is a)preciatel and dealt with ftilrly The future of any community, he ifinn, depends upon (he people living 1 here. Badly Mauled German Infantry Divisions Pulled Out of Lines (Continued from page 1) ClasiiOed Ads Sell Most Anything past was the speaker's talk that it might furnish the basis for a dozen articles, as he moved through the coal mining era, the old Clinton Texas Oil Company which refused an oTfer of $K7i,ihmi for its well in the famed Burk-IIurnett field and later merely doubled its $44,000 investment. He told Interesting little stories of local happenings, and praised the county's achievements In World War I'rgi'Pf "Down to Kartli In closing he urged that Clinton get down to earth when the war ends, not rush into poet-war im : fit.. :' ,np,i) f ' House to house fichtinK continu point it nd terminus. J;oi It count lies ourep operators should hae this riulit. hut the American push hill is that the traffic picked up at these inieini.'dinie stops should he JmipmI in 1 he lor-ntulu used as a basis for awarding additional schedules. The II : j t mil vigorously oppose an operator befng permitted to add any e.i ra planes lo his international flights just because he can show an increase in intermediate traffic. Aviation 'Parley Near Deadlock On traffic Issues (Contlnuta rtvm pg 1) eifturlilig undfr Hip eonicriMir ' nl-noM unanimous rebuff of ilnir il:ui for t world aviation euro-l. w pointedly non-committal, as tut irce, Britain's oldest world ally. Of the 19 Latin-American repub-lloo, little Uruguay alone announced Itwlf ft! "on tlie fence ". In the final sitowdown. however, all of i.atin-Antfrica aa expected to be lined up mronRly behind the I'nited Stales. The Uritisli-AmcHcaii disimte revolves around the right of an inter- ed Inside Hurgen. The Kleinhau-nrandenberit road was cut, while at the same time the Ninth Army advanced to a point only one kilometer (.62 miles) south of Julioh. CEMETKKY MKMOHIALR MOM MEN 'IS and MAKKKItH Terre Haute Monument Co. BHKLL V. I.rCK FtaoM 182 405 8. BevMith, Cllatoa Clinton Lions Sponsor New Dana Scout Troop Charters, budget and ocrt if "i rates vere presented to Hoy Hcouf Troop Street for two years and on March 3. 1909 the Commercial Club addition, at the south end of Clinton, was laid out. This was divided into 217 lots, sold for $2d0 each and ownership of the various lots was determined by a drawing. Ieivin riant Fore-Runner The building now occupied by the Lewin garment factory was built by Pear Words tnti Ithylhm: Pleas acctpt mysincr thanki for your check. I turtly enjoy listening to this entertaining program. 71 at tlie Methodist Church of Dana last night by tlie Clinton Lions Club. K. C. Jioyd. district chairman of -I lost 52 Lbs.! WEAR SIZE 14 AGAIN" .5' mmU C P. WELLS, FT. WORTH the Lions Club, presented a senior leadership badge and certificate to scout master. John Craw ley. the Commercial Club for a lace curtain manufacturing plant, which failed after a few years before it secured title to the structure. The Mrs. E. W. P. AS Flttur4 Hr - Vm mr iMt pen ml iu,d liuvc a ewe, tirai'r. fr-nul Lfit-. .No BriWr. No dint. N kii,tivrf. il Clt, Iiauw. iavy, b-ltler. The wpciicurr tit Mil. WHIn in:. r nay not tx- d.tlT nt i1ijh i ohii, trUtwbvnot try tlteA.vdi I'Utii Look t facte jcn.lif. The charter, authorizing t h e troop's standing tor tlie next year, was given to the troop committee. Individual membership cards were 1 ctamtl trail cumJilrd lv Mlf4'cal dOrlOtS murf Hmii It IMrrfosa Iwtt 14 to IS pounds fri la m few wrrkt mtii the At DS Vitamin Candy 1 1 i also awarded to the committeemen. Lewin plant has proved to be one of Clinton's greatest assets thro'ugh the yea rs. Another enterprise which indirectly benefitted Clinton was the organization on March 13. 1916 of the Oglesby Furnace Stove' Company, whose building at the west edge of the city is now occupied by the U. S. Machine Tool Corp. The company was capitalized at $50, (Kin. Itecalls Store Factory PiCTURED AT THE C. I. O. CONVENTION in Chicago are, left to light. Kidney Hillman, chairman of the PAC; Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia of New York, Philip Murray, C. I. O. president, and Vice President Henry A. Wallace, one of main speakers. (International) scout masters, and to the scouts, by Mr. Boyd. The next important meeting of this troop, sponsored by the Lions Club, will be the Court of Honor, to be held at Hillerest. Wednesday evening, Dec. at which all troops in Verm ill ion County will attend. ttiiulta. iutly liartuW, JO dav a mi'Iv f Ad tHilf IJJ5. U (lot d.!ii;l,t.(J w-i MONLk At t iiiiiJ.- v -j- fn,t bo CJLUS I'll lM.( 1 '1J S. M..HI Si. ial might, has been launched east of Aachen and already encircled one (Jerman town, while to the northwest lirftish Tommies slammed out Based on an entirely new prin Third Army Ilolb 1 Miles Closer To Ueicli Border cipal, the stoves made there were lie advances above the hub city of Venlo. Si reet figiiting is under way in DR. 0. R. BREDEWEG OPTOMETRIST Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them (Continued from page 1) which is thought to lie some dis highly efficient and during the seven years of the plant's operation were sold in 17 states. About it persons were employed. Everything went well, Attorney Miller said, until a "walking delegate" from a union arrived. The plant was quickly organized and a wage demand made which could not be met. After the officers offered the plant's employes all of the profits above operating expenses and were ; turned down, the key was turned in j the lock by Mr. Miller personally and the plant never manufactured an 24N Ilia, kinan SI. UN ION, JNI. , IMioll Jt.ngersdorf. Kouth of the Langer-Wehr.Duren road. In the vicinity of Franzenburg, 8d Cermans surrendered in a castle after several unsuccessful attempts v. ere made to relieve them. fSireef I-jilting lit Huigen Street fighting also continues In the town of Hurgen. now reduced to rubble by repeated bombings. Villing. in which vicinity the German border again was reached, lies i hree miles norlii west of Merten. The Ninety-Fifth Division, which is ('Arriv nut Ihis nnei'a i inn nnu ic 2:15 r.r.i. TODAY AND tVERY WEEKDAY tance south of the border of the Palatinate. "The expected new larjie-scale offensive of the Third 1. S. Army a-gainst the ton-field of the -German West wall in the Lorraine-Saar area border region is now in full swing." Other Third Army units scored sizeable advances as they poiute-l steel spearheads ai Cermany from the southwest. (Jen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's spokesmen announced. You slip us a word. If we slip on it, we slip you cash! Join the fun this afternoon. SEI RADIO PAOI fOI SATURDAY SHOW other stove. New! Different! You'll like it! So replete with stories of Clinton's t (advancing on a sx-mile front. Hitve Your Dry-Cleaning Done "THE MODEL WAY" 323 S. MAIN :-: PHONE 13 536 S. FOURTH :-: PHONE 55 MODEL CLEANERS Kresli Aachen Offensive At the same time. lierlin sources reported that a fresh American offensive, hacked by overpowering air- Three and a half miles to the west, other 95th Division units, reached Alzing, Oberdorf. Bretten-acli, Tromborn, Itemering. Helling and Kemelsang. The Americans advanced two miles to the forest of St. Avoid, cutting the main road between St. Avoid and Saarlautern. ' iiiiUi's air 1 1 1 j ii r -, sfc.-. a I Third Army Hcoret Advance t' t, V'J'Ck-attin; rtiKi Kr 50C Hi nee .Nippon Mrm k in (lie f'ariJir, ""oiiM-e" we'i-e told, to be sMcitic. THAT MKA VS CLOTHKS. so ihy-i lean HKICK To make clothe LAST A ViTHKIt VKAIi! t- ' conmnn colJ tfirom- East of the forest of Hleenberg. the Third Army made another Zlfe mile advance tuf beyond Homeburg Haut .Seingbouse. American armor advanced to Ebersing, clearing the Hois de Fontaine and taking Wolfs-kirchen in the area where the Third and Seventh armies are expected to join. v C.en. Patton's forces took an additional S.r2 prisoners yesterday. The Nazi reports came while the r. S- Ninth Army was driving al most to the bants of the Roer river for a thrust into the level Cologne plain and while the Berlin radio itself was admitting the eombin- ed First and Ninth Army drives j were presenting a grave situation I for the Keich's armed forces. ' : Protection of Stripped Coal Land is. Urged A Good Sign tef In These Times (Continued from page 1) problem, il" stripping of coal is to j continue without destroying the pro-, duct ion ol il.e land for a thousand y years, and (hat would be a law compelling mining companies, before tuey begin operations, to post a bond I to level off the land with bulldozers after the coal iiy,s been removed. The j former Clinton resident called attention to the luxuriant growth of sweet , clover found on many spoil banks. If these were hnelhd off, he predicted 'that, within a very few years, thousands of cattle could be grazing on this t:vve't How r and the land would j on c 1 niute lw-;:in to produce sonie-'thinu of ahie ;nid a tain be taxed. Keep Your Car Running This Winter Ci ii iri,'s i;oV urcllHNe I H" was also sharply critical of the, Many Victory gardeners have discovered something every homemaker is guw-nim-ht s action in buying up ,2 4. "mi ar-i'-s of good land for the i aba h l.'ier Ordnance Works when joniy l.i'tKi it,. actually necessary for jlh' operations being carried on. "All of ihis hind has been removed I from t h'- ia duplicates." he said. "Vi-t tin go t rninetit ft renting much i of it out fer JF15 an aere while the remaining tapayi 6 must provide schools for th children of those eni- ployed there and must carry on the' ordinary J unction of government. Mm !y. if this land iR not needed. It I sbtmld be hold back to the farmers) going to want after the war Garden-Tresh Home Freezing! Fruits and vegetables that are quick-frozen retain their color and their garden-fresh flavor, and even more of their native vitamin content! Just ask any home-maker who has ever canned food how she would like to preserve her foods this easy way! Then you'll begin to understand why eterybody wants his own home freezing unit after the war! Plan now buy War Bonds now be ready to have yours, in your all-electric home of tomorrow ! Here are more of the electric time, health and labor savers wise homemakers are saving for, now: for v hat t hey paid for it and be I Drive in at the D-X Sign ask the friendly D-X Dealer to help keep your car in fighting trim. He has the equipment, the experience and the products to protect your car against winter wear and repairs. He knows what to check what grade and what kind of lubricants will be best for your car. You can depend on the top quality of Diamond D-X products and services to insure your automotive transportation all winter... safely and economically. MID-CONTINENT PETROLEUM CORPORATION ii:ain it-ttirned to the tax dup-; lieaf.-s." ' 1 At tor-icy M iller. all hough a resi- 1 d nt of T-rre Haute, is also a pio- J ne r rt id' ii! of this community and vicll known h'-re. He was horn along Uroulet ts cr 4-k and was graduated irorn Clinton high scluHd in l&on, lit- w nt to T'Tre Haute in 1 5 and j l'-Hirnt-d to Clinton during the administration of Mayor Ed Lowry. as ' ity attorney. KITCHEN The Rest of Your All-Electric Homo Air-Condrtianing '' Comfortable lighting Television Electrostatic Mr Gleaner Indirect Fluorescent - LAUNDRY Electric Washer Electric Water Healer Electric Ironer Electric Iron Electric Clothes Drier Adequate, G tare -Free Lighting OrganiMNl KiH Ctttnttiercial Chih With Attorney Al aiterlee. he was instrumental in organizing the first Commercial Club bre. it was organized Nov. 27. 197. of which; Electric Rang Electric Drthwasber Electric Refrigerator Electric Home freeier Electric Roaster Adequate Work Center Lighting Electric Garbage Disposal Plenty of EU-i- Outlets j he wa? ihe secretary. One of its fjrst a hie em nts was Hie promot- t BUY AND KEEP WAR BONDS j iiig of the library, followed by a j rwwf-r system and paved streets. 1 Among the organizers were: M. V. liobb. Frank L. Swinehart. E. K. - Wierh k. Maliloo Scott and Charles j Meyer. . ; I A aiming Jiictory was organized. PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA, INC.

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