The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 27, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 27, 1944
Page 5
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Irl Pugp Fit THE DAILY CLIXTOXIAX Monday, November 27, 191 L l that Harrr Hopkins, the all-time riinton Corooral Moved To - Bv Jack Sords MIDWEST STANDOUT champion waster. gain is iiau8 Army Hospital in Texas j,!? rVSS kt-:i Third Jap Convoy In Three Days Sent to Bottom (Continued from page 1) Santa Claus through certain of his proteges who will administer this vast undertaking." "Two Democratic lame ducks have already ben named as stoope heads of the surplus property board." he continued. "They are absolutely wtthout retail selling experience, yet their responsibility will be to conduct the greatest selling Job in all Cpl. Oris Black, son of Mr. and Mrs. Oris Black. .Sr.. 610 Kouth Fourth street, has been transferred to the Barmon General Hospital In l.ongview. Texas. Cpl. Black was) formerly at a hospital in Hawaii. Havine contracted a disease caused by mosouitocs. Cpl. Black aloiiK with several others from his company who had severe cases of tills eonference. There were few surprises. Northwestern went through Its schedule without a victory. Illinois administering: a 25 to defeat to the Wildcats, ahout a expected in the season wind-up at Evanston. 111. The Minnesota tinplirrs did not have the easr tiaie anticipated with Wisconsin at Madison. Iit won. 2 to J. Indiana won the Old Oaken Bucket same from Purdue. II tot. at Lafayette after t!ie famous troph) had ben in possession of the Boilermakers a year. Vare liame Mrat KiMineer The only real surprise in the performances of major midwestern teams was Xotre Patties II to 0 victory over Oeorria Tech in Atlanta. c-rs and carrier plane." from Admiral jof Fifth Air Force land-based fieht-j William F. Halsey s powerful Third I Fleet, which, according to ra'lio ' Tokyo, is wreaking havoc in the Ma- Ohio State In Top Ranks In Big Nine Race Buckeye Defeat Michigan To Take Title But Miss Out On Rose Bowl; I IT Wins Old Oaken Bucket CHICAGO. Ill- T!ie Western Coolerenee football pnwn is over. Ohio State hu won a we!l-4eserved championship. Iul oo li'71 Bowl trip. hUtory"' ed from Hawaii ne- cause of the hot climate. Black has been overseas for : nila area. , be economic results will be "Ehasi- The latest comoy to be sunk also .. r At ' i He receiw-d his basic I .as the victim of rlttn Air rorce. ndi,nan did not name the ap- Ihree years 1.1. f' i m m m IfiEhters. according to MacArthurs, mtr ,raininK , Fort Kusiis. Irginia MOimrf lu irmi u. i n ... - . . j t k iais. North farolina. and ',,,. i.' rk. t amp ' moraine communique. j , t n.....H t amu viaar. vaiiioim. Lacd Ilesistanre Ilrcrmse Because Gen. Tomoyuki ert A. en Vnma- A- nunri, iviain ' " ' . - Cpl. Black marrit d mim r lorcur.- i although the Yellow Jackets were ' heavy laroriu over the Irish. AIon ol Hawaii in September. His pri-sent address ist Cpl. Oris Black, Barmon t;eneral Hospital. Ward B-II. lxnEview. Tex. Grid inter-st. except ("or Anny- in the Philippines. Is failine in his . '- the ,0 ernorship No 7 d-sperate efforts to land reinforce- and Lieut. Col Ldward V. Heller. I menu on embattled Leyte. jap S. CilWle IDI la., who was de-! troops confined in the Ormoc cor- feated for reelection understood t several bewl part. oe baek I CatlciS, MitltHcS ridor are offering decreaine resist-."' ance to the hard hiltine Douehbovs, the board. of the 32nd and 2th Infantry Dl-i M imo rosy aji- bjii m- ti A 1 one mysterr in OMo Stale's I t 111 Drill IOF Aliniial AT FIRST J eorrlrinr 4101 OF A Services Clah rk-tory over Wi suit n.-naains eomethinr. or a puule. Mill lew re ITai Tin 7 a "r at Colum VPW VORK. X. V. At West f TIKIOH BJUIIHj " from Li men. below Caricara Bay. The Yankees are now less than 2" miles north or Ormoc s Leyte s prin-; cipal west coast port and the only Third Annv Sets 19-.Mile Front T Saarbrueken ( Toint and al Annapolis two inoiuaii 1 rn .Ak ifisr hfan I !. sr final pre bus. O-. Saturday, aiong witli a J- i remaining means the jaiw cate 10 : either flee or brine in reinlorce- en or two aowstapers n mil arej ror , nad-on clash trrinej to lipire what happened on . wr in a tame that looms the kickoff late in tbe fourth ocar-. w h . s,,,ts event ter'after Miciiirae apt2nem!r tad ' , (ConUnned from paee It : ments. III IK. - I.I It brlnr toeetlaer in a color S As MacArthurs assault troops 1 Across tl.e ?ar. the llh Armored j ihnir ,i ,.h ik. haz-' DiMsion stole new eatns in a nort!i- MONUMENTS 0 A Complete line 0 For Service Drop Ca A Card LW. Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash At. Terra Haute, ladfaaa terrains, they were being ly direction, pushing through Ey-given able support by long range :. viller sivteen miles due south of artillery and by the Fifth Air Force. .arreguemines. This outfit also en-Tne fliers singled oat Valencia. , tered Druiingen seventeen miles to .1.- forward base, as their soutneast- 1 ney aiso .re ful livalry daiing ba-ek to I aa Artaay Jc-ottllB nwni wShscEs i Ba-w!i5j;.5fd aiRd powibly the granest err to come down tfee Hiidon a-ca iest a Na it a w Sa Ich boa si of a great line and inereasiing tr?rarib a he Kiwn fea worn on-Ttoey waQB elhaLfBi Before sosmie fpectaioiTf; 5ecBaraDaS!y drawn ffffom iSse isEnsedaane virfaSty of Bal- and . of the Sahns canal j target, giving it a severe bombing S stretches clearing the Fontaine wood. and strafing attack. The 32nd and 24th Divisions tiiEa-G.ipr. Asnonc iseTlifafcly w:!S Fenetrale Maginot Iine ! In the center, ibe &-h Di.isEon pnetratd the Maenot Line in fac-of the niffest pil!?Hv opposition I mik-s nonttea: of jJt and msE west of i6e German lene. vbile th ' Sftdi 0BVEion (oofe o'er tfiir-e ntc-re a;andn-id Al-tz ffort ifficBodEng St. , Hckfrt. 3 B- miles wr-"-t off M-fz. stored tbe wiiaiB.EE novrb'Jown. It m on f&w frlaF- isBeBsafeer. that RaBpli Cfciafob toocrtie-it i!foe tnDl out of tooias.4 on OS" I Vrard nark. Froai Bfcer tlhe Btacfeeye grotiBd out a totttbdowo ifeal r-tnev?4 tfompwmsfoip asd k-epl tlaeir rerxsrd of rictorir Sjaiaidt- cssacbamp a ad. wtoo diiexl a ituwwftiis&d 6alfcs al law o1TTai30!ii immh in tlbe prens Wi ifrie Wol-rena- 8c-s3cfrii Ifeeir bfiBBTaBl flrl-:"!- i1! were a dHinfae!rt onai-a'-Kiiiiiaad? Isiw-t.. He ffwff'D Jir4 Bswl RfeaL" ""Off wnffw- Etfl- i9r it3iT, mii?B a-kOial B539'ffliiF S'el't- m-.&s no few!h vtiie fctiliB sis iar aano O'lo (-rrit-twT . we ecfaO'd audi te-t'5e to (k-6 is flBat'ipe- Bit was jv&tfpi ti- afcoif ftuwS LiHiier. Si-jfB'Tier, jtrB'Miti-T r-wrpjois asj-fiTi!rfl. ieme ustf nite wmfrf s w i"Biii ftii' fiaiWB-BoiLtae lj-tiiS -fiwRKiOE' fPWtEB a1T nfb icase. a x-l-w'" fAny sftiait m jJiiirnfl. Tfe-Witv-wtf&ef:, In whji4. iifad niie S-fl-fi striving for a junction in the Ormoc corridor, ih 2fnd pushing down from camred Umon. and the 21th dri.iEr spearhead souhw-el from nbe Capoocan and Plnampoan areas 01a Carisrams Ray. i "Pe Ztih la bBi active in niop-pinz up Jsp scEpwr; in that asa ioBl,' ward? ef Onaor. batEwis-fVmES&l'Oys Oa tLe -i"eaitls I in fat try WANTED KAII.ROAfW I'KC.KVn.V F, D KII I KI A IV SKII I i;i U'ttKkKKS SEF: RKPI!IK.TTIVE RAII.KOAI KKTIKEMEXT LHOARO Ratioa Bdiard Office Krety Tow-lay Clinton. Indiana 9:00 to 11:30 A- M. fc msny wftio fcave ureiteed is ffroas? afsr to witm tSs1 bseiopi nuiinTi? pfpwsTts eTBit off tBne tSrame am Amray-XiTy nt:;?5e for the furtkeramee tf -ar l)Sd D- Trarr-ESy tfce ricf wsH! be re-tr-ATP&'i by -soFt rr-r a vSn-a-aflOy a l-ofs-iap riiiile of Army s jtQiiiaafl-a-'EjiiiisnDle titTrticEizr amd Navy s liB-auod-OTfll mlaySiiD En !rer It is tl;e 3TSf UiSi-nd aiKj"a4 XaT gise ttiat f'Tv-veEtf tie game SffWEE r3EEir'HI a.? aa-tnier aanat!iiB' Young GOP Committeeniaa , To Be Governor's Secretary jj IX B 8 A A POLL-?, In- Ct-ver-P BDor-K.ti RaSfRB F. Gan waiiS (.onsori: j9nftA C?oc 1 Oi Faenza Junction In South, East Assaults Big Basinets Cemer.t is big business with a record output, m 1M2. of tons, m-h;ch tnvtjtved the firing off some tOJbW.VHO toes of ram- rr.atcn-ais. mostEy liirest.3re. ifE'ind. vEiiiiEe eg tfce H rann.ui'tfoiB tfcror! srlm.oa otf Rns?E -ifa. ie catml L-r'e. e.eia-iEt of ti iv of IVdfora!, a fie!Tii- "e S-tfe HiTa-tfry ared t&e Fir Cv- ; ,Iv-- sffpetary. id was B'e-am'enl toc.ay- gaified gnroiEEid BonEs o( M-o-Cic.a&a r 511 as Lam-ffwnw ronaraty hBe itoiiisiaiiaij iEd Essio Once VaS- ecnUaea ifle. a tE5iesr an?iniini (arn ErwM iij fcpn visbec RetMnhliiVraa Array wISl wek to t-5s gaaane tw,;, iovbs otf Moome BSooca and Mob-I! , wmmfinijiiwdM3n fmmra ImdSa- oosB?' a" lEsdei-eined wa-wpmar;. Praaoto. ftCT no rr. ard for !&rw yeairr tfor ooiiM cmimiun Oti wii-fe 2111,1 A5 tfce rae tsiae l". S- Fsfufc fea feE caEiBs d :-fnoct VoffiBg Re- : In(Iianan Strike I At Administration m-ae !tx-t. Tiiey neie w-snia re- raia pMteeKie tf ae .a21. an ia-i. . -fir u4t 45,4 -.3areeL0 tt otf RDa, VftM ottf a crrK wl.o at 37 yeflirs old. n You Don't Have to Drive Far to Have an Accident I M want joar arc i't-wt prrpaiH. or mnnt it ." "- Voa cwa't Hxx whra or where row will hare aa art-MetM. Yow llare to tale roar Jrvilfit wbest or wfr-re it come. rr r-IsRnrxl? The Be ale farm MutaaJ -alo lit-ra"- eoIKt is a Ixval IU-rr. oa-awsable lirT- oerias ra aad tout wile ia ercrr war. while dritiac roar car or a car aot osraed by rna. It aho covers, at a small ntra chare", law farm or reidrace liaMltir. J.I, tttt T-:lTE FOREST AIKMAN, DANA, IND. For .Vorr- InforffBs-utov S E'W.'m trfaau "TiT 11 law-ih u'S3r- an "rf " ---".--.j. ,.15'- . C!le!rBS- IBi-B ffe rami cor h"- jPEme T-x-iiwry- Ma?l . E'Ul 5EF tll'iiis w-eme tiw. fiOTue ctf nlbe JfltiEajii 5-ltyTt; iii-ft eii ja urt i3w tfkL Tie fei'-l Miainnd nSi-,. . eUswciEOB nin 118- fee jj wwaoFB'PP jb tfce affily jfljint ttiej c,sin-;ana i4.-fet. jr 3 Baswr fs-fif. wins Ainiy U bb iDitr aSrSv" so i4e Liasose rar- tiraTWre UtT 15 ?-r6 a alS rfa,J s"asnm-e in EaStSawKne M-l-. fHiier res-art 4asdkHl. nle W-tlTyriii 5ia4 to -flo was tewi 4ay slTteratti ffir a HwnBi'flfi. S-9 De aiiitifle a aiwre wtisiny to assy araitt ff-r pTsM" A cruTiine off P--d!fmi Isiiarfti wfcw"!!.. "tffl w.f -tfaun0oy'4 1 v-ir ft-y ate Bad:iBQ L6fnis"nn rr-tIrTA!nniH,-s- He as imtrTired a-Td t!Le Ba-tiriT otf two -i!;d?lu ni fsMECtes were effiflr annac-K flonsay ffroa R-p. KaBSe!i otf fsdnta. rfcasr-Buan of tfee RetpIlkasB coMEgTestfioiii-aS 'aofnngmi tffmm'W: H0Cf- d-fla?d n&'at u-eTr IVB intjunLer-iaiz" off B BViiBik-w &$2iis vj-rh off sjasTpl-rL wsr pro-ty wa i!Ld-r iay, aed tfcat "as w apjr O0K.rf9nanDtiiiiii!O- Kriiv nmwi'i'S w! rr-j!irf-4 flit' iir.a rttrMtf-u,anr'fl nnff 'jKjtw-ii trRam FUi5fl-eTi3y fwnfl on-Tf on Indiana BOM'IlflS Bvh Ta Aleet to ie Held OE TO MY HObS! (TS ThcI iTHeyv 3CT TriE SOCD& 04 ELAINE. THE FCUCE ARE " I bfie PLACE THEY'LL NEVER hfJU BUT m TTgyiV'g 1& PtKrCTl LCCWt PCa VCU". A3QJT1 TTT I Tu INTT?LXA!PC'IU5. Imi. Tin? trtei ft(cn3msaiieTt tf t5ie toSitai Fal BcfWliEit AffloriS'tiiriJi wiQl i LOCK rOR OU lUiiiiu ivffsscy-' ir EiAiViS Gets tci rrvvrr rbcm-fem i K.a -n ca- i i ryou-cu j i &jt vMtKt ca' ryou-J i i &jt vntKt I -ri i .-?-i v H i cttcci r . j ...i-iv tmc ire a I I v isr Cr 1 1 Hire '-f- . I f i.t--" 7 s. H beM in In flisna'pt'lis. loelD,tei el nlbe j me mother ervifrt mMi A va?m BferA SCI atT!nctm- ff n3te ei-ni1 w"iJ3 be srt Sa-:i frne fine anaiwii-JL ''n't lie aitfl Uj wtirtc fw ff7Hrikiir'B in fiis flineiijt aimfl 'flenvMlttj. a fiht fr "V) --vfk it. c l-m. Wrnr OriflJ-flr fff Kltricafli te-r;'4 efl HtT7 llWtlT' "f'f.W 4)iF 0H1iUlliTiCD rlm:ii u!T-r-i 5tt ilw j3ir,Mt am i3re Bf-3 -aefeirt. Tbe f-an n:lia.i lit Wofrefines to -rU-Be n n-innine e trOe if jnftnJTnifiliiwTJl moiLrli. Ttw ixiic pume nai uj'tUy o''r- SllUflt'Wfl WrRlOlF flrHTl Irr- jru Tire ler. TI ".itraJws ikirr.-il Tom Ttft'ia-J Wirus. Gurr- B Cnas. Bi:liiOT: nmr K.ti;-cr.. T-Brw Haul: J- pauaJ lnnf M7-Torfi Ciir. ai)fl E- 5!l1rW- Tte 11 5 trowjiair 1tuniHJTe'.u1 m Ttrr H Mtirr MtnRBsmtf C. Itesrrn Met'" B" at HuninitmL in e-' ! " ! ' . : . I 17 . . t, 1 I --.y- r- ,. --, CT OCA ., 2JL " ,,i3 . rViKS,! irAT O s.'i fit r-.NI S-Jii fc I I yurcc 1 'l.'if - rrV " ' I tC . rirWtrtJfl, aUtNs i . Shortest Inaugural Talk in History Is Planned by Roosevelt Dr. 6. R.L!cG0IRE CHIEOPEACTOE CtFtrt!mie from smpe 1) ; the si' t(iruwi 11 WliiT Hcuw nisad 1 iJe kimL will in terf : Unel. Uyrd is -c-liiiiruiiitJ rt l.l cregsiiumi ArnuiwJils tiuuiit- j 1c. The 3'rBidfli1 1 t1eu4 t'. i the riuio-fiue Court., lnf Cab ami wit ' members nl tiie '.arErefn;. P0PEYI Sm I 1 1 fig j CS : ? RUBBER STAMPS For Every Purpose 4&-HtHir Senioe THE DAILY CUNTONIAN Atl-emlaiiM- -will Jinjfled. BtS Buid. to trwwi '" tiid .- ihtiiis mid t!niiBBiiai -win 1 i; cBrd teti1 in 1tte lmni til lii1 ss xws.. it, swcis -sr- s l , , f I 3 i'V SJi?' - o IJ4 ; j KC UE LICKS 9NallS TDE- . i 3 i : i rt l,niOz;-j'c lie TrT MOVES Ofc v?c fS-Ki'S siiiv' wav K HAT' -r 1 vots? e"4 a lCrV!(' V-iiT? TJ WEAR VOUS J?t3E ISSTEAD AM SO 'C:?' VO't) fi.VE -WLSUPi PLOr3 I'KET VDJ 3 CLEAN COTTON IDEA CCAU-IM5 VDuSEi-F KCHAM OF EAT1WG rr fc4S VES-S' V.JsT VA2 t -HAD ftU-E3iW, DAN r.TTVN I ;"waT YOJVE A JAP A? YOJ' SO CAU-SU: 1D2AM ! r Secret DperzL'Te 48 DAILY GLINTOUIAN

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