The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 27, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, November 27, 1944
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Page Three THE DAItT CLINTONIAN Monday, November 27, 1944. 1 of JState Edward fjteMimus. 1 Clinton Social Notes FDR Urges Hull Remain Close Policy Advisor Contiuued from page 1) Second Raid, Blasts Japan, Puppets Hit iOmOamet P"obi race ti Fourth elioiee was Vice president Henry Agai d Wallace. j Filub choice was John G. Winant, a former Republican governor of New Hampshire and present auibas-i sador to England. j Tragic tUow Vi station Hull's illness is a tragic thing to both Ills friends and his lew critics on Capitol Hill. There have town few iueu in public life in the last: hundred years who have won so great an affection from both the Democrats and Republicans in and out of congress. t is recalled that Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, defeated Republican nominee for the presidency, cooperated and agreed with Hull on postwar plans in the midst of the recent presidential campaign. This was the greatest tribute over paid a Secretary of State by the chosen leader of bis political opposition. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Porter had as their Thanksgiving guests Miss Mary Katherine Porter and room-mate, Miss Barbara Hippenstull of Long View, Washington. Both are Freshmen of the St. Mary of the Woods College. . Miss Wilina Mcintosh of Chicago spent the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Mcintosh of 4)1 Elm street. Rev. and Mrs. Clifford C. Jordan spent the week end in South Bend. of itlic Iiukk Aui'-rieua ibombers left central Tokyo iu flames that banw4 into the night. The first announce-uient on today's at tack 4id oot uea-tion he number of M-29's involved but the total is .expected to toe as large. The latet-t attack on Tokyo pounded home to the Japanese in exploding emphasis the promise of officials in the 2th Air Force that Japans industrial centers, particularly Tokyo, would now tie systematically destroyed from the air in preparation for an eventual land Invasion. As iu the first attack on Tokyo, the B-ZD's took off from new bases on Saipan in the Mariana islands under charge of Ceu. Haywood S. Han-sell, Jr., and his 21st Bomber Command. The first raid on Tokyo 'by the B-2's caught the Jups by complete surprise, with the planes flying the 1 .Slid mile water route from the new bases on Suipan to Tokyo, which makes it extremely difficult to report their progress. This time, however, the Japs have been put on warning that the attacks would increase that the enemy may have rushed in fighter planes in an attempt to protect their capital. Only two planes -were lost in the Friday SteUiuius is a leading probability for the job. Tlie President said that Mr. Hull is coming along all right but that his full recovery may take some time. The President told Mr. Hull that Monday Regular Joint meeting of Oddfellows and Rebekahs, . m. AH Rebekahs attending are askd ito bring a pie, Jerusalem Chapter 264 OES meeting at the hall, 7:80 p. m. Friend's night. Tuesday Annual roll call of Pythian Sisters, 7:80 m. Each Sister attending is to bring pie or. sandwiches. Wednesday Friendly Bunco Club, Mrs. Mayme Osborne, South Fourth street, 7:80 p. m. Fairview WSCS of the Methodist Church meet with Mrs. Homer Rit-chey, 1:80 p.m. All Methodist women are urged to attend. TbureOay Stitch -in-Time Club, 1:80 p. m. Mrs. Harry Morgan, South Sixth street. Acme Club, Mrs. Harry Kelley, Walnut street, 7:30 p. m. he felt it was mandatory for him to accept his resignation, though he re Foster-Sanqunetti Vows Heard Sunday, November 19 Susie i,eona Foster and Leo Ssn-quenettl were uuited in marriage in ceremonies performed Sunday, November J9 at the home of Mrs. Mary Dallagiacoiua. Rev. Fred Oliver xead the vows. The attendants were Mrs. Marie Short, North Tenth street and Kob-bert Truax of Notre Dame College, South Bend, Ind. The bride was attired in a shadow lace street length dress of aqua blue and carried a bouquet of American beauty roses. Immediately following the ceremony, a lovely reception was held at the home of Mrs. Stella Kunyan. The couple received many nice gifts. The newly married couple will reside at route two, Clinton with the groom's mother, Mrs. Edith Sanque-nettl. Mrs. Elsie Sheeks and Mrs. Man-ford Myers attended a dance held at the Eagles Club in Terre Haute over the -week end. They visited Sunday with friends in Terre Haute. gretted it very deeply, in order to keep Hull from using bis hospital room as a desk and to speed Hull's pan's puppet capitals, JJiuisrkok and Hanoi, heavy American 'bombers continued to carry their destructive .onslaught to the nerve .centers of the crumbling fs'ippouese empire, the Jupuuese Imperial headquarters admitted today, i huiluud apiloi Hit On the heels of a second bombing within four tluys of Tokyo itself, great B-29s raided Huntikok. apitoi of Thailand. Planes of the same huge type, at least forty of them, carried out the raid on the capitol of the Japs' home island. Meantime 16 China-based B-24 Liberators, escorted by fighters, struck at Hanoi, capitol of the Jap-occupid French Indo China, according to a Japanese Domei Agency announcement, reported by OWI. The raid over Tokyo, according to the Japanese, lasted for about an hour. i Hull is 7 recovery. Cmvv Out Hull Plan 1 Hull last appeared at the State Mr. Roosevelt said that Mr. Hull, Department on Oct. 2, his jir birthday. The next day lie was confined to his home by Illness. A few Victoria M. Ave. one month old days later he was taken to the Na Mrs. Dan Clemens left Sunday for val Hospital at Bethesda, Md., while convalescing, will keep in close touch with the White House and will be a close presidential adviser on American foreign policy. This he said, will .especially apply on doing everything possible to carry out what the President describes as the wonderful start Hull has her home in Tangier after spending attack on Tokyo. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Quentln Ave of route two was admitted to the Vermillion county hospital Friday as a medical case. Mrs. Nellie Straughn of Rockville was admitted to the county hospital the past two weeks with her sister. BABY'S COLDS Relieve misery direct without "dosing." Mrs. Harry Clemenz. Mr. and Mrs. Wilhite of 628 South Main street visited laBt week in Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Harry Clemenz and daughter Barbara and Mr. and Mrs. Ern portedly suffering from a throat ailment. Many of his friends and most of the public believed that the throat ailment incapacitates hiin from further service in the State Department. However, one of ills intimate friends informed International News Service that Hull also suffers from a severe diabetic condition and from an ailment of the lungs. This friend declared that Hull's decision to resign was based, not upon the condition of his throat, but on the other two aliments. i Saturday aB a medical case. Mrs. Ethel Randall of Mulberry street and Mrs. Esther Harrison and baby of Newport, were dismissed from the county hospital Saturday. Mrs. Ilene Taylor and baby of Montezuma were dismissed from the county hospital Sunday. est Pixon visited in Tangier Sunday. DON'T SUFFER WASHINGTON, D. C For the second time in four days mighty B-29 Superfortress bombers from jSa i p!i u unlouded their thousands of pounds of bombs on Tokyo in a daylight mission today, striking strategic industrial targets. Simultaneously with the latest attack on Tokyo, a "substantial force" of India-based B-29's from lieu. Curtis R. Lemay's 2mh Homber Command struck the Bangkok urea of Jupanese occupied Thuilund- There were no immediate details on the new Tokyo raid but it was presumed that the returning B-29's again struck tlte huge Musashiuu uir; craft plant and other vital industrial spots in the heart of the Japanese capital. In the Friday noon attack. 1 00 without -trvlnr -Williams -RUX J Notice! The Cllutonian WanU Tour News. Please Cull Miss iiear To Report Social Mews. Phone H or 83. RENT A FOOD LOCKER In The New Addition We Are Building Put In Your Application Before DECEMBER 15 fair wvitli yuunteii i xineumnuc miwcuMir paine "tear you down", rob you of platM, nmke you look and fed old before your 4tmc. Hiw KUX fair tut. Th wlurf -you Mk may be o prompt that you will thank HUX from the bottom ot your bmrt. Act now to find tooth iu relief f achii muscle by obUininjc 0 bottle of liquid Williams KUX Compound today. Take ouljr e directed. Kecommended aitd aoW by WHITE'S PHARMACY Chilean Copper Ot approximately 8,000 copper mines in Chile, three United States-owned mines produce 92 per cent of the copper. Most large-scale nitrate operations are likewise foreign-owned. Before the war the endre output of iron ore went to one United States company. Of the six leading .commercial products of Chile, four are minerals copper, nitrates, iodine and iron ore. made on the linked Nations postwar security plan to keep world peace during the lifetime of everyone now living. WASHINGTON, D. C. Highest New Deal spokesmen assert today that President Roosevelt has accepted the resignation of Secretary of State Cordell Hull upon condition that, his health permitting, he will serve the government ex-officia in the postwar negotiation of world peace. One of the administration's highest authorities informed International News Service that Hull has resigned, with the blunt disclosure to the President that his health would no longer permit him to undertake ths arduous duties of directing the nation's foreign affairs. Leaves Door Open lo Hull This authority stated that Hull's resignation was so phrased that Mr. Roosevelt Ms convinced that his three-term secretary of state will not return to public life. At the same time, this authority said the President left the door open for the use of Hull's services in negotiating peace, if the secretary's health should unexpectedly improve. News of Hull's resignation gave birth to a flurry of speculation on the Identity of his successor. Byrnes is First irtioice ; ' ' 'Freeze' On Payroll Tax Compromise Sought In House (Continued from Fage One) the Ways and Means Committee to determine whether to support further "freezing" of the payroll tax now set at one per cent each for employers and employees, scheduled to rise to two per cent Jan. i. Altmeyer told the committee that the tux boost would bring an additional one and one-half billion dollars annually. He estimated the insurance reserve fund would reach six billion dollars January. 1946, of which four and one half billion already covers both "the present value of the benefits payable to those now eligible . . . the liabilities which the federal government has assumed". Two Per cent Inadequate DR. O. R. BREDEWEG OPTOMETRIST Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them Relief At Last. For Your Cough Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it qiickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. -v- CREOMULSION For Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitij ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP 187 North 7th Ht. PHONE 1M-W PEEMANENTS GIVEN AT NIGHT CITY MARKET ROCKVILLE, IND. Phone 92 fliuiie J75 C'JJiTOK, M. 248 Jilai kiiiau ht. Rumor has it that the President's Altmeyer told the committee that f(rgt cholce ,B War MoblllaaU()n Cza! James F. Byrnes, tormer .associate justice of the supreme court and an ex-senator from South .Carolina. Byrnes is one of the President's The Glory That Was Turkey... IsNow Grease Spots On Tour Best Bib and Tucker most intimate friends and one of the most popular men on Capitol even a coninouuun rate u p cent each by employers and em-, ployees is probably inadequate to finance the cost of benefits promised. Kep. Robertson (D) Va., who sponsored the move to hold hearings, declared that "I am definitely of the opinion that the committee favors freezing the tax". Compromise Is Possible Robertson said the committee members have also discussed a Pr sible compromise, whereby the tax would increase Jan. 1 from one per cent to one and one-half per cent in Hill. ... , Byrnes tendered his resignation as war mobilizer early -this month but the President rejeeted it and promoted him two weeks ago to the new post of director of war mobilization and reconversion. Byrnes ac cepted this post even though he had Don't Worry PUT US ON THE SPOT! Have Your Holiday Garments Dry Cleaned AT stead of two per cent on both em- already rented offices in Washington where he proposed to practice law. Four Otliera in Running There were other rumora as to Hull's successor. These were: ployers and employes. The tax has been frozen at its present level lor three successive years and legislation to make it effective for 1945 also has been introduced in both the House an Senate. Second choice tfas Secretary of War Henry L. Stlmson. steads Third choice was Undersecretary Get in tXm Scrap! ) - 411 ' J? ' 1 1 little eiT-reR i j r Phone 129 220 Elm St. 3 Win 4-H State Honors A Happy Feeling of Security SUPERIOR records of achievement in 4-H activities have won 1944 State championship honors for four Indiana club members. The winners, and brief outlines of their records, follow: Phyllis Davis (right), 17, of Rockville, receives an all-expense trip to the National 4-H Club Con-Dec. 3-6. as a reward from Mont -Bills All Paid by BANK f.IOIIEY ORDER Warm-but not fair I i AND RECEIPTS TO PROVE IT1 And conserve the coal he is able to deliver to you through firing carefully, closing off unused rooms, pulling down shades at night and through other simple precautions. For other suggestions see your coal dealer. One of the biggest jobs of the C&O Lines is hauling coal from the mines u'.ong its routes, so we're in a position to understand the problem, and to know how essential coal is these days. w s I if4 gomery Ward for her "all around1' achievements in the National 4-H Girls' Record Program. During 8 years as a 4-H'er, the girl planned, prepared and served 106 meals, put up 140 lunches, baked 149 batches of bread and pastries, sewed and remodeled 53 garments, canned 392 jars of foods, and made 12 home improvement articles, as well as completed 48 projects. Phyllis handled 926 sheep, and 2 pigs, spent 45 hours on home grounds beau-tincation and made 6 pieces of handicraft. She won a number of placings in judging contests and dress revues, including $58.50 in cash prizes, which brought her tout income from all projects to $841.90. She served her club as assistant leader, project leader, president and secretary. Betty Jones (right), 17, of Lafayette, is named State entrant to be considered for sectional-national , honors in the Sears-Roebuck Foundation 4-H Victory Garden Activity, which include a trip to th National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago, Dec. 3-6, and a $100 War Bond. Betty raised 96,450 square feet of Victory garden, and one acre each of corn f and potatoes. Her garden produced enough fresh vegetables and fruits for her family as well as a aurplus to can, sell and give away. Seven State co-winners who also each receive a $25 War Bond are: Marcella Shively, Hagerstown: Warren Hines, Worthington; Jackie Blanton, F?"ville; John Manship, Pendleton; Maurice Ruby, Rushville. John Elliot, Angola, and John H. Ruszler, ot Jerre Haute. Samuel Burkhart, Jr. (right), 18, of Washington has been chosen to represent the State in th 'Firestone 4-H Soil Conservation Activity for consideration in the selection of sectional and national winners. His soil conservation achievements include building drainage ditches, constructing terraces digging a stock pond, budding 500 rods of fence and fertilizing fields. Five Sum who also each reeve a $50 War Bond are: Robert Walton. English; Louis Simmons, Jr. Kewanna; Forrest Troyer, Marion; Don Stall, Bsownstowu, and Charles Withrow, of Romney. Marjorie Childress (right), 19, of Lowell, is the State's entrant for sectional-national honors hi th William G. Mennen 4-H Farm Safety-Activity. The girl's achievemeoU in safety wort include tacking meul strips on edges of rugs to prevent lipping, had chimney repaired and ttovepipej cleaned, replaced old wooden steps on faent porch with cement ones, removed articles clutiaring up guirway, had shorU in light connections nd, re-eaired frayed electric cords, placed piece ol , ii k.u:.i ! wll u many 4tts20cTS I JOE'S got the house too hot by careless firing of the furnace, so he's trying to heat all outdoors by opening the windows. Through wasteful practices, he isn't being fair to his own family or to other families using coal. He isn't helping America. This winter it's vital to conserve coal as never before. This isn't because less coal is being produced. Actually, millions more tons are being mined this year than last by fewer men. Quite a tribute to mine owners and miners alike! There are adequate facilities for hauling coal to your city. But certain grades and sizes of coal are needed for war production. And, in addition, your local coal dealer is handicapped by a shortage of manpower, trucks and tires. So be patient with him. Order before you're down to your last shovelful. NOTf THUOWCOSTOf IANK MONfY MOM . Hi .ol to nt.oo lOo 10.01 to 2.".oo 15c 25.0I lo 6O.O0 tc $50.01 to (IIOO.OO 1S5C Each Additional 50 Joe ife Chesapeake & Ohio Lines CHKSAPKAKF. AND OHIO RAILWAY NICKEL PLATE ROAD PERE MARQUETTE RAILWAY There's a better, safer way of paying your bills ' mote convenient too! You pay by mail, using our Bank Money Orders. You secure these money orders from us as needed in any amounts, for any destination. And always there's the permanent record of the payment here at our bank, backing up your own receipt. You'll like this modern, safe way of paying bills. Try it Save Coal and Serve America - 4 Citizen's State Bank OF NEWPORT, IND. CLINTON BRANCH, CLINTON, IND. asocsios on w iwiuiu - - : . - , Other safety measures. Three Sute co-winners who .u receive a S2$ War Bond are: Helea Wil- I liams, of Muncie; Joanna M. Brashaber, ion, gqd Vq(U Coals. j y'uKhcMtl. .

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