The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 25, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1944
Page 6
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Saturday, November 25, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Six HOW ALLIES MAY DECIDE FUTURE STATUS OF GERMANY PUBLIC NOTICE &0 RATION CALENDAKy ' Processed Foods Blue stamps AS through Z8 and A-5 through R5 In Book 4 good for 10 points Indefinitely. Men!, Cheese and Dairy Product's All red stamps A8 through Z8 and A5 through P5 in Book 4 valid Indefinitely for rationed meats, cheese and dairy products. Stamps worth 10 points each. Sugar Stumps .10, 31, H2 nnd 33 In book 4 good for 5 points until further no- BUSINESS SERVICES i mm r- f" ypafr- --- I ' IK 11 ' '-36 Ita f Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Ouar-''anteed. 9th and Bogart Mobllgas Station, Joe Glacoletto, Clinton. 32tf ilice. Slump 40 in book 4 good for Flrat day lunertlon: 80 for each evading line (one column line, like one of then). Neit two dayi taaertlon: tha lame le charge (you get three dayi at fouble the cost of the firat day). Nut tore days InMrtlon: the imi charge (7011 get a whole Mvk Ova daya) at three tlmei the eoet of one Insertion). EacTi group of three dayi thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per line. NOTICE TO PAINTING CONTRACTORS The Board of Trustees of Clinton Public Library will receive bids for redecorating the Clinton Public Library, up until the hour of 3:00 o'clock P. M. December 12, 1944. Copy of iiie specifications covering the work to be let, and also forms for submitting bids can bo obtained from J. H. Gilmour at 141 South Main Street, Clinton, Indiana. The Board of Trustees of Clinton Public Library reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Beard f'f Trustees Cllulnn Public Llbrnry Ily: Pearl Stullz, Secy. 112544 12444 Infects Brain Covering Meningitis is an infection of the covering of the brain and spinal cord. Influenza meningitis is caused by a bacterial germ known to scientists as Hemophilus influenzae. In spite of the likeness of names, influenza meningitis is in no way related to epidemic influenza, or grippe, which is due to a virus, an entirely different kind of germ. DEAD ANIMIAL8 HEMOVED. large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 11201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 142U. We pay all phone charges. John Wacbtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 -iv lAi a .1 : v DEAD ANIMALS RKMOVKD Fit EE Prime Minister Churchill General De Gaulle Premier Stalin President Roosevelt of charge by DnlgRlns ana nons, licensed dealers, ( all us as soon as tlioy die and reverse charges. Duna Feed Service, Dana, l'lioue SO. tBif f, pounds of canning sugar. SIlllCH No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 "airplane" stamp in Book 3 good for one pair eaeji until further notice. Always present Hook 3 when making purchase as stamps are invalid if removed from the hook, (asoline Stamp A-l 3 good for four gallons through Dec. 21. B-4 and C-5 good for fi gallons until further notice. T (Fourth (Jf.) good for 5 gallons through Dec. 31. E, El and E2 good Tor 1 gallon. R, HI and R2 good for 5 gallons. A, B. C, D and T columns are not valid until they have been endorsed in Ink, pencil, stamped or printed with the automobile registration number and state. Motorists should write 1944 numbers on book and on coupons. Mileage record must b submitted with applications for supplemental rat- All classified ads Including mem-oriami and notices of all kinds must be paid In advance except those by regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or those from organisations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter ease the person asking tbe publication of the notice will be held responsible for Its payment. OUAHANTKKD 24-HR. U.EFR1GEH-ation Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Honebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 1C5-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 FOR SALE 'lirltiniis f'anl DreiKns are low iiikI many urn liclne- fin-celled, every day. Wo can still . ........ hhub will, nniiicN COLUMBIA FOR YOUR HEALTH'S SAKE. EAT more fresh fruit. Our oranges are better because they're fresher. Mccracken's Market. tl6f JOIN OUR chhitmas la yaw ay Club and select a Keepsake Diamond 'ring; at 1'araio's Jewelry Shop. taa RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING. Five-ply passenger car tires. Plenty of Ethyl' and antl-freeze. The Gas Market. 11-2-44 fliy BOine inj .' ....... Imprinted, but better order yours today. Kee the rtVHlRiis still available FRIDAY and SATURDAY 1 iollS. ' EW ' I Tires I Periodic passengor car tire Inspec-i Hons are no longer required. Com-! mercial vehicle inspection due every 6 months or every 6,000 miles. B ! cardholders eligible for Grade I tires providing they can show absolute ! need lo carry on essential activities. 'All A holders may obtain certificates at The Dally I'lliituiuun luuce. COL. 31)7:12 INKA DINKA DOO, Hot l'atutta. Jimmy Durante, vo- . cnl. 50c plus tax. While's Vv fi-ri- igZ. ,,irVj' fJ V , M t WARSAW sa fa f stAuVt POLAND varis CaCfSF .jsi vf,DUN mrBSBM CZECHO- -s v SA SLOVAKIA K ' , XAUSTKIAj' BUDAPEST , j SWITZ. . , HUNGARY MARLITE TILE HOARD FOR KIT-chen and bath room. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. ClItL'S TIIIIEE-I'IECK TAX SNOW-sult. Size 4, SB. Hoy's all-wool overcoat, size 34. $10. 229 Ulackman, Apt. 2. t20x lor Grade 3 tires, hut only after they have found tires which may be purchased. Fuel Oil Period 4 and 5 coupons valid through Aug. 31, 1945 and have the following values: 1 unit 10 gallons; BENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. t85f HELP WANTED Admission !)c and 20c TROUBLE IN TEXAS With TEX R1TTER And His Horse Flash "Grandpa Called It Art" (Passing Parade) "On Our Way To Rio" Popeye Comedy "Colorful Colorado" Traveltalk USED FURNITURE. HEATERS, chest drawers, bed, springs, kitchen sink, chairs, dressers, ranges. Martin's. C55 Vine Street. t27x 5 units gallons; 25 units, 250 gal-' Ions. All changemaklng coupons and ' reserve coupons are now good. Fuel WITH THE FUTURE STATUS OF GERMANY still in the discussion stage, France, now recognized as one of the "Big Four" planning the tuture ot Europe, is expei-ieu uy - - - n7 WANTED MAN OR WOMAN 25-45 to handle established coffee and grocery route in and around Clinton. Car furnished and expenses paid. Guaranteed salaries plus commissions with steady employment now and after duration. State qualifications. Write Box 442-X co Clintonlan. tOf SPECIAL SHORT SALAMI, FOR boys In service. Clinton Sausage Co. t21 TWO WHEEL TRAILER. A-l I'RE-war tires. 1316 South Fourth Street. , t'2" fnr nermnncnt annexation of most of the German Knmcianu. Laiebi pi cm . i .c huc ninsr rpr-i-m lnior- ..v.. . lit i ,n ol,nel f hPr 1 ! 1h KISIUS ant I 1IH II lit H. u.iatu mu oil rations for 1944-45 heating season now being issued. Period 1 good immediately. Stoves All new heating, cooking and -ombinatlon heating and cooking stcves, designed for domestic use, lor installation on or above the floor and for the use of coal, wood, oil, kerosene, gasoline and gas, are rationed. Certificates must be obtained from local Board. matlon, rounds up the situation as follows: (1) France to claim area to river; ,12) Banana o "to restored Austria; (3, Holland lo be compensated for Hooded lands; .41 Cast Pruss.a to go o Poland and Russia; (SI Poland to get Pomerania ami part of Silesia, with Blau area going to -echoslovakia. Leaders of the -Uig Four" govciiiiacnls are shown above. ( in; !o:-nunln " SUNDAY and MONDAY CREAM ENAMELED COOK STOVE. 350 N. 8th Street. Call after 4:00 MALE HELP WANTED t20x p. m. Prekuln to the Llelauce Lake north of Autz in southern Latvia. BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, Bill Blackburn, Cllntonian. THREE BURNER KEROSENE stove with two burner oven. 1347 South Fifth Street. tl9x US Undersea Raiders of Corna, near llio Hungarian border, and seven oilier towns, lilt Nazi .Naval l ulls The victory on Oesel Island, disclosed ill an order of the day by Marshal Stalin, was accompanied by attacks on Gorman naval units in the vicinity. Planes from the Red bannnr Baltic fleet sank a destroyer, a patrol vessel and Iwo cutlers. A heavy cruiser was damaged by threo direct bomb hits and three smaller ships were damaged. IlltlCK, ANY KIND YOU WANT. Clinton Auto Wrecking Parts Co. Ernie's, Phone 8, Clinton. 851 f FIFTHVEIN COAL. CHARLIE R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t7-17-44 f Sprouted Soybeans Sprouted soybeans are often incorporated into dishes such as our American chop suey, but they can also be used alone as a buttered vegetable. The cooked, sprouted beans can be served as sauted bean sprouts or chilled and served in a Used salad. Score 27 New Kills In Jap Supply Lines Admission 9c and 25c FOUR JILLS IN A JEEP With Kay Francis Carole Landis Martha Raye Dick .Haymes "Rabbit Hunt" Blue Ribbon Cartoon "Flicker Flashback" RKO Short RKO NEWS Grown Leisurely Late spring pigs can bo grown leisurely with plenty of pasture. They can hog down corn in the fall, glean stalk fields, clean up after cattle and be ready for market the following March after the hog runs are over. If the spring pig crop appears to be excessively large, the newly bred sows and gilts can still be sold on the market. RJ No Lost Time Key Hungary Hub Topples Soviet Advance (Continued rrom page 1) forced crossing of the Danube south ot Budapest In assault craft and rubber boats, following which a pontoon bridge was erected. ; MOSCOWs ltussla . With Hie liberation of EBtonia completed, Red army troops today surged deeper into Hungary and' Czechoslovakia and reached a point seventeen miles (Continued Horn page 1) WHITE PEKING DUCKS FOR Thanksgiving. Third house off Pike on North Fulton Streets. tl9 (The German radio, heard In Lou- l vessels, including a destroyer, a converted gunboat and an assortment Furane Resins An improvement over existing ma of transports, tankers and cargo terial, fural is the experimentally Two General Motors plants com- FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRA-lll Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f vessels. Dieted 1943 without a single lost- I developed group of furane resins None of these sinkings had prev made completely from agricultural limp Occident. They were the Chev don, reported lhat the heaviest fighting was on the Latvian front. Nazi Commentator Col. Ernest Van Hammer said that at least 52 Soviet infantry divisions with all their tanks and tank reserves have been thrown against the Germans. Ho located the Russian offensive from iously been announced in earlier navy department communiques. They waste materials. These plastics can be molded, laminated, cast, sprayed, and used as an adhesive. rolet Motor Division plant at Kansas City, Mo., and the Fisher Body Service division in Detroit. Tuesday and Wednesday ODD PIECES OF FURNITURE. 231 North Fourth Street. t21x COAL. CALL CLYDE SEARING. Phone 190-M. tl9x brought the grand total since pearl Harbor to 1.010 Jap vessels sunk, probably sunk or damaged. I from the Danube on the Immediate Japan's loss of combat vessels northeastern approaches to Iluua- sunk, probably sunk or damaged In TWO STOVES. ROBERT SHEW, R 2, Clinton, Ind. tl9x Illl n ! i pest. 9c Sun., Mon., Tues. 40c the same period has reached 107. Dutch Sub In Action The Germans were thrown oui in i,,iji nf Wstrmlmi territory when CIRCULATOR HEATER. 759 North 8th Street. t22x Today s oommunlque also reveaicu 1 ! the ItiifisiaiiB took the island of Oes- that in addition, a Netherlands sub PAID NQTICES ONLY 3 COMPLETE SHOWS SUNDAY 2:004:12 7:20 We Urge You To Attend Early! Cartoon "LIONEL MOUSE" Latest News DON'T MISS IT! PCKOh THE PCTURES Admission 9c and 20c DOUBLE FEATURE A NIGHT OF ADVENTURE With Tom Conway Audrey Long PLUS UP IN MABEL'S ROOM With Marjorie Reynolds Dennis O'Keefe Gail Patrick CHRISTMAS CARD HKSIGNH ARE running low anil ninny are licing cancelled every day. Wo call Htlll supply some very nice ones with names Imprinted, but better order yours today. See the designs ' still available at The Daily Clln-tonian Office. liny More Honda marine operating under U. S. control in the Netherlands East Indian waters has sunk 4,500 tons of enemy shipping. This latest revelation of the Impressive toll recorded by undersea craft came on the heels of the announced opening of a two-pronged air offensive against the Japanese homeland and its industries. I Submarines were thus revealed to be aiding in the reduction of vital supplies needed by Japanese home Industries and military forces to The Whole World Thrilled To This Story : Now You Can See It! NOTICE! Truckers' Attention, Coal now avuiluble at Hazel Bluff, location two miles west of Clinton, cleaned coal, hopper loading. S & O Coal Co. tl9x still further deplete the enemy war potenlfal. NOTICE! Cozy Conner Is under new man agement, Baptist Buffo and Lewis elel in the, mouth of the Higa (.nil. The capture freed new Soviet forces for expected drives against Latvia and Kast Prussia. There was no confirmation In Moscow of Herlin reports that four Russian armies have gone over to the offensive In western Latvia, striking east of the naltic port of Llhau against an estimated 3110,000 Nazi troops trapped against llio sea. ItllHli rmmliin Ui'llifurc icilts Meanwhile, field dispatches to the Russian capital said that the Germans were rushing more Volksstunn reinforcements to Kast Prussia as the Red army increased lis pressure on the Goldapgumbinnen line, about 20 miles Inside the Reich. The Soviet communique, announcing new gains in Hungary, reported lhat eight towns along the northeastern approaches to Budapest were captured. One of these was Bag above Budapest and seventeen miles from the Danube. This drive brought the Russians to within nineteen miles of the fortress town of Vac where the Danube takes an abrupt bend to the west. Tighten irli on t'oniiiilliiiiatii'iis The advance gave I he Soviet forces a new grip on the vital communi-rntinns between Budapest and Miskolc In I lie sector closest to the Hungarian capital. In Czechoslovakia, other Red army columns drove forward on a thirty-mile front, taking the railway station THURSDAY Tusso, with Beer, Wine and sandwiches of all kinds. tl9x WANTED TO BUY 'Gung-Ho' "Gung ho" is an expression borrowed from the Chinese by Lieut. Col. Evan F. Carlson while he served as an observer with the Chinese guerrillas in the early days of the Chinese war. "Gung ho" means, as you probably know by now, "work together." It was adopted by Carlson's famous raiders as a battle cry. CASH DEAL, SMALL PLACE, REA- sonahly close to bus line. H. S. Call. Phone 326. U9 FOR RENT Admission 9c and 20c ONCE UPON A TIME With Cary Grant Janet Blair "Twenty Years After" MGM Short "Alaskan Frontier" Warner Short TWO-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE 939 Ulackman Street. t20 MODERN APARTMENT. 2:i9 VINE Street. tl9x f'dl GARY COOPER $fa$rk CECIL B.DeMILLE S MCl?. ' the Story of With Tbe Compliments Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for SARAH CARPENTER 524 Oak Street Just Come In And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Day YOUR NAME MAY BE NEXT Mill r jr7-rr'M0l ' 39 Hudson "6" passenger coupe. 30.000 miles. Actually looks and runs like new. 36 Dodge Touring Sedan. Good Tires. 35 Plymouth Coach. Good Tires. Easy Terms. WILSON, JUSTICE and OSELLA AUTO SALES. X Avoid the Vanqeri ot YImter Skidding: I IMhiH T t?r. wasseii - W,:L'.M?! ' I IS TECHNICOLOR i ,- I hh' f i ' I -.kLaraine DaySigne Hasso Z, HLW V IV r ' Dennis OKecfe-CarolThurston ' . Iffd t i'tt . . wJ CARL tSMOND ' STANLEY RIDGES : ' A- Jk wJiiJJ FACTOllY-rOXTIlOIXED RECAPPING 7.C0 ti.OO-lft NO OTIIFK OFFEItS YOl': If. ratio A Ituulity Cumrlback. 2. 1-rompt Hfrvii . 8. AH tturk ljr Fatr' -Train ttl Kxpfrt. 4. InH (iimraiitftt. S. i-'amoim l'lrrfclune ;rnir-rii Tnnd IteftiKn. UP TO $300 Quickly Loaned on Your Personal Security. No Ration Crtifkt Nedd POLAND'S HOME & AUTO SUPPLY 225 Ulackman St. Fhone C2 214 So. Main St., Clinton CLINTON', INDIANA IMione 7;t'J SECURITY LOAN COMPANY I rrrr ' I V.

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