The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 24, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1944
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

x ii i ; jiXi n c L i is i o n i a n I'l-idaj , November 'il, i'Jll. ALL-LEAGUE? . A! PY. British Pound Forvmrd In Adriatic Area; 5th Army Repels Nazi Blow t Continued from page 1 ) ported-by" Nazi tanks, according to the Mediterranean communique. On the left of the British forces, Eighth Army Polish troops continued their recent advance, driving forward from the villages of Orlo-lo, San Maden and San Blaela to seize the Important crests of Mount Itlccl. north of Modlgllana. Hit 1'ii'th Lines The Germans hurled " a number" of "strong raids" against Amerkan only asurapce'tiven the strikes was that tbiifd would be no dlscrlmlation against tliem up on their return to work. Feinsinger maintained that the strike collapsed because the union leaders were impressed by the fact that government meant business and would not hesitate to seize the struck exchanges. The Ohio union officials originally defied the WLIi's back-to-work directive because of the board's refusal to permit negotiations with the company while the strike was In progress. Pollock insisted that the WI.B had locked the doors against any settlement of the dispute. The union officials repeatedly stated they had no faith In the board's ability to resolse the Ibsucs, and de-mantled Immediate removal of the transferees. ti.a niiio Hell Telephone Company Alain MiIiioran Came to Settle Conference Crown 74,000 to See Big 9 Crown Pay-off; Purdue, Indiana Game Comes Off There Is Just out. game In the W stern Football Conference tonior-i-ow on fur us the general public Is concerned, and that Is the one be-1 Columbus. O.. In which 74.0UU rabid ..... !, inwii eil chain- plonsblp of the circuit decided. Oldster slate it will be the first time In the history of the cpnfer-. i nee that an unuispuieu uu inwiui " ' the season.' - threat of a wartime rise In tubercu- The other members of the 1J! 9 i losis becomes more serious. Only I ! .'A. till will be'd tomorrow, but , 1 1 , . . v w'll b" Jem nlaviiig out their H-rlMK : "d I he inlereyl Will be Con- finid cliieflv ' Ih" par:l::ai;s of the re: ne-'tie selirols. line l.ej I '. I 1,1 Tee I'i !"lilb -s Cnl'lfsl. however. the ri-ner will r.-:"r- n el-ar title and if the Buckeyes triumph, as they are favored lo do, it will mean not only that they will press Army closely for the mythical national title, but will nlnv in the, Rose Bowl jnn, i if the Big 9- authorities fve their permission. Ohio In National Itnnniiig Should the unexpected happen, and Navy upset Army In their annual encounter, Ohio State would be In position to put in a strong claim cellar position. They stack up tomorrow against the tnwa Preflight team which should win about as it pleases. Outside the conference, Notre Dame, beaten by Navy and Army, may be due for another whipping by Orange Bowl bound Georgia Tech at Atlanta. Vermillion County Tuberculosis Unit Opens Seal Sale of Europe and with the emotional strain of war times, overcrowded living and working conditions, long hours of work, food shortages, United States Is facing a threatened through the conceneo eirons 01 u nnhiic (he I!. S. Public Health Ser vice, state and local health depart ments, the National Tuberculosis Association and Its affiliated state and county associations, and all allied groups, can the United States hope to hold the spread of the disease to a minimum during the next few years." Although tuberculosis is preventable and curable. Diagnosis and treatment are proven procedures, yet the disease 'today is unquestionably a greater public health and econo- a. Kieuu'i uuuiiu iicuuu ....... mfe nrnhletn in fhe country than all acute communicable diseases com- bined. . ' ' , Thnt nivwress lias been madein 'j .i i.i: ., . n, o ger of tuberculosis and acquainting ;.,.,i ,ioti, nii ir.nnnn. To - Wlien liie IMA waa uuuiu ui i ,.!.. ...l, 1....... Inl tiib seventh piaeo as the cauiie oi death, although It remains the first disease killer among persons be - tween 15 and 45. Christmas seals ......... ., - have made possible this program, Mrs. Youmans explained. .... ,. i ,..,. ,t,.i t.,oi year from the annual I nnslmas peal drive In Vermillion township ; was increased from the preceding year, it is the hope of the cnairman tniM si in ( ii ii i will slill be in- ...... ----- creased this coining year. uu. uui mini. Seals. Strip Alining Strip mining is the term used when coal is taken from the earth's surface. Great shovels take off the ' earth's cover earth, clay and shale to get to the coal. Smaller shov- , ic 1.I.A ,.o.l in i no..., I C13, IIHC LIIUC IWtU 111 UIUIIICIJ CA- t cavation work, break it ud and load I it into trucks or cars. I 1 : 1 : By Jak Sords cgJreR at hiiiidicao. 14.. 147. 117 441. To-I tals, .-83, 9U3, 1191 - - 2777. j VERMILLION ROOM- Hays, ISO, ,,. io.i . r.7,l- ivii.vir. Sill. 209.1 179 5S9; Lemstra, 173. 199, 17., io" u.v, - i 547: Kirkman. ISO, 212, ISO I 594; Tasso, 171, 158, 141 4 70 ; j handicap, 127, 127. 1 2 Jai. tals, 1038, 115, 91183151. HORNEY BATTERY SHOP -Lane, 188, 191, 1911 555; I'aion cy, 133, 158, 139 430; Waugb tot hi 119 410: Cooner. 127 150, 175 452; Karanovich 159, 126 475; handicap, ig.) 1?2 . 366. Totals, 864 190, 900 2688. PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Blind 157, 157, 157 4 71; Jones, 111 109 mi 465: Havsinger, 114 igg us 455- Mooney, 165 1S9, 206 560; Straw, 178, 171, 197 546; handicap, 131, 131. 131393. Totals, 856, 997, 10372890. j ft' - -i i i 7, ' .,V .1 1 f X J ; ! I ' 122, (124,1 Arrows Ujfeet Wildcats In Last Seconds Intercepted Pass Scores For Sullivan in Closing "Minutes of Turkey Day Fray; 7-0 is Verdict In what could only be called a typical Hollywood ending, Clinton's WildcalB lout a hoarl-hreaklui; 7-0 KUine lo Sulllvun'B Golden Arrows In thu last guuju of the season at Sullivan yesterday. Literally the last minute of the last (iame of the season spelled disaster for the Cats when they saw Jiobertsou Intercept a pass on his own 35 yard stripe and race for the Clinton goal with 25 seconds left in the game. Hambis took the ball through center to score the extra point, (iood Season Iteiord The out-ol'-the-hox run cost Clinton the game and a look-in on the Wabash Valley honors but didn't tarnish the fact that the local squad lino 1,0,1 tw if the llest HeilKOUK ill several years scoring seven wins, one I tie and one loss for the season. Clinton's game was considerably short of some, of the better showings made, this season, while the Sullivan boys were definitely playing over their heads in the opinion of most grandstand quarterbacks. The Wildcats turned in a classy defensive performance in -the first half of the game, relying heavily on Die Cilnian, Knrk'tta, Heinerio trio, riilman played at u considerable disadvantage throughout the game luv-ing sustained an injured knee the day before the bout. Sullivan Wins Toss Sullivan won the toss for the kick-off 'coming close to a score in the first' minutes when Enrietta was trapped 'behind the lines trying to run the ball out of the end zone. The Cats worked their way out of the end zone, finally kicking to the !) on the fourth down. Hoesmtil, Kobertson and Hambis combiniwl operations to race the ball down Into Clinton territory again but were stopped cold by the excellent Cat' defense. itainlilK Ends Threat With the ball in Clinton possession again, I). Heinero and Enrietta scored successive first down to reach the 511-yard stripo. The Cats were beginning to mean business when Hambis exploded the threat with an intercepted pass on the 40-yard mark. The see-sow battle continued into the second quarter with neither team nnklniF nroeress. Clinton got down to Sullivan's 38 while the Arrows managed jo make their way down to Clinton's 22' before the half ended. Neither team threatened In the third quarter Willi drives down the L'tfih Armv nosltlons. but Lieut. tJen- Mark 'wayne Clark's men held :,m (n Ue1. poalllon9 gtr,.tohlng over to the Ligurian Sea and repul sed the German attackers. Telephone Crisis Averted, Strikers Return to Roards tr.on'le'Tr,i rmm pur I'i quest ended walkouts in Illinois, Michigan. Ohio and the national capital of Washington. Uarly Wage Action Assitn"! 1 in. unun. The dramatic but short-lived coin- mtiiiications crisis served to foci spotlight upon the complaints of ;he , telephone workers and assured j speedy action by the WI.B to iron. 'nut the distiute. In both Dayton, O., and Washington the cause ot com The unions struck m prof - "n'llRt thl f.'ICt tlltl' fl,P called anon i n v - ly for living expenses m addttion , lo their regular salary of $21 while the Dayton and ' "''-' "' ' '' l" respective communilies got only the remi n r weekly salary, home tun out-of-town operators are employed In Washington and 105 In Dayton. "Transferees" to be Moved I. R. Hudson, slrike director of the National Federation of Telephone Workers, asserted thai t ly strike was called off after an understanding had been reached Willi the WI.B and Ihe companies t.m; the "transferees" would be removed from their jobs as quickly us possible. "We also conferred with Economic Stabilization Director Fred M. Vinson and the same understanding was reached with him. Hudson saiu. Nathan P. Feinsinger, WI.B public member, insisted, however, that Ihe ! I 1 j j ICit her a victory or a tie will give ; tiiem with preventive measures, is : plaint was the employment of out-I the linckeves the conference cham-: s)10wn by the fact that 4U years .ago of-tow,i operators at wages in ex- . . , i.m- i..,. .,!(..,.' . rm . t.. .1.,. i ,.,ia nf those naid local girls. took the position that it could make no definite agreement as to reniov- ul of all of the out-oi-iown opeia- tors because of the necessity oi maintaining a heavy volume ol war traffic but expressed a willingness to submit the entire case to the WI.B for disposition. n Production Coals Sel for Indiana Farmer at Meet ((Vmtlni.ert F n Page 1) tie. number of spring sows to farrow is urged because of the .drought's effect on feed. Nationally .an increase in pork is asked. , , Guy Smith, assistant director of the north central region 01 me and one of the conference speakers, p as prepared to plead Willi lloosier fanners "to risk (00 much rather ' - ben too little." Smith cites two reasons for continuing liich production: 1. uncertainty as to when the war . ill end. . The fact thai above-average weather has prevailed. Only average wiallier during the coming season may reduce production from the same acreage by as much as len per ent. The proposed WFA goals for Indiana farmers, in addition to the pig decrease, included: Same acreage ill corn, oats, liar-ley and rye: two per cent decrease In soybeans; five per cent increase In .vheat; 21 per cent increase in po-.atoes; 15 per cent decrease in eggs and two per cent Increase in milk. Cut on Wood To keep knives sharp, cut food on wooden cutting board and not on a metallic or enameled surface. Avoid leaving knives in hot water. Store in a wooden wall rack. Never store knives loose in a drawer as the edges become dulled. P'OnSjnp, will"- iiMiniiKx ui a v 3 will win the title for the Wolvi !. 1 l .,1 It, irlll. ne hnsis. ' Imliana lias KdKe In Buekel Meet j Purdue, which could finish In sec-1 on,l place by winning over Indiana n nil 1)1 act ov winning iiiL-i in . .. MIHiiunii Is losing, is Ihe lilt- j,.,,i i.v n sliL-ht margin ill the. ., old Oaken Bucket contest at Lafayette. Tlie H Hosiers appear to have superiority physically and ill versatile attacking power. Minnesota, which made a pretty j ,.... i... i....,nn cr.iutl.ii.p- SaU Blilll, IUJW nun u. v.,t,.v, .. ..-o resembling the Golden Gophers of n HI !lllfl la l'lieil II m illUIllc uir, I Wisconsin in their game at Madison. ! z ONe CF -fug- f.i,it' :k I i Too! was BOWLING RESULTS l'OI" 4'OI.A I.HAtit'K MATTIODA GROt'lilty Mattl-oda, 151. 127, 1211 404; I.yday, 173, 135, 177 485; Murdock, 194, 187i 109 550; Costello, 170, 177, 178 625; Brazukas, 185, 191, 1154 520; handicap, 113, 113, 113 339. Totals, 9(111, 930, 927 2S23. JUI.ES TAVERN Taparo, 104, 172, 208 544; Both, 137, 149, 141) 432; Gumbiani, 122, 147, 153 422; lacoli, 131, 188, 138 457; Benettl, 148, 172, 204 524; handicap, 113, 113, 113339. Totals, 815, 941, 9112 2718. GREGORY CAFE Lammey, 147, 152 427; McDonald, 9S4. 180 571; Bredeweg, 175. 137, 120, , 157, , 184 j 1 44, 138' 402; Maloney, 184 ten K91- "Wilson. 1(0. Its 538; handicap, 118, 118, 118 354. Totals, 910, 998, 8522860. COCA-COLA McCown, 138, 129, 165 432; Bauer. 124, 103, 118 . . . . ...rt 1 O A 110. 345: JacKOVlCtl. 1'JI). lot, score Outstanding feature ef the cam" was the fact lint only one pfn.-.lty was called, a 5-yr.rd offside t:'n on Clinton. The teams were f ilrly evenly matched throughout the gttme, each eleven picklne downs. Clinton (0) Clrey Graham Curry Glover Secondino Povlin Foster M. Heinerio Sllllhail (7) Printnnrl ! George Scull- Buckley . 1 . F, I.T I.. G It. r, Clark It.T IMssell 11. E. t'ooley Q. B. . Kerlill I..H. Hambis R.H. Robertson I). Heinerio Enrietta Oilman F. II. . Hoseman -Score by periods: Clinton 0 0 0 0 0 Sullivan 0 0 0 77 Scoring touchdown Robertson. Point after touchdown Uanihis. Substitution Clinton Itizina, Pasture, Counsel. Sullhan Ilines Olson, Jared. Crawford. Officials Referee. Dunlap; 1 111-p 1 r e. Wakefield; headline' -1:1:1 llriggs. fl '1 k," t Illinois Over Northwestern Northwestern, without a conference victory but with one tie, is ex pected to wind up just that way after Its battle with an alert and speedy Illinois eleven at Dyche Sla- dlum, Evanslon. 1 lie lOWU nieincjco llttlC ll,lloll-u n ,nD,.,ui DDQum ' tnkinir six sucess- The Iowa Hawkeyes nave finished ,iye losses in conference play for the field ending in tounn aown puiu. -- '...,, 1BB 213 j 57 532; The fourth quarter opened like a 519; Gbldo ti 185 213 15 y-, continuation of the three preceedlng Fenogllo 147, 1 84. 1M periods, with the teams holding the handlca . .88. 1 88 1 1 8 M. To ball for three plays then kicking out. , tals, 958, 1001, 897 2850. Six minutes before the end of the swtfET SHOP Weir, game. Hambis broke loose, scramb-, "lArt r()fj. rnl.k ling from. his own 46 down to Clln-;. Wa..p. 118. 181. ton's 10, giving the Arrows a first l72.72.4is; )" 12, ,71 and 10 on Clinton's touchdown terri- j,'" S5 . 1 70 - 499; Sullivan took to the air for the point but missed on two passes. Fail-1 watched Ramhis cash In the conver-ing this I hoy tried a line buck only I slon point as he picked up a bad to be pushed back to the 15 when pass from center intended for a punt Curry three Hoseman for a five-yard ! and took it over for the official 7-0 -i . '." -im'im& : rTTr WV,,r I so rudv the puppv! swapped a iboGW r,rSglESsY'T W,LL re T0' I PAS A PUBLtCITV STUUT. 1 FfPf WATS WHAT HE M fV YCUMG LION FOR TAE AGED, TOOTHLESS LEO!! AacT W,TW I MORROW.BELINCIa! HAIR JmaeP&rm hapov jch f X'Si'wr H 1111111 Jpff '' rhJT5" IeATEN CMELIMATIC OLD LION M jrmgljTfh iSHl "li" rriri, L palled leo 1 P4m4 i"- II li P Myyi. 1 it I ! M J JFfM. I V VVJI -' -l -'W'm''. n LJP -:-:-33: tan and it looks uke it would be strra mr tt vr&zz toiler M i iffir WKJ; mt a fA mmm ' ' ' , i IB I I .1 JJI'V- -- - J-.-J - -3 I , J tt.JS inns 1 Willi minutes to go Russell tried a place kick for the Arrows but missed the three-point play by inches. Clinton then took over and it looked as if the game would end on a 0-0 note. Alternating passes from Oilman to Enreitta, Clrey and Rcl-nero, the Wildcats worked their way up the center of the field with the seconds ticking off fast. Two incomplete passes from Sullivan's 45-yard stripe failed to click and the third one backfired for the Ebbie Robertson did a perfect interception on the ball. Willi the crowd nf fans on their feet, the swift Sullivan halt-back traversed the 60 yards to the goal behind 'excellent interference to score ill the last 25 seconds of the game. The stunned Clinton crowd then Dr.G.R. McGUIRE CIIIROPItACTOB X-Ka5 235't Bhwkinait (I IT DOESN'T HAVE TO tU5 i MUCH TO BE FUN DAN fsfSSSBia- T&WdeviuA gS8Si8f& JSilTJr, I KRUGG AN' HIS GAL 0 ,(Sv M fyMUjt L. 1 WZTV FACE ' A 6'- i if t HER HANDl KEEPS YOU IN TRIM! HELPS YOU RELAX! Between Strikes You Can Enjoy Good Cold Drinks At Our Fountain Service LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY mzzrmM ; S WELL-LIGHTED ALLEYS I!

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