The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 24, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1944
Page 6
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Friday, November U, Idii. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Six "SOUR NOIt" THE DAILY CUJVI OMA )IU IMaatUshod m The Weekly CHaUmlaa lMMr IV CMa-ton Plalndeitler absorbed In loo Pnbllihed Dally Except Saturday and 8unda leorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publish- Watered at the Poatofflce at Clinton, Indiana as Second Claaa Matter and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Krain drove to Parkersburg, Hid., Saturday, where they spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Benton James. Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Little, living near the powder mill southwest of Clinton, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Ross and baby son, William Charles, of 941 South Seventh street, Saturday. Mrs. Alice Wisehart entertained Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Dolly RobortB on South Fourth street for her (tuest, Miss Harriet Parkerson of Manhal tan, Kansas. The afternoon was spent In sowing. The r f ' - 1 I Indiana Republican Editorial Phone 83 Phone 32 At th MocU I WA HASH Friday mid Saturday ; '. "Swing In The Saddle,'' Colum-; liia Pictures' new cowboy musical of musical gals, guys and guns Willi ten song numbers and it glittering cast of specialty acla, opens ut I ho Wabash Thealre -tonight. Foul tired in I lie east are slaj'd of radio, singe, screen, recordings and aciioii. Including Jane Fra-zee, the llooslcr Hnlsliots, Big Hoy Williams. Slim Huinmervllle. King Cole Trio, Jimmy Wakely and Ills Oklahoma Cowboys, Cousin Emmy. Sally Bliss, Mary Tr-en and Red River Dave. "The Mummy's (lliost," opens at Hie Wabash Thealre tonight as Hie second feature. Starring I.on Cancy in the role of Kharls. The Mummy, the film has In It such excellent players as John Carradine, Robert Lowery, Ramsay Ames, Barton MacLane and' George Zueco. (KIT? guests Included: Mrs. tlene Kill-1 son, Mrs. J. L. Manners, misses fUPUBUCAM DIT0IA Act fir i at tnm Sara Downing, Alice lllggliis. and , Callle McMechen. Miss Parkerson left thlB morning for her home. Mr. and Mrs. Ouy Hanna and children. Thelma, Marguerite, and Olen, spent Sunday In Sulli 11 ,-Sf v Bii hi ifiit'iniiii iitinTi mm fcMijHttfajMafcw O. K. Vui i van visiting with friends. Mr. and Mrs. I.eo Merrill and children, Leo, Jr.. and Hoy Richard of Terre Haute, spent Sunday with Mrs. Merrltt's mother. Mrs. Neal Conner of Soulh Eighth street. I I FIGURING in the Chinese war cabinet shakeup announced by Chiang Mrs. Sallle Cook of Kim street. is vlsitiiT in Indianapolis until after Thanksgiving wit 11 ner daughter-in-law, ' Mrs. Raymond Cook. Kai-shek are Gen. Chen Cheng, who was named minister of war succeeding Gen. Ho Ying-chin, and O. K. Yui. elevated from vice minister to minister of finance to succeed Dr. H. H. Kung, now in the United States, (latfirnational 1 Farly Chirks Chicks should be slarted early because early chicks grow faster and have a lower mortality. Furthermore, the early cockerels can be sold while the prices are higher, and the pullets will come into pro-auction early in Ihe fall when high egg prices prevail. Chicks for flock-i-ep'nremeiit should be obtained from flocks which have been tested and found tu be free of pollorum. The brooder house should be cleaned thoroughly and the brooder put into iperaiion a day or two before the chicks arrive. Plowing Desirable SuiLs on which erosion cannct be contro'ifd should rot be plowed or at lea-t should not be left wltl oul proieciion for long. Where erijmoh can be controlled, however, soils should not be plowed more frequently than necessary, although on heavy, poorly aerated soils, more fiCfienl plowing may be desirable. Air is needed in these soils so that cln.micii!l.v active oxygen may make available nitrogen stored there. Quick Freeze When meat is frozen rapidly the meat Juire sets before much of the water can separate from it. In meat frozen slowly the separation of the juice is greater. Quickly frozen meat, therefore, mora nearly re t-embles fresh meat, after IhuwinJ. than does the slowly frozen product. Some investigators believe that there is less damage to the cui) structure in quick-frozen meat than occurs " here freezing i slow Forms Substances The oxyeon in Ihe air oiien com bines with stored food; producing new substances, iusl as ir'in and oxy gen form rust. The dark, brownish color that develops on lean beef and some of the rancidity developing ir pork fat are due to oxidation. " ' , PACKeTj THE POSTAL WORKERS. Postoffice workers in Attica and elsewhere in Fountain county, in common with their fellows all over the nation, are seeking public support for pending legislation in Congress to give them permanent salary increases. In Senate and House are companion bills providing a $33 a month increase for each individual worker. In their pleas for public approval of the salary increase movement the postal workers make out a convincing and impressive case for themselves . It is revealed that they have not had a basic pay increase in 19 years and that the temporary wartime bonus of $300 annually which Congress voted to them last year is scheduled to expire in 1945. Neither do the postal workers receive overtime pay that is paid to other government employees and to workers in private industry. At the same time the postoffice forces are called upon to handle a constantly increasing volume of mail. Specifically, the thing desired by local postal workers is that all citizens who believe the increase sought should be granted, as a matter of simple justice and fairness, write to Senators Willis and Jenner and to Congressman Johnson immediate Better Grazing Fertilized pastures not only give increased amounts of grazing but also produce more nutritious grass. Findings show that the grass from the fertilized pastures contained about one-third more protein and about one half more phosphorus, thus greatly improving the quality of the grazing. i.-jBricot.-.g Oil Improves L'jbricatmg oi'. improved from an efficiency index of ICO .. 1929 to llir. in IMS , . : .1 and Mrs. Bess Wright for Clinton o THIRD HAVEN 6 Township. Mrs. Lemstra is to ue i assisted by MIhs Ila Joi.klns and. Taking a Backward Glance eer and he'd be right. Me means Mrs. Emmett Naselroad, representing the Legion Auxiliary; Mrs. Everett Helms, Mrs. Charles Brown and Miss Talmi Lahtl, for Delta Theta Tau; Miss Gertrude F.wlnir: Mrs. Paul Casebeer and TE.V VEAlt-S AGO TODAY Kockvillc: p. T. A. W ill so much lo the world, he can do so much for the world, 'hat no Mrs. Clyde Smith; George Stark; Mont Anna, C. C. Harrison; Carrie Ho, Mrs. Frank Taylor; Se Bra, Carl James; Tola Bear, Mrs. CHAPTER 1DRTY-FOIjF Istant she ran to mm .no. nutting ,T .m,m ,ne Br5t week hcr arms about hi neck. Kissed AT THE END ot tne ursl ween dJ n() t w. certain that. Damns ; son , e m agam am . g woman nas a right to monopolize Preiwnt Plav Dee. 4 him. I think I understand uwigni at last, because at last I've given The Rockvllle Parent-Teacher , Carl Wilson While Rose, Mrs. Johnnie Jump Up, Association will present the play. 1 R. E. Swope . .n,i .h unuid tie better oft ie'es my heart free rein and now now Jon't you want me to kiss -Th. in-. n, nf Behnnl"-in theiEarl Swaim, Violet Mangoiu, m.. uch 1 love vou. rteai rove us un- .-I. i oHiiri,iM, TmpsiIuviE. E. Overpeck; Sweet William you 7 He looked down and moved nis derstapding. When you eould see Dwight love for me and were will-- evening, Dec. 4. Proceeds will he Hyacinth, Carl Wilson; Holy Hop Potunian. Clarence Graham, Ken hands in a helpless gesture. 1 ve a to step aside, men your iov. been working. I m all swea-y. ou ly, urging them to support the legislation looking to the postal workers' relief. Really there is much to support to contention that the postoffice employees are the most neglected group in the entire federal employment structure. Fairminded citizens will not wish that condition to continue, of course, and very many of them undoubtedly will be writing to communi added to the school milk fund. John Kenney will direct the play Tnekv. Linus Woodard; Pansy Mrs. E. O. Hutchinson from the Tri Kappas, and Mrs. Grace Conner,' Miss Merle Carlin aul M138 Marguerite Jones Trom the Business and professional Women's Club. The four organizations have pledged their assistance to the sale. The seal s'Ui; does not start until the Red Cross Call is elided. The time allotted for this Is from Armistice Day to Thanksgiving. Personals became the greatest thing I'll ever' know. It sounds sll mixed up, Dan,: but if really so simple. ; love you.i you look so beautiful. She laughed suddenly, happily How do you know how I look ,vhen you're staring down it your and Mrs. Alfred Fisher will be In ! Bluebell, Mrs. Rosco Harrison, charge of the music. UliriMmas Seals Th. .oa. nt chnrui-tni-i Include Go On Sale Soon You love me we marneo koihhiy. feet?" LIBIA Fern Primrose. .Mrs. Her- The annual unriBiniaa ei but out of that craziness we'll build our happiness." i u, ii,.,. m- ten r r-ailnn 'anonsored by the Tuberculols As- I'm ashamed for you to see me DRCl jouauj, t" - " " -- ' - - . , . He caught her hand and kied like thia " member of the school board, sociauon is m imu iim...v, She put hcr hand caressingly on it. "I can't let you ruin your uie for me. I don't deerve It." Frank Randolph; Mary Land, ntter .inannssmiig. hb. Mrs. .Linus Woodard; Ida Ho, L.emsira is v She laughed and looked deep his bare arm. "I'm so glad to see you like this. Now won't you look up at me ? Bare ankl-M don't bother ban before. Mrs. vteynoias utrmn .alked to Dr. Rayhor from a tele-hone run to ner bedside. It was a omentou occasion in the history t the hospital. Dr. Banning said bat Before very long the patient :ouid Be taken nom. where she jvould nave to continue in bed for 1 while, but he waa sure that by Labor Day she would be riding hei wheel chair about the streets ot Talbqt 1 pefore. Russell came to see her late that afternoon, and the old lady eyes were bright. "I'm going to give orders around here for the first time In iges.'1 she declared. "Anne, you're dismissed in Russell car till tomorrow morning. He can bring you back then. Meanwhile he' to do whatever you say and take you wherever you want to go. And Anne, you're to have a proper night at home. Call your doctor up again from there. Because It is your home, and 1 don't want you to ge' out of the habit of It." Anne smiled. "All right. I will take time off. I have something im-nortant to do." I into hi eye. "No, you don t de- ; serve iL I don't deserve it. Real love is such a big thing nobody In the world is important or good enough to deserve it. But some peo me. "I don't need to look at you to know how beautiful you are. I see you when my eyes are shut. I only wish you couldn't set me." ehindlheiceni in cate this desire to their senators and Congressman, asking that the situation be corrected. Postal workers in the home community are our neighbors and friends who serve the public faithfully, efficiently and cheerfully. They are asking simply that their plea for a living salary be judged and decided on its merits. By writing to our Senators and Congressman we can help them get what they deserve. Attica Ledger Tribune. rrC ple are lucky, we are. we re noi going to be mad enough to throw. Takine bis face between her our luck away." fiOLLYiOOD hands, she kissed him again tenderly. "Whit a boy you still are. And I want you to be like that. Never, never change. If 1 go crazy and ask His lips touched hers softly. Darling. I'm afraid It can't be." "You could put your arms C. M. White Jr. and daughters, Marynetle and Susan, are attending the Indiana-Purdue foolba'l game at Lafayette today. Mrs. White and daughter, Mar-Iha, are spending the day as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Berry of Crawfordsville. Mrs. J. L. Homey of Soulh Fiflh Street attended a luncheon-bridge yesterday afternoon at the home of Mrs. O. L. Miller in Terre Haute. The arfair was given as a farewell parly for Mrs. James Tersln of Terre Haute, who left today for California, and Mrs. Charles Wythe, who is to spend the winter In Miami. Fla. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Evans of Crawfordsville are to drive here tonight to spend the weekend Willi Mr. Evans' parents, Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Evans, of South Fifth Street. you, just dump me overboard around me." , again. I'll deserve it. May I stay to Discussing a Hollywood beau brummel, Groucho Marx said: "He likes ties to match his eyes but where are you going to get bloodshot silk?" "I'll spoil your dress." She clung to him. "I want you dinner? I like crabs ana Deer, 100. And real California salad. And I By HARRISON CARROLL Klnc Fealiirei SynOicale Wrltir HOLLYWOOD - If Ella Raines lives as long as her grandmother, she'll be doinfr all right. The old lady, Mrs. Ernestine Raines, of Lake Toxway, would also like a proper kiss, if to spoil it, Dan. Hold me tight. I've been such a little fool. But I came to my sense n time. Now let me you can spare me one." He drew back. "Don't tease me be crazy and aeinsn again, never fl N. C, just cele- It Isn't fair. I I'll run and dress." Once she was out In the street with Russell, ne helped her into the car and then said, "Where do we go first? Ill cell up Dan and tell him not to wait for me because " leave me again." SIXTH WAR LOAN. Again the treasury is going to the American people with an intensified effort to persuade them to buy War Bonds. It is launching the sixth loan campaign with every assurance that the national quota Russell stayed upstairs until ne was called down to dinner. Anne's She laughed and blocked the door. "1 won't let you out of my sight until you tell me you iove me and and forgive me for all my She shook her head. "No need to face was glowing with happiness. She kissed Russell's cheek lightly call. We're going to your house. stupidity. I'm your guest for dinner es I've while Dan, In a fresh wliite shirt, "Forgive you? You're making been before unless you won 1 stood beaming. uraten ner 100th birthday. Ella sent her some long lin-il!e but when sOie put In a 1 o n fi distance rail, granny had wmiel litnji elso in in i n ii. She vviuiii J to know if Ella was t h ro n ;; h w ith I have a right to kiss . uu now," have me." "But Dan" The family of Lieutenant Wayne Morris are keeping Its fingers crossed. He may get a leave In time to spend Christmas in Hollywood. The former star has sc-n seven months combat duty as r Navy fighter pilot Bnd has won tl.e Distinguished Flying Cro-3 for destruction of seven Jap bomiiers. Travel conditions are gc'tlr-; even worse, fays Helen 1'nrrcst. She and six lieutenants lad 1 1 Khnre a room in San Frr.neiac:i. And talk about coincidence. V,'lie-l Helen got off the train r.t Foit Lewis. W ashington, the Ann;,' St i-tion wagon which met h r was driven by a Pvt. Artie Shaw. I iff m ) fun of me. When Russell comes' "Russell brought me. He's up stairs. Now do you love me?" she exclaimed. "And we're all hun- gry." "I'm going so I can see Dan and "I'll always love you. Nothing can change that. I'll do anything talk to him. I told you the other day it was very important that I have a long talk with him before for you. I ll I'll die it ru wani me to." you two start on your trip, now He held out his hand earnestly. TWF.N'TV VICARS AGO TODAY fnion Tllil.nkgivilS Services To Be Held Next Wednesday Night The annual union Thanksgiving services by the proleslant churches of Clinton whose pastors belong to the local ministerial association is to be held this year, on next Wednesday evening, at the Presbylerlim church. Rev. Cletis Brown of the Baptist church Is to preach Ihe sermon. At 1'ie meeting where this was deeiil" I upon, the association e- She caught it and pulled him to will be met, and that many area quotas will be substantially exceeded. The reason for this prediction of success is in the record. Between May, 1941, and September, 1944, the American people bought and kept $33,697,000,000 of War Bonds, the amount being the current redemption value. This success is a tribute to the savings instinct and patriotism of the people. There is no reason to believe that they are any less interested in savings or that their patriotism has abated. So it seems to be fair to forecast the suc Harriisn Carroll 1 11 e ,!,cf " wore In "Phan- loin Lady." ward her. "But you won't give me a kiss when I ask for It?" soon is that going to be 7 He hesitated. "In e way, It depends on you. I could start tomorrow." "Then you are starting tomorrow. I won't keep you any more." "Shouldn't we call Dan to tell him you're coming?" "He's expecting me." b.ioqpM smiled. "Cooks don't like "Don't torture me, Anne. Look at me. Do you want a a tramp like me? It's madness. Dr. Raynor loves you. We'll fix up some way to Researchera for C. B. DcMille have dug up the lSOfi nioilel automobile once used by President Madero of Me:;ico. The ear has been stored for :i0 years in the ham of a hacienda, but DrMillc is having it put In shape for his picture, "The Flame." get rid of me." leoted officers for the coming "But I don't want to get rid of But here's the topper of all coincidences. The mother of Columbia's ballet star, Lubov Roui'enko, approached an Ameiicnn roldn-r in Paris and asked him if he happened to know her in America. The soldier was Pre. Eil ward Perpet. stepson of S Hurok, who was the ballet star's manager! s follows: President, Rev. 1 surprise. He has insisted on being vear chief cook and bottle washer, as he Cletis Brown: Vice I'resident, you." hs held out her arms. "Dan, I love you." He stood back. His voice was husky. "You couldn't. I married vou because you were hurt, angry, Rev. A. S. Warrlner or thhe Methodist church and secretary-treasurer. Rev. J. C. firlffen of the p-,-rsb tei iun church. J. O. Slauls. Ihe fruit man of near Dana, lias been seriously 111 Quite a situation in Warners' Hotel Pel I'll." The late Mas Rein-hardt's widow. Ilrlene Thiinig. appears In the picture and nlrj the nrniiurei's previous wife, Else HOLLYWOOD HI JINKf : T" e and and I thought maybe 1 could help a little. I was mad. You should have laughed at me. I didn't know Dr. Raynor then. He loves you. You nmnerel do". "Shorts, I ei'ip. 1 ' giw.l Twentieth Century-Fox' "Molly, Helms. Eoth women have iro n an aliack of hiccoughs. He roles and they play a number of ,3,, SB Hcr uisappcared from the . ...iji.d when in Cllnlon Mon can't help knowing IL I saw It, blind and stupid as 1 am." scenes trgethcr. ii and wasn't found until three . v nnA ,1,11,, mu,, better now. "Yes, he loves me." She spoke I hours later. If he had stayeo m ss- ... ... Jlrg J()hn Hn. is still laid up. Jean Pieirc Aumriiit has laken would have cost the em- ing. it ock. a neighbor, was in the city slowly, carefully. "You love me too, even if you seem very shy now a year-and-a-half lease Russell sat down quietly, -wnar. are the plans?" Anne laughed, and the golden sound was music in her throat. "Why, you and Dan are going to California, of course.. You're going to help him get going, but it won't be so hard now. I'm to keep my-promise to stay with Mrs. Reynolds until Labor Day. She won't need me after that." "And I will," cried Dan. "I'll be out there waiting. And with a Job,-too." Anne'i eyea twinkled. "You can always put me to work." Russell took both their hands "I'm aure you'll be happy." "I'm happy now." Anne touched Dan's cheek gently. "I have always been hoping for a haven. Once there was ambition, when I loved Dwight. Then there was the wish to escape, when I came her. Now there is Dan and love. That' the third haven, and the final one." . Dan amlled. "Thl river out there, Tred Avon, It mean Third Haven." She slipped her arm through hi. "Wherever we take our love will be our third haven." Dan a eyea twinkled. "But what are we going to do with Rua?" Russell managed a smile. "If the other way around. I've got my work, anyway. And I'm going to make sure both of you do what's right." "Are you old enough, Rua, to play that part?" "Right now I feel I am. And you, Anne. Can you get rid of Dr. Raynor?" She nodded. "That' esy. I'm married. Dwight can't afford a scardal or having his pride hurt. Remember, I was incidental In Dwight' career aa a great ur-geon." "And Instead of him you pick a ne'er-do-well like me," smiled Dan. "I didn't really pick you, Dan. My heart did that My heart knows best," ITha Cod 'Mpany most of a wccli's. 8!,,'"' I ,day and said Ills attack seems nnnt You're my husband and I love nnartinent In Par s, so it looks like ; . . . Krrncrr Tracy will be you. a long separation for him nnd ; 1o Father Flanagfin and the Boy's Maria Montez ene s sun moving Town font ball team, wno annc heaven and earth, however, to get overseas on an entertainment tour calls it. He may have mulligan stew again." "I hope so." Nothing aiore was said aa they drove along. The 'ittle ratche of woodland made cool, shady stretche along the road. Just before they got into Talbot Anne turned to Russell and said quietly. "Has Dan told you we are married ?" He hesitated She drew a long deep Breath. "I see that he haa. You would have said a great deal if lt had crme to you as a surprise. But I've suspected you knew. I larc ay he told you that first night home, the night Dwight and I met him." "Ye. Anne. He told me." "I told you, too. At leaat I told you part of It." "I waa blind, Anne. I won't be any more. And I want to help in any way 1 can." "You have helped." They got out of the car In front of the house. Russell suggested going in first, but she said, "We may as well go in together." "Dan!" Artne called his name very oftly. but somehow the sound reached him. The bowl shook in his hands and he put it down carefully before turning around. He stood and stared She held out her hand Aren't you glad to ee me?" he said. ; He swallowed a lump in his throat. "I I don't know." Her hand dt npped, Tha rext in- cess of the new campaign. But much of the credit must be given to the War Bond sales organization. It has learned how to appeal to the people not only to buy within the ordinary limits of their capacity, but, at times, to advance into the sacrifice zone. It has educated them to the demands of the war for money, and it has devised such a variety of sales plans that nearly any one can find a plan to fit into his budget. The treasury has backed up the organization by issuing a variety of bonds and stamps and by persuading corporations and individuals to finance advertising campaigns which carry a strong appeal to the people. Much is said about the investment and savings advantages of these bonds, but the great reason for buying them is to hasten the day of victory. The war effort which is being carried on at such great sacrifice on the battle fronts needs the money, and that is reason enough to buy the limit. The Indianapolis News. Hitler is said to be attended by a surgeon, psychiatrist and neuropathologist, when as a matter of fact all he needs is the en viffra of a gooJ txu'oucr. ( to be like Ihe hiccough epidemics reporli-d more or less generally over Ihe country. IVrsinial A theater parly was enjoyed lust evening by Hie members of the Molhers Club al the Wabash theater. Later In Ihe evening a luncheon was served Ihe molhers at Gillis Pharmacy. The next meeting will he Tuesday. December 2, at Ihe home of Mrs. Clyde Webster at Hazel Bluff. Miss Anna Davit, of Universal, visited yesterday with Miss Clementine Boetto, of South Main Street. Miss Britainia Jones spent the week end In Terre Haute with Mrs. Charles Schmidt. Miss Lena Backrrt and Mr. and Mrs Ed S. Brunlng of Terre Haute, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. O. Comhes of South Main strvet last nighl. Mr. aud Mrs. jyiMum Jlarvey. "You don't. You pity me. You're sorry for me. I know. It's always been so. Out west I used to go to a house and ask for a meal. I'd get it because I was a 'poor boy.' It was all right then, but this I different. You belong to Dr. r.aynor. You're part of his world. When I saw yoi. two together I knew. Look at yourself, then look at me." 'I am looking at you, Dan. I can't see how I could ever have doubted how much I love you. Remember that night in the mountains . ." "No. You're sorry for me now. Then you'd hate me. You'd think of all Dr. Raynor could give you. What can I give you?" "Love." "Raynor loves you, too." She put her hand softly on his arm again. "Dan, Dwight doesn't know anything about love as you know It and as I know It, now. 14 always be incidental te his ca- here Dec. 1. . . . Cosmopolitan magazine hna commissioned Dorothy MiCulrc lo write a story about herself and other Broadway actrcssrs in Hollywood. In ease yoi didn't know. Dorothy sold two storic before she came to the coest. ... A bad throat forced Peggy Fears to postpone her Clover cluh opening. Jack Marshall will pinch-hit until Peggy's pipes are in shape for singing . . . Elsie Anderson and Huntz Hall weren't acting like a divorced couple at the Beverly Tropics. . . . Add twosomes: Millicent Jaeckel and Mikhail Rasumny at the Hnr-Omar. . . . Film Beauty Mary Gail off to New York. . . . Victor will re-'ssuc all these college sonfrs record-nl bv Ozzic Nclron-and Harriet Ilil-liard. . . . Morey and Sutherland, the II. A. cartoon prrducers. are rdl Ihe pl.ntle models for llii-lr jiK-iiiie o Unlslmn flfta. Couldn't get positive confirmation, but I hear that Lt. Col. David Nlven now has an Important Job aa head of an Allied radio network In England. . . . The Ann Marsh-Xavler Cugat romance looks altar-bound. He has given her a ring. ... In the last six months. Dick Haymes has had over 200 college girls offer to take care of his kids in the evenings. And they don't want a dime in payment. With "sitters" so hard to get, that's something! . , . Linda Darnell ay she wishes he could find out If cigarets taste different recently. ... If there's an Anna Lee living in North Hollywood who is missing letter from a sailor named Darel Dikeman, this is to inform her that Film Star Anna Ice is getting ihj hitter by muUke. , , .

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