The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 24, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1944
Page 5
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Page Five THE DAILY'CLINTONIAN 2 Friday, November 24, 1944. III., to Cheneyville, III., where iney PALACE -.UP.M. SATURDAY again entered tho Nicklo I'lute lines, it was anuouncud. Approximately 1511 men worked through Thursday night and Friday, cipally sheup WHie-.injuid in the crash; some vmiM-tjikeni cWl from I hu. cm-HiuiiJ , ollierw wfaftjjftot by peace officers wbn th'cy Van lliroggU Hie town. Throngs of curious people gathered at Hie scene of the wreckage during the afternoon and evening. British Aid To US Under Reverse Lend Lease Crows (Continued tram page 1) Derailed Train Ties Up Traffic At Cayuga Crossing (Continued from rata 1) clearing the main lino of tho rail M road. An estimated 250 font of truck were torn up, live livestock cars were demolished, ono aecllnn house was completely wrecked, while fencing and buildings of tho l'uwli-y Lumber Yard and the 12 other derailed cars were badly damaged. Ureat numbers of livestock, prin "The eiiKlne and several cars trav Pack Nutrients Potatoes pack plenty of nutriments, including the much needed vitamin C. They're liigh in calories, contain calcium, protein, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, liboilavin and of almost 3,851,000 ships' tons of supplies from the United Kingdom, exclusive of construction materials and gasoline. This was greater than the amount received for the entire preceding year. Third by l.enil-l.easn "Krom the day our first soldiers arrived in 1942, one-third of all the supplies and equipment currently required by United States troops in the Ilritlsh Isles has been provided under reverse lend-lease," the President stated. Similarly in the Pacific war, the last recorded six months showed a big Increase In reverse aid from Au-tralla, New Zealand and India. Mr. ItooBcvelt said U. 8. forces in the war against Japan have received one billion 850 million pounds of food eled about a hundred feet west, ciasliliiK Into fencing und buildings of the I'awley Lumber Yard, adjacent to the tracks, before careening to vitamin A. halt; the Impact of the crasn over A turning the locomotive. 43 Car Train aid that we ereoived from tlie United Kingdom' he declared in Ills letter of transmittal, "we would surely have been forced to delay the invasion of France for many months." Itoad to KurrehH Only now that the invasion Is "on the road to ultimate success." the Preident Bald, Is It possible to disclose heretofore secret facts on the vast scone of reverse aid. In the first six months of 1944, ho continued, V. S. forces In the Ilritlsh Isles received the equivalent DQSMOI0CR r V home remedv for The train, said to have been trav eling about 30 miles an hour, was estimated at 4 5 cars by Cayuga of DR. O. R. BREDEWEG OPTOMETRIST Eyes Tested Glasses Made For Those Who Need Them alone from Australia and New Zea land, plus thousands of landing crati ficials, and was loaded with lumber, livestock, lubricating oil, and rubber. CaviiKans Esniiie Injury Two section men, William Spang-ler and Herman Bailey, both of Cay- icra nflCnitPfi KCI'inUS inJUI'V WllOIl m in., !,. st. n.i.vro:;. ini. and boats. H-iM) lllel III India . A "significant proportion" of supplies received In India, he said, has B,.itnn pnanttnn and ' - Prlwllla lJiiif given ( ry tirant a ! swift kick when slie finds out there's lnaiiit In Ills family nk Cupra a, "Arsenic and Old I .ace." relieving miseries of t cnuaren s coias. mi tin Mgir win-- iuiliai'"u i - - petroleum products drawn from Ilritlsh oil resources In the Middle East to power our B-29 Superfort- ICKS "BIG PUSH" INTO GERMANY IS ON FT" V VapoRub the section house in which they had been standing was completely demolished. Men In charge of the train were: h. C. Stamper, engineer; F. It. Slither, fireman; J. B. Harmon, conductor, all of Frankfort. Ind., and H. It. Myers, head brakeman. of Charleston, 111., who were only slightly injured in the crash. All of the injured were treated by Cayuga doctors 3, r-.1'.--. , 'AV. (jbKJVIAiNI f m T.."",":,.fil for shock, bruises and slight abrasions. O and B I Lines Hlocked . ni.loufm nnri KantRrn Illinois Rail Clinton Store Do Your Xmas road lines through the Cayuga cros sing were blocked until about p. m vnHtprrinv. when an engine was Shopping Early brought from Charleston to remove CLEAN COTTON DAILY CLINT0NIAN the freight cars still blocKIng tlie tracks, allowing passage of C and E I trains. Cranes were brought from Frank Women's Bright 3 Head Scarfs V fort and Charleston, to clear the main line of the Nickle Plate road, completed at about 3 p. m. Friday. Officials said that it would take several days to finish tlie job of clearing tlio tracks and repairing SI Fringe Edge! i wreckage. Nickle Plale trains were re-routed Beautiful Floral border prints on fine sheer wool and rayon weaves! Makes a swell gift for Mother or daughier! on the Milwaukee line at Humrick, FRANCE mZft ( ' t i :irt-fYz3 Wm'B Sheer Print Gift Boxed e toon ! Handkerchief Pyblic Aye o Towel Sets Thick, thirsty, fluffy turkish t o w e 1 s in bright shades of 51 Rose, Green, Blue, i Two towels to box I 25c Sheer, dainty, floral print cottons in all-over and border designs! Give several at this low price. - ,. baiitec intn nermanv. Allied forces o e ALONG HI5TOKII. invJiui ------ - . ,h alone the entire western front are carrying on the "big push to the EWne and beyond to Berlin. Four spectacular drive, shown here are: (A) French First Army'a Belfort Gap break through to the rlyer Rhine and the road to Bavaria; (B) offensives head toward Stras-Dourg and large arrow indicate, possible lower Saar basin route Tc) at Met, German resistance has virtually ceased while (upper irrow General Patton', forces appear bent on following the Mosel e river to Koblenz; (U) following the fall of Geilenkirchen, the vet-"ran First and the recently organized Ninth U. S. Armies are beginning to bore deeper into Germany. (International Soundphoto) 3.98 Women's Bright, Plaid or Striped Gift UMBRELLAS e o o o e o o 0 o e o o o e e e o -FAMOUS MERVILLE HOSE o Child Labor Areentina has modified It. child Due to ill health, I have decided to dispose of my fine dairy herd and other personal property at Public Auction at my farm three miles southwest of Clinton on the Universal road and one mile from Universal, Ind., on Brouletts Creek, on Monday, Nov. 27, 1944 BEGINNING AT 1 1 :00 A. M. 15 - HEAD OF DAIRY CATTLE -15 1 Holstein Cow, 3 years old. 2 Red Durham Cows, 3 years old. 1 Jersey Cow, 3 years old. 4 Guernsey Cows, 3 years old. 2 Guernsey and Shorthorn Cows, 3 years old. 1 Guernsey and Jersey Cow, 3 years old. 1 Angus and Guernsey Cow, 3 years old. 2 Guernsey and Shorthorns, 2 years old. 1 Shorthorn Heifer, 2 years old. All Should Freshen By Day of Sale IMPLEMENTS -tc on y-4 .n,.. tun i-ttxiA tiinrlom 1 John Deere 3- hose I ways welcomes o o o resses in their raids against Japan. Mr. Roosevelt said that for the Philippines campaign and other island operations, one of the "most vital supply responsibilities" undertaken by Australia and New Zealand for American forces has been the production of thirty six and a half million dollars worth of landing craft, barges, tug boats and other craft essential to the successful prosecution of an amphibious campaign over thousands of miles of ocean. labor laws to permit children between the age. of 14 and 18 to engage in gainful employment for a maximum of eight hours a day or 48 hours a week. The revised law fixes a minimum wage of 30 cen-tavos an hour, approximately eight cents, for the young workers during their first year of employment, and minimum hourly rate of approximately 12 cents during the second year. Children under 18 are forbidden to work on Sundays. V. B. Iron Ore Source. The chief American source of Iron ore has long been the Lake Superior region which in 1937 furnished more than 61 of the 72 million domestic tonnage produced. Authorities predict, however, that by 1950 high e o o Saipan-Based B29s in Hard Blow at Capital (Continued from page II grade ores may be exhausted in the region, leaving only ores the mining of which require much more extensive operations and concentration. Of U. S. imports now running higher than three million tons annually, Chile supplies more than one million and Venezuela 800,000 tons. participated may prove to be an understatement. Hut even this num bottom, 14-inch plow; 1 International e )rn binder, 1 Inlernalional cream scp- q arator, 1 DeLavel cream separator, four 10-gaIlon milk cans, 3 new hog houses, 0 1 hog self-feeder, 1 heating stove. . 0 FEED AND GRAIN g 500 Bushels of Corn, 15 Tons of Go .J Bean Hay (baled) and a quantily of Baled Oats and Wheat Straw. O Several Miscellaneous Pieces of I'tirn'ture will be sold, together with other O articles too numerous to mention. J Leo Huffman, Owner ; AUCTIONEER: Paul Kay CLERK: II. II. Wisehart ber of giant war-birds would nave New Lovely y CHENILLE SPREADS Prolongs Life If the upholstery is new, an extra cover for the back and arms and possibly the seat of the chair helps to prolong its life. If the upholstery is old, a new cover or partial cover can add not only to the usefulness of the chair, but also to its beauty. shaded the sky over Tokyo, ana when the pilots are ready to tell their stories, there probably will be revealed many details of panic, roaring fires and arsenals blown to oblivion. It is impossible to drop bombs anvwhere Inside the limits of Greater Tokyo without hitting something worthwhile. The meticulous planning which preceded this assault, the careful training of pilots, navigators and bombardiers plus the irrepressible enthusiasm with which 9.98 4-98 Exquisite, multi-color designs on thick, fluffy chenille! Rich predominating shades of Rose, Green and Yellow! Ideal gift for the home . . . always welcomed! WOVEN COTTON SPREADS Floral and leaft designs in predominating shades of Blue, Green and Rose on snowflake white background. Full bed size. LIP Das the fliers took off, combined to ensure overwhelming success. Attack In 10-l'laiie Mann AnrHinir to Jauanese broad casts, the bombers attacked In waves r,t in nlanes each and were over CIFTY ITEMS FOR MEN WHITE HANDKERCHIEFS With Colored Borders Tokyo almost two hours. There have 25c 29c Fancy Rayon Ties Valtest Hose pr. 15c CHILDREN'S HANDKERCHIEFS With Nursery Rhyme Prints been no Indications of the aniouni of opposition offered by enemy fighter planes and anti-aircraft fire, but it probably was very considerable and B-29'. can be hurt, even though they are the least vulnerable aircraft of any In the world. From Oen. Henry H. Arnold, L'-nited States Air Forte commander-in-chief, all the way down the line there was overbrimming confidence that Toyko will prove to have been savagely punished in this attack and a calm assurance that telling assault, against the home cores of Japanese power will become almost day-by-day affairs. AN OLD ESTABLISHED CORN MILL MAKING MOST VITAL FOOD PRODUCTS FOR OUR ARMED FORCES NEEDS Morn! WEaEsen5s GOOD WAGES GOOD WOHKI.NC CONDITIONS IL a lb on? PE?5oi5ty Apply to BILL STIIT or BOB HENRY ILLINOIS CEREAL MILLS, Inc. Phone 110 Paris, Illinois. P?""" ' Hard-To-Find Household Items HARDWOOD MOP HANDLES 25c PrintedSEWING MACHINE COVERS -J QO Bright Blue and Rcse lavU WASHER COVERS $1 yd. Wood 1st ) Edible sugar can be derived from i wood, and has been produced on a I commercial scale in Europe. Bark 1 fibers have been mixed with wool ' and felted or woven into fabrics. 1 Much rayon is manufactured from ' wood ccli'.iloFc. Ar.d. cf course, hous-: ing has been one of the oldest and ' gteatest uses uf wood, , mu 45c $2.98 49c OIL CLOTH NURSERY CHAIRS CHAIR PADS 111

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