The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 10, 1968 · Page 45
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 45

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1968
Page 45
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Kov. 10, 1958-Dl . New Birth Control Methods Seen ERROR IN PRICE Because the "FUN 'N' SUN" section of today's paper was printed in advance, it was not possible to correct the price shown in the LEISUREV1LLE ad on page 15 of section 1 The correct current price of the Attache model is $14,990. The lowest pre-development price is now $9,990. that women so exposed to possible conception had not actually become fertilized. Male Pills: Safe drugs that men could take that would prevent production of spermatazoa, or that would make sperms less vital, are being sought, and some potential candidates are looming from newer animal experiments. Such male pills would not be acceptable if they lessened a man's sex drive or his potency, or if they made him sterile premanently. But some researchers hope that totally acceptable male pills will be found. A few years ago, prison volunteers took drugs diamine compounds which were found to stop sperm produc pills In case of.DxersIght or forgetfulness. Dr. John M. Morris of Yale University and Dr. Gertrude van Wag-enen have been among lead-, ers In this quest. They are studying pills con-, talnlng large doses of estrogen, or synthetic estrogens, or drugs that have similar effects. If taken within three or four days after the time when conception might have occurred during a woman's fertile period, these pills apparently prevent the fertilized egg from becoming Implanted In the uterus. More than 100 women, Including a few women or girls who had been raped, have been given the estrogenic pills and none has become pregnant, Dr. Morris reports. But It is possible, he points out, tion within six to 10 weeks time. Normal fertility was restored five to 12 weeks after they stopped the pill-taking. Vaccination: One curious finding of newer research Is that some women become Immune to pregnancy because they produce antibodies to their husbands' sperms. This reaction is similar to that of vaccination, with living or killed viruses or bacteria, against diseases. This line of Investigation holds two potentials. One Is to help some few baby-less women achieve their dreams of becoming mothers. The other Is to use this phenomenon as a means of vaccinating women, or men, against having more children than they want and already have. Angeles, for example, reports effective results with two kinds of injections one given once a month, the other once every three months. Both block ovulation In the same fashion as the presently' available oral contraceptives. His once-a-month Injections contain both an estrogen and a progestin. Among 514 women' taking them during 4,358 cycles, none became pregnant, Dr. Tyler reports. Nor were ba bies conceived by any of more than 200 women taking the 90-day shots over a three-year period. But the long-lasting tar jectlons did produce some very Irregular bleeding, be. says. Morning-After Pills: On the horizon, from testing In animals and with some, women, are morning-after 312 Clematis 833-4661 The Best Place To Shop After All DOWNTOWN I TT sL 5 1 T ORLON SLEEVELESS SHELLS Shop now for Christmas use our Lay-away Flan open Monday and Friday til 9 Free Parking on CITY and ALL RIGHT Parking Lots values 7.00 099 Pf Pi m n II jf - f . -V-f -. M . tJUL ft i f . m air i t -r'WA j i? s A hjr- fi ii v. . ' i i - i ' Mylar metallic thread in the weave gives this sleeveless shell a festive air. Available in S.M.L. Pink-white- turquoise-black GOSSARD ARTEMIS Urn mm J, ACCESSORIES Lit floor also in Delray and N. Palm Beach TRAVEL SETS 358 pr. MEN'S SLACKS side tab or belt-loop styles Plain or pleated front. in Luxurious By ALTON B LAKES LEE AP Science Writer Today's advanced new science of birth control Is giving birth to Its own large new family of scientific "children.' The Pill and the IUD intrauterine devices are top results from this modern contraceptive science. But already on the way Is a second generation of new approachesat least five of them that may bring safe and sure newer methods of birth control: Micro or mini -dose pills that may cause fewer unwanted reactions than the present pills. Single-shot Injections or Implanted hormone capsules that might prevent pregnancy for months to a year or many years. "Morning after" pills for women who don't take or who forgot regular pills. Contraceptive pills for men. r. Vaccinations lor. women, or even men, against conception. 1 These promising .developments are based upon deepening understanding of the Intricate and delicate processes' through which within a' women's body, an ovum or egg is prepared and released each month for possible fertilization, and upon numerous other conditions that contribute to a .successful marriage of the ovum and viable sperm. "Considering the myriad Steps and interdependent actions which must take place for conception, It Is almost unbelievable that the human species has been' able to reproduce itself at a rate which threatens world safety," says Dr. Harry W. Rudel of the Population Council In New York City. The better Insights being won Into these complicated actions offer now new and different ways of Interrupting the process. The IUD for reasons not .yet clearly known prevents pregnancy, perhaps by preventing a fertilized egg from becoming implanted in the lining of the uterus or womb. IUD's are plastic or stainless steel coils that are Inserted into the uterus. The present pills are either a combination or a sequence of synthetic forms of two key female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. These pills prevent ovulation, the monthly release of an egg. Investigation of still other ways of assuring birth control Is being spurred on In many laboratories, with grants from the National Institutes of Health, the Ford Foundation, and numerous other sources. Here Is an accounting of five major lines of research: Micro- or mini-dose pills: These contain only a progestin, one of the synthetic forms of progesterone. The woman taking them still releases an egg at the usual time in her monthly cycle, but she does not become pregnant. Taken every day, such pills . do not Interfere with her normal balance of natural hormones. Dr. Rudel explains. But her fertility Is affected In a desired way. "It Is like using a little grain of sand to Interfere with an Intricate mechanism, rather than using a sledgehammer," he savs. Exactly how the small dally doses of potent progestin do this is not known. But egg and sperm, when and if they meet, do not start new life. This mini-dose technique, first demonstrated in animals, has been proved out hi tests on women by several research teams. A drawback to the mini-dose pills Is that they frequently cause irregular bleeding and Irregularities In the monthly cycle. , Advantages are that hopefully they do not produce changes in the bloodclotting mechanism that might bring on dangerous blood clots, nor do they cause as many other Side effects as present pills. With mini-dose pills, a woman doesn'thave to keep the calendar in mind. She takes them every day, not for 20 or 21 days and then a week's halt. "Shots" and Hormone Implants: Since mini-doses work, another approach Is to put the doses al together into a long-lasting single Injection or Implant. At the Population Council, Drs. Rudel, Sheldon J. Segal and Howard J. Tatum are developing a Silastic capsule filled with a progestin. This kind of porous capsule permits steady, daily release of a little bit of the hormone. Sealed at both ends, the Silastic capsule Is about an Inch long and about twice the diameter of the lead In a pencil. It can be placed under the skin with a needle under local anesthetic. The capsule could, contain enough hormone to prevent pregnancy for a year or eve many years. It could easily be removed when a woman decided she wanted to have a baby. Hormonal balance studies to determine the proper dose of progestin to put into such capsules are starting soon, and human tests with capsules may begin later this year. 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