The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 22, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1944
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

r ' Page Seven THE DAILV CLIN TON IAN i ,-. o ) i r-w .:r CUhlbn to Meet Sullivan in Thanksgiving Day Battle Bennett, star tackle, would not be able to get Into the line-up. He suffered a head injury in the Purdue game two weeks ago. By Jack Sora, I j0,fs won an Armistice Day battle from Brazil 19-fl. Sullivan played Brazil earlier in the season, defeating the Red Devils by a 13-0 count. Also, by way of JIM DANDY Posmer ikrfee- damb PuU-BACrt STAR, Wildcatsl'rek To Sullivan For Big Game Local Gridders Drill For High Game of Season; Battle to Keep Record, Share in Valley Honors Clinton Wildcats vs Sullivan (iolilfii .Ai-rons Time of gaino 2 p. in. Tluifwlay. Nov. till CHICAGO, 111. Offensive hon- ors in the Western Conference ap-1 pearea jusi aooui .u ttie tootuau season iwuiru Its climax this woekend. League stallsllcs today showed that Lea Horvath, Ohio Slute'B 107-pound package of dynamite, who still has before him the game with Michigan to futten his figures, virtually has wrapped up the ground gaining title. -In 93 whirls with the ball. Horvath has gained 565 yards, a fraction better than Bix yardB ner trv. moving ahead of Boris "Babe" Dl-mancheff of Purdue, the previous leader, in this department. Horvath aUo moved out In front In forward passing efficiency. By completing 12 of 21 throws, has rung up a percentage of .571 aB a passer. His comDineo. running and passing gains total 849 yards, an average of 170 a game. Dimancheff retained his scoring lead on 48 points although out of conference play last weeaenu ' County Basketball Tourney Plans Made by Principals Plans for "the county basketball tourney were discussed and a petition sent to the Wabash Valley Association asking that Vermillion County be allowed to hold their tourney as a Wabash Valley preliminary at the regular meeting of the Vermillion County Principal'! Club held ut the Newport High School Monday urternoon and evening. It is expected this year that the county tourney, which was held In f'llnlnn last year, will be held at th ')ana High School. Following the business meotlng, dinner was served to the principals and tntBtees present by members of the Newport Home Economics class under the direction of Miss Betty Simpson, teacher or the group. Those who nltended the mealing were; Will Myers, principal and Cortz Jones, trustee, of Perrysville; Otto Allbiight,. principal. Cayuga; H. U. Hays, principal, and Dr. S. I. Green, trustee of St. Bernice; Ward Beanblossoin, principal. Dana; Park Lcwman, principal, Hillsdale; Superintendent K. C. Boyd, Clinton; Coun-ryr superintendent of schools, Fred Hayes and John White, trustee, and John C. Pickell, principal of Newport High Schoor. ' " '' ' ' ' , 1.. . .,. 1 Clinton, Township Chains en Named For fall War Loan : tOJSTON 6CLMVAX Cirey LE Brumette Clraham LT George Counsel LG Scully Glover -0 Buckley Secondino , R Clark Povlin RT Russell Foster ...- RE Cooloy M. Reinerip QU Kerlin D. Reinerio LH Rambis Knrietta II H Robertson Curry FTS Hoesraan Clinton's Wildcats will don their five games, Dimancheff has gained j " " , jg6 17s S,dS ' 01 aUemP'S n !'5onHm. m127 B-EW.: HAVEN, Cpnn. Yale's .handicap, 22 JOt-. To-undefeBted -and .untied, fpotball team', tajs 935, 938, 936 r 20J. will not take -part ?n any "bowl i V '. , 1M games," the Athletic Association af- FBISTS CW, i.. . 1 firmed today. Ogden G. Miller, j T!!l, T nrrcrTT TC BOWLING REbULlO WIHRHAHT LKAtJI K, PF.PS1 COLA Hays, 174, ltr, 1 BH 484; Church, !I0, 161, 16-' 419; Muloney, 158, 172, 146 4 71 : Hagomnn, 135, 163, 148 446' (Ihldottl. 202. 141. 11(8 531; hnn-dicap. 152, 152, 152466. Tolnls 917, 934. 961 2812. MORGAN GROCERY Rwlck. 106, 161, 135 4U2; Cox. 163. 11" 126 407; Rhoads. 174. 128. 140 44 2; Garrlgus, 129, 15 4, 120 403; Ross. 173. 152, 134 459; handicap, 207, 207. 207 621. Totals, 962, 920. 862 2734. GRAPETTE Crowley. 137. 1 40. j.63 449; Bussing, 120, 123, 160 403; Quinn, 115, 175, 108399; Scott, 163, 143, 143 439; Colombo, 143, 155. 154 452; handicap, 231, 231, 231 693. Totals, 899. 977, 959 2835. S. MATERIAL Znndorn. 131. 131 112 374; Hatfield, 141, 170, ";"---,, 17, 12j ,124,. Ill 340; Pureell. 121. leu. 131 377; Cilfoy. 134. 134. 1 43 411; Fenoglio, 190, 184. 148522; Mott, 141, lis, 155 414; handicap, 228, 228, 228 074. Totals, 919, 913, 916 2748. STEVENSON Welker. 141. 145. icq 455: Rogers. 110, 129. 141 380; Foncannon, 129, 145. 133 407; GUmour, 107, 102, 132 34 1; Remler, 125, 119, 169 413: handicap, 231. 231. 231 093. Totals. 843, 871, 975 2089. REXALL Boyd. 147, 1 04. 162 473; Stevenson, 151, 145, 132 428; White, 123, 129, 167 419: Haiti, 165, 171, 122 458; Boyd. 195, 193, 180 56S; handicap. 177. 177i 177 531. Totals. 958. 979, 940 2877. Chief Product Tobacco is the chief item of Turkish goods shipped,. tc the. ( United States. ' .', . ' . ' u". " Vletlc drrectof (aid Ynle was i1-. "t '"1 4e,. , nmw flattered by f,,," ,, . 1 6 U - '- ; .,'ake nart in port sn , buA. ToM, 21, that there wn no chance nr II, e, ""'.,"', ,snq Iversity approving anv of the ofr-.. I ' 0". ; ; Evtt, 15. . ,T ,. JMa-Ji-'idAi-uee yMPAGS- iJeepeo eon A frZVipom Ok A score.' Mr. Turkey Has Gone To War- He's Main Dish for GI Americans (Continued from page 1 ) T, wiil be one of tlie pound affair w 11 be 01 e 01 many g .. turned iro ar iJiizsimon- uenerai noi...". I&Mt. Tn cake-"ftlie gift rrvintluiied uoro page 1) Another bond drive organization mooting was hold Friday night at Hie Methodist Church in Dana. All Imvnohip chairman and their appoint-rd committees were present at the meeting. Following a movie, M. Edmonson and Harold Connors of Indianapolis, state secretary of the War Finance Committee, spoke to those present. Mrs. Homer Ingram is chairman of I he Vermillion Township farmer's drive and will be aided by M. J. Peterson, county agricultural agent. The cnniitv ouota is $220,420, Mrs. Delia S. Swinehart, county war finance chairman, announced last Fri- day. This has been broken down township quotas as follows: into Vermillion, $15,105; Eugene, $22, our.. Highland. $66,809: Helt. $79, 043 and Clinton, $37, 317. :'Gtt In :uie'acrao! LAFAYETTE, tnd. - ti al ai'ty was virtuallv n s"ll-out nf nmre than 30.000 tickets today for Indiana's game with Purdue Saturday, the 47th time the two Indiana teams have met on the grldiorn Purdue will go into the game with a badly riddled backfield. "Babe" nfmnnhoFr helm? one of the stars still hospitalized. ! SOUTH BEND, Ind. Right halfback Bob Kelly, although workine-out with the Notre Dame squad, still had not recovered fully todav from his injuries. Coach Ed McKeever said Nuncio Marino probably would be alternated freely with Kelly in the game Saturday with Georgia Tech at Atlanta. EVANTSON, 111. Northwestern's defense for the Illinois game at Dy- che Stadium Saturday became an in vuc - . --". i.. - ----- - ... ..came practically, certain tnai sitvt- j I of the bakers of Denver. Into the huge cake were placed S00 dozen eggs. 60 gallons of milk, 300 pounds of flour, 300 pounds of sugar, 300 poundB of powdered sug-pounds of salt. 2 1-4 pounds of va-ar. 125 poundsi'iof shortening, six niiia extract and 2 1-3 pounds of baking powder. The giant hunk of pastry will be cut for the soldiers by Louise ah .nd. Hollywood tQ. f m star, wno ati'eB m icinc, i- dliy to taKft.Dari.,111. un ,p.,v " Loan D.-iva.,., , ,.. , .. comparison, Sullivan came out on the winning end of two Terre Haute games while losing the third. Tlir-y defeated Garfield 19-1 J and Oerst-meyer 18-14. The Wildonts defeated all three of the Terre Haute schools but by considerably smaller scores. i As if enough rivalry was not already present in the ordinary Sullivan-Clinton game, the conch element enters again with the Arrows' men-ton, Bill Jones being a Clinton product while Clinton's assistant coach, Bob Burton, is a Sullivan County native. Dating back to 1920, the Clinton. Sullivan has always proved the high spot of the season with Clinton maintaining an edge in number of games won. All records, predictions and forecasts go by the boards when the two teams get together for then anything can happen. Sullivan will be having its homecoming tomorrow wilh a good program in store for the Sullivan and Clinton spectators. Efforts to take the Clinton High School band to the game were made and the local school may be represented at the ceremonies. At any rate, ' a (treat number of Clinton fans will lie making the trip to boost the local team in the annual Turkey Day grime. s IWtvnor! Capers' m J' (IU' c ' ()f (jUri'dll hCU-OIl ... . Winning their nnt came or tin-'hardwood season, the Newport TIs- ers defeated the West Lebanon team with a score of 41 to 22. Bob McMasfUrs was high poinl man oi-nrinir tvo field goals nnd one foul shot in the first half find four hnta nnd one field goal In the sec ond half making 11 points lor m team. Kenneth Wiggins came nxt highest by making 10 points toward ond lmlf making 11 points for his kUa urinnitl? RHOre. Benedict was high point man for the losing team scoring nine of the 21 points. The Newport second team defeat- ed the West Lebanon secona mam v-hli a score of 21 to 8. Line up for the Newport teams were as follows: first team, McMas- ters, Canaday, Sager, Moore, vmck- ens. Butler and Wiggins. Second team, Vincent, Burroughs Murray Kersey, Coonce Richards, Holllngs- Classified Ads SeD Most Anvthin i COLUMBIA RECORDS I ',Sn,;i :il t'ill,-'f I :iy Set M."i' J M .mi i-it e. ! i Girl Friends, Set C37 $.59 Set S;.o' ceT.:u L J km&&k I 1 f'MMI i m -.-o S2.50 t down to Sullivan tomorrow to meet the Sullivan1 Golden Arrows in the liigh point game of the Beason. Aiming for a perfect season's record as well as a siz.;able slice of Valley honors; the Wildeals will be on the alert to take Sulivan to the losers', end. of Jh buttle. Hard drill, and plenty of them have heei)...the orders of the day for the Wildcats this past week as they polish, up their line and backfield C thn (oru ti,lllil-!in 'fl ltlHlkv A F- rows are working just as hard to wiofit tiip Cnts and the resulting ex plosion when 'the two teams meet I should really turn into a top-rank- tnc cramp. As far as records go, Clinton takes the lead with seven games won and one n-fl tie., while being scored on I i-o ue wiuie Deing scoreu twice. Sullivan lias lost two i during the season, both fair - only trn men li, .Inan The mninr UnsPi fOr the Arrow.! was the loss to Wiley of Tene Hnuto in a 7-6 session while the Sullivaners dropped a 13-6 de- cision to Vincennes. Both teams come into the Thanks- giving meeting with wins under their belts, Sullivan with a 25-0 triumph over Linton while the Cats Or. G. R. McGUIRE rainnpn A fTTOR VUailv mw-v - j X-RaT 2351Blaclanan j Classical and' Popular Records 35c 50c 75c and '81.00 Albums 1,50 to $9.50 Ml ' 1 inc. 4trf Triees I.isliil Are E Iiy-ie of Federal Thy ; ; ' ; ! j , , I j -t? " i- TW-SiS''Tiirir uamcc'i I RE IN THE VI fcSBMgveuMWvwiifeaawa 1 yep' miss VOU wiu WioL yourselfat VTljIl smc X70B,tuarv umless the lp MM m. m ' .um Mssr tiffin i ,m..t, . TWO CLIENTS GpvHAKE BUS SV-E5 pgL LnoKtNIg FOR TOU flLLIE OHLOU,! CAN' l f .--JSE raV 'WOmI W, EVERY-OSl ' : t" Htfiy gCTi j ( TOILER feJ-fe 5 IM1 MjJM l J. STRAUSS Strauss T:;lt s !y An-iiv Kostelanetz - GERSmnX Rhapsody In Clue -St't MJ51!. S-i-J" The Musis of Stephen roster s' M 1 i -' j TCHAIKOVSKY Xnlenu-ker Suite - Set .."i''' niprr: rm.rr,itSHSe S-ts5:XJhl. MXIW-'..'-Weaeh Ti-iAic flife VHti 4fe Jl fcsl MUSIC of VICTOil HKIihKiiT TCHAIKOVSKY Conceitn No. i In E Flat Minor RINO CROSBY CLASSICS miWk m& ilBlr iki ,Jb.: .unpr- uc-.rWV. Wh'TY. i.Uf . 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