The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 22, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, November 22, 1944
Page 6
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- Wednesday, November IT, 194- THE DAILY CLINTONIAtf TnftP Six THE KING IS DEAD-?" 'At th Movie THE DAILY CLINTONIAIN I " 1 Behind UieKen PHOLLY&OOD . i PALACE Tuesday and Wednesday 'Drums of Fu Mancnu osseu ., . nnvoi hv Rax Rohmer featur . BMUUkad as TIM Weekly CMBtonlaa IS i Ik CUacoa PlaJndesuer absorbed In ivu Published Dally Exoapt Saturday and Sunday fcwrfo L. Carey Editor and Publish ing the unbridled lust for power m . uoslcriM CARROLL Broadway Dec. 15 to look for s play. I told you he was serious. The turn-flCrfl ranch JolM HO- I at tae ranim at u union, mni aa Beoond Olaai Matter dtak is shopping for is not to be a Kind ftur. HyndlMU W'ritrt HOLLYWOOD There's nothing ;o the flood of rumors that Prls-cllla Lane will return to Warner Brothers. Noth and Dr. Fu . Mancnu s rumu gcheme to rule the world opens at the Palace Theatre tonight. Opening as the seoond reature tonight la "Forty Thieves" with Bill Boyd, Andy Clyde and Jim r bdlaaa Republican Editorial , Pbona 83 Pbon 33 honeymoon nome, out w his parents. ... San Franclscoi reporters better check Mercedes Marlowe and Orchestra Leader Claude Thornhlll. . . .Talking my Rogers. WABAHH about a certain actor, Tom weal ing as yet, any-w a y. Priscilla was swell In "Arsenic and Old Lace," and the studio would like to mtmscK sum said: "He's not exactly a cowara, i "I KWUtlKAM teiTOUt Wednmluy "nd Thursday A down-to-earth picture trac It T i but most of his pluck Is in nur ays-brows." V i , AssoeiATiim vvr a & ms: mm d. rr mi nvaji's brother. Mickey ing the experiences of sailor recruits at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station arrives at the Wabash Theatre tonight In Para- eftj --. - ha 4,, ot Keen sent overseas for the J H But the star's 11;- I husband. Ma. second time. He went over with the mount's "The Navy Way." f I II ff lil;V WW jCC 'V , - . air forces and his unit was ais- AA Then he mme Dftfk tO tlliS Fflnturinr Robert Lowery, Jean Of I Joseph Howard, 4 I still has several if I more months' I - J training on rtl ofi' Attar ViP i tJ im 'j v m country and tra'ned with the In Parker. Bill Henry and Roscoe j u.m. snri filmed in part at Croat fantry. Made ms sergeant w'f" before he left. . Lakes, this production promises, a real treat for movie-goers '1 Out In the Pacific, Joyce Rey-nMrin unofficial fiance. Lt. Robert whether they're landlubbers or not The story lells about a group 1 Harrison Carroll g 0 e oversea,, the story may be different. A very lucky girl Is Warner Starlet Lynne Beggett. In the middle of a heavy rain, a tall eucalyp- t tree crashed into the hOlUM next Lewis, a Marine fighter pilot, had of recruits from varied walks of! 'life who learn the spirit and tra-i Irfiilnn - :he Navy while training to walk two nwea uiruugn mud to see "Janie." He writes at tbe lilstoric Great Lakes base. Joyce that the members of his squadron kidded him unmercifully door, showering Lynne's driveway with bricks and mortar jusr. mi" the starlet had put up her car. Her garage is completely blocked. about ner love scenes iu, Hutton. Eleanor Parker, If you please,' came through her appendectomy Oh. brother, did Vince Barnett with a "cosmetic scar," meaning ;k ennnv Tufts tn a f are-thee-well Th introduced him on "The Vir- , Paint Fig-hls Germs While paint in general Ions has I been demonstrated to be a discour-. ager of germs by sealing pores in . surfaces in, which they might take harborage, ' and by rendering tbe surfaces easy to sterilize or clean, the English trade journal "Paint" j reports that two English paint sue- clalists have discovered that a pjii.l j based on a combination of phenol- j formaldehyde resin with a very lilh nHMAn,nna Af nn!vmrri70d tling oil eat t, ,n nlri rnWhOV and. for over an hour, he picked Sonny and his costume to pieces. Drove GAMBLING AWAY FREEDOM. A generation ago electric companies in many sparsely settled sections of the west, brought electric lights and power to consumers who had never before enjoyed these conveniences. Along with the railroads, they became the great developers and taxpayers in almost every local community. They were pioneers who took a risk in public service. After they made a success, political gamblers stepped into the picture men who never put their own money into building up industry, but who gambled with the taxpayers' money, in return for votes. Their attacks on the electric industry reached a peak in 1935 with the passage of the Holding Company Act and its famous "death sentence" clause. While the Act was ostensibly to correct abuses in holding company practices, it was subtly drawn by promoters of state socialism to undermine nrivate enterprise. Tuns aimosi crazy. A lot of underprivileged children are going to have an exerting Christmas, thanks to Joan Fontaine. She has talked Paramount into donating all the set models from "The Affairs of Susan" and produced a medium whifh inhibited the (rovlh of mo?t bacteria even after Ihe fllm had been dried for six monUn. she can disguise it with makeup u she wants to wear a bare midriff outfit. , HOLLYWOOD HI JINX:. The Australian mov magazine Pix dedicated an entirssue t Ann Richards. . And 4Kakms' honors, Clrcleville, O., Juft .pamed a park after its favorite, horneto boy, Ted Lewis. . . . It's a bab girl for the Beverly Barnetts. Papa is a lieutenant (J. g.) on a tanker in the Pacific. . . . Remember Vi Athens, former Columbia starlet? She's proved her patriotism by going to work in a war factory. . . . Jo Stafford being sought for "Carnival Girl" on Broadway. . . . Little' June Haver dancing at the Troca-,i.m with Oenrpe .Teasel. i.afiAiie nther nirtlires. StUtllOS COfr struct models of all their big sets and some of them are as large as a room. Others are only a few feet Recipe for Dry Suds I litre is the formula for making dry j sudi: Measure five cups of water square. Vrm irivnn's new interest is I uToviran Actress Susanna Cora Taking a Backward Glance cl,a'D oaM tn he 54 . . . The David into a saucepan ana aaa a hju cup of soap--either shaved bar sjap. soap flakes, or soap scraps. Put this mixture over the Bre and allow It to come to a boil. Remove and lei the mixture cool. The result will be a soap jelly, men. whip up the soap jelly with an egg beater until it be comes a stiff upstanding la.hcr. Esther Williams twoing It at tsiu- ingsley's Cafe Tropics with Peter Lawford. . . . Marianne O'Brien at Lyman's witn Charles Marion, the writer. . . . Collette Lyons at Tommy Blower left yesterday for Lafayette, lnd., where he plans to spend the week end visiting with Robert Bence and Toi-vo Lahti who are attending Purdue University, and attend the Purdue-Indiana football game. Mrs. H. V. Nixon was in Terre Haute yesterday. Miss Ruvllla Harper was in Terre Haute yesterday visiting with tier aunt. Mr. and Mrs. William Harvey Hopkins (she's June Preisser's sister, Cherry, and he's the nephew of Harry Hopkins) are expecting their fourth child. . . . Don't believe those stories about Kay Williams going to New York to reconcile with Macoco. S'lie's not going east and she's not thinking of marrying anybody right now, not even Van Johnson, though she likes Van a lot. . . . Doctors have ordered Ida Lupino to bed for an indefinite period to recover from her attack of pleurisy. . . . Spencer Tracy off to Warm Up Muscles give their best perform annm tuhen ernduallv and thoroughb Charley Foy's celebrating the news that her brother. Pfc. John Patrick Lyons, has been awarded the bronze star for heroic action in Germany. . . . Now it's Kay Llna-ker with Attorney Milton Golden. . . . Cara Williams has made up with her boy friend, Steve Stanford. , , I warmed up Muscle (endonr are noi and Mr. and Mrs. Yictor Krainz drove to Parkersburg, lnd., Sat likely' to De puuea or mm wuer warmed up. Chumpion athletes it all sports .first take sufficient tirm to warm up. urday, where they spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. Benton James. o THIRD HAVEN 6 TWKXTY YKA11S A TODAY IVp Ses-sion On Slate For Next Week The Howling Host of the Clinton high schools asking co-operation of all the merchants in Clinton, in helping decorate the city next week, before the Thanksgiving game with Brazil high school. Brazil colors are red and white. Pep sessions are to be held each day next week at the school and posters are being placed through the building and in the store windows; in preparation for the big game Thursday. New Citizens bi Class Exercises At Hill Crest Graduating exercises for the class in citizenship, were held last evening at Hill Crest Community Center. Many of the students of the night school, their teachers and friends were present. The exercises were opened by all singing "America" after which Rev. A. A. Warriner of the Methodist church gave the invocation. The Cullen orchestra played several selections during the even ing. Rev. Brown awarded diplomas to the following: Rudolph Loos, Tomo Vranic, Peter Bibich, Stefana Campagno-la, Andras Karkas, Emerich Hor-vath, John Juvauc, Frank Maze-ly, Josef Mestek, Mary Miller, Michael Rogaskl. Franc Rezisnik, Bartolo Sperotto. Angelo Ave, Giuseppe Glovanlnni, Franc Hiad-nl, Ferdinand Klepi, Gioconde Muzzerelli, lstvan Mezar, Vasil I'apelea, Joseph Pololyi and Mark Platis. Personals Mrs. Harry Stark, of Chicago, is visiting with her aunts. Mrs. Lucy Stultz and Mrs. Belle Anderson, of 566 Walnut street. Mrs. Stark Is also helping take care of Mrs. Anderson, who has been confined to her home for almost a year. A theater party was enjoyed last evening by the members of the Mothers Club at the Wabash theater. Later in the evening a luncheon was served the mothers at Gillis Pharmacy. The next meeting will be Tuesday, December 2. at the home of Mrs. Clyde Webster at Haxel Bluff. 'win By the process of compulsory separation of local operating companies from parent organizations, which often results in forced sales to public agencies, the "death sentence" is being carried out, and socialization of the electric power industry accomplished. The people do not fully realize what is taking place, but they are beginning to wake up to the fact that as local electric companies fall under political control, they go off the regular tax rolls. Thus do the political gamblers with the "people's rights," liquidate individual enterprise in favor of a political philosophy alien to the true concepts of free men. Under the guise of "correcting abuses," they destroy independent enterprise itself. SAFETY FIRST. With radio installed on practically everything that walks, flies, or floats, the question is asked, Why not on trains? Only technical experts can answer that question fully. The Association of American Railroads, which is familiar with every detail of railroad research, points out that: "Since the early days of radio communication, railroads have carried on numerous experiments in the use of this newer medium of communication, as it might be applied to railroad operations. These experiments have been carried out on numerous CHAPTER TO.-tTY-THRES -SO YOU wish to establish "an in New York out of pure gratitude. Is that right?" Russell demanded of Dr. Raynor. The doctor laughed happily. "You re right. Tell Dan I want to help him. He'll understand. And I'm quite sure lie'U '-e sensible." Russell wasn't quite ure of anything as he drove back to Talbot after leaving Dr. Raynor in Baltimore The doctor had surprised him. And th offer for Dan had been breath taking. He be TBV YKAIW AGO TODAY Relief Heanotrawses The home of Mrs. Sadie Burke these days has all the appareanc-es of a garment factory. There are a number of women employed for overhauling, repairing and renewing old garments which will be Issued by the unemployment relief office to those on its roll. The sewing project itself is a. work relief department of the unemployment bureau, furnishing employment to 16 women and workers who collect the used garments from homes. "Raw materials" for the project may be donated by telephoning the relief headquarters, 804, which will send for the clothing. Knlertalns Tri Kappas Miss Dorothy Poor of Mulberry Street was hostess for the Trl Kappa Sorority meeting last night, assisted by Miss Mary Louise Carbon. Following the business meeting three contests were enjoyed, prizes going to Mrs. Mai Johnson, Mrs. Paul Thompson and CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer lieved the roan meant it. and he alao knew now generous an offer It was. It meant a whole new life railroads in cooperation with various in ventors and manufacturers. for Dan. He bunked at the tnougnt of Dan in a bank, a broker's office, anything he wanted, as the man had said. And there was not much doubt the man could place him. There was something swe-lnsplring about the casual way he'd spoken of giving Dan a bank account and no questions asked. And Dan was Anne"' husband. Was it ooasible the doctor guessed such an incredible thing and was using this way to buy him off? No. that didn't make sense. Was it pos-libie he knew Russell was In love Mrs. Hubert Ahlenseyer. The en tertainment committee consisted of Mrs. Paul B. Casebeer. Mrs. G W. McReynolds, Mrs. William "There are technical difficulties in radio transmission and reception on railroads, due to the close clearances of bridges, tunnels and structures which preclude the possibility of long or high antennae, and due to the special noise conditions, shock, impact, and vibration encountered in railroad train service. As ra Clingerman and Miss Vivian Stitt. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. John V. Ma guabosco on South Main Street. FetwinalN with Anne and had begged her to nai ry him ? In that case he would it killing two birds with one stone, lot only binding Dan with ties of - WiZZ'ZWLlZ mzzzzMizzzm wl " i i" ii iiiiiizilii in ii IS lb PP PP -I 1 wr 1 11 M' I at his bare ankles. "Did Anne ask for me?" "She most certainly did. I told you I only saw her for a minute or two. but I told her you and I were driving to California together." "What did she say to that?" Dan still kept his eyes down and his foot moved nervously. Russell lifted his face and grinned. "What do you think?" Dan drew a quick jreath. "That isn't hard to figure out. She said. Swell. Take that bum as far as you can and dump him into the Pacific ocean'." "I don't think she would use the word 'bum'." "I guess not. Laura expresses it better.' Russell clapped him on the shoulder. "You know, you and 1 don't agree about you at all. Anne said she wanted to see you before you wen. She said It was most important, and I promised her you would see her." "What's the use? All I want Is to get away and and that's all." "You can't run away from some things, Dan." "Yes. I can." The blue eyes flashed with the old belligerence. "I'm not in jail. 1 can run away from anything yes. a wife. too. That's what the west is for. You start again. No questions asked. That's what I need." -You tried that. Dan. and you came back. Was that only to see me?" Dan lowered his eyes. "It'll be better if you do go out with me." "And Anne?" "I'm doing the only decent thing I can In clearing out. I'm giving her a break. I'll tell her so. I've promised I won't slip off again. You've made that the hard way I'm no dope. If I can slide out to L. A. on cushions, why not ?" Russell laughed huskily. "You try hanj to be tough and thick-skinned, don't you? But 1 know better now. By the way, California may be out." Dan looked up quickly. "You mean you changed your mind?" "Don't look scared- Does it mean all that to you?" The this shoulders shrugged. "You're the boss. I guess it was a stupid idea. Anyway, I'"" got to watch my grub or we don't eat. The motto is eat today and to heck with tomorrow. Oh, yes, I charged what I bought to you." "I put money in your trousers. Dsn. The suit yon wore last night." "That's funny. I'm so used to hsving nothing I didn't even look." There was a long ailence. Dan wtrked and Russell watched. He thought of Dan wandering about the country, getting jobs washing dishes and scouring pans so he Mr. and Mrs, Henry Butcher of Dr. Raynor In one or was H two opportunities' had grasped bis character so much better. "Food going on. Rus. Just time to wash your hands." it was half an hour later as they drank Iced tea that Russell finally got his question. He sat back In hut chair and spoke very earnestly. "Dan. how would you like to work In a bank? Pr a broker'J office ?" "Me? That's a good Joke." "But I am serious. I have an offer for you. That is why I said our trip might be off. Someone wants you to go to New York and get a real start toward real money. He will finance youand quite generously." Dan smiled, his twisted, wistful smile. "What's the catch to it?" "I don't see any. Things would have to be arranged." "By golly. I should think they would. lon't make me laugh. Rus. Tell me what you've been doing all day. How's the law business?" "I drove Dr. Raynor to Baltimore after the operation. We had a long talk. He's really a rather wonderful man, Dan. I was surprised. It isn't only surgical skill. He's a big man in other ways." "And he made you an offer for me. Rus?" "You'll have to know yes. . It was a hundred times anything I could offer you. of course. He makes a great deal of money. You can have anything you want, any job you want. I don't think he's boasting when he says he can get. you started in most any line. He was -ery sincere. There is no doubt he has tremendous Influence. You may not be too old to go back to the university if you wish." Dan sat with lowered head. "I see. You told him I was married to Anne." "I did aot, Dan. But since you are . . ." Dan stood up lamely. "Since I am, I'll do whatever I can to help out, Rus. I don't need to be bought off. I saw him and Anne together last night. And I know what I look like and what I am. No job. no, clothes, no bank roll could make me like Dr. Dwight Raynor. I'm just Dan Smith. I want a job out in L. A., maybe in a filling station or something like that. I want a little old battered car, aad sometimes on a day off I will want to. drive to the beach and swim, or else drive into the. mountains along the coast, or back Into the desert where the yuccas bloom. I'll take a little help from you and I II pay you back, but Dr. Raynor doesn't come in. I'll do anything for Anne I mean anything. But I won't be bought off." He choked on the last word and then walked out of the room and out onto the lawn. Sitting at the table he'd i:.cked off his slippers, South fiisth Street visited rela tives in West Terre Haute yester- duv. M uud Mrs. Allen Gephart, who have been llvlna in Fairview. gratitude but himself as wen. Could all the jovial laughter and good nature have been really part of a clever scheme? Ifso. Dr. Raynor was a great actor as well as s great surgeon. Russell got back to find Dan In have moved to ftoutli Seventh Street. the kitchen preparing dinner for them. Dao was dressed in his rough shirt and old corduroys Miss Harriet Elsie Campbell and Durwood Roshorn of Akron. dio communication itself has improved in quality, and become more dependable and better adapted for railroad use, the number and variety of the experiments with radio communication . . . have greatly increased. "The operating results obtained by the use of radios in tanks and other mobile military equipment may go a long wav toward making possible the application of the radio as a communication medium in some fields of railroad operation. "The design of all equipment used in railroad operation must be such that it will function under the most severe conditions. Oiiln are here visiting relatives i gam. The shirt naa been wosnea. but not ironed, and was wrinkled :f clean. Dan had done It himself. His bare feet were thrust into slip and friends for several days. They I -.-ere the guests of their grand- i-arents. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J Campbell of 10 South Main pers and he had a towel to mop his face because it was ' ot In tiie 11-Z.t j Street. Wednesday. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Vera Alderson kitchen. Russet! looked at him and ain a wave of emotion swept ver him. He love 1 his brother. ! wbo have lived al Hazel Bluff on 1 Kreklers Stock Farm west of Dan meant a lot to him. Whatever This design requirement must be met by ' Clinton, have moved to "60 lul berry Street. Mrs. Pearl Kelty and daugh-ler. Miss Mabel, and Morris Has 3. declares 4. snooped 5. eternities 6. incite 7 Odin's brother 8. commissions 9. provide food 10 native metal 11 thing, in law 45 personal pronoun 46 shore-line 48 split pulse 49 Greek letter 50 serfs 51 pig-pen VERTICAL 1 imitate 2 adult male the radio manufacturers, as it has been met by others in the railroad supply in tide of Terre Haute are spending today with Mrs. Kelty's daughter. Mrs. Don Jenkins and family of South Fourth Street. I Mrs. Bob Barbee of North Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Fifth Street will be a guest this 16 inner lining of the iris 18. the birds 20 functions in ti igonometiy 21. variety of nut 22. expiate 23. measures of length 24. appraise 25. correct " 27. pairs 30 town in France 3l.sccompanles 33 meat-vegetable dish 34 Scandinavian myth 36 minute orifice 37 stops 39 sheath 40 personal pronoun 41. strike 42 interdict 4:t feline 44 English rathedral liwn 47 bone uiD afternoon of Mrs. C. V. Newton of Parke County, who Is entertaining the Shakespeare Club. The Pastime Club met last eve HORIZONTAL 1. wine vessel 4. vex 9 the heart 12. dance step 13. man's name 14 land-measure 15. following 17 charges 19 twilights 20 rescue 21. peeled 23 goddess of wisdom 26 feminine , name 27 tends 28 exist 29 variety of lettuce 30. small valleys 31. malt drink 32. indefinite article 33 cloys 34 stupefy 35. cuddles 37 disliked extremely 38 golf mounds 39. wire pen 40 displayed 4 wmiiW j. - s done, it had to be for Dan. Dan turned and saw him and grinned. "Better stay out of here or you II wilt. Go sit on tbe porch till I call you. I just got out of s cold tub a little while ago, but look at me now." "I wanted to get a cook Dan pushed him out of the kitchen. "I'm cook and bottle washer around here. That's ail the good 1 can be anyway. You've got to save your money so we can go traveling. We'll stop at cabins over night and I'll show you now ta live cheap. And dont look at me like I was santetrang you wanted to step over I washed the old shirt and It's clean, anyway. I'm clean, too clean broke and clean happy." Russell put an arm about his shoulders "You're a swell kid." "Such language from a lawyer! How about lira Reynolds ?" "J casoe by tbe hospiuri. I saw Anne, but just for a minute Everyone's hopeful." tm J."bi &4.pekf4 tvWB dustry, before radio can become an essential factor in the railroad scheme of communication." The railroads are not hunting gadgets. They seek ever-greater safety of operation. New Orleans Paul V. McNutt, War Manpower Commissioner: "Some Americans already have hitched up the victory bandwagon and gone for premature victory hayrides." Supreme Headquarters. A. E. F. Paris General D wight D. Eisenhower: "To get peace we have to fight like hell for if; let's doit," SAGAriftspf"ST AB O R A lIJT A 1 H O N E il 1 L 1 iH X ELLlk 2 E L E M I QE v I D E N T t 1 1 pr7W-AHBr"1 E Ml I N E NIT LhP6H Ran TTjT E EDS T O A rjf lTTe vP1- lifc R. A L E ITldT HIEHP: A L x ull tsElJTs aIsItIeLXti i 1mLIeely could eat. They railed dishwash ing pearl diving. And Dan had rl-wsys been wsnting money before and he If c:;cd so young, too young. ning at the home of Mrs. Pat O'Page on Sycamore Street. Bunco was played, prizes going to Mrs. Julia Paine, high: Mrs. Mae Satterlee, bunco, and Mrs. Bob Barbee, low. Plans were discussed for a watch party to be held at the home of Mrs. John Pey'on New Years Eve. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. Paine December S. he went on the road. Dan had been kicked out of two colleges because j ha wouldn't "conform." "He Is ! on. side, his bare feet in the sun-dried grass. Ri-sseli sst v-ry still. His hand shook a bttla when be raised his iced tea glass, out there was a smile oa his lips. basically lazy and extra vacant, un fit for hiener education." one dean Dan looked so boyish, but Pan was a man. He was sure now. had written. This Dan who was I bustling so earnestly hi spite of tbe Avcrife time f Mlotwa: M mtimuu. liM I Kiu Fcstuivi SaiMc, Utc. T H CaaoNlsdl beat waas't lacy or extravagant '

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