The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 22, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, November 22, 1944
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V Wednesday, November"22, 1941. " THE DAILY CLINTONIAtf Page TKrJ operation a few weeks ago. "LENA" TAKES FAMILY OF 23 TO PHILADELPHIA SHOVV Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Crane and Center Social Sisters Meet er underscore!!1 the !)ti'gduclioj( problem in un estimate attributing 2ti percent of the lagging programs to design changes, 40 per pnt to step-ped-up demands, 22 per cent to manpower shortages, and 13 per cent to lack of facilities. children of Brldgeton spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Crane. Military, Civilian Officials Inspect U. S. War Plants (Continued from page 1) Mr. and Mrs. Jump Houchln and daughter Marian spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Adams Osmon Mrs. Wanda Roberts Is Hostess to Club; Local Women at Summit Meet and family of near Rockvllle. Mr. and Mrs. William Dee and daughter and Mrs. Eva Miller of Bloomingdale visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Helt and sons. ir hrfKiZrj I "J I--,i V".: H r Several members of the Social Club met with Mrs. Wanda Roberts on Wednesday afternoon Covington Extension Opens Winter Semester Winter term classes at the College Kxti'iision Center at the Covington High .School will open Wednesday, Nov. 211 at 0 p. ni. and will continue until Feb. 22 according to Miss Thelina Tittle, Covington, local coordinator, and V. L. Tallock of Terro Haute, director. Class meetings were changed to Wednesday nights during the winter term Instead of the usuiil Tuesday evenings so as not to conflict with schedules. Four term hours or residence credit can be earned In nny one of the courses. Several classes including one on "Itesearrh in hduratlon," "Oral Interpretation of Literary Selections," and "Visual Education," will bo Guests were Mrs. Louis Osella and Mrs. Kenneth Brown. At the business meeting It was decided to have a theatre party on Nov. 27th at 6:30 p. m. Bunco was played at west to determine (he causes of bu-low-Bchcdule output on war programs which overseas military commanders have linked with future tactical operations. These "must" programs include foundries and forge shops, shipbuilding, heavy artillery ammunition, radnr, cotton duck and tent twill, heavy field artillery and gun carriages and dry cell batteries. lrolo Oittoil Klioilajre A WMC spokesman said that a-gency representatives plan to visit textile producing centers in North and South Carolina within the near future to Investigate the shortage of cotton duck. WMC said that 3.- Mrs. Fern. Wright spent Saturday with her slitter. Mrs. Chas. Blrt of Terre Haute, who underwent a major operation 'at the I'nlon Hospital several weeks ago and returned to her home Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Milton Crane spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Jordan In Terre Haute recently. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stout and son of St. Bernlce spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Heber, Jr. Mrs. Olive Heber or Clinton and Mrs. Luther Morgan of Indianapolis were dinner guests Tuesday in the home of Mary Weber. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sturm and son Malcolm, Mr. and Mrs. Roy four tables with prizes awarded to Mrs. Jerry Jones high, Mrs. Irvln Helt bunco and Mrs. Ward Porter low. Refreshments of barbecue sandwiches, date pudding and coffee was served by the hostess. The next meeting will be an all day Christmas meeting with Mrs. Sam Roberts, 100 additional workers are urgently Sturm and son Ronnie Ray, Mrs. Sr. on Wednesday Dec. 20th. Amy Sturm and Mrs. Chas. Beckner needed in the cotton duck Industry i given during the term, to compensate for the excessive turn- Students may enroll for credit A FAVORITE with visitors at Philadelphia's 50th annual dog show Is Lena, foxhound owned by U. Comdr. W. Newbold Ely, and her record litter of 23, largest recorded In canine breeding annals, au over and high absence rate of em (International) and daughter Joyce Ann were Sunday dinner guests recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sturm of of the puppies are perfectly healthy and normal. home," of the old farm house kitch THE FIRST THANKSGIVING Wednesday, Nov. 29 or the following week, Dec. (i. A note from late entrants will be appreciated and will help to indicate the size and needs of the classes. Auditors may enroll at any time. Gasoline rations are provided those who share cars. Brazil Fortress Pilot Home After Escape BRAZIL, Ind. Lieut. Maurice Terry and his family were preparing to celebrate the most thankful Thanksgiving of their lives today. The Flying Fortress pilot, reported missing when his plane was shot down on his 50th mission over Ger With Indians as guests of honor does it tell of the pioneers feasting that Thanksgiving. From Plymouth the custom spread to the other colonies until, in time, the governor of each issued an annual Thanksgiving proclamation. about tables loaded with game and fish, wild fruits from the forest and corn bread and vegetables from their new gardens, the Pilgrim Fathers ployes. Ijig Threatens Lives The "combined operations" technique of swift spot surveys Is designed to implement the urgent appeals made by President Roosevelt, War Mobilization Director James F. Byrnes and high military leaders for some 200,000 additional workers in critical war programs.- The President told his Tuesday news conference that the lag In production because of war workers quitting their jobs is costing the lives of American troops. Agency sources emphasized that all "voluntary" means for recruit en and the pantry crowded with good things to eat. American boys and girls this year will be celebrating their Thanksgiving in every country of the globe. And while we are eating our trukey, duck or what have you, Thursday, It seems very appropriate that we say a special prayer just as the early-colonists did, that it won't be long until these boys and girls shall be enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner with us, here at home next year. celebrated their first American Har Surface Mining 1 Contrary to popular impression,, coal is not all mined deep down in the earth. About 50 million tons every year come from surface mines , mines where the coal is never more than 70 feet below grass roots. many July 7, was at his home in Brazil with his wife and parents today. Lieut. Terry, after being taken prisoner by the Germans, managed to escape in October. It took him a month but he finally was able to work his way back to an Allied near West Union. Mrs. Roy Sturm and Mrs. Amy Sturm spent Tuesday in Terre Haute. Mrs. . Ray Heber spent Tuesday With her mother, Mrs. Vara Osmon In Clinton. Carl Myers spent Sunday with Ernest Myers and family. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Heber, Jr. and daughter spent Tuesday in Terre Haute. Several members of the Modern Matrons met Thursday for an all day meeting with Mrs. Emory Bone-brake In Summit Grove. Contests were won by Mrs. Kenneth Foltz and Mrs. Wanda Roberts. The Christmas meeting will be an all day meeting with Mrs. James Murray In Fairview Dec. 14th. Mrs. Birth Ford returned to her home Sunday from St. Anthony's Hospital after undergoing a major i camp. The pilot said that all of his crew ing needed manpower would be ex hausted before sanctions would be FALSE TEETH ThatEoosen Need Not Embarass balled out safely after shooting down five German fighters, but one man was killed when the hatch door struck him in the head. invoked against industries suspected During the Revolutionary War, eight special days of thanks were observed after signal victories of wonderful deliverances from danger. It was in 1789 that President Washington issued a general proclamation for a day of thanks. In the same year, the Protestant Episcopal Church in America announced the first Thursday In November as the regular annual day for giving thanks "unless another day may be appointed by the civil authorities." It was not until 18SS, however, that the Roman Catholic Church formally recognized the day. For many years there was no uniformity. Some states had an annual Tliauksglvng. Others did not and no proclamation was issued by the pre of hoarding labor. It was pointed wennTR of fulw tolh linve Rnf-ii t'lDlmrmssinent UtKfniie tlnnr vest Festival, which we now call Thanksgiving, In October. 1621, the first autumn of the exiles in their new home. In our country's rich historic background, their Thanksgiving presented a thrilling picture of rare courage and adventure. It seemed fitting that the pioneers of that time should originate a day In which to give thanks for their new home and land. We have been told of the boys and girls who came over on the Mayflower, of the first Thanksgiving Day when all of the Pilgrims and Indians met in peaceful celebration of the feast, of Indian children who were faithful to their white friends and of pioneer boys and girls who faced danger with great courage. Stories of unusual adventure, of honor and pathos and of fact and fancy. Clinton High School Has Thanksgiving Day Program Clinton High School's annual Thanksgiving program was held this afternoon In the High School gymnasium. The program, directed by the Sophomore sponsors. Miss Elnora Marietta and Robert Rodgers. consisted of a one act playlette entitled "A Modern Thanksgiving" by the M.-ui f.-rv.l H.ih- piu-tl. Klijipeil or wiibhieil DC ah. ni: time. o nut live in ffiir jiisl lilt- Easy to Grow Strawberries are productive and easy to grow, so they deserve room in most family gardens. hiinpi'iiinjj lo ymi. Just sprinlile out that Byrnes warned civilian production would be suspended unless the required manpower was obtained within "a reasonable time." Manpower Shortage Vital Factor WPB Chairman J. A. Krug. who visited midwestern plants with the "combined operations" group, furth- ii litilo .'.KTKKTII. the nlknime (non-nciiti powder, on your pint. Hold f;itst' teWli inoro firmly, so UuV feel nior i-oiiil'itrt.-ililo. lnfs not sour. Clunks "j.hitr odnr" U-nlure brentli). Get IAS I'KKTll at nuy druff store. sophomore class. Tile cast, of characters included sidents. ' Johnny Goodman, Patty Nolan. Richard Kennedy, Mary Lee Vrabic, and Mrs. Sarah Josepha Hale, a columnist back in the 1860 s. an unknown name to most people now liv Hob Snoddy. Those helping with the stage decorations were Don James, Bob Powell. Donna Holler, and Joan ing, pleaded for 20 years with the ' Lowry. Nancy Wood was prompter CLINTON AUTO CO. STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS EXPERT LUBRICATION Chevrolet Seles ft Service Glancing back through the pages of history we find that the Plym DON'S Standard Service Standard Products Of All Kinds Atlas Tires and Accessories THIRD and ELM STS. Road 163 outh Colony's first dreadful winter, during which almost half of the Pilgrim company died, had passed and assistant director. There were special numbers by the girls (ilee Club and the high school band with Rose Marie Henderson as announcer. Miss Elolse Glazner and Miss Glenn Morgan will have charge of the next program to be held Monday, Dec. 4. NOTICE! Thanksgiving Day Dinner (Turkey With All The Triininiims) Will Be Served From 11 a. m. to 3 p. m. NO EVENING MEAL WILL BE SERVED Clinton Hotel Dining Room and renewed hope had grown up with the summer. When the corn presidents to set aside a special day for Thanksgiving. It was not until 1864 that President Lincoln listened to her pleas and set aside the last Thursday of November as the official Thanksgiving Day. The same day has been regularly set apart each year, even though it is' not a national legal holiday. Throughout the country . but especially in New England, the day is looked up with great reverence. It is peculiarly a family day and the very sound of the name brings back inevitable memories of "back Electric Brooders Electric brooders require less labor and attention than do other kinds of heaters or chicks. ii i " crop was gathered in the fall of 1621, Governor Bradford decreed a day of Thanksgiving. Great were the preparations the few women in the colony spent the day boiling and baking and roasting and even the children were busy turning roasts on the spits before the open fires. As guests, there were more than four-score friendly Indians who brought as their share of the feasts wild turkeys and venison from the woods. The tables were set out of doors and the company sat about them as one big family, the pioneers and Indians alike. The first Thanksgiving, however, was not merely a feast, there were prayers and sermons and songs of praise, and three days passed before the Indians returned to their forest and the colonists to their tasks. The year following the first harvest festival was filled with misfortune for the colonists and no feast was held that year. With empty larders, they were counting the tj &ay ' Aan&lpivinp God of our father . ... at this Thanksgiving time our heart are filled to overflowing . . . our eyes, once wet with tears, are drier now . . . and broken hearts are surely mending because of Thy blessings unto us. A mighty fortress is our God! . . . And that Divine guidance which has always been our priceless heritage is showing us the way! For this we offer thanks. Thou hast stood beside our leaders ... our loved ones, departed . . . and those who have remained at home. Thou hast given us courage and led us victoriously into battle . . . to build those things which Thou hast taught us to be righteous! For this we offer thanks. May we in turn bring to Thee; as proof of our devotion, the day when righteousness WE WILL BE OPEN UNTIL 1 1 A. M. THANKSGIVING DAY VICTOR PALONCY " ' i days until the spring, sown crops should furnish them supplies then. Then a terrible drouth withered the torn in the field and burned the gardens brown. A day of special shall cover the earth ... as the waters cover the sea. prayer was followed by a long, refreshing rain ajrd at the same time a ship loaded with friends and supplies was sighted. At that time the governor appointed a day for public thanksgiving. A long church service followed but ao where in history Farmers Pride lb.25c i ii i r n m- ' FARMERS PRIDE IODIZED SALT 3 Two lb. boxes 25c r ; 1 o ETO's Queen WAC CRYSTAL CORN SEC0N0IN0 BROS, farmers pride 3 Pkg!. . PANCAKE FLOUR 25c 1 Two can2s 25c St. Joseph ASPIRIN 12for Qc36for2()ciOOfor35c ( J HA . Pancake Flour E-Z BAKE FLOUR 25 ibs.1.29 BEAL'S MARKET 328 N. Ninth St. GREEN BEANS F"mer, Prided 19c GRAPEFRUIT JUICE DAUNTLESS PURE . 15c SPRY Vegetable Shortening 1 lb. 25c 3 lbs. 69 558 N. Eighth St. Pi apo (tTinnii. ...... ri r- B0HtS ULUaa a IHI.Unrarmersrnde3lge.rkgs.ZnC" - . , mn fllO aar flvaev v r - IT ' soap flakes PALM OLIVE ToiletSoapL IVORY FLAKES 3 bath size bars 27efc IVAN SVETKOFF 1201 North 7th Street t i Large box 25c iMffT WB forget . . . this Nation's 6th War Loan offers every American another great opportunity for rendering devoted service and for speeding; the day of thanksgiving for final victory and peace. Buy, generously! STANDARD OIL COMPANY (INDIANA) mm mm A Bottle of Properly Pas teurized Milk In A Bottle CPL RUDY NEWELL of Long Beach, Cal., selected queen WAC of the European Theater of Operations, is crowned by Sgrt. Leonard Celestino of Brooklyn. Public announcement of the winner waa mad by Lt Ceo. James A. Doc-little at the recent Army-Navy football fame in White City sU-.tium Ijuim TT St Ki pnl Coma of Health Insist on Using CLIXTOV PIKE MILK SUPPORT THE 6th WAR LOAN Buy at least an extra $100 War Bond u ISN "w Box 25c ghnto. - t'Qtrrnitioaiil

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