The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 22, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 22, 1944
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WeiWstlay. Novo.1pi; ?!?, 1 8, 1 1 THE DAILY CLIN J OX I AN SNOWBALLS FLY NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued from page 1) new State Commission should be a coiii inning agency to ri'pn'.-.enl :;i every area and lo advance no! only wali-r contnil lull also conservalion. soil buildiiiL'. and reforestation. (ioveinor-Klcct Pledges Aid As a personal representative nf GoWTllor-Klect Kahili I-'. Gales. Judge .Marl; YV. Khouds. of Indianapolis, assured ilie meeting that .Mr. Gates will give wholehearted support to the conservation as well as to the riood control scope or the commission. Filial Army action on the proposed plans will be withheld until late next month. Cal. Hall said lie would retain his report until Chrisunas for any supplemental briefs. Kxpanded programs, lie said, could be added in Congress afier final Army approval in Wash i n g ton. Newport Juniors Present Class Play December 8 Members of the junior class of Newport High School will present their annual class play entiled "Creeping Shadows," at the high school gymnasium at S p. m. Friday, Dec. 8. The play which fs a combination of a comedy and a mystery is under the direction of Mrs. Fauneil Coleman and Mrs. Homer Ingram. The cast which is headed by Pon-nn Morgan and Robert Moore includes: Bill Frazler, a boy who wants to build bridges, Donald Suffer; Cherry Frazler, who Is interested in character analysis. Juanita riroudy; Mrs. Frazler, mother of Bill and Cherry, Ire'tta Bennett; Ted Garvey whose specialty is light plants. Harold Canaday; and Wade as portrayed by Charles Arrasmith. Others who contribute in the play are Loretta Hugg as (Mrs. True-dale) whose daughter Snooky, played by Doris Baird, completely baffles her, and Bill Rein. Linzia Johnson and Bob McMasters who comprise the town's best orchestra and offer a selection in the play. Tickets for the play may be purchased from any member of the junior class. Caramel Syrup Caramel syrup is might v useful to pour over beans !bofdre baking, in confectioner's sugar cake icings; for candied sweet potatoes and even in gravy. Brown a cup of white sugar in a skillet, stirring constantly until melted and -caramelized; remove from heat, add one-half cup boiling water, then return to heat and cook until thick. Store in a small con-' tainer. Poor Digestion? 33 Headachy? Sour or Upset? Tired-Listless? Do you feel headachy and unset due to pocriy diifoali'd food? To fuel cheerful and happy aain your food must be di:iU.l propnrly. teach &j.y. Nature must produce about two pint3 of a vital digestive juice to help digest your food. If Nature fails, your food m:iy remain undigested leaving you headachy and irritable. T hrrcfnre, you must increase the flow of thi;i ci 'costive juice. Carter's Little Liver i iiis increase this flow quickly often in as little ns iiO minutes. And, you're on the road to feeling better. Don't depend on artificial aids to counteract indigestion when Carter's T.inle I,ivi?r Pills aid dlwflion after Na- tare's own order. Take Carter's Little Liver Pills as directed. Get them at any drugstore, only it and tzu KING WINTER is supposed to be the scourge of war but to these Yanks 'th the American First Army In Germany the first heavy snowfull provides the ammunition and the battleground for an old-fashioned snowball fight. Lethal wtr.i o is are temporarily laid aside. 'International) (tomanmder. for the part played In the destruction of 4 3 I'liemy aircraft and the damnRiiiK of 23 oiIhth on a Oerman-held airdrome reci'inly. (Jen-oral Aitdon poinled out it required the cooperation of every member or eyerf organization on the field to prepare the way for and to support Its Commanding Officer, Co: Hubert Zemke and his fighter pilots on their staflng run over the enemy airdrome. The mission began as a bomber-escort, but after the bomb er had dropped their loads on the enemy airdrome. Col. Zemke and hl pilots raked the area wfiilti and again until almost every plane in view had been either damaged or destroyed. U.S.A. Corporal George E. Allison, son of Mr. and Sirs. Harry AlliRon of Detroit, Mich, formerly of Clinton, has been promoted to the rank of sergeant. Sgt. Allison's present address Is Sgt. George E. Allison. SCiCIKOO. 8(17 Ord.'(H. A. M.I Co. Camp Swift. I Texas. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE Mrs. Robert J. Itose of Newport received a eablegn ) Saturday that her husband, Sgt. Robert J. Hose bad landed sately overseas. Sgt. Rose is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alien Rose of near Newport. U.S.A. P. J. Grumley. Jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grumley of Cayuga, former residents of Newport, is amending a few days leave with his parents. Grumley has completed his training with the Navy in New York and when he returns evpecis to Ite shipped out to sea. U.S.A. 1-& Leonard Sykes. son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sykes ot Newport is spending a furlough with his parent. Sykes has been stationed in New Guinea before coming back to the states and after his furlough is completed will leave for a camp in California where he will be stationed for a while. Another brother. Pvt. Leonard Sykes is expected to arrive borne in time for Thanksgiving. U.S.A Private George Edward Gaines, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Gaines of Newport, is spending a ten day furlough with his parents and wife and family. When his furlough is GERMAN FRONT -ESS. & Jk will be takon up again Friday, following the Thanksgiving day recess, if a quorum is present. Otherwise further action will be postponed until Monday. Following disposal of the roads bill, which may wind up in confer-t-noo committee before final agreement, is readied, the house will consider exl ension of t he second war powers act. 'Ding-How "Ding-how" is an interesting importation by Shanghai marines. It means "hunky-dory" or simply "swell OK." - From West Indies service marines borrowed "boondocks" denoting wild back country. The word, however, is used to describe any unhospitable piece pi countryside over which it is a marine's displeasure to march. DOESN'T JUST if If Newport Soldiers in England ATTEND THE flOVEflBER 24 X 1 y" ATTEND IN CLOTHES BY OLMSTEAD'S IN MOCK. BATTLE ON 1 f tZ - A 1 war powers bill, continuing for another year the broad emergency authority vested in the President. TIk- house rn;.ds committee met shortly before the lower-chamber reconvened to consider last-minute a-mendments which may bring the Hobin.'on hill more in line with a similar measure approved by the senate. Both bills wfre originally identical, but Jhe senate measure, underwent considerable revision before passage. It generally favors rural areas more than does the bouse bill in the allocation of federal funds. The senate reduced the federal grants, payable in both bills during a three-year josi war period, from one billion .".'"i million dollars to one billion '.:,u million dollars. The feiit-ral grants would be matched by tl.-' states, v illi a f w exception. TUv- h.):rs ti i--i'e were slated for t he roads oill. 1 1 p.. . . - , Interesting Social News everyday RIDAY, "A LITTLE Phone 129 HAPPEN OV CTiisteads j j BUT CLEANED BETTER 220 Elm St. Hi rorMral Lewis i:. Ilawoi tit, I ij;Iit. mul Serjeant Charles E. Halt orth. left, sons or .Mr. arid 7 Irs. Charles Hatvorth of kinsman, reeirt!y met sojt:evli:rc in l.ittand after huviii? not seen each other for over inoi: hs. '' h ir i!:eerin; was nrrr.nired fy a young; Tiiemlier of the WAr in the floal Air Foi-ee u ho iiuiteil both oi' the boys to her home. ;arles has been in Knliiinl for over a year, and Lett is, a little ov r three liioutbs. Tite lms iire luoiliers fif Mrs. Annahell Spellinpn t t .V Mrt. completed Pvt. Gaines will report I and warehouses, while at Ceram me-back to Camp Croft. X. C. j dium bombers and attack bombers CLOVERLEAF That outstanding quality you enjoy in Scaltest Ice Cream is not left to chance. It is produced under exacting Seakest Quality controls. We invite comparison. Yank Airmen Sweep Enemy Convoy Forces (Continued from Page One) ! ed a 3.000-ton freighter near Zam-j boatiKa, west of southern Mindanao Island, a s later reconnaissance flights spotted wreckage but no ship. On the same nisht another Catnlina sank two coastal vessels in the sum' vicinity. Heavy numbers roared over the Visayas. dropping 71 tons of explosives on the Alicante airdrome, cra-terinK the runways and destroying three parked planes as well as start--ins numerous fires. j Twelve enemy fighters attempting ! to intercept were dispersed after one was shot down and another probably destroyed. i Attack Uavao Ainlrotiie j Patrol planes off southern Mindo-' ro Island destroyed or heavily dam aged a 1. 000-ton Jap freighter.) while medium bombers and fighters; attacked the Sasa and I-ibby air- j dromes near Davao. cratering the j runways and shooting down one of four intercepting planes. Other American patrol planes swept over Tarakan on the northeast coast of Borneo on the heels of a previous damaging raid and set more fires to enemy barracks and two small vessels off shore. In the Moluccas-Halmahera area. our fighters attacked Jap positions at Bull Bay. destroying buildings unloaded 24 tons of bombs on the La ha Nam lea and Boela airdromes. Yanks Near Native Village Meanwhile, rain-soaked American infantrymen moving down the Or-moe corridor on northwestern Leyte Island were reported but a few hun dred yards from the natjv, village nf j Limon after repulsing three determ ined Japanese counter-attacks. On nor is Ablaze Ormoc. however, already is hlaz- Ing from aerial bomb and artillery fire. and if the Japs try to evacuate it. thev will have to do so under most difficult conditions. j Bitter fighting continues to rase tbrouuh the entire Ormoc valley from behind Limon in the north to below Albuera to the south of Or- nioc. Fighting Fluid Because of the typhoon-like rain storms and the dnse jungle covered terrains, fighting has become so flu- jj(j tn;it American artillery men are ;fjn(Jinir jt difficuit )0 fiU1,r,ort the a(ivanrine tnind troons. Ceneral Mac-Arthur disclosed (hat 'the three sharp counter attacks per-j (tet rated by the Japs against the roadblock near Limon cost them heavily in casualties. tJati Casualties High More than 20 Japanese dead were counted by the time the last of the three assaults had been re- pllsed. COP Committee Lines I Tp State Political Plans INDlAXAPrUS. Ind. Jobn H. j I-at:fr. Hf-publir-an tat chairman. , ijas nnnnuncd that all patronae1 ! prohb-pis of tb fnrojninc (',. O. P Matt adniinistraioii will be bandied ' by ih' mate eomti)itt''e itself. j Tb nuiiouncmnt foi lowed a mwtiiig of the ftate rommittee witl' j Cov-nior-Elert Halpb K. ;ates yes- ; ''O1. muianapors. iiit n- i i eb - ett - d Mate officials attended the1 Atplcants for state jobs will be ( ash-d to fill out a triplicate form i tik' tbat used in 1S41. tbe chairman 1 indicated, fopies of th1 forms, dis-i tribttt4-d by county '. O. P. chair- j nit'ii. are f ib-d with tb district i cliairnian and the state committee; alio. j liefore lea vine for Fort Wayne j w( -re he is to confer with th- ew- emor's commission on avianon. dor- j me its third public bearing t h'-v- j today, Hates iinlicnted tliaf an- j noiiiicenjent nf his euthe s-rre-1 tary would fe made mn flmie--' ha? te-n tiarrwed tn '"two r 1 tbre" men. he said. Kw a pt metes will be made before th. en-berna'frial inaueurattoii Jan. wit- . laree nuiiiber no' being made un- til ;it th ejus- of the lsr, fletieral cordiiii: tn previous i ntents. i-b-f ion i nt pj-o d T.- mii:Tii-i.'iI!v. of t?-e pre-' .-iiiiore of the senate' :,-r of tin- !in:tr-e of r-:- ; VOL CAS AIM AYS DfPTVO ClMirhal Cnumrritk Inc.-DU mH Salinul Dn Prnjnch CtrporMM In i lh ! Ojii-S.'olleil Villo9e Pi.9toin, with Jk H jley, Inersdays, C:30 P. mi o 1 House Approval Of Crop Insurance Bill is Assured WASHINGTON. D. C. T it bouse was expected to approve tl e federal crop insurance bill today rind tnen iako up tiie postwar one jOI1 rlit(, mion dollar Robin to i road bill before reecssinc for Thanksgiving. Following house approval, tl.e crop insurance bill will be n to the senate for conci,rr. uce. It i. d - signed to protect fanners' I'M 7, crops of wheat, cotton and flax tuinst unavoidable loss, due to I weather. With the house wiini: u;-tempo of iis wori. in an f for? complete its nil program be: i Christmas. ti:e judp-ii-ry comn.:!: prepared to n-j "i: o:n the ; n 'i ' - 4 f :,.... r ?L ski Privae first class Howard Holsin- gr-x, son of Mrs. Ben Holsinger of Bluffton, Ind.. former residents of Newport, spent several days visiting friends in this city last week. PfC Holsinger is stationed at Camp Butner. N. C. and left Newport Friday to spend the rest of his furlough with his mother. U.S.A. ' - Technical Sergeant S. E. "Buck" Walthall, son of Mrs. Opal Walthall of Newport, arrived home Sunday to Hpnd a furlough with his mother. Sgt. Walthall is stationed at Austin. Tex. hftv-Six Plans For Flood Control Are Outlined 1 (Ccmt1nnfl from Pie H the major doubt of the Indiana cit - izena appeared to be basd on belief that the Army will not go far enough in ineetine the full needs of tbe Wabash basin. Senator Haymond B. Willis suggested that the Stare Commission should gate attention to oserving and holding the water where it falls. Jackson eounty farm and bushi'-s tftaders voiced vigorous opposition to eonatruction of the proposed Shoals Dam, which was reuiovt-d front the federal agenda by the sfnate on an Appeal by Senator William 11. Jeu-j ner. nans uaa ran a ior a a-jw u ai would hat created i. tiant lake, eorering AA per eeut of tl e coutity's tiilable toil, tlif opponents charged. .ppOtlUun Mount. Against ShoaU ' Opposition to til- Shoals pi oject also wat reeal-d by J:"pr--:;iai iv Kmrl Wilson, of Huron, who f;noiT Oltstrnction of a inv,n-r of sm;;P dams and ponds on ttie east fork of White River a a flood coimol mea- -ore. CodjfrMiioiial (-upport f a d-r;-lt flood consrtation and rout ml plan waa pledged ty fjni;i-tn' n Noble Johnson. SiTtii Iiinrict. and Oerald Landia. Seieiiih I-:itrie( Gov. Kct-rick (bK-iattd thai tii- . RENT A FOOD LOCKER In The New Addition We Are Building Put In Your Application Before DECEMBER 15 CITY MARKET R0CKYIU.E, IND. Phone 82 ) : ! ' a ;V. - - . LOa - MORE LEISURE TIAAE DAILY ...COOK WITH "fh -tv ' Jii i : : - iraivej( proh;jliv '. il !. nad iin informal caucus ol iN-pubHf-ati members of ;tir"il Stibiv it Was bejeVeJ.

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