The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 10, 1968 · Page 36
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 36

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1968
Page 36
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Page 36 article text (OCR)

C12 Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 10. 1968 Sheinwold on Bridge Horrible HandsConstant Curse $k You At Your Best By HARRIETTE TIMMERMAN and ruffed her last diamond in dummy. East over ruffed but then had to lead from the K 5 of trumps to declarer's A-9. Mrs. Stone took the finesse and made her contract with an overt rick, scoring 870 points. Are you listening there, Mr. Adams? Still, Mrs. Stone did quite well with it. West opened the king of hearts and continued with the queen. Mrs. Stone ruffed and led the king of clubs to West's ace. West shifted to diamonds, and the queen forced out the ace. Declarer took two high clubs and led her last club, discarding two low diamonds from dummy. West now desperately shifted to trumps, and East's ten forced out the queen. Mrs. Stone ruffed a diamond in dummy, ruffed another heart An example of too many color prints would be a grey suit worn with all red accessories: red hat, red scarf, red shoes and bag, and red gloves. The viewers eye would be hectically drawn from the hat and scarf to the gloves and bag and down to the shoes and then back over them again. When you wear too many focal points for a person to look at, no one ever gets around to looking at you. The best accessories for a grey suit to keep YOU the center of interest would be wear either grey or black shoes, bag and gloves with a red hat and scarf. The focal points worn near the face allows all eyes to focus or. you Instead of what you are wearing. It is a mistake for a woman to let her clothes use her as an accessor' Instead of her using them. If people are constantly complimenting you on your dress or another article you are wearing . . . better watch out! But, if they tell you, "you look beautiful ", you are doing O.K. iff. 'V ft, vfiSSi By ALFRED SHEINWOLD A letter from William Adams, of Joshua Tree, Calif., tells its own story: "For some 30 years I worked for a large company, and in the course of employment I was transferred from one town to another. When we moved Into a new town fellow employes would Invite us to their homes to play bridge. The evenings would pass, and I would never be able to open the bidding. "Occasionally, with some of my best hands, I would be able to respond to my partner's bid. It would all too soon become evident that I never had anything approaching a good hand; and whenever I put my hand down for the dummy my partner would snort in disgust: 'Don't you ever get a decent hand?' "After a number of months I would become the perennial partner of the hostess. She was not expected to share In the prizes, and she would become accustomed to me as a sort of extra penalty for having organized the bridge game in the first place. "Eventually we would no longer be included in invitations to play bridge, and we would give up playing until we were transferred to the next city, where the cycle began all over again. "I can hear you saying, 'Pooh, pooh. The odds against anything like that are completely impossible.' "For a few months I Jotted down the number of points I was dealt for each hand. The average for 329 hands was 5.74. One night It became a point of interest to see If I could be dealt an opening hand. So we Just shuffled and dealt the hands without playing them. "In 20 hands I had two Yar-boroughs, and the best hand had 10 points. They next tried to outguess the deal and had me change position just before the cards were dealt. "No difference; the hands were Just as bad. There was much shaking of heads, and complete disbelief; but I noted that after this Incident I was never readily accepted as a bridge partner. "I have retired and now live in a small town in the desert. The usual cycle was repeated, and I soon became persona non grata at the local bridge circles. Now, however, I have no chance to be transferred, so my bridge playing days are over. "I still read your column, and I drool over the fine hands dealt to some lucky people. Keep up the good work, and make somebody with a temporary streak of poor luck better by telling him about the fellow you heard of who just couldn't get a good hand." What can anybody say to alleviate my correspondent's distress? Perhaps he should take up hearts, a card game In which the general objective is to avoid winning tricks. In Spain they still use a bid of . Nullos In contract bridge when the bidder thinks he cannot be forced to win a trick. Duplicate bridge might be the answer, although even in that game most players like to see a few aces and kings now and then. South dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH 4) 632 ? 6543 2 0 532 42 WEST EAST 4) 8 4 KJ 105 V AKQ7 J 109 0 J 9 84 O KQ7 A 10 9 6 4 873 SOUTH 4) AQ974 V 8 O A 10 6 KQJ5 South West North East 1 4) Double Pass 1 NT 2 Double 2 4) Double All Pass Opening lead - S K While we wait for suggestions, we might study the way In which declarer made use of the dummy in today's hand. I do not claim to be In Mr. Adams' class as a poor card holder, but I did hold that North hand In a rubber bridge game some years ago in New York with Mrs. Tobias Stone as my partner. I was not very cheerful when I put my hand on the table, but the outcome wiped the frown off my face. My Yarborough not only contained no honor card, but even had no nine, eight or seven. Dear Harriette: I've never heard of anyone with my problem before. I'm not bothered with dry skin anywhere except on my leet. They are always cracked around the heels, even In the summer, and I can't wear sandals or heelless shoes. I've tried hand and body lotion, even face cream but the dryness still persists. T. G. West Palm Beach DearT.G. One ot the best and most economical ways Is to rub your feet lightly with petroleum Jelly every morning before putting on your hose and-or shoes. The heat produced from wearing shoes opens the pores of the feet and helps the Jelly keep them soft. If this doesn't produce the results you desire, you can stretch this into a 24-hour-a-day beauty treatment by rubbing petroleum Jelly on your feet and wearing socks overnight. Dear Harriette: I have a diamond heart locket that because of sentimental attachment, I never remove. I am pround of It so I wear It so that It shows. I have been told that I should not wear It with certain dresses, like those with collars. Is this right? H. F. Palm Beach DearH.F. Necklaces are added decoration to the neckline of a dress. If a neckline has already been decorated, with a collar or other trim, a necklace detracts from Instead of adding to the dress. The choker length necklace that is so short it does not extend over the dress collar is the answer here. ft iniiraewfl Shape Up For Sports SURPRISE YOUR LOVED ONE IN SERVICE WITH A PROFESSIONAL STUDIO PORTRAIT EXPERTLY PHOTOGRAPHED IN LOVELY GLOWING SEPIA TONES Dear Harriette: When I introduce myself over the telephone do I say, "This is Mrs. Samples," or "This is Mary Samples?" M.S. West Palm Beach Dear Mary, You should Introduce yourself as Mary Samples over the phone or In person. If you speak to an unknown person on the phone it would be proper to say, "This is Mrs. Samples." In any case, you would be Mrs. Samples in a business situation, to employees and tradesmen and children. Dear Harriette: Should a girl sit on her date's right or left side or does It make any difference? Q. J. Lantana DearQ. T. You should sit on your escort's right side to make it easier for him to assist you with your wrap and in lighting your cigarettes and performing other gentlemanly acts. Dear Harriette: When you are buying accessories for a basic or neutral colored outfit, how many different places can you wear color without looking too "busy"? K.C. Palm Beach. Dear K. Dear K.C. Each different place you wear a color becomes an additional focal point or another place for the observers eye to look. The more places you wear color, the more people notice what you are wearing and the less they notice YOU. A really clever girl tries to limit points of color to no more than three places and two if possible. fiUALITV figure it, $6 thru Saturday ALWAYS FIRST Anyway you in our firm - but- flexible stretch lace controller. Perfect under pants. Panty style has no -bind set-in crotch. By Swisstex (made in U.S.A.) in white only. long-leg panty . . . in your special waist sizes 32 to 44 but hurry! so your serviceman will get your portrait by Christmas, come in or call today! Imported Lace Whisked Over Taffeta Yoked dress costumed with a longer jacket, of cotton shell-puff lace lined in acetate taffeta. White on candle beige or blue on blue. your special sizes 14'2to26'2 75 BRYANT Mail and t nana Ordart 6I3-625S 40' Mailing Charge ill 7 ' Dear Harriette: I have a round face and wear my hair In a style to make my face look longer and less round. What type of necklines should I choose? T.R. Riviera Beach DearT.R. Avoid wearing any necklines with round lines such as a scoop or high Jewel neck. Any circular line will repeat the roundish shape of your face and emphasize it more. The best neckline to ovallze a round face is the V shape. The oval is also very good. If you wear a dress or suit with a collar, it should be pointed rather than the round Peter Pan type. The Jewelry you wear will also have some effect on helping to shape your face. Again, the V-shape necklace, such as a pendant or longer length beads to create an oval will help to add length to a moon shaped face. Earrings that are oblong, rather than round add to the vertical line. 9eot 9feft gfajfes THE MOST BECOMING HAIR STYLE CUT: Bangs a.i -nt from ear to ear very long covering the eyebrows. Tendrils are cut at the sides in front of the ears. The rest is long on the shoulder in a biunt edge cut. TO SET: Tape bangs i" place, over a wad of cotton also tape the side tendrils in place. The back is set on large rollers as shown. TO COMB: Brush bungs and tendrils in pi wee ihcui brush sides up to the top of the crown and arrange in a knot. The rest of the hair spills duwn on the shoulders from underneath the knot. By Mr. Hene - London, Porn KJN 11 Adonna makes this your shapeliest season! The sleeker the fashion look ... the mori important our own Adonna foundations. Choose from flattering bras and girdles with the comfort Adonna it famous fori Low plunge nylon tricot fiberfill bra has acetate polyesterlycra spandex elastic. 32-36A, 32-38B, C $4 'Expanda-Thigh' panty girdle of Antron nylonLycra spandex has reinforced self panels. Sizes S,M,L,XL $7 Cotton bra with pretty nylon Iocs cups has rayon cottonnylon spandex sections. 32-36A, 32-40B 2.50 Panty girdle of nylonlycra spandex has panel of oce-tatecottonlycra spandex elastic. THE PRICE IS SPECIAL TOO I FOR ONE WEEK ONLY I A SOFTLY GLOW-TONED 8x10 SEPIA PORTRAIT OF YOU LOOKING YOUR VERY BEST FOR ONLY $29 TOOLEY MYRON STUDIOS Hand-woven Up-front Look Palm Beach Mall 683-2665 Look no more! The right now vampy sweet kid leather shoe with slightly higher stacked heel is here in black or brown. And the price is right! hard-to-find sizes: Mon. & Fri. 12-8 Tues. Wed. Thurs. Sot. 10-6 Studio Hours: 1 We honor Bankmark and Shoppers Charge Cards PROTECTIVE OVERSEAS SHIPMENT PACKETS AVAILABLE. I f medium (B,C) 7 wide (D,E) 5 to x-wide (EE,EEE) 98 KKG. I r iBJltWHlM fcjfeV IHnilMI MtoPHIIHI Tl5jlS CV'fcl'w iM'Mt vim V S,M,L,XL if J CHARGE ITI 1 fJT 7jP If iTJ i I to 12 1 2 5 to 12 LANE Opn Mm. Thru Sal. 10 I 9:30 Add 4 Stall Tax. (.KKT KKSORT SHOPS I NDKR-OMi-ROOF LULLABYE SHOP - PREP SHOP ONK-STOP SHOPPING ATTHKSETtO 22HOKTH AVKMK OPEN 10 A.M. Til 9:30 P.M. Monday palm bkvui. hihiii TKL. CtOS) K.12-7SH

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