The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 21, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, November 21, 1944
Page 5
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THE ! A 1 1- V CI.fNTON IAN Tui'.lay, N'.ncn.bir 1 OH. Practical Crops Farmers who cannot 'find labor for growing and harvesting torn uf soybeans, will find outs and barley the most practical feed crops to handle. Calorie Content A fair sized potato contributes the same number of calorie of fuel food lot the body engine a a large orange, a large apple or (our average ized prunes. British Patrols Probe Nazi Defenses South Of Key Ravenna Post (Continual) Horn pig 1 1 agency reported that street fighting now Is in progress in the city of HarrebourK.f I ntii h Viol rol Waterway The menace to the German defenses along the upper Khlne came when the French gained positions astride the waterway from which they could drive northward through Bridgeton 'Coons Take Montezuma Cagern Friday The Bridgeton Kaecoons took the measure of the Montezuma Aztecs on the Montezuma floor Friday night by lha score of 15-18 In a well-pluy-ed cautious hall game. The Uaccoous took an early lead and played 'possession' ball throughout the game. Bridgeton 115) ' VU VT VP C. Hawkins, f 1 2 I) the Alsace plain and cut off Nazi THE BAUCHMAN MARVEL MODEL LIME AND MATERIAL SPREADER Th Mt(MC ninnlnf want on (h market. "A Vurm Ubor Bhvt" oprat4 by on mmn trim irtcfc b. Blrrt- 4ry w dump tun dirm (turn afaH mla or bin. VWU4 vlUrMM wr umiorm rwli. lw injt, un T awiy miipt trvek. i, tw for fMrif-'" " ?riWT:-' dituliint nJ wnldifitf (hi r$vi, ,.r7 v tvklT f), me. , tiuw nd UMrd both elevens go all-out to win. clluoffl has been victor In the lust two games, an !- will at Hulllvau in l!M:) and a bare 7-0 victory last year. Itolh gquuds Bra determined lo make a d or die stand this year wiih the outcome promising a bang-up football game. KilllKun comes Into the game fresh from a 25-0 win over Union in an Armistice Day bailie while Clinton comes in with a 19-1 win over fiiazll. The Arrows have lost two games, one to Wiley and one to Vlncennes. Many Clinton fans are planning on making the Turkey Day trek down to riullivan to boost the team. Sullivan will be having Its homecoming and a super half-time program Is In store. Clinton High School hopes to have its band represented at the game and is seeking transportation for tiie band, Persons who are planning in attend the game and who will have room to take one or more band members are urged U get in touch with K. C. Boyd, superinten forces In the Vosges Mountains, Northeast of Gellenklrchen, on the sector Inside Germany manned by the U, 8. Ninth and the iliitish ond Armies, a Nazi counter-attacks In which tanks were employed was beaten off. East of Gellenklrchen fierce German resistance was encountered In the vicinity of Gereons-weller and tlie town of Allied Truck X Ui til vvmw "' : 1 Case, t 0 12 l,cwis, c 2 3 Barnes, g . 0 3 1 Equipment, Inc. ClILSr-SuIlivan To Renew Hot Grid Rivalry Turkey Day Gam Climax Of fcason for Both Teams; Clinton Hat Slight Edge In Pre-Game Forecast JltliPW'Jng one of tlie oldest and liotli-at Kiiijirou rlvalri In Hie Wabash Valley, Clinton's Wildcats tiaipee off Ui Sullivan Thursday afternoon to do Turkey jay battle with th tiulllvan tloldi-n Arrows. With Kami's dating back to 1920, ftpfccd with occasional exchange of coaches and a few assorted gridiron insults, the Cliiilon-.Sulilvan game is looked forward to as the highpofnt of the Krid season by both schools with the merits of the entire season judged in Urge part by the outcome of the clash. Clinton rules as a favorite this year because of their unbeaten record of aeven wins with olc tie. liut the average football fan may as well toss his doje books in the aslican when these two teams meet since I a limited Male due to bad wfuthxr, Went, ol Forll other unlu occupied overal localities previously held by the German. On tlie KUth Army front, the Nazi continued to hold the Initiative, attaching along route 65 In the vicinity of PodeTe la Kabrlo, ten mile kouIu of llologna, and In (be South-Africa-held ector. Hotb enemy ft-forta were repuiued. Oen. Wilson'd communique also reported an air attack on the oil refinery at Ulechhaminer in upper Silesia and other imiuutiial targeia In Germany and f'zechoislovaliia by strong force of lfti Air Korce heavy bomber. Other bombers hit railroad target In central Yugoslavia. The MAAK flew approximately 1,-800 sorties yesterday despite the bad weather. oJ u-b 2 . l...ll.mK.H t. tad. 0 0 1 yc, FT PF Ames, g ....... Montezuma (12 Wllhlte, t 2 Hott, f .... 2 Crockett, f ... 0 Maris, 0 Oerrard, g , , . I Wolverton, g , . 0 2 3 2 1 0 15 12 Score by quarters: Bridgeton 5 7 11 Montezuma .. 0 2 7 dent of Schools Tuesday evening. Football Notes French Pace Threat to South German Flank (Continued from page 1) WI TH HlvXD, Ind. Joe ;aspa-rella, who was hurt in the Norih-wevtrrn game Kafurday, and Hob Kelly, who was uot able to play, were back in uniform 'on the Noire Dame football suuad today and Coach Kd McKeever said both probably would start against Ceorgia Tech In Atlanta Saturday. MOM MI N I uimI MlJtkUfK TfT Huutf Monument Co, f. I.l't V, fltomf 38 U6 tt, fcfltDlil, i Mut (Ml the Isle Cliambiere, which are bounded by partly navigable and partly unuavlgable stretches of the Moselle river, A total of 3,100 prisoners had be-eu taken in the Mel area up to midnight Monday, IOWA CITY, la. The question of whether Kdwaid "Klip" Madigau will be back us coach for Iowa next season engrossed the campus Uday Amazing results r shown In '""t'Looks... bcuthgVITAUTY! ALL GKEEN ASPARAGUS TIPS Filipino Natives Welcome Yanks Hack to Levte f Continue from Par I raids but lliey havent done any damage that ( eould eeef They are moHily nuiKaue raid. I've seeu 4 uiu a tew of Uiein wliot down already." The natives are lending aid to the uriilu forces, Uiu letter oUiiued. "W'e talked to uiiO of tli'iu who said lie hud Killed 27 Japs by him-sef and all he had was a bolo knife. "Home of the fellows were trying to bargain for Jap rifles for souvenirs but the natives just laughed at them. They say "we use them to kill Japs with." "Guess that's J.he only way they can get any kind of lire-arms they have to bump off a Jap to g-t them." Seaman Lewis told liis parents that he was sure his brother and brother-in-law were fn the area and he hoped to find out for sure. Mail is pretty slow, his letter said, but prospects were that H might come soon. "Wish you'd subscribe to I he f'liii-toniau for me," he wrote, "I could sure go for some news from around home." His letter closed with another warning against Japanese claims "Don't believe everything you read in the papers if you did we wouldn't be here." Big Three is liors de combat and Set your table with Thanksgiving goodness and plenty by coming here for everything for the traditional menu , . . everything from savory soup to spicy pumpkin pie. Our shelves and tables are filled to overflowing with fine foods for the feast , . . and our low, low prhses make our market tlie "happy hunting grounds" for the biggest Thanksgiving Values. Do all your Thanksgiving food buying here and you'll save more time , . . AND MOKE UIIMVI as deeply as the question of how the Hawkeyes will fare against the Iowa Kvahawks in their final game I Saturday. I Madigan discussed his future with the athletic committee but said uf- terward lie had reached no decision on quitting and probably wouldn't i until the middle of January. Iowa 25c lOVi ox. can RASPBERRY JAWl mi black nb jar 37c ihit KouUu'Uht of Mey Southeast of Metz, the town of Kauluuemont on the Metz-Saarbruc-ken railway was taken alter a one-mile advance. There was no official confirmation of reports that French troops have reached either Mul-house or f'olmar in force, Front dispatches told of the general retreate of the Nazis In the face of possible entrapment as (lie French were reported already battling to secure a crossing of the Rhine, The French First and the American Seventh Armies drove hard a-gainst the German forces falling back on the frontier cities of Stra-bourg, Colmar and Mulhouse. French units battling northwest of the two points readied on (he Rhine hammered to within less than eight miles of Mulhouse, while the American Seventh to the north struck to within less than five miles of Sarrebourg, some 30 miles from Strasbourg. (A dispatch by the Gorman DNB ' hasn't won a game this season. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. The Minnesota football squad was threatened today with the loss of two players tor its final game of the season fcaiurday against Wisconsin at Madison. Jerry Kafka, reserve tackle. Is about to join the marines and Walt Edwards, center, is expecting a draft call which may take him out of the line-up. APPLE BUTTER musselman's pure koz.- 19c SANDWICH SPREAD stable t.24c 4tl Lit. LOIN END 4 Points i t V c ( i ' i , eastern football generally is some-i thing less than inspiring. MADISON', Wis. Coach Harry MAXWELL HOUSE COFFEE- 1 lb. bag 26c PORK ROAST 31c Stuhidreher )( the Wisconsin Badg-j NKW YORK, K. y. Far into the future the year of 144 will be remembered ah a peak football season by the football addictB. The ear of was to be just another mix-up of V-l 2 a shifting hither and yon, with freshmen on some teams and others bolstered by a welrj ssortmeiit of nondescripts gatherej from here and there. It was to be war-time football at Its worst. yet ou( of this seeming mixup of nothingness has come some of the greatest football ever played with some of the greatest games of any season down for decision as they near the finish. On the coming Saturday, Ohio Dr. G. R. McGUJRE CKIROPBACTOB X 235V BlaUniftB eis said today that "Jug" Girard, who ha been side-lined four weeks with a bad knee, will play in Saturday's game against Minnesota. rsgssr i i SHOULDER ROAST GRADE A VEAL lb. 28c CHUCK ROAST GRADE A BEEF 5 pts. lb. 29c .-low'0"' ' .u fifO BLOOD'. I 2 RICH, 1, MUSTARD 1 2c Regal Qt. Jar OSCAR MAYER'S LUNCHEON MEAT 12 ounce can 32c LITTLE SPORT Improper dit, overwork, undue worries,, the f.d or other illnesa Rheumatic Sufferers Nagging-, Muscular Rheumatic Tains May Cheeked Fast A If for the senufiw WUHoni BUK Cum (tuund. Yov wort i d f '.&y v-i'U new mii juymcnt hrn you t;t-i. iv!i f ft un mg K'ng paint. Many p- 4- 'zre tWr ul-frd so mt tin laml t' eould nmrtllf Up and did nut it ,i ktt workimr-Ana tint n Williitmi KT ' 'iinwuii4l brtuttht th-m itrjilvful w nf i in hurry' Tn iriiiiU in id jing liquid im form, art! Utktrn fn' rn' ' And o arc vilbl to mpetd f' t i.r of pain 4 oa-BMtion. I ii' fiit pk for thnuM?lvM. Tik on. .-ld. UtiHiiBieiuUrti od vitl by V . j'E'S PHARMACY LB. 28c However, Ohio State and Yale keep the situation from becoming one of utter medioerU y all along the line, and will serve to whet football appetites for the absolute standout game of the year on Dec. i at Baltimore, where Army and Navy will meet. The national championship may be riding on that one for Army, which can claim the undisputed title If Ohio States blows lo Michigan. The Army-Navy game, as a matter of fact, is going to be one of the greatest of great all-time football attrae'ions. Many people are Insisting - and belting that Navy will win, this in spile of the fact liat Army is seeking to comple-sis first undefeated season in a file of decades with one of th ,i versatile and toughest tenn- .er put together. State will meet Michigan. The Buckeyes can enjoy their first untied, un- . defeated season in 24 years by beat iug tho tough Wolverines. j Yale will tryfo rlt s first utterly spotless season in 21 years against ; Virginia, which is once-beaten, In the Ohio State-lliehigan game the western conference champion ship will be riding on the outcome. Yale can't hope for much except the j fruits of victory at a time when the CKAUE "A" VEAL STEAK END CUT 4 pointi PORK CHOPS lb. Ul'.ttfi bfcAiio 31c 19oz. can 12c GINGER BREAD MIX VUMU JUipail Li if BiyuiBt,u o live foft'-'Uoiifi tttid reduces the red-feiood bcrength. A person who ie operating on only ft 10 to ' UeuiUiy biood volume or tomac4 fisuve ciipHy of only SO to &r,'r noiiti&l Ifc sevtiely handicapped. At BUctt tiiiifct! Nature needs extra help to reatore Ha balance and (unction pron-rly UndiKcbVd ijod niucfca it. tax on tlie Byttcnj...iutufli':tfnt blood jstreuiith it b deti-um-nt to gx;d ii;ailli. II you are t"itjtct to poor digestion or suepect dcl.cit.-jit red-ti;tod a tlie cause ol your Uotiljle, yet ituve no organic cornpucauun or focal j(ction, fotti Tonic may be just wi,ut you need! bbtt ionic l. tiix-' Miiy debifiit-d a, to promote the Bow of VII At. DJOhbTJVE JUK.tjS m the vtointf-h ui.d 2- to bund-UD HLOOD t-THhOTH when dennent. Tiies two imior'-ant re- Jita tuabie you w enjoy the food you do eat ... to maite us of It at Nature intended. Thus you may et new viuhty . . . pep , . tooBie aminattd . . . more atuacUve! Bu'Id Sturdy Health ntt Help America Win Thonsandp and tliousrnos of user? hav tfcblH.fcd to the beneM SSti Ionic fcat brought to them and scientific rwarch ihowt that Jt retuluthat fc why so ttianyay' fa.'; Tonic builds tturdy health makes you K-el lilte yourself bnum'At drug euireelii 1.0 aiid PLENTY OF POLLTKV PUMPKIN DUFPS pkg. 19c GOLD MEDAL For Thanksgiving - - - CHRYSANTHEMUMS All ;rouu lu Our Ouii OrMnlioUMi! Large Chrysanthemums Small JPompH ' oaeb C-togeiher a the !,A FA VKTTK. ind il Isbell was win ; new backfieid i'"' tor makers prepa ' FLOOR $1 .15 Wanted To Buy Cars HIGHEST CASH PKICKS PAID WILSON, JUSTICE AND OSELLA AUTO SALES (Formerly t'olemuu Auto '.) REGAL OK SLOAK LOAF 25 lbs 1 struggle wi'ii i .'igiiting Hoosiers. their traditional i'vals. With lloris iabe, IJiinanclK 11, acting captain and lending Hig Nine ground gainer, hospitalized from iu juries suf-f red in Hie Navy game, I'urdue's ':h-".'es UHniuf, tlie i. L'. team have N- .-ened. The Ikiilennakers will be f.ghtijig for second place fn the liig Nine race as well as for tiie Old Oaken liuclu-t. CKMKTKKV STANDS WREATHS AND BLANKETS b 7 2 lg. cans 25 SNO - SHEEN CAKE FLOUR 2 3-4 Lb. Pkg. 23c tome help build STURDr HEALTH Our Mure Will H- 0k-ii I lllli .uon TlmnkKKK'UK l!(,0O:.:iN;TON, Ind. Coach A. S. (Hut Meiiiiiin was preparing lu-ri aiia players against i'urdue's run-: iiiii' piays today, warning them that tlt.-y will be laed with the best running game of their season K itru .j , at l-atayeite. In yesterday s Ini' live drill, a!- tent ion alwj w;is 'jtvotd to perfee-tion of Hie ( lU.-.vni pabfiiiig offense built around liob (Hunchy) Hoern- B:iieiueyer. i HERSHEY'S STORE IT DOESN'T HAVE TO COST n :IU t. Main Am MUCH T0 BE FUN 7 GREAT.' CALL A f THE BRIDAL COUPLE rr AHEM' WE'LL I'M DAN DUNN, - - AFTER MINUTES HAVE DRAGGED PAST LIKE HOURS f- CAR, IRWIN 'WERE ! GOT OFF AT THE 4ft 00 OUR BEST' SPECIAL FEDECAL HUKdlBDLV, DAN DESC?l8eS HIS PUPSUIT OF DOKTOR KRUGG - 7 INVCNTOR OF A 'PARALYSIS "GAS AND HIS BEAUTIFUL COMPANION! CLOSING IN.' ' Vk. m m hi i w AGENT' I'VE GOT . AvjENT' IVfc yJl II A II P - - ' POVER --THATS A SMALL VILLAGE ySMALL r TO CONTACT TH CONDUCTOR OF THE SOUTHERN VITT- y -i i r DUXN PASSEO TWO STOPS? KEEPS YOU IN TRIM! HELPS YOU RELAX! Between Strikes You Can Enjoy Good Cold Drinkit At Our Fountain Service ROCKET"ATONCEV i r,t.rtc Tut: ACkiT , ILL KnuiiL i " l rvL( at tlif rwien' its DUE THERE IN SIX MINUTES' Wife v Secret fc. j 0perati,e iMfe IV. II --3. I It & I tYJi , B LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY 8 WELL-LIGHTED ALLEYS V4 t

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