The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 21, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1944
Page 2
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Tur.iJ.i THE DAILY CLI?'TOKI AN' fcage Two 1 DR. O. R. BREDEWEG: Eisenhower Calls For All-Out Allied Effort To Win War in Europe Speculation Mounts Over Proposed Meeting of Big .' (Continued from page 1) t OPTOMETRIST . I Eyes Tested Glasses Made For . " Those Who Need Them;'' I 248 St. I I.I XTO V, IX. ; P''0" luctant to go all the way to Russia. And Prime Minister hurt-hill, who lues already made two nips to llos-cuw. would I'l'el'er to meet Stalin somewhere nearer London tills time. In the absence of a meeting of the three leaders, it is understood that agreements of a military character reached last year at Teheran will be continued in effect, and that any revision can be made by exchanges between the military staffs at a lower level. (Continued from page I) remained on a a rationed basis, with the armed forces and war essential iudustries getting priority and with few personal calls going through. Except for some of the smaller communities, where manual phones still are in use, there was no interruption of local service. Dial telephones are in use in all the larger cities. Refuse lo Cross Picket Miles Federation officials reported that a large number of Cleveland office workers, although they had voted aeainst joining the strike, today refused to cross the picket lines established around Ohio Hell's - Viet capital lor Stalin's day-tu-duy direction of the war. Itetaetaut lo tio to KushiM On the other hand. President Roosevelt if understood to In1 re- New B-29' Raid" Strikes Japan, War Plants Hit iC.mtoaeJ (rum pag II Manila Area Smashed I'EAHl, HAKHOK Further word was awaited today on results of the latest American carrier-based aerial smash at the Manila area of the Philippines as a Pacific Fleet headtiuui'ters cominuniuue based on incomplete reports listed at least IIS Japanese planes destroyed and two large enemy cargo ships and one large tanker left in flames. Navy planes carried out the raid Saturday, smashing "about 100 en appeal to those on the home front for more supplies. "1 want more supplies than I am getting." he demanded. I think the Koldier wants more than he in getting, both now and in the future." Jle asked the people on the home front to Increase their effort in a mounting crescendo which would reach its highest pitch on the day of the enemy's surrender. Postpone ilay of Victory t'uless everyone in all of the Allied nations, lie said, "those at the front and those at home keep on the job everlastingly with mounting intensity we are only postponing the day of victory". Puppeteers Federated In England the puppeteers are organized in the British Puppet and Model Theater guild. It was affiliated with similar organizations in Belgium, Austria and Germany through the International Federation of Puppeteers, with headquarters in Prague. MONUMENTS 0 A Complete lalne 0 For Service Drop I f A Card L W.Walsh Monument Co. 211 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana emy planes" on the ground at Jap-, held airdromes near Manila, shooting down ten in aerial combat over, Pint Package of The supreme commander said that ho did not believe at all that the attitude oil the home front was one of doing less work and accepting liigh- H. J. Barber, vice-president of the j company in charge of public relations, said that the immediate effect j of the action of the Long Lines lie- partmeut, if most of them stay out, ! would be to place long distance ser-vice on a stricter priority system. ! Radio, News Service to Continue Company officials said, however, ' that long distance circuits carrying radio network programs and news dispatches would be kept in service. "if the union doesn't send in people to care for such service," Barber declared, "the company will supply engineers from the manage-, ment's ranks." j No agreement was reached at a ' meeting called by Mayor Frank J. ! Lausche yesterday in an effort to settle the dispute growing out of a policy of the Telephone Company in paying out-of-town operators employed at Dayton $18.25 expense money weekly in addition to their base pay. j targets, and destroying eight others which the American warbirds were wbic lithe American warbirds were lc unclied. Blasted i" HaHtor The three Japanese vessel accounted for were blasted in Manila lli.rbor. Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge 20c er losses. In speaking of the battlefronts themselves, (Jcneral Eisenhower declared that he had not yet seen any signs that the Germans were pulling I Have Your Dry-Cleaning Done "THE MODEL WAY" 323 S. MAIN :-: PHONE 13 536 S. FOURTH :-: PHONE 55 MODEL CLEANERS llll Your parly dress: your but-incs suit. J I I Kent! Iliciii HI IIK, street frocks to boot, j llll We'll clean I hem .4.1,1, a "MOKKI" cleaning, H I Kor "Model" bus ail I I.TIt.4. meailiiiK.' j across 'the Hliine east of Aachen With a large Allied force west of the Quart Brick Khine. carrying aerial superiority strong enough to blast all retreat bridged, the Nazis have no choice but to stand and light, he added. 3 colors, 3 flavors 3 5 C 1 POUND BOXES WLB Nears Vote On Steel Wage Increase Issue Ho pointed out. however, that the rant- Germans easily could bUild field works on the far side of the Rhine, while crossing the river entailed "practically, a naval operation". (Continued rival page 1) Leyte Yanks Closing in On Japs Despite New Counterblows, Storms (Continued from page 1) BOX CANDY 65c - $1.00 $1.10-s1.50 ranteed annual wage in the steel industry. Al'l, is Kepi-eeilted Robert J. Watt, a .member of the WI,B, represented the AF1, at deliberations yesterday on the steel Third A rmy Knives into Maginot Line Defenses; Complete Metz Mop-up trontlnnefl P ha Pace l case, the first time in several weeks that a federation member has at planes to American fighter patrols and anti-aircraft batteries. Jap-held Borneo also came in for heavy pounding by more than 100 land-based bombers from New Guinea which blasted Jap fuel dumps and defense installations, touching 2 LB. BOXES tended. Watt said he would participate actively in the discussions and cast the two AFL votes on the final 83.00 right wing gained up to three miles with one spearhead within 18 mil' 8 of Saarbrueken. Two Inland of BefiafaiMv Meanwhile, mopping up operations are being completed in Metz. Resistance within the city is confined to two Moselle Islands, saulry and Chanihieres, opposite the Cathedral, and from five groups of outlying forts. An ultimatum sent to to enemy commander of the islands' garrisons was ignored and the attacks upon those bastions resuried. Well-Informed observer! said that 000 enemy troops are holding Fort Driant and are short of rations and small a r m s ammunition. These sources estimated that 3.100 prisoners were taken in Metz yesterday. Including many members of the newly-conscripted Volkssturm. FI..E MEDICINAL LIQUORS decision. George Meany. AFI, secretary-treasurer, who is attending the AFL annual convention in New Orleans, telegraphed instructions to Watt to sit in on the board's discussions. Presumably, the AFL executive council dictated such action. Meany previously had announced withdrawal of the AFL members from participation in the pending big wage cases in protest against the WLB's refusal to make recommendations to President Roosevelt on labor's demand for an upward revision of the "Li.Vtle Steel" yardstick. Instead, the board decided only to present to Mr. Roosevelt a "factfinding" report on wages, leaving the decision up to the White House. Thirty Fei'Jen liaise Last week-end a special committee reported to "5lr. Roosevelt that wartime living costs had risen twenty-nine to thirty per cent and Meany promptly called for a thirty per cent wage formula. The present yardstick allows for orrr a, fifteen per cent general increase in wage rates since Jan. 1, 1941. off large fires. Tlie heavy rains pouring down on Leyte Island have made fighting most difficult. MacArthur declared, j in announcing that thhe American road block on the Ormoc road is still holding firm in the tenth corps sec-1 tor. Second Tropical Ktonn It was the second storm to lash the embattled island since infantrymen from the 24th, 8Cth, 7th and 32nd Divisions, as well as dismounted cavalrymen of the First Division began their campaign to run the Japs off the island. ! The torrential rains caused American commanders to be constantly on the alert against a surprise Jap attack. Gen. MacArthur's latest communique did not mention the newest landings of American Hoops on the Asia Islands, 130 miles north of the northwestern tip of Dutch New Guinea, and it was presumed the invasion carried out with minor losses to our forces. The Asias, midway between Hal-mauera and the Mapia group, were used by the Japs to spot Allied planes as they moved northward to their targets. The Mapia group, used for the same purpose, is now in j JfllMjn BHTTHH. Most Complete Line In Several Months RedsjBattle TV Isolate Miskolc, Block to Budapest (Continued from Page One) You slip o$ a word. If we slip on it, we ' " slip you cash! Join the fun this afternoon! ra'2.15 PJ. lT:Zr- NEW... DIFFERENT.. .YOU'LL LIKE IT! UI APIO MOi fO AIUBA IHO south of Miskolc and Szirma, two milea Rnlltheast. The advances cut lines of contact f,r Herman forces in Hungary ana American hands. those in Eastern Slovakia. They Classified Ads Sell Most Anything pressed the Nazis back into tne nu-ekk and Matra Mountains on the approaches to Czechoslovakia and western Austria. Hold liuiapet Iink With Miskolc threatened, and the Ked army across most of the rail "i lost 52 Lbs.! WEAR SIZE 14 AGAIN" MKS. C. D. WELLS. FT. WORTH As C.ctunJ Mm You may low pound, iind liave n mote leiidi-r, gii.eiiil liaun No1 iiTcis,.. No Gin;. No Lxauvet. Government Hold Looms on Ohio Telephone System (Continued rrom page I) War Labor Board to attend a "show-cause" hearing in Washington this afternoon. However, refusal of union leaders to order a back-to-work movement when called before a similar hearing by the regional WLB in Cleveland Saturday indicated that today's session might conclude the same way. Washington observers reported that the expected next step in such an event would be to turn the dispute over to the President for probable government seizure of the telephone system. Kation ltig Distance (alls Meanwhile, the placing of long distance calls in the affected cities way linking it with the Hungarian capital, an early end to the battle for Budapest was predicted. Germans and Hungarians still were resisting fiercely in the rich Hungarian Tokav country, however. Eat mrat Thri-st I:y not tf y lot Ayds Ci4U? Look ii thts The Soviet supplement reported that la r!iui-.J testa -onduru.-d 0 m-'diral doctor more IW ptit.oQB loat 14 to 15 poonda araHv n few week with the AVOS Vitamin Cttatdy HedueltiK Clan. t lie Russians had to beat back live Nazi counter attacks, carried out by larro forces of tanks and infantry. 1 to take Diosgyoer, an important iron With Llits Ada yuit don't ct out any mi at, clau'lu'. potaUX center. meats or out simtjiycui tu dotvu it s aniliile and t-asii't t.crmails Report Attack la"! .A'TjV betote tacit m In, .-la !. ., a.,. Ul liav. Moscow had little lo say auout tne Latvian front where Herlin said the Avdr- only SJ 25. If not drlmin-d with reauiU, MO.Siti' SACK with liie vwy lust boi. "!ane , I'HAltMAI 1 . .'11 S. Main SI. a. - : Red" army was attacking in force a-' gainst the estimated 30 German divisions held in a C.OOO square mile pocket against the Baltic Sea since Oct. 10 when the Soviets thrust between Memel and Libau. Every Sip Says ... "It's the Brew for You!" Do Your ! St. Bernice Resident's Son-in-law is Wounded I Mrs. Don Clark of St. Bernice. received word from the War Department that her son-in-law. Wayne Harvey, had been seriously wounded j'while' jit action in Italy. Letters exchanged since the kov-ernmeut notification state that h- ia j recuperating in a hospital there. Christmas Shopping Now! Ue Our Lay-Away! Fall Shades in I fa 2 J COOKED A FINE DINNER; THEN THREW IT TO DOG One lady recently stared iliat fclie No use tolunq the wotd of onybody else. Just let All-Gtoin Steu'ing tell you in tfs own iefteliinq woy hov delicious beet can teolly toste. It won't toie mete ihon a sp ot two lo convince you that, truly, Stetling is the biew (ot you. Il's the some fangy toste treat now os alwoys the kind you expect when msier bteweis do their besf with choicest beer grains and gtcins alone. Tty Sterling fiisl chonce you get. Remember, good things go fitst! itfrttNO EBtweRS INC., Canivilie, Ind. AIL-CHAIN used to throw tier own dinner to the , dog most of the time, it uuule lierj sick Just to look at anything to eat. , bite was swollen with (tax, lull oi bloat, bad liradaciien, felt wora out and was badly ronfctipated. Finally sue got KIlt-HI-:ft and says she now eats everything; in sight and di- Full Fashioned Clear Rayons lv ' - 1 J f 1 i S . :u.. .-' if f t i n ti - . , J'uVi'.'V'.t . i jSl'iffl icesta it perfectly. Howes are regular Practical pretty all around hos' will give you trim- and normal. She is enjoying life once 86. more and leek like "some other ad -Ion? service: run lasniuiied tor snap'.) Mnomn fit reinforced for Mra lonp w-ar! N-w winter tones. 42 and 45 Gauge. Tiny Mesh For Slim Beauty woman" since taking this -New Compound. EHH-HEI.P contains 12 Creat Herbs they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, ait on sluggMi liver and kidneys. Miserable neople soon feel different all over. So don't (LO on suffering! l.KH-HKI.P. White's (Kexall; Pharmacy Iru Store. j For busy, day long wear iay..n i,i-,n. 1 u. y iook j lC g. AMERICA'S CHOICEST PUSNEF. beautiful and wear equally -n tor tney are run s.wv proof. Reinforced feet. Full !;.s.-i..n.-d lor a slim 1 1Q fit! 45 tiauge.

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