The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 20, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1944
Page 5
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Frc FIvo THE DAILY CLINTON IAN Monday, November 20, 1914. New District PTA Reports Boost War Fund Total Resembles Buzzard When grown and in flight, the condor, a very large American vulture, resembles a turkey vulture (or buzzard) in the fingering-out of the feathers at the wing tips, but it can be distinguished lrom the latter by the large white patch on the forepart of the under side of each wing, and by its enormous size. Its wing-spread ranges from B to 10 feet as contrasted with the vulture's b'A to 6 feet. Its head and neck are bald and reddish-orange; the strength of its great beak is astonishing. (Continues num page 1) Rack Utensils To prevent dents in utensils, store tham in an easy-to-reach place so they can be removed without moving others. Make racks for storing poU, lids, pie pans, thin baking sheets and traya. MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS One man recently stated that for 10 years he felt like he had brick In his stomach. This feeling was due to the lump of undlgewted food ho always had inside of him. He was weak, worn out, headachy, swollen with gas and terribly constipated, terentlv he started taking K1W- Ohio. Michigan Battle for Lead In Bis Nine Michigan Holds Key To Conference, Ohio State Favorite to Take Crown ; Indiana, Purdue Meet CHICAGO, 111. Ohio vs. Michigan for the Big Ten football That b the climactic note upon Letters, Telegrams, Gifts Send Christmas Cheer to 'Nubbins' (Continued iron page 1) Then a little black cocker spaniel sauntered over to the crib and broke the tension. Nubbins Immediately named him "Slippers" because of his four white feet. C. E. Dilbeck, Cheyenne businessman who played Santa, opened a box for Nubbins and handed him the bright colored clown that was enclosed, and then they started looking at the other presents. There was a bright red automobile that would really go when you pushed the pedals; there was a huge kangaroo and many big woolly teddy bears. Everything for Ohrktnias There were books, toy airplanes, candles in bright boxes, there was everything to gladden the heart of a three-year-old at Christmas. Then Nubbins, carried by his mother, went to the window and waved at the reporters and photographers standing outside in the chill November wind through which a light snow was swirling. After he had opened all the presents, Nubbins sat down with his family at a turkey dinner, the gift of William Jeffers, president of the Union Pacific Railroad, for whom seven league games to one fewer for its opponent. Should Coach Fritz Crisler's surprising Wolverines Tin-tsu on the long end of the score Saturday afternoon, they would wind up the season as follows: W. L. Pet. Michigan 6 1 .867 Ohio 5 1 .833 lIliimlK 4iamp C'ompaliNoii The Buckeyes, naturally, will go injo the affair favorites to win. Their 26-12 triumph over Illinois Saturday was Impressive, In comparison with Michigan's 14-0 victory a week earlier. Both were two-touchdown triumphs, but the fact remains that Ohio scored four times against the 111 in i. On the other hand, there is the hope for Michigan In 'two scores made by Illinois. Analyzing the contest, one finds that the Buckeyes not only came from behind to offset an Illinois score resulting from a fumble, but made their tallies the hard way on long, tough drives. The first three were 58, 80 and 47 yards. That illustrates the sort of team which Michigan must face one which can mix passes, runs and trick plays In almost irresistible fashion. Eke Out Vlrtory Michigan hail its hands full Saturday with a fighting Wisconsin club, but finally eked out a 14-0 victory to stay in the running. Despite the loss of Bob WIese and Bob Nussbaumer several weeks ago, the Wolverines have been going along In fine style particularly on defense. It's possible that this phase which the Western Conference football season will ring down Its 1944 curtain Saturday afternoon. Hospital Helps There are a number of easy-to-improvise hospital helps that will make the task of the home nurse easier and give the patient added comfort. The average bed in the home is so low that it is difficult to care for a patient. It can be raised to a comfortable height through the use of solid hardwood blocks about 10 to 12 inches in height and from 6 to 8 inches square. Bore holes in the blocks to a depth of at least two inches and a little larger in diameter than the leg of the bed. Remove the casters and place a block under each leg of the bed. The most gifted scenario writer Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson and sons moved from Davis Street to North of Fairview Park on a farm. Neil Dunn, Jr. of Indianapolis spent the week end with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Neil Dunn, Sr. and sister Betty. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Faulds and daughter Norma Jean, Mrs. Harold Faulds, Mr. and Mrs. John Kitchen and sons Bob and Jack of Anderson spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Short. Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Folden and daughter Mary of Center, and Virginia Brown were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harrington. Mrs. Paul Barton and daughter Garnett of Georgetown, 111. spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peck. Mrs. Norma Martin has gone to Portsmouth, Va. to spend three weeks with her husband, Seaman Robert Martin. Mrs. Ray Martin of Boswell and Pvt. Charles Kennedy of Chanute Field spent the week end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Kennedy. Sunday guests were Arthur Kennedy of Clinton and Mr. and Mrs. Basil Kennedy and children Richard Lee, Jack and Joan. den Clark of Indianapolis spent Friday and Saturday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilson and son of Purls, III. spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Clark. Mrs. Sadie Louden and son Larry of Clinton were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Louden. , Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Guinm and children of Chicago Bpent the week end with his father Harry Gumm. Jack Whlppo of Lyford celebrated his 75th birthday Sunday with his daughter Mrs. Georgo Cline. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cline and daughter Charlene of Clinton, George Cline, Sr. and ! HELP and snys the feeling like a brick in his stomach disappeared tho second day. Bowels are regular now, gas and headaches are gone and he feels like a new man. EKB-HELP contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver nad kidneys. Miserable people goon feel different all over. Ho don't go on suffering! Get ERB-HELP. White's (Rexall) Pharmacy Drug i Store. i scarcely could have written a more dramatic finale, than the one which should draw as many persons Into the Ohio Stadium as that huge concrete and .steel horse-shoe can accommodate. Ohio In Win or Tin The burden of proof Saturday will be on Michigan. The Wolverines must win to capture the title. A tie still will permit Ohio to wind up not only as the conference champion, but probably the nation's No. 1 collegiate eleven. $3, George F. Rush, Warren C. Sweltzer, Angelo Dlanchetta. Fairview P. T. A. had charge of house to houBe canvass in Fairview district. Mrs. Ruby Ray. chairman. $62.64 collected plus JS26.H1 at plant $589.65. $5, Basil and Eunice Kennedy, Herbert Sampson,, Mr. Truply, Ernest Harrington, and $2, Mrs. Carl Whltworth. 30 other contributions totalling $40.64. Employee contributions at plant $526.91. $25, Andy M. Johnson. $15, Jennie B. Lawson and Davis L. Lawson. $12, Frank A. Koontz. $11, Phillip Davis. $10, Vernon Howard and Theodore F. Nolan. $9, Anton Evol. James E. Murray, Edwin Fox, C. D. Bartlett, Oeorge S. Smith, Forrest W. Duggen, and Ernest Rlneliart. $8. Lloyd Deard, Ivan C. Daniels. jRudolph Janlk. Jacob 11. Howard, Parmer Runvan, Preston E. Dnbis, and Louie Varda. $7.50, Maurice F. Plensanl. $7, Evelyn D. Stash, Arthur A. Shannon. Pete L. Nora. T. N. Kel-shelmer, James Rims, vAlex H. Reynolds, Lawrence E. Hawkins, Oeorge CvengroB. C. D. Christie, Christine M. Shannon, and William J. Hosa. $6.75, Clara B. Bartlett. $6.30, Ooldle I. Payton. Flossie G. Dunn, and Betty June Cargal. $6, Darrell D. Davis, Rex Cargal, Daniel E. Davis, Oustav Mofflar, Walter A. Benakin. James Varda, James Short, Bert O. Short, Thomas D. Dunn, Elva Louise Peck. Carl W. Prulhlere, Anna H. Prulhlere, Andrew Malag, Ed Lee Sanders. James F. Fred, Dee E. Mcintosh. Mary Uselman, James Reed,' John B. Bogetto, W. Harold Gosnell, Earl F. Wallace, George N. Wllkle, Paul Robblns, Glen H. Andrews, Clarence Carty, Charles Colettl, Doris R. Sackewitz, Jay Thomas, Jr. J5.76. Andrew A. Tribulak. $5, Floyd F. Needy, William E. Sweazey. $4, Diana S. Povelones. $3, F. M. Pennington, Olive B. Griffith. Stephen D. Shull and Jessie J. Nevins. Michigan's opportunity comes through the fact that the team plays You Don't Have to Drive Far to Have an Accident Do you want your accident prepaid, or want It ('.(.!.? You can't choose when or where you will have an accident. You have to take your accident when or where it comes. Are you insured? The new State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance policy Is a legal Reserve, Non-assessable Mllry, rover lug you and your wife In every way, while driving your car or a car not owned by you. It also covers, at a small extra charge, your farm or residence liability. OA Mi OR WRITE FOREST AIRMAN, DANA, IND. For More Information Dr. G. R. McGUJRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Bay 2351 Blackman may prove Oliio'B undoing although no one yest has stopped the Buckeyes this season. The Michigan and Ohio climax overshadowed the other week-end games, all of which came out about as expected. Northwestern, with Its T-formation slowed up to a walk by fine Notre Dame defense, loBt a 21-0 decision to the Irish before 48,000 at Notre Dames. The Wildcats wind up tlielr season in Evan-ston Saturday against Illinois. Iown, Northwestern in Cellar Iowa remained in the cellar to keep company with the Wildcats as George Cline, Jr. Mr. Whlppo received several nice gifts. Seaman Clayton Whalcn return his father works, lietters, TeloRraiiia After dinner, over two bushels of letters and telegrams for Nubbins were sorted. There were letters from almost every state In the nation, and there was almost two hundred dollars to help, make his Christmas a happy one for the little boy whose life is slowly ebbing away. Then a very tired, but very happy little boy was placed in his lavender crib by his mother and his mother told him a story, the story of Christmas. Story of Christmas She told him of that child who almost two thousands years ago had captured the heart of the world for one day. That Holy Child whose birthday is Christmas, and Nubbins, clutching a last year's teddy bear, smiled and went to sleep. ed to Great Lakes after spending CEMETERY MEMORIALS MONUMENTS and MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co, SHELL V. LUCE Phone 382 Hrpreftrntatlve 4 OS 8. Seventh, Clinton nine days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Weaver. Mrs. Frank Fetherland is confined to Iter home with illness. Mr. and Mrs. William Louden of ATTEND THE DELT DANCE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 24 BUT ATTEND IN CLOTHES CLEANED BY OLMSTEAD'S Chicago spent the week end here with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Swickard and son of Chicago spent the week end here with relatives. 'A WANTED It AII.RO A lS IRGEXTI.Y NEED SKILLED & VJJ-SKILLEI WORKERS SEE: REPRESENTATIVE RAILROAD RETIREMENT BOARD Ration Boaril Office Every Tuesday Clinton, Indiana ... . 9:00 to 11:80 A. M. a result of a 46-0 beating by Minnesota. The GopherB have been gaining momemtuin weekly and now rate as one of the toughest teams in the league. Their game with WIs-sonsin Saturday should be a real scrap. The two other games involving conference team against non-league foes resulted In more or less of a standoff. Navy trounced Purdue, 32 to 0, to keep interest at peak for its clash against Army, now scheduled for Baltimore. The size of the score was a slight surprise, although Nazis Recapture City In Desperate Counter Blows at Allied Lines ftnsteack Lose Sharpness Automobile drivers in middle age cannot see as well in twilight or under night lighting as can younger drivers. With advancing age the pupils of the eyes grow smaller; at 50 the area of the pupils is only about half of that in the early 20s. Because less light is admitted, sight of old eyes in dim illumination is not as sharp as that of young eyes. A LITTLE BETTER" (Contlnned from D'f 1) 220 Elm St. Phone 129 not too much of a shock. It was the first Boilermaker shutout In 21 starts. Indiana Knocks Pittsburgh In the Vther game, Indiana took picks on poor old Pittsburgh, 4 7 to 0, as a warmup for its traditional windup Saturday against Purdue. THE;BAUGHMAN MARVEL MODEL LIME AND ' . MATERIAL SPREADER The eauirat run ning p reader on the market. "A Farm Labor Saver" operated by one man from truck tab. Spread dry or damp lime direct from toek pile or bin. I'atcoted vibrator luurn uniform results. Can be mounted on e e sector the American troops of the Fifth Army maintained their pressure against the Nazi positions while the Germans countered with small arms fire. Airmen Hammer Nazis Planes of the Mediterranean Air Force, hammering at Nazi battle positions and communications, carried out 2,200 sorties. During the night both heavy and medium bombers hit at retreating Nazi columns and troops concentrations in Yugoslavia. -i hauling and unloading pea gravel. WESTERN" COXFKKKMH FOOTBALL .STANDING (International ewn Service) loner coal, etc. Sew and used spreader lor sale. ' " 4, Allied Truck Equipment, Inc. 3HI0 E. mill Ktreet Indianapolis 7, Ind. ' Aj.'.'Loft' "A Farm W. L. T. Pet. Pts. O.P. O. State 5 0 0 1.000 135 40 Michigan 5 1 0 .833 123 47 Purdue 4 1 0 .800 137 73 Indiana 3 3 0 .500 105 73 Minnesota 2 2 1 .500 106 90 Illinois -2 3 0 .400 97 99 Wisconln -2 3 0 .400 40 82 N'western 0 4 1 .000 34 89 Iowa 0 6 0 .000 20 204 Fairview I'm Sure I Paid that But I Can't Find My Receipt j Fairview Park euilirc club held its regular meeting Y""incsday evening. After businer-M iwr lun euchre was played and prizes ,ere won by Mrs. Nellie Barns high, Mrs. Florence Fourmoiit. Ic.ies, and Miss Madge Peterr: a ) :.: Fairview r': Community Club met at f l wn hall Friday evening. An t business session bunco was p'.t f i and prizes were awarded I" Mr j. Ruby Wisneski high, Mrs. M li Mayers bunco and low and " r , Florence Corel! low. All are Saturday's results: Notre Dame 21, Northwestern Michigan 14, Wisconsin 0. Ohio 26, Illinois 12. Indiana 47, Pittsburgh 0. Navy 32, Purdue 0. Minnesota 46, Iowa 0. This week's games: Illinois at Northwestern. Minnesota at Wisconsin. Michigan at Ohio State. Indiana at Purdue. Iowa Sea Hawks at Iowa. Notre Dame at Georgia Tech Pyblic Ayctioim Due to ill health, I have decided to dispose of my fine dairy herd and other personal property at Public Auction at my farm three miles southwest of Clinton on the Universal road and one mile from Universal, Ind., onBrouletts Creek, on Monday, Nov. 27, 1944 BEGINNING AT 11 :00 A. M. 15 -HEAD OF DAIRY CATTLE -15 1 Holstein Cow, 3 years old. 2 Red Durham Cows, 3 years old. 1 Jersey Cow, 3 years old. 4 Guernsey Cows, 3 years old. 2 Guernsey and Shorthorn Cows, 3 years old. 1 Guernsey and Jersey Cow, 3 years old. 1 Angus and Guernsey Cow, 3 years old. 2 Guernsey and Shorthorns, 2 years old. 1 Shorthorn Heifer, 2 years old. All Should Freshen By Day of Sale. IMPLEMENTS One 15-30 International tractor, two 7-foot tandem discs, 1 John Deere 3-bottom, 14-inch plow; 1 International corn binder, 1 International cream separator, 1 DeLavel cream separator, four 10-gallon milk cans, 3 new hog houses, 1 hog self-feeder, 1 heating stove. FEED AND GRAIN 500 Bushels of Corn, 15 Tons of Good Bean Hay (baled) and a quantity of Baled Oats and Wheat Straw. Several Miscellaneous Pieces of Fu rnilure will be sold, together w ith other articles too numerous to mention. NO WORRIES FROM LOST RECEIPTS WHEN YOU PAY BILLS WITH BANK MONEY ORDERS Lpy71 aaatffflri jy.TjTtTuf'f g-mnn.ii "jgJ P "f; si's 1 . 4o:s20as eicome to come and play. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith spent Sunday with relatives in Danville, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Harper spent Sunday with relatives In Danville, 111. Mr. and Mra. Robert Hope of Indianapolis Bpcut the week end with relatives here l'vt. Roland W. Price, who haa been stationed In Camp Luna, New Mexico, is spending a 17 day furlough with his wife and son, Mrs. Madge Price and Roland. Jr. Mrs. Mabel Mauldin and daughter Norma Jean left Sunday for Washington slate to join her husband. Jack Mauldin. Pvt. Fred Kieltyha of Tacoma. Wash, and Mrs. Fred Kieltyha of Cleveland. O. visited Beveral days witli their mother. Mrs. Wliiua Cott-rMI and lsier and brother recently. Mra. Wllma Colirell Wxiud Tin..', iu Terre Haute. .3. Wilnia Cottrell received word t: at her con. Henry Cottrell and James Reynolds met somewhere in Italy and spent the day together. Mr. Reynolds Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reynolds. Otis Church of Dayton. O. spent Tuesday here. Oil No longer need you feel that insulation Is luxury that only the wealthy can afford. ZonoHte the fireproof, rot proof, all-mineral insulation actually pays for itself in fuel saving.! Insulate now, with Zonolit, and enjoy year 'round comfort at ton$ as your house lasts! 4wm20os In addition to your receipt, thirt are ptrma-Mont records at our bank. LeO Huffman, Owner Clinton Lumber & Slippy Co. CLERK: H. H. Wisehart AUCTIONEER: Paul Kay o o. mil i; UEH $ .01 to KVKI - l0 KlO.Ol lo 2.1.00 - l-" as.oi to ."iO.OO - Site $.-,0.01 to $100.00 - ic Each Additional (150.00 loc ' Our Bank Money Orders cost you less when you want to send money out of town . . . also they're being used io ever increasing volume for paying local bill instead fit by currency. They're inexpensive, they ve time and effort, and they're doubly aie. ' When paying your next bills, use our Bank Money Orders. 1 P 7 IT'S FRITZ--THE WAITER H FtHERE GOES TH' flEAD RICE-THROWER J I Ma, and that bridegroom j f br: DOKTOR KRUbb! 4 NOW.1- HE KINDA i mii PL. - - I W ,RW(N HAVE W NOT A SIGN OF 'EM, jM .. DOKTOR KRUGG ) DAN '. SAy-yA SiOULDA HAN f hM- Unn AND THE GIRL GOT HERE SOONER! 1riil ' k. . 1 g - ;. SHOWN UP? THAT WEDOIN PARTy tr' ntHnnCS' . ri WAS A LAUGH .'-HOW SOME B IF WE CAN GET IN TOUCH REMINDS ME OF f IH WITH THE CONDUCTOR Or SOMEBODY .' - HEIRTRAW BOTW MINN imi a r V KbpeTJ f&t it rmi vj f,gger oujy THE CITIZENS STATE BANK OF NEWPORT, IND. ' i Operative NEWPpRT CLINTON 48 hrtWm&.&

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