The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 20, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1944
Page 4
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Monday, November 2ft, 1941 I 'a cp Fuur THE DAILY CLIVTOVIAN o THIRD HAVEN o THE DAILY CLCSI ONIAN THE PYROMANIAC I IMS ... 5 ? t your brother and you can depend CHAPTER POKTV-ONJU on me. 1 11 1 u neip you. cut i m tlreo. now. Go to bed, Dan. Call me RUSSELL ROSE slowly ?rom h! chair. He tlll wanted to know tor breakfast. I'm I n tired.' from whom Dan wished a divorce. At the last word bis voice broke . susllsfcad mm Tarn Weekly CHBtonlaa lMfi ' Ike Oliatoa Plalndwler abeorbed In 1M PakUibed Dally Except Saturday and Sunday iewrge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher lend a the Peatofflee at Clinton, Indlaaa aa Second Cliu Matter Indiana Republican Editorial AasocUdoa Phone 83 (ji Phone 88 He put his hand on his brother's shoulder. "Why did you come back in a sob and he ran Into the house. this time, Dan?" he ask ad. "1 want the truth. Sou must tell me.' Dan sat down heavily in the rocking chair again. Somewhere far off a rooster was crowing thinly, faintly. Out on the water a work boat was chuesinit out toward the Dan laughed darkly. "It's easy to see I came back for money.' "And you didn't come Back to Choptank and Chesapeake bay. It was very late. A light went on in had done everything that mortal skill could do. For the rest, they all could only wait, . In deference to the Important Dr. Raynor, who had rather overawed the hospital start, Anne was the old lady's special nurse with ra.ther special privileges. Every night she called Dr. Raynor on long distance to report nd receive insi ructions. This was entirely apart from Dr. Banning's daily call. The hospital in general had, the night before the operation, formed the erroneous opinion that the haughty Dr. Raynor might be a humbug. He seemed too young to be quite so Olympian. But after the operation his slightest wishes were law. As Dr. Warden eaid, "We have seen a modern miracle of surgery. Let us be proud it was .performed here." A few hours after the operation Dr. Raynor left for Baltimore by see Anne?" Maunmm a house down the street. Men got B&UBUCAH itmuA Dan turned his face away. "What a laugh that is. Anne don't even know I'm on earth, mud' less un early to go fishing. Daylight, Id the earlv summer dawn, was not Assocwio care." so far off. This morning ur. Kay- -I thought so. Then It is Anne." nor was going to operate to save Mrs. Reynold's life. Anne was go ing to assist him Anne, who had sent for him and at whose call he Dan leaped back. "No! you're crazy. Anne wouldn't look at me. Look what I did to her. 1 almost drowned ber and you bad to knock me down -or what 1 -aid." would travel to the ends of the earth. He was her" now because of her. Everyone in Talbot knew Dr. Banning had said he was the "You only said you Had a right to kiss her to bring ber here.'' car. He was going to visit Johns one person to save Mrs. Keynoias. Rusaeirs words came slowly. I ve The operation was to be as early as Hopkins and then return to New York by train. Russell drove him to been awfully blind, haven't I? It's possible, while the day was sun all so clear. Tou and Anne got married In Alexandria because you Baltimore. Dr. Raynoi sat up front with him and enjoyed every minute cool. Everyone would be awaiting the outcome. All that was today. didn't need to wait for a license. of the trip, especially the ferry ride across Chesapeake bay to Annapo Roughly, with the back of his CLEAR FARM MEW VITAL. The farmers of Indiana and of the nation well may be proud of the record they That ix why you came back. That' wtjv Anne was dancing with hand, he thrust away the tears that lis. He paced up and down the ,top you. eft; you were holding her -in welled up In his eyes and walked heavily into the house and up your arms. She s your wife. deck bareheaded, talking. He was delighted with his own skill and with the way everything had gone. should have known. That was why stairs. It was very still. No sound came from Russell's room. He went to his own room and, slipping off she couidn t love me. i Russell, I ve enjoyed my visit Dan laughed drearily. "She can love you. She can love anybody but here so much. And I can't say how much I appreciate your driving ma to Baltimore. Very few would drop their work for me." his shoes, lay down o.i top of the bed. Lying still In the warm darkness he could hear his heart beat. He stared at the celling, tit wasn't me. "A-ttl Dr. Raynor?" have made in wartime production, lhey responded loyally to the call for food to supply our armed forces and our allies. Hoosiers, for example, this year are harvesting a corn crop that is 107 per cent of the annual 10-year average. The farmer has performed wonders, despite many and unusual handicaps. He has had to contend with serious shortages of man power. He has been forced to use Russell bowed. "The pleasure is "She was engaged to Mm. He sleepy. It was like the night In the mine. My work Isn't Important." threw her over for a rich girl. She though: he did, anyway. She and I "You re a strange lawyer and J II mountains above tne snenandoan Valley, when Anne had slept in his arms. He hadnt wanted to sleep. were In a hotel lobby in washing There were other times for that. warrant a very good one." The doctor took ills arm. "I really -mean good, too. 1 know too many lawyers who are exceedingly clever but de ton when he came In. She wanted to get him oft of her mind so so JrtmmV It seemed as If the whole dis cidedly not good." all-but-worn-out machinery in many cases, j "Thank you. If I m ever tempted. trict waited with bated breath for news of Mrs. Reynolds during the next few days. In Weston even the I'll remember you .and go on se mere nave oen lrmaung remricuuua curely." v?' .' v-:J ; "Very neat, Russell. I can see dignified Miss Tiller caught the Interest and the ladles poured into Laurals shop to ask how her moth why Anne thinks so highly of you. she told him she was marrying me. Don't you see, Rus? It didn't mean anything. With a sap like me, it couldn't. I was going to clear out and she'd never see me agaia. I shouldn't have done It. I was nuts to come back here st all.4 "And I punched you. Why didn't you tell me, Dan?" "I don't know why I'm telling you now. I could cut out my tongue!" Russell drew a deep breath. "1 know why you're telling ms. I'm And she does. If you ever come to New York, you must let us know. We will both be delighted to see er was and, of course, rent at least one oook. Laura, now In a really hard situation, insisted on keeping you. In fact, we'll insist on your Taking a Backward Glance her business going. She was veryl coming Anne and L naturally." calm, very sure of herself. She had "Anne?" every confidence that Dr. Raynor I (To Be Continued) lijiii lirnady, Froila Cnilliaiiis and Oerald Me.Mullen. rersomtls Mrs. Charles Wright of Hammond lias returned home after spending the past week with relatives here. Site was aerompanled by her husband, and daughter. TU'KXTV VKAKS " .w;o TOIMV Mr. and Mrn. Ralph rvict. ; TlK danet, which will be h'ld ill the CoUfteuni, will have the Mr. H.vncopation by Bill Pierce and aMj his orchemra of Terre Haute. The Wabash Theatre from the film Cheap Aulo Livens At fAa? Movie I I version of Theodore Pratt's best- Burch Brown, of Fulton, Mo., had J i selling novel, "Mr. Winkle Coes to put out just 50 cents for his 1941 and Mrs. Kiivmond Pi-ict N'ora Jean, and Herman Snapen-j from Washington. The industry has been under the hampering influence of directives and maladministration of the laws. President Hassil E. Schenck, at the 26th annual convention of the Indiana Farm Bureau here, pointed to the record made by agriculture and called attention to some disturbing prospects in the outlook. While favoring reasonable attention to social security and welfare problems he declared: "The present system is rapidly becoming catastrophic." ' Mr. Schenck cited that a few years ago $45,000,000,000 was regarded the limit beyond which the national debt could not go with safety. Now the debt is more than five times that sum. The various types of social security benefits that have been established in the last few years exceed by 49 per cent all educational costs in the country. .......... to War" in the person of Kdwnrd state suto license. On his way to :t;. Robinson. He ll make you split the license office an animal streaked three children, Mr. Blue. Mr. and ! musician will he aided and ahet-Mi. William Weir and dausliter. j ua r a 'l""r o1'"' now ''elnji lietiy. all of Daniille. ill., were arranced. PALACE 'Sunday and Moiiilay baugli, her brother, wiio spent the week-end here. Miss Klma Mae Conner of Bike -make voi into the path of his car. He stopped. your sides one minute. A gay romance between a very HwHcrvatfoilH for thr teneration ior tne KueKt terdav of Mr. and Mrs. anair. cry the next. found a dead wolf. The county clerk paid him a $10 bounty. mree.. . ,. u.. - wealthy gir, aIld ttI1 arn,y fir ill t'nlivn the hourK 1 1 Kred I'etet of 112 Sycamore I " ,.iL 1 ulan.hnnnv marital a rra n eemen t f rom 0 p. mi. to 1 a. in., may bf Miss Louise KarritlKton of Ter- hlw,. ,.r .-.,... and the 1.1 Mill secretary Htreet. A hii; family dinner was enjoyed at noon. A MurnriKe birthday dinner was Sunday mid MmidHy iMTurd Ironi Mrs. Kvert-rt Hi-lnm, whoKe I-U'phoiM? nuiulfr lu 27U-J. spent tne weekend .,....... ,,,.,, ,, K-m i ho wft'ki'uii ; husband, all r Haute wit h hr pa nii t a, M r. and M r, Ward Farrinpton of wi-sl of Clin-1 ton. I Kiyen yesterday at the home ofl 'upon nonor Grain Drill Soak rusted or locked part tit the grain drill with a mixture of kerosene and oil to wurk them louse. Jack up the wheels and tur them by hand, to make sure all parts woik lieely. . . Mr. and Mrs. Ceorne liarcus f j "' ijmmi Wel of Cllntoii. In honor of IiIkI Tl"' l'ur r"n lur Nw.ort misguided by a too cautious guardian, and completely mixed-tip by the heroine' determination to test the sincerity of the man she 1 u ve. adds u p to R K O Ua t I o'b rollk'king high life comedy, "Htide By Mistake" ro-siarrfng Laraiue Day and Alan Marshall. The joy and the hearbreak, the Klamour and sordidncss of life backstage In the early days of the American theatre form the background for "Shine on H arrest Moon" the new Waruor Bros, musical based on the life of ra Hayes which opens Sunday at the Columbia Theatre. Starring birthday anniversary. The follow-' "'"? 1 cnooi nas ow n announc o ine friends were present: Mr. !at follows: and Mis. Knink Barcus and win.. i uoyne r lr Samuel Itarcus and , HolllnKSWorlll. Marl ha E. Lewis. Mis. William Khh and duuffh-tr, IoiH, of Walnut Street and Mrs. Kerr's (Oalr, Mrn. Rruoat Timm of Medaryvilh. have turnpd tu tlifir Iioiiiok flfur ac-conipHiivtiiK Mr, William Head to N'aHlnillp, IVnn., where she will KiX'iid the winter with !ir wm and daughter-in-law, Mr. and ,, "America never will go back to "normal" lr anA !,- (fra ...l?-ml-rta Xlchnls.- Helen Kussell iW and dauahter. Mrs. Ilaltle j Mary Jane Thomas. Knarks Mr and Mrs. Hov Over- ?"" I'"'"' s'Udems Keve,l, Ann Sheridan as Nora Hayes and Dennis Morgan as Jack Nor- Marshal has the role of ( apiain Tony Travis, the flier, and !,ar-afne Day that of tlte exeeediiifily wealthy No rah Hunter. Hull i ek lr and Mrs. Dunlao Wan-1 Nl""!, E l,:"r- worth. the popular songwriter as we used to know it. We shall have a new economy on a new plane and where will agriculture be in that economy? If we are to prosper we must assure a balanced economy, Mr. Schenck declared. He is right. to Tiiav iiuff inr, invii i irsmfr. Klfziibfili Ann HiK-fAifB. Alec Keid. toll, Mrs. John Barcus and soi Kratieet O. Lanitam ami and Miss Bertha Meyers, all 01 ; Donald Mooro. K.phth GraoV. Ki- Clinton. Out of town euests were mi Sleep if not fills up who became the singer's husband and professional partner, the film is u mixture of gay music and fast paced story, depicting the well-loved singer's rise from honky-tonks to the glory of a Zieg-field stage. Farm organizations, representing the .Mr. and Mrs. Everett Kemp and Mr. and Mrs. Jaek Terando of !ike streot had a th'ir guest lawt evenine Mr. and Mr. Russell Kiehardft and children, Shirley Ann and KukspII Jr., of Chicago. , WABASH Sunday, Monday and TuedH-.. Hold on to your hearts, America! Here comes Mr. Winkle! the most wonderful the most lov- men anrl u-nmpn whn foprJ trip urorlrl nn ehildren of Terre Haute, Mrs. m tat osopsA hsm r Into I help by backing a legislative program in . Washington that is as good as their war-1 oi KiiepaidMiiie and Mr. and Tonight, U'tfti MUclK'll. Mary h, Samid'-rR. 'Ninth srad?, Norman fiarr. Kr'i-da Coop?r, lii)oj'ii' U-Si ulUn , and Kdward K. Tmnh ifradc, MaR'oml Allii, Charles Uarr, lioli-ri McUoiiaJd. K 1 f v ft n t li Krade, Martha H. Chipps, Martha Klittr, Mildred HolIjni;&woith. Ircn Ingram, Holcn ilu- h';ll. Kutii Coy RuuipJe and Virsinia Tliomax. Twvltrth rad. time crop score. Indianapolis Star. It's wonderful how little Va-tro-nol up each nostril relieves stuffy transient congestion. Also relieves distress of blc character to come from Co- j lumbia's long line of memorable! Valuable Oil "Mr." characters. , j Seeds of India's Chaulmoogra tree He coitPH out of a "rut" in are worth 10 times their weight in Benton. Calif- into a "foxhole ' to j sold to humanity, since oil extracted kill Japs in the South Pacific, j from UEcd in arresting lcp- He coiueg to the screen of the , tony. Pour Investments Wartime prices have always tempted persons either to buy or tiake permanent improvement! on latfid that cannot be profitably (armed in normal times- Mrs. Kdward Kims of I'niversal. flimier Itener In To IV Given at Cunfrv lull Tiiurk. .Vol. A 'linner daliee will tf give!! at the Clin'cii Couu".' ' lu!, Thursday, S.iv. i. It is :: t!i:r.i of a series of (arties give:i at tp. ; head colds! Follow direction in folder. VICKSVA-TStO-IIOI WAR PRISONER CODDLING. More power to the American Legion POPEYE hey,!,. iio: siate commanaers wno are asKing mat an .country ciui this Hill, - end be put to "wining, dining and enter-; w"i '; 5ri! f . l. .:: . r ... ;,.,... t, ,, ar. ci.aniuan: airs. i.. n. n iS SitEE 'PEA )pOH ,) rj ,lo Y POMT - f. , J BRINGlKiG yf MVAf) 'a -l- THEV ISSUE ZZ: S n ) C' -v v i (CUP UUJ Fk-OTELLER BV rr GO(?SH)ri c FOHOLESn '-. XASi -J wu""6 Vl I""""" ,JJ 5'""i" "i- lirKm Vrs vk.,or Anderson. Mrs. ganizations in this country . ,vv. n. Keiiy. Mrs. Man. rvrsu- Those war prisoners are not honored son. Mrs. ;uy h. Briggs. Mrs. a. guests. They are here because they were ' mT' . Tu rounaea up wnne attempting to khi our iark. Mr, j-nsie Kobinson. Mrs service men. They are in this country to J- n. "". Mrs. Nathan it'w-n-prevent them from fighting us. , Tt- There is no intention on the part of our ;,, Mnj. ,.au caeir. Miss people to maltreat war prisoners. They ; Margaret Kinsley. Miss ignore should get the food, clothing, housing and I f"""""'- ,i!rB- " ' 's - , , . . P. lober. Mr". lioy r.uats. otner services proviueu oy inteniauonai : MjB Uv Kav regulations. That is all to which they are , niiis. wis. ahi ivrguson. entitled. It is all, and more, than our men ! w '';""' ' . i?l:. Luui.- (arii. Mis. . (Club. in axis prison camps are getting. , ,ril x, , , .,. Iw., We do not make heroes of the men in !iietidr-d. Mrs. mi j.ii.nn. mis our state and Federal prisons. They are;a'aH"K ! -si! ' ... . . , , . Imari and Mis. K .1. AlK'cnniek. treated as human beings, but as prisoners. yvttmtant Coddling war prisoners leads to maudlin, j Mr. and Mrs. Harry Keiiey aui mawkish sentimentalism that should have !' ''- . ::. no part in the present conflict. He are do- iL uv- T-rt Hair ¬ T1LL1E the TOILER PT5 THE ClSTEN.'ADETECTIVgJf DlSSUlSlKi6 Lf?i ( IT ISj- OMCE TOLD ME I m JJ HER HANDWRlT-ltVs- UfrJ Ce A VMOMAM OiV IN6 IN POISON- ft 1 VMHO GOT rJ TX PEN LETTERS J 7 t 1 ' VvA SOMEONE h TO HERSELF f 3 1 V V ELSE IN J X . ZJf.l ing a disservice to our lighters by an unrealistic attitude toward the enemies our troops captured and sent here for safe keeping. Indianapolis Star. mibii'.'w vjti 4)'. juI Mi. 'AhiitWjC( ai-d -n l.'ari.-t. ir-H M a ry Wr- atid A J u--rt Haton oi Tir Haii(, were t'v g,eiH oi Mr. and Mrs. Henry JJeattoo west of i "Union. Sunday. y,tx. I--:: ry U--U n tf west f 1 i u Ut n v i si t J ( n T r w H a v. I SaturJyy ith Air. Klizat-ih Washington President Roosevelt, opening toe oixin narLoaninve: mere ai Wiiki. who baf been in is an old saying about sticking to the plow Droit tr the past nine month. iinfil vmi haw rranhati tho nri of iha fur. returned to his home to vUit ! , , . with hi? parents. Mr. and Sixth Wilkie i South ruw. in tiie name ui our wouuuea ana kick, i.x in the name of our dead, and in the name; strew. nf fui'M ra erftnern t inn b nf A mor'tnn n a T oclr I MJm .... -ry , i - m T 1 1 il T ' m .a ,y "jf M SSII I I ' HAIR - BREADTH HARRY ' .. ; ( " a 1 1 ie JJ M ec 1 en . M rf. f MBA P0&5 TU SOJWC? "GLBM0Q0U6 "T"l j .''See WERE1. lOUWESS IW-' tgr JYt j! fcr TgOT THE ' you to plow out this furrow to a successful, Mary. W1X (oda. U) mtimny and Victorious end." Mr Hernando Hughey. who has lira visituiK witli Jfiwi MrM'li-I'LIOM BV WAtCBCEADra HARRY, QlMAfr liv jen and J. W. Kobh. to hr horn-I in Krankfort. Ohio Th' trip will Allied Supreme Hq. France Gen. 1 rv i . r- ri i a ' toe maa if r Jir aua uwjgiit r-iwtmuwer ajits American war, will ,.fl01panl. ,h(.m , i. workers to turn out still more ammunition: I "Today we are firing ammunition that we would not have used until next February tiv or March if we had been content with a ' TiinKeriiit inw slower advance. With less crushing victor- i Th" T'" tr'r- ies. or if we had been ready to sacrifice VLt'L A! soldiers to nave materials." al duis Thankful viijs niLt.

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