The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 17, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1944
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Friday, November 17, 1941. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Eight WABASH SUN., MON. AND TUE. i pi l'errysville Juniors To Present Flay Saturday Members of the junior class of the l'errysville High School will present their annual class play, "Aunt Samanthy. Rules The Roost," this Sat. at 8 p. m. at the gymnasium. The cast is as follows: Aunt Samanthy Simpkins, an old maid, Leah Nearpass; Sophie S impklns, her younger niece, Doris Jones, Serena Simpkins, her older niece, Kathleen Sare; PoHy Paine, maid at the Simpkins, Jean Hanna; Annie Ambrose, the village dressmaker, Helen Mou-dy; jtlaliche liowers, a woman of very few words, Martha LawBon; Smith: Itluir liosweil, who likes driver, und Mrs. Lillian Johnson, 38, wife of a merchant sailor now at sea. Picked l' 111 llal-M He killed them in hotel rooms a few blocks apart after picking them up while "looking for love" in bars along the city's Skidrow. He was arrested as he sat sipping wine in a bar a few doors from the scene of his second slaying. Wilson is tall and good-looking, but boasted of the fact that he was "the meanest man of the west coast." lie was In the navy for several years, but was given a medical discharge In 1941 when his wife, who later left him, complained to naval authorities that he bad abnormal tendencies. Sii hiii discharge from the service be has been a restaurant worker. Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Flrt day Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column Une, like one of these). Next two days Insertion: the aame BUSINESS SERVICES TilKlTlTll'KNKD" FRUIT FRESH from Florida groves. Juicy oranges, large navels, satsumas. tangerines, cuui(ualB, seedless grape-1'ruil, large limes, large persimmons and large pa)er shell pecans. MeCracken Market. till Itadio Speaker Boake Carter Is Dead in California HOLLYWOOD Boake Carter, widely known radio commentator, died at the Hollywood hospital last night of a cerebral hemorrhage after he had become ill earlier in the day. Taken to the hospital in the late afternoon when lie coinplainted of not feeling well. Carter's condition became rapidly worse and he died shortly before 9 p. m. The commentator was in Hollywood with his wife and several friends for a series of broadcasts. He was stricken shortly idler lie had presented his dully news commentary over the Mutual Network and bis afternoon engagements were cancel Is charee (you net three days at FOUND A LAKRB STOCK OF Joodyuar Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tillies. Vulcanizing and j Liicien Littleflelil, a farmer, James 'Serena. Everett Wilson; Frank Fair Kecapplug neatly done and Guar ouble the cost of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole Seek five days) at three times the eost ot one insertion). Uacs group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (Uke thla) 10c per Une. I anteed. lh and Uogurt Monllgas Btatlon, Joe Olacoletto, Clinton. 32tf field who likes Sophie, George Metzger; Lawrence Iivewell, a stranger, Elroy Mycroft; and Ruddle Raskins, the grocery boy, Bobby Uyrd. Mrs. Edna Allen, the director, is being assisted by Miss Gladys Hines, student director. 1 hive (Mtlf iikm'I Iii a Iiffli l-wtiiiiiiiiR scene from "Mr. Winkle (joi'M to War," r.iliimliij.'s current smash hit ut I hi Wubasli Tltulr. Kdwaid H. Jtoliiiisnn, uh "Mr. Winkle," rctiirncil a lici-o I'nmi I tic war in lite Ij iJiV, 1h um'tcil liy Ted Donaldson, liitt IiHmt in a "fii-it" shop, ami liy IiIk wile, Hufh Wuriiik. - All classified ads Including mem-1 orlams and notices of all kinds must I Pack Nutrients Potatoes pack plenty ot nutriments, including the much lieeded vitamin C. They're bigh in calories, contain calcium, protein, phosphorus, iron, thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin A. DEAD A N I MIA L S REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 3109 Trre Haute or Dana 1426. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 be paid In advance except tnose dt recular customers wnose accounu are paid monthly or those from or nnlzatlons whose bills must be al Cellulose From Wood 1 Although cellulose is found in its purest form in cotton, one aero of . growing trees in certain areas will j lowed before being paid. In tbt latter case the person asking tlif publication of the notice will be held DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE ot charge by Dwiggins and Sons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they dio and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, I'hone GO. tExf led. Mrs. Carter collapsed when Infor- med of her husband's death and today was under a physician's care. She was the former Paula Nicoll and was traffic manager of Mutual at the lime of their marriage on Dec. 18, 1943. Dr. Elmer Belt said .the brain hemorrhage Dial caused Carter's death involved the middle meningeal artery. He added that a coroner's inquest would bo required by stale law. since the commentator had not been under treatment in California for four days. , Carter. 41!, was horn in Ilakil, in j ttie Russian Caucasus, where his father was ill the liritish consular ' service. He was educated in England, attended Christ College at i Cambridge University. He served as responsible lor lis payment. produce nve limes as mucn cenuiose each year, and year after year, as the same acre planted in cotton. PALACE a. 35t TONITE FOB SALE In Memoriaii) In memory of Vlnccnzo Na ret-to, who dtfparU'd tliiH life eight yrars ago Nov. 17. 1 13J. Tliouf-'h on earlh you are no more Still In memory you are with uh As you always wre befoi-p. You will never he forfcottvn, JJy Ihe one who loved him best. Sincere and true in heart and mind, Beautiful memories you left behind. Sadly missed by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Libel. FOLDING I'liK-WAR UA13Y CAR rlage, laundry stove, 8 cups, alumina! electric percolator, aluinlnal GUARANTEED 24-HR. REI'RIGER-alion Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Uonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton -or 103-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 COLUMBIA fruit Bqueezer, large aluminal wiiierless cooker Willi rack, dish drainer. No. 2 wash tub. KliO Neb eker Street. 1"' FRIDAY and SATURDAY .lOIX OI'K CHIUTMAS I.AYAWAV Club ami select a Keepsake Diamond ring at l'araco's Jewelry Shop. t2: Christinas Card Designs are run ninK low and many are being- ran j,.-...... .lav. WO f'AII Still Nllll ply some very nice ones willi names RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING. Five-ply passenger car lires. l'len-Iv of Ethyl and autl-freeze. The (iiganth' Allied Western Fusli Is Final Battle liliprlnlid, Hut oeuer orner " today. See Hie designs slill available at The Dully Clinloiiiaii office. sm brZ 11-2-4 4 Gas Market. MARLITK TILE HOARD FOR KIT-clien and balli room. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. GflBREUi (Continued (roul page 1) a member of the Royal Air Force In the last war. Carter embarked upon his news career immediately after the termination of that conflict, becoming a European correspondent, working chiefly in France, for the London Daily Mail. He came to the United States In 1920, went to Mexico for a couple of years and then returned to the United States as city editor of the Philadelphia News In 192:t. Some years later while still with the news he began writing a column which later was t-yndieated by the King Features Syndicate. A Fortune poll in 1940 ranked it as one of the top three in the nation. as f RENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 40C South Fourth Street. Phone 454. I85f CLINTON FURNACE HEATER, new bowl, A-l condition. 1357 South Eighth Street. Call H7-W. Also Florence healer at Floyd Williamson's. Blaiifurd. Ind. Illi RCA. ElfTllT TUHE TAI1LE MOD-el radio. 425 North Ninth Stn-et. IliJx KINDLING WOOD $2.50 1'Elt LOAD delivered in Clinton. Ernie's. I'hone 8. tlB MALE HELP WANTED HOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly , Bill Blackburn, Clintonian. leading role in what promises lo be j11k of Ihe greatest buttles of all lime. Casualties ure hound lo be heavy within the ne.t six months. Otitimisiii iJlevaileil, however, and some of the liritish papers this morii-ini: iiiedicled that Ct rmany will be defeated by New Years Uay. The Londuil Dally Mail asserted that the Lull-out lultaek. "bears all signs of aiming a knockout blow" before Jan. 1. WariiM Against Over-Optimism This correspondent can not share i c Jinpletely rosy viewpoint regarding such a rapid defeat of Germany. It Is feasible to believe but with ot loo much hope that the Al FOR TRADE Admission 9c and 20c MYSTERY MAN With William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) Andy Clyde "Joe KiikHOod" RKO Sportscope "Mulberry Street' Puppctoon SUNDAY and MONDAY Admission 9c and 25c siissfiE on HARVEST MOON With Ann Sheridan Dennis Morgan "Night in Mexico City" Warner Featurette KKO News COL. 36752 PRISIONERO DEL MAR Eco, Xavier Cugat Orcliestra. r0c plus tax. White's Pharmacy. FIVE ROOM HOUSE, CLOSE IN, fur Irarlnr or truck. Sam Rowley, BOO South Main Street. 115, Former Hoosier Admits 2 "Jack the Ripper" Murders in California WARNER BROS. WHITE PEKING DUCKS FOR PICTURE with CLAUDE RAINS -Tin "DEAD ENDr Thanksgiving. Third house off Pike on North Fulton Streets, tin FIFTH VEIN COAL. $X25 TON HELP WANTED WANTED MAN OR WOMAN 25-45 j to bundle established coffee and ; grorery route in and around Clinton. Car furnished and expenses , and up. Phone 592-J or 113(1 l'ik tlf.x Street. . . . EXTRA ... MICKEY MOUSE AND PLUTO CARTOON "This Is America" Latest News FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO Hit A-zll Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone U(i-W. t 7-17-44 f paid. Guaranteed salaries plus commissions wit li steady employment now and alter duration. State qualifications. Write Box 4 4 2-X co Clintonian. ICf STARTING SATURDAY AT 11 P. M. 0BIGK. any kind yon want. Clinton Auto Wrecking Parts Co. Ernie's. Phone 8. Clinton. sMUi LOST seal the doom of OHo S. Wilson, a modern "Jark the Ripper' who killed two Los Angeles women and then in a frenzy of hutehery muli-hited their hodies will) a butcher's knife and a razor blade. Wilson signed Hip confession willingly, even anxiously, hut as though layinK the basis for an escape from the lethal fjaa chamber, lie made an addition in his own handwrillug. Kmolionolly I' notable "I would like to add," lie wrote, "that I have always been emotionally unstable ... I went completely insane and could not possibly control myself." Wilson's victims were Mrs. Virginia Lee (Iriffin, 25, wife of a truck lied forces will have pushed across Wiie Rhine River by Christmas Day The crossing of the llhlue would uol mean necesor-ly that the Nazis would l-o!lap;'e completely within the fol-I Unvjng week. I The fact thilt the smashing ofl'en-i give was ladticlied in ilifiance of 1 'Vinler weather Roes down as one ' underlying reason for early opti-lr.iir.iu that the end of Germany is near. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's j.lecision to begin the attack at this time was seen in military quarters I ns indicative of the liiah command's full confidence that the superiority 'of Allied troops and material is sufficient to smash the vaunted Sieg-. fried Mne despite rain, mud and ,' snow. j Confidence in Superiority Launching of the offensive while I'ER POUND. TURKEYS. 40 CENTS Phone 1115 ring 3. tl7. 1!I4 1 OI.DSMOII1LE HUB CAP ON Elm or 'Jill Streets lei urn to Ford Garage. HI SMALL TAI1LE MODEL MAJESTIC radio 115.00 603 N. 3rd St. mix FOR RENT FAIR- TOFFOLO, PIGS. JOHN view. tliix DOM tl7x TWO HEATING STOVES, llonucclii, Centenary. BEAGLE, RUNNING GOOD, $10.00. EXTRA-NICE SIX-ROOM COIIN-try home for small family with references. Lights, heatrola. kitchen range and open grate, fruit-room, chicken lot, chicken house, garden spot. Half mile west of Crompton llil School on Bunsen Road. Available after Nov. 25. ALSO NICK FOUR-ROOM HOUSE with lights, garden, otilbuidliugs and garage. On road 41 at Ly-ford. Bus Service. Phone 370 in morning or evening. tlO 310 Walnut St. Phone 371M. tllx Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c GiSdersleeve's Ghost With -Harold Peary Marion Martin PLUS IKS BENO, Ulx COW AND CALF. Route Two. PAID NOTICES 9c 40c SUN., MON. & TUE. Color Cartoon "Lulu Gets The Birdie" LATEST NEWS Sports "G. I. Fun" YOU'LL SAY: "Mr. Winkle is the most lovable, wonderful motion picture character I Have Met!" CHRISTMAS CARD DICSIG.VS AltK ruiiniiiff low and inuny ui-e being weather conditions prohibit full use of the Allied air might also is considered to he Indicative of the high command's complete confidence that I heir artillery superiority over the German guns will be un ample substitute for wiiat may be missing in air support. Looking at the over-all picture of the battle of Kurope, one also considers that the Russians reportedly are about to launch a new full-out drive on the eastern front, which, in conjunction with the Allies' powerful drive on the west, leads to the fiimlc conclusion: The climax of the European war appears at hand. RIDGE. t!7x FIRST HOUSE IN SAND Cull 1120 Ring 2. cancelled every day. Wo can slill THEPCTURES FOUND Buy More Ilonds supply some very nice ones with numes imprinted, lint better order yours today. See the designs slill available at i lie Daily Clin-louiun Office. DOG. tlOx ULACK AND TAN Call 300 N. 3rd St. IN NOTH'K! Truckers' Attention, Coal now available at Hazel Itlut'f, location two miles west of Clinton, cleaned coal, 'hopper loading. S & O Coal Co. tl'Jx Oet in tbo Scrap! Leftover Fish If you have cooked lish left over, pick it from the bones and use it in patty cakes, scaMuped dishes, croquettes, chowders or salads. Increase the number of servings by combining jt with rice, mashed po With Bobby Readiek Frank Craven THURSDAY tatoes or spaghetti and a well-seasoned cream sauce. Oysters and clams are ideal for quick stews and chowders. NOTICE! Food sale and bazaar at Slants Auto Supply Co. Window j Saturday mornnig. Nov. 18. Key's Class of Methodist Church. Purchase your Xmus gifts at this bazaar. t!4 NOTICE! A Jerusalem Lodge No. 9!) F. & A. M. called meeting. Friday. November 17, 7 p. in. Work in M. M. degree. John Griffiths, W. M Charles Brown, Secretary. With The CompUuiesU Ot THE DAILY CLINTONIAN There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH T1TEATRE Waiting At Our Office for TETKR MARVON 1215 North Seventh Just Come Lfl And Ask For Them! Watfb This Spare Every Day IOI B NAME MAI BE NEXT Admission 9c and 20c MADAME CURIE With lirvcr fJursoii VaKor rhlgeun "Mo it ivsts" Pete Smith Specialty NOTICE! Food and rummage sale, Friday and Saturday, November 17 audi 18, 219 South Main Street sponsored by Circle 1, WSCS of the Methodist Church. til 1x6 No. 3 Boards $6.00 Black Corregated Metal Roofing $1.00 Wire Corn Cribs 48" 50 Ft. Roll $1.90 Wood Picket Cribs 36" 100 Ft. Rolls $12.50 lied Cedar Posts For -20c, -ZHc, 35c, 55c 26 In. Hog Fence $ .33 1 Only Hog Feeder 35 Bushel $39.00 Treated Wall Board For Lining $4.00 35 Lb. Roofing $1.20 45 Lb. Roofing $1.60 STEVENSON LUMBER COMPANY NOTICE! j Please get your poultry orders In j as soon as possible before Thanks- t alvlng. Heeders Poultry Store. 117 I i ' ' VV jfJ-' A Mr. Winkle goes io YllYTy, )T)' r- Soes your heart... laughing, t 1 j" vJJJJ loving, deeply sympathizing ip. ' rvT yu follow the most gf )Js" lovable; character 'ever to f -y best-sellerl I "s mi ii inmi km .Jin i li u i ' P8' ,,,,l.,yffr-..i WANTED TO BUY Avoid tiie ItangvrM ot Winter Skidding! ' -V. VCT4kl2Y. lIVTItltl I Kin USED TOYS ANY KIND AND any conditiun. (103 N. 3rd St. 1 1 i',v I ECAPPING FULL SIZE GOOD ROLL AWAY bed with coil springs. Post Office Box lo7, Clinton. 1 Gx 7.03 .(MI-10 w mm SURELY AFTER SO I TH Kit OFKKKS YOU: I tirade A Qualify ramclhut-k. t. Priuiit ttfi-vit , 3. All Work y Furlr -Trained Kprt. 4. full 1-uarMiitf-. Z. Kitmuii Kirttu CsiMr-fsrip Trrad lKign. 55 Years of Service Thousands of People Who Have Pali Us. and Slill Do. Can't Co Wrung, let Us Talk lo You When You Need Up lo $::i0. No RaWon CrtificiT Nee Jed ONLY 9c & 35c "ALLERGIC TO LOVE" "BAR 20 RIDES AGAIN" Big Double Feai ure Tonight and Sat. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY POLAND'S HOME & AUTO SUPPLY 211 So. Main St., Clinton , I'lione 7:12 I'hone 02 228 Blackmail St. CI.INTllN". IND.

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