The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 17, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1944
Page 7
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Friday, Novembe. 17,1944. m E DAILY CHNTON1AN ; r Tage (V'. rn Add Poundage When anyone eats more calories during a day than the body can expend in enerjy, then she (or he) I of Magny. They held firmly to the I WW 1 1 ! r. I? F" F- inainder of the lront spilt n oi me Clinton Hardwood ' j. mr'mm ' i : vv a i rv r. vv a in i i m m nv iir vivi. i iiiiiMm m aiu t t eitv where a grout) of lite Verdun fl I r Uw - u-,m. kV v - odds poundage. , f V M CM V - To Relieve .! t I IV,' 1- : I 1 '""'B.-.W chain of forts has been surrounded but not yet occupied. Hold Oil' Artillery Cell, i'attoll so far has withheld urtilkry fire against lire city itself. The only exception was yesterday's bombardment of railway and road intersections where the Germans still employed the rail line leading oui of the eastern gap. -) Jap Language One barrier to untiei'.stnnding tho Japs' language lies in the failure of some of the students to accept the Japanese way of saying things. Before one can speak iiuentiy, it is necessary, in the linguistic settee, to think as the Japanese do. 'ft Squad Members Of New Conference 8 Leading Valiey Teams Form New Cage League; Drive for Championship Clinton High School will be a nti'iiib.T of the new eiplil-team basketball conference to be known as the Central Indiana Basketball (on-, fen-nee. Paul Wolf of Indiana State Laboratory High School and publicity officer of the new organization, announced today. The eight teams, the most prominent in the Wabash Valley, are Sullivan. Clinton. Linton, Brazil. Bronchitis Creomulslon relieves promptly because It goes right to the scut of the trouble to help looic.i and expel germ larteii phlegm, uiid aid nature to soothe and ileal raw. tender intlaiued bronchial mucous nunibralles. Tell your drugliist to sell you a buttle of Creomulslon wltlj tiie iindersti'ndim; you must like the way it tiit'i-iy allays the cough or you nr.' to vijur money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs. Chesr Cold's, Broncfcitii 1 s ft , ' .'.C . : .' I" c ! I J ' ! ri " i j ' ill IN NOVEMBER Teams in Race For 44 Title Ohio State, Michigan, Purdue Vie for Title Buckeyes Have 2 to Go On Season's Best Record CHICAGO, 111. Ohio Slate, for all Its undefeated and untied record, was not rated today us anything lilte a sura -thing to take the western conference football championship. The Buckeyes have two hurdles to overcome, either one or boih of which may trip them up, Illinois tomorrow at Cleveland and Michigan the following Saturday at Columbus. The battle for the title right now lies between Ohio State and the Wolverines, with Purdue having a mathematical' hance to horn in on the championship. . MUlilgan in Good Spot Michigan, actually, Is in an ideal spot to nose out the Buckeyes tven if the latter win from Illinois tomorrow, which they are favored to do. If Michigan, which steadily has been improving even with the loss of Bob Wiese and Bob NuBSbaumer, can whip Ohio State a week from tomorrow tha.t will mean the title for the Wolverines. This comes about because Michigan is playing seven conference games this .season while Ohio State is playing only six.' So the two teams would wind up with one defeat each, Michigan already having Viuo beaten 'liV ' Indiana, but the Wiley, Garfield, Cerstmeyer and Statu High- The conference was formed after a series of consultations by representatives of the mciii-: ber schools, I In organizing the new conference, It was pointed out that all the (schools holding membership are riv i '7 f r ft 7 1 MAS JUST ; is; s DECISIVELY BEATEN in his 13th try for a scat in the House of Representatives. Rep. Hamilton Fish of New York's 29th' congressional district will be succeeded by Augustus W. Bennet, above, independent Republican. Fish was repudiated by Governor Dewey and opposed by a coalition of GOP Independents, Democrats and La-brrites. - (International) ABOUND THE als of long standing, and that by forming a conference it would further interest in the regular Beason schedule. Conference ltules Although a champion will he recognized tliis season, teams will not be required to play a fixed number of games as the conference was formed after schedules had been drawn up. However, Btartlng next season each school will he required to play at least six different conference foes to be eligible for the championship. Games played in any tour- COR -(efiAepF- BACK rWR IOWA & & & & & & m & & & Pattoivs Armv ' Readies Stofm Attack on Melz Buy your Xmas liquor now and get the brands you want. Come in and select itt'ms you like out of our '.Complete stock. As a special for Thanksgiving and the month of November we offer BOWLING RESULTS ..,' nameni win uwl y, avnuic of feeds,foedTee,uiremeni3 o. poul.iY;fprnce Kames The standings of and livestock, sanitation and preven-- (h(j coference will be de-ttm nr iHnauM. grain grading, seed J. . ' . ,.. ....,,, of coca-toi.A l-KAfil'K termlned by the percentage gawes PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Colom- testing, elementary accounting and laws relating to the elevator bus- won and. lost. . r ; , , Tt,e pnnfei-enee members will con- S2.98 Wolverines would have the percent- bo mmmn stirs 168, 156, 161 485; Jones, 149, 196, 102 447; Baysinger, Frivate Stock Iness. ,,, fine their athjotle. activities solely To make it possible to oliei thai h,.Vpthall as their athletic rival-course, it will be necessary for l l o()i(r g .(s s amn,y or more applications for admission y rnnf(i.. to be filed before Dec .15 Hie to al . yMoroovpr. inoe ,he chnmiit!n. cost for residents of Indiana, includ- a mason's ing room and board, will range Ironi ; "'' fr.,m, tnv 180, 155, 207 4S2; Mooney, 161, 167, 145 473; Straw, 102, 200, 181 543; handicap, 128, 128, 12S 384. Totals, 888, 1002, 924 2814. m PREDATE STOCK SI .85 i'.i B VERMILLION ROOM Hays, 591; Guerrl, 144,1100 to $150, Mr. Reed explained. ' Wabash 199, 160, 232 142 149 435 (Coniln'iea num iase I) The prisoners claimed that the Gestapo men are ridy to shoot every German tryln? to flee M l! and have inachine-guns posted at the escape Sandbag barriers, barbed wire nets, booby traps and anti-tank ditches, road-blocks and other barricades were said to be going up inside the city. It was estimated that mixed elements of so-cailed fortress battalion-in considerable sin-ngth were available for the defense of Metz. The Nazi 462nd Diiision. consisting of administrative troops was said to be pal rolling the escape gap and holding the southeast front be Asbury, 166, 164, j Further information reBarainKj 1 b kptball toul.nament will this proposed course may o. o-u, - a,fot(.d. WINES ed by writing to v. u. r reeu.a.., - u..!,,.,!,,!,. dean of the School of Agriculture, 113 443; Kirkman, 202, 174, 125 501; Tasso, 165, 156, 191512; handicap, 162, 162, 162 486. Totals, 1038, 958, 972 2968. The local cagers will open their Layfayette, Ind. 5THS Burgundy, Claret, Zinfandel, Port, age advantage ucckubc game. Wisconsin I'nriVnlog This possible outcome is predicated on the assumption that Michigan will have no trouble in disposing of Wisconsin tomorrow at Ann Arbor. A Badger victory would be accounted one of the big upsets of the season. Purdue, like Ohio State, plays a six-game series and has four victories and one'defeat, the loss at the hands of Michigan. The Boilermakers' remaining conference prame is with Indiana after this v.eek'c contest with Navy at .Baltimore. So Purdue is pulling for an Illinois victory over Ohio State, but a defeat of Michigan by the Buckeyes a week from tomorrow, l'lirdue, Hoosler Hour This, if the Boilermakers subdue Indiana, would give them a tie with Ohio State for the championship with each team having five victories and one defeat for the season. Purdue even could win the un Sherry, Eihine, Muscatel, and lokay 8e PINTS Bed Sweet Grane fore the city Willi Klile Guard 194t-15 season Dec. 5 against Garfield at Terre Haute; Dec. 8. Sullivan, here Dec. ' 12, Newport, there; Dec. 15, Otter Creek, here; Dee. 19, Dana, there; Dec. 22, Wiley, here; Jan. 2. Cayuga, there; Jan. 5, Ilrazil, here; Jan. 9. Attica, here; Jan. 12. Crawlordsville, here; Jan. 18, 19, 20. Wabash Valley Preliminaries: Jan. 25, 26. 27. Wabash Valley Finals; Jan. 30, .Montezuma, here; Feb. 2, Gerstmeyer, there; Feb. 6. Covington, there; Feb. 9. Garfield, here; . Feb. 13, Itockville, hero and Feb. 16, State, there. I Resin and Rosin Resin is a thick, usually amber colored liquid, which exudes from many trees and plants, particularly following an injury. It is composed of acids which form after oxidation of terpenes. The resin from these trees is distilled to obtain turpentine and rosin. Rosin is a solid, amber colored, brittle substance. It is used in manufacturing paper, soap, paint and varnish, and a long list of : '' forces keeping a firm grip on t lie entire situation. lirides were mined and pillboxes COCA-COLA McCown, 155, 113, 139 407; Jackovich, 152, 173, 173 503; Hagemun, 166, 165, 150 487; Fenoglio, 162, 162, 187 611; Ghidotti, 168, 111, 145 424; handicap, 138, 138, 138 414. Totals, 941, 826, 943 2746. JULKS TAVERN Taparo, 213, 226, 182 621; Roth, 178, 187, 191 556; Gambiani, 143, 147, 148 438; lacoli, 168, 163, 205 536; Benetti, 175, 246. 196 617; handicap, 121, 121, 121 363. Totals, 998, 1090, 1043 3131. Antony's Lienor Store doited the approaches to the city. Infantry of the Fifth Division, a ... 352 S. Main St. Phone 125 odejng relentlessly closer, pushed to within slightly over a mile from Metz by taking the .small wood east disputed title if Wisconsin upsets Michigan tomorrow, and if Illinois GREGORY CAFE Lanimey, 193, h Miohiran both beat Ohio State.' 182. 164 619: McDonald, 174, a consummation that appears rath-; 148, 185 507; Maloney, 163, 178, er remote. 1 147 488; Hayes, 136, 167, 140 Illinois Draws Crowd 443; Wilson, 159, 137, 211 The largest crowd of the season, !607; handicap, 119, 119, 119 357. possibly in the neighborhood of 85,- Totals, 944, 911, 966 2821. 000, is expected to witness the Ohio j MATTIODA. GROCERY Mur-State-Illinois game at Cleveland. 'dock, 140, 155, 171 406; Lyday, In the other games involving con- 192, 147, 139 478; Mattioda, 178. ference teams, Minnesota, playing 177, 183 538; Costello, 196, J4S, at home, is expected to whip Iowa 202 543; Brazukas, 179, 157. easily leaving the Hawkeyes in the 172 608; handicap, 112, 112, cellar with six' straight defeats. 112 336. Totals, 097, 893, 979 l'ltt fines to Ind. 28C9. Pittsburgh wai! travelling all the en, way to Indiana just to get another HORXEY BATTERY SHOP whipping, ifhe season's perform- Lane, 193, 210, 189 - 592; Pa- '' a i,l.' n,,H Voire loncv. 193. 146, 143 482; Waugll, Theatre WF' rMUUlMSIWEBE'SAI' ,yEAHflUl I I H5-VOU Y WfTS THE j 5 SOME DAV ILL WRITE T MMWmAT WE STATUM nilL UP ON SEVEN SHA''1'.' -a8LIZZARO WHV-IT'S 8IG IDEA? I you A LONG LETTER - -C,B1 , e, , , SII maKI' rKJ WW GET ME TO THE J fl"! f-g XVWM. DAN OUGHTA BE . ESMAKI f-S ' UNION STATION AS 1 kmrnCp HERE T'SEE UU ' --A JJ -AlUzLt rfh$T FASTASASQUAOCAR) ff:WiJHEfm- J .": ' rt z? ttk VW ! I-$n k. can travel . &tjitf.r:ji$p T)ame, in spite of its punishment at 189, 168, 137 494; Cooper, 129, the hands of Navy and Army on 1 170, 149 448; Kjnanovich, 153, .. ...... c......j.. .... t,.,rtu ma 520: handicap. 122, over Northwestern in their contest at South Heud The .Middies 'ruled favorites for their game 'with Purdue at 122, 122 366. Totals, 979, 1030, 2902. DIANA SWEET SHOP Weir. 114, 164, 122 400; Ilredeweg, 155, 165, 163 483; Manship, 141, 164, 177 482; Allison, 150. 131, 168 449; Ave, 172, 1S5, 1S3 540; handicap, 124, 124, 124372. Totals, 856, 933, 937 2726. Get in vhe Scrap! H5J Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIKOPRACTOK X-Ray "235V4 Blackman prnni E to okff.k new EI.EVATOU OPKIIATIOX rOI'RSE new course for persons interested in the operation of elevatorr and farm supply businesses Is being offered at Purdue fnlversity from Jan. 2 until Feb. 23, Dean H. J. fleed, head of all agricultural de-dartments at Purdue, announced Monday. The new course will invoH.) intensive training of a practical liar ro to meet the need for trained e in the country elevator hnrln' '. ': includes instruction :-i the c imU : W' VOJt? LOVALTy SO ' DCUliTf'UL YOU CAM'T Ra.CE HAME YOU L-4cB,VES,BUT 1 rOUMD OUT uHO f CAN'T TELL AiCOTE THAT7 VOU VJHOT IS , , I I VJELL, EVEM IF My VMORVJJ ,.t , ir, DOES SUFFER,! CANT pi" Sit I Ik i I'M SORRY I COULDNTjlVJELX. pyDnF Fl AIK1E !' CRUKTKHY MKMOItlAI.S MOM MK.M'S unil MAItKEUS Tern lliilile Moliumeiil ('. Kill. I I. V. 1.1 I K I'hn Si Hiri.-ntllv 4IJ1 H. Hfinlli. ( Ilnlun a sHovsiPoMtrr 7S I tiJJU T , MR.r HCAMT AJHEM Har- Oii-I- LEAVER-? ILXJ EROUSH-l'ViE (iPUT FlDSETiSl MOTHER'S J.TAM 'M mm IF A. IT jL. SQT SOME- UCM CAMV&5 SO to .n " 1 toiler m a 3W! DOESN'T HAVE TO COST : .1 m, . 1 . . if. ft" I mi ' I . 1, n MUCH TO BE FUN r-il.N. LJili utj liA 1.!' Jiiriji ( MA, BE t CAM tt-'" p 'ur t cau tviuP '"Ar A n Uake resc-e eerier I I 1 f,)-i. Hi-, HAPHV CeSCUE K-L-MOA t-"t20-' n I t-yt ln, HAIR - FA'isrTA? J 3 claws ut 50 yr - w wave amold J o1 r Af Y U I V "j 4 wow-ess , k h-t--sKAU y. BREADTH aSP-V "TZA' ' -T'" KEEPS YOU IN TRIM ! : HELPS YOU RELAX! Between Strikes You Can Enjoy Good Cold Drinks At Our Fountain Service LUCKY STRIKE BOWLEG ALLEY A msm I : 8 WELL-LI GH IED ALLEYS 1

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