The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 10, 1968 · Page 22
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 22

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1968
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

BlO-Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 10, 1968 HOROSCOPE Cobb: Thinking Man's Thespian white, and you've mellowed a little, grown a little more mature hopefully. "And the result Is far better not only because you live to fight another day but because the proportions are within reasonable reach. "The striving for perfection Is not in Itself a virtue. It's a good thing to instill in the young. But It isn't a virtue in Itself because It can interfere with realizable goals." Has Cobb readjusted his own sights over the years? "Hopefully. I admit that when I was younger I wasn't prepared to be that reasonable. You have to have gone to bed and wakened a minimum number of times to one day decide that It's not all black or - fJi: : n I ,-'-' I world I feel so strongly about It that I would rather the theater replaced a good part of our diplomacy in the world. "I think it is much more an amalgamating Influence for good in the world culture, not just theater but for my purposes, theater. More so I think than any other endeavor. "I'm not as hopeful of the diplomatic efforts aboard of really creating mutual understanding and peace. In a naive way perhaps I have more confidence in efforts of this kind." Increasing freedom of the individual both politically and artistically is conceded by the star, whose own troubles during the McCarthy era are a closed chapter, but not without some reservations. "I think the liberalization of our times has touched the theater as well as other aspects in our lives. But concurrently, irresponsible license has encroached on our avenues of communication and expression as well. Often one is confused for the other. "The license is the fact that anyone by virtue of his being a citizen can deliver himself of any notion, idea without fear either of bureaucratic censure or opprobrium by his colleagues. He has the right, there is no yardstick. I think it's chaos. I don't like that. "I don't want to imply that the answer is to take his right away. No, that's part of the price the exorbitant price in 1 bitions, aspirations. Seek reliable counsel. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-NOv. 21): ' Good lunar aspect today coin- ' cides with communication with one at a distance. Your sense of responsibility comes -to fore. Past promises tend to '. catch up. Necessary to fulfill obligations. ', SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- J Dec. 2U: Be aggressive, if necessary, to settle financial ', question. Not wise to leave j delicate question hanging. J, Means get down to facts. If 'J frank, there is favorable set- ''' tlement, understanding. -J CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Accent on how you relate to mate, partner. Shake off tendency to be stubborn. Ac- cept new policy. Be creative. You could rediscover loved - one. Keep mind and heart open for experience. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Improve relations with" co-workers, associates. Spe-J clal Invitation could clear air. Realize some around you are, sensitive. Provide face-saving " device. Accent diplomacy. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20); ; Give full play to curiosity. In- vestigate. Find out the why of! events, happenings. You tiavej much to learn. Today you can add to knowledge. Children ' provide pleasure. IF TODAY IS YOUR! BIRTHDAY you are independent, original in approach; you work best for yourself rather than for others. You have a unique way of express-lng yourself " it arouses envy in the less talented. GENERAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for CANCER, LEO, VIRGO. Special word to CAP-RICORN: pounce on opportu- nlty for new start. NEW TREAT IN EATING" ' VISII UUK DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT AIR CONDITIONED OR HEATED FOR YOUR COMFORT DELICIOUS SANDWIf HFL SHRIMP or CHICKEN in thi basket! WUKLD'S iRFAMlFCT Dnnr nrrn I FOR TODAY, Lee J. EDITOR'S NOTE Lee J. Cobb, the burly actor known beat for his starring role in "Death of a Salesman," is returning to the stage after a 15-year hiatus. The part that has lured him back is Shakespeare's King Lear. By WILLIAM GLOVER M-;W YORK (AP) In rhe ihcater now," and there was gently grievance in the dark, familiar voice, "the actor is the only one who is expected to be a lover. "Everyone else is practical, hard headed. It wasn't so when I befian." This, continues J. Cobb, is why he's been absent from Broadway 15 years, endlessly doing films and TV that weren't nearly as gratifying. A man must eat to idealize another day, and he is a realistic romantic "I'm not sentimental about the theater" mildly self-mocking, accepting if not exactly liking the way the world spins. ' ."Very few things in movies afe creatively rewarding. But the economic consideration was very much a practical step on my part. I admit it." The man who earned stardom and enduring career identity as Willy Loman in Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" returned to the stage Nov. 7 in the challenge of "King Lear," his first brush . with Shakespeare since apprentice days. The production opened the Lincoln Center Repertory season at the Beaumont Theater. Reports from rehearsals are that the Sti-year-old headliner, lonce regarded as difficult, and Ihe young company have experienced salutary, mutual stimulation. . "It's no credit to anyone that he dreams of doing Lear ," Cobb deprecates why he said yes to this after turning down uncounted bids since his last visit here in 1953. His reason is oeeper. "I think any of the great plays involves all of us so deeply, and the areas for mutual, reciprocal involvement are shrinking so fast in the Palm Beach Jr. College Players Present "PHILADELPHIA, : HtRE I COME!" ; NOVEMBER 14,15,16,17 : 8:14 P.M. ADUlli 5? 00 - STUDtNTS $1.50 Box Office 965-8300 Directed by Frank Leahy November 10, 1968 By SYDNEY OMARR "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." ARIES (March 21-April 19): Your chance to enlighten family members is accented. You can maintain assets, but also plant seeds for future projects. Be Independent without being arrogant. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): If you expect everything to remain the same today, you're in for disappointment. There are changes and you may have to take journey. In all, pleasant experiences prevail. Be dynamic. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Attention to details is a necessity. Recent expenditure requires investigation. Don't let pride stand In way of possible saving. Utilize sense of humor. Laugh at your own foibles. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Cycle moves up; your research pays off. Means facts you have gathered can be put to use. Watch personal appearance. Some are anxious to find fault. You win if imaginative. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Day features opportunity for change, improved relations with loved one. Spiritual counselor could play significant role. Be discreet in connection with question of friend with problem. VIRGO (Aug. 23 Sept. 22): Harmonize domestic relations. Adjustment is necessary delay not advisable. Family member deserves support. Be sensible without being selfish. Pleasant evening in store; be with friends. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You tend to see persons, situations in nonrealistlc light. Necessary to revise views. Change today is essential. Outline am FOR FAMOUS CONEY DOG urn 4361 OKEECHOBEE RA A fib, A 3 from Broadway for 15 years, doing films and TV. He was won back to do "Lear" because he feels deeply that "great plays" are badly needed in this period of shifting values. THE LURE OF LEAR - Lee J. Cobb holds the title role of "King Lear" (at right). The production opened the Lincoln Center Repe-tory season at the Vivian Beaumont Theater. Cobb has been absent Kate Smith Happy With Her New beloved second home on an Island in Lake Placid, N.Y. Much of her time, too, is spent handling the financial affairs of Rated, the corporation she formed with Collins, which owns not only Kate Smith, per my opinion that we pay for freedom. "We are going through a period in the arts when never has mediocrity been so disproportionately rewarded as It Is now. We've got Innovators today who don't know what they're revolting against. "The ease of dissemination and the exploitation of It for business reasons has encouraged us to artificially auto-intoxicate Impulses however benighted. "We are also influenced by a contempt which is politically inspired and encouraged, against our heritage. This Is doing violence to our own lives." Which brings him back to this "King Lear" and a question: does the play have particular validity today? "The sad ihlng Is that a question like that can be legitimately put. Because to ask that question Is to be already suffering under some of the evils we touched on. Is mother love timely? If it doesn't make us squirm, is love timely? "When the time comes that one does not only ask is It apt to do Lear or timely and the question is merely rhetorical and you don't do It, I'll cash in my chips." Cobb expects to still be developing his concept of Lear "by the time we close. The reward is in the reaching." Talk of craft technique opens up reflections on broader matters, like a man's philosophic outlook. still young, she already has appeared as guest star on "Music Hall" and "The Beautiful Phyllis Diller Show." Now it's "The Smothers Brothers" and on Nov. 27 there comes the "Jonathan Winters Show." Later there will be "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" "I don't know what they'll want me to do, but it probably will be fun" "Hollywood Palace" and, perhaps her favorite work-week of the season, "The Dean Martin Show." It was only four years ago that Kate, crushed and feeling inadequate after the death of her long-time business partner and manager, Ted Collins, was seriously contemplating retirement. The "new" Kate maybe not all new but a Kate Smith who is 57 pounds lighter than last season' model is so busy that her public relations man, George Bennett, complains mildly that he only sees her when she's being Interviewed. She flies to the coast for a week or two of television work with the casual . ir of a suburban commuter catching his morning train. She makes a minimum of three record albums a year. She takes on a concert date when the spirit moves her or the place interests her. She has no money problems. After Collins' death, Kate Kath to her friends decided to leave New York and Its memories and take up residence near the place in which she grew up. She took a long lease on an apartment In a Washington suburb and moved furniture, wardrobe and her collections. "Then, all of a sudden, I started working so much that I never had time to get there," she said. "In the two-and-one-half years I had the place, I spent 16 weeks there. I figured it had to be the most expensive closet pace In the world and I was stuck a lot of the time in hotel rooms in New York. So I moved back.' In her off-hours, she prowls the antique stores of the city and also manages to reserve plenty of time during the warm months to spend at her SHAKES MILK COFFEE By CYNTHIA LOWRY NEW YORK (AP) - Kate Smith, after five decades of reaching hearts and lifting spirits with her rich singing voice, now finds herself in what she calls "the most rewarding period of my life." Television's current passion for variety shows in assorted forms has given her long, successful entertainment career now direction and fresh stimulus. The songbird of the South, the woman who has moved that moon over thousands of mountains, has become a Jet-age wandering minstrel. With the television season Still the Finest Recreation of them all. SKATELANO PRIVATE CLUB 425 24th Street W.P.B. Phone 832-6613 ON STAGE STARRING P"""1" TV Life Rome for an audience with Pope Paul VI the high point of her visit since she was converted to Roman Catholicism some three years ago. "Ail this has been a rebirth of myself and, of course, a new career," she said happily. "Oh, sure, I've been offered series, lots of times, but I don't want that again ever, I tell them I'm 10 years older, that I can't stand that gatf. But while I love guest appearances, they are without the responsibility for the time, for the guests and, of course, tnose fatTrigs.A Over the years she introduced some 700 songs that became hits, but the one closely associated with her is "God Bless America," Irving Berlin's patriotic number which she in t roduced 30 years ago. On the other hand, she enjoys the savors "the beat and sound of contemporary music." In fact her next album will be a salute to the Jimmy Webbs and Burt Bacharchas of the young generation. "The new sound is like a shot In the arm Just what singers and musicians needed," she said. Miss Smith, who will be 60 next May, has been singing before audiences since she was 8. She became a professional at 18. Appearing in her second broauway show, she was spotted by Ted Collins, a record company representative, who signed her to a recording contract. r WALGREEN Good j 12, J ' '7 ' I Hrn op?-: $ '-,: '1; r ' m p y ; " " ' T V. . ' 1 TONIGHT at 8 P.M. - One Show Only! WEST PALM BEACH AUDITORIUM IN PERSON OPENING WEDNESDAY NIGHT NOV. 13th BENNY LATIM0RE with FREDDY SCOTT AND THE ROCKING SOCKING "KINFOLK" AMERICA'S TOP SOUL BROTHERS UNLIMITED ENGAGEMENT WIRE PRESENTS THE 6'9 MOTOWN UEViEW fe I Ik: - j! ' nllii i'i Hit Ittlf 'iltlti 1 Am GLIB ; B9H3 RESTAURANTS Food Served fast Priced Right GOLDEN VOICE - Kate Smith's singing is as well received as ever, and TV audiences still clamor for her performances. However the pattern which she is following this season appearing as guest star on numerous TV variety shows, giving concerts and making records relieves ner of the ties of regular series work. 6AT HERE OR TAKE OUT IN k HURRY? ... 0R0EI DllfCt hoh rout ut ir OUI UidlONiC LLi! SERVICE PHONt RD. PH. 683-9898 KIHUT PI IIO H n NIGHT CM M , ACROSS FROM Q - HOLIDAY INI C WesolttMKhjJ lil'rfl It Mi ill 111 Tnlirlii ItTiffhi' 19 LIMIT 4 WITH COUPON $ 1.29 AND UP YOU CAN $ 00 CAN EAT" $ i 49 I YOU CAN QinTd I 110 KING CURTIS and the KINGPINS l WUJ THE SPINNERS AND MANY MORE in SUNDAY DINNED COMPLETE ROAST LOIN OF PORK former, but real estate and other properties. Two years ago Kate was invited to tape a TV show In London's Palladium and Miss Smith, at 57, made her first trip abroad. Later she flew to ENGLISH, DUNELT or ROBIN HOOD coaster bikes made by RALEIGH REG. s4800 NOW 38 98 3-Speed REG. s55 NOW $4398 Sunday, November 17, 8:15 P.M. at TEMPLE BETH EL Sriet subscription tickets at $10 ptr ptrson or individual program tickets at S3 ovoiloble at door. Students admitted at 30' per program. (UP Of SOUP Ot CHIittD TOMATO JUKE WHIPPED POTATOES. HOT VIGlUlli, V DOLL 1 IUTTEK, BEVERAGE, (HOICt Of DESSItT PRICES: $4.50 $4.00 $3.50 ALL SEATS RESERVED TICKETS ON SALE TODAY AT AUDITORIUM FOR RESERVATIONS - CALL 683-6012 GOOD SEATS THRU SHOW-TIME TONIGHT 1.69 VALUE MRS. WHITE FOOD MGR. soys "OUR SPECIALTY IS PLEASING YOU" See Raleighs best bikes. OUR FAMOUS GHARBROILED STEAKS DIXIE BICYCLE STORE ESTABLISHED SINCE IV38 51 1 N. Dixie West Palm Beach 832-4606 MMO K5TATO WVUW1AIAO TOAS1T0 KHA OPENING FAMILY NIGHT SPECIALS SERVED 4 P.M. 'TIL CLOSING THE FORUM presents MONDAY - ITALIAN SPAGHETTI NIGHT "All for the Season MONDAY-NOVEMBER 11th KN0LLW00D GROVES "NEW OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT" IAT RICH MEAT SAUCE, TOSSED SALAD, TOASTED ROLL . TUESDAY . FRIED CHICKEN NIGHT - "All YOU COLE SLAW, ROLL & BUTTER . . . IDAHO FRENCH FRIES, WEDNESDAY - GOLDEN EAT" TARTAR, IDAHO BUTTER... SHRIMP NUGGETS "ALL FRENCH FRIES, COLE SLAW, ROLL & $ 1 1 9 I 35v' NOW TAKING THANKSGIVING & CHRISTMAS GIFT ORDERS "SARAH AND THE SAX" An amusing significant Off-Broadway play searching for understanding of today ' generation gap. Features Broadway-TV performers Misa Sylvia Mann and Jonn E. Byrd with a unique audience-participation format. f Carry -Out Special SHRIMP BOX lee Cream Special RAINBOW SUNDAE PINEAPPLE AND STRAWBERRY TOPPING WITH MOUNDS OF WHIPPED TOPPING 55 o Free Samples $ 19 FRENCH FRIES COLE SLAW I ROLL & BUTTER 0 I I j I M Jewish Community Forum of the Palm Beaches Located . . . i AiAtneLie or a rt i line erst itu rc uvoAinvn veil &i AND 2 MILES NORTH OF BOYNTON ROAD palm coast piaza t RIVIERA BEACH, U.S. 1 1 PALM COAST PLAZA crevm it hi i emsre rAUW otAt" mah m StMtV Al ALL JIW" DOWNTOWN CLEMATIS i Phone 965-1 660 i-

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