The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 17, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, November 17, 1944
Page 3
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Page Thro THE LAltt CLINXONIAN Friday, November 17, 1941. the flooded lowlands of Holland to the frigid slopes of the .1 m;v rilotlll-tiiliw in central France, i' PALACE - SITING SAJ. 11 P. M i Newport Societies Hold Meetings In Upton Sinclair's book, Presidential.! Agent," the fifth In the Lanny Bud series dealing with conditions in nun. iinrinu- 10:17 and 1938. De Geiei-nl 0K-iatioiial IMc lilie .74 r Here Is a general picture irom north to south of the great com- 1 Week; Youth Fellowship Session Massive Allied Forces Hammer At Rhineland (Continued from page 1) tails of the book are fictitious but the broad pattern o the history is true according to Mrs. Parrett. port held at the home of Mrs. C. D. Un. Marl ha Rutliff. daughter of Refreshments were served by tn Williams. a rhirken dinner was served at r" 1 Uiued operations by seven Allien armies against the Germans- Canadian First Army busily engaged in u cleaning up the Scheldt est uary to open fully I he port of Antwerp. Aim at Wcslpliulin British Second Army arrayed the nnnn hnnr. Mrs. H. S. Hawkins hostess to 15 members and one guest, Mrs. Belle Hegarty. Mrs. J. Wk Nlckell of Danville, 111., spent last Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Keith You presided at a short business meet ing and plans were made for the nhria.mna meeting which Will be solidly along the Mans river and mans and family of Newport. held Dec. 16 at the home of the pre sident, Mrs. Hawkins. Miss Edith Holfon of Danville, m., snent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. tered its second phase," Sertorlus asserted. "Excellent I'lOgi-ess" Klseuhower I BBC, heard by CHS, reported the First Army has captured Stnl-berg.) The gigantic bid to demolish the German armies of the Khineland Thnae wlin attended the meeting Margaret Conley. ' ' were, Mrs. J. G. Potts, Mrs. Dora Mrs. Mirl Thomas and Mrs. L,eBiie Hawn of LinBey Chapel were In Danville Saturday afternoon. ' the Zig Canal and striving to reach Venlo for a thrust through Into German Westphalia. United Stales First Army bat-lling out of Aachen mid making 'excellent progress." fnited States Ninth Army Six miles Inside Germany, in possession or numerous towns, and rooting out minefields bin-ring the way to the plains of Cologne. M. Harger, Mrs. Omar McMasters, Mrs. Roscoe Foos, Mrs. John Park and children, Mrs. Hawkins and son, Sammy, and four guests, Mrs. Clyde Mitchell and grandson, Billy, of Mrs. R. H. Nixon spent Monoav and crush through to Cologne, llonii and Dusseldorf in overwhelming strength rocked the home nuil of Mr.' mid Mrs. Clifford Gressmire of Newport, returned to Independence, Kuil.. lust Monday where she will muse lier home with her husband, Atr Cadet Roger Sutllff. Kor the past several weeks, Mrs. Sutllff has been tuyliiK with her parents. In this city and before leaving for Kansas, she was employed at the Wabash River Ordnance Works. MrB. Guy Gosnell left Monday night for Pittsburgh, Pa., where she . will visit her daughter, Mrs. Walter Neal and husband and their new baby daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Longfellow, Mr. Kendall McBride and daughter, Dorothy, spent Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Lester Keen and daughter, Mr. Robert J. Rose. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Youmans and grandson, Barton Youmans, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dowers of Terre Haute. Mrs. Wilbur Hollingsworth of Clinton spent Wednesday with Mrs. Lester Keen and daughter, Mrs. Robert J. Rose. Ura n TV Word returned to her afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wise. Rideefarm. and Mrs. K. w. nuu- the Reich -In a mighty drive which A. J. Wise has been on tne sick bard and daughter, Mrs. David Volk, both of Olivet, 111. enabled Gen. Dwiqht D. Eisenhower Alan Marshal doesn't seem to he able to make up hi mind he. tween Utraiiie Day mid Marsha Hunt in Ihls w-ene H'om Hud. By Mistake". list for the past week. ., . nf the Forniehtly Bunco to report "excellent progress on Mian Hettv Adams was appointea Club were entertained at the home to serve as secretary treasurer of evening the partj drove to Danville, of Mrs. Virginia Youmans of Mew-nnrt Prldav nieht. Mrs. Elisabeth the Youth Fellowship organization p tua iwothnrtist church at a meet the flaming baltlefront. Allies Have to 1 SuM-i-iorily An estimated 1,5110,1100 Allied troops were on the move n crushing superiority of three to one over the defending Germans and gains 11. pie Aikmaii of Terre HauU, a ui.0rt mi the assistant hostess. rad and daughters, Virgil Keen and Shirley Lee Edwards. There were several afternoon callers. s-nurtaen members of the Mission Close in on .Met. United Stales Third Army Closing In on Jletz lor what promises to be another savage battle of the streets. United States Seventh Army only 12 miles Irom lite gateway to .Germany lln- Hell'orl, gap. French First Army moving ing of that group at the church Bunco was played with prizes ga former resident of Newport, called Thursday evening. in tn Mrs. Orace Youmans, nigu; T?niinwini- the business meeting. on friends in this city Sunday evening. Mr. Alknian was enroute to Mrs. Garnet Rein, travel; Mrs. v. games were enjoyed by the members Youmans, bunco; and Mrs. a. present and refreshments were ser ary Society of the Newport Friends' Church held their regular all day meeting at the Church last Thursday. Seven guests were present at the meet. steadily northeast of Baccarat In fri Sheldon. Ind.. where he lias oougiu a hardware store. He plans to make his homo 111 that city. Stewart, low. Following the games, Mrs. Youmans served delightful refreshments ved by a committee consisting ui Ann McMasters, Charlotte Russell nnH Marilvn Kersev. home in Newport Saturday evening Rnll call was answered with eao.i Seven members of the Missionary atnHv (iinun of the WSCS of the The group sang songs during the nner spending the past weetc witn friends and relatives in Indianapolis. to the members present. n nttpiiriine were: Mrs. Mary member giving a scripture reading. Mrs. Sarah Allison had charge of Methodist Church were present at a evening some of which are, Bring w Tr, the sheaves." "The Old Rug Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Mitchell of Wiiumnrt ftnpnt the weekend in Terre Adams, Mrs. Paul Grumley. Mrs. Iva meeting or the group held at tne church Tuesday evening. "Sing and Smile and the devotions and Mrs. Ethel Mor- rn.,l tha Inarlnr fnr the lesson. Brazeal, Mrs. Glenn Youmans, mrs. Flossie Holtsclaw, Mrs. urace Mrs. Flossie West and Mrs. Hattlei :lo Hlunche Eggleston had Haute visiting Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Crooke of La Dooley, Mrs. Oressa Ingram, Mrs. Pray," and "Onward Christian Soldiers." Barbara Hollinsgsworth and Betty Adams sang a duet, "Jesus vara - the hnnresseH lor tile of six miles and capture of many towns within the enemy defense perimeter were recorded as the great offensive roared into its second day. In action among the seven Allied armies was the recently activated Ninth Army under Lieut.-Gen. William H. Simpson which rolled forward after beating back an early German counter-blow. Ninth Takes 3 Towns (A Blue Network correspondent reported the Ninth Army has taken at least five enemy towns and 1.-000 prisoners despite stiffening German resistance. German artillery fire was described as "much stronger today," but "I here are no German planes." (The correspondent said that a sudden drop in the temperature permitted the mud to harden with tin-result that a great tank battle now appears to be near. ) Artillery. Luftwaffe Weak r-nllo Tin ' Orpha Stewart, Mrs. Kein ana trie two hostesses, Mrs. V. Vpuinans and Mrs. E. Stewart. luncheon which wits served at the noon hour. gid weather. p Tray Table A tray table will help both th nurse and the patient, but care should be taken that it doesn't rest on the patient. An ironing board or straight board placed across the patient's lap can be supported by chairs of. even height placed on either side of the bed. A grocery box of wood .or lieavy cardboard with bottom and two sides removed can be arranged to fit over the patient's lap. Pockets of cretonne tacked on either side of the box make convenient holders. Bed trays and lap boards may be purchased now m many of our local stores. fayette spent Sunday with Mrs. H Milton Crooke and daughter, Fran- ioa Parol. Those who attended the meeting Rev. John Walton or Newport is Mrs. Mortimer Lewis was nostess . n,omhem nf the Delphian Liter were, Beverly and Herbert Arra ..'n, nottv sinri Barbara Adams Corporal Sam D. Chipps, son of Mrs. Heulah Chipps, spent Sunday In Mansfield, Ind., this week attending a special minister's meeting. Mr mirl Mrs. I.. P. NelSOU Of 111- ary Club at her home in Newport charge of the devotions and a program consisting of .two poems by Mrs. Fern Hollingsworth; "Beginning of Missionary Work Among the American Indians," by Mrs. E. E. Neel and "Beginning of Women Medical Missionary Work in India," by Mrs. H. H. Nixon ws presented for the members. Miscellaneous articles were given by Mrs. Tempee Beebee, Mrs. B. K. .,.! Mm Mortimer Lewis af with his mother. Cpl. Chipps is sta tinned nt George Field. 111. Juanita and Joe Broady, Joel and Phyllis Hollingsworth, Marilyn and Marvin Kersey, Frank, Martha and Thursday night. dlanapolis spent Wednesday In New Aiintin Hnltnn Of NeWUOrt SDeht port. nmrituv wlckens. Dale and Ann nic Sunday with his brother-in-law, Eove ud.iaf charlotte Russell, Donna Mrs. Alfred Ellis, president, presided at the business meeting. Responses to roll call were interesting current events. The lesson, "Yukon T-..011 anA filmier Country." a con Sunday dinner guests or Mr. anu Mrs. John Park and family of Now-nnrt were Mvs. Park's uareuis, Mr. Morgan, Roger Keene. Lucille Hoi lingsworth, Barbara Hollingsworth p.-oo ti,ao iiiirhnra Stewart. Glo and Mrs. Walter La Rue of Black- ter which the group held a general tinuation of the book "Alaska," was Hcnshel of Wnynetown, Ind. V. G. Purrett of Champaign spent the weekend at his home in Newport. Mrs. D. P. Williams and Mrs. C. D. Williams of Ridgefarm were hos-tessej Friday at an all-day meeting Of the Friendship Circle of New- ria Asbury, aiid the following guests, discussion. Mr v.,n YVuit and Miss D. (Jract n r,nr MrMnsterS. MI'S. USCar On the First Army front enemy artillery action was negligible anu Rheuby of Newport spent Monday in Danville, 111. Kersey, Mrs. Clyde Russell, Mrs. B. R. Nixon. Rev., and Mrs. John Walton and the chairman of the organ- Utter Desert Charles Darwin, the naturalist, described the Acatama desert of Chile as "a complete and titter desert" where virtually the only living thing was a "minute lichen growing on the bones of dead mules." In some places rain ha; never fallen. In others, rainfall is recorded once every half-dozen years. iir nnri ii. Fred Sanders of ii.. Afro : Rnltih Adams. given by Mrs. J. G. Potts. A memory contest was conducted during the social hour and dellcioiu refreshments were served by the hostess. Those present were: Mrs. Valnette Adams, Mrs. Ella P. Hall, Mrs. Dora M. Harger, Mrs. Elsye E. Jones. Miss D. brace Rheuby, Mrs. Nelle M. Wait, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Wiggins, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Cecile Parrett, Mrs. Potts and the hostess, Mrs. Lewis. HURRY Barbara Hoilngsworth had charge Newport spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Frances Uaylur of Cayuga. hawk, Ind. Ensign and Mrs. Herbert Youmans and son, and Mrs. Clair You-, mnns spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Keith Youtnaus. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Youmans and family and Mrs. Glenn Youmans, all of Newport, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. James Dowels ol Cayuga. Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Karnsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Russell McLain and Lane Clark, all or Cayuga, were the Saturday dinner guests of Air. and Mrs. Alfred Ellis of west of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Verner Van Vllel ,u,rna,l tn tlietr llOllie ill NeWPOl'l of the program for the evening. Miss Clara Mae Sollars of New ,.,.. h.. the bride of Ervin L the Luftwaffe has failed to appeal-since the assault opened yesteiday afternooil. The Doughboys slugged their way forward In tree-to-tree fighting in the leelb of stern Nazi resistance, plunging through barbed wire defenses and over-running strongly-dug gun positions. Two million men a million and a half Allies and half a liiillloji Germans were locked in i-onibal front Members of the Junior nouie Makers Club of Perrysville met at i,u home nf Helen Moudy Mond.iy ....ii..D r iincmnn Saturday at 11 MOTHER! V Do This When Children Catch evening lor their regular meeting. Potato Scab Both chicken and sheep rr inure are more likely to produce tA.ab on potatoes than is horse or cow a. m. The ceremony was performed by Justice of Peace, E. S. Eggleston, The club, president, Eleanor negg hfwl charte of the meeung anu con manure. One guest, Miss Nancy Lewis attended the meeting. Miss Betty Adams of Newport speut the weekend with Miss Claudia Howlett of Quaker. Mrs. Alfred Arrowsmith and children, Beverly and Herbert, spent Sat ducted the business meeting. COLDS at his home in Newport. Mrs. Leslie Hawn of Llndsey Chapel spent all day Thursday with Mrs. Leatha Harrison and daughter and Mrs. Mtrl Thomas and son, Charles. Mrs. Tempee Beebee entertained six members of the Queen Esther ,.. ....., uimni rlasa of the Metho Roll call was answered by naiuiug their favorite dish on Thanksgiving. The scripture was read by the club president and the story of the rirst Thanksgiving was told by Leah Near- Wednesday morning alter spending several days with then- sou. fceige-ant Ralph Van Vllel at Camp lltit- urday In Danville, 111., Shopping. ; Mrs. Robert J. Rose spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Alten Rose and daughter, Evadna. . . .. ner, N. C. dist Church of Newport at her home Mr. and Mis. E. O. While anu in-K Allen Helt of llaua called on i.. .!,! itv last Monday evening. Mrs. Ella Knight of Montezuma pass, The social hour was apent In group singing, fortune telling, games and contests. Ellen Howard and Margie Cundiff won the prizes. Here'sone modem easy way toprompt-ly help relieve muscular soreness or tightness, coughing spasms, congestion and irritation in upper brpathing passages.. .Rub VicksVapoRubon throat, chest and back at bedtime. Results are so good because VapoRub . . ' peHTMres ' if - to upper bronchial JriWflT tubes with its special XVv j-yT! mtirinnl vaoors. A covered dish dinner was ser-i vir nn tin. R. R. Nixon of New spent Sunday with Mrs. Bene Hegarty. port Sunday afternoon, late! in Hie ved after which a short business meeting was held. Miss Blanche Eggleston had charge of the Miss Frauces James ot onnton spent Monday night with Miss Mickey Van Sickle of Newport. ehindUicIcen IVALUES Those present at the meeting were Mrs. J. N. Jones, Mrs. Morti- r ....i. v.. p H. Nixon'. Mrs. &9 fiv"T v f hefit and bacK Mr. and Mr. Larret uaner oi Oklahoma are visiting friends and relatives in Newport. Mrs. Will Collier of Humrick, Ind., is reported to be still ill following an operation. V. N. Asbury, Mrs. Fern Reid and surfaces like a wnrmina rjoullice. HOLLYWOOD HK.. . VapoRub keeps on working for hours 1 . mmfnrf If InvitCS Ur. Attn 'i-nnmaa ana ttuu. untit kvv Warner Star Julie Bishop les, spent Sunday evening attending a uabbisON CARROU the hostess, Mrs. Beebee. The Driftwood Literary Club was entertained at the home of Mrs. J. N. Jones of Newport Monday eve- The meeting was opened with the salute to tho American flag, follow-j .. .nnna in roll call which a movie in Cayuga. and her Army colonel husband spent the week-end before the elec m r.onree Mvers spent weanes i.ifiiv.i,i'1,'rji vMi j-mKL i i m i va piiiim w.. ----- restful sleep and often by morning most of the misery of the cold is gone. Remember, Mother . . . ONLY VAPORUB Give! You this special double action. It's time-tested, home-proved, the best-known home-remedy for rtliev- lC ing miseries of IWlAtl chJdtcn's colds. VVAPORU day night with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Adams and family. TsasVlMtiTi i cu uj icD,,,- were "Leading American Journal- ittr a ahort business meet yiBi ItnturM SjpclltMo Vriler HOLLYWOOD The Army put Capt. Burgess Meredith on inactive service to play the role of Ernie Eyle in Lester Cowan's "G. I. Joe" and he in turn will give his entire salary from the production to Army charities. Buzz just returned from Albuquerque where he has been visiting with Pyle and absorbing charac- 1 - tafiatifm fnr ht ima. nii'i . inir. Mrs. W. G. Parrctt reviewed Mrs. Mort Thomas oi cayuga spent Monday with Mrs. Leatha Harrison and Mrs. Mirl Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Foos and daughter, Peggy, spent Sunday with Mrs. Foos' parents, Mr. and Mrs. tion at Hyde FarK witn jr. u. ru and his family. Another Hollywood guest was Johnny Meyer, who went with Col. John Hoover, a pal of Elliott Roosevelt and a veteran of 92 hying missions. . . . Virginia Weidler. her mother, her sister and her sister's baby all are living in a single apartment They have a chance for a double but It's the apartment where Oil Heiress Ceor-aaita Knoeiiluif w&9 found mur N,'; part. He even PUBLIC SALE brougnt n a c n W. D. Craft of Montezuma. Mr. and Mrs. H. Rohr and daughter, Pat, of Montezuma, Ind., spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Mirl Thomas and son, Charles- Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Burroughs of Georgetown, 111., spent Sunday afternoon visiting relatives in New- nnr. ! . . ,.i,v iiv THW AI.HKUT HA It- some of Pyle's u n 1 f o rms, including a jacket autographed by t i . Jft, 1 dered in the bathtub. Virginia says she'll probably take It but she'll never dare to take a bath. . . . The Gloria DeHaven-Joh-n Payne friendship has progressed to the point that he has lunch with her at M-G-M. . . . Veronica Lake's three-year-old daughter, Elaine, already is taking piano lessons. . . . Every time h walks Into the Mocanlbo, ?? 7v. '7 M." Wl-TII - BROTH. an entire tntan-try company in Africa. t'AI.K. ? minr. - , . .... . Mr nd Mrs. fiuy Lee and daugh MILKS SOI TH AXI 1 MUM EAHT or,.. ters, Margaret and Ruby, spent Sun "J day with Mr. and Mrs. Lee uunnan and family of Kingman, Ind- 1944 Leave it to Sonny Tufts to do the unusual iMON.. NOV. 20, says Groucho Marx, it amazes him to see so many hot heads on Miss Margaret . Lee oi uanviue. " . .1, even in acci- III., spent the weekend witn oei X " . .. ............ i ......u.rtv: cold shoulders. Barents,. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lee ana sister. Ruby. . ' , Tfa still In the discussion stage but Lana Turner would kke very mrh tn have John Girlicld play , Mr. and Mrs. William Willurmoou left Tuesday for a week's visit with Mrs. MUford's daughter, MrB. Audra Hounshell and Bmall son, Terry, of opposite her in "The Postman Al 'r'""jjjjX G Aa A S S HollowGreun J. aN I O VEX WAKE i j Rxo,.sw -J! I B's-lnch roast J I Famous Fire-King make. ;; ench slicer . . . 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He's been busy working in "The Crime Doctor" but has had a few dates with Alberta Mathes. chanted Cottage" set to see Bob COMMENCING AT II Mill A. .u. tor i.mi"- i 14 COWS AND CALVES 11 2 Milk coys, l. i.h. He-reford t,Wr a0 lbs. to 500 ll.s. these are "lives my imn lU-rcfonI cows. 20 HOGS 20 4 Sows, l 1 CM. ( FAKM IMPLEMENTS I f,,. C. V. Tractor .... rubber. 1 Karmall rubber in front. 1 a- rubber tired tra. l..r manure pivder. I a-r.m cor. ctilli-! m 1 fuse "- " "'"vt..r W. iUse attachment. (M 4-ro .urn planter. I 7-r.."t l..r mower. 1 I'awlU-tach tract;." K pl-. I -- T-f-l ""'' '"" 8 "f'" "", ,le anw. M,lk, rake . . 1 Side .IHivery rake, 1 Three-seetion nan on. . , w......i,u.l I. H. C. rolaiy hoes with Seaman Eonald C. Richards, span! Thursday In Terre Haute vlsiiiag Young's daughters, carol ana our-baia, aged 10 and Ave, ignoring their father for Herbert Marshall, who plays a blind pianist, tacit or the girls is studying the piano and each has a baby grand. Noah Foreman and daughter, Dorothy. 1 , Miss Beverly Arrowsmith and Mias Barbara Stewart were guests at a dinner held at the home or Mis Barbara Adams Monday evening. Tiu dinntr was given in observation Tail,! to Joan Fontaine. She t.. trail ntra the Queen of the expects Olivia Da Havilland back from Hawaii about the 18th. Olivia . HUM Angels hospital where Dr. Josif Ginsburg will perform what may v.n .ha first nf b series of elastic writes it is very touching. She went over to see the boys and now they are coming to see her in ths t ;.h riar 1 Nine-f.MM M-y H-rrk trwtor aim-. t- ; X ai... -. W ide mad nil.lH-r llil front l..-. l an.l ale for ase C. . TraVtor. 2 H.t.-.l l.. foumalns. ialv...l-d tanks with built in 5 t mmtains. M. tal and whhI hoK re.Ml.-rs. 2 Oil Imrm-r tank .. rs. I ..! "" HH-( hi. k el.Ttrc brooder. operations to eradicate .the nose of Miss Adams' 13th birth anniversary. Mattie Brown of Eugene was the Friday guest of her sister, Mrs. Ola English who is ill at her home, in Newport.- Mrs. Clifford Gressmire. also of Newport, spent Sunday evening with Mrs. Brown and Mrs. English. scar mat is nan a ...... i i.. ln thA hlnnflv battle at BUU1CUUUJ I" n-nmn.v nnrsev'a aDartment. Jon says the operations are necessary before he can mane any muie ...M Thre'- nn interesting side hospital. HOLLYWOOD HI -JINKS: Lt Al Vanderbilt Is squiring both Carole Landis and Phyllis Brooks around the New York bistros. . . Three Australian technical sergeants, who hitch-hiked all the way from Vancouver to see Betty Grable, made the grade in a big had thorn nilt ta Visit Mr una Mrs. Wi ialll WIllerillOMa. 4 Lartte ami 4 mall ihiis irtnwm. i'n - article siisntim I" mention. , HOUSEHOLD 1 Kom-r.Mni 2-liii. r oil h.-atrola. 1 Iwo-room l-l.urner oil heat-rola. 1 Porcelain rnamel . ..ul rantse. I I -arse t ream separator villi. 1 . . M v.i.l..u liaicu. Ifvtrir floor Rev. Ray Morford and wife and Mrs. Opal Walthall, all of Newport, can at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Wise Sunday afternoon. v line tuej .una " light to the legal maneuvers that have followed the brawl. The law firm of Loeb, Walker and Loeb Happens to represent not only M-G-M, which has Dorsey and Pat Dane under contract, but also does work for Universal and Samuel Goldwyn, which split Hall's con were there. Rev. Morford led in a .oini nmver for Mr. Wise. Rev and her en the "Diamond Horseshoe" set . . . Returning home, Director John Brahm saw all the lights oo out motor. 1 mow t-n-am w-n......... - ,aI11p anu many other houwhold tiii-.hinK Itw ntuu r.iu to nwn- ' 1 TEKMS: fash on day of anlr. No prom-rljr removed until terms are complied with. Mrs. Morford sang several son,o POLAND'S HOME before the prayer. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Sollars were the Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Sarah Peer. Others who were present at the dinner were: Mrs. Harry Peer and children. Mrs. William Haworth and children, Mr. and Mrs. Carl AND AUTO SUPPLY and called the cops, ine laugn m on Brahm. It wasn't burglars, it was his 18-year-old soldier nephew here on leave Tex Ritter s wife, Fay, back from six months in ths Pacific. She toured with the Maurice Evans dramatic unit. . . . Judy Garland and Vincente Minnelli, her director in "Meet Me in St. Louis." dining at the Villa Nova. tract, The Frances W'estcott-Edgar Bergen engagement is all washed up He's been seeing New York with Mary Brian Song Writer Jimmy McHugh has two secretaries Mary McBride and Claudia Walton, and BOTH have had screen tests at Twentieth Century- PAUL WELLMAN, owner i"HUM TJft- 1U1 8. MAIN ST. i,lT(lV. IXI. Keen. Mr. and Mrs. James trosper and ohilrtrpn Mrs. Richard Stultz. lu FKAZlElt, Auctioneer Mrs. Charles E. Bush, Mrs. Charlie Lunch served by Men-art loumry Bush n4 children, Mrs. uienn i-on

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