The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 30, 1998 · Page 127
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 127

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1998
Page 127
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SL M THE PALM BEACH POST MONDAY, MARCH 30, 1998 'AMC: Stuart admit sleeping with Mariari There are lots of changes ahead for the cast of Melrose. Tonight's cliffhanger is i only the beginning - the show leaves many questions unanswered until it comes back in the summer. Aaron Spelling was wise to trim Melrose's football team-sized cast. Spelling has said with a smaller cast, the show will now revolve and moves back to L.A. to pick up the pieces of her life. Remember, when we last saw Jane, she was suffering a nervous breakdown. If she s hooking back up witn tne slimy Michael, a relapse storyline can't be far behind. As in all of Melrose's belief-suspending cliffhangers, there are tons of questions that will be left unanswered until the show comes back in the summer. Will Amanda stay married to Kyle? Or will she shack up with the mysterious Rory (Anthony Tyler Quinn)? Who is the father of Taylor's baby? Kyle? Michael? Larry King? Will Kyle get to the bottom of Christine's death? of techno, hip -hop While we couldn't blame Sam for cheating on Billy with the. broad-shouldered Jeff (Dan Gauthier), we didn't like her from the get-go. Sam was basically a poor copy of the trashy Jo (Daphne Zuniga). And we never really got to know Coop (this was his first season). Plus, we often got the creeps from guy who puts the moves on women while they're in comas. While five characters check out, one former resident is moving back in. Josie Bissett, who played fashion designer Jane Mancini for five seasons, is returning as a regular. Jane bumps into ex-hubby Michael, gets the hots for him again latest full ARETHA FRANKLIN: At Sunrise Musical Theatre, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Tickets: $25-$35. Phone: 966-3309. songs from A . Rose. On them, Franklin deftly employs all the familiar soul-singer techniques of letting loose, techniques she pretty much defined: the whoops and wails, the words stretched like rubber bands (i.e. "thing" becomes "thi-ay-ing"), the surprise dips into a lusty, lower register. But technique is a means to an end and Franklin's end is storytelling. The title cut on A Rose is a meaningful discourse on woman-as-survivor the key theme in much of Franklin's music but songs such as Here We Go Again and In the Morning come closer to the mark. Here, the lines separating singing, crying and shouting become blurred as the twice-divorced Franklin presents pictures of women in pain, anger and fear. Love stinks, indeed. It's really a matter of singing By Nancy M. Reichardt Special to The Palm Beach Post ALL MY CHILDREN: An upset Janet learned Trevor has been checking out Axel (the imposter). Axel interrupted a tender moment between Janet and Trevor. The real Axel made plans to go to Pine Valley after receiving an e-mail photo that Tim and AmanHa RMlt him. Brooke showed Dimitri a life insurance policy for big bucks that Jim took out on her and Edmund. Dimitri nixed letting Brooke call the cops after she had a phone call from Edmund that made her suspect he was in trouble. Dimitri gave Brooke a gun. Adam went ahead with divorce proceedings despite Liza's plea that they stay married. During the divorce hearing, Stuart took the stand and stunned everyone with his admission that he, not Adam, slept with Marian. Marian fainted after Stuart's confession. ANOTHER WORLD: Nick comforted Donna over Michael's death. Nick and Sofia argued after he came home and found her in Matt's arms, and Nick said he quit his job at the newspaper. Joe suspects Paulina has gone to Gold Street but decided that he must find the person who burned down their home before Paulina will believe he doesn't think she was responsible for the fire. Joe served as a decoy while Jake and Gary broke into Grant's apartment, where they found an incriminating audiotape. Jake told Vicky that it's over between them, then gave her his wedding ring. Jake assured Steven and Kirkland that he still wants to be part of their lives. AS THE WORLD TURNS: John was devastated that Barbara rejected his idea that they adopt a baby, then filed for a divorce from him. John cried on Lisa's shoulder after Hal threw him out when he got angry Hal was with Barbara to explain the divorce to her sons. Samantha and Kirk renewed their marriage vows. David won his lawsuit against Lily, then announced he was changing his last name to Stenbeck. Molly and David made love after she left the Hughes' home and moved in with him. Margo and Tom took the children to a carnival where Margo and Jack ended up in a shootout with a drug dealer. Emily told Tom that she's getting on with her life. Nikki ran away, but returned, when she was unable to tell Hal that she learned of Carly's feelings for Jack. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Rush tied Johnny up, then shaved so he could pass for Johnny. Lauren was suspicious when Johnny (Rush) kissed her passionately, then suggested they get out of town for a while. Johnny (Rush) nixed getting in the hot tub with Grant, Macy and Lauren because the scar on his chest would tip Lauren that he's really Rush. DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Laura flashed back to firing a gun while she was at Blake House. John found Laura's pill bottle at Blake House. Marlena quizzed Laura, who said she didn't see Kristen the night she "died." With Laura as the only suspect, Abe reopened the file on Kristen's "death" after . John told him about the pill bottle, and Marlena admitted Laura had been at Blake House. Kristen (as Susan) was pleased Laura is the suspect in her "murder." Kristen (as Susan) talked John into teaching her how to dance so she could be in his arms. Susan (Kristen) kissed John, then lied that she thought he was Edmund. Edmund noted Susan (Kristen) is acting strange. GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tony T a ass. PO-13 I!! Five get boot in 'Melrose' nti rroT By Kevin D. Thompson Palm Beach Post Television Writer No hnmhs. No earthauakes. No fires. Yes, five tenants are getting evicted from Melrose Place (8 p.m., WFLX-Channel 29, WSVN-Chan-nel 7) on today's two-hour cliff-hanger. But producers swear none of them will be blown to bits, fall into the San Andreas fault or get torched. What? A Melrose season-ender without a camp-filled ending? Can world peace be far behind? So, who has to find new digs? Sad sack Billy; his curvy lover Jennifer; Sam (Brooke Langton), Billy's no-good, cheating wife; conniving, helium-lipped Taylor and Coop (Linden Ashby), the hunky doctor with a bad haircut. Of the five, only Jennifer and Taylor will be missed. While everyone goes ga-ga over the pencil-thin Amanda, it's the doe-eyed, sweet-natured Jennifer who is Melrose's true sexpot. For those keeping score at home, the shapely, pill-popping Lexi Oamie Luner) comes in a close second. And while the man-hungry Taylor elevated camp to a new art form who can forget her begging poor Michael (Thomas Cala-bro) to get her pregnant so she could dupe Kyle (Rob Estes)? she brought a zaniness to the show that was always fun to watch. Meanwhile, the stoic and perpetually bland Billy was as riveting as a 1040 tax form. Someone needs to teach this dope how to open his mouth when he's talking. Franklin's FRANKLIN From ID pies that define hip-hop, rap and other black-oriented styles of today. But don't mistake the packaging for the true product. You could probably put a polka band behind Aretha and she would turn it into her own thing. And what is that thing? At heart, Franklin is a gospel singer who lets lyrics inspire her like prayer and take her where the spirit moves. But unlike so many artists who have made the transition from gospel to pop, Franklin generally resists the pressure to refine her act, to smooth the rough edges of songs so they become sanitized for mass consumption. Whitney Houston may have one of the best voices in the business, but when she reaches for the stratosphere, her journey sounds well charted. With Franklin, you never know where the rocket is going to land. Consider almost any ot the ALD H08E fOUND C&CMAS.1I.S. 1 and Bridge Road. Hoba Sound. 546010. Trur(TO-13). T:20 TWX (10.7:10.9:20 PAYUSI TWATWO AT MAOTN DOWNS, 3150 S.W. Martin Downs Blvd.. Stuart 2830800. AID Boo0M .. 10 M MagooffGL 1:50. 70S MrjUSS Hunt (TO). 1:5. :1S, T:IO , oEctatx(B).Z :20.7: 15, 9:36 ArnstaaiRL 130. terror- KM 0s (PG-1 3). 4: 30, 7 REOAL MARTW SQUARE t THEATER, Martin Square Ma at tne comer (X U. S. 1 md mdan Street Stuart. - 2830030. AID 1MB B). 4-30. 7:30 wtrjsortnsDo(i'). Goal WB Mtston fij.4:15, 7:15 - T7R.7 UNITED ARTISTS MOVK AT TREASURE COAST SQUARE MALL. 3284 N.W. Federal Hiffiway. jensen Baa. 692-1608. AID Th. Nwmn Bol (TO-1 3). 1 :. 4: 10. 7. 95 MM Ths DWdM (K I 40. 4. 7: IO 930 Mr rsos Guy (TO-13). 2-10, 4-30. 7-30. 940 WW Thr m. 1:50. 4-20. 7:20. 950 As Gooo MS an (TO-13). 1:45, 4:45. 7:46 REOAL REGENCY SQUARE i. U. S. 1 and Monterey Road, Stuart 288-3880. AID selks gsiVixx . t:.o . Meat Ths DssrJM (TO). 1:15. 4:45. 7:45, 10 WW Thri IRV 1 . 4-46. 7:30. 10-10 US M-sr-tlTO-IS. 12- MGOOlKSSGmfTO. 12:46 4.7. 950 Ths won Bars fTO-131. I. 4:15. 715. 950 (TO). 12:30,4, 1M IV FESTIVAL THEATER, 3215 S. Federal ragjssay. Fort Pierce. 467-1599. Mr Mustjo IPGL I. 3. 5. 7 Sacs woHd IPGL 1.15 Th.woanl Soar (TO-17.8:50. 100 Han Ran Id. a 40. 1O30 (ARAL MUMS CNTJMA S, Sabal Palm Snoop Pisa. US. I. Fort Pierce. 4610791. AID U S HAb-Mb (TO-1 3V 4 10. T. a-40 Mi l 4-40. 7 20. 930 Mf Hot Our (TO-1 3). 4 30.740. 10-10 WW TWO . 4 50. 7 30 10 Tt MX it ths Ms (TO-1 A. 710. 950 TtarKITO.131.4 20. VlXAflf SREENS.9410SU5. 1. Port 9t LuoB. 335-1892. ALD B-rwv Colas L 1 15. 3 6-45 920 US sss-r-a (TO-1 a I X. 3-46. 7 920 Snaae (TO). I. 10 515. 7 25 936 Tm-rlPG-lJL KB. 44630 Gmo ws an V 5. 7:16 935 3.5!aU (TO13V 105. 36 7 .5. 946 'VM'l,,',3:lMi:iil MmM aaaHtail wmni a - i . ; -'.A v Vior mprliratinn. Robin's cond uui ii " , tion worsened as Tony attende the birthday party Bobbie tnre Vir tiim Aftpi- accusinc Moreno tUt vw- u kidnapping Michael, Jason realize Tony was the kidnapper. Tacnn" then rescued Micha and Robin, who was hospitalize ,;tVi nnonmnnia After Tonv wa jailed, Jason told Carly that Mj chael was safe. Carly and Bobbjj had a mother-daughter momerj after learning Michael was fin Sarah was upset Audrey opposej Liz joining a rape support groug Later, Audrey told Sarah that sty had been raped years ago by hd then husband, Tom Baldwin. - J GUIDING LIGHT: Carl accosteg a terrified Beth. Beth put Harle in danger when she told Carl tha Harley is the person who has bed asking questions about him. Bet) refused when Harley wanted htij help to set a trap for Carl. Lilliaj was shocked to learn about Beth violent past relationship with Can Buzz, who was leaving for Londol urged Harley not to let Phillip mi her life. I The now teenaged Reva clon; gave Michael and Josh a run 'fq their money when she proved r be as stubborn as Reva. Josh cov ered with Cassie and Billy abOLj why he has been with the Rev clone. ' - ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Max apolj gized for accusing RJ of beiq involved with the kidnapping of hi twins, but later broke into "RJ, office looking for the videotap Claude sent RJ. Jacara and'H made love, and then he propos aftpr thev admitted their feelinfl for each other. Later, Jacara fqurj the videotape in KJ s nome, in wztr-hpA it with Max. who w pretatir to see his twins are ali and well. Hank was about to pr pose to Carlotta when she brokj off their romance. Nora told Sai that Todd had been abused by father. PORT CHARLES: Lucy ,wi not happy Kevin had Victor mm in with them without clearing with her first. Kevin and Lud were surprised when Victor locaj ed Rex's money electronicall! I.ncv nixed Scott's offer to hel her financially for fear he wou lose all his money. Grace wa injured when Matt and Bobby ha a shootout. Before dying, Bobb warned Matt that the feud with hi family hasn't ended. SUNSET BEACH: Ben, who i being held hostage by his twi brother Derek, managed to'ca Meg on his cell phone, but Dere hung up on him. Derek got to th warehouse in time to stop Be from calling the police. A sturmej Ben realized Derek is the serii killer and that Meg is his nel intended victim. Ben (Derelj came close to strangling an urtvvij ting Meg before telling her thej elopement is off because he wan j a big wedding. vl Virginia was pleased to hea Dr. Estrada tell Vanessa that stS may have Martin's Syndrom Cole and Olivia are determined S keep their past affair a secrej Annie panicked when Gregorj brought Dr. Brock to the house t see Olivia. THE YOUNG AND THE REST LESS: Jack found Nikki after V ronica shot and killed Josh and le a wounded Nikki to die. Jac phoned Nikki's sister Casey, wh flew to Genoa City to be at Nikki' hospital bedside. Victor and Dian cut short their second honeymoo after Jack phoned them on'th Newman jet and told them aboi Nikki. Veronica checked into a seed motel after removing and dispos ing of her Sarah disguise. Afre discussing Victoria's evening wit Tony, Nick admitted that Cassie' presence is causing trouble :b tween him and Sharon. 0 no. : tftMS etnas i a -t: as- s-s cm t vt turn SMS h m SMS. kHUuM CIOCS SO IHOWTIAIH SO'TOFF ALL PLANSJ j Lose 2-5 lbs. a week j ' Eat grocery store food : J I Unlimited Office Visits - I Personal supervision I I jj-- tDA ArrnUwLU MERIDIA , AVAILABLE! m Brian Davey, M.D., Fh. ignored KODin, wau is wumcu u. locked in the cabin wit: Theaters today more around rieamer L-ouueai. (Question: why is she still being billed as a "special guest star?") Believe it or not, the producers want to cut back on the lunacy that pervades L.A.'s most notorious garden apartment complex. They even want to gulp focus more on characters. Geez . . . Melrose Place turning into a serious character study soap? Actually, that's the show's most far-fetched plot. woman who was personally ac quainted with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Her original version of the song she just made a new recording for the soundtrack of Blues Brothers 2000 is so etched in our public conscience it's hard to believe Otis Redding first had a hit with it. But when Franklin makes a big statement, she still remains frank and approachable, the oxymoron of the down-to-earth diva defined (does it surprise anybody that she does her own laundry, shops Wal-Mart and eats at Red Lobster?). Perhaps that's because we see her less as an "artist," a product of the machinery of major labels, and more as a person. Could you imagine Mariah Carey setting up a song with a long stretch of speech and making it sound credible? That's exactly what Franklin does on the title cut from A Rose: She talks directly to the listener, like a preacher to his congregation. You could even say it smelled like church. MOVES Of LAKE WORTH, 7380 Lake Worth Road. Law Worth. 9t4o3. u Wings of the DovsIR). 1:30. 420. 7:ia 930 Mouse Hunt (TO). ' 30.4:20.7:10.9:30 TheRalrvr(TOI3L I:3a4:2a7:10 9:30 Desoersts Measures (RL 1:30. 4:20. 7:10. 930 Boogs) NajltS IP). 1:30. 4:45. 8 AnwsdlR). 1:30,4:45.8 TRAM. DRTVE K 3438 Lake Worth Road. Lake Worm. 965-4518. U S Marshals (TO-13L 7. 925 UNTIED ARTISTS THEATRES AT OKEE SQUARE, 2027 Okaecnotjee Blvd., Wast Palm Beach. 697-77 14. ALD TSar(roi3).noon.4:10.8:10 Mr.lwnMs(ro.3). 1230.3 20 6 50.9-40 Ths Newton Boys (PG-13). 1:30.4:30.7:20. 10:10 TwSsT (R. I. 7 )0 As Good AS It Gets (TO-13). 3 .920 U S MsrsnsS) m. 1:10.4:10.7, 950 (Wnsry Colors (R). noon, 3 7. 10 WW Thms (RL l'.5.'j;svl. f csn MHtmsDssdleslPGl. 12:30.2:40.4:50.7:10.930 VALUE CWEMAS, 6198 S. Conyes Ave., Lanana. 642-6565. AID jsoms Brown (R). 7. 945 Fuooer (TOL 1:25. 3 25.625 wnasorthsDovefRi. l is. 3 15. 615. 7:16 915 Amaad (RL I -05. 3 40. 705. 950 Mouse Hunt (TOL 1:10. 305. 610. 7:10. 9 tomorrow Never res(TO.3L I. 3:10. 5-20. 7 , 940 Mr Maa (TO). 1:20. 3 20. 60S. 7 JO. 906 REOAL DOVNTON S CWEASAS, 2290 N. Oorte7SAve. ana Gateway Boulevard, Boynton Beach. 734X127. ALD Ths Newton Boys (TO-IS. 1 : 10. 4:30. 7 45. 10:20 The Apostle (TO-13L 1, 4. 7. 9-50 . , TnswstnrS--lTOI3). 120.4 30.7:48. 10:10 U S Msrsn-s (TO-I3L 1-20. 4:10, 7 30. IO 10 RrttfR). 1:30.4:20.7:16 10 Good wa hum (RL I 10, 4 10. 7 15. 10 As Good As Gets (TO 13). W hn Guy ITO-13). 1:30. 4:2ft 7 30, 10:20 REOAL CfCMAS OELRAV 18. 1668 S. Federal rtsnway. Deny Baadi. 272 2900. ALD MS Dslo-sy rTO.131 1:16 4. 1O30 LA OonSdental RL 1:20. 4:16. 7:10 10 As Good ASS Gets ITO 1 3L 1 30.4 16 7 20. "CMO Tt-wsdOrSvjsrTOI3L 1.3:10.5 20.810 10-20 Ths B( uawisii IRL 1-60. 4 30. 7 40. 10-15 Good wa hue- IRL 1:40.410.7:30. 10:10 THsc(TO-l3L 1245 246 430.7 830 Twasrt (RJ. I. 10. 5 20. 10. 1O20 Mr u Guy ITO-I 1:10. 20. 630 820. 10:30 U S Ms-hBS ITO- I3L I 20. 3-50. 7 10. 1005 Msn si Sis Son MSB) ITO-1 3L 10. 4:26, 7:30-1015 Meet Ths D-srses (POL 1250. 250. 610. 7 50. 1009 Aftsnanw IRI 4 50 1026 Ths Aposne (TO- 13V I 30. 7 20 wwnsrsaft) 2.420. 740. I03S p-neryCoosIR). 12 5.4, 7. 10 The Newton Boys (TO-13L I 50. 4-50. 740. 1025 GrssssTO).2 10. 610 . S 10-36 DELRAY SQUARE THEATERS, 4809 W. AMrtt Ave, Daray Beacn. 496088. ALD or ( 130 420.710 t-30 Mouse Kirs X. I 30 4 20. 7 10. 930 Boo NWSS rRt I 30 4 46. 8 tmm: w I 30. 4 46 Jsnw Brown (RL I 30. 4 46. 8 Kind the vehicle of our dreams in The Palm Beach Tost Classifieds. Music Call 511 and enter category 11 29 to hear A Rose Is Still A -Cll Rose and enter jg'l category 1131 to hear In The Morning by Aretha Franklin. 50 for up to five minutes. See 2A for more details. from the heart. One never senses that Franklin attaches herself to a song and for the most part, she sings songs written by other peoplejust for the sake of filling out an album. Sincerity is her guiding principle, even when the subjects go beyond love. You can read a song like Respect as a virtual anthem for the '60s: R-E-S-P-E-C-T me as a woman, as a person of color, as a person, period, Aretha sings in essence, a poignant plea from a Mouse Hunt (TO). 1.3.5 50 LA ConttsntJS) (RL 1:50. 505. 7:55, 10:30 REOAL JUPITER 18 THEATER, 201 N. U.S. I, Jupiter. 747-7333. AID WW Thmg (TO-13). 1 30, 4:45. 7-45, lf05 The Newton Boys (TO-13). 1:15.4 30.7:30. 10:10 Meet The Deeows (TO). I. 3. 5, 8. 10 Ptlmary Colors (RL 1230.4.7.955 TUsntlTO-13). 12 30. 415. 815 Msr,xtronMs(ro.l3). 130.430.7:30. 10O5 U S Marshals ITO-1 3). 1:15.4:15,7:30. 10: 10 Twse-il IRV 4 45. 945 LA ConHOentjsl (R). 1 2:45. 7 As Gooo As rt Gets (TO-1 3). 12:45. 4. 7:15, 10 Gooo Wl Hunw (R). 1.4:15.7:15.950 GENERAL ONE MAS POA CINEMA S, 1-95 and PGA Boulevard, Palm Bead Garden. 626-8283. AID The Newton Boys (TO 13V 1:15.4:15.7:45. 10:20 Gooo Wl Muntmf (R), 1 45. 4 20. 7: 10. 950 As GooO As It Gets m. 1.4.720. 1015 LA. Conflosnosl (R. 1:15. 4:10.7:10. 10 tMip 01 the Dow (R). 2. 7:40 Dangerous Beauty (R), 4 30. 10-10 Mr N Guy (TO-13L 1 30. 3 30. 630. S 10:20 UNTIED ARTISTS ROsAENADE PLAZA S. oirJ-a Plaza, Alternate State Road A1A and Uarrinouee Drive, palm Beacn Garden. 624-266. AID MM The Deecles (TO). 12 45. 3. 610. 7 40. 946 (nmsry Colors fR). 12:40. 3 40. 7. 10 WW Thrifts (R). 1:50.4 50.7 60. 1015 THarc (TO-1 3). 1 4. 5. 8. 9 (two srjssml Msn n ths son Ms ITO-131. 130.4 30.7 30. 10-10 US Msmsi ITO-131. 1250. 350. 7:10. 9:65 TwSSht (R). 1:40 mm 9 s sn 7 5n ft-50 CAREFREE THEATRE. 2000 S. Ool Mtfiway. VJt Parm Beaon. 833-7305. Deconssucsri Msrry (R). 2. 7 IS wwsrm to Ssnn . 4 46. 925 REOAL LAKE VORTH S CfCMAS. 5881 Lah Worth Road. Greenacns. 964-5655. AID Ths Msn ft ths son Mssh ITO13L Z 445. 7:46. 1020 Meat the OeerJss (TO). I 45 5. 7 930 Ttsnr (TO-I& 1.2.445. 7 830 Goon wa nutans. iRi 115 4. 7. 10 Prrrsry COOTS IRL 1.4. 7 16 1O20 Gmess (TOL I 15 4 15. 7 16 946 WW Trwt). I JO 416745. 1016 UNTTED ARTISTS MOVCf AT RTVER RtXt CENTRE. 668 faSt r BML, Gmertacre s. 641-3102. AID Ttwrs-isjnBwsrTOISI. 130.430.730. 10 As Good As I Ges fTO-1 31 1.410.7.946 Ths B lsno.SH rRl X 4 40. 7 20 V S MsrSJS) ITO-131 I. 4 7 950 T-Sn W 2 20 4 40 7 46 950 We (R) I 20 3 20 5 20. 7 40 9 35 LA ConMsnosl fR). 110 4. 7. 945 Mr weGuytTO-ISl 1-05. 110. 616 7 80. 10 Drn 8-sut D. 10 UNITED ARTWTS 8snv?S AT arELUNOTC) SAARKET PLACE. 13881 wesnajon Trao. weansjon. 795-3887. ALD im ITO IT 12-45 5 9 , , ,250 30. 7 r, 950 T ur r S.TT "TO I 3 I 4 7 940 H. I. i 3Ti ' 20. 7.15. S5 -,Cor i?0 l HO IO M. -ne r- . . i i 10 5 10 T 75 930 u - "-4 i0 '05. 55 . T " STi 50 SLVtR SCtrt , 0v C4FE. 127 A Forest MS) Hear reviews Call 511 category mm 7 170 to hear re- J views of the latest releases plus all movies playing in the area. 50f for up to 5 minutes. More details 2A. Rating Guide Q Suitable for general audiences; all ages admitted. PQ . Some material may not be suitable for pre-teenagers; parental guidance suggested. PQ 13 - Some material may be Inappropriate for children; parents are strongly cautioned to grve special guidance tor children under 13. R - Restricted; persons under 1 7 require accompanying parent or adult guardian. NC-17 - No children under 1 7 admitted. NR - Film not submitted for rating; may contain R or NC-17-rated material NOW SHOWING! MFGA. C WUAS Arai SSIt.w-u-w HUM CUkMI CHfCI THSf PODC3D! t i - 1 BEFORE AFTER Call Today 2 (561)369-3100 f Boynton Deach The Educsson or A 401 12 40. 4. 7. 950 As Good As I Gets ITO-13). 1240.420 7 10. 950 AMC SsDlAN RIVER 34, STdan Rrver Ms on Hway 60 arw 6601 Ave., veto Beach. 569-8460. AID Grease ITO) I 15 615.740. 1015 Meet The Desset ffGV I. i 639 7 45 960 Ths Newmt Bovs rTO I3L I 30 620. 7 45. 10-26 The Eozskx urue Tse 6 15. IO20 OTWV Coors 4H 1 25 4 30 7 30 1036 WW Thrgs t). 2. 630. 8 10. IO40 MtanSrm (RL I 15 Mr NMsGuy rro-131. I 20 3-15 65 7 56 1008 The Msn fi the sort Mask ITO-1 3k 150 525 16 II t VMSfr,D I '6 4 45 7 30 IG30 T...r iRL I 15 350 5 50 ,0 i 5 SK'ITM 1 Cr20 r. i .eao-. -i 1 ; X 7 56 IO10 T-.r"eGI3 : 45 5 5 30 845. 9 10 (two sosnsi .J ITO-131 8. iai5 Srappnonrrt T (TO 1 31 5 7 30 945 The eo ITO-1 31 2 5 7 50. 1040 SmofO.13 7 55 1040 Tr.wrwwsSr'ITO-ISi I 15 3 20 5 3D 7 45 1015 T ful Monty l I 30 5 50 6 10 ssnss or the DOMe v 2 8 The Bnrawers TOt 1 10 3 10 5 50 Sarna I 10.315 530 Goort w.-mnsh I 46 5 7 46 K25 WftCr .W, 1 40 50 815 1O20 .r.nnAHGetslTO I 450 7 45. 10 30 GALAXY 12 CMMM, 940 lm Lane. Veto Beaon. 569-1112 ALD Mt WGuylPG.131 I 2f 4 "O 10 L.A u,Wf IRl . .: J 4 Tssr.rlTO.131. 12 T 4 10 S T MMX ftM If, I - " ' .1 740.10-10 GsMseVOI 1250 420 7 20 US MS-MS. (TO-1 31 1.4 30 7 30. 10 GOM l I 4 720 940 rVw. rir . M , I I 10 440 740. 1010 TwX I 20 40. 750 IOI0 WW Ttvas m. 12-50. 4. 7 30. 10 4 w i . 55 : Lmt mi 56

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