The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 16, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Thursday, November 16, 1944. Page Six sured by defendant was brought In PUBLIC NOTICES COURT NEWS ffny They're Dougnboyg During the Mexican campaign the American soldiers called the Mexicans "adobe boys," because their uniforms, covered with mud, were the same color as the adobe huts. Then, during World War I, the word, now spelled "doughboys," was used by American soldiers to describe themselves after they were covered with mud during the battles in France. BUSINESS SERVICES Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Newport Friends Church Host to Religious Meet Several ministers from Indianapolis will be guest speakers at a meeting to be lield at the Friends Church in Newport, Friday, Nov. 17, Rev. E. E. Randolph of Clinton, director of the meeting .announced this week. Rev. Johnston of Indianapolis will bo the main speaker and will talk on "Religious Education," Other speakers will bo Rev. Sahr of Indianapolis, Rev. Hague, a representative of Central College and Rev. Fox, pastor of Kokomo, Ind., church, pa Highest Town In World Pnsi Bolivia, which is 14.350 feet above eea-level, is the highest u -1 A town in mo wunu. ICE REFRIGERATION lis BEST BECAUSE: It's the Most Economical Way to Kcm Foods Fre-slil , to the garage, and while the gas was being drained from the truck, before an open fire, a fire was started which destroyed the building and the truck; that plaintiff has paid for the insuranco on the building and is now seeking re-imbursement. Dorothy G. Kazakevich of Clinton has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Joseph D. Kazakevich on grounds ot cruel and Inhuman treatment. Mrs. Kazakavicli asks for the custody of their children, Ronald age 3 and Larry 18 months, together with reasonable support and alimony in the sum of $1000. The couple was married In October 1940 and separated Nov. 11, 1944. U.S. Prisoners In Philippines To Get Home Messages Plans are now complete for the expedited delivery of special Red Cross messages to U. S. War Prison ers of War and IT. S. civilian ln- terneeB In the Philippines according to word received by Mrs. Fred Hayes of Clinton. Executive Home hervice Secretary, and Mi's. John V. Centn ers of Newport. Home Service Chair man of Vermillion County Chapter of the Red Cross. The word was sent by Mrs. Katliryn N. Ellis, National director of home service. The messages are to be sent on a specinl form which is obtainable from either Mrs.-Caritliers.-or.. Mrs. Hayes. One Red OfosB message, f ortn may be accepted through Nov. n from any poison Inl the, United States wishing to Bend to relatives and friends now held prisoners of war and civilian internees in that group of islands oitly if. their .address Js known. Messages are subject- to regular army overseas mail censorship. Mrs. Ellis explained: The messages are not however limited to 25 words but may be continued on the reverse side of the form and should be forwarded immediately air mail to the home service national headquarters. Although the Red Cross cannot guarnntee delivery of the messages, every effort will be made to reach the addressees so that it will be po-Bible for them to establish contact Willi their families as soon aB possible after the islands are liberated. It 1b hoped that arrangements may be made for the addressee to reply directly. Mrs. Ellis continued Baying that families should also continue to write prisoners of war and civilian internees by regular mail in addi tion to the special message. She added that messages for U. S. free civilians in the Philippines could not be accepted under this plan because of the special government channels to be used for the delivery of the messages. FRIST I "FUnCRAL I Home B M l r CLINTON ICE CO. LKOAI. NOTICE OF Pl'BMC HEARING Aotk-e is heri'hy iriveli unit tl' !.' Alcoholic Heverano l;onril (if Vprmillion County. TiKlinna, will lit 0:00 A. M. Central War Tune on tho !i(h oiiy or lH-'ooiuho 1IU4, at the Clerk's Office, Court House, 111 the town of .Nevvtmrt. in aniil County lii'pln Investigation of the application of tnu following nameo rarson, refinestin the issue to the iipplit'nnt, at the loea ration hereinafter set out. of the Aleoliollc lievoraire I'erinit of the t'hias herein after (li-sitrnateil anil will, at said time unri nlaee. rereive liiformiitlon concern luff the filness if said applicant mill (he iroirlety of Issiinitf lht iiernilt h p. linen tor to siiciv applicant at Ilia prelll iscs niMiieii : Joe llufittlo, T.Vsl, HCcKtaiirnnf). Cronii ton Mill II'. if., It. It. .o. cumuli Ih Iletnllcr. RA1II lNVKSTIClATinx Wtl, J. T1K otkn to tiik rriii.H'. ami friii.ic pAiiTii't 1'ation is it nor :n tbii. ALCOHOLIC HKVKHAtiK t'oMUISHION OI-' I.NIIIANA, Br JOHN r. NOONAN. Rocri'tarr. PKItKAlin V.. IIOVI.B,: Excise Administrator. NOTICE OF EXECl'TOIlSm!' Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been duly qualified as Executrix of the last will and testament of Clyde M. Zink, deceased late of Vermillion County, State of Indiana. Said estate is now pending in the Vermillion Circuit Court. Said estate is supposed to be sol vent. SARAH E ZINK, Executrix November 15, 1944.' Mnynard C. WlBKins, Attorney for Estate. 1116-24-3044. Indiana Retirement Plan To Re Worked Out In State INDIANAPOLIS Ind. V7A. special pteering committee of state employes win meet tomorrow with A. A. Wein uerg, oi ujiicitgo, to, discuss a proposed retirement plan for Indiana's 12,000 salaried workers. The program, drafted' by Wein berg, will be introduced in the 1945 session of the Indiana General As sembly. If n becomes law, details would be operative Jan. 1, 1946. Proposed measures, modeled af ter several plans now on the stat utes of nearly one half of the 48 states, call for financing by joint contribtuions of employes and employers and stipulate 66 as the normal age for retirement. Public employes are among workers now excluded from provisions of the social security act. Formal retirement programs were adopted last year by Wisconsin and Illinois. Weinberg is actuarial consultant for the Illinois system and also for a similiar system operated by the Chicago park department. Cleaning Suede Bag The best method to clean suede bag is by using a dry rubber sponge. Rubbed across the surface of the bag, it restores the coJor and life to the leather and also helps to take off some of the surface color to avoid soiling the clothing. With The Compllmeata Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for ARTH CONNER South Eighth St. Just Come la And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Day YOUR NAME MAT BE NEXT COLUMBIA THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c (NICKER BOCKER HOLIDAY With Nelson Eddy Charles Colin rn Constance Dowling "Mighty Mouse Meets Jekj II and Hyde Cat" Terrytoon "Champions Carry On" Sports Review I'ofK the Vangerm or so h., set was has the in lot The Will of Dr. Clyde M. Zink of Clinton was admitted to probate and record at Newport Tuesday morning. The will provided for the payment of all Just debts, including last illness and funeral expenses. All property real, personal or mixed waB bequeathed to the widow, Sa-rnh E. Zink, who was alBb named Executrix of the Will. The Will .was written September li! '1944 and witnessed by Louis J. Lcmstra and Maynard C. Wiggins:"' Victor Sllotto of .i. Clinton., was granted a divnrco froki Viviuh Sl-lotlo In Vermillion Circuit Cpuh on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple was married Otc. 5, 1942 and separated September 26, 1943. Tho Will of Iva Jordan, late of Helt township has been admitted to probate and record at Newport. The will provided for the payment of nil Just debts. Frank Jordan, was he. gueathed the undivided one-half interest in the real estate owned hv decedent and William B. Jordan Jointly, subject to the life estate of William B. Jordan and Bertha Jordan. Mildred Jordan and Marv inr- dan Cruza, children of Frank Jor dan were bequeathed all household goods. The residue of the estate was bequeathed to William D. Jordan, who was also named Executor of the Will. The will was written May ana witnessed by the late Frank H. Smith and E. B. James. Audra G. Sabln of Dana has been eppoihte administratrix of tho es tate of the late Dr. A. E. Sabln, de-: ceased. $15,000 bond has been ap proved. Edna Chambers of Clinton has been appointed administratrix of estate of James H. Hendrickson, de ceased. $200 bond has been approv ed. Helen M. Richardson of Cayuga has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Van- Ice Lee Richardson on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. RichadBon asks that her maiden name of Cruea be restored. The cou ple Is a minor and is represented in court by Faye Weir as next friend. The couple was married June 1, 1943 and separated Nov. 6, 1944. Nick Karanovlch of Clinton has been appointed administrator of the estate of Pane Kudra, deceased. $1000 bond has been approved. Sue Foster of Clinton was grant ed a divorce from George Foster In Vermillion Circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple was' married Oct. 28, 1939 and separated May 12, 194J. Margaret Ratcliffe of Dana was granted a divorce from Parke Rat- liffe in Vermillion Circuit Court on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Ratcliffe was awar ded the custody of their two chll dren. Jane aged 9 and Ann aged 4, and Mr. Ratcliffe ordered to pay $7 per week maintenance. The cou ple was married July zi, iva ana separated July 24, ism. Loren Jackson, Frank Jackson and Melvin Riley, all of Jacksonville entered pleas of not guilty to assault and battery with intent to kill H.rold L. Jackson in Vermillion r.i.,ii rvnrt Ronds were fixed in the sum of $500 each. No trial date has been set. Defendants are charg-ca (ith assaulting Harold L. Jack- non November 11 with wooden club, a claw hammer ana lists. Antnnln G. Savant of Clinton township has filed , suit in Vermil- rirni t Court seeKing a ui.. from Mvra Savant on grouuus u. abandonment. The coupie was ried January 1, lui anu 5pw. March 15, 1925. ' vii- Smock of Helt township iiioH suit in Vermillion uiruu,. Court seeking a separation from bed hnard for a Denoa oi two ""'" Homer Smock. Mrs. Smock al leges habitual cruelty, and asks for alimony in the sum oi $15 per week maintenance, wi...- cation for suit money anu I... hoon filed with hearing for November 20th. The couple married in 1941 and Beparated Nov. 10, 1944. The Aetna Insurance Company filed suit in Vermillion ...... Court Beeking damages from the Freer Motor Transfer Company In sum of $1000. The complaint alleges that on March 6. 1943 one Chester Murray operated a garage the town of Newport on part of 73. that on said day a truck in- n Inter Skidding! FOUND A LARGE STOCK OP Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Dosart Mobllgas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. S2tf DEAD A N I MIA L S REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford S3109 Trre Haute or Dana 142V. We pay all phone charges. John Wacbtel Co., Terre Haute. U37 DEAD AN'IMAIjS KEMOVED FREE of charge by Dwiggins and Hons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feod Service, Dana, Phone 60. tExf GUARANTEED 24-HR. REFRIGER-atlon Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. Bonebrakc, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 166-J-2, Montezuma. 8-1-45 JOIN OIR CHKITMAS LAVAWAY Club and select a Keepsake Diamond ring at Fiiraco'g Jewelry Shop. t23 RECAPPING AND VULCANIZING Five-ply passencer car tires. Plen ty of Ethyl and antl-frceze. The Gas Market. 11-2-44 MARLITE TILE BOARD FOR K1T- chen and bath room. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. Telephone 322. BENNET TRANSFER LOCAL AND long distance moving. 406 South Fourth Street. Phone 454. t85f MALE HELP WANTED BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly , Bill Blackburn, Cllntonian. In Memoriam In loving memory of our dear husband and father, Eli Haase, who passed away nine years ago today. Nothing can ever take away The love our hearts hold dear Fond memories linger, every day Remembrance keeps liim very near. Mrs. Catherine Haase, wife; Pearl Wllhite, Hazel Cunningham, Beulah Carpenter, and Percy and Roy Haase, Children. Card of Thanics May we tako tills method of thanking those who have visited our home has brought to us a greater appreciation of our friends. Such kindnesses and neighborly thought-fulness can never be forgotten, in the recent bereavement of Joseph Vaidik. Mrs. Joseph Vaidik and Family. Rat Week Massachusetts farmers set aside one week each year for waging war on rats to keep them from moving into winter quarters in feedrooms, poultry houses, barns, sheds and even homes, where, during the colo months, they can do an incredible amount of destruction. Flag Over Schoolhouse It is believed the first American flag to fly over a public schoolhouse the United States was the one flown in 1812 over a . 'og school-house at Calamount HiU, Mass. A tablet now marks the place where the flag-honored schoolhouse stood. 1x6 No. 3 Boards $6.00 Black Correlated Metal Roofing $4.00 Wire Corn Cribs 48" 50 Ft. Roll $4.90 Wood Picket Cribs 36" 100 Ft. Rolls $12.50 Red Cedar Posts For .20c, 28c, 35c, 55c 26 In. Hog Fence $ .39 1 Onlv Hog Feeder 35 Bushel $39.00 Treated Wall Board For Lining $4.00 35 Lb. Roofing $1.20 45 Lb. Roofing $1.60 STEVENSON LUMBER COMPANY i First daj Insertion: Se (or each wdtnc line (one column line, like one of theee). Next two days Insertion: the same Is charge (you get three dayi at double the coet ot the drat day). Next three daya insertion: the tame le charge (you get a whole Keek five daya) at three timet the eoet of one insertion). Etcta group of three daye thereafter, (c a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per line. All classified ads including mem-orlams and notices of all kinds must be paid in advance except those by regular customers whose accounts re paid monthly or those from or- mnliatlons whose bills must te al lowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible for Its payment. i FOR SALE Christmas Card Designs are run ning low and many arc being cancelled every day. We can still supply some very n1re ones with names Imprinted, but better onler yours today. See the designs still available at' The Dally Cllntonian Office. WHITE , PEKING DUCKS FOR "Thanksgiving. - Third house oft Pike 'on North Fulton Streets. tl9 ONE 9 BY 18 RUG AND ONE D1N- - ing room suite. Carl Walker. Jonestown. ' tl3x FIFTH VEIN COAL. $3.25 TON and up. Phone 692-J or 1130 Pike Street. tl5x FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BRA-sll Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f BRICK, any kind yon want. Clinton Anto Wrecking Parte Co. Ernie's, Fhone S, Clinton. Mtf TWO HEATING STOVES, Bonucchi, Centenary. DOM tl7x BEAGLE, RUNNING GOOD, $10.00. 316 Walnut St. Phone 371M. tl4x COW AND CALF. JAMES Route Two. BENO, tl4x PAID NOTICES CHRISTMAS CARD DESKi.N'S ARE running low and many are being cancelled every day. We can still supply some very nice ones with names imprinted, but better or der yours today. See the designs still available at The Dally Clln tonian Office. NOTICE! A Jerusalem Lodge No. 99 F. & A. M. called meeting, Friday, November 17, 7 p. m. Work In M. M degree. John Griffiths, W. M., Char les Brown, Secretary. NOTICE! Food and rummage Bale, Friday and Saturday, November 17 and 18, 219 South Main Street sponsored by Circle 1, WSCS of the Methodist Church. tl4 NOTICE! Please get your poultry orderB in as Boon as possible before Thanks giving. Rceders Poultry Store. tl7 WANTED TO BUY FULL SIZE GOOD ROLL AWAY bed with coil springs. l'OBt Office - Box 107, Clinton. tl5x USED TOYS ANY KIND AND IN any condition. 603 N. 3rd St. tl3x FOR RENT THREE, ROOM FURNISHED house. Coal, lights, water, inside toilet. 9.19 Blackman Street. tl3x FIRST HOUSE IN SAND RIDGE. - Call 1126 Ring 2. - - -tl7x LOST A SMALL BROWN POCKET BOOK, between Jones Store and Dr. White office, money-and key. Return to Jones or Gillis. t!4 1941 OLDSMOBILE HUB CAP ON Elm or 9th Streets return to Ford Garage. tl4 FOR SALE OR TRADE 18-FOOT HOUSE-TRAILER FULLY equipped. Cheap. Inquire 540 So. Fifth Street after 4:30 p. m. tl3x FOR TRADE FIVE ROOM HOUSE, CLOSE IN. for tractor or truck. Sam Rowley. 3M South Main Street. tl5 HELP WANTED WANTED MAN OR WOMAN 25-45 to handle established coffee and grocery route in and around Clinton. Car furnished and expenses paid. Guaranteed salaries plus commissions with steady employment now and after duration. State qualifications. Write Box 442-X co Cllntonian. t5f in THPCTURES Iluy More Bomlx NOAH . O'DRISCOLL BEERY, Jr. DAVID BRUCE FRANKLIN PANGB0RN FUZZY KNIGHT MAXIE R0SENBL00M Final Tonight MARTHA V, J Now 3Iany Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort F A S'l-1.1 f 'II I n i tri mi tit n Ik n II tut tinn.' iti'hl) iiuwO'T, IioIiIn fiilsi? IccMli niore firm .v. 'in -:ii miki miK hi mort! on iron, jimt Rrinkl- i lilth' J AHTUKTH un your I'lfiti'K. No rummy, K'lucy, piisty tiiMe of I l Hi'iinir. i him m n --u:hc injur lut'iiTiire l.r.'mtii. U.'t I'AHTKIJTil ut any druir tore. THE Modern Ice - refrigerator la be-. autfful in appearance and Is, in many ways, superior to any other refrigerator In efficiency. A cake of Ice lasts 4 to 6 days. The original cost is very low when compared with others. It never wears out or breaks down. No won-. der more and more people are 'j turning to ice. r' 01116 In, Seethe Uefrigerfttor. Let Us Trove' Tliat It is Bfwt! 9c FRI. & SAT. 35c Big Double Feature 2 BIG PICTURES First Clinton Showing 1 ir 35. TONITE you V you r KIDS rmsKvi fwii BP A :- - jr , h "EVER SINCE VENUS" mm niGHT PALACE so V?? I 'fee... . s I GfilFiElii,SIIERI0i:i if LOANS... S50 S100 S200 S250 and S300 Yes, you can obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay interest ONLY for the time you have the loan. The Public Loan Company will assist you quickly and privately. If you are steadily employed in a factory, office, store or elsewhere. Come in and talk over your money problems with us. We will arrange your payments to suit your Income. Costs are reasonable. Interest rate of 3 per month on unpaid balance for amounts up to $150; amounts $150 to $:!00, 1 per month on unpaid balance. A $50.00 loan repaid In five monthly Installments of $10.92 each, costs $4.50 but If repaid In 10 days, cobu only 60c. You may borrow to pay .old bills, your Doctor or Dentist, taxes or insurance . . . or any worthy purpose. If a loan can help you, phone or come to the Public Loan Company. Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. 8 Pay 10 Pay 12 Pay menta. menta. menta. 60 $ 7.12 5.80 $ 5.02 $100 814.25 $11.72 $10.05 $2(10 $28.33 $23.20 $10.03 $250 $35.17 $28.87 $21.67 $300 $41.04 $34.39 $20.35 PUBLIC LOAN CO. WARNER BROS. ncTuii with CLAUDE RAINS The "DEAD END" EXTRA... MICKEY MOUSE AND PLUTO CARTOON "This Is America" Latest News STARTING SATURDAY AT 11 P. M. FACTORY - CONTROLLED RECAPPING 0.00-18 TeCO NO OTHER OFFERS YOl": lOr.l, A Qualltr ramrlhark. Z. Prompt lw.iw . S. All H ork lr Knry-Tlnrd Experts. 4. Full '"V - la '5 ire nun k ti mm i UP TO $300 Quickly Loaned on Your Personal Security. No Ration bwlp Tmd Ikniin. Crtificat. N..d.d POLAND'S HOME & AUTO SUPPLY rt-i m n OA. if A ' " SECURITY LOAN COMPANY 225 Blackman St. Phone 62 214 So. Main St.. Clinton CLINTOKNDTANA ' 219 H Main St, Phone 252 I'lmiie i . ii IS. .: I

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