The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 16, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1944
Page 4
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Tliiiratlay, Novemfor IB, 1711 THE o THIRD HAVEN " HELL'S ANGELS! eream tonight with hfm and Ann Even when you lay me out as at Johnson's." . , If a steam roller had jone ovei Russell's laugh was quick, re me?" lieved. "Of coise. How else could . . THE DAIIiY CLENTONIAN f hW MS - IhHlahri1 M The Weekly CHmtonUn IMS . TV OUaton PlaindeKler absorbed In lVOa FabUihad Dally Except Saturday md Bnntof targe I Carey - - Editor and Publisher ,i punl at the Fmtof flee at Clinton, Indiana , , .. , . a Second 01a Matter Mr-i. bdlana KepnbUcan JBKUtorlal AwocUBca '.. Phone 32 fe M you know him? , , j. , . "I'm sorry for that. If you a onij not run away, I'd have told you." "I know. I stuck out my chin and even asked for It." Russell patted his shoulder. "It won't happen again. You can de "Youie right, kus. in uew in New York, but we don't exactly move in the same social circle. I can't picture Dr. Raynor riding on a side-door Pullman." "1 don't mean that. Don't be sensitive or or this time I'll have to pend on mat. now iuis "- ' been back home?" Just a few hours. I knew you a spank you by way of mamng you be here." behave." His eyes gioweo who i-snnnr,n ao h Ktiiti it. "Here.: start "Why didn't you go into uj Maintnam Ct'A'TER THIRTY-NINE I 15.' K WAS sitting on the porch rocking wiien Ruracll came home, lie had jott-n away from Anne mid her doctor as 3.W as he could. Dr. Roynor hid been very kind, but it w..a li'ie bcin,-, talked to by soi-icona r.t't or another world. Gr.e Pan had hrohen away he'd come to sit hare on Russell's porch, end h? seemed to breathe freer. He had come b.icit to Talbot because he couldn't get Anne out of his rnlr.u. V.-- hid conic back hoping dcaperr.t'-lv that there must be some wnyVf showing Anne that he really loM her. is'ow he could laugh nt t!:at crazy Idea. Anne wasn't o'. his world. She didn't even T)eak t!' name language. Now he had seen I cr with Dr. Raynor, who wanted to order champagne instead of fiouius, he ltnew where he stood. It no funny, but he accepted the famous doctor as he had Kiincd to accept most of his reverses. Fnr front hating the genial, successful man, he liked him. It n hnui finv pirl would carrying things in. Even if It's only house? You got In before, uon i fUfUBUCAM DIT0UA tell me you really wonuereu u ti.antlfl VOI1." a snack, we re going io, uo i m st-le. No bread, though. You M have to pretend you're on a liet." , ASSOCIATION Thev went Into tne nouse Russell turned on iignus. .oi.ib i.-.- u- Cithan ha nun, hack with imu i niv.,"..., two bottles of beer which he waved Do I need to gel any ininnrr : Russell patted his shoulder. "Tills pime I'll fatten you up. Let's make coffee. If It keeps us awake, so iuch the bettor. I want to talk to you all night. I want to hear where triumphantly. .ii... ora toft from - from OCiC UAJ - before. Come on, see If we can get you've beon, wrtai you ve rone, nu and why you ran away. rtn imitrhpH us he held the nlat- you something to on. uc. j been eating home, but there's still the canned goods department to ter up. "I haven't been anywhere, i haven't done anything. I've iust worK on. i oei you ic uu"5'j. rnn .mlleri his strange, wistful wandered around. Lord, it was smile which had touched Anne. "I hot." B,;aael1 entlfrtlt hi arm. "Let 8 live hin. If lie offered himself, and there -ns no doubt of his love for Anne it ivas written all over his hand ' face and how hand- could- eat," he acKnowieugea. "Tramps are always hungry, you know." start in on beer and have eoffee ,ol nan smtled to him when it's ready. You eat while I ao mmi nf tk! talkiner. Goodness, it Russell gave him a quicK glance. "You must promise me you'll never H'.Mtie . mi. ,o. - " ' , umnr amA like RUSSell, i seems ages since we've eaten to onlv more so. That expressed the gq hungry again." 'I try not to. But ft happens." gether. Ijet me see, Anne siayeu i inn tmiii ves. it was Fourth thii.J in sir-plcsl terms. Mr. iy-r.n- vant nDoaslte of him of July. That day Mrs. Reynolds self. Thero v ns no question of a Russell began opening rans recK-lesslv. "I could, eat, too. It seems years instead of hours since din-t ,m snri r were to see Mrs. fell out 01 ner cnair anu it skkiuxv oi.a a sfxnirM f.iiini ot the scare choice between luem. He felt a little 3orry Icr Russell T-... u-n.T in y.'.a n'lnJ as lie watchet1 of her life, because she-couldfTt gej,,. u .! a mtf a iriAnlnH Reynolds. She's in Weston hospital now and the famous Dr. Ray his brother drive up and pink his ,.. in the , .-lriwe nt the side of the nor has come to operic on ner mui,iiei up vt:- b-. t ;r ... Everyone was down on the Strand watching the races; Luckily, LaMra got Anne, who ran right back id PAY ROLL TAX "FREEZE" Among the bills slated for action before the end of the present Congress is one to "freeze" social security pay roll taxes at the present level of 1 per cent each for employer and employe. If action is not taken the rate will be doubled automatically on Jan. 1. Congress has "frozen" the rate three times previously. A careful study of the whole question is due The rates should be on an actuarial basis. The social security program is not 8 passing development. It must be on a permanent foundation. We should know what is needed and pay accordingly. Reports from Washington indicate the President is opposed to "freezing" the rate at the present level. An automatic increase would double the money paid in by the employers and employes. The program of those favoring no m-..,;n Vio xa ir has hpen in other years, "I know uri ".uyiioi. ..nn ,alr1 hifl head from the A UfHna, a panned chicken onto wprked wonaers. ur. she saved Mrs. Reynolds by know- a platter. For a moment he just horse. AS lUer viu no light Russell eJdVt see him until he. came ri,';ht up on tne porch. Then he clortpeo ani' cried out, "Dan!" ri al stood up. "I'm back or not, Juit as volt wish." Russell flung an arm about him. l'ou fw kid. Don't you know yet that I iJways want you? It isn't Home UJilKiS you're here." stared, ana uan ien nc tuuju -most see the legal mind at work. Russell's voice was quite colorless ing just vrimv lw - miracle at the time, but -tow we know Anne is a nurse. She's assisting Dr. Raynor in operating tomorrow." To Be Continued) as he said: "How do you know Dr. Raynor ? Dar.'s smile widened. "I had iee stars are a trio of favorites: son Kddy. Charles toourn tfiPta. - ' y ; -- r At tfi0 Mooiei 2 Constance Dowling. Ina Kay Hutlon and her orchestra, Hugh Herbert. Ann Billy tMlbeil, Glenda Koss Hunter and Alan are the funsters in the cast. . . V.1.SH . . f I'Al.Ai H Tliiiiwlay. I'liday Taking a Backward Glance WeilneMlny ami TIiuimIhj- uicaoc r to attach the "freeze" as a rider to some bill the President will not care to veto. The method is haphazard. It's time to order a Three guys try to blitz the beauty business and get caught Hoover Moratorium Originally designed as a one-year International postponement f all payments on intergovernmental debts, reparations, etc., was proposed by former President Hoover on June 20, 1931; confirmed by 15 nations by July 6, following. Once stopped, however, the payments in iost cases were never resumed. lomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock at the KnightB of Pythias Hall in the gayest carnival of tun aim TWKXTV VKAK.S I COM MIU A Thiii- day There Is a special kind of hol-idav due at the Columbia Theatre tonight through l nlted Artists re-ii in n holiday which never anil Satuiilay "They Made Jle a Criminal" Warner Bros, hit of . a Tew seasons hack is opening at the Palace Theatre tonight for a, three day run with John Garfield, Ann Sheridan and tile Dead Blld Kids businesslike procedure. Indianapols Star. laughter that ever iinea uu lilackuian street. AliO TOIV l.i'icion To Ktaite Minslrel Here (.yes your ears yom n.... Here's the seasons most jouu, 'appeared on the stalute books of I'limnn American Lesion lai- glorious mualcalulu tolumnia ...... nli mrtl nr eilllllV OUI II In top roles. The film .Introduces a novel locale to film-goes . a nt if (jettinc busy .arranging fur UN y 1 1' j . " " " a minslrel show to ne mania n 1'ieiures' "Ever Since enus opening at the Wabash Theatre tonight, bringing you the kind ol i....... ,.,,t.rl!iiiinient all ol U: Abolishing Itenslls Didn't Work In 1870 Cornelius B. Paulding, a New Vorker, led a movement to .,, ithnni knives, forks and spoons. in ! ho mav to oe ceieorau'u ii " i , erttieless It Is know, as a "Kic- ! California desert ranch Is the r'r Jeker Holiday." "Kn icker-1 background for-most of the e,- The Capitol theater, the after Vote Over 18 Any person over 18 may vote ir, Brazil, except beggars, illiterates, soldiers and persons whose political riehts have been suspended. Largest Sound Albemarle Sound in North Carolina is the largest coastal freh.aler sound in the world. noon and evening 01 .oi. tvin. T. B. Brown, representing the WHY WORRY ABOUT HITLER? There seems no point in all of the speculation about what has happened to Hitler. There is a strong possibility that he is either dead, crazy or so afflicted physically that he is unable to carry on as head of the Nazis. The main point, it seems to us, is that KSna gn9r tn Vip carrvine on with- that hv dining with one's need. Loaded with laugns. jam- h(irker Holiday' Is the gay nine-, " t med with jive gay with girls it s fjMf.d comy produced from the - - fun fun, for the whole family. 1 ,.,,, ,,, , n,o same name, luj fiet In the Scrap. John S. lingers producing com ! finders the pioneer spirit could be I recaptured Very few people were pany, has arrived in the city, ana will soon have the local lalent rehearsing. A cast of S5 will be i interest d. 1 - ' a r UNDEU-? sa fcr petss . ii .... .ui ru r-tCAD MOTmiMS TO DO BUI I I used and the leading cnaracieri. L11C i . " I i TT.-ir ' nnA innntinn Thorp ! I to appear soon will oe announc- TILLIE the i UiiK A .hours m Lj ty ! rr7- trr 1 EfTUAf ( FTTErT 7' XGS PH1WKirV iV.-'V i ISOT A CASE. PTT . out niuer jjichcui-c mm is no more evidence today of an internal! I'oolli vnun Sbmild Keep Vt atctl on Mni.h Hoppers Poultrymen. should feed a well unt.,n,K.n . smiet izinir ration: and. especially ought they be cogni crackup in Germany tnan mere was bcvci-al months ago. Conditions, perforce, must be bad in the country but the Gestapo still rules with an iron hand and the armies fight as stubbornly as ever. Except to catch him as a ringleader upon whom to place responsibility after the war, what if anything has happened to Hitler is a matter we can well forget. ' Let's win the war, and then hunt for Hitler if necessary. Terre Haute Star. zant of whether tne ieeu nf eaten, and whether the food stream Is moving as it should. Any evident decrease in feed consumption foretells the coming of one of two things: A decrease in egg production or sickness, perhaps both. lL l-j DAN DUNN 1 too FAR DOWN THERE I V THESE FEATHERS OUGHT TO GET ii-. r-harini Schmidt anil two children, of Terre Haute, return ed to their home today alter spending a few days with .rs. John Jones, of North I mra LOOKING FOR 'EM. Battered units of the Japanese fleet, which escaped the Second Battle of the Philippine Sea, have probably come to rest : nnwA li n Its-- 4-ci lira if rpna t r Street. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Servies have returned after spending the .w ..nd in Martinsville, lnd.. visiting with Mr. and Mrs. John Tokyo radio says that B-29's have been Wr, The S P. I. class rl the Han- , tit Sunday school will tnee- Tuesday ev.nine at 7:30 o eiwif at the home of sirs. i. a. '. 1531 Biackman s'.reet. The Methodist choir win "o'a a rehearsal tonight' at " o'eloek at Hie home of Mrs. T. A. White. i;31 Blackmail nre-i- The Methodist elioir will hold a r'h;ursal tonight at 7 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Carl l lrich. over the mam Japanese islands ior reconnaissance purposes". Tokyo is probably correct; the big planes are probably looking for the remainder of the Jap fleet. ! London Anthony Eden, British Foreign Minister: "There is nothing I would welcome more than the collaboration of all peace-loving states, large or small, but the truth is that unless the great powers can work together the foundations of peace are not there." Ma South Fourth Street. TKV VHAIU AMI TOKAV All JiKionnaires are requested I. ;,i III,, meeting at llle Le- New York Alfred P. Sloan, chairman f t- .1 r rinncMl Mntoro fVimnrji - Igion Home' on South Third I ..!....L- ,..r,hl Ol me rxaiu ui ucucio.. , strt. at . business is to be tion: "Political promises do noi create im)(or,at -SV-t- -a.-; -bO smoke usoit, ' , ri X jobs, and never will. Jobs flow Trom a com- discussed Clinton theatergoers ; tonight and loinorrow will eoine ! the birg'-st run of li.'ini.' abl' lo -I knew hiiu wIk-ii " as portunity. And from nothing else." Washington-Joseph W. Martin, House J.- t Minority Leader: "Tne iyn election u- A1 s, miuvi liy ixfluci . - - w. , i(K r..uiar uusi of Sou Mi Tliird nnatrated the strength of the republic, ! ,nK a, ,he i UUDUOIU --1-5--- nfehi Hi Ainrl an i i 1a. II.. a am 4 a n nr"!!! W i i 1a. II.. a am 4 a n nrtvli tn-ft last tliat We COUia univeuiy F"" - tZ ,m sii' Plans lor the six.h war and at the same time we could engage I mlhll. ..,lir lr ,., , in a hard fight for the economic policies in , ,.,,, a, Tarii. n.m inn on sun-which we believe." ! lh- "h ,"- H"ekvin" u ip : post as host . : IVrtaiftllllta rienvsr Archduke Felix of Austria: , Khrvn HAIR - BREADTH HARRY '. . t. .y-T enim.1 TucM AUD ra hrvo In etanr as one With the People. Miss Man Lou Carbon of lmlia- -t i nm t i i ,v ' i , ' VT ; ; fr -Qltv to tpll the!na State T.aehers College of Ter tAVUAP LEARN HOW ERlW3 Haute are enfrtainine the . . .- Alter au, i i j . , r V4. J .nffm it r MJ PIASTER OK HAlKOKtav it; TS-ny . actv AMMTK3MS i' people who have fougnt ana suiierea at;K;ippa tom? ptfOpXtr u iia.c Avfc,". f- ; Kappa rori n mm t thev must have.".,h home of Mim Carbon. 'I l "l ill i The member of tile A B I ! I Cluh held a theater party lastly .. f. nitht at the Capitol Theater and j f' qLn unnetitti pupper at the t 1 Moscow ol. Ivan Tolchenoff, Soviet Military Authority: "ImporUnt events are ripening under unfavorable circumstances for Japan." Hi'r;de Inn. i Mrr. Max Walworth of Meeca.j -. ' . .11 II ' I f I " K '3 V ' rs . V-.5V f,i. ii!,.r niemhers. wa albo pr.--i . ! - .'- 1 .- it Urn M Ii II 4- It I'Sil VlJ Ml JE"it i t-,.l: CdmomI rUi-lVht 1 The next m-etinE will be "Ail4- ' , 1 ' i : I I I . J 'Ik - A. VI I 1 T-T 1 3afc- Brussels, x"' :"v;:.Sdav. n-ov. tu at the of D. Eisenhower: "Jfinai viciory ,Irt Htn. on bi'!;: future can be nothing but gleam- u,. ' Yc r-,r-j j '. . I ( v . 3 - . 1 The Pthian Circle is lo meet I mg. -

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