The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 16, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1944
Page 2
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Thursday, November 16, 19 it. il; T II E dAWy CLINT ONI AN 1 ge Two HI ' ' ' r Real Estate Transfers j Edward P. Redman eMif'to Jlarry Ncwland et ux pt. 2S-V4-10. $1. United Mercantile Agencies t o Preston Davis et ux pU "lot, 9 Fair-view Park add. Jl.. ' The Time for 'Decision." by Kiini- Welles. 'A History of linine lo Slja A the spra'wW; city . orJjrtsli'o'ic was disclosed with Hie eupture of Har-iiany. 10 miles southwest of the Industrial city. Final llinlanewt Wattle Soviet front line dispatches Indicated that the final phase has be- 1).. by A. Iv It- Hoak. Harry v. uieiiieuz ei u i" .... l.rlnknlt et ux lots 189, 190, 191 Current News In Centenary Guests Call at Miethe Home; Sgt. Natalie Is At Home on Furlough Minn Thcn-Hn Niiti.lli- has ri'turn- 'Careers in Commercial Art," by 1. HicBcleiscn. "Ilraail on the March." by M. I.. and 192 Gilbert sub. 1. Fresh Soviet Drive Blasts At Budapest (Continued from page 1) Ikuu In the battle lor Hudapest, the Cooke. Nazi bulwark slan.liiiK heroin Hie unles lo Austria. The rail of .lasz-bereny was (he luosl emphasized fac- Kdwin F. Kaufman et ux to Sherman Mott et ux pt. 15-15-9. $1. Charlotte Jones et al to Hal B. Kayburn pt. lots7 and 10 block 24 original plat of Clinton. $1. Florence W. Heed to John 0. r-rltchard ot al lot .W Voungmaii's 1st add. lo St. Hernice. 1. Carl K. Welch et ux to Woodrow I,. Kaslon et ux lots 11 and 12 block 1.1 original plat of Dana. $1- Iiella Conglelon et al to Harley ii,, i. ,.i ii nl. 7-1 7-. II. "I'laslics in the World ol tomorrow." by It. W. l.eysoll. "Eisenhower. Man and h.ililier," hv V. T Mil! T. Jolin Vlelk to liinmii 11. neon iui 4d I). W. Penlreath'a 7th Add. lo Clinton. $1. , Prior Peer et al to M. C. Wiggins, trustee to re-convey pt, 10-15-10. "jiihn Osep et ux to Frank Storm el ux pt. IiO-H-9. 1. lor in Hie fast-nioviiiK ilrive lor nn- eratlon of Hie city. ' ...i in ( lilr.iti.. III. alt.r Kii.-nilliiE tho k. iul Willi her imriMitH. New Hooks Arc ' Received al Local Public Library Seven new fiction .books and k.'V-pn new non-fiction delect Ions liuve been received at the Clinton Public Library this week, it was announced today by library ofllci;ilF. The new volumes Include; Fiction: "Valley of the Sky," by Holier! Douglas Skldnmre. "Earth and Htch Heaven." by Gwethalyn Graham. "No GlflH From Chance," by Margaret Pedler. "The Affair of the Dead Stranger," by Clifford Kniitlit. "By Valour and Arum." by James Street. "Immortal Wife." by Irvine Stone. "Hard Facts," by Howard Sprint;. Non-fiction: "A Great Time To He Alive," by Harry Emerson Kosdiek. Focal ihiIiiI of biiler ficlitiiiit tor several days, Jaszliereiiy fell lull. Malilinvsky'sv, hands alter encni nk. and iilnfaiMry coiiiiter-nl tacks Mr mill Mnt. Il.-m ( lurk nf Inili- ....UI.Mliu U.l.'..l ll... K'tU'k.'llll with Hie bloodiesl battle of I he llunfiir-iau i';ini;iii:il. ' ! Tin' Hed itriny raptured more than towns and viha:eK. i.iessilili the iittaek upon Hie llunuai inn! 1ipital ir.mi north, east and south.' Jaszliereiiy. which lies :i. miles Classified Ads Sell Most Anvtitof Mr. anil Mrn. tiny liicnll nnil fninll.v. Capital Priest Is Stale Arcli!islio(; ?iiMe New Dioceses I'ermliiler Koncaiinon et ux to wore niuilsVd and Hie low n was Dan Bright pi. .IS-H'-'0- H- Mm.- Hay llnrrln of IihIIiiiiiiimiIIs a ln.r .....llwr M rK. William John W. Cronse to tagar -aie - ux lot 1 Smith & Parish add. to ihreatened with encirclement. , . Iiniierbil Nl '"ns - Seteunn of Jaszheri'iiyi aloim witli l..i.rin. 17 miles east of Hilda- Mii'thc and Mm. Hiiyinoud Mii'the iVrrysville. 1 150. iu...e lo Charles Sunimer- INHIANAP1.IK. Inil, ' The Most 'easl of Budapest and pnardiM -ap Reverend Jos. ph E. Hitter, llishop proaehes lo the .ilv from thai dl-nl Indianapolis, today was the spirit- r.rti.m. fell It. r blaze pi bloody ual loud of the Catholic Church in street lifclilint: -. ., ,l v,,nh hi Itudanest. Marshal Koill- I pest, and eiiilit other lawn dotllni: MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 0 For Service IJrop Ci A Card L W.Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Induuia ville pt. lots 4 and 5 in block 1 and sun. (Icrnld H.iiB. nc. Dnnivliic IIukiiI of liidiunaiiiilis In vinilliiK frli'tida and rflalivra horo. SkI. .John Natalie in iendinK Ills ftirloiiRli with hi part-nta. Mr. and I Hungarian railways, further minor illed Nazi uommunirations. Alkinans 2nd add. lo Dana. i. p larbKnn et ux lo Fred (!. Moscow reiior.s In.licaU'il the Knglemyer et ux lots 4 and 0 in mans have "thrown in fresh troops" inniana. ami iiiii.iiu.iMn - tropolilan See of the state. on Y. Malinovsky s troops prepared , Announcement of his appointment to drive atainst the Industrial cen-1 bv I'ope Pius XII as Indiana s first ter of Miskolc. HuuKary s fiflll-lan;- . u... rllv. and. a few miles northeast Stevens add. lo perrysviue. Mrs. Jo'ill Katane ann lainny. .Mrs. Holland I'ravrr and daughter, ll.'rry and cranddaughlnr. Car to defend their positions aionK in. rail line from Hudapest to Miskolc olyn Chapman f l-o Angeles, nlLht. Two new dioceses also were of Hie Hungarian capital. tne ,, )k ,i1(.ir principal escape route. "the baughnhn marvel model lime and Authorities In Moscow expressed Calif, and Mrs. Viola Kllnr or Clinton mont the weekend with Mrs. 1,T I c-ril.Tl Ol ftunii.. .a- n ihc mrkrt. "A F.rm Ubor S" cvtru liw rmmm ' . s-md. dry of duip lime dfct Iron. .Wok William .Miethe and family. i.a Uttitv tirntti and son return ..pinion that the front all around He.dapest now is so Indented and constricted that a deep thrust by tho Uussians from any direcion of their iii-iironged assault would carry the battle into the city's stiects. created in Evansville and Lafayette, threat. 'iieo to overrun .... The Evansville AsRumpiion way junction at Hatvan which con- Chuich will be the cathedral for the I mis nearly every link between the diocese. eonsistiuK of 12 counties in Nazi forces in Hungary and Czcch- Ihe southwestern tip of the stale oslovakia. 'that lorinerlv were in Hie Indianapo- Hatvan I'ull Imminent lis diocese ' The Russian communique, an- ' Twenty - four counties in the nounciiiK the capture of Talmas. 22 ed to North Hrook. 111. after visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Iloin Per-fctti recently. tok-r coil, tte. New and iMtd i prdtri lor ale. DANCE SKllsoreil By l.dKe At Stanford, Ind. Ol.ll FASHIONED MI SIC Peronr's Hall SAL, NOV. 18 Allied Truck Mr. and Mrs. Armond Stella 01 iv, ill,, tit. ere cuests of Mr. and tt" W J-MrgS" 41 soutliwct section of the Fort Wayne miles eas. ... ..u..... .- , diocese now make up the Lafayette that Halvan s all is minent Tal-, Mrs. Ktlgene Turchi recently. If. ifirsti Ninth , Equipment, Inc. :HIO K. lth Kr"' IniliaiiaiHilis 7, lii'l. . JlrB ' Mry Ann ituuseiioiaer ami Km Ixiuise Honurchi of 'linttn diocese will. St. Mary s Church ol mas is nine mo. uu. .., .,.., ,..,i .). ( atbe- throuch which ' three railways' 'and spent a day with Mr. and Mrs. Don) dial. two highway run. , . . i "' ' The fact tbat Mallnotsky's ' men are poised for a final blow against Uoiiuochi and family. . . .. . I 1 - . i i ll : w A.lHllkMHI Sfcr. .... jwrtafil Armies Crack Down on Nazis; (Contlnnad from pass 11 Army unleashed a full-scale '-offen-si . e east of Aachen beneath a pro tective canopy of z.uou oomoer ana If 'fitter planes. A gigantic force of 1,200 Fortres-ss and Liberators escorted by 450 Thllnilerhnlt and MUSlailg fighter Get Kroner's Clock Bread Tastes Better!... j planes roared out against German defenses in tne uuren-r-scnwener ai-ea as a prelude to the ground attack, taking advantage of the first clear weather since Armistice Day. 1 riULWffi This devastating assault was fol 1 I lowed by extremely heavy 'pin-iioini" artillerv bombardment. Sx ; Three-W ay Oround Advance -3J Sharpen tip your pencil ana nKure out now you can uuy an iaika HAK BOID this month by more care ful buying of daily needs. Start with your food b II. Check the prices you are paying against these prices that are typical of th hundreds of BIG VALUES we offer every day of every week. ou'l be convinced that shopping here for ALL your food needs will carry you over the top in sav-: . ' . H r h,no-o in War Stamns. Voull Then Lieut. Cen. Courtney n. Hodges, the conqueror of Aachen, gave the signal for the ground advance, which was accompanied by-Third and Seventh Army thrusts to the south and vicious British stabs against the Germans on the water- il tSYs PEANUT BUTTER o" 2ib, 40c ing lor victory, ror iiiniier protH anr be surprised how quickly you'll have a War Bond. Ch'i'' Mich. 5 Rag 48c - ink mm fi t J So Points soaked front in Holland. ' Participating pilots reported excellent results in- the air bombardment. Bombs ware seen lo lilt with 'good rtBUlts. ,jt . ... u..! . i rj'riiipipal Wrej WW .German anti-aircraft batteries and other enemy stro.'igpoints lying lietween the pres fiOttf If HlSrfr&.rliulb.iar.'l IC NAVY BEANS .PABST-ETT 61t 20e 13c Plain or Pimenlo COUNTRY CLUB ent area of battle and the itnine- I For thaks;iim; PUMPKIN CURTISS WO 20 oz. pkgs. Pancake iix2t land industrial city of Cologne, the obvious immediate objective of the I drive. HOLIDAY FRUIT CAKE NORTH IJ. BAY Can IV ixiv Two Met Fortrefwe PINK SALMON node with xT-'S Prior to launching of the new ot- fensive. headquarters of O e n. E ia- f1 Eft Kuy Dwiglit D, Eisenhower had admitted the loss of lorts Peltre and St. Hu- EVAP.MILK CURTISS VS curtiss ... a 7 PANCAKE MIXV QfJ MW MlX 1 I ' TURN 'FM OUT IN A HURRYfir w Now! ? racki?lkW i.ert in I lie Metz string of detenseB. timnnn Il4iitJliiee Ktlfl'eim ik.z. tn r:rman resistance was reporiea TENDER rt BABY KUIH IZ UZm Pftg stiffening all along the line, parti Kim.iied - Plain !.. I cularly east of Bride KoecKinc fin Doubly delicious rHrJT I WW mm M Hlt Ki:s Kaeli I C Assorted, lied! 1'ret.h llaily 8 " FUm xl m ant est, which finally was cleared aner the fourth armored division had ov out ercome heavy artillery and mortar COUNTRY it) Tall tRA CLUE a Cans LQV ii rj (f MJ!t " SEE ,T m 23(5 "AjMBwmt served with broiled tomatoes and bacon. So easy, a child con L 'ami nirrtinn fire. Headquarters announced that Welch's 1 lb. jar nt Utiiliglew! ' an So Point, Tl'MATftfM. -I tunc Koli.l J'luked! ..tan l:. l l:ipc ' Poii.U KHDirr tvHix o. a W liok- li.Tiiel or 'au ( ouuto ientleineu tSPl.N At'H V. a an ('.tiniri Club Nu Points TOMATO W1 P " toy nr.. aniiti. ll. . -i. ' ltll Vow and tave! PIH'NK I'M 1 V... 2'i Starr lliniid ;iaw on pockoge. fe Lieut. Gen. George S. Patton s nurd WW Army took 600 jirisuners yesteraa for a total of 7,146 since the attack APPLK lil TTi;it -JH . li-'li"i'e Jar Jo Point V-eded! pi:fKHv ,J'- Aunt June's Pure Uraie Jar No Points , ihu.i:im I-''. Kaliiiori' - Points k ilamili J'.lirii'licdt . iitii;i pi;im- j w. lilirge tiiu;, N Pt. HV(T ! !. 2lc IBs 2!e Of- tl. infantry auiaiicwt tu MUSTARD iui. l. -li..f mill's s.iullw'ajit fcl Fiv- W-fiVaraill'i and entered nippy, a kfjlr and . half north . M i"ix anu $gnf tht MtHMjlle. . J JJiLtt-.ili. Ill Main .'.i.'us rF.- - In Hm'f Kyrup ;itAfi;Fitrn' try. 4 it in.. H.iiil.1 I'otwwieiHKl! .-'an SB -f Poiul r'ee.'! 0 BAG eft' te.f ! lb,, (fcUt lt .The fifth infantry now is in AU1-- i.i force. Iieailuiiari.ll i Welch's CRAPE JUECE qfs: 45c; pts. 25c SWAN SOAPJST;": LUX'FLASCES&;k23c said. Patrols have penetrated' beiunuj ollderi'-e Itl'HIld . fc'o 4.iil ItOI.I i ll OtIS 4M .. 'untr' ituli -- - ' Oui'-I, or I'.'iriilur 21c -vt VffilU VI It' II I: St,. APIIK'OTW w tl 'i main M''i2 I"1"'' an6 lortllica-tlous'to the si'Ulh "f the city and on ' Hall- llrund - I lll-eeled: n Jjjiie eastern bank of the Moselle. 27 Fancy Grade A 5 Points LB. Chuck Roast si. 31 o Lli. rK iioa 1 roojis O! tne lyuim rtiu.w.v . vision repulsed a counterattack and entered Lamhdroff, a mile north ol the Men railway. North of Thion-ville, the town of Lemestroff, live miles east of tile Moselle, was taken A (iermaii counter-tlirusl at Distrotf. Loin End - i Points VITAMIN "'; 15c 2,;.J:e9e five miles southwest of LeuifcSiron. hm; i.Alii 1'i.r.' 'moK-il-: si'itl in ... CAPSULES .uk beaten off. .a.n iu luu h AreM ll;i.l K h A. li. I'. I' ' For Keli. ioii Hot 'liili: t''2l I'OI.MM k I'lLLflsi 1.1,. JI Su lloue ir WaMel Hull. POlth h 41 hl.t: I. JJg citKAM ' m:i'-i; On the Hutch front. uieaiinn. Pt-as. fit Wl Hay British troops recaptured Ieije.i. PladJ which a heavily niined alio uo- 14c SWIFT'S BOLOGNA VEAL - Half or Whole ib. 25c SWIFT'S COOKED SALAMI . Half or V. hole lb. 2Sc bv-tn.i.-d In the area ot Ween 2Sl E oO .Y. 2Sg EH. w hi n m. i inh i ru. trwt - i to l'r usaiire CKADK -A" SHOULDER ROAST GRAM "A" VEAL Itritlrti' gained up to rue ihiki- hll'.l HIV KI'CAK Hi.- l i.. i;s Pis. TUNA FISH lie akterly advance is c.imin- and .ra.l.- ov.'T jioor ronas and tnrougn unit irtel htle uiii.e-lield areat. it m. . 9c. All Pan-American L. 29 c TEXAS Marsh Set!tlleihij) GRAPEFRUIT Nations lo Reject Spars Ribs--'20e telloM OMONfS A l.i. 2,u I5c K. I.-. U liae Argentine 31eeting iaf u-rrri ; fiiM'- Ht Hum AMV V A MS In ! -H V.Mi- (Continued tram page II 4""3Dc I an j iv: RniLIHG BEEF 111 19c ;.l siw ll.-a.I I US 1 r, it was acsnowledked mat IJe'.l. '''!' 3' 23c 10" 73e J.N A MI Al'fl-IS I Ur-itlu' ,11 jy ulUVil';1 Juic Thin Hi. in-! i:m enil.urrasFillg situation had been i created, in which Washington could U. S. No. 10 u" 35c POTATOES , liol oppose the suggested meeting ftuttliti CHUCK ROAST beef ga s f. n..29c i without playing into the hand of ;i:ri. K'i KiH'Mr: u TiMlr Jni- "Iiim-t . 'M Lb. Ba, K3.1U - Buy for Winter Storing Now ! iu. iiOF Aires regime. There was the demand throughout Latin wide America for a foreign ministers n y meeting, and Argentine was the first 55 ra SUPER the formal proposal. to niaii.' touay. diplomats revealed. Hut .Mimmu ailaiast tw! Jiueet lng Hal- u w i. u II Uarllll MARKETS snffi'iialt' crstal!u4 so tha". a formal rwclion can i made wlih- out ereatiiiE dissension. CO TO CllinCU SVNDAI

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