The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 15, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1944
Page 5
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fHB'DJ ILY CLINTtiNlAN Wednesday, XovruibiT 1.5, 1911. comb declared: "The men cannot . . n U..L, tixluuc thu cm-PI'll- Last Jap Toehold By-Jack Sords Ohio Stule One Of 1 in Ifininiiii; ment gives assurance that the com- ( J rvl I IllfllT ..., - Ill .n-inl-in the status uuo" J C - B. L PAVEIf ABHTltAflK KOTAKV Pl'BIJO NEWPORT, IND. Bh. 784 Walnut St. Clinton. Ind. Tel. 4111 j pany win r pending settlement of the union 'I I !,.,, Allaj'Jv liemands tor recognition and bene-) JltM illicit. For Kom Bowl Kiel ALE - Situ . PAfCHAU, op w- aI?w i'cjkk e-lArf, liAtAtruRjiiGr ihS AV-!o "Mfc The , fit!. The telegram was seut alter M!5 ANGKI.KS. Calii (Continued from Page One) l,50 of the strikers voted at a choice of a lootball team to repre A'E" the -- vur'R ' lAAttnp to remain out "UU111 sent the liast In the !ew army takes oxt tne piaui iwaiiKe of the strike, lb" com I It was being shelled along "s en-' tire length couftantly by the American Lone Toms, and any attempt j of the estimated ;," Jal to break out if their trap would pmve sutetddl. BDt;ao-feAirJifl& ColMti Kay Rose Howl clasFie at Pasadena narrow d today with four outstanding candidates being considered by the Hose Bowl committee. II was no secret that Hie four teams being watched are Ohio Stale. Alabama. Georgia Tt'tt ami Tennes bfAP vi -We JA1iOlAU pany has laid off more than 32.m" iiroductloo workers, maintain (Mat production of the ial Cyclone en-gines without proper suuert ishMi would endanger army flieis' lie. The i.rodutlon workers, members The production worker., men, fodeAU, bf ( The J;trs Hi re fii:li(iug furious-j l. howeur. and hit Yankee supply see, and it was also considered like . and it was also considered like-: ; roncntration. spo by the committee that since these of the CIO I n,v".A",w"'ol"11' ' radically yesterday with mortar fire oy lue ouiium.- "-i .... ,v - ..;J.. radicallv veeterdav wltll mortar nr ' to '" SORE MUSCLES? BROKEN SLEEP? due to RHEUMATIC PAINS? ftUnr 4aorAa-. ttoniii4 nffiwrt ! rtkrufl na(tc (! Kv twm4 ift. og4hin relief frvm tauacular paioi im arms. S- ark. r.i.d. t-r.illTa. Y a-Krultl trf H'iili-it It CX Compound. to. Sinnptf take 4Va 4irt-M. St fur fonrtAi how ajU.rHf- U If. oTUat Wllfcia 4f- E0 nwaictl II -Ml wee mt WHITE'S PHARMACY ll jy lour schools have been approach. ers. hae proiestea m(A, , unr ,ilne Jap arplanes I continued their harassing raids on i. chipping and shore installations, but ed" they would acceK no other bowl bids until the" committee made its eboic. Arnold Eddy, chairman of the Germans Quit Purdue Back LeadBig 9 Grid Leaguers Dimaoeheff Totals Eight Touchdowns in Season; Irish Knocked Out of 3 Players for Northwestern CHICAGO, 111. Boris "Babe" Dlniancheff. who alternates between the fullback and halfback posts for Purdue Cniversily, leads the west-era conference in individual offensive operations, the weekly stat it-ties snowed today. Dimancheff lias racked up eight touchdowns for a total of 4 8 points and carried the ball 626 yards in 11 attempts in five games. Uiw Was Second Bob Wiese, Mho left Michigan for military service after lour games, (railed the Boilc: maker star in individual scoring with seven touchdowns for 42 roiuls. The attacking abilities of !es Horvatb. Ohio State's brilliant back-field sparkplug, are obvious in the statistics. Generally rated the midwest's outstanding back, he is tied for fifth in scoring with four tuuch-downs in four league titles. But a total of 45 yards gained in 71 plays give a 114-yard per contest average, the best in the league. Rose Bowl committee, said that tb these were termed by General Ma-J Arthur as Inelfectual. While the battle north of OnnoCj roared towards a t-iiinax. the Japsi attempted to push a small force of j reinforcements ashore south of Or- i choice would not be made until N 25 after the four schools had com ":j Last Budapest oleted their schedules Ohio State is the logical caudi moc at Hie tillage of Damulaan, but were sharply repulsed r units Guardian Lily P. & J. MARKET i Hillsdale, lud. of the lighting Seventh Division Infantry. Meanwhile, the th Infantry. date at present, it was intimated, since the Buckeyes have yet to lie tied or defeated. The Ohio school, v.ith its team composed entirely of civilians and with no military trainee assistance, has walloped Missou ICoBtloaad from page II UattlHIg wesinaiv nvia ' " emy resistance is crumbling before (ards Ormoc. moved over the Budapest and that the city soon i mountains and got to within four .in ill in a landslide Russian vic- teen miles of the vmag forces. ; a- inrv. Huae losses have been inflict Generally, the American Come and Try Our GROCERIES FRESH MEATS At All Times Hours: Week Day ed upon the defenders. ri. ;i to 0: Iowa. St to II: Wisconsin. 3!t to T; Oreat Lakes. 2 to tl: Minnesota. 84 to 14: Indiana. 21 to 7: acd Pitt, 54 to IS. Should Ohio defeat Illinois Saturday and Michigan a week from Saturday, the Buckeyes would be far the greatest attraction for the game in Pasadena. despite General Vamashita s desperate fight to hold Ormoc. are slonly but surely forging a ring of steel The Kussian forces lurtner iheir -rio upon the Hungarian around Ormoc and eventually will capital by overrunning the railway fie dai t& POSrf 15; bASyeAR' annihilate the enemy, force him to surrender or make him flee to a neighboring Island. w town of Nagy Kata. 2 mues east oi the city on the Budapest -Szolnok line. Other Red army detachments occupied the town of Szeatmartonkata. a few miles northwest of NagykaU B-29 Plant Strike 6A.M.to8P.M. j Sundays J 7 A. M. to 10 A. M. i 4 P. M. to 8 P. M. j Leaders to Meet Benore Ashes Remove all ashes regularly from (ha firebox and ash pan of the range, tiever allow ashes in the ash pit to remain in contact with the grates. Kelly IjoC W Irisii SOUTH BEND. Ind. Bad news piled up for Notre Daine today as the Irish -prepared for Saturday's tilt with Northwestern. Coach Ed At WLB Hearing i j ...-0gQ0Q44a'aa'4)4H aad 3 1 miles east of Budapest. Furtrre Tuwm Ct Off Seizure of Szentmartonkata and NagykaU not only put new Soviet j.i..i on the rail line to Szolnok. McKeever learned' that three regu 3C PATERSON. X. J Suddenly reversing their stand, leaders of the striking supervisors at five Wright Aeronautical company plants in New but severed Budapest from the Fort Representatives of 50 Indian Tribes in Council DENVKR. Colo. Representatives of m American Indiaia tribes gathered in Denver today to make the second attempt fn the history of the Indian nations to form a per lars who were Injured during the overwhelming defeat toy Army probably will not "see action against the Wildcats. They were ' Boh Kelley, Notre more where they wili clash with Navy on Saturday. Service members of the squad will not leave until Friday noon. "Faster charging and cleaner tackling" were emphasized by Coach Cecil Isbell yesterday as the nly way the Boilermakers will make any impression on the Midshipmen. He Jersev left Paterson today for a ress town ol jastzereo. aw mm due east of the Hungarian capital. Fall of the 'Jaszbereny. now that its War Labor Board hearing in Wash was ington. highways to Budapest. are cut manent nuTitinal organization. previously, tne oiiieiais oi tue aSgUr4. Delegates from all oer the Unit sevoie nib ,u-jjiwu defense designed to slow down ed States were on hand for le reeaieu towns of Peteri. of Budapest. I'ri. . i.;i. -..j r,,nini. sessions, aa outgrow Suo-rfortres-, , , ...a, iii cii and Tapio- Itreliminary meeting held last lac. ; ,.. . " 1 1111 rucaKO. wueie no, ses and forced the company to lay M 2, miit.f ,.a6, f Budapest, were off S2.'t other employes pending ! ...,... Koj, infantry, advanc- Dame's best running back, Fred Ro-vai. right gaaid and Capt. Pat Til-ley, left guard, the most seriously hurt of the -trio. Him ailed (Service Complications were added with the calling of three other playes into service, oha Corbisiero, second string fullback, reported to the Merchant Marine yesterday; Johnny Kay. second string center, reports tor induction Into the Arm,y Friday, and Bd Clasby, substitute fullback, also reports to the Army this week. settlement of the dispute. I uf) fjve m"les forward souih Maying the trip to Washington 11 of Budapest-Sjoinok railway. Fi'-rce fighting occurred both In the elitninatloa of the enemy bridgehead across the Danube and in the were David O. Newcomb, president i 'of the independent group, and 10 of tlie union's oflicers and executive committee members. They reached the decision to attend the meeting after listening to the appeals of Maj capture of Nagykata. according to the supplementary commuui'j'ie issued in Moscow. CLEAN COTTON DAILY CLirJTOfJIAN cii of American Indians was tentatively organized. Tribes represeut at the powwow intiu'ie Choctaw, Sioutr. Nez Perce. Mohican, Papago, Araphoe, Cte and many others. One of the major objectives of the meeting was to give a national voice tx, some 2Z.V Indians in the armed forces. iian Burns, a chippawa chairman, said that in past years "we have hkn content to let others, usually government officials speak for us. Now we (eel that returning In BOWLING RESULTS ttTSUHART I.EAOl'H FRISTS Cloyd. 155. tit 554; Berto. l4. 171. 18 ; Turoci, 157, 142, 1 SSI 4S8; Foster. 134, 17S, 14 45: Daminey, 13S. 12, 147 412: handicap. 141. 141. 141 42S. Totals, S7, H-74 2822. S. MATERIAL, Zandera, 17. Il. 124 i 413; Hatfield. 14. I5S. 123 43; Piltehger, 144, 15. 175 475; Hlld. 17. Ii7. I2 4S; McCown. 141. 142. 15388; handicap, o. !!. Totals. 74, 35, 822811. 1 Julius Cass, of the Third berviee Command, and Thomas Knowlton. regional WXB representative. Newcomb. of the vi rignt uier-visors' Association, an itiaependent union, made public a telegram he B leaded Hith Honey Allspice comes from Jamaica and Mexico, although Mexican spice is different botamcally. Mexico also sends anise, which often is used in apple pie in place of cinnamon and Wended with honey or corn evron for use on (waffles or eriddle dian servace ujji wjjg want to speak for themselves.';. . ...r bad sent the W'l.B exulainiug why the strikers refused to comply with Ian earlier vt' order to return to a j their jobs. cakes. Get in ne Scrap! 3 .". ,.. In his wire to Washington. N . . k- in ills wire to w as,ijj.iiou. I STEVENSON Welter. 191. 1. 172 537; Rogers. U2. 151, I3 Wolrerutee fnxtin-r Defenuie ANN AKBOK, Mich. Defensive tactics were emphasriea today as Coach Frits Crisler drilled Michigan's Wolverines for Saturday's game against invading Wisconsin. Fearing a mental let4own, Crisler warned -t-lte -squad against "selling Wisconsin fihpft-''' KIM. Kxperuit I'Mt Buckeyes CHAMPAIGN, 111 Coach Ray Kliot today experimented with new-tactics preparatory to the 8?,rd renewal of the football rivalry with Ohio State at Cleveland this weekend. Not satisfied with alternating Buddy Young and Eddie Bray on offense and Don Oreenwood and Paul Patterson on defense, Kliot apparently planned to confine all the work to the former pair. Bray's status was doubtful because of asgra-vatlon of an oid Injury in the Michigan game. 32; Foucaunon, 155. lt8. 122 -445; Oilmour. 1. 8. 125 S14; Remler. I1C. 153. 151 4"0; handicap. 232. 232. 232 !. Totals. 887. 7. 38- 28C4. MOROAN OUOCKRy Swiek. 15. 15. 158 482; Cos, IsC. 128. 188 St2: Rhoatls. 103. 174. lti 13; Carrigus. It. 15ti. 171 --43S; Ross. 174. Mil. 2V ''"'' handicao. 222. 222. 222 ti'lti. 'Jo- r?? t"T5 R'vnu rUA T MOE J rstJXe F'EA 0'?TA 7 ' Li- -,r VT ' U V WTH VNtfATV BE BACK WIT" y TlAJE )ocouktb)'-l :' J Theatre - ti? e v?-? CSf W K ine4irc Spumes from. -ir.-. ' yLf J , uJ vtXlMzJ )bug islanpc us:. y I ( jf L xA--l r j Starring Kus-WAiy Jjn ay5jjIL tills, 1003. ltll'6. 1HI8 SI 17. PEPSI COLA Hays. 14'i. 215. 160 524; Cheek. 3S. 13". 14 43 ; Maloney. 156, 16. 15 Oil; Hageuian. 204. 16V. 181 048; Obidotli. 107. 163. 1M '; liandiCiip. 108. 158. lOe- 474. Totals. !. 1031. lot'o ORAPETTK Crowle;. 147. 1, IS 530; Quinn. 117, 138. 3 348; Scott, )5U. 145, 12 1"!,: Colombo. 113. 14. 15 haudicap. 23. 2"!'. 23'J tals. Sll, 1041. 089 Two Hookivr lieturn BLOOM I NO TON. Ind. Two Indiana backs had returned to practice today as the Hoosier tcain prepared to meet Pittsburgh Saturday. They are Ben Raimondi. who suffered a dislocated shoulder during scrimmage, five weeks ago. and Ed McLean, -oul sine H low gam with a cracked rib. Coach A. N. Bo) McMillin emphasized 4ufesive spacing to, counter the Pittsburgh "T" formatiou as well-as forward pass defense in yesterday's drill. BoileOBk- TracHcc LAKAYKTTK, ' lad Purdue football' l'lrs were to wind up their final home prefisra'lori? today before leaving tomorrow for Ilalti- KKXALL Jl-yer. I'. 4.7; fetevenso;j. 111. 4S5; While. 18), l5. Hain. 136. 18". 148 man. 154. 184. 1 7i - ra. 174. 174. 1 74 ft.; ilr7. 62 2K 1 Ci.KANKUS --Kvitl. 10. 'l57, 145 461: Fenoglio. 17". 10. 1 100 515; Weir. 100. 101, 223 !02; Oilfoy. 116. 112, 158 416; Mot. 153. 147. 103 403; liaudi- cap. 2M8. 206. 624. Totals. , '!. 60. 1042 15- Dr. G.R. McGUIRE CHIKOPKACTOB X-Ky . 235V BUekniiui Big Teams Start in On 1944-45 Hardwood St-ra IMJIANAPOLIS. Ind. ' dersou Indians opened tf 45 basketball career w- 4;itonc bid for state pre,, ;! 4-KMtmCRV MKM'HI. IS MOKt MKKTS and M.UthWIS Terre linjuc Monument Co. SUKl.l. . IK flumr 82 naM.rMalii ns a. fcriroUi. t UuiD UPSET STOMACHS YIELD INCHES OF GAS AND BLOAT v def-ating the t;ren'ie!d Tigers. 45 to 31 last night. The Indians, who have won a couple state championships in their t me, got to the finals last year belt, i being eliminated. Meanwhile the li.' .... i High School Athletic AssocialPm landed a right to the jaw that jarred th plans of Washington of East Chicago's net team. Henry Hardy, four-j sports star, was ruled ineligible for ' the remainder of the school year for playing In an independent basket-' ball game several weeks ago. The ruling on the young negro athlete ! also cost Wasbingtoa a football vic-' tory Nov. 3 over Whiting in which 1 Hardy ha played. i - - l -A,e.T" PROSECUTE P5T I'M UST NAiHAT'S "THE r,iv i i.u iru i rn accci I ! PEN UETTER CAN'T HURTj Kcr . nilT 1 fAM HURT MySPUFl hiCT HUr46rTrj matter . in tOTHER-S ILL, BUT WHAT MUMSy TILLIE' VDU DON'T VMORRXTiLLiE PCISCK i v j i i v llACtmiT MV V?FPllTAT0f4 "I was so full of gaa I waa arald I'd burst. Sour, bitter cubotaawe rose up in my throat from my uuaet stomach after meals. I got tB-HKIjP. and it worked inches of gaa and bloat from me. Waistline la don now. Meals are a pleasure. I mm i .-j m PEM LETTER5 CANTHWM HAVENT EATEN r-iiAs; c' paten Fi 1 13 roR LoyALTyrrr FOR IPX-AIT r I TILUE ! the --4 '! Ill II A THlhiS thins LCYAL. cn l:trM VRtSHTl ! p jl V TOILER praise Erb-Hetp to me say. " g u actual (eMiiuonial from a man tiling right bere in Clinton. EKU-HELa to the new formula containing medicinal Juicea from III Great Herbs; these herbs cleanse bowels, clean- eras from stomach , act nn sluggish Hier and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all orer. So don't go on suffering: Get I ri.-llelp. While's (Petall) lbr- -V . Make Back Eest If the patient needs a back rest, try slipping a washboard into a pillowcase behind the pillow, "lean" a folded card table or bread beard on a slant against the back of the bed; or use a straight-back chair, bottom-side up, so that its legs lean against the head oi the bed and its back forms an Inclined plane; at.d cover Ita'iiliiH iVi bvAb By

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