The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 15, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, November 15, 1944
Page 4
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- IB F DjtlCT -CCIBrSrONIXV hftf FVwr FDRC.T NrTFttARY TO MAINTAIN PFArF I f Af M MovU$ ANOIHfcR 5 Dshindltolceip THEDmYaJMOMAN MS I u iwh K'Mklt ITHwtnnUMi IMC i . in HOLLYUIOO Ck (HUM PUIndeeder absorbed In ISO I Dally Except Saturday ana punas, iwrge L. Cjr Editor sad Publisher I ml U&e roatomoe w nnwn, u . By HAHRISON CAaROll foil tanker J tt. ' ; HAYWOOD-It" an add ounU. f hf DliX tlJ ' "Ly io Be linger inakin aanduK-he, and can t trhTh Kwervine to avoid a touch Uie electric wan tor a :e....,lUb JZHu?ned and J- monU.. On top of th, burglar. he overturned and o r Indiana KepubUcan Editorial Aasoriwtlcsl PhooaSa W.tli.iNH WMluMia, aud TUujkuU.v Three uya uy lo Jjliti: Hie boHiity business and get mucin in tlie ca.v'st rarniva vl fun and laufhier iliat evr filled your eyes-- your ears your Iwart Here's t.ue's most joyous, ploi'ious niuslralulu t'oUiuibia Pietures' "Kver Simre Wnus" op-enillK at the Wabash Theatre to-uisht. brill ilia' you the kind of liappy enU'ruiiiuiwiit all of us need. Loaded with lavulie. jammed with jive say with girls it's fun, fuu, for the whole family. lua Kay Hultou and iter orchestra. Huph Herbert. Auu .Savage. Billy Gilbert. ;leuda Kar-rell, Ross Hunter aud Alau Mowbray are tlie funsuers in the fast. P.KMM S3 iinuieked her aoartinent of (ferae nio)ihed liis Mougttmm f.VSW1 ' ,...; r car. Then ne crawled out of the wreckage without a aerate. Tlie accident happened fur axis. . . . The Eddie arr (h:a the master of oeremoniea ant expettine; a vuut from Uie atoi next mwiiUi. . . . IP all thos runioia about Infrid Beigirna be-ing sought, Mervyn U-liuf innifta 4 hat all th principaJ role in .."Tbe ASSOCIATM near tlie MaDbu Ml Lake location of Robe" are UU a id 4io lor A Walk in the comera. By tb way. idid yon know gun," 1 1 bat uiia novei om ovv last oiouui : - - . ' ! J1J Barbara Stanwyck and Bob Taylor finally 41 nave iouihi As soon as slie finishes her Universal comedy, "She Gets Her Man." Joan Daws will dose deal to trade her Beverly Hi Its home for an ught-urit apartment in Palm Springs. ' Lucille Bail's cousin, Blanche, arrives ho bm Lucille a standia for -fi'ithout Love." The girls ware brought up together to Juaf town, N. V. - KIIJMIilt 1'uesda.y aiitl WedueMlair Telling a clever s)ory of a Bailor who faces tlie wrath of tlnee lovely girls hen lliey discover lie has made identical piedae of undyins loe t each, KKO Ha-dio's "Seven titty Af liore' is said to be the season bright est ai 9 vest mui-icaJ con.eciies. Marcy Met; uii e, Ooidon Oliver. Klaitw Mienaid. Wally Hruwu. Alan Carney. Aiuelitu VV;ul. Vir Pennsylvania farmhouse home they are going to build after the war. Tlie two stars have bought the old Will Rogers property in Beverly Hills. There is a funny story about this properly. WU1 and Mit. Rogers once had a house there. When the children were growing up. they decided NLarv ought to have bathroom of her own. so they tartd tcai ir.g out walls to maite an addi-u nai One idea lead to another and. Oklshoina and Texas will be the first states to hear Kathryn Grayson on a concert tour. She leaves Dec. 1 and sings her opening pro- jjefoie thev were uiroagn, uiey whole 'eram In Tulsa. The concert bureau ijii.ciicallv had torn the ginia Ma.vo and Wilson play feat in-' l roles-. "WWd lit i.iu Jv ni" with linilpli l:. llanv iM" iis lis i lit.- ud t' n-lar. leiiinlii l '.he t oluni'iia TlieaUe. , a Cet iu tie S.-ras! house iiown. One big wall was all (wanted her to go on to Carnegie that was left. hall, but she'll have to come back here to Heart U4 N l -firiehtoa I Eeaxh." V The Humphrey Bogart-Mike Ro nianoff Jiff wm even funnier than itemed yesterday. The row took place at 'l Rue's, not Romanoff's. Mike ordered Bu&gie to leave and never coine back to restaurant tliat he doesn't even own. Braves Nazi Fire HOIXYWOOD HI JIKK6: Betty Orahle stana -The Dolly Basiters" Jan. 2. but after that che and Harry James are arranging their ehed-ules to bas e kng racaliOB together. . . - Wonderful break for a young discharged older named Milton Adler. Helen fr-orest oearu Jinx FaU'.enhurg writes Paulette Goddard e is liaving a wonderful i ii.. ..n tKe f 'hina-Burma-India I STRATEGY IN PACIFIC. The possibility exists that Russia may come into the war against Japan, especially on the mainland in order to straighten out some boundary questions and, possibly, to secure some territory. We have no way of knowing what Josef Stalin will do. but we doubt if he will send his troops hurtling into Manchuria without receiving compensation in some form. In fact, the possibility suggests itself that unless General Chiang Kai-shek manages to adjust existing differences, the Chinese Communists may set up a separate state, under Russian protection, in Northern China. Assuming, therefore, that the Russians and Chinese, aided by weapons, munitions and supplies, can and will take care of the Japanese on the Asiatic mainland, and knowing that the American fleet has taken care of the Japanese on the high seas, we face the problem of the Japanese Army on the main islands of Japan. Once the naval and aerial blockade becomes effective, this army represents no threat to other lands and can only serve to defend Japan proper. Prolonged naval and aerial assaults can, we believe, destroy Japan as an effective industrial and military power, although the process may require ten or more years. Considering the fact that we do not want any Japanese territory, that is, in Japan proper .there seems to be no absolute necessity to attempt the military subjugation of the islands themselves. Certainly, tun sing in Oregon and is bricigieg Taking a Backward Glance TJie public i U ifl 4iai nri-mii'uliiin -of commercial Clinum iKEKA raised wh(-at- lor many years BOW"! classes of the TWKX'IV VAliS A; TOIJAY in t; rfd clover ,on it in the spring J'linciiMils mi A 'ouiity io be plowed -back given in lUe fall. TiiiB supWies Jiujluu and ui- r ? 0' 1 f J r, ' y j ,XNs- t-uiir and is tr aveling with a lot of jtum oaua io rjuuyoou Uie aanie pilots and jeep drivars i Bui'tan, manager of Dick Haysnea, wUo cltauffeured I'aitlette around. I has promised -to handle him. , , . Jinv a?v she hopes to be hoaie iff : Linda Darnell's little brother.. So-Chi itoias I unluiowingly took a screen test with Pev Marley sliootlng Uie foott- J have it from Merle Oberon ! age with a l-miHimeer camera, that she'll probably meet Sir Alex-1 . - . Aad ironies: Dan Duryea. snder Koiua in New York. ut tiia. ; plays one f the leading roles im hei"Ovhavetoconieout litre, any- jthe Gary Cooper wester 'Along vav because Louis B. Mcver can't iCatne James." never ha been trVel . . Now that "Ta'raan nd i astride a taorae nm he got the Amazon" is finished. Johnny part. He's practicing like eia n V.'c isra ulier leaves for en Ui hunt Griffith park. . . , Asm Miller and in YJ'vcuuus. He savs frajok Sina- ,Bgt. Dave Sigal a Mocaniko two-i. a r-'.av join the party. . . . Never iaoi-u. ... Bud McTatiga iiereon KW s'u-an Petent aiore ex-Rt. leave, and payuig a surprise wt He fcond tour wiy give her OoTSaiita GranvUle on the set of , to visit Chicago and New j "It's Never Too Late." . . . BeUri Vork for the first tiaie. . . . I if or not. Alexander Knox. e Fmnlde Thomas sems Jy yes- ; screen's Wilson, is iraltuig a t Unlay lie was playing juenitop) jlJt on a Canadian bond tour at i.o-.v s a ikutenant j. g m aii , o.uncc'y routine! . r. troKJQ for auotJie.r wlieat t-j-op. Mr. and Airs. Mark JC. NbJur The principals ol he VeuiU-!oi lourtu snwi ti .mnw; lioii county tuKn soituoie jueiuu-,auu ivu. j .MaKV, Mrs. B. B. ;rirnn and fliildrvn. iiip .the Clinton iiifcli school mot at ruyugu yesterday and organized a Principal.' club- The purpose of the club is to .further t lie interest of th ' ounly hiKh schools and to build up a closer Virginia Belle, ftieorg? Henry, and Ben B . Jr.. a re spen d i n j; ,t he day in Trre Jiaut1. Mr. and Mrs. William Parrett were in J)yuiU IJ1., yebtwduy. A nmrriane license was issued yesterday no JoJin V. iewelleu. 4ii, gang foreman, vf i)wu nr. and BiM'tlm VandevenUer. 4 V. housekeiper of Terr ;Hau.le. co-opt raiioii anions uiein. Jt school project will take place at the public library here tomorrow evening at o'clock, it was a nnou need by M iss Ta i mi (La h t i . program supervisor. All persons eligible for enroll-uien.t are urjied -by Miss Labti lo attend the .meeting, which ie designed to ascertain w bet ber sufficient enrollment can be obtained to warrant employment of a commercial instructor. Miss Kile.en Stith of the 'lin-t,ou-Terre Haute Road wag hos-t'ss for the meeting of the Young Women's Sodality -of the Sacred Heart Church last evening. Bridge was played. Miss li winning high score prijw and Miss Julia Polil. low. Miss Lillian Hayes and Miss Cira.ce O'Kourke were guests of ihe club. Mrs. Albert Henderson. Mrs. William Howard and Miss Georgia Johnson are visiting the home of Mrs. Howard's motlwr. Mrs. Florence Biggs of near Fontanel planned .to JioKi luonthly tut'oi-liiks 1 tenia tins unions the dif- the laves ol some oi our soiaiers can -,.., BciwjoU. xt,.- next inwtinn saved if the naval and aerial campaigns is to u- ln-ui at HiiisdaOe. jj.u- . .. .- 1 "A 1 f I,.... 1 J J Slradivarias Vloha 1 , Antonio Stradivari was bora ! K44 and died in 1737. Be made violiar- as early as 1M but his n-esi instruments 4at betweca lfN c.nnaa anH ihp nnpsnon retsoives resell."" n , . Wlieat TES YKAKS AW) 1'OIMY and tizi. His label reads -Anto- j rius Stradivarius Cranooensis. O ne in u s so w w li ea t 1 at. Klrctrie t'ressrr m ingenious little electric device that will press trousers while you wear them is being manufactured. It looks very slightly like a small, double-bladed meat cleaver. It is designed especially to crease trousers and press cktics, collars, hat brims, pleats and so on, without tlie iise of any ironing bocrd or wet cloth. This mechanical valet needs no wet cloth because it is able lo utilize tlie natural moisture present iu all materials. fecit Anno . . . ' touowe m? u initiula, the A and S being separated by a Maltese cross, if word is "faciefeal" instead of teeit'-' it is a copy and fiot an orif mat. - ' AMJiilU4U M Jr. J. W. SiysalJ of Judiauapo-Jis will d-lier lAie main addr'ss this ewniuK at a it'tint of the Parke-Vermillion County Medical Board Association, which will be held at the Venuilliou County Hospital at T:3V o'clock. His subject will be tuberculosis of the chest. the fall to aoid the Jiet-siau fly. and late sowius iied iKM detract from il-e iold in any way. 3 have always wwnl my wheat late ;uid can set juM as pood a crop that way. hut it is well to sow an extra jjt-ck io each acre, says a writer in the J-'anu Journal. The peel will surely he more ihau returned at lutn esi t ime. J liave today. ATER a number of first aid men had been killed by German fire while attempting to evacuate 44 badly wounded U. S. infantrymen isolated in a snow-swept ravine. Moj. Albert L. Eerndt of Portsmouth. O.. above, walked through German sliellhre and across a German-held bridge to demand face-to-face that the Nazis hold their tire while ambulances evacuated tlie wounded. The Germans then acceded to his demands. This photo of Major Berndt was made several years ago when he was an Intern at Philadelphia General hospital. (International) Bird That Caa't Uf Tlie Kakapo, or wall-parrot. wild bird of New Zealand, tms walked around tor so aoy genera-'ions md used its wings so rarely lhat it has quite forgotten how ta fly. Even if it wants to roost in a 14-ce at night it has to climb like a cat or a bear and climb down agaia AprU 'Jic War Moutb rarUi-ip'Uiou of the United States in foijr great wars began in the mouth of April, namely: the Revolutionary war. the CiviJ war, th iipanish-Ajnericaa war, and the World war. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbejfer ' N'uled ( itaniins Best known of tlie B vitamins is Bl or thiamine, which keeps nerves steady and the disposition calm and cheerful. Then there is niacin or nicotinic acid, which does most to ward oft pellagra. A third B vitamin is nbotlavin. which is needed tor normal growth and heniUi. 1 in the morning. o THIRD HAVEN o Curdle Mayonnaise Xf your mayonnaise curdles while you are making it, put one tablespoon of water or vinegar into fresh howl and beat the curdled mixture gradually into this liquid, to make a smooth emulsion to whici-U.e rest, uf the oil can be addco. into tne query, wneuier it is aunoauic w attempt to win the war quicker by the employment of considerable manpower in ground forces. We would not set up our judgement against the experienced military and naval leaders who plan our warfare. They have demonstrated, up to this time, a consummate knowledge of the art of war. Their leadership has paid tremendous dividends and they have, upon every occasion, exhibited a determination to save manpower by the use of time and material. From the layman's standpoint, however, the necessity and advantages of a military campaign in the home islands of Japan seem somewhat dubious. HELPING THE ITALIANS. The Allied Military Commission in Italy reports that by the end of the year, 2,300,000 tons of food and other supplies will have been furnished to war-stricken civilians. The report estimates an expenditure of more than $200,000,000 for the relief program and it is stated that the value of supplies shipped by the United Nations to Italy up to July 1st of this year was $103,205,000. Brig.-Gen. William O'Dwyer says that UNRRA has budgeted ,''.50,000.000 for welfare work among children and mothers and for medical supplies. He points out that 3,000 miles of railroads in liberated Italy have been repaired, as well as 4,000 miles of main highways. Some 230 highway bridges have been reconstructed and 500 others are being repaired or replaced. Another phase of the relief program was the reopening of schools for between 4,000,000 and 5.000.000 children in liberated Ttaiv Srhools are be'mz held in Armv retort what about RusselL Tm quite sure he must have tried to make love to you. No man could resist." "He's engaged to Laura." -So you said before, sweetheart. I almost think you're stressing it Wer-Time Tragedy pwvi WWW r7 . - CHAPTER THIKTY -EIGHT DWIGHT RAVNOR held Anne tight. "It means my lite to have you," he told her. "What haa come over you ? ou used to love me. As lor that young boy you Introduced me to at the hotel in Washington, I know you said that because you were hurt- I see it all now. You thought I'd jilted you to marry money. You wanted to make me t.. ... rtiLi't rarp and were eavlv too much, but no matter. Laura's nil m' n J w:n WM7A rmziiiji lis WV 51 MM M I M II M 4T 'Well, wc meet again. What surprise. Anne managed to apeak. Ton remember Dan." "Of course I do. How eould I ever forget him ? Come, have aometning to eat or drink. I insist." He caught Dan a arm mot led him and Anna back into the store. The counter was crowded. Everyone stopped lo stare at them. Everyone knew famous doctor had come and be was great friend of Anne Wilson, who hadn't seemed to have any friends at asL Anna could feel the question tn their eyes. She was glad wfcea they sat In a booth and were at least partially sheltered from the apeo store. After the first glance at Dan a 'acc aha had raided ksa eyes. 1 Pwight looked like maa from another world, tali and deganOy tailorer. His rye war bright, as they were when he was amused, ale said to Dan cordially! -This is real surprise. Do yen Uve here?" -I was born here, Daa said lamely, - - Anne all at once felt eool and sure of herself. "Daa ia Rasaelli orotlier." t - Dwight was surprised. "Ob, 1 met Russell roitii tonight. You don't -ook so much Ilka sum. So that a how you know Anec. Where did you both disappear that day in Vk'ashtngtosi?" Dan snud little. "Ann dad tease you. didn't she ? -Something more than that. But w v made up." He'mebed bis iaa-maculaus together. "Wbat a charming girl Lot of vivacity and brains, too. She's the kind of girl who could get along anywhere, if alie made up bar Blind. very sensible girl." Anne stood up. smiling, and repeated his words. "I almost think you're stressing It too much but no matter." He Junrped up and took her arm. "Let's f lot a little walk, at least. I don't suppose Talbot has any night life." "We could eat Ice cream. She tried to say it aa lightly as possible. -Good. Ice cream would be dee. It's long time since we aaX on stools and drank sodas. I remember you dared me to. I think you wanted to see if J was human." -A re you T" He leaped down the step with her. -You'll see. I'll have whatever has the most whipped cream and sauce and cubs on it 1 want to see what has been the attraction that kept you down nere, hiding away from me." She was glad of his change so mood. She didn't want turn to be aenoua After sundae ax John 'I f VKRTK'AL 1. n.oroiuly tender 2. eager 3. intimation 4. cms - 5. cleaning implements 6. citrus drink 7. delayed g. Oriental greetings 44. appraised 47. voyager 49 only 50 French river 51 wrath 12 comfort 53 so be it 54. beir.g in the a bstract 55 hit with open palm camps, churches, teachers' apartments and J athletic buildings, where regular build-1 marrying yourself. You took me in for a while, but now it's so clear. Look straight into my eyes and try to deny it-" "I can't deny It. He kissed her and released her gently. "Now 1 don't have to worry about that. That dull boy to a misfit suit, with a wrong size collar and his shoes unshined. isn't your kind of a man. He looked as if you had picked him up somewhere to help him look for job- Have J sized him up wrong Sh sat, hands limp In her lap, staring out at the dark street and across it past the church where the moonlight was silvery on the broad reach of the river. It was half minute before she answered, so softly he could barely hear her: -Yea. You sized bins up right. 1 thought so- I'd be much more Inclined to be worried about this Russell Smith. 1 noticed the way he looked at you. I suspect be is in love wiJ you." She forced herself to face him. -Russell has bees engaged to Laura for five years " He chuckled. 'That's it. Then you came along and got Ruaseil fussed." "I dont think he's the kind of man who gets fussed. He's lawyer." He patted her hand. "All men get fussed. Don't let anybody Lei! you different. Every man has weak snoc Don't suule. 1 have mine, too lhe tact tnat im sit'.-ng nere quietly prove It- I turned down Nev. port to come her." "Lois Ryan?" j "No. He laughed -If you're go-leg to uaaa fuc aeout Loia, i mail Answer to yesterday's puzzle. HOKUONTAL J. satiate 5. deface b Pin-'lar.d IsJfciU tax 12 healing chain bL-r 13 lyric poem 14. hall li. skin of a whale 16 provided with petals 18. whirl! U0. (iiJULH-ShCS ;i u-rii.ifiate 22 sii Jirk tO.A her; 2. part of a t'ircle 31. nnaite 3.. col-jr 34. periods ot time 35 iettra::i 3S- p-L fult. f lie 4' orfran of son's store, aha would say she was 9 a st ct 10. toward III sheltered side 11. urchin 17. sleeveless Arab garment 19. Paradise 22. evil spirit 23. a craze ' 24. masculine name 25 cocked hat or plaited wig 27 type of fuel 28. away 29 mound in golf 2. prophet 35 one habitually unLiuy "7. elevates 39. malt liquor 41. portico 42. tidy 41. destroy 44. nt i aijbi' 45. Wagnerian hei oine 46. profound IS. sea-eagle. LiA V E aisieIs tired and go to her room- ahe could not afford to make any decisions now. She had been frightened when shad we have ? We must aefebrat. he spoiu of not going through with ings are destroyed, and Allied officials have arranged for each school child to receive a bowl of soup and a plate of vegetables daily. In view of these statements, it is difficult to understand the recurring complaints that come from some Italian leaders. Philadelphia Elmer Wheeler, authority on salesmanship advises retail grocers: "Don't ration courtesy, patience and po the operation, though she had trieo not to show it. Ke must stay and It should oe champagne, of eouraa. out maybe thai wouldn't fit tn." Dan s caul oaotimsed. Tx was do il It was her oO In '? him good of you is cassa aat the way at any cost. So she jol-ed with mm aoou: New York a they walked down the As they ent up the Iw uowo here. ... The doctor looked at rum keenly. 'I d go lo tne ends af the earth a Anne called uie if you e eer ores AUTHORITIES I" Brooklyn, N. held Mrs. Sophie McCreary. 2, bore on a charge of abanUonlt.g her three children, Joan, 3, an-! five-montli-old twins. Accordirg to authorities. Mrs. McCreary v. hs picked Lp alter ex!er..jing an c;e.--lioa mgnt ceiebraiioe witli sailors. SJje recently heard her husior.d had been lost aboard a submarine in the I'aacc (Internmient!) in love, you know what I mean." steps into t:ie store someone was coining out and almost bumped into Uiei-u Sh garped. It was Dan 'Yea. 1 anow. it u aiaaaa you Il-i5 do things " winle she stcod neipiess. uw.gni liteness. When a customer says ne wouia, like a pack of cigarettes don't snap, 'Soj would V." I 2t minute Arrrarr tim. MlM lie ne CMtiaued. hearing 41 leifureiy -.aik caufQl hia oajj acd tnosa it sayl VtA. t Kir.j Ftluitf Snd:cate, lu:.

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