The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on March 30, 1998 · Page 47
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 47

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1998
Page 47
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Page 47 article text (OCR)

2D THE PALM BEACH POST MONDAY, MARCH 30, 1998 w Foot fetishist The Soaps When is estate Fire co-workers money given out? having affairs Hendrickson finds seeks sole mate consistency tough Rear Ann Landers: You were off-base in your .' j EQt ear Abby: I need your opinion on a very un- Question:Without complications, how soon can I Husual subject. I am a single guy with a "foot beneficiaries expect distribution of money? b fetish." I have this tremendous fantasy of Answer: Florida statutes require that the ad . Byjtancy M. Reichardt Sjjetial to The Palm Beach Post a a response to "Morally correct in caigary. , DnfThe writer said if two co-workers are hav-! ing an affair, the supervisor should fire them ; both. You disagreed and said the boss should ; ministration of an estate be concluded and the worshipping women s feet bare or with stock I (KB ow does Benjamin Hendrickson handle the ings. I love to do everything from kissing and sniff Vm dumbing down of Hal Munson, the charac- estate be closed within 12 months after probate is initiated if the estate is not required to file an estate tax return and 21 months after the date of death if a ing their feet to sucking their 1 ter he has olaved on As the World Turns for toes. return is required. However, , the; past 13 years?; I '" "I try to play against it as much as I can. I hope that perhaps he knows more than he is letting on," the time may be extended by My question to you, Abby: How common is this fetish among guys, and is it cur- the court upon application and -An.' f he says. "Plus I think anyone in a state of- after notice to a beneficiary. abler Ray In Canada stay out ot his co-workers per-; sonal lives. I say, "Fire them ' both," and this is why: ! How many times over the j past few years have you read .' about some nut who goes into ! a business establishment! (post office, fast-food restau-; rant, office) and opens fire; with a weapon, wounding or ' killing several people? j It seems to me that a com- infatuation is in a state of insanity. Answered by: Joseph S. Dear Ray: Having a foot And Munson is infatuated with his new wife, Karp, Palm Beach Gardens Carly, played to the scheming hilt by Maura West. Question: Is a handwrit fetish simply means that you are "turned on" (sexually stimulated) by feet. It's nothing "Life has been so empty for him," continues ten will not considered a holo Hendrickson. "He knows she has done a lot of graphic will if it is properly Ann Landers new, and it's not dangerous. If ' dastardly things, but he looks the other way, not Dear Abby Abigail Van Buren The Law And You signed and witnessed and you want to know what causes wanting to think about a separate agenda. therefore, valid in Florida? it, a psychotherapist could The actor points out that it is difficult to Answer: Yes. Florida probably dig it out of your sub maintain consistency during such a long run with Statute Section 732.502(2) states so. A "holograph conscious. Or, if you find a willing sole-mate, you the different writers who see things differently. ic" will has been handwritten by the person making can explore the reason together. mmmmmm pany nas the right to fire an ! employee who may be putting others in danger. ! If two married people are having an affair at; work, the spouse of one might go off the deep end, grab a weapon and start firing. "Big ; Brother" DOES belong in the workplace. It's the; responsibility of owners to provide a safe envi- ronment for their employees. Bob In L.A. ! Dear L.A.: Your ooint is well taken, and I "I'm the only one who has been here the whole time. I started out world-weary with a good heart Dear Abby: My husband and I are hurt and the will, and it is valid only if the person making the will signs the will at the end (or his name is subscribed at the end of the will by some other angry about a fhank-you note our niece sent us for the S50 we gave her for her high school gradua a character with a good heart who made mistakes, who cut corners. I like the imperfect side of him. But I did not learn I came from Kentucky until I had been on the show for seven years. At 10 person in the testator s presence and at his direction) in the presence of at least two attesting tion. Her friends might think it was funny, but we dont witnesses who must also sign the will in the pres years I learned I was an expert ballroom dancer. The note read: "Uncle Jack and Aunt Judy: ence of the testator and in the presence of each agree it is the responsibility of the boss to pro-! tect his workers. But a jealous spouse is less like-! ly to go crazy than an unstable employee with a! Twelve years in, I found out I was fluent in Thank you for the dollars and the card. Screw col other. trench. lege! The cash will be used on wiser things, like a Answered by: Steven D. Rubin, Boca Raton Hendrickson says the most difficult part is that grudge against a supervisor or a suicidal maniac; off the street. : trip to Acapulco, Mexico (and alcohol). Love, Question: Is it necessary for me to remove my deceased husband's name from the deed of our Sally. Dear Ann Landers: I am writing about the' Should we let Sally and her mother know how woman whose recently retired husband was dri-; i we feel? Or should we just give her gifts instead of ving her crazy. She said, "Retirement stinks."' condo since I am placing it on the market? Answer: No. Assuming that title to the unit was originally conveyed to you and your husband as husband and wife, or "tenants by the entireties," money from now on? Irritated in Michigan How right she is. It is especially hard on & j Dear Irritated: Don't be so hard on your niece. woman whose retired husband has no hobbies. , I have been a housewife for all of my married' and assuming that you were continuously married to your husband up to the date of his death, then She is no doubt feeling independent now that she is about to be out on her own, and she was trying life. When my husband retired three months! to be funny. At least you received a thank-you note. you would be the owner in fee simple of the unit, and you do not need to take any corrective action ago, I lost my kitchen first and then the rest of the house. It started when he began to taste.' There is nothing to be gained by confronting Sally with respect to the "deed in" to you and your and her mother. And by all means, in the future. the audience currently knows much more than his character does. But he takes pleasure in small things such as "Hal telling Jack (played by Michael Park), in effect, whatever went on with you and Carly, it boils down to my antlers are bigger than yours." As a matter of fact, what Hendrickson looks forward to doing is further exploring the dynamics between these two men. And he admits to "having so much fun working with Maura. The actor considers himself quite lucky in his chosen profession especially since the role started out as a one-day gig. During that time he was developing a reputation for his acting talent and his penchant for practical jokes. He says his best prank is unprintable, but he does admit to winning $20 from Scott Holmes (played by Tom Hughes) "by entering the make-up room flanked by four lovely co-stars wearing only panties and cowboy boots." THE LOCKHORNS bunny hoest and john reiner things that were on the stove. He kept adding; salt and DeDoer (because "it has no taste") and' send her gifts instead of cash if you're afraid she'll spend the money frivolously. husband. However, the buyer of your unit, in connection with obtaining title insurance, may request proof of your husband's death recorded in the then water (because "it's too thick"). Then, he turned his expert eye to the rest of my domain.! Dear Abby: I am a 53-year-old widow with four public records of the county where the unit is located. All of a sudden, I don't know how to cook, do! grown children who are not financially well-off. My deceased husband left me fairly well-fixed finan laundry or shop for groceries even though I Answered by: Jennifer L. Dolce, West Palm have been doing these things for 35 years. ; cially. I have several bank accounts that I share Beach jointly with my 28-year-old son. The house is in my Our sons' wives do not have these problems ' Question: Would my IRA rollover account be name alone. exempt anyone who would have a judgment against I recently met a very attractive man. We're dis me.' They have careers of their own and share the; cooking, cleaning and laundry with their hus-; bands. They get along just fine. I guess that's where I made a mistake. I Answer: An IRA account is exempt from credi cussing marriage, and he has moved in with me. He is twice-divorced and claims he doesn't have tors provided your retirement plan is qualified Now I know why God allows women like me under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. An anything just an old car and some furniture he's had in storage since he moved in with me. to live longer than men. It's so we can have a lit-! tie peace before we die. Please, Ann, if you print exemption is that an IRA account is not exempt from the claims of an alternate payee under a EXERCISE VIDEO Abby, do you think I need a prenuptial agree ment? He is an honest, decent man. Uncertain qualified domestic relations order. my letter, don't indicate where it came from. I Totally Anonymous ; In Utah Answered by: Gerald R. Pumphrey, Palm Dear Anonymous: Today's woman does not! Beach Gardens Dear Uncertain: I think a prenuptial agreement depend on a man to "take care" of her. She can! U3 is an excellent idea. Put everything in writing be n The Law and You appears Mondays and pro fore you tie the knot Good luck and best wishes. afford to be independent because she has mar-; ketable skills and can take care of herself. 1 vides general answers to simple legal questions. For more complete advice, you should contact a Dear Abby appears daily. Write to her in care Ann Landers appears daily. Write to her in care lawyer. Send questions to The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 33416- 'DOES THIS INVOLVE ME (JETTING OP. WRITING A CHECK AND FINDING A STAMP?" of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Ha. 33416-4700. of The Palm Beach Post, P.O. Box 24700, West Palm Beach, Fla. 334164700. . 2 4700. Questions are answered as space permits. Horoscope by JOYCE JILLSON ( 4. '1 ;i sults due to an unexpected reaction from someone you meet while away. Delegate tasks you If today Is your birthday: New relationships in the next four weeks will turn your world upside down if you let them. This is just the push you needed to achieve greatness. Aries (March 21-April 19). You have the upper hand in business once you make up your marks could ruin a current love relationship. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Bridge generation gaps. Find new suppliers, as you are overpaying. Job interviews are splendid this is the beginning of something huge. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Comments made by neighbors or friends should be taken seriously. Approach Leos, and youH find they've been anxiously awaiting you. Aauarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 181. mm can t do everything. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22). Your creativity thrives in a new environment Dream assignments come your way. Reconcile with a Libra. Your creative energy is at a peak. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Work alone. Spurned lovers could spread rumors. Guard your reputation. Don't take reprimands seriously. Unveil your romantic plans to family. Libra (Sept. 2Oct. 23). Your charm turns a rejection into an acceptance. Money concerns ease when you get surprise checks. Writers are successful. Scorpio (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Assume a new leadership role. A responsibility is not as distasteful as you imagined. Affluent friends pick up checks. Premature re mind. Conceal your motives this afternoon. Friends have information you need. Taurus (April 20-May 20). Develop your talents, as someone close to you will offer you a marvelous job. Partnerships should be formalized. Gemini (May 21-June 21). Your creative plans are lucky for a Scorpio. You've relied on a comforting friend for too long. Your charm soothes angry partners. Stop making loans; use your extra money for investments. Your intuition is keen, You know the public's taste, so use this in business. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20). Expose your talents to prospective employers. It's flattering when others copy you, but make it impossible for them to steal your ideas. Get legal advice. iO mm Cancer (June 22-July 22). Travel plans connected with your work could bring surprising re Sheinwold's bridge by FRANK STEWART one heart; hence one spade. West had played the queen of hearts and the jack of diamonds. With the king of spades, he'd have had North dealer Both tides vulnerable NORTH AQ104 ?J762 073 41062 Doe Aviation, Learn to fly at our FAA school. enough to respond to East s opening bid. Acting on the inference, Helness led a spade to the ace. When the king fell, he claimed the rest. DAILY QUESTION You hold: AQ 104 TJ762 7 3 10 6 2. Your partner opens INT, and the next player nasses. What dn von sav? WEST 98732 ?Q84 OJ95 83 EAST K OQI0842 AKJ975 At the World Team Championships in Tunisia last October, France won the Bermuda Bowl in the Open event while the United States captured the women's Venice Cup. The 12 days produced many gems. Playing against Italy, Tor Helness of Norway drew an inference to land today's contract. East took the A-K of clubs and led the jack. Helness ruffed with the 10, and West threw a spade. Helness next cashed the top diamonds, mffed a diamond and returned a trump from dummy. East won and, with nothing better to do, led another diamond. This time West ruffed with the queen of trumps and exited with a trump. Helness had to avoid a spade loser. He knew East had begun with six clubs, five diamonds and SOUTH J65 10953 OAK6 Q Nrtk Eaal &Mt Wal Pan 1 I? Pan 27 3 0 Pan Pan 37 All Pan OimlBf UU ANSWER: To use the Stayman Convention is tempting; if partner has four cards in a major suit, you 11 find a safe place to play. But if instead he bids two diamonds, denying a major, you can't pass, and a bid of 2NT will invite him to bid 3 NT with maximum val Put your ad in The Post Classifieds and watch it become a best seller. Call (561) 8204343 today. ues. Since you lack the values to invite, you must pass. BABY BLUES RICK KIRKMAN AND JERRY SCOTT lTTMissHrMicr t CAiehH. THAT WTf4 I MlfcHf Be MoT ! lv - 'A 3 OWTETfcONS SHOULD WkWP 6OIM&T0 Wiu kAiuc! OUT A P!SOA.Mtt TWATJayS TmATW,2. , j r , -v - -jr. The Palm Beach Post ) rlMXt 18 years you will Ve ! h WRONG afctout T We Bo i St.l Icav I with Bl.c MA Always A Best Seller

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