The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 15, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, November 15, 1944
Page 2
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Wednesday, November 15, J 941. THE DATLY CLINTONIAN Page Two 'GTDO'.VJi JAP DIVE BOMBER NAVY GUtNERS the waters of the fjord It was our third craek at the Tir-pitz. In the first attack? we could not see her. owing to a smoke screen. Clouds obscured her on the second occasion. Hut -this time ev daughter or PiigKor. Ind were visitor:; of Mr. and Mr:i.. Dennis (.rounds and dauglil'-r. .loyc-e for Congress Plans Action on Road., erything favored us. - I first sighted her 20 miles away, ii-i ringed and came into range she opened up on us with her Waterway Bills (Continued from page 1) V-y long-range guns and Halt snips aiso let out at us as wo nenred the target-Altogether from base to base wo were 1,1 hours in the air. During the three attacks on the Tirpltz my crew had riowa 10.UOU miles. at noon ufter their election recess and adjourned until Thusrday. Sen. Vandenbcrg (R) Mich., set the stage for a controversial six weeks session when he tossed into Hie area the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Verne liainbow enjoyed a few days vacation with their daughter, Gladys in Danville, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Weyranch and two daughters were guests for a brief vacation vvilh Mr. and Mrs. Peek Wallace in licdford. Ind. Mr. and .Mrs. tieolge Hetka and daughter of lliiiipcston. III. enjoyed Williams. Miss Maiy June Williams William" Miss Mary June Williams accompanied by a girl friend was also hiniie I ioiii Indianapolis Mrs. .losie Harper, wesl of town had a family dinner with her son. MaJ. forest Parker and lainlly of Danville, III., and Mr and Mrs. Nye Parker and sen Jack of St. Il.riilro as guests. MaJ. Parker Is stationed In Kantoul Field with the .Medical Corps. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore lichiniin have received word from their son Teddy, Jr. that he Is located somewhere In France. Pvt. Carl Allen, who is stationed ... f,...,l,..icksloire. Va spent a brief a bill to freeze the old age pension tax at the present level of one per cent on employes and one per cent on eniployorB. New Increased taxes go Into effect Jan. 1 unless changed Roosevelt Plans 4th Inauguration Held On White House Porch (Continued from page 1) by congress. Meanwhile, Sen. Overton (D) i.a.. warned that postwar waterways legislation tntullin? one and a half bil iBi '.-.TP-: - lions may be dumped in a senate sectional battle. "If they Insist upon putting on the St. Lawrence seaway and the St. Bernice News of Note , Local Servicemen Are la Action in France; Accident Victim Home Mr. and Mia. Hairy Hopkins lune received word from their boii. Pic Wax Hopkins thai he Is over . oniewhere in Frauti1. Their elder on, pfc. lit'orgo Hopkins. I tn tioned somewhere In Italy mill is with tuc H W. V.-li. 1'. H Hn I UUd In lilt Inst letter that ho has eojoyed several trips In Home. Bnrbaru Jean J ui dan who w a injured In U truck accident about tn weeks Bfto. wits taken lu her home from tlie Vermillion t'nunt y Hospital lust Wednesday. She Is convalescing nicely. Mrs. Everett Kyle, who has been unite 111, la much improved at this Writing. Mrs. Paul Clark and children. Patricia Ann and l.indu Lou of West Terra Haute, enjoyed a few days vacation with Mrs. Clark's parents. Mr. and Mrs. lrvin flood. Mrs. Walter chambers .made a business trip to Terre Haute last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Mcllride entertained at dinner Sunday Mrs. Lucy Jackson, Mrs. C i Hemphill and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hal man of Kock-,iirllle and Mr. and. Mrs. .f'lydn Jllukc ;iof St. Bernice. " Mrs. Hen Connor received word nat-tf da,w.'ht.y. Miss Minnie Bo-' of Aiithjtsofl' is KcliUig nlijfitf .aiicely afieV Tiavlntr undergone a iii;-,jor operation recenily. :- Mrs. Dan might, foriiier'residenl tut now of Jacksonville. N. C. is; vial t in K with friends lure. .' !c T. M. Hob Noble, son of Ml , and Mrs. Walter Noble, who was on v. 30 day furlough from over j-as service recently, is atiijiidlng F. S. Naval Torpedo School In Newport. It. I. He expects to complete this course by Dec. :to. Peggie Jeanne Dilio spent lie' week end with her cousin. Mary June Doane, in Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Karl (irounds and furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Allen and family. Miss l.ois Holt of Odon was also a house t 'Sw appeared likely that the guests would stand during the .ceremony, with a canvass being spread on the White House lawn as a carpet. A soldier guard is expected to be stationed in the White House grounds. It is possible that the public may be allowed to enter the lower part of the White House yard. Thousands more could witness the Inauguration from the street, several hundred yards from ,the south portico. The usual panoply of an inaugural parade, with armed forces and bands passing before hundreds of guest of the Allen's. Missouri Valley Authority as amendments the legislation will be defeated and die with end or this congress," said Overton. As chairman of a commerce subcommittee, in charge of both the billion dollar flood control and half-hillion rivers and harbors bills, Overton sought approval of senate democratic leaders for early consideration and it was first -on the list for consideration by the democratic Bloprinfr Cinil ml 1 1 ee. Mrs. Virginia paraer was for a family dinner honoring her mother's birthday on Nov. 14. Re- - . Vf V!'!liJ .i u. i . - . . . ..-r. vavv pnnncrs aboard an aircraft President Roosevelt's expressed ( thousands of people sitting In specially built stands or peering fr,on windows, apparently' is not' included in the new arrangement, 1 ' t'. hope for waterways legislation imj spur democratic leaders lo seek a compromise in the bitter fight loom This is aiv, orkaf. United States Navy photo, . (Imcr.iauoml Soundphoto) ' .. ' ' l 1 . ' 1 " ' ing in the senate. ' Hillsdale News SCALPTRESS'J CORNERS TUKK.tY News Events In Summit Grove : ' -' ' '!'' I ., Mrs. Bonebrake Hostess To AJodern Matron Club; : Hillsdale Guests Here Mrs. I.uella Davis left Thursday for an extended visit with Mrs. Hernia Jordan, Dana. .'' Mrs. Mary Alien of Kingman called on her sisie'rt Mrs. Beauford Shewinaker and family Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Owens of Terre Haute were Sunday dinner eiiesis of the hitter's sister. Mrs. MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 0 -For Service Drop E A Card E. W.Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indian Of Interest Iie ival Meetings Planned At U. B. Church ; Sailor Is Home on 10-Day Leave Mm llelvie Tfolman and son Bob Description Of Fatal Attack On "Tirpitz" Given I Continued from page 1) started the bomb run at 15,000 feet that the rest of the squadron's ships were placed as previously arranged. Then inv bombs was released and bie of Terre Haute visited Mrs. Lou Frank Heskett and Mr. lleskeit. I saw 12.000 pounds of explosive' ise Watts and son Jimmy Saturday afternoon. Jimmy Ingram of Kvansville called on his mother, Mrs. Harvey, Sat Mrs. Kmory Honehrake entertained the Modern Matron Club, Thursday with a covered dish luncheon Club members present were Mrs. drop of lis aesirucuve pain, nui being in the nose of the ship I could not see it land. I am sure the reat of the bombs of my stiuadron urday. (ieorge Sparks of Centenary his uncle, Martin Dugger Sun were released before mine landed. I On my next squint at the place day. Revival meetings will be held at where the Tirpitz lay the area was TU NO Do you have poor digestion? Do you feel headachy after eating? Do you get sour or upset easily? ' Co you feel tired listless? Do you feel headachy and upset due to poorly digested food? To feel cheerful and happy again your food jnust be digested properly. Kach day. Nature must produce about two pints of a vital digestive juice to help digest your food. If Nature fails, ' your food may remain undigested leaving you headachy and irritable. Therefore, you must increase the flow of this digestive juice. Carter's Little Liver Pills increase this flow quickly often in as little as 30 minutes. And. you're on the road to feeling better. I Don't depend on artificial aids to counteract indigestion when Carter's i. -!..,,.,. I. lino nn ni. npvt Rlirouaea Willi BWUftc auu n" ' -: v r if., , . ; r I- - - r ri.;,' B ft . ' it- I - A t x I f I " JJ. Sunday night Nov. 19. Rev. Isaac were violent explosions all around wo utavpfi around to see the next Cox and Rev. (loss will be in charge formation of bombers sailing over the target, then we headed for home, still wondering whether the mission was a success or not. Miotograplis are l'roof But photographs later showed convincing proof of the success of Kenneth Foltz. Mrs. Eaton Myers Mrs. Kenneth Brown and son, Mr-Hay Heber, Jr. and daughter. Mr Hoy Sturm and son, Mrs. Wanda Huberts. Mrs. Reed aim daughter. Mrs. Inez Myers am! daughter. Mrs. floral Wright, Mrs. Martha Osello and one guest, Mrs Doris White. Mrs. C. Shull who has been vis-iling her parents the past few week left for West Columbia, S. C. Friday when' she will visit her husband'.' (parents. Key .leaks, of Hulio and Esihol Mack were Sunday .dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. CI. Miller." Mr. und Mrs. Collett Harrison and daughter. Mary Adeline were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. Harrison's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Harrison, south of Clinton. Miss Margaret Heskett of Homer. 111. spent the weekend with her par- The public is inviteu. ! Mrs. Lillie James spent Sunday with her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Karles. Mrs. Kdd Dvvyer of Montezuma called on Mrs. Emma Keene, Friday. . . . .bee Stewart of the V. S. Navy of, California is home for a ten day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stewart. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Ponton and Little Jjiver Pins aid ingestion ier;eia-. our mission ll mission. , ,,Tir ' tore's own order. Take Carter's Little The photographs showed the Tir-, Livpr Pils Hirectcd. Crt them at sny topside up. lying submerged in drugstore. Only 10 and 20. t aji a m lu pit. tz " THE BAUGHMAN MARVEL. MO DFX LIME AND MATERIAL SPREADER Thr pasiost running Rpreadpr on thr market. "A Farm Labor Saver" operated by one man from truck cab. Spreads dry or damp lime direct Irom o,ck pile or bin Patented vibrator assures uniform results. Can be mounted on any make truck. Can be used lor fljHrf "l" " ' " . hauling and unloading pea giavcl. spreaders lor sale. - ems. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heskett. j Mrs. ltayniond Wilson and daugh-! u rs of Hillsdale and Mrs. Harold 'on Mrs. F.mory llonebrake Monday I l.anciis and daughter of Dana called iil'lernuon. rV'.i' ni' 't family and Mrs. Virginia Howard and daughter of Kvansville spent a few days here with relatives last week. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Stewart of Kvansville spent a few days here last week. Mrs. Kdd Ilrock is at the ('Union Hospital for the removal of her tonsils. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Simpson of Princeton. Ind. visited his grandmother, Mrs. Alvvilla Phillips part of this week. Miss Frances Wilson is attending Hrown's Business College in Terre Haute. Miss Pauline Bishop of Danville, Allied Truck Equipment, Inc.' :MIU K. Kill' Sleet Indianapolis Trim- I -5.WjU.,,-.V . tWf 1. Cue down fuel bilU. , JUduces doctor bills. 3 Lowers chance of fire loss. 4. Sivei on cleaning by reducing wall ind ceiling streaks. Clinton Lumber & Supply Co. OOU No. fltli Phone Egg Storage Since the egg's freshness is lost quickly at ordinary room tempera-lure, a nutrition consultant says they should be stored in a cool place at between 45 to 50 degrees and away from strong smelling foods. HfRE'5 NOT!ER BIRD that lost his head over a pretty gtrl as Jan Strcate Povvc "model and movie starlet, goes alter her Thanksgiy-ing"uirkcy with a meat cleaver. (Internattonil) 111. visited her grandparents. Air. and Ms. Fred Hendrii Saturday. PUBLIC SAL I Mrs. i Mildred Howard and chil ma i T, in l.ntaveile vvilh their daughter dren. Miss Polly Ponton and Miss Violet Wilkens spent the Week end I and sii-tor." Mrs. llussell Haines . ...... ,.... il r -llilV l THE AIJtKKT H Alt- Hell's Prairie M.-. lie- Hell of Wash illgloll . 1). i chleair.!.- III. Let's pay all our bills with ltlS)V F VKM MILKS XOKTMWKST OF PAULS, 4 MUMS KAS1 ii mKS NOIU'H OF KIOl.MON. MUJ.S SOI TH OF MKT- 1 C. was an over! guest of Mr. Harold Mack of Chicago spent ind .Mrs. Saiil'oid Holt and hiu Tuesday here with his parents, 1 CAIF 7 MILKS KAST AND a MILKS SOI Til OK ISKOtlo.V MILKS SOI TH AND 1 MILK KAST OK ; AltLA.l). News ant Louise last 1 uesuay. . Mr ' it nil Mrs. Paul MUCK : tei Bank iVIoney Orders Sunday gu.-sls at the Mellow-en , home were their dangliler. Lucille j ni" climon. ,1 Mrs-, olli al .1 Hi im., NOV. 20, 1944 THEY DON'T COST MUCH! Wl HAVI A PERMANENT RECEIPT OF WHICH THE BANK HAS I'uinily Oinm-r Ih ld At. McDowell Hoinr; Local l'eoulfyVjsit Ln.f'4,YCvii' Mr. and Mrs. "It" Jaiuest of, Tennessee Valley spent Friday evening with Mr .and Mrs. Sam Saxloii. Funeral services for Henry Mitchell. S9. a life-time resident of the Prairie, were conducted from Salem Church'. Nov. a. Hurial was In Hell's Prairie ri metery. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Moll have i i , l,..i ; lu iv liellie. on I n:id The Aid Society of C. H Churrli will hold a hake sale or home made, pies and 'cakes Wednesday Nov. "2nd at Hoy Nsylof's Store. . Mr. aud .Mrs. W.ilHnin Heiidrlx of near liana visited Mr. and Mr. Fred llendrix Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Cecil Spelln'.an and daughters of Newport spent last Saturday aiternoon with .Mrs. Martin Duy,ger. Mrs. Ira nicliards spent a few days visiting her daughter, Mrs. tlrace Houghlund near Paris, 111. last week. Kdward t hlll'eh of Dana visited relatives here last Tuesday night anil Wednesday. Mrs. Minnie Wn kens of Newport Dailey Chapel ; Miss Martha' Jean Dickey returned to her work in Indianapolis Tuesday after beine, called home by the death of her grandmother, Mrs. Milbra (Irillin U'oolf at CovillKton. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Ilraner and daunhler Jnann s,eiil Sunday with Mr. and .Mrs. Wren Ilraner near Moille.llllKI. Mr. and Mi... li.i.v mo lid lllovvn , ni Thiilsday in l. lle Haille. DUPLICATE! lie Henry lll", ,t " i'.:t. formerly known a mm. 59B Una land I 't'ii' li-i. CI lli'l . Me 'ow I , il dune ills I , II I II .1 ll. I Ills , J Mrs Itin seli Piiw-ll and ilautliter I named Willi a In i. ir le.nie :.m . .. Th Hej St-V trdt 4 w; 20c... llaili-M.T! f ,ii t ' h ii-.i l ii a re isii inn Mr. and Ml C-i-il llrndlield and Mrs. Li la Nev ii. n near Meeea. ,, Hie l.illllll.'.vi Wlllini. "f 111,11 Lee VAooil.ird ' CO.MMENt INti AT ll:DO A. M. uie loinm.i.Li ,sti.-v 14 COWS AND CALVES 14 2 Milk cows, calves by side. IO Hereford feeders 300 lbs, to 9UO lbs. these are calves from my n Hereford cows. 20 HOGS 20 4 Sows, Hi pises. FARM IMPLEMENTS , 1 Case C. C Tractor ui rubber. 1 l-'ai-niall trncloi- rubber hi fnml. I ( ase rubber liml Ira. lor iiuiiiiiie sii-.-der. I I use a-i-ow corn culti-.alor 1 Case 4 lit (Mow lieml rullivalor ith disc ull'-lnoin(s. 1 Case 4-iovv corn plainer. I ' ,.- 7-fool power iiiovver. I Cnse.KI-iiich tractor UHIIS plow. I ',, 7-lo..l lliielol- disc. I a-..- 3 secljou I lel He luui-ovv. I Case sulky nil . I Side tlelivery rake. I Tliro-sc, lion -, ll.i.iliain rotary I..M-. !S .S'-i.-.f.H,t I. II. '. i-i.taiy .liw-s will, double hook up. it Coriimated will, triple hook lin. a Wagons with flnie b.sls. I Mm-fool .Mass.) Harris tractor .Use. eu-ailies Wide tread rubber til' il front wheels an.l axles for Ciy,e lV. Ti-Ri loi- 2 Heated lion foiiiilains. a (ii.lvanize.l tanks wiiU built, in hoe fountains. (1 Metal and wood hog feeders. 8 Oil liuriier lank healers. I Coal burner Link healer. - IIMIIM 'hick eleclljc, lu'H.tler. 1 Large mill 4 small lout l-.nilis. Oil drums, tools and jiiLsrcM.tll' OUs articles too limn. -ions lo li.-nC i'.il. .... IIOL.SEIIOLI) 1 l oiir-rooiii a-bmner oil lieairola. I iwo-i.x.m 1-lnirnrr '4 l-ola. I I'l.rcelnin enamel coal liinBC I Large . nam 'par)U- i.Ui-olli 1 Table si.e . Ii alll seintlalor. Tables, ehail-s. I. I tl ic Hoof lamp anil many other household tin nisliings Km numerous to mention. TKIt.MS: ( ash on day of sdle. No property removed until terms are al lor I till I'V .1,-ssie .Mniimomerv s. Willi, er Huxtonl erieaii Legion sui-Salurday evenins;. I M. i seile Mr. and Mrs and Mr. anil M: attended the Aii per ill -!,s and M I" in. I, lai.i : il v .-l i'lun. h ; Id, -n Hour Sin In- same ui-i.ii A ust i n May. ipenl several days with ncr sisii-i. Mrs. Ada Itoehaik lalelv. Mrs. .u..i- Jones of Veedersliurg visited friends here reecnily. Mrs. Maxine Meriea and dtiugli-ler Carol Sue of Tern- Haute spent the wr. -k end w ith Mrs. Irene Ma-gei s ami Mrs. list her Winiiiier. .Miss Norman Merrick and Mrs. Kohert I.ohriiian of Indianapolis spent I he week end here with llieir pan r.ts. Mr., and Mrs. Falgar flussell of Terre Haute spent Sunday with .i.eir s.,11 and family. Mr. and Mrs. Nillsiireil 1 ' ill' School I'lns Terre Haute spent day rkivhill t'li el :;eiied lllllfll el h-l has t i'l) i.eollohin ill It A t: s $ .III lo Ill.tHI i iwi.iiii $..-'.. n I io $ .-,imii S.-,IIOl lo klOO.OO l a h,, .-.II.IMI Die day -11 me cniiil I fanl I flu sale Oil Welllie.- Anion- III heeli Miss Molt.l Mr an. I Mrs Willi In iilie'iil III ; Saturday with -Mr. and Mrs. Homer Lear.' I Mr and Mrs. Fnsl'V Hraner, Mr. I ml -Mrs. Karl Si.iSk.-i- and lamily ol near Pus-dale attended a show in ! T-rte Haute Saiurday eveninB. i Mrs. Wilni-'r lluxford visited Mrs. Malde Cre.-r in iiosedale Monday af-i t, rnoon. : V. r X rVKg3jM'''IMI,Ji'J-'t f"1-" .11: a vvllule vveelv uf sehoul. j Fred Russell. Karl Lohrmali spent I he w eek end I at his sister's home, Mr. and Mrs. i Maurice Htil per of near Sum- mid Mrs. I..--I. r M- "V aim !:a-.e movi'd into the Heiirv Mr ir. ily Mlleli-ll I'li-l" n.v rn r-a.i '-a. l' Sti'- ami I-'nuny tileli f Centenary vere recent l.iti Pol it- i Mr. and Mrs. Escol Bennett and j family from Indianapolis spent the 4 week, es eno wuii,..--- ..... nil sue.-ls of Ci-'r craudpar- Mr. and Mrs. llai:-;.- Frist. . Don Id Hnim-r.Ky t Port t .,,,,1 I ;.r,-v Rarllett of Mon Prices Paid Prices farmers pay today including interest and taxes are 38 per cent hiaher than they were in August, l!l3D. In the past 12 months thev have risen nnly 7 per cent. complied with. I'H Bank Money Orders are rapidly hcing adopted as a dignified, businesslike, convenient and safe way of paying bills .'. . both for out of town and local payment. You can always get Bank Money Orders here, for any amount, and at lower cost. Try Bank Money Orders -you'll like them for economy, safety, and convenience. Pay all your bills by mail. THE CITIZENS STATE BANK OF NEWPORT; IND,. :;::;nnu:ine tMrt Lewis. Wash, lit speuiiitii: a I'll Hay furlou-ll with his wile and parents. ltd Mrs. Pay Il-iiier.-l.-y. Mr Mi PAUL WELLMAN, Mrs. len l!i. in. rs!i v and M r ami and Mrs. Clark Han.- ri. y an.! s. n. - 1. J 1 ' hi.-.i 4 I,. Kit IKIi, lirliiHU-T . -Mis. Dairy Ration Urea, a sit. t.Usoit-n com-pour.d, can,fe used to furnish 4 to 5 per cent ot the protein equivalent for a Id lo 111 per cent yci'em dairy - ration, - Hand lest Expeireuced. girdeners test soil with 1 sgueeze. If the soil sticks to-gethcj.aej frcj.sing jj).'.:;e hand, if is ti!l too v.c't to v u:V but if ll wvuiibki ita'j it is itiy' Harold -Huoieisl dal'-'il-r. tttmtttttmt-ttttmttmtmmtttmtmttm4 Mis ' Harlow- r. Clinton Braneh. Ciiiittui. Indiana k. ml of Nov , Deity 1.-U sje llt Hi

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