The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 10, 1968 · Page 5
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 5

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1968
Page 5
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Palm Beach Post-Times, Sunday, Nov. 10, 196&-A5 Election Holiday? How Job And Profession Differ 1 The People I Speak This is hardly the best way to get Justice and fair play, for It arouses antagonisms. In addition to knowledge, children should be taught the best way to handle that knowledge for the benefit of themselves and others. Unfortunately, college graduates may land In jail. They may have knowledge but It has not been for the best interest of themselves and others. They need wisdom in handling the knowledge we give them. We do not want to make better criminals. Then more Important than knowledge and wisdom Is love, HEALTH AND BEAUTY AIDS SALE STARTS SUN. 10 A.M. limit 2 unless otherwise specified. Our prices are so low, the values so tremendous, we cannot guarantee how long quantities will lost. Comparisons ore manufacturers' suggested list prices and ore used for purpose of customer identification. Sorry, no mail or phone orders. Editor: Election Day ought to be declared a national holiday. The mere thought of the enslavement of Czechoslovakia and the bloody but futile Hungarian revolt for freedom should be enough for every American to realize how precious is his right to vote. The transcending importance of the Issues involved in the political campaign just ended demands that Election Day be classified in the life of every American as having equal importance as the date of his birth and death. For, indeed, the conduct of our government bears directly on both. Proclaiming Election Day a national holiday would serve 'two noble purposes, both of which would be hailed by all Americans as a leading step in the direction of better government. It would represent an indelible expression on our part of the reverence and dignity of so precious a human right. With no disrespect to the significance of any other national holiday, I would consider Election Day the one most worthy of sanctlflcatlon. The second reason Is an implementation of the first In that it would give Americans a day of leisure to solemnly contemplate their orecious right to vote and their awesome responsibility In exercising it. To retain Election Day as part of a working day not only gives it a secondary Importance, but In many cases constitutes a severe hardship upon the conscientious voter. There ought not be any conflict between the right to vote with the time it takes to do It conscientiously and any other obligation, business, social, or otherwise. I have the feeling that this campaign has for once, If never before, demonstrated to the people in every hamlet, village and city of our nation how directly their lives and destinies are affected through the intelligent use of the ballot. The establishment of such a national holiday could well be the forerunner of other reforms so sorely needed in preserving the democratic principles which Inspired our original Independence. MAX GANZ Lake Worth Veteran's Day Thoughts James Reston London's Two Cheers For 'President Nixrey ' Editor: On the eve of Veteran's Day, 1968, in Palm Beach County, I present the following thoughts: From the beginning of the American Republic the news media, particularly the daily press, have provided a major forum for carrying out the ideas and ideals of our changing American society. They keep us readily in- Let's Pray Editor: Now that the presidential election is behind us, It Is Important that we all give our thanks to God and to all His helpers, who were Instrumental In Inspiring enough people to make this decision, thereby assuring Richard M. Nixon of a well-earned victory. Since this Is a critical time in history, and since the office of the President of the United States is a most demanding position, let us all pray that God grant Mr. Nixon all the wisdom and endurance, and all the qualities required to lead a great nation such as the United States of America into a unified effort for peace, harmony and brotherhood. HUGOSCHWARZ West Palm Beach -7 ff - "n 3T 1.07 VAL POLIDENT T DENTURE POWDER ggc 2.75 VAL. 4 yiA s?. 1.49 fS 1.45 VAL. LAVORIS MOUTHWASH 7C I5j 22 oz If 5 AMMEN'S POWDER RQC ; lOVioi WW 33" VAL. JERGEN'S Air LOTION MILD SOAP w as. REG-4pk 1 ' ffi 1.19 VAL. BRYLCREAM Ar T.rss.,H.s 69 1-65 VAL. 00 P HEAD & SHOULDERS MHC FAMILY TUBE 4 VJ oz UU Jd A M9L At p ASS fEPTO BISMOL 07 C 1.00 VAL. MUM A $4 SPRAY DEODORANT I Ji2 59' val. CEPACOL A A r 4J LOZENGES 33 ' f 24, VV fllh 29' VAL. MOISTURE A ,AAr MAGNET REFILL 931 J Special km J WW H 79" VAL. LUSTRE CREME f W HAIR SPRAY VIM Q REG. X-HOLD 12 oz mm W fifjSI 5.00 Val. Psychedelic Phone A A A 5 White, Pink, Yellow, Green, M If M TrieJD Purple Stripes or Print ... . Iilvil Br" 1.29 VAL. A An !. FILLER PAPER llc '., 500 cf . tMiiri ADVKRTIKKMENT Editor: How times have changed! Even our language has so many new words that we oldsters, even with advanced degrees In education, are at a loss to know what some are talking about. In my day there was a difference between a job and a profession. A profession required years of preparation time, money, study, and experience. A job was a piece of work, honorable and very necessary, for a specific price but which never required the preparation and expense required to become a pastor, lawyer, doctor or teacher. Teaching was a profession which required a normal school diploma, then a college degree, and even advanced degrees with additional courses perhaps through the year and in the summer. It was study and travel to keep up with changing times and world conditions. This required a lot of time and a lot of money. On a job you can keep learning while working with less time and expense, but with some jobs this is changing. You can Imagine my surprise when a well-known and very reputable magazine had printed in large letters across the page "STRIKING OR THREATENING?" "Teachers, firemen, gar-bagemen." After all the schooling teachers are required to have, why Is it not possible to present their needs and problems to the public and parents of their children when those parents want the best possible for their children? In evaluating an occupation we should consider the character of the candidate, his honesty, understanding, tact, kindness, and fair play as well as time spent, preparation, experience and cost. Strikes remind me of children who, to get what they want, kick and scream which we call "tantrums." Political Bomb Editor Never has the prestige of the United States reached such a low ebb as with the President's unwarranted and completely Indefensible bombing halt. The victory celebration In Hanoi must be a sight to behold. The name of the game apparently is politics with little or no concern for the thousands of American lives already sacrificed. The credibility gap of the present administration has never been wider than when Lyndon Baines Johnson tried feebly to convince his fellow Americans that this unilateral decision to offer the North Vietnamese a privileged sanctuary from which to humble the United States was anything other than a political play to assist the slipping vice president In the election race. Now we have the further quiet announcement that a coalition government is about to be foisted on our friends in South Vietnam. Even with the new and positive leadership of Richard Nixon, our next president, the public should clamor for the Impeachment of the incumbent for malfeasance In office. ERIC M.MEYER Delray Beach Pin of Life i I Pendant i f of Life Wi($2995 K'l lNi w York Tlnii's News Si'rvlir LONDON The British have alwavs suspected that the Americans were a race of carniverous adolescents, and our latest political scoreless tie satisfies all their prejudices against our politics and our constitution. The Punch Almanack, out this week, refers to "President Nixrey." Looking forward to Januarv, it says: "A tall, dark man is inaugurated President of the United States. An opinion poll reveals that 47 per cent think he is Nixon and 53 percent Humphrey." Almost everybody here of course, is elaborately polite. They allow themselves to think it is a little "odd" both to elect Nixon and refuse to give him a vote of confidence, and they wonder if it won't be rather "awkward" trying to run the free world from Washington when we can't quite govern ourselves. "It is all very Interesting," they say, by which they mean it looks like a bloody awful mess to them. The British are not hostile or nasty about this. Some of them may even be vaguely grateful to the U.S. and the Soviet Union for seeming to prove that the old British habit of "muddling through" in the world may not have been so bad after all. Still, they are troubled when they see the U.S. in Vietnam and the Soviet Union In Czechoslovakia, and they brood about a world under the dominant Influence of two such powerful and clumsy giants. In some ways, Western Europe Is a little unfair to the record of Washington and Moscow in the post-war era. After all, Britain and France, when they were the primary forces for keeping the peace, stumbled Into a second world war only 20 years after the first, whereas the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., whatever their other shortcomings, have at least managed to avoid a third world clash now for over 23 years. Nevertheless, it would be hard to over-estimate the damage done to American which Is the greatest thing in the world. The world is dying for a llt-the bit of love In fact we need a great lot of love in a world of strikes, quarreling, fussing and wars instead of reasoning. Such make for hatred. There Is an old saying that real love "seeketh not Its own" but has also been said, "all seek their own." May we learn to reason and have persuasive arguments which will make for greater Justice and fair play for all. ' B.A. West Palm Beach formed of the urgent Issues of the day through press bureaus, columnists and people who are ready to speak out loud and clear, to express their views. The life of a free people is a constant desire for news, for knowledge and, believe it or not, for the commercial and classified advertising that have become so necessary to the citizenry of our land. The news media must never shirk their responsibility to confront the issues of the day, even if the editorial policy is In conflict with othej opinions. Controversial issues, unpopular ideas, may be the key to the answers we seek to make our landgreat and mighty. As President John F. Kennedy so aptly said, "Let us dare to read, think, speak and write!' How do I celebrate Veteran's Day when my young son lies interred beneath the green turf of Hillcrest? When his education was completed he confided to me, "Dad, I was offered a good position in the Miami area, but I cannot accept! I feel obligated to my country and I am enlisting in the U.S. Air Force for a term of four years." Patriotism, faith and a young man's courage these are the vibrant symbols of Americanism on this veteran's Day -1968. DANIEL HARRIS West Palm Beach Ring of Life Family, Tie Bar Charge It at Zales 6909 K)K GoldY ($22) WHAT IS GOD LIKE? You've asked that question a hundred times, haven't you? What is our God really like ? Some people are afraid to seek an answer. It might upset their way of life even their religion. But religion without knowing God is an empty shell. "For this is life eternal, that they may know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent" (John 17:3). The highest privilege in the universe is the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD. But it is possible to know ABOUT God without really knowing God. Do you know God? How would you define God? What are His attributes? How do we explain the Trinity? Do we believe in "the Fatherhood of God"? Can we prove the deity of the Son? Why is the Holy Spirit "the forgotten Person of the Trinity"? A professor at Palm Beach Atlantic College has answered these questions clearly and convincingly. Send for a FREE COPY of his book: WHAT IS GOD LIKE? Write Ambassadors International, Box 1234, Boca Raton, Fla. 33405. Send a donation and we will include the book: THE GREAT WORDS OF THE GOSPEL. This offer is made possible by two home Bible classes. Study the Word with us each Wednesday 10 AM, 2102 Lake Osborne Dr. Lake Worth, or Friday 10:30 AM, 508 Anchorage Dr. North Palm Beach. ADVKHTISKMKNT The Sequel Editor: Now that Don Quixote has-put North Vietnam "Off Limits" for air bombardment, a greatly Increased number of bombing planes should be available to destroy the remaining towns and villages In South Vietnam, in order to save them. The Viet Cong will probably cooperate by occupying the towns they want destroyed. E.B. CRABILL Palm Beach Shores doubts come through. There is general relief that the U.S. avoided a stalemate through what The Economist calls the "archaic complications of the American Constitution." But they are clearly worried about Nixon, about his being elected "by people who are out of touch with and resentful of the racial and urban crises of America," as The Economist says, especially since, it adds, "his place in history will probably depend on how successful he is in handling these and in saving his country from the civil war that threatens It In short, there is in the world today a vast non voting American constituency, in Europe and elsewhere, which feels dependent upon the stability and good judgment of the U.S. and its president, but Is much more worried about all three than it dares proclaim in public. The main worry, paradoxically, is not that the U.S. will use Its power, as it did in Vietnam much more boldly than most observers here thought wise, but that it will not be able to act boldly and effectively with a divided and conservative government to deal with the radical problems at home and abroad. The tradition here, of course, is for the winning party to put through its policy under strict party discipline, no matter how small its majority in the House of Commons, and in great extremities, to combine with the other party in a national government if the nation is really facing civil disorder or even civil war, as many people here believe the U.S. may be facing. Thus, the British periodicals are now wondering what Nixon's cabinet will be like, particularly at State, Defense and Treasury, and fearing that he will be too partisan, too conservative, or too weak politically to govern effectively. Two cheers for President Nixrey, is about the mood of the British, but even they don't think this is very funny. turn, $24 billion was paid out in dividends while $26 billion was retained In undistributed profits. This last figure represents the corporations' own Investment In working capital, Inventories, Improvement, new plant and equipment. If there had been no corporate tax whatever, and there had been the same proportionate distribution of profits between dividends and reinvestment, the amount of money reinvested would have been $47 billion Instead of $26 billion about $21 billion, or 80 per cent, more a year. By discouraging and retarding investment in new machinery and plant, the 52.8 per cent marginal corporation income tax shields existing obsolescent capacity from the competition of the new, modern and efficient plant and equipment that would otherwise come Into existence, or come Into existence much sooner. It Is obvious that a corporation Income tax In the neighborhood of 50 per cent must drastically reduce both the Incentive and the funds for new investment, and therefore for the consequent Increase In Jobs, productivity, real wages and economic growth that the politicians are always calling for. By striking so directly against new Investment, in fact, the present high corporate Income tax slows down economic growth more effectively than almost any other type of tax. Zales has something they'll never forget! prestige In this part of the world as a result of the Vietnam war, and what hope exists here in the election of Nixon rests in the expectation that he will now use the Influence of a new administration to bring that war to an end. "Once the war is over," the New Statesman said here this week, "there Is no reason why a British Labor government should have more difficulties with Washington than with any other right-of-center allies, from Melbourne to Bonn. The palmy days of Ike and Mac (or Harold and Lyndon) are unlikely to come again. They are not worth regretting. "But If Nixon cannot deliver, and soon, some serious progress towards peace In Vietnam, the world of the seventies may make almost any post-war period look rosily enviable In contrast . . ." This observation from the left of British politics Is echoed by the Spectator on the Conservative side. "Vietnam," It says, "matters not merely for Itself. It matters because the U.S. must determine, once and for all, not to allow herself to become embroiled In any further adventures of this kind. It matters because America's foreign exchange expenditure on the war, coupled with financial policies that are Incompatible with this rate of expenditure, threatens to cause a collapse of the entire international monetary system . . ." In spite of all the usual British courtesies toward a new American president, the ing, therefore, when anybody contemplates a NEW corporate investment, he will not make It unless the Investment promises to yield BEFORE TAXES at least twice as much as the return he would consider worthwhile. If, for example, a man would not consider a new Investment worthwhile unless It promised a 10 per cent average annual return on his capital outlay, It would have to promise a return of 20 per cent on that outlay before taxes. What Is at least as important as reducing the Incentive to Investment is that the present corporate Income tax reduces the funds available for Investment. In the second quarter of 1968, according to estimates of the Department of Commerce, U.S. corporations were earning total prof-Its before taxes at an annual rate of $92 billion. Out of this their corporate tax liability was $41 billion. This reduced their profits after taxes to $51 billion. Out of this sum, In l'.';-rf Q DOROTHY CRAY HORMONE HAND CREAM 1.50 Reg. 2.50 Guard against drying effects of wind, water and detergents. Smooths rough cracked skin. Has rich emollients. Cosmetics Depl "TRIED & TRUE" HAIR four d CONDITIONER BY MAX. FACTOR Two-way conditioning gives damaged hair new life, manageability Helps damaged hair. 4 oz. reg. 275 1.75 8 02. reg. 4.50 2.75 16 oi. reg 7 50 4.50 Cosmetic f)ppt Henry Hazlitt High Corporation Taxes Discourage Investment ff? W 2.50 VAL. WESTPORT EYE SHADOWQUARTET 1.00 Four most popular shades, foarn rubber tipped applicator, see-through compact. Cosmetics Depl . Al All 1? JB Stores DOROTHY GRAY DRY SKIN 153? LOTION Reg. 2.00 1 1.00 Lanolin-enriched moisturing lotion. Use before and after exposing hands to detergents or housework. Cosmetic Dept CHRGR IT AT UJ" m ' -? 1 1' NEW Cordless turns dawn. WASHABLE FROM and pet OUTDOOR ELECTRIC EYE 5.95 Vol. 4.95 Personal income tax rates that rise to the level of 77 obviously discourage Incentives, Investment and production. But no politician raises the point for fear he will be accused of defending the rich. What is probably an even greater discouragement to new investment and Increased production Is the present Income tax rate of 52.8 per cent on corporations. Yet this gets even less criticism than high personal Income taxes. Nobody wants to defend the corporations. They are everybody's whipping boy. And yet they are the key productive element on which the nation's Income, wealth and economic growth depend. There was at least some awareness of this until recent years. When the tax on corporation Income was first Imposed In 1913 it was at the very cautious rate of 1 per cent. It never got above 15 per cent until 1937. In the midst of World War II It was still only 40 per cent. It did not get to 52 per cent until 1952. Today such a rate is taken for granted. Yet most of those who approve of It, and even suggest it could be a little higher, are the very people who have been complaining most loudly In recent years about the country's disappointing rate of economic growth. The present average tax on all corporations Is about 45 per cent. On successful corporations of any size, however, the average rate Is close to 52 per cent. Broadly speak guardsman automatically lights on at dusk - off at Guaranteed for 3 years. Housewares Dept Give them a gift to symbolize each of their loved ones. Ring of Life .AjrjES lOK GoldV lOK Gold LINT REMOVER 714K Gold ($3995) Prices shown include one synthetic birthstone. Each additional synthetic birthstone $2.95. Each diamond $9.95 1.98 VALUE 1.49 MAYWOOD. Removes lint, dust hair from clothes and upholstery. Guaranteed one full year. Housewares. Al All IB Stores IIMtnlionl Enltrgwl Order now (or Christmas JEWELERS JACKSON'S BYRONS Palm Beach Mall 313 Clematis

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