The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 14, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, November 14, 1944
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Tuesday, IvWttiW II, Iffl. iiie daiey ceinvonixk I 'ape f'inr shihdllielccin m A-B-C-D-DAY THE DAILY CLINTOMAIN MakUiked M The Weekly CUatonlu ISM m iiinl.'t.lir AbMrbed In 1600 At the Movitt COJA.MHIA 'J'tiPMlaj and Wednesday TellinK a clever story of a sailor who faces the wrath of three 7 'HOLLYWOOD Published Dally Except Saturday mil Sunday lovely (.-iris- when they discover he has made identical pledges ol undying lovp to each. KKO 11a- eorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher Watered at the Poatofflce at Clinton, Indiana feti ..... dio' "Seen DayR Ashore is said By HARRISON CARROLL I auctioned off t Warners the Kin, fniKM s, wier money going to Makeup- Woman HOLLYWOO D Hollywood's Irene Lloyd, a polio victim. . . package of human dynamite, Betty j To anawer ti;e quwUoni m ad- Hutton, arrived back m Hawaii vanee, the chap whe 11 take Eleanor wearing G I shoes, dungarees and 1 Parker to the premiere l Dr. Ed-.w eai ing O. J. snoes u g Monc)eck He t r indlama Republican Editorial AaaoetoUoa 7 ' ft Oi. S9&&JS Phone S3 Phone 33 - -a her fjlcanor s appenucciomy. . . . in -n umierwear. vital ion to murder: Alter six to be one of the season's briKhl-est and gayest musical comedies. Harcy .McCuire. Cordon Oliver. Klainr Shppard. Wally Brown. Alan rarney. Amelita Ward. Virginia Mayo and Dooley Wilson play featured roles. "Wild Brian Kent" with Ralph Bellamy opens as the second feature tonight at Hip Columbia Theatre. fy v.. .i .... JiMaftrnui All the rest of ! months. Adelaide Norris got a tele-he r wardrobe, I phone installed and. two hours later, Betty tele-; was notified by her landlord that phoned herithe house had been sold. . . . Capt. flPUBUCAH EOilOfJA - i- ft f. t moiner, oiniij'j -- ..... .- - - -- j it. dussolved in the Ann Young, back in this country. .;. i,.o vnin unci 'He entered Germany with the tank r. -ay usage of her Pa- ' troops. . . . Six uniformed police cific entertain M 1 JL.J men ana lour IJianiciuuiesjueii uaie- ly held back a mob of Cincinnati fans who wanted to get to Jeanette MacDonald. They almost overturned her car. at" ment junket. , "I'm feeling fine," said Betty. "And I never loved so many Harrison Carroll W A HASH Sunday, Monday and Tuesday "Secret Command," Columbia film produced by 1'liil 1- Kyan for Terncen Productions, will open at the Wabash Theatre Sunday. Said to be a highly dramatic and ac.lionful melodrama of at-ItttnptP'l K.iai sabotage in an Anip- men in my life. I loved every boy I saw," And I'm betting they loved her. Surprise of the week: Peter Coe. Maria Montcz' leading- man in "Gypsy Wildcat" and one of Holly-' ttmnA't- mnwt PTio-o-B.l InnVlnff en.ri. L f too. Out there on tnose oioou too. Out mere on loose ihwu-jauvu . , :.-,,( t u.ittnn must mens, has been Eiven all honorable - rican :Jlpard, it co-stars 1'at 0-llrien and Carole 1andis and lea-lures Chester Morris and llutli Warrick. have been terrific. j discharge by the Marines. He waa stricken with arthritis and lost 40 The word just reached Republic j P""ds in a week. . studios that James M. Fitzpatrick. j who went below the border to film P!-"' their full-length travelogue. "Song I "ue t ..n-C . for' "The to learn a square dance Virginian." He made the studio put a cop on each door of -the rehearsal of Mexico," was badly shaken up in a train wreck while en route from Chihuahua to Mexico City. Mrs. Filzpalriuk was knocked unconscious and still is hospitalized. No Discoloration Keep fresh fruits from discoloration by sprinkling exposed surfaces with Umon juice. If you have a larse. quantity of fruit or whole pared fruit, submerge It In left-over canned pineapple juice. Sliced apples will stay white several hours in cold salt water. rjungaiow. rven irieu lo nevp ji , wife from finding out. Somebody tipped her off, however and, when Brian got home, she met him with a pair of pink ballet slippers. Deal has been set by John Carroll to build a warehouse and storeroom. He and three pals in the air-force made an agreement' that the first one out would sit up busi- : unce fftr the t-ot This M .Tnhmw'3 'Bomb-a-Dear FUTLKE STRATEGY IN THE PACIFIC. The recent recall of General Joseph W. Stilwell from China, followed by the resignation of Ambassador Clarence Gauss, highlights the Chinese situation and focuses attention on the fact that Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek has been using some of his best Chinese troops to blockade Chinese Communists rather than throwing them against the Japanese. Recent events, together with earlier intimation from China, indicate that the effort to build up China as a full-fledged member of the Big Four has failed for the present at least. Moreover, the situation requires something of a reappraisal of the potential value of the Chinese in the struggle against Japan. The steady and surprising advance ot the Navy across the Central Pacific, together with the smashing air victories scored by the Third Fleet and the recent triumph scored by the Third and Seventh Fleets combined, somewhat alters the strategic picture in the Pacific. Our superiority in carriers and in battleships, which continue to be the backbone of offensive sea power, create the likely possibility of an effective blockade around the Japanese islands. This will be augmented by aerial bombardment on a large scale. ml.- 1-: v,nir 1-in Oil f f 1 ! dTl f ifl IIIIMIUII V MHIIWftWUWH'IW way of making good. He figured on A Hollywood battle communique No. 304: Humphrey Bogart is reported barred from Romanoffs, fclory goes that Beagle walked up to Mike Romanoff and kiddingly said: "Mike, take a swing at me and I'll fall down. That'll be one cafe fit lit that you won." Whereupon Mike, who has a temper like hot mustard, is said to have informed Bougie that, hereafter, he is persona non grata at the Romanoff bistro. Bill Ec-ndix' chest is out to THERE. His wife's sister, Mrs. Evelyn young, of Union, N. J.. lias iust named her new baby son after Bill. It's the first Bendix namesake on either side of the family. And tho full tag. in case you didn't know it, is William Paul. investing in surplus war supplies, starting on airplane parts. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Turban Rev's latest eifts to Lana Tur I lUllU'i, Will JJ'- IMl.-'snpakpr at I In- annual farm ltir- l Taking a Backward Glance ner are four water colors of Pari den banquet lo be given Friday evening at the Newport High School building, it was announc sian scenes. . . . Claudelte Colbert's agent-brother, Charles Wend-ling, actually has gotten a movie contract for the man who gave him me snois in me arm wnen ne wtm to Fort MacArthur. Guy's name is George Kitchell and he was a ser- tendance of women and children. Nearly all dollar seals lor lo-night's show are gone but up to noon there were good fifty-cent seats yet available and a few of the dollar seats. IVrsolinls Married in Parke County In yeslerday's liockville Republican a marriage license report TWHXTV VKAKS Ai TODAY Drouth Untied Willi today, a rain added to what foil Tuesday and Tuesday night, it is felt the local drought, which had endured for about five weeks, is virtually at an end. Fall wheat and grasses had ben suffering and the gravel roads hud i -Kj ed today. Stump's address will be "True World You Make." Tickets for the banquet, which will bp served at 6:30 o'clock may bp secured from Harry Van Duyn, Clinton Township, or anj other farm bureau township chairman, it was announced by Forest Aikman. Achievement Day Is 4-11 1iil) JOvenl Igeant before he got his discharge. Diana Lewis is quitting Metro j . . . Frances Langford goes to San after all this time. She's also sport- Diego to dedicate 9 new building at in a shiner. A tennis ball, hard hit i the naval hospital. . . . Keep an by" Desi Arnaz. smacked her right j eye on Kid Actor Hugh Magulre. ' iii the eye. . . . With her usual con- j He was the freckle-faced boy in (iderp.tion for people who work on I "Going My Way" and will have a 1 the sets, Ann Sheridan is donating j good part in Twentieth Century-22 pieces of costume jewelry to be i Fox' ''Circumstantial Evidence." contained the name of Kloyd grown dusty and would not ros- a n ri-nrtinir It was the Vermillion County 4-H Club bovs and girls tomorrow night i defeat Japan, although the process would -rsi S,: van 1 1 1 io tho continuation of warfare for a ,. I'splman, a Clinton miner, aged 22, who was licensed to marry Hva Cornell, IS. of Hosedale. Kd-ward P. Hurks, 37, a HockviHe farmer and Dorlhy I.ouisp Edwards. 17. of Mecca, were married November 5th. F.iitertalns Club Mrs. Cecilia Barcus and Ill's. nf tuars 1 1 lie country and tlie rains of tins - J ' . i u.Lk seem to have given pretty will assemble at the county courthouse at Newport lor an Achievement Day Program. The pntPrtainment,. to bp given in Hip auditorium at, 7:30 p. m. will be furnished by membership of iw various clubs repre The Japanese Army, as we nw, - rollef at ,.ast m the mid- suffered severe losses but the duik or its dle west fighting power is unimpaired. A consider- j ,.MI1 Slmt i,- j? tl.l .m!inK1i f oyrtitcfW nil thp I l.'velwi.nue Slum Frenchman perfected Soap Soap, now freely used in every household, was originally made for ' the elite who were particularly fastidious and could afford to indulge: in the luxury of frequent bathing. At first a crude product, it was improved in the early Nineteenth century by Chevreul, a French chemist, who evoked the chemistry of soap and worked out the proper ' steps in manufacturing it F.tta Davis, entertained witl) a I Croud Quickly Turnips quickly begin lo crowd, so must be thinned out as soon as they are large enough to handle, and because they develop so fast they should be spaced 3 to 4 inches apart in the first thinning. The leaves of the varieties which are grown for roots are good for greens when young and the thinnings may be so used. But hke all cabbage relatives, this crop is much subject to aphidj. which injure the leaves as the pRnts grow older. aDie lUIce J1U1UO vaiuauic i-(.w.jr ... mainland of Asia and, we presume, a more j ,; f' The program for the Kxehange sented. All members, leaders, parents and friends are invited b) the organization to attend. Personals Sirs. W. M. Westbrooke or Palis visited her sister. Mrs. I.. X. chicken supper last night at the home of -Mrs. Barcus, west of Clinton for the eighteen members of the Old dory club. Alter (he supper, games and contests were enjoyed. 1 1 .jjjrj Illair, ' and family of Neheker determined army will stand guara over the home islands of Japan. The question arises whether the strategy of the United States should include large scale land operations designed to break the power of the Japanese armies in Asia and Japan. street. Sunday. club show, at the Capitol theater, tonight. Is due to start promptly at S o'clock, according to statements made by the management today. There are pnough numbers to make the wind-up drug if there is delay starting. The seat sale lor this afternoon's show indicates a large at TI-" X VKAliS A(i TODAV Stump lo Speak Albert Stump. Shock inr Story At long last ' Western ranchers think they have discovered a fence that will keep elk nd deer out of haystacks. It is an electric fence, ' similar to ones used by tome cattle-' men. Indianapolis at- Sir. and Mrs. Hob Barliee spent Holiday with Mrs. Westbrooke. Clcnn Hninm of Ottawa, III., spent the weekend with his wife of Flm Street. Mrs. Uamm has resumed her work at Cillis Pharmacy after be The Republican Parly The Republican party was founded in 1854. John C. Fremont was their first candidate for President; and Abraham Lincoln its first successful candidate for President. SMILING Arden Mclntyre, IS, of St, Petersburg, Fla., displays the features that caused army pilots at Drew Field to select her as their favorite "Bomb-a-Dear" and pinup girl. 'rKemolional) ing ill the past two weeks. Robert liaird of Ihe C. C. C. ! Camn at Henrvville. spent the o third a yew o While tnere exisis some conclusion ji the United States to assist the Philippines to regain their country, no similar pres-j sure demands that we land millions of fighting men, either in Japan or in China, to defeat the Japanese Army. The acquisition of ports on the coast of China, through which to provide supplier, to the Chinese, should be sufficient to enable them to expel the Japanese invaders. Certainly, the Chinese have the manpower and, given adequate weapons and supplies can defeat the Japanese and regain possession of their country. weekend with his parents. Mr. Kind Mrs. David Baird of South ! Fifth Street. Mr. and Mrs. William Sexton and family have moved from Blackmail Street to F.leventli and hncnltal rail Jihnilt mV DStlent CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN words came. He kissed her lightly, ti,oM drotv hnr finwn beside llim On first. I'm sorry if you find that un-romantic, but I m a surgeon." .AURA AND Russell len me " ,,,,,, nn , h i-.o!ds home together. Russell " h,h , hi. She SDoke In a kinder tone. "I m Vine Streets. :.ook hands with the doctor first unru it ...a A Miit-penn that 1 cn tiiafa urhat'a heen the mat loved you. uwignu i ioveu w iu. ter. You thought I was marrying lois nyan. I could go on witn you. neipmg you, being art of your success. I wanted so very little for myself. But all "You told me you were." He grew serious all at once. "It's Lens blows bpeed Light slows down to a speed of only 122,(100 miles per second in the gluss lenses 'of spectacles. Speed ol light in air is 18G.U0U mill pej second. l By EUGENE SIIEFEEB ' ! I- I' M I' I- I' I' VA" " I" mzzz'wLzzim - ,r-- VM II WT-- 1 wwv W ZZJm trd mir that Is in me past." "There is no past for me, sweet- h.l f am tn Ufa nil nVPr SPain all my fault, I dare say. But that last day when I saw you on the Kt-ont r trieri in tell von. You ran l lnn,n I haarri unor nam nvPl off. Even when you went to ""I irida me pnone. Anne wuson. me wun seemed to sing over the wire..' What a stroke of luck that Dr. I kept expecting you DacK. i was sure you'd come back." She drew her hand away. "Vou are always so sure of anything you Worshipped Mouse The ancient Egyptians wor-ihippi-d the mouse because they believed the mouse to be under the protection of the sun and a sure antidote i.sainst sudden death. Banning- should have called. Ii he hadn't mentioned your name, I nappen to warn at uie iiiununiu -I've wanted you for more man moment I couldn't marry Lois could only have gone on refusing to come way down here. Everything else was tossed aside. It had1 , tu m:r i , ,rn nnrv h i . ri iriHicr W!;is Senate 5ca Ryan." "Not even with all that money which was going to bufId you a special hospital of your own, the finest CAMPAIGN IN ITALY. General Sir Harold Alexander, Allied Commander in Italy, admits that the Al-, lied offensive has come to an almost complete halt in the mud and explains that the original plan for attacking the Gothic Line had to be altered because of the with- drawal of all French divisions and some'; American divisions for the invasion ofi Southern France. The British General points out that at no time during the Italian campaign have the Allies "had any but a slight superiority ' in numbers" and while uncertain as to how long it will take to drive the Germans out, i he expresses conviction that "it will be i done". ' j up for It. We'll go back u soon as ' we can get away alter uie operation tomorrow morning. Will you ' be ready?" in the wona .' -Nrt nnl even for th Inefit hos pital in the world. I am a surgeon, "I m not going back, Dwight" Ha snnk nhnrnlv 'WhV not ? but I am also a man. as a man. i have a rlphr In hnnniness &s well I've come for you. I'm here be-f cause as other men. Lois Ryan's a grand girl. Don't blame her for anything. I?,.. ...Ol ai..a- h - Ana frionri T rant an hAcatiR I nromlsed' to stay with Mrs. Reynolds until this thing was settled." he cut In and, I think, will back me if I ever id then with Anne, to wnom ne jid. "It was very good of you to .ring Dr. Raynor here." Anne went out on the porch with '.hem. It was cooler there and she watched the car drive along Morris street till it was out of sight. She didn't want to go back into the house, where she knew Dwight was waiting to talk to her. She didn't want to talk to anyone. She was calm, very calm, aa there U calm even at the center of a whirlpool. But she felt helpless. She had to go on. She couldn't run away from Dwight now. not even if she wanted to. And she wasn't sure she did want to. She had tried running away from cte problem and had only gotten herself tangled up in far worse problems. Dr. Raynor came out of the house and put an arm about her. His voice was soft and caressing. She had thrilled to it so often. She could remember how her heart had ciped the first time he put his inns about her. the first time he ! ad walked straight up to her and Kissed her, as he had In front of Mrs. Reynolds today. It was so frank, so open, so spontaneous. It might have been a brother's kiss, or else the kiss of one who was very sure of himself in every way Woiid you rather sit out here and talk?" he asked. "It is a little cooler." "Everyone will see us and gossip. This place is like that. You are the object of til attention, even as it is." "Am I supposed to mind? Or do you ?" She drew away and was direct at last. "Your wife might not approve." For a moment he stared, then his eyes twinkled. Finally he spoke in that easy, bantering tone which once had utterly charmed her. "We needn't worry about my wife," he said. "And why not?" He spread his nands In a gay gesture. "How can 1 have a wute until you n.arry me?" It took her a moment to realize need her help. But I'm not going to need it. I can make mv wav and smoothly. "That promise is an ob do everything myself.' ligation lo me. "The.-e are lots of nurses here.'1 ri know. There wre lots of doc- la Waahinolnil -.-hen VOU VKRTICAL 1. dance step 2. river-island J. negotiated 4. antic 5. c itrus drinks 6. June bug 7. symbol for ii iilium 8. notched 9. outmoded 10. twilight 39. gash 40. African antelope 42. persists 45. primary color 46. be available 48. born 49. variety of bean 50. masculine name 51. obtained " i nat s wnac i toia you. nnne spoke in a dull, flat voice. "You told me so many things, swee'heart, that I wasn't quite j yr t , . I V- , ; sf -A stayed to answer the phone ealL ready to grasp. It wasn't until you onna that I ffflH7.fH flOW That was your ODiigaiion; hum mine. Mrs Reynold is my patient, too. ::ne tola you so. eui gu I much I needed yog. Then I tried to into details, but - "Ynn don't need to." He picked get yo'j, and railed- ou aisap-nenrAri an iitterlv. When I tried to Answer to yesterday's puzzle up her hand and kissed It "I didn't trace you I realised for the first The British General, in connection witn the campaign that he commands, points out that those responsible for the conduct of the war as a whole have to decide what is best for the strategy as a whole and that he and his army will "have to carry out our task with what we are given". Washington Sen. Harley Kilgore (D i W. Va., in report of his War Mobilization Subcommittee: "To eliminate the risk of another war the United Nations must not stop at removal of Nazi political and military leaders. They must destroy Germany's industrial leadership as well." Wachmctnn Prpsidptit Roosevelt in PlAlTlAllAgJTC 0 R M rfeNjiRlofl A R E A, time you really oidn T nave any frlenHa " 11. thing, in la 16. geological uges 18. targeU 20. Russian stockade 21. spaces 22. ancient Roman garment 23. narrow apertures 24. titles 25. declare 27. bangs 30. calumniate 31. moderating 33 Mexican laborer 34. operatic solo 36. prepared 37. masculine name 39 withered 40 bitter vetch 41. the lion 42 floor coi'ci ing 43. new: comb. form 44 rigid "I didn't feel I needed .-Jijr not HORIZONTAL j. stroke caressingly 4. Turkish magistiates 9. by 2. ventilate 13. worship 14. salutation 15. more precipitous 17. devastates 19. land-measures 20. goddess of discord 21. rose essence 23. floral organs 26. regrets extremely 27. narrow boards 28. near 29 complete 30. slant 31. wine vessel 32. three-toed sloth 33. shallow serving- vessel 34. incite 35 roars 37. rub out 38. eternities mean to be hot-tempered, npt a afraid you may want to stay hera. because because of somebody else." She drew a deep breath. "There-is nobody here to hold me, Dwight tnen.- He smiled at her. "Don't say It so badlv. Maybe it all had to be "Are you sure of that" You Anvwav. I've found you again Kj.ow. It 1 itioiigm you wer icmm-ine ma rd call a car and to back and that's til that matters. You iinnu, ntt arrive me half crazv that use aiMJ-i-U-- T E N DEJlSO" e" nit e kbSmo sja!dHI mEJHI 30a AR RJAlhiT3BOlRAE 5 1 tt f ?T r 7 to New York tonight" ay In' the hotel in Washington As soon as 1 could get out uno uie -wan Mrs. rteynoias wanuig h-f you at the hospital, yoo"could do that?" street 1 looked everywhere, but you were eone. I could do anything 4 jrou ruled Her eves were steady, -ion ui- PENNSYLVANIA voters chose Con-pressman Francis J. Myers of Philadelphia, above, over 71-ycar-old James J. Davis in the U. S. Senate race. Davis has been Pennsylvania's senator for 14 years after being secretary of labor for Presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover, (International) swered your phone call first, didn't j me.' Ton can't mean that. Dwlcbt. you ? n-rt a Navy Day message : "In the greatest and j most difficult naval war ever fought, our j Navy has emerged from its ordeal by fire j aa a massive striking force of enormous power and precision." , Itllt might mean her life." niHnawt "Tea. Even If He ih meaning ot bis words. She ine meaning or uis oi (so fsa tvnuuww - - - - --. opened ner mouth to speak, but no I meant losing you t bad W answer Ax-race "' ' i''"": sl n1u" Biil. by King Features Syndaate. luc. 47. negative

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