The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 14, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Tuesday, November 14, 1944. AS DEWEY CONCEDED ELECTION TO EASE MISERY OF CHILD'S COLD RUD OH WICKS ( Clinton Social Notes I r VVAPOKUB j Wedding Vows Heard For she was taught to weave flannel which wa made into dresses. "You couldn't buy a pair of socks In those days," she said, "and everyone in the family was tauRlit to knit to help make the winter supply of stockings." Another record that Mrs. Brown can boast Is that ever since the Hoosler State was first published, she lias been a subscriber. Nlnty years that couldn't have been better lived. And from the smile on the tiny gray-haired woman's face as she recalled her childhood, not a day of It has she regretted. Clinton Student Aids In Production of ISTC Play Indiana State Teachers' College Mecca Couple Sunday Miss Josephine Blacketer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alva Blacketer of Mecca, became the bride of James w Tumor M. M. 1 c. son of James Turner, Sr. of Mecca, at ceremon Sycamore Players will open their 1944-46 season at the Sycamore Theatre Nov. 22 and 23 with the play 'The Male Animal." Miss Martha White, senior, of Clinton 1b assistant student director of the production. Mrs. Zora Murray of Houte two baa returned from Detroit where she has been for the past two weeks due to the seriouB illness of her father, Steven Riddle. rioit popwlor"yor 'round" dwrt lla pint Alwoyt pur and (Ullcioui. YOU malt any flavor in 2 ininutw. 20 famovi rvcipu in ach packae. PUom aik your orof for LOnDOIlDERRU B35 Howord Strt, Son fronelico 3, Calif. ies performed Sunday at the nome of Carl Mitchell. Rev. Freed of Rockville officiated. Miss Norma Done of Mecca acted as bridesmaid and M. M. M. 1c Carl W. Mitchell, best man. Following the ceremony, open house was held for a number of relatives and friends. The groom accompanied by his wife will return to Seattle, Wash, within a few days where be will await overseas orders. He entered tho kv in ADril. 1941 and has Tuesday Job's Daughters meeting, practice for Initiation at the Masonic Hall, 6:30 p. m. Band Boosters Club, 7:30 p. m. at the gym. All members urged to attend. Crompton Hill PTA, November 14, 7:30 p. m. at the school, fifth and sixth grades will present the program. Wednesday Friendly Bunco Club, 7:30 p. m. with Mrs. Betty Reed, South Fourth street. Young Peoples Class of the First Christian Church meet with Miss Margaret Blower, Rosenblatt apartments, 7:30 p. m. A. B. C. Club meeting 7:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Joe Mikels, 721 South Fourth street. St. Bernice Chapter of the Milwaukee Women's Club b!x o'clock supper for the family and business school. Hostesses, Mrs. Charles Mc-Cauley, Mrs. Ben Reed, Mrs. Wallace Jordan, MrB. Mattie Johnson, Mrs. Charles Draper. Fairview Home Ec club has been postponed until next Wednesday. Will meet with Mrs. Roscoe Walker. Acme Club, 7:30 p. m. Mrs. William R. Brown. Happy Hour Home Ec. Club, 10:30. with Mrs. Ruby Kelley, Mrs. Naval Stores Rosin, turpentine, pine oils, rosin oils, wood tar, and pitch are naval stores. The term, "naval stores," had its origin in the days of wood sailing ships. These pine products were used in large quantity for caulking seams, treating rope, painting, etc. Notice! The Cllntonlun Wants Your News. Please Call Miss Lear To Report Social News, l'hone 82 or 88. been overseas several times. Mrs. Salmond Hostess For Friday Literary Circle Members of the Friday Literary Circle met at the home of Mrs. David Salmond. Mrs. H. M. Ferguson and Mra. C. M. Poor were in charge of the book review, "Valley of Decision" by Marcia Davenport. Mrs. Ray Wright was a guest. The meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. Ferguson. Mrs. Virginia Lee Randle left for Pasadena, Calif., to accompany her husband, Cpl. George Randle, who Vesta Cirey, assistant hostess. SOV. THOMAS I. DEWEY is shown at Roosevelt hotel headquarters In New York as he conceded the re-election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt at 3:15 a. m. With the losing candidate are Herbert Brown-ell, his campaign manager, and Mrs. Dewey. (International. P. & J. MARKET Hillsdale, Ind. Come and Try Our - GROCERIES FRESH MEATS At All Times ' Hours: ; Week pays 6A.M.to8P.M. ; Sundays 7 A. M. to 10 A. M. 4 P.M. to 8 P.M. 4 -v Wf STf 1 Mr anil Mm. Sam Saxton of Helts has been stationed at Pasadena. Mrs. Randle has been visiting ner narents. Mr. and Mrs. William Spurr CAS Al f or boys Newport Woman Is Honored on 90th Birthday Anniversary Prairie neighborhood spent Sunday as the dinner guests of Mr. Saxton's uncle and cousin, Ernie Pyle, W. C. Pyle and Mrs. Mary Bales. Mrs. Bales is Ernie's aunt and Sam Saxton and Ernie Pyle are of Universal. IB "V Wednesday Embroidery Club, 2:m p. m. with MrB. Guy Briggs. Pythian Circle, 7:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Jeanie Scullion. Thuraaav St. Bernice P. T. A. 7:30 p. m. at the High School. Ladles Auxiliary of the One-Half Cent.ury Club meet at the club rooms at 7:30 p. m. Presbyterian Missionary Society, 2:30 p. m. with Mrs. Ora Doyle, 416 South Fourth. Helt's Prairie Home Economics Club all day meeting at the home of Mrs. Harlow Frist. Mrs. Ernest Harrington, assistant hostess. Friday DEB Club. 2 p. m. at the home Miss Mary Gorhara and Mrs. amith nf Valnaraiso. Ind. Bpent the week end with Mrs. Mable Crossley Several callers were present dur of North Water street. ing the day Including school students wanting Mr. Pyle's autograph. NEWPORT, Ind. "I always knew I lived In a nice neighborhood and Friday when all of my neighbors piled in to wish me a happy birthday and brought with them an enormous birthday cake, I was sure of it." Mrs. Laura Brown of Newport who celebrated her 90th birth anniversary Friday, Nov. 3, said as she claimed she was the third person in Newport who could boast that age. Born in 1850 on a farm, four and a half miles southwest of Newport, GUESTS AT HARDIE HOME Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hardie of of Mrs. Edna Dugger, South Eighth route two, Clinton have had as their guests the past week, Pilot Officer John Hardie of the Royal New Zea-in.l Air Fnrrp. f'hriat Church New street. Jacksonville. PTA meeting at 7:30 D. m. During the program, a Zealand and Sgt. William Fletcher Mrs. Brown s home has always Deen movie will be given. Refreshments will be served and each member to bring an apple pie or pumpkin pie. also of the Royal Iew zeaiana Air Force of Auckland, New Zealand. The have finished Wireless and Gunnery School at Mountain View, Canada and returned to Montreal "VIHi COAT WITH THE DOUIU-MNSI fAMH) to await further assignment. fitkforStyk (, r 'I"' 'i , Parke Homemakers Enjoy Luncheon at Terre Haute Meet Kirs. Josephine Claretto Hostess For Meeting; Yearly Committees Announced and Thanksgiving Program Held. in this vicinity except for two years which was spent in the state of Illinois. As she would put It, "Newport Is my home, but I'm not around it enough to really get acquainted." Very active, even at the age of 90, she has Bpent the past 14 winters in Tuscon, Ariz., with her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Carrie Brown. Well known In this community, Mrs. Brown's husband, John S. Brown who died 17 years ago, was for a time the pastor of the United Brethern Church In Newport. Mrs. Brown has two children living, a daughter In Green Bay, Wis., and a son who Is doing government work In Washington, D. C. Before going to Washington, he was a county agricultural agent for 12 and a half years. When asked If she could1 recall or-enes nf Newnnrt in the earlv davs. Judith Ann Sollers, two week old daughter of Mr? and Mrs. Darrel Rollers, route three, was admitted Tne farKe numeuianoiB w OTiJtlB, . -. - met at the home of Mrs. Josephine to the county hospital Saturday as Long Been Proven An Outstanding Value A Most Popular Style Wherever It Is Shown'.! Moccatin.Toe Style Means Comfort Extra Tough Corded Sole$ and Heel v Sanitized Lining) Promote Fool Health) Ail-Around Styling For School or Dress i In Rich, Dreijy Co-With-Every thing Broun a TnoHlpitl cnae Claretto in Terre Haute recently for Ada Fisher. Montezuma, and a one o'clock luncheon witn Mrs. Mrs. Mary Oakes, Chicago, 111. were an. ------ - Marearet Modesttt, Mrs. Mary Nar- Margaret raooesui, mm. mu ""- di and Mrs. Delia Cottrell assisting, admitted to the county hospital Sun- aqv att medical cases. ThA nroeram consisted Of the Mrs. Leota Baldonl, Detroit, and club collect and the repeating of the nonn.4i u Trmma Pmlhiere. route one, flag salute. Mrs. Serena u,o Mnriofiltf and Mrs. Blanche were admitted to the county hospi Mrs. Brown replied, "I don't remem tal Monday as surgical cases. Hedges had special selections on the Mrs. Ray Carroll ana oaoy, nusc- 2-98 Sizes 1-51 dale; and Nancy Kay La Kocne, MVf V. ' 1 V 4 ber a great deal anout tne town everything was done In the home when I was small. At that time, and going to town, even though it was only a few miles off, was more or less a yearly event." Mrs. Brown told how when at a very young age Mulberry street were dismissed irom the county hospital yesterday. Mrs. Fred Koiiner was iniuiim to the St. Vincent's Hospital at In dianapolis as a medical case first ThankBgiving uay. j During the business meeting committees for the year were appointed. Officers are Mrs. D. V. Cottrell, Parliamentarian; Mrs. Clifford Bell, Chaplain; Mrs. Ora Doyle, reporter; leaders, Mrs. Anna Adams, and Mrs. L. Elizabeth Hamilton; program, Mrs. Clyde Weaver, Mrs. Claude Bennett, Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton and Mrs. Fred Bennett; flowerB, Mrs. Winnie Gllfoy, sick, Letta Bennett, Mrs. Anna Thomas, I f , .'VVI Chester Modesitt and ftirs. Marthn Modesitt: Red Cross, Mrs. ' VV'VV Al 5n in iiqutrt and Mr nnrt Mrs. Joe Blue of Kt. Ber Grace Van Duyn, Mrs. Fred Bennett; nice, are the parents of a baby boy born Monday, Nov. 13. The infant weiKhed seven pounds and has not blind, Mrs. James Nardl; History, Mrs. Hazel Newton; film, Mrs. Gertrude Nurnberger; garden and can yet been named. ning, Mrs. Bernice Nurnberger. Mr. Anna Adams made a num rtnn't PpaI Potatoes ber of plain and fancy breads of white and whole wheat flour which C.M.h nntatnna nnH Hnn't neel. POD them in a pot of boiling salted water wArn unloved. The next meeting is to be held December 6 with Mrs. Cliff and cook covered. . use mem in ne. cqlnrla fhnwrlprs and Rtews. Whip them until light and fluffy and ord Bell with the officers assisting. Those attending were Mrs. Pacot- guest, Mrs. Joe Adams, Mrs. to, use them as a crust lor a meat ar.a vegetable pie. Serve them with minced parsley or sprinkle lightly In Gratitude to the Voters of Vermillion County The vote of confidence given the candidates of the Republican party in the election just passed, imposes upon our party not only a debt of gratitude, but an obligation to serve you as well, or better, in the future as we have attempted to in the past. Nationally, as well as locally, the voters have spoken, and it imposes upon us, as good American citizens, the obligation to lend to those in national public office, regardless of political affiliation, our understanding and support and as local office holders, the duty to serve all taxpayers regardless of party. Ti -'fc. Only in America could such a wartime election have been pos- that in these times of Mrs. C. Bennett, Mrs. L. Ben-Mrs. F. Bennett, Mrs. Earl Bell, nett, With chopped cnives. Biggs, MrB. Cottrell, Mrs. Claretto, Mrs.' Doyle, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. fi.oo.or Mnrlpoln Mrs. Leon Mode sitt, Mrs. David Modesitt. Mrs. New ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP 137 North 7th St. PHONE 184-W I'ERMANENTS GIVEN AT NIGHT NVR:0UT OF SEASON! I ton, Mrs. Nardl, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Evelyn Shaw, Mrs. Blanche Hedges and Mrs. Tessle Schulti. Plans were also made to send Christmas cards to the boys In service from this neighborhood. Achievement day is being held at Turkey Run today. rwotto Members Honor Mrs. ' NEVER OFF PRICE! i if ' Twelve months out of twelve, our customer! t ask for f and wear) Alpagora Coats. There's no , Heacock at Birthday Shower Mr. inlla Hatfield entertained FRIST olUtCs A lie Oil-livau pvvjiv w f " stress and strain, they may go to the polls, cast their votes and know that their wishes will be respected and their country safe. h momher. of the Octette Club at a noon luncheon served at the Clin ton Hotel recently. Tha remiinr husineas meeting was "slow" season for Alpagora . . . they're sold at the ' same price the country over ... the year 'round, p Alpagora's exclusive fabric is the reason. This double-dense fleece has twice the number ' I of wool fibres on its surface as ordinary coats . , a 'i millions and millions, in act! That's what On behalf of our candidates and our party we sincerely thank ... r . . held with Mrs. Dorothy Hild read ing the minutes. Mrs. Helen Heacocn won the monthly drawing prize. n,m-n wan Dlaved wltn Airs, nuu innine. hleh: Mrs. I'etaK, ounco makes it a non-stop best-seller 365 days of the yearl lOKOAT WflCHf 32-50 OVIKOAT WtlGHtQJiQ and travel; and Mrs. Heacock, low. FUNERAL HOME DAY OR NI6HT AMBULANCE SERVICE FHONI 106 Mrs. Helen Heacock was Honor ed with a surprise birthday nana- you. It is a privilege to live and serve in America. t mi rcrj. Vermillion County Republican Central Committee i.-Viler nhnvpr. Members attending were Mrs. Kimble, Mrs. Heacock, Mrs. Pe- Mrs. Holllngsworin, jure. miu. tak. Pittenger, Mrs. Southard. Mrs Mrs. Alley and Mrs. Hatfield. Ruth ROSENBLATTS Do Your Part Buy More War Bonds iTva Pilteneer will De no. . iw the annual meeting to be held at her home on Nebeker street November 17 at 12:30 p. m. A six o'clock dinner will be served for the husbands.

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