The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 14, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1944
Page 2
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Tuesday, November 14, 1914. inn DAILY CLINTONIAN Page f iiisl. irrcspcrtho of whether the po nrCl.OM PFTURNS fL ASHED TO YANKS Indepetd'i'nl Stores Cain Independent stores have gained on Chain storei in the past five years, according to the census. Ninety-two per cent o( all retail stores are independent and ihey do 74.7 per cent of the to-tal business, compared with 73.3 per cent in 1935. . m . Wallpaper Stocks Grease spots on wallpaper may be removed jf you dust on French chalk. Leave on for several hours then brush off with soft clean cloth or brush; You Don't Have to Drive Far to Have an Accident von uaur. jour acclili-nt prepaid, or want it C.O.D.? You can 't choose tvheii or where, you will have an accident. Yon have lo take your accident when or where It romes. Are ou Insured? The lien State Kami Mutual Auto Insurance policy is a Legal Iteserve, Non-assi-ssahlc poliey. coverlnn you and roiir wife In evei v way, while driving your tar or a car not owned by you. It also covers, at a small extra charge, your rami or residence liability. CAM OR WHITE FOREST AIRMAN, DANA; IND. For More f;iiiNiMliMlii!irtr ii iriwinii'riiB irwt-nfitw-mlr y HERE IS GENERAL VIEW in newsroom of Yauk magazine in New York ol : national election returns were b.oadcastandtypeojoMiers as speedy and complete coverage overseas. a nt.rmuonal 1 lard. Margarine supplies may be slightly increased. l.iltle change in overall fruit and ler.etable supplies is expected. Canned fruits will continue short, but mil-eased supplies of bananas and other imported fruits might balance tie- production decline. Fresh vegetable supplies may drop from l'J44's "very high levels," but victory gardens nnd home canning are expected to fill the gap. 1'ota-!- will hp scarce eariv In 1945. Current civilian supplies of canned vegetables are generally adequate, but non-civilian requirements in mid-1 94S may cut these stocks before the fall pack is harvested. Peed Fit Poultry feeders need be little con-i cerned il their feeds are somewhat lower in at content. Haic,bability ol eggs is unaffected by1 fat in the diet, reports the U. S. bureau1 bjf animal industry. ' i It Pays to Spray ' 1:" Careful cost and production -records have shown net profits due to spraying to run all the way from-$65 to $400 per acre. 1,1 Foreign Capital in Canada The amount of capital from othei countries invested in Canada exceeds $7,000,000,000. 1 MODEL CLEANERS I, 828 SOUTH MAI.V tions were nirlirall- uuleiiaiiio. Now (111 ri- are definite sdR-m el' I' ,ii. in cm i, lan siralei v on lie western from lo more orthodox mil itary lines. There is not (he same insistence oil holding grounu lor us own sak" and In deliaiice ol rosi. The possihility Is seen llial while Na:'i SS (l)Hle Cuardl leaders liji- uratively are holding tile gun to i,:i, iis of the regular (Ionium Army staff officers lo keep them fighting. they are leaving the direction ol Hie campaign to skilled military hands. H'B SrI)R lo Guide Short Session jmgrcss (Continued rrom page I) lnd.. was sworn in as a new short-term Senator, the first veteran of World War Two to enter the Senate. Discharged from the Army Air Corps for disahilily. Jeuner fills a vacancy caused by the death of the late Senator Frederick Van Nuys. Meanwhile ltaybiirn said lie would confer with 1'residenl Hoosevelt tomorrow on the legislative program to see what he has in mind" and expressed hope for a short session with luljournitment perhaps liy Dec. 10. There was no legislative program for this week, he said. The House iminedialely voted to recess until Thursday and then ' until Mommy while committees convened lo coil; sider necessary legislation.; WASHINGTON', D. C. W'ide-Slireail opposil ion was believed loday lo hao ironiited Coiipressioniil io. to niistoone action on post- ; war universal niilitiiry training un til next year. tool, tim war Deimrtiuent and the House Military Affairs Committee have received a flood of letters opposing such a proRflini. Tliey came largely I'rooi churclies. educators and pacifist nrirunlftil inns. As n result, it was repoi-led that the War Department was inclined not to press the matter at Hie present session, willed opiroH Jan. 3, but lo attempt to educate the public further nu the subject with Hie hoi" that the necessary legislation can lie enacted by the 7!l(h Congress which convenes next year. Itep. Woodruni (D) Vn., chairman of tin' House Postwar Military Pulley Cotnmitiee said no decision bad yet been leached by bis group whether lo bold public bearings Ibis year on proposed legislation. But there were other indications that nothing concrete would be done at the present seKliin. which reconvened today uftMi-nn t'leetionijea-. , Woniiruni said the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and other proponents generally favored one year of military training alter the war for all youths upon having high school. Hep. May (I)) Ky.. chairman of the House Military Affairs Committee, iiuliealed that no hearings would be held Ibis year on pending legislation introduced by himself and Hep. Wadsworlh lit) N. , co-sponsor of the Selective Service Act. Wadsworlh said lie saw liltle possibility of hearings this year, a prediction in which be was joined by Sen. Reynolds I HI N. C chairman of the Senate Military Affairs Committee. At the same time. Sen. Johnson (Dl Colo., who favors training Ion, eon pilots yearly. Willi recruiting on a volilnliiry basis, said the "whole subject of compulsory military Ir.iiuiliK should so over until t race conn s ". ' . .Meanwhile, it was learned, thai .-Vci viary of War Stimson has writ Km I'linureHsional leaders asliinr thai I he . resent office i.of I'nd.rsic relary of War. llov.' Ilel.t; byi IMb.Tt; 1'. rall. ron. lie fundi- periilaflf!i l.- l'o lau.-e of He- added work llial will lie iriiniii d in s-.liei-i ising a l.ireei pe:-cel n u- al ll.y 'I'lo' I'DI is a tell! jioiarv one ami will lie discontinued l- i- -ii. I !i I r, unless legjr.lalive ac t:oll is lal.en wo Hitler no Longer At Helm of Nazi Artuv in I'fehl (Continued fruni page 1) n-ns scheduled to Kii (luriiia rnm- illK weokB Wore cancelled. A Swiss report claims 1 1 1 t four well-known doctors lime neon 111 constant attendance ol Hitler's side or several weeks. They wore said lo be Donors llorl.-. Hitler s private jdiyftrlnii. '.ahel. chief medical officer of Hitler's sl.UT. I'n.f. Ulster. Inailf specialisl wlio ouraled on the late Field Marshal Ki n in Iloinlliel, and I'rof. Sauerlil mdi. one of Her maliy's elevererl suiT.eolis. Tv.o Iteasons t;ieti Two possible reasons are seen for I lie ltciclo-1'ili hrcr's apparent rotire-ilary master mind of Nazidom. Tin1 menl from Ins exalted post of mil first is Unit lie may not have recovered sufficiently from i" !"''' Buffered in the July ntieinpi on his life, or, mare prr.lialily. I lie disastrous results of the Little Corporal's" military "-iiil uitinn" hove finally cost liim the Napoleonic leadership he assumed following the Gorman Army's easy ictories over weak and unpn pared countries in 19 10-41. Whatever II dual reason, it is now lielieied that Hitler relinoilislieil li is c.iiiiiiiaiHl of l' armies following Cell. I)wh:lil O. Kienhower's awift.and swooping France. Jlifleienl Itnllle Turtle For some weeks now It has I n possible lo discern a different hand in control of the hut lie along the western frontiers of Cormany. During (lie Normandy campaign Miller's intuition and sluhborncss was evident in Herman hallle ladies. From captured Herman diaries and documents It is known Hitter insisted on holding eiery inch of ground to the Soothe your Irritated eyes with Murine B ir Unjiinatcd ny an eye puysiciau, ir Murine hrin(;s sooilung relief lo Sr eyes that are tirtJ, burning or smart Vint;. Just two drops ia each eye and I Murine starts at once to soothe and Rrcfrcsh. Murine contains seven ingre dients . is used in inour;anu 01 wa. industries and tirst-aui kiis. oaie... geu'.ie,..sootiiing. use jiyourtu. mmmm results sliG;vn in Locks... bmtmgVITAUTY! 1"K d3iv9iL ?: , in the 1 r our hodyvi'1' s Impropc i dirt. 01 "rwork. tnuliif wor ries, coid.s, tlo fu r oinnr inn"..- often impairs the siomncli'.s ciirr-;-tive funtuons and reduces the red-blood strength. A person who is npraMn on nnlv n 70 to 7S- i h' iiltliy hUmii u'ii;i a, a Stoninrh rilycsttii; rapuriiy nf enlv S'l tO 00' r nouii.ii 1 M'Vi'.iilv h f. i . At Mich times Nature need., rx'ra hf!p to ,H!Qr, its iiitl.iiifr- Qiid funct ion jhmp-rrly. UiKiit:c3rt-tl f-iutl plm-" a t.-x file systi,ni...ln'iiITiri( nt iilootl sti'nth Is a rii-trliiii nt to -iod 1 caith- 11 ycu .-Kliirtt to pur dl'ifsiinii or isiiipprt rtciiLiriit rcd-looci it- the cnuxe or your troublp. ytt h:it' no or-namc conipiication or Jj il ii '.ivtioii. ESS Tcntc may bp Jusi ivlint you net J! S.'jS Tonic is e.-pfvmHv dei:".-.fd 1 1 1 to promote tlir flow o! VITAL uitil-.TI Vb JUICES in the Ftoni.trh and (2i to iriild-UP F!LOOU STRENGTH when dt ;ic:eut. TIipo two important lesulls enable vrrn to enjoy thL- food you do r '.t . to make use of It ns Nat-ire mteiided. Thus ycu may Cft ",rw vitality . . . pep . . . become animated . . . more attracts e! Guild Sturdy Health snd Help America Win Thousands and thousands of ti-ers Jiri tpQtifVwl to the beneilts SSS loiur ha fdruRht to them and srtentthr shows that it R-'W rcF'Uts that's wnv so rr akesou icrt like yourrflf as?.n AS i V 4. i M ' Molybdenum ,- . More than 7,000,000 pounds of molybdenum were recovered from copper ores and concentratei produced "in 49 U. 6. mines in 193i, according to census bureau. MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 0 For Service Drop V A Card E. W.Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana Information WISHING WON'T MAKE IT SO , - -' - Xo wishing won't make It so if yon don't have your holiday garments elenneil early, they n on't he ready In time for the big day. When you have your cleaning done- the Model Way you'll know Ihnt they're ill perfect con-dllion.' THOME '13 jr ,4' home is going . not literally, oneUf INC. j nner Sworn In Today as junior Indiana Senator (Continued from page 1 ) its ciunliiued witli admitted registration ' errors lo cause confusion, the romplalnees indicated. INDIANAPOLIS, lnd. ltalph K. Gates, Covernor-elect, will come to Indianapolis on Monday or Tuesday tor a series of Republican party conference!-, on policies and plans for Hie new stale administration, i was announced loday. The inauguration of Mr. dates on .Inn. s will niai-U I he first lime since 1 ( 1 that a Itepublican has been Installed as governor of Indiana. A. V. Ilurch, who resigned week as city controller of Evaus-ville. will be the rirsl of the new (1. O. P. officials to take office., He will be inducted as uuditor of stale on Dec. 1. End of European War lias Little Effect on US Food : WAfiHINOTON, I. C. ' The As-riculturo Depanment predloled today that the end of the Kuropsan win- will mean virtually no chanKo in present civilian food supplies "tiinci" non-civilian rciuiieinen!s will mil-tinoe to lake n liiilistanlinl iiroi.or-lion ol' Hie toial lood Hiippi;en throughoul HMfi". In a siirv-y ( l ! I r tood prosp' "tt for civilians. I he depart moot wild that supplies of some fruits, tail -;ys and beef may h". lai-pe,- ,i, i y. ar. hill storlis of poll;, potatoes, Imlte-r ami prohaldy ehieki n and some I'l sh vi Ketahle-J may lie smaller. Despite; increased world fold neids, the siiriey added thai i'lf lotal civilian food supply in 111-13 is expecteil lo continue aholll the sal le as ill 1S11 when per caiiilal civilian consumption iv-icle-d iilmnt seven p.-i- ,-ent alHi-. e I lie lltr,.:! averaee. The sliney oullllieil Hie folluv.iof HUT, cililiall food .u-r.sp'-cl : Civilians will ' lllUill less" pork. hi;l hiore I Mil. l'"-r flipilu roll-Bi:uy"L:ou or all i-ieai will fall hclov, t'l,-J I'1 '10- I l.e ;,. Hinds averai-e for 'l!) l"l. i.ill i" ill prohaldy remain alene ,t,,. i -'e iml lev el for 1 !) " .", -!l . V Y-i 1, V.;,i:siiniijl ion wii! remain a l 1! nn-isu Mali' rate. Chieli- uoaliej will ilrop idiuhtly lie-d pi-odMi'li'Oi. lull Ci'USe ol lle;-re:i: turl-ei s V ill ill' l ease. lltillor pi 'idui ' i"ii w ill prohaldy lecline. Cliei se an I ev.'poniled mill stin ks v. ill I"- li.-l.iw demands. Ite dm-ed hoc ahiirrhter v. ill mean les! wiilinluiif of U '' ' N i' JL." Tune in the ELECTRIC HOUR iima ffil' llin Program Featuring Nelson Eddy I lllli I'M lllll , fii .Every Wednesday Night, Over1 I " 1 " Your Favorite CSS Station at 9:30 J - - ;i -- . - : YOUR ALL ELECTRIC HOME OF tomorrow will MAKE THAT DREAM COME TRUE There will come a day when there's no true! Your new, all-electric more canteen service no more Red Cross to practically run itself. . of course, hut electricity will go a long way toward further cutting down the work, no more AWVS and all the rest for the average homcmaker . . . and lady, you're going to deserve all the fun-lime you can get in return for the great war job you're doing now! Dest of all electricity is going to help P;i-P t:--v -.r i . - it. if . .-.IH - l - - . . -v : f . s' i I . - , ' - " A . - r y t r - ; : ' ' , i ... . v. ... . t . ; - , f ji i it . a ui "" iS'JJt.' ' m S.l: monotony of daily household chores. We hope every harassed, war-time homcmaker is stowing away lots and lots of War Uonds now. That's the surest way we know to make your dreams come true for better electrical living. see to it that your dream of leisure hours to do what you want to do comes gWy and KEEP 7&at PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF INDIANA, n-CIOt OF THS International Business Coineri-i:i-e. RvS "I Ort,.!t v', velcome! Abdul K ihim Siddiei of Calcutta, India, to 'no traa r!ey wbii h k hem - I: id at live. N. Y. liepre? i-ntatives of Itfty-one JjU.ej ws t.ikin- fait m the cu..:rns.. .lfcnutna;) ujji buuU STURDY HEALTH i

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