The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 13, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, November 13, 1944
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Monday, November 134041. THE DAILY CLINVONISR -irsr I'aRc Fonr Behmd the Scenes "RECOMMENDED FOR THE ASIATIC PLAGUE-!7 I . St THE DAILY CLIMONIAN inHQLLYWUUu 1M1 i pmWl'-- as The Weekly CM" ton tan 1M ' the OUaton PUlndettler absorbed in lubllshed Dally Except Saturday and Sunday poem. Only one copy of the faper , wa printed. . . . Arthur Murray tells about the two foxea whom By HARRISON CARROLL I Bio, Futures Hysdlrale Writer " HOLLYWOOD - Almost every star and executive on the M-G-M lot wrote a message in a book of humoroua drawing, that Laraine Day sent to Lew one I Carey - - Editor and Publisher bunt t the Poatnfflce at Clinton, Indiana U A tTt-mm Vtmitmm At thfMovut PALACE) ' i i Sac in-day Midnight, Sunday and Monday Blending laughter, romance and songs in diverting fashion, RiKO Radio's newest comedy with music, "Music in Manhattan." features Anne Shirley. Dennis Day md Phillip Terry in a gay story of a matrimonial inlx-up and It.i hilarious consequences. Raymond Walburn, Paul Brill, Jane Darwell and other noted players have Important roles, five gay -new tunes by Herb Magidson and Lew Pollack are featured, played by Charlie Burnet's. hunters chased ngnt into . -Oae panting fox said to the other: "Hev why don't we duck Into thla ; manhole?" . . . Eleanor Powall and Glenn Ford will celebrate their weddirfg anniversary (Oct. 23) to I . . I. , 1.. HHIawIb1 A 1 1 1 I a ll I M r niniaffn iwpuuuw wu. II - .tJ " W . . A .a U I .1 f I L f Ill Phone 83 phone 82 " gether at L.a Joua. . . "U''L" Goddard has resumed ballet lessons three times a week . . Back stage at "Winged Victory," Grocho Marx Ayrea ror ChrlBtmas. Lew would b flattered to know how everybody on his old lot respects him and is eager to re-celve news about his work in the Pacific. told the soldier actors. " KifutucAMioinm. show, but I had no Idea It was wr.r story." ASSOCIATIM aar.m riesnna : Durbln and Charles Laughton that their If t I JIlJ picture, "It started mm vt, n, . arat Hoiivwood film to be Quiet guy that he is. Lt. shown in Normandy theaters. (j. g.) John Howard never Harrison Correll iini riamell has received an advertised how he happened to get .... ti,. ,.itt to Hollywood. onu tt-nvn h0 former dentist. Dr. OUB ..w... - Robert Maimes, now in Australia. H A HASH Sunday, tyonday aiul Tuesday "Secret Command," Columbia film produced by Phil L. Ryan for Terneen Productions, will open at the Wnbash Theatre Sunday. Said to be a highly dramatic and nctionlul melodrama of attempted Nazi sabotage in an American shipyard, It co-stars Put O'Brien air! Carole Laiulis and features Chester Morris and Ruth Warrick. John goes to Washington and I think his friends would like to , i.. .m The former star's to send him the x-rays ne maws o her teeth. His Array pals won't be n.Trt rrurTC WITH THE GERMANS. lieve he knew Mnda. mine sweeper had its bow blown Emil Ludwig, German-born historian, i iu. f tho "nnnondltional ntt in Krencn water w win. in nnhndv.'BetteDavla slipped Into town and tnen left for comes 10 ute ucicuoo - . .... j fVQ rnpnrv ! down with Ihe loss of live men Twenty wounded were rescued. Warner. Jr. had a 22 V4 -carat square-cut diamond engagement ring , flow! xto.., vnt-k for Starlet OUl lioi" -.. Anne Sterling, with whom lie tried to elope to Mexico. And on Saturday, her birthday, he gave her an Laguna, where sne met ogi. a year ago. Intimates here say Bette Is telling the truth about the reported romance, however. That It won't t nd In marriage. Bette will stay In Laguna tintll she has to re-v port for her next Warner picture, "Stolen Life." . HOLLYWOOD HI JINKB; Jon ' Hall and several associates are working on a motor- that will run on other fuel than gaapllne. ... "The Jolly .Rogers,".,qrack; Bacl(lo. air group, haye notified Bob Hop that the plane he christened ,ha been lost Marguerite Chap expensive oar. Rebecca In 'Ivanhoe' It is an accepted fact that Sir Walter Scott modeled Rebecca hi "Ivanhoe" after Rebecca Gralz. of Philadelphia, a Jewess who wa noted for her beauty and intellect. An active nd able worker In the cause of needy women and orphans, she founded the Philadelphia Hebrew Sunday school and directed it for 32 years. Scott never .met Mlsn Gratz. She was ths companion of Washington Irving's fiancee, Matilda Hoffman, who died before their wedding day, and Irving described aar to him after Scott outlined the plan for "Ivanhoe." The new book of 20-year-old Private Tommy Wadelton, who has been a writing prodigy since the age of 17, will be dedicated to Unl- ...,i sin. r.torta Jean, and she also will be one of the characters In the story. Gloria met the young man's brother, Sgt. Fred Chapman, has been cited for bravery at Sal-pan. The gang- on the "Counter- soldier-author a year ago, ne s now stationed in South Carolina. Attack" Set IS senoing linn wni wrote he craved most pickled pigs' feet. . . . Producer Harry Sherman will donate hla collection of Indian relics to the Smithsonian Institute. . . . Billy Gilbert teHing Kmiih winds brought a balmy surrender" clause anu "ai,u"';,7'' that fair promises will make good Germans in return for the defeat and chastisement of "bad" ones. Asserting that lives can be saved and the war shortened by a compromise peace with the Germans, the historian says it would also result in hastening and making possible the beginning of World War III which in twenty years would in turn cost millions of lives." Ludwig says that the "unconditional surrender" clause is the only one which impresses the Germans who will interpret as cowardice every bit of consideration shown them. He adds that "if you offer a German a present, he will declare it his due and demand twice as much." According to this German writer, the Germans will change only after experiencing a defeat without limitation and when they realize that, instead of being the master race, power in the world. Consequently, Ludwig praises General Eisenhower's proclamation to the Germans, beginning: "We come as conquerors." Ludwig does not believe that the topography and social structure of Germany makes a protracted querrilla warfare possible. Consequently, he believes that only a few weeks or months will intervene between Germany's condition and unconditional surrender. He praises the cat of General Eisen- i - ,.:iin naoT tha P.prm n n temperature and while Ihe wrath- Taking a Backward Glance forecasts were delinueiy ior pals at Lymans about ine -msn who Invented a glass eight-ball for nannio whii tiitA to see ahead. .... rain today, II looked like a liny-nrtv chance, as this was wrillen. Accidental Deaths Accidental deaths of children under live years in 1944 increased 13 per cent from 1942, the 5 to 14 age group rose 6 per cent. Voting adult deaths 14 to 24 years dropped 17 per cent and for persons 25 to 44 years decreased 10 per cent; increases for ages 45 to 04 years 4 per cent, and over 04 years UP 8 per cent. that Ihe open air exercises plan Georgia Gibbs with Pat Nearney ceding his talk, at 11 o'clock, al the time when firing ceased in ned for the flag raising, in noni of Ihe American Legion house, al lillS, the legion rifle squad fired a salute and buglers sounded taps at the Blltmore Bowl. . ... mtcne Morgan -with Husband Bill Marshall at the Beverly Tropics her first time in a cafe since the birth wKiiw j . . Leo Gorcev jfivlna 10::iO and possibly the parade ai 1-sn minlii escape the showers. The thief who got away with JBrrol Flynn's car picked It from a group and from a protected spot at Bruce Cabot's new home, during Bruce s house warming. . . . Since Oil Heiress Georgette Bauerdorf was murdered in , an adjoining a p a r t m e nt , Virginia Woldler'e mother won't let Virginia step out of the door alone. ... Roy Roberts out of the Army and returning to Twenlielh Century-Fox. . . . The Sonny Tufts' gardener suddenly quit, leaving Sonny and his wife to take care of four acres, pais 80 hens and a dozen ducks. ... Greet-Garson's appendix attack will not interfere with "Valley of Decision." . . . M-G-Mers got up a newspaper for Louis B. Mayer that was loaded with famous by-lines Carl Sandburg and Donald Ogden Stewart among those writing Lrticles and Robert Nathan contributed a at a flag ceremony on the Central The sun shone through a hazy a rush to Patsy Parker, the aingei School grounds. Dr. and Mrs. (!. A. Jackson of Browns Valley spent yesterday visiting a the home of their son, Laurence, and Mrs. Jackson of Miss (ilnver to (io With TKX VKAKS VK.WM AtJO Adopt New System To Issue l.iei'iises Indinna motorists ari being provided with a new and pronipl service in obtaining llu'ir 1 :1 r, license plates, according to Flank Finney, commissioner of the bureau of motor vehicles, who has installed a new system of i'jsuiag the plates as well as a simpHtierl form of driver license. The new system has been planned by the state to eliminate the long, tiresome waits heretofore experienced in the branches and wiU do so if the applicant follows the Instruc- Slate, Health Hoard Bui Hoik lo t .Milium- Here Millions Gallons Gas Wasled Of the 22,000,000.000 gallons of gasoline consumed in 1910 by America', motor vehicles. 3,240.000.000 gallons, or 14.7 per cent, represented sheer waste from one major cause alone, namely, failure to maintain the vehicle properly ad-Justed for fuel economy. South Third Street. Parts of a county-wide interest at Charley Foy s. . . . ioo many Hollywood assignments kept Songwriters Jimmy McHugh and Harold Adamson from accepting Wesley Ruggles' offer to go -to London. , . . Two state policemen recovered XavLer Cugat's stolen violin, in a pawn shop. Cugat hosted them for a gay evening at Clro'a. developed at the meeting of cit- Mrs. Belle Miller and son, of Wabash Street and Mr. lienn ut the. church in Newport, and Mrs. William Whyte of River yesterday afternoon, to discuss ninHer nf r.arrvillg on the inrk of ihe county health nurse Rouge, Mich., were dinner guests last evening of Mrs. Maria Van Duyn and daughter, Miss Bessie, of Sou'LOiirth .Street Mrs. M. M. Scott of Mulberry-Street Is to be hoBless for the meeting of the Woman's Club Monday, afternoon at 2 o'clock. nower, wno uau '6C ; -iHnn. he will receive. Rotation of Sun Astronomers have- proven that the sun spins, or rotates, upon Us own axi. at an angle of 82 degrees 40 minutes, the rotation period being variously estimated at from 2? to 28 days. frontier burned to the grouna, Decause SBI,.1(,e Kor community Now The riv township trustees, who held a meeting with County Superintendent Lawman, to discusB other matters, came to the meeting later and there it was announced they had decided to finance the work for olitht months. The town i a : 1, ,1 1.nQn b-illnrl therP. t. i .I. HminliMitiiiir War Tlionu'lits - Historical Landslide One of the worst landslides on record occurred in a valley near Goldau, Switzerland, in 1808. when a large section of Mount Rulli suddenly came tumbling down, burying five villages, killing hundreds of persons and spreading huge masses of rock over 20 square miles. several Americano nau kwi w.- saying that the act immediately establish The real cauBe for rejoicing on ,1.. ..i.rAaapu nf tiia nifrninir nf ed throughout Germany a respect ior me , nrnl,fitl(,a .,. year is the fact AttO TODAY A voxinar, onlrlicr whiflh DrevioUSlV had 1 th.t ar a fadins from our minds of Dana, the only school incorporation except Clinton city, outside township schools, is to be ask Kavorable Start AlUCiivnu i - . - lacking and being supplanted by noughts en tatiue- Notified of New Address A young man, mindful of selects, service act requirements, wrote tht SeatUe- draft board: ". . . My tamer address was the county Jail l Salem, Ore.: present address the state penitentiary. - I (ul get hi touch with you when I get out U you're still there.' , Noted fleyser Old Faithful geyser In Yellowstone National park throws 360.000 gallons of steaming hot water ISO feet in the air every 70 minutes, n English Lottery The last state lottery, in England took place October U, 1828, in Copper's Hall, Bosinghall street. completely and service for the good of the l or Armistice Mnnvr "the destruction of Aachen ana serv ce ior e Dav in linlon ed to bear its share. Lack Children Divorces and separations occur in families that have fewer children than those which remain intact. It appears that about 60 per cent ol Feparatcd couples have no children Mi iRnhel Glover, who has . . , communiiy. Such was the opinion expressed Kxcept for threatening rain. been the health nurse, announced and other towns in tne ruiure win nut cm anu WWl. ... Paprika Commercially Louisiana expects to produce paprika commercially; California Is experimenting with caraway, poppy and celery seed. by or. 1. M. Casebeer, American armistice nay tun bitter the Germans but rather induce them to rally around the victor as the strong Legion representative, who auu-1 in i union, ..w b ressed iv student assembly at the', out this morning and preparations high school yesterday as part of completed for the day's celebra-its Armistice Day observance. Pre-1 tion. her resignation. She is to he in charge of public health nurse work for the entire state under the Indiana Public Health board. IVi-sonals Mrs. Rosie Wright, Mr. and The Chinese Cook Police arrested a Seattle, Wash., Chinaman in a fantan game. The Celestial gave his name as Chow-On, and his occupation as cook. Road Contact Low Inflation causes excesslvt -.nd contact and wear on t.res. Mrs. Ora Runyan. Elizabeth. Der-, exa and Mabel Runyan. Wright Runyan and Gilbert Wright spent Todas Cross-Word Puzzle By EUGENE SHEFFER ; one". He say that tne name Mseimuwn fills the Germans with respect because, in German, it means "iron beater". We are inclined to agree with the reasoning of Emil Ludwig. While the "unconditional surrender" policy may prolong the war for a while ,and this is a serious matter to Americans whose sons are fighting in fTurnnp trip lonp'-ranE'e eain. which in o THtUD HAVEN 6 Sunday at Praiiieton, lnd., visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Weill er. Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Clark of South Main street entertainment with a dinner Sunday lor Mr. anil Mrs. Leo Richardson. Mrs. Isaac we don't know In a little place like much as we owe Anne. She really brought him." The doctor smiled. "For Anne I ..,..1,1 an anvu-here. anv time. I've this." Laura came home to dinner before driving back to spend the evening at the hospital with her mother. She did her best to be entertain been in love with her for years, but. she probably won't hear of it. Sha i Wiggins, ami son, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Chaplain, and William. Har-j old nnd Opal Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beaty and son Myersvllle. I and Mr. and Mrs. John Beaty and I son of Annapolis. ing and her best was very goou in- deed. Laura had a good brain and used It. She was really quite pleased with everything. An opera-lion could not only put her mother was hiding here to tease ins. There was a little, laugh that wasn't too easy. Russell remembered that last day In the car. Sha had to go back to New York, sha had said. He could .understand now. She had said she waa married well, he didn't know; He stood, hat in hand, for a moment. Anne cludes the prospects of destroying the super-man myth, outweights the short-range benefits. The Germans have taken to the sword in an aggressive, brutal and demoralizing warfare. They have wantonly disregard the rights of every other people and their lust to conquer is based, fundamentally, upon the acquisition of loot and booty. They must be taught the hard lesson that aggression does not pay and that a policy of brutality, even in warfare, brings back upon the German people stern and back where sne nau oeen,. o". .i..i.t .in hnlfr than that. No mir acles were to be expected, but when t - m i" i' K 1 1 1 m p2 f" " Jl I P r f w IlIIII" 1" II - fc 1 - 1 VA' 1 Vr II i I j Invisible Chameleon ' Combining a leaflike look and I ability to pose for a long time with-I out th3 slightest motion, the Al-i ritan cl.amelcon named Rhampho-lton bni'L-ngeri, makes himself in-visible u.i any tree bl anch whenever d.oifct-i is uear. Dr. Raynor was nopetui mm she had every reason to be. There was a chance of failure, of course, but It hardly entered her mind. CHAPTER THIRTY -SIX DR. DWIGHT RAYNOR had j it none of his directness or ertt-, or confidence In himself, since Anne had worked under him He went to Weston hospital .vitli Dr. Banning and decided he would operate there the next day. There would be no need to go to Baltimore. So Mrs. Reynolds was moved in the ambulance and Anne went with her. The old lady bore the trip well and even said, "I wont say anything now, but as soon as I'm over the operation I want to know more about you and Dr. Kaynor." Anne nodded gravely. "I'll tell you everything then." "And if I don't" "You will. Dr. Raynor, whatever his faults, is a great surgeon." "And a very handsome man. The old eyes twinkled as she said 't. Anne smiled It was a return of the former Indomitable Atltlit. Dr. Banning was all eagerness to co-operate Willi his distinguished colleague, whom he appreciated at once. He asked Dr. Raynor to stay with him. but Uie surgeon shook hi. h..H ami said. "1 want to be was very quiet, quieter than ne naa ever seen her. But was she quiet because she was happy? He didn't know. He was sure of I-aura, how-aver. Laura was radiant and looked handsomer than be had ever seen her. Yea. handsomer waa the word. And Dr. Raynor was In love wttn AnnM Anns had hen his StOOial nurse. It put Anne In a new light in more ways man one. 11 mauc her understandable. It gave her a i.nni.or,.,,n,l II nccnnnted for that Iura would never toe pretty, one was too dark, too Intense. But to Wins Senate Seat night she was vital, triumphant. In bur which had been a mainstay He spoke to ner. "i m .liivinir to Weato to sea in trouble anu also mat caini surunce which had been most irri your mother. If It's allowed." tating. And It was clear now that, even If Anne nan ptayea wnn mm-sell, It had only been playing. Dr. Raynor laugnea. -i want you to see her.tshe spoke of you as being such a devoted friend. In fact, I gather your engaged to to So Laura talked cnarmingiy 01 books and people and small-town life. Dr. Raynor liked her as he iiir. ail intetlieent eirls. He had Laura, aren't you?" . rtnssell liesuatea. men wm. t thnuaht so." He turned. "And HORIZONTAL 44 place of i ficts activity J: warp-yarn 45. over t poetic) im use for dull ones, no matter u-h-m 1 can talk with Anne, who ...nn't on nil Hntv until operating how beautiful. He was .in his best nr.riniia witlv. sure of him g bulblike stem K""-rr" 47. eaual VERTICAL 1. weaken 2. ascended 3. ability 4. one, indif-feiently 5. defensive covering 6. present 7 gamble iBot.l self. And even Anne had to con you don't mind my presumption in calling you Laura? I like first names, real names, I call them that is, exeept my own. Only Anne could ever say it and make music out of it." time with me. Mrs. Reynolds said 1 might stay at her houce." It was an invitation which Laura 12 Peiia fess to herself she had never seen innir hanHsnmer. He compli just punishment, mevitaoie ana inexorable. The lesson may be difficult to administer but the peace of the world demands that it be taught. FOUR FREIGHT TRAINS. Four freight trains, extending from New York to San Francisco, would be required to carry the supplies used in one year of war in the Pacific, says Brig. Gen. Herman Feldman. With operations stepped up the consumption of ammunition and supplies increase and as the battlefront moves westward the length of the supply line is longer. It all adds up to the fact that we cannot stop the production of war supplies and that , we will need every available ship to put them where they are needed in the Pacific. Allied Supreme Headquarters, France Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, in special Sixth War Loan plea to the American people: "The fighting man still faces a ond h still nrp-entlv needs much .Ion .cnnHeil. and Mollv was be 48. distant 49 one 50. wait upon 51. soar 52 step mented Molly on her cooking and stirred by phone to do her very Laura's eyes were bright. Iran proud If you call me Laura. And hia la nneL of course. We're 1 : n t .f . . f 1 ' V ' - 1 .Viz Molly, once back in tne uucncu, danced with joy. As she told her friends later in her little house on best. Laura only saw ner muuiei after she was in the hospital, but t,... awAvai nt all nlana was im puzzle. Answer to Saturday s only a small circle here." v a back street: . : mediate. This was scientific efli-ciency and she liked efliciency. She "And a nappy one, i m ur. ,-"Whan vou've riven Mather back It ain't only WHAT he said, out ix7 a v ha aalri it An' him the to ua, we will be. Dr. Kaynor." handsomest man ever poked his was very mucn lmpreasea oy or. Raynor, too. He was her idea ex- .iiu nt what 'crest sureeon 8. hut 9. public speaker 10 recount 11. small maul 19. earthy 20. flesh of deer 22 Kingsley's River 23. speck 25. armed conflict between nations 28. wharf loadei i Austral.) 29 boVor live fish 30 scent bag 31 to attain success 32 impelled J5 thin plate J6 surd consonant , phonet.) 37 argue 9 coriect 40 small truit 42. resound 4T, say 4. vuu sial "Andif tram" .. oh. ivilr intn Ms eves. "T as nose into this town, ah B "'-, Inn In New York all the ,hr.,,T1 h She was reallv cleaned society women Jest runs after him 13 fish eggs 14. extent 15 showy flower 16. pithy saying 17 round body 18 application 19 measure of weight 20. essential 21 proffer 23 indicate 24 go in 25 gained 26 soak flax 27 queer 30 woeful 33 organ of hearing 34 course at meal 38 confiimed 40 salt of boric acid 41 iniquity when he accepted her invitation to sure you won't fall. Mother is very old we celebrated her 80th birthday thia spring but aha has an In- ItaMa anirit Alan she'll tell TaW and begs him to eul em open. After dinner Russell came in and ..a. inirnHnceii to Dr. Raynor. iMlAiinMltlTlAO' S OB 5tm E E ODjE JfER R OjDjaiJfiA DlSHA D E t Dja4lte&-Efl--- fiH sllTlo nIeisLIp a m ' 1 1 II" stay at her house. He said. "Naturally, I want to see as much as I can of Anne.!' "You may consider yourself Anne's euest If you will," she an Talbot people go on and on and They made a fine picture as they don t die." . xt vr- shook hands, but the doctor was i.ii., hwnaAur nt shoulder and "Snlendid. You tell her n art? swered cordially. "Our home is depending on her." ' i handsomer. Russell was impressed h Ahn fins heen wonderful.1 "RvAi-vnne has heard of you. Dr. Laura thanked mm, men lumfs to Rusaell. "Will you take sae up with you?" . "Of course-" . . IRIEN M'MAHON, above, former issistunt V. S. attorney general, las won a U. S. Senate seat in Connecticut. McMahon, a Demo-rat, beat Jcilm A. Panaher. GOP neumbent. ( International) Raynor," he said. "We're proud to . "And you didn't fealize she was m highly skilled aurse ?" He had been told by Dr. Banning and found that part of it highly amusing. Ijiurs smiled. "There La so much food, clothing and battle equipment that! must be bought. The money must be raised i and our men on nil tho fronts doprnd on I ou." -- S MIIUUI.' have you with us. --- ,. .aura smiled. "We owe Dim a . . i ... .1 ftnluliun 4 u indite

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