The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 13, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, November 13, 1944
Page 3
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Monday, November 13, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Page Three AND THAT FOR YOU, YOU-! (j Clinton Social Notes "may be announced any day now". Even as the proclamation wart being reported by the Nazi DNU agency, the German radio was announcing another of Hitler's strange fail Himmler Issues Fight to Last Man Decrees invite them to return when the report on wages Is ready for submission to I lie President. AFL members have declined to sit on the individual wage canes involving "Little Steel" until tlio question of revising the formula Is resolved. Davis also removed himself as a candidate for Secretary of Laboe Hhoiild Secretary Frances Perkins resign, asserting that "I have never been u raiidldatti for Secretary of Labor nor any other government Job. Armistice Program Given Cayuga Lieutenant Weds In California Oct. 28 At Jacksonville Schoolhouse ures to appear at a public function. Radio Berlin reported that a wreath commemorating Nazi party members who died in the 19211 putsch was laid In Munich by Giesler "for tlio Fuehrer". The students of Jacksonville school Lt. Gilbert Tate, eon of Mr. and Mrs. John Tate of Cayuga and MIbb assembled in the auditorium for Lorrene Williams, daughter of Mr, their annual Armistice Day program, : 4kP y ih i V i 'm r cth:. : 1 tti and Mrs. Chris E. Williams of Okla Friday morning. The following program was pre homa were united In marriage In (Continued nvm page 1) There was nothing startling or new In its text. It adhered to the rocrnt goneral pattern of Nazi propaganda, mentioning final victory only once, again describing the war as being wa?d to drfend Europe against the eant and frequently employing such phrases as "ultimate success" and "preservation of our people". double ring ceremony Oct. 28 at the sented: "The Meaning of Armistice Day" given by Earl Foltz, "Armistice Wholesale WLB "Resignations" Start Rumors FirBt Presbyterian Church at Fres no, Calif, by the Rev. D. N. Oerow Day" a reading by Billy Mazura; pi. ano solo, a medley of songs from The bride was attired in a French blue wool crepe dress with black past wars given by Mrs. June Woolfe accessories and a corsage of orchids, Second Hitler Failure in Month (Continued from page 1) "In Flander's Field," Martha Ann Williamson, "In Flander's Field London newspapers played the Miss Reba Williams, sister of the bride, acted as maid of honor and An Answer" by Mary Foncannon, proclamation as almost a mystery story, pointing out that it was the to the general wage-increase demand which will be up to Mr. Roosevelt. Davis added that the WLB public was wearing a beige suit with brown accessories. Her corsage was of gar selection of songs sung by the group, Pledge to the Flag, silent prayer followed by taps and the singing of second time within a month that Hit FBI DTK Pfc. and Mrs. Clyde Colvin, 114 South Main street, are the parents of a baby boy born Friday, Nov. 10. Tlio Infant weighed 7 pounds and thirteen ounces and has been named Clyde William. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Carrol, Rosedale, are the parcnls of a baby boy born Friday, Nov. 10. The infant weighed 9 pounds and 5 ounces and has been named William Lee. Mrs. Norma Carlson R. 2, Is the mother of a baby girl born Satur denias and yellow roses. ler failed to deliver an address personally. The other was Issued Oct. The brother of the bride, Wallace America In unison. Williams, gave the bride in marriage. 18 when the people's army was call ed up for duty. Godwins Entertain For Builders Class Members Lt. John Mackey was best man. Following the wedding, a recep The latest proclamation, like its tion was held at the home of Mr. and Immediate predecessor, was aired Fifteen members of the Builders over radio Berlin by Himmler, ap Mrs. Wallace Williams in Riverdale Calif. Class of the Fairview Methodist Church met at the home of Rev. and The newly married couple will pearing before an audience in Munich. Himmler was introduced by Paul Giesler, the Munich gaulelter. Mrs. Godwin Wednesday evening. members hoped to complete this week a "fact-finding" report without recommendation which the President will use in deciding whether to lift the current wage freeze. A companion report on wartime changes In the cost of living should be ready for the President tomorrow, Davis said. The WLB chairman also voiced opposition to any all-public government board to handle labor disputes. Instead, Davis favored letting industry and labor decide their disputes without participation of public members although he said he had no reason to anticipate a change in the tri-partlte structure of the WLB at this time. Davis said he had no Indication that AFL members plan to resign from the WLB. He said he would spend fifteen days In Cayuga with the groom's parents and will return to Fresno where Lt. Tate Is stationed During the business meeting. July SI Last Appearance plana were made for the annual pot- Hitler has not been heard public luck supper to be held at the church ly since last July 21, and when he failed to make his annual speech on the anniversary of the 1923 Munich basement, December 15 at 7:30 p. day Nov. 11. The infant weighed g pounds and 4 ounces and has beeu named Joyce Ilene. Peanut Butter A peanut butter idea for breakfast is to top the toast or pancakes with peanut butter and citrus marmalade. For lunch combine peanut butter and bacon in broiled as a Radar Instructor. Fairview PTA Delegate Reports on Convention Members attending were Mr. and beer hall putsch a flood of inquiry I Mrs. Paul Foltz, Mr. and Mrs. Ken swept tne German people. The repeated assurance In the . ."it Mrs. Kanaur, a delegate from the Fairview P. T. A. to the convention held in Bloomlngton, gave her report neth Foltz, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Foncannon, Mrs. Anna Miller, Mrs. Mae Hab-icht, Mrs. Mayme Smith, Mr. and proclamation that Hitler's work at headquarters will not permit him to speak still failed to explain why his at the regular meeting held at the voice has not been heard nor his face Mrs. Ernest Dixon and the hosts. seen since the abortive attempt on Rev. and Mrs. Godwin. his life In July. Nazi Leaders Write Proclamation NAZI PRISONERS get a fiery reception from the French as Is evidenced In the photo above. Seized in the drive for the German border, and returned to Toulon, France, for imprisonment, this Nazi prisoner gets a hot welcome from a French miss, who deals out a harmless but soul-satisfying kick with her light sandals. Allied soldiers protect the captives from injury, but find it humanly impossible to prevent the onlookers' expressions of hatred. This is an official United itaf - Navy photograph. (International Soundpboto) P. 0. Ray Strouls Honored Belief in London is that the proc Recently at Supper Party lamation read by Himmler was written by leaders of the Nazi nartv school Thursday evening. Her main topic was "The Return Home.", During the meeting, the chairman gave their reports pn the ways and means committee, membership and the different projects were discussed to make more money for the organization. It was also reported that $50 was cleared on the recent bake sale. Following the business meeting a short program was presented by the first and second grades in charge of Miss Holt and Mrs. Kennedy. A play. Mr. ana Mrs. Ralph Hoggatt of rather than by Hitler. The Daily Mail North Third street entertained re cently with a supper In honor of Pet- bluntly expressed the view that the proclamation may have been written ty Officer Ray Strouls of Little with a view to preparing the Ger Creek, Va. Those present were Petty Officer ! YOU'D BETTER I "TAKE STOCK" JgL ' $ THANKSGIVING DAY fejA f Is Just Around The Corner! f fUsjlFp X Be Ready For It With lk Garments That Are Perfectly -0 Dry-Cleaned By lir t steads . A LITTLE efTTen- f Phone 129 220 Elm St. 1 strouls and wife and children, Billy, man people for the announcement of the death of the Fuehrer". The Daily Express quoted Emll Ludwlg as saying that Hitler's death Monday Regular meeting, Jeruslem Chap Gen. Eisenhower Asks People at Home Make 6th War Loan Success SUPREME HEADQUARTERS Allied Experltionary Forces Your assistance is needed and the most Important job now for the people at home is to make the Sixth War Loan "Happy Home Front" was presented. Lottie May Berry entertained with several songs. Rev. Godwin dismissed the group. ter 254, OES, 7:30 p. m. at the Ma sonic hall. American Beauty Shop Vera Mae Black Bobby, Buddy and Davy, Mr. and Mrs. Bertie Carty and daughter, Carol Lee, Mrs. Gayle Ewlng and son, Jimmy, Mrs. Elsie Carver and daughter, Margaret, Mrs. Ella Bowling, and Dickie, Wanda, Denny and Don-nte Hoggatt. Petty Officer Strouls returned to his base in Virginia. Tuesday Alpha Club, Mrs. E. A. Lewln 812 8. Main Phone 60 , South aMin street, 2 p. m. Crompton Hill PTA, November 14, a success. 7:30 p. m. at the school, fifth and To make sure of final victory we Specialized Hair Styling Permanent Wares Open Every Evening Except Saturday Sgt. Joe Verhonik who has been stationed in Newfoundland visited his father, Vincent Verhonik, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Verhonik and sister, Mrs. Catherine Bybee. Mrs. Bybee accompanied her brother to Indianapolis where she spent a few days with her sisters and brother. sixth grades will present the pro must redouble and sustain our ef gram. forts, both here and everywhere. The fighting man still faces a grim task Wednesday iVUOrSRITAL Acme Club, 7:30 p. m. Mrs. Wil and he still urgently needs much liam R. Brown. food, clothing, and battle equipment that must be bought. The money must be raised and our men on all Happy Hour Home Ec. Club, 10:30, with Mrs. Ruby Kelley, Mrs. the fronts depend upon you. Vesta Clrey, assistant hostess. Wednesday Embroidery Club, 2:30 Contact your local War Finance Committee and join the home front Notice! The Cllntonian Wants Your News. Please Call Miss Lear To Report Social News. Phone 82 or 88. . p. m. with Mrs. ouy unggs. army as a volunteer war bond work Pythian Circle, 7:30 p. m. at the er. On behalf of your sons, brothers, home of Mrs. Jeanie Scullion. Joan Rose Kaufman, 3 month old daughter of Mrs. Grace Kaufman, was admitted to the County hospital Thursday, Nov. 9. as a medical case. Mrs. Maxlne Cummlngs, 760 Neb-eker Street; Mrs. Alma Robbins, route 3; and Mrs. Wilma Burgett, Montezuma, were admitted to the husbands, and friends In this great Thursaav war theatre I request that you do your part to see that the Sixth War PreBbyterlan Missionary Society, 2:30 p. m. with Mrs. Ora Doyle, 416 Loan is vastly oversubscribed. South Fourth. Vermillion County Hospital Satur day, November 11, as surgical cases. Helt's Prairie Home Economics Club all day meeting at the home of Mrs. Harlow Frist. Mrs. Ernest Har Mrs. Rose Collins, 319 North 6th Relief At Last. street, was admitted to the county hospital Saturday as a medical case. rington, assistant hostess. For Your Cough ENJOY BABBIT Sl'PPER Mr. and Mrs. Bertie Carty of South Fourth street entertained with a rab Creomulsion relieves Dromotlv be. John Woody, Bloomlngdale; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shattuck, Elm Street; Mrs. Norma Carlson and baby, route 2; and Mrs. Paul iKent and baby, Rockville; were dismissed from the county hospital Saturday. Get In tne Scrap! P. & J. MARKET Hillsdale, Ind. Come and Try Our ' GROCERIES ' FRESH MEATS At All Times Hours: , Week Days 6A.M.to8P.M. Sundays 7 A. M. to 10 A. M. 4 P. M. to 8 P. M. cause lt goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe I - I j W w ) S ; ; j bit supper for several friends Friday evening. Guests attending were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hoggatt and children, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Strouls and sons, Mrs. Margaret Ewlng and Carol Lee Carty. and heal raw, tender inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding vou must like the way it q jicKiy anays tne cougn or you are to nave your money DacK. CREOMULSION Classified Ads Sell Most Anything ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP 137 North 7th St. PHONE 184-W PERMANENTS CIVEN AT NIGHT For Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis B-17 HIT IN FREAK ACCIDENT r . i ' i ' ... 4 BID NEWS! v Sign of a good housekeeper! 4 TTrT Be sure your heating system is clean and in good shape. Fire carefully. Pull your shades and draw the drapes at night. Close off unused bedrooms. For other suggestions see your coal dealer. One of the biggest jobs of the C&O Lines is hauling coal from the mines along its routes, so we're in a position to understand tht problem and to know how essential coal is these days. ALONG with all the good news of victories abroad, ii comes some very bad news here at home. Fat salvage collections are taking A nose dive In many sections of the country. www That can mean just one thing! Too many of us ire letting the good news GO TO oim heads. Too many believe that, with the collapse of Germany, we can relax. ' Don't these people know that the battle of Germany is just one chapter in this global war and that we still have long, tough road to travel in the East? - Even the total defeat or Germany can't help us one bit as far as the fat situation is concerned. And for specific reason: it's the japs who have owt fats. Our fat shortage troubles began when Japan moved into the Pacific areas and cut us off from one billion founds of fats and oils we used to import every year. The Japs are still there and we're still cut off! . www So we must continue saving used fats to help make up that loss. To help make the munitions, synthetic rubber,' medicines, soaps and other materials needed to finish the war. wz must save even harder than ever. So let's get busy and send the fat collections climbing up all across America! The need is so urgent, our government gives you 4f and 2 free red points for every pound saved! SO KEEP SAVING USED FATS UNTO, V-J DAY-the day when we can celebrate final victory over our last and toughest enemy Japan. . " Appnvtd by tPFA W OP A. Paid Jar by Industry r ! OURE, there's a cobweb on that door. O In moment it will lie gone with a flick of the duster. But right now, it's a sign of good housekeeping, for it shows that an unused bedroom has been closed off to save heat. There's going to be some shortage of coal delivered to homes this winter. This isn't because less coal is being produced. More coal is being mined this year than last. Mine owners and miners alike are doing a splendid job. And there are ample rail facilities for transporting coal. But certain grades and sizes of coal are needed for war production. And, in " addition, your local coal dealer is suffering from a shortage of manpower, trucks and tires. So be patient with him and make the coal you get go as far as possible. J 1 i Chesapeake & Ohio Lines CHESAPEAKE AND OHIO RAILWAY NICKEL PLATE ROAD PERE MARQUETTE RAILWAY i Save Coal and Serve America, FREAK ACCIDENT which occurred when bombs from one B-17 Flying Fortress struck and damaged one of the horizontal tail stabilizers of another B-17 beneath it is pictured here. Upper photo ahowa bombs dropping toward the ill-fated ship from the B-17 in which Uw photographer was riding. First bomb is about to strike left stabilizer In the lower photo the stabilizer dangles from the plane after being struck by bomb. The damaged ship completed its mission and returned to its home base ahead of the rest of flight. Jnteraatipnt

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