The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 10, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLIN IONIAN1 Taj Clinton Wildcats Meet Brazil in Homecoming Bout Friday, November 10, 1944. victory of a western conference oyer the Jungle Cats since the Pittsburgh team lost Jock Sutherland as head coach. Football Notes War Bond Flags To Be Awarded To Local Schools of Upper Coal Branch and Orvllle Hlnes mi family Sunday evening. Mrs. Nellie Tutlle visited Mr. and Mrs. Bert Elckelman Sunday afternoon. Orvllle nines and family and Ol-tis Hathaway and Tamlly spent Sunday Willi Manful d Holycross and family. Mr. and Mrs. Brint Toby spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Bert F.lekelman. Normal Hunting Season Expected Through Indiana An averago hunting season was forecast this year on the basis of reports received from over the state by the Division of Fish and Game in advance of the opening date, Friday. Nov. 10. Regulations for the hunting of upland game are the same as last year, with the exception of the date for pheasant season, which will be from BOWLING RESULTS cnr a.coi.a i ea;i e HORNBY 11ATTKHY SHOP Lane, 23S, 1S7, 2.r.9 684: Paloncy, IliS, HO. 201507; Waucli. HIS, lit). I.ri0 ?A: Cooper. H10. 2f6. 170 .ISC; Karanovich. 15. 1G2. 1!I3 611: handicap. 12S, 128. 123 :!84. Totals. 1013, 989, 1 1 04 3106. J1ATTIODA GROCERY Mr-dock. 169, 159. 166 494; Lyday. 167, 138, 157 462; Maltioda, 175, 152, 184 Ell; Costello. 173, 174, 152 499; Drazukas, 180. 155. 199 534; handicap, 111. 111. Ill Wildcats Play Crucial Game Here Tonight Valley Honors, Record At Stake and Wildcats Meet Brazil Tonight; Ruby Peck Homecoming Queen Clinton Wildi uls vs. lli-aiil Hod Devils. Clinton Stadium. - Time of game: 7:30 p. ni. Officials: Hew Clark, J. 1). Jan-ziu-k, N'orman Dunlap. Starting Lineup: CMXTOX flKAZIL Foster HE Hess I'ovlin ItT Kveland Kernnililio IK1 Mae Keth (.lover C Hawes talman l. Hums firiiliaiti I.T lxng Cirey - T,K Kerry l. Reineio H Howard l. Heinero IllMt Kinley Enrietta . Mils llussinit Carry Kit Crabb In what may welt be one of the , 'onttnued from pig II man and Steve Semanrik, Jr.; 18, Victor Gamualanl and Mary June Wilson; J7.50, Mary Donnu; $7, Jim Wheeler Riser and Stacey c. Pierce; $6.75, R. T. Williamson; l, Mary Sakala Jones, izelta H. Semancik, Anton Pupllli. Floyd Arthur Judy and Robert H. Groves; $5.76, Juke Petrauski; $5. Evelyn Hill; $3, Mary. D. Chambers. Cloyd Van Trover and William Sanford Torner. Wild Greens The person who knows the tastf-ness of wild greens, either cooked or raw, contemplates a mess ol dandelions cooked with a piece of salt pork for real flavor, or a salad given zest by an attractive garnishing of water cress. Sticky Icings Moisture in the air on rainy days may make icings soft and sticky. To offset this tendency, cook the icing or sirup products just slightly longer. 51 1IAD1SOX, Wis. Coach Harry Sluliliirelier will send in n reshuffled hackrield when the I'nivei-sity of Wisconsin luces the L'nivcvsliy of Iowa llawkeyes in '.Madison tomorrow. Sluhldreher said Jerry Thompson will replace injured Earl Girard at left half, with T. A. Cox taking over the fullback spot mid ptmtiim. Following a week's absence with a shoulder Injury. Joe Campbell will start at right half and Allen Sharer at quarter. MIN'NEAPOI.IP. Minn. The in- vading Indiana Iloosiers will find Minnesota with tlie best pass defense it has been able lo nniRier this soa- son in lomrroiv's game, nr. George Hauser. Gopher enach. Indicated to- day. Final Gopher drills have been de- voted to plans to slop the aerials or Hoosier star Hob Hoernschenieyer. LAFAYETTE. Ind. Purdue fans received bad news today matching that which came out of the Nortii- western camp yesterday, as Coach Cecil Isbell announced that Ed Cody 'crack fullback, will not see action in .tomorrow's game against the "Wildcats at Evanston. Isbell said tlie knee ligaments Co-j dy injured In the game witli Michigan two weeks had failed to mend and that he would not even be with the 35-man Bqoad at Dyche Stadium. Northwestern announced yesterday itnit ft vr' be without the services MrB. Mazie Hlnes and Bessie Webb were Danville callers Monday. EUC.EXE EVAXS SERVES OX UKWEY RECEPTION' COMMITTEE Eugene Evans of Chicago, son of Mrs. Tempee Beebee of Newport, considered it quite an honor to serve on the reception committee for Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thursday, Oct. 26. Mr. Evans who is the precinct committeeman in the voting district In which he resides was chosen on the committee to welcome the republican candidate for president when he made his personal appearance in Chicago during the campaign tour of the country. Chinese Trace Siinli to Iran The Chinese word im spinach is pii'sai, meaning "ihc vegetable im-pjr; m! from Iran." II IT DOESN'T SOUTH BENT). Ind. The second contingent of Notre Dame's root-hall sound, seven naval trainees, will head for the east today for tomorrow's game with the r. S. Military Academy at Yankee stadium. They will reinforce the main body of the fighting Irish which went a-1 head a day earlier on its doubtful adventure designed to stop Army, currently rated as the No. 1 outfit in the nation. Coach Ed McKeever thought he had a pretty good team, but he was not too hopeful. He said before leav- lng wnn frst contingent after n,0 fjJi workout at Notre Dame: ..yve didn't look' too , good out there, that's sure. Of course, our ,ft nalfbacks are new and aren't very familiar with our offense yet. i but the Army won't wait, I'm : :t r ;i id ." Indiana Farm Prices To Continue Strong in 1945 Farm prices are likely to continue strong except for a temporary drop at the close of the way. extension agricultural economists of Purdue 1'niversity say in reporting tlie general agricultural outlook for Indiana Tlie trend or the farm prices during I tie year will depend largely upon the date of tlie closing of the war, industrial activity during the transition to peace, amount of relief sup-ulied to European countries and price control activities. The large amount of accumulated as for other commodities. ii price ceilings are coniinuea on j food products ror some time arter tlie I f price ceilnigs are continued on war. prices relationships of the vari- otis commodities will be more nearly in line with their present relation- shin than if price controls on food products are removed. It was said, ! ! ! , 1 Nov. 10 to 1 inclusive. The-quail and Hungarian partridge season will extend over a 40 day period, closing on Dec. 20, while rabbits may be taken until Jan. 10. Hoosier hunters find their main sport iti rabbits and according to reports, there Is an average population of this game animal. However, the population is spotted, with an abundance in some localities and a scarcity in others. The quail population is said to be above average and equal to that of last year which was regarded by hunters generally as a good season for shooting this species. Practically no winter loss was reported and it was said that there was a large carry over of parent stock. Word from northern Indiana counties, where the quail often are seriously affoct-ed by severe climatic conditions, indicates an above normal population there. More than 75,000 pheasants taavr been released by state game farms and local conservation clubs throughout the state this year. Liberation of a large number of these birds was delayed until late September and early October in an effort to pre- Vent a depletion of the population fronJ mortality berore (lie opening of the hunting season Hunters are reminded that the iaw required that they obtain per- mi8Sion fr0m a landowner before shooting on his property. Upper Coal Branch Mrs. Mazie Hines and Mrs. Man- ford Holycross spent Thursday with Mrs. Fred Holycross. Mr. and Mrs. Dale NelBon and Mrs. Lois Nickles were Sunday din- ner guests of Arnold Webb and fam- ily. Mr. and Mrs. Brint Toby enter- talned Mr. and Mrs. Bert Elckelman nrm. HAVE TO COST MUCH TO BE FUN or tt? luimtieit. Hon r underinirg. 'savings in uie nanus or consumers .. is expected to maintain prices as In - PTftLA rtFT.PHT V . Pit. Andy'dusti-v shifts to the production of OnMin r-r-nM 'r" fr'nc sub civilian goods. rr Penn. wa plrt-en hv fl-oreo Mnn-j For a period of at least one to ,,.r tn(ii,y , H,rt n. "rst eame for two years following the temporary .h Red and Bl'ie against Columbia i dron in farm prices, demand for food KEEPS YOU IN TRIM! HELPS YOU RELAX ! Between Strikes You Can Enjoy Good Cold Drinks At Our Fountain Service tomorrow replacing inlured Al Sica products domestically and for aid 1n the backfield. Gordon., one of thejto Europe are expected to be sufficl- best passers on the squad, set urgently strong to keep the prices of e of the three touchdowns against ' levels. Because of large supplies of Michigan last week with aerials. i wool, wheat and lard, the prices of : ,,. ,,rn,loct mv no. h a. m,p 333. Totals, 975, 889, 9G9 2833. PITILIC SERVICE CO. Mooney, 1 148. 154. 168 470; Jones, 146, 125, 139 410: Buynlnger, 168, 141, 130 439; Topolo.wk. 150. 145, 142 437; Straw, 185, 179, 154518; handicap, 153, 153, 153 459. Totals. 950. 897, 88C 2733. GREGORY CAFE I.ammey, 200. 158, 166 524; McDonald, 148, 151. 154 453; Malnney, 165, 165, 153 483; Hayes. 166. 129. 157 452; Wilson. 199. 141, 201 541; handicap, 118, 118, 118 354. Totals, 996, 862. 9492807. JI LES TAVERN Tafaro. 167, 196. 154 517; Roth. 140, 120. 18G 440; Camhiani, 176, 158, 170 504; lacoli, 191, 108, 126 485: Benetti, 160, 193, 10 533: han dicap, 120. 120, 120 360. Totals. 954. 955, 936 2845. MAS A SWEET SHOP Ve,r. 167. H3. "3 483; F. Shea, 127, 165. 161 453: Mansblp, 158. 213. 186 557: Allison. 158. 147. 163 468; Ave. 207. 176. 201 RM: ' " "' , tals. 965. 992, 1032 !. j COCA-COLA M-fn-ti 11? .1 313; Hairenian. 23S r ISr j 108 395: Batter. 99. 111 560: Fenoelio. 196. 166. 161 r.jri: j i.niuoui. loo. u.t. io nun: n:.n- dicap, 189, 189, 1 89 567. Totals, 1017. 966. 882 2865. VERMILLION ROOM Hnvs. 1 74. ' 123. 187 484 Gtierri. 138. 157. 153 418; Asbury. 167. 117. 121 , 405; Kirkman. 141. 161. 143 445; Tasso. 159. 139. 174 472; handicap. 158, 158. 158 474. To- ulBi 937 g25i 930 2698. w MATCH KET XO. 1 TEN PINS (Terre Ha"te S'ronr 159, 187, 169 515: Simnson. 191. 161, 177 629; Fritcher. 201. 185. 202 688: Rottman. 161. 223. 149 533: W'inney. 167. 185. 195 547. Totals, 879. 941. 92 ?7i DIANA Karanovich. ?08 250 160 58; Wilson. 182. 146. '01 529: Straw. 165. 236. 190 591 : Ave, 177. 233. 200 610: Ben-ti. 169. 219, 186 574. To'als, 901. 1054. 937 2892. MXTCH ?ET XO. 2 TEN PINS (Terr" Ha-trt 193, 179, 224 596; Simpson, 183. 148 487; Fritscher, 1H!, 115 51; Rottman. 16. !"7 537; Winner. 145. 11. jr. 492. Totals. 820. 990 820- "6 DIANA Taparo. 183. Mr 640: Wi'son. 17". 20? J-C. Straw. 186. 140. 157 -- 4--174. 159; 170 503; B-ne ti 16. 269 639. To'a'.s. 905 992 2831. Helium I'ses Many new uses for helium have been deveicped in recent years and it is expected to play an important roie in trie nation's peacetime economy. Its use in tlie treatment ol asthma. tuoercuIos:s and other respiratory diseases, m eliminating or reducing caisson disease, in the operating room as a part of non-ir.f.ammat'e anesthetics and in wc-idir. magnesium meta! are generally known. Many other potential uses are being studied. 'let tn oe Scr-p iVt'ii'iVl m'm t ) , LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY K S WELL-LIGHTED ALLEYS M PITTSBI'RGH. Pa. A squad of ... rut lutjiuaii tit-..wi iimav was on its way to Columbus where it will meet Ohio State tomorrow af- ternoon. The unbeaten and untied Buckeyes are lopsided favorites to beat the Pittsburgh team. Such a re- sult would mean the twelfth straight i Ya'm dan dunntSpecialTof course-1 Kis there, among your Yi couldn't S not much to eo on, sure 1 PLA Fbring him in , , I OPERATIVE 1 WANT TO ) MULLIGAN ! ! GUESTS. A MAN, PROBAULy) SAy I ADMIT NOW, IS THERE ) PINOCHLE " HERE AT ONCE .' B TALK TO THE HOUSE XI - , GERMAN IN LOOKS, WITH FROM THAT AN EMPLOYE NAMED r WITH FRITZ ( AND GET ME A r1, DETECTIVE' s AN UNUSUALLY r -1 DESCRIPTION j k FRITZ?" A WAITER If SOMETIMES KEY TO HIS ROOM! most crucial Kames on the Clinton the ; schedule, the. -Wildcats tackle DraJil Ited Uevila at the CHS Kta linni nt 7-311 n ni. trtliil'ht Gunning for Wabash Valley lion-1 ors in addition to keeping their tin-i defeated record intact, the Cats will he on the qui vive for the Brazilians ,l,en ll.ev come into town this eve- ning. Coach Gunny McCool's charges drilled hard for the game and are in top shape and have no illusions about the battle before them. Brazil. while not making a particularly out- standing record this season, is one ol Clintons year-aiier-jear n- and will try hard to knock the Cats off their perch. The Wildcats greatly increased their prestige last week when they defeated the highly-touted Washing- ton of Indianapolis team in a - n water fight. The Cats may have to repeat the mud show this eveninc as present indications point for rain and more of it. Currently running second place in the Valley, below the detending Robinson. 111. champions, the Cats are believed to h&Ve a chance at Valley honors under the elaborate point system worked out by Spike Kelley. formerly of Sullivan, if they can maintain their unbeaten record. Coach Max Kidd's Red Devils are a husky lot and will be keyed up for the game tonight. They have a season's record of three victories, two losses and two ties. Coach Mr-Cool's lineup will be 'he same as in the last few games with Cirey, left end; Graham, left tackle; Counsell. left guard: Glover, center: Secondino. riabt guard: Povlin. rialit tackle; Foefar, right end; M. Ilien-erio. quarterback: D. Reinero. left half; Enrtetto. right half, and Curry, fullback. Brazil's starters will be: Ferrv a" Hess, ends: Long and Eve'nnrt tackles: Burns, and Mac Beth, guards: Hawes, center: Howard quarterback: J. Finley and Bussinc halfbacks and Crabb. fulibaek. Clinton's homecoming celebration with Miss Ruby Peck, senior. e homecoming queen will precede game. Miss Pee will present ' football to the opposing team" will toss the coin for the kick-off. Dr. G. R. McGUlF.! CnittOPKACTOfJ X-Kay Kl t tin j""! .Mmifmm M Br DAN AND BRING-FRIT.-.- . WAITER. - f LOTTA HOOEY' OLD FRITZ I B FRITZ? FELLA W COOT 1 fiT SE i' A ;. IRWIN l( DOWMHER- .' XIOAN- J f IS A GOOD GUY PLAYS A f WANTS TO SEE YA I COME p'W IHAFfiEEM 5- ' '' 't VPeratlVe AVTRACED V. THENG:. . A KEY TO I GOOD GAME O'PINOCHLE.' POWN IN THE FRONT) RI&HT Cjf -' n c-iFFfiTrlG it" I r DOKTOR -' . ..OOM! OKAY, w.w. ' fe OFFICE yDOWN WHENb " 1 KSit- . 1 rr -XZC MR-DUNN j rrrM I HAF DRESSED, r V.y-wi. 48 vitrei i -F-'-'-y -. w.f avx FOOTBALU I s XY ?m W n om C. H. S. WILDCATS BRAZIL "Always A Battle" At CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL STADIIM Theatre j- - - mr . . . i Msk m-jo. -cc,y $ Starring - z. .r i uke?J Mi i JPfW'm' I FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1 0,-7:30 p. m. GENERAL ADMISSION 50c Plus Tax Srnirr Mtm la I Hif.FrHi Aliiiirl f m-On Payment of Kcl-ral Tav SCHEDULED HOME GAMES BRAZIL Nov. 10 I - . ... . . . I ' i I l r . I - - -r ri" f i TcA' tA" & zr ?'

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