The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 10, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1944
Page 5
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t J Taw Six THE DAILY CLINVONIAJT Friday, NoVertitx 10, 1911. : THE LILY THE DAILY CLEVTOIYIAIN L i Behirid the Scenes i mi At the Movies J P ALACK . Thursday, Widay anil Saturday Wallace Beery and Marjorie Main, one of the screen's most HOLLYWOOD atailliaed m The Weekly Catatonias im The OUBton FUlndcotor absorbed in 1MM PnbUahad Dally Except Saturday and Sunday Storge L. Crey - - Editor and Publish I at the Poetofflce at Clinton, Indlaaa comical teams again appear In Me-! tro- Coldwyn- Mayer's "Jackass m Second Claaa Natter ladfeaa Republican Editorial , By HARRISON CARROLL King I-s:rrp byDdiral. Writer HOLLYWOOD Latent reports nbt Ann Gillli' fecial injuric.1 cr; th5 met Inpoiul yet. Fhc may i.ot even have to undeiRo planlir ti r e e r y. And Mail," now showing at the Palace Theatre. The film is replete with action. Phone S3 Phone 33 Musnt ffemeet captain of waiters, was. the Mo-eambo's latest WINNAH! After being; swung at twice, he made a flying tackle and knocked down one of Hollywood's biggest and most quarrelsome scenario writers. . . . Wind-up of "Brewster's Mil-lions'' releases June ftavoc to rush to Careon City, Nev , and Rive 8I-ler Gypsy Rose Lee moral courage for her divorce case coming up Oct. 9. . . , Cugat haa signed two Mexican WACS to Join the band after the war is over. They're sisters, Pvts. Consuelo and Rosa Maris Mendoza. .... Martin Kojleck's swell crack: "The cause of juvenile delinquency is more than apparent. It's two parents!" , . , ... comedy and drama typical of Beery. The romrdy moments are J chiefly derived from Henry's blundering attempts to woo Miss Main. J who plays the owner of a frontier dance hall. f "The Sundown Kid" featuring ' Don "Red" Barry opens as the , second feature. j itPUBUCAM omM. AttnrtiTtrm ulie'a uropped 13 pounds ainre her auto rrash. u-liie!i makes her happy, too. Warners have (riven a term contract to Ver- Saturday Midnight, o n i c a Lake's .Hunday and .Monday j Blending lauehter, romance and pretty eouain, Pelene Neilssn. The way it happened vas like M-C-M's Technicolor thrill for "Thrill of a Romance" will be a moonlight shot of Esther Williams swimming underwater in a flesh-colored bathing suit. DESCRIBES XAZI WAR PLANT. The difficult task of knocking Germany Horrijon.Corroll a PrfM fc,nla i ll earn. Helene his been alternating with several other girls In the lead of "Guest in the House" at the El's Hayden theater. The niht L'olly Bisno, of Warners, showed up. one of the ntJier gills vas playing the part. hup-eved Biano pieked Helene out of the AUDIENCE. . out of the war from the air is described by ! mas m s sones in diverting fashion, R'KO Radio's newest comedy with music. "Music in Man hat I an." features Anne Shirley. Dennis Day ' nd Phillip Terry in a gay story j of a matrimonial mix-up and U.i , hilarious consequences. !tayn ond Walburn. Patti Brill, 1 J:.n Harwell and other noted pla;.irs have important roles. Five gay new tunes by Herb Magidson . and Lew Pollack are featured. '. played by Charlie Barnet's Orches- ; t ra. i . WABASH I-Viday and Saturday j Acqu.inelta. the exotic, dark-skinned, dark-haired American' beauty who hoodwinked the enter-j Three days of intestinal flu melted nine pounds off Sonny Tuft and Paramount is elated even though it means re-shooting a few eloseups for "Miss fcttsie Slagle's." Studio has told Sonny to stay at the new weight , , HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: Jane Withers expects the Broadway play. "Glad to See Yon," to keep her away from Hollywood for a year. . ... Mary Moore's husband, Lt. Ross Murray, celebrated their Raymond Daniell, in a dispatch to The New York Times from Thionville, France, describing a German "Willow Run" where a huge ordnance plant was run partly with slave labor, to turn out big guns for use against Allied Armies. We will not give the details as to the women treated like slaves and compelled to work in the factories. They included Czechs, Ukrainians and Poles, who were Announcing her separation from Dick Koran, Carole Gallagher revealed that he is living in the giest house on the premises. Later Foran told the boys at Lueey's: "It s the first guest house I ever saw with a collar and chain attached to It." . divorce at late spot . Ben Heclit doing a scree a story for the Marxes based upon their lives. . .4 compelled to work from daylight to dusk, i l : i : i 1 1. .J nn..4;..nn ' Fred Allen practically killing the rast of "It's hi the Bag" with his running fire of wisecracks. "If all the hours wasted In motion picture production were laid enrl to end." said Allen, "it would mean eternity for everybody." ... tainment world into believing her to be a South American, has her second important film role in I'nl-versal's horror drama. "Jungle Woman." which opens tonight at the Wabash Theatre. Playing the part of the Lone Rider in the popular western series of that name. Bob Livingston appears in the PRC melodrama of the plains. "Wild Horse K'js-lers." which opens as the second feature tonight at the Wabash. 11 vtru 111 uai lvtna uiacu lint; sai unica auu marched to and from their place of labor. The correspondent says that he has seen Willow Run and the Chrysler Tank Arsenal, but the former is only a little more impressive and the latter only a little less than the 60-acre arsenal loaded with production belts, assembly lines, overhead cranes and all the gadgets of mass-produc j Jim. Noah Adams. Louise Sunday. Monday if Margie and John Adams of Fair ami Tuesday Taking a Backward Glance tion associated with Detroit. Railroad ! j Have you ever noticed how many ; band leaders started out tq become lawyers? . Ozzie. Nelson- took a course at Rutgers and Joe Reich man at the University of St. Louis. Songwriter Kim Gannon ("I'll Be Home for Christmas") also intend ed to be a counselor. Studied at Albany. ... In one week. Jimmy Durante broke two pianos at Charley Foy's. . . . Ramsay Ames and Marc Cramer at the Hollywood Tropics Other twosomes: Tom- mye Adams and Carl Lesserman at Elmer's; Peggy Maiey and Desi Arnaz at the Beverly Tropica. . . . Bert Friedlob and Jane Hassard at the Savoy. . . . She probably would not want it printed, but Ida Lupino just presented a film projection machine to the Birmingham hospital. . . . New idea of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello seems worthy of passing on. They're wrapping over seas-bound cartons of cigareta in comic sections. If th? addresses are put on small gummed wrappers, the dialogue in the funnies will not be covered. vi-w Park spent yesterday with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Reiver of West iof Clinton. "Secret Command." Columbia film produced by Phil L. Ryan for Terneen Productions, will open at the Wabash Theatre Sunday. Said to be a highly dramatic cumber 31st. n-xt ytrhr. Staff Sgt Tony Martin headed overseas. Helen Forrest saw him off. And have you noticed how wonderful Helen is looking with faer new blond hair, streamlining-, etc.? . . . Steve Crane unveiled his black eye to take Sheila Ryan to Fredtiy de Cordova's party. . . . Lana and Turhan Bey Jrtill thick despite the return of Peter Law-ford. She spent an afternoon on the set of Bey's picture, "Frisco Sal." . . . Paul Brook (the lad who looks like Flynn) didn't go to Las Vegas for a divorce (he's never been married). He wanted to get some flying time. . . . Speaking of Flynn. his pal. Jim Fleming, has separated from his script girt wife and hss retained Attorney Bernard Sil-bert to file suit for divorce. . - . Lupe Velez latest Mocambo companion is Fred Engel. who towers over her. . . Albert, pint-sized Mrs. Thomas Griffith will be It irovid-s paymt-nt on a piece work lass and with rovisions f or hostess tomorrow even in? at her home on Ash street for the regu- cars on spurs inside the factory were loaded with finished gun barrels for all the fronts and heavy guns were in all stages of manufacture. The correspondent makes the amazing assertion that in this one ordnance factory, "Which is only one of many similar TW K.XTV YKAIW .0 TOIUV rararl.- and Mac RaiMw Amii4ir Ihiy Clinton banks will eiow al 1" o'clock, tomorrow, alons vith most business houses, bui w.ll not Wanna and aclionful melodrama of at meeltng of the Kee " 7 1 ' J. . ' T- . Jar club. ana iwr wnimis it ti n uiuirai that may arts'. The e;rl grt a 4i- hour wt-'-k. If anytbinz is done or tempted Nazi f&botage in an American shipyard, it co-stars Fat O -Hrif-n and Carole Landis and feature Chester Morris and Ruth Warrick. ! reopen in the afternoon. Mosl tms- uncharted ones, there were forty-eight TFX VKARS MH9 THAV Stale Plans Kxtmhm ronne for Tewhr iness houses are f-xicted to oi-n !-ft undone by the manacment that th f mploy! r'-canl as in i-otation of tht aerf--m'nt or as constituting a srif-vance, tiiey ar to notify line manac-nient and, af-ifr two weeks' hare passed, a highly-specialized cutting and arming ma-j a cam at 3 dock. chines. This means little to the average Tne 'os,off,rf' wi" r,ma'n "- n J- 1 1 A k " 'hre " " t4iv io close. Plans are going forward for an , rLlMIHA Friday and atnrday at the Columbia Theatre, has its! he says, "On D-day, the United States in ! ea about noon, ft as o "fve thf light moments of corned v, song 1 and romance. j extension jorse from Indiana ?Hra p Tarbrrf' C'o!iff for Clin- T'-arhrs who drsrre to attend i th course will mwl at the Clin-ftoo Public Library Monday ev- ntnc at T o'rlocfe to decide upon the subiTt. ! f rirrfm May Despite its Krim barkrrotrnd. that of rarriftc, valor and patriotism in the face of overwhflrti-ins; odds, and its liagir clrma:. ;n which the 1S3 defendens of thf sacred shrine of Txas liberty ar-ruth!es!v put to the sword. '"H1-roes of the Alamo." now current Amsterdam Amsterdam, Holland, consists of a aeries of small islands built on p:ies and connected by bridges. U was formerly the center nt the banking transactions of Am whole world. $?rtkf"mb? l"-;llef ;Plly, rf ittw is not a sEistactory adjustment. Mr. Tsrv ?malz of CTompt'W Hill "ntrrtaiiiM lat venfnr wth a pretty psrry in honor of the birthday anniversary of her littTe The Sp-fl ml LirM Licht travels at a speed of IM.Pof miles a second. all its arsenals and at the Homestead Steel ' tnTrtt lh l'",n"wn Mf Mill had exactly twenty machines of rSTXZZ comparable nature". ; start at l:2f p m. aoI must r-t This is a fact of tremendous import- r prompuj ance. Its signifiranre is increased by the 'VnJSTZZ statement that the plant was duplicated Mwh rtnur rromiw on the east bank of the Moselle. Only a few rmp1' ri an.! weeks ago. these plants were turning out ;!,"' ' '7, t ,hJ"',Tf 1 hiring VWxtti In Jo?-E.rtin-. Barnes ana ( hmpioBhip TiH ront wTf flayed drrrtne iftej A ,vrn fam with out- wnme. Pri7,!T Wro awswlf-d lOtl9,!fne rrrrril ar ROiVinz Tf- o THIRD HAVEN 6 Jose-pbin IDph. and V.' Un Knc. !rf,nj;km amonK the Indiana Ificb The followtnc friends w prr- School comppt.tors as the 13I -nt: Krma and Audrey Jon. I ramoaiL-n draws to a close. 3faxine. Jospftinp and t.viyn CHArTKH THIRTY-FIVE " told man like me. But I know yotirjhave to help suflferins as miirh as prvf H DS -loscd her'wcrGt." j a doctor I don't know why, but this wuauulu0 iui me cuciijjf. LLiiti a bic iiiu-.turtne company, of rtimrm. are den in unsuspected places and, apparently, briebn-r no. An aproement h- were undetected by aerial reconnaissance ""T tf"lKn lh' Naturally. this reminds us of the baseball atorsr wuh i to ennxinw in commentary, "You can't hit 'em if you forr- r m monrhs, or vmn i- Sbe was instantly cautious Raynor is coming because it you. vis 3 site lay in bed. and did drop I The Indiana Hish S:hool Athletic Association dos not officially award a siaf- championship, but romitition for unofCicial re- (K-lr'l. Kiflyn and Kl Sm:!hr lr. and Mrs. Jolin Foid!i. Jlr. -What secret?" jit's Mrs. Reynolds' chance to have So that's It. You have more a few more years of life. You owe than one secret. Well I shouldn't j her that, even if she'd been like can t see era . roznrrion is kn. Clinton I Itch. lb state's out- be surprised. You know you arc a j Laura." o3 into a little leep. when she opened them soiie time later she nw Dr. Banning standing over bT "How do you feel today, Mrs Reynolds?" he said qutitly. Sh ehucblecL "Rnrnnber the 'I have my own life to live. Dr. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer Ktandtne team last season acain ha? a hlzli ranking. Coached by' mystery girl and always have been since you came here' "1 don't see any mystery." He crossed his lean les and pat Banning " He stood up. "This IS your life." She faced him squarely. "And suppose I insist on making my own decisions ?" For a moment thy looked at each other steadily. Then the sound day I whizzed my chatr down from f leca bon- ankle. "I see more then the porch to the street? 1 want to ' d() then. You know you were do that again" fm;ghty clever with Mrs. Reynold? "Splendid. Then you'll t. ready that day she MI and Laura thought was a rtroke. How did you know , of a bell came from the house. operation if we find it nec- i John V- ilaKnabosco. former Indi- ana Universiry star, the Wildcats are unbeaten and lied only by , Hivan- i Mr and Sirs. Owen Evans of Indiana polts tt'-r1 Sunday dinner ' enes;.-: of Mr. and Mrs. H.-nry Cil-' ffiy of Walnut Snr-t. T'-y arf Mr. CElfoy's unci and aunt. ; ilrs. B'-nEia fyllr of Crovn I Point in esSi-te-eEf-tt to arrive here . today io nisi! Iter sc5f!-r. Mrs. H-i man Krthns ot Nb-kr Ssrt. E arl hr hrortrr and Ssrr-in-iaw. tyir. r.Eri 3Ers. Archie Nolan of I V.'tlit cry str-rt. j Mm. I'Eato Mills of Suliivan f pi-'Br rbn- Wf-fcend with h-r par-knf, Mr. zarf Mrs. ;ore Mac- what to do" (Anne cropped her eyes, then ran Anne stared out across the wide ; into the house in answer to the street. "I told you my mother was ' summons. The old doctor pulled out very ill" la big linen handkerchief and His quick !augh cut er short. mopped his forehead. When he fin-"You did have good hospital train-' ished he saw a car pull up to the ing. didn't you? But I'm sure you house. It was the one he had sent were a splendid nurse. to Wilmington. A tall, strikingly She faced hiroboidly. ""Sorry, Dr. handsome man. dressed impecca-Ranntnc but I never was in a hos- blv. rot out. Dr. Bannine hurr1" he stonied smiling, but her vo ce was steady. "I put myself ir. y; rr hands." "That's very kind, ntit I won't tnirt myself. I'm old. I've asked a man to com down from New York, the very b-st there is for this sort of thins. If he is willing to go ah'-aJ. then we must follow him." She drew a deep breath. "Yes. we must loilow. I know at my age there is so little chance of " "We will only operate if there is every chance in your favor.- Ir. Banning cut in sharply. "Be clear pital." j down the steps to shake his hantC EISEXHOWEK OX THE W AR. General Dwigbt C. Eisenhower, Su- preme Allied Commander, admits that there is a hard job ahead of our soldiers fighting along the western frontier of Germany. "Anyone who discounts the nature of the battle that must be fought." declares the General, "is guilty of wishful thinking." The Allied Conwiander says that the Nazi Party is holding a pistol at the "kidneys" of the German people and that, under such coercion, there maj- be underground and guerrilla fighting long after cessation of actual military hostilities. Present enemy resistance is based on desperation rather than corn monse rise. General Eisenhower expresses the belief that the X'azi fanatics will not give tip but will go into mountain retreats and underground to continue determined resistance. While some of the German peop'e see no hope and would like to end the war. they dare not voice their desires beeaus? determined Nazis are among them to shoet them if they give up. H 1 ZWL WA-- wi; A if ' j 22 J rLr, . 777 77 is m 77 vi- 'Xyj iza I t 4 SO i, s i iH I wT i i Dr. Ramor, I'm sure. This He grinned. "Not as a patient. But as a nurse." "You are mistaken. Dr. Ban-nine " He shook his head. "So young, so pretty, and so deceitful. What t f)-uth Third Sr.ret- very good of you to come all this way." The handsome man shook hands. "Where is Anne ?" be asked almost curtly. "She's inside waiting to see you. I told her you were coming." They went into the house and on that point. By the way, do you -ar.t Laura home when the doctor are you eoiriR to say in a few mtn- il t -jst-r. Mrs, Lynn rihr a'. oa. l-7cuiBaiir-. off Hanna. who ; cr.drr. two weeits b- -". ae-Sk'l h-r ELOttii- for e f dy iWit, r-mv-s? H"s comrn- by car from lutes when Dr. Raynor comes ? Wilmington." 1 "Dwight!" Th- olJ w.,mart shook her head I She gasped out the name, then along to Mrs. Reynolds Io't uwibte Laura. But I want 'clapped her hand m-er her moutn Anne, wno was sunaing ny uw At:ry. I want her to go to the hoc- 'in dismay. The old doctor chuckled bed, moved away as they entered. I ?;iih me when I m operated , and grrnned at her knowingly. Dr. Raynor went straight to ner GBipowdrr imr Skia Trle Oxt: r.cret5 wed to bathe ; -P- ' VtT TiL X ZZ i t; zei-TT-irre of jantcder m wa- ( -t tor inuoi. apply a m i, btoic-i .avjit fcrc earache or wear a )i t-eux- sal tfatrjie rcrw'.g ainuorjd ttte f f.-n-i. "111 be wcth you all I can. 'biggest man I could. He refused f i m so glad I've found yo , t-:t fm'.y a real nurse is allowed ut'wben I wrote, but last night I had ' again, dariing." St.: hc spttaL" j a long talk with him on the phone, j It was the old lady's chuckle 1 Ymi re a real nurse to me " I tried to interest him, so I told which broke the spelL Her voice HORIZONTAL 1. arsalyae graiEjaatiC- C nuTseral prttS 9 rekvxat ll-"3 T C-y frsfiit '.TlKkW 9 ironk 13 wa.sH LzfJf 11 altar ertu cf cctirch-es 17 berates IB ir. use 'A Yftf poetry 21. fern mine London Prime Minister Winston Churchill : "Xow we stand on the thres- hold of Germany and it will tike the ful' exertions of the three gTeat powers every scrap of strength they can give 47 enrl 4f irbother (V ) 53 eolrfes tst fraiirsoca muKtuei 54 Rnmaii inasrjtrate 55 S-scaped worm W CtHSfcJOO S7 picks of ar4s VERTICAL 1 by 2 sai itarjon 3 seiis m szsall 4 Ctp 5. Rtisan stockaae 6 tensioa Iurr-r a :i.:t er.S-t.Ci are flt-.V-i tofl' oc e eorepfwcT ;.. r.r-T- ftr.-d zrjd a quarter of . r vri..Z--r -'" rea:er Eriuitnal pymn :a:.j jet ccvelifj" brother JnQ IO me, lowl inr aoaor mm bwui jvu. uau m kmj & szlv. "I promise you Anne will j "Xol" j never! I might have known It Who Id ? : -frt with you."' I "Ah, but yes. I said we had a fare you?" -Then bring on your special pretty nurse here from New York) Dr. Banning was quick. "This is S. vf York man " I who bad probably saved this old ; the famous Dr. Raynor, Mrs. Rey- -He ll be here soon. Now I'm go- ' lady's life by her quick thinking. nolds. He s come from New York to take Airne sway from you ! He was still saying do. no. no, when to !or a Uttle talk." I told him the pretty nurse was "To kiss Arme. I know. Tm sorry -Is it something I can't hear? ; named Arme Wilson. He gasped out 1 1 can't get up and leave you two Don t be afraid to say anvthing." j 'Anne just the way you said a' ne "It a boa? Anne herself." j"Dwight.' and said he'd come to-1 Dr. Raynor's eyes were spar- "tkwd. Tell her a funny story. ' day. It waa a hunch. I believe m khng. "I hope soon to have you so 5e neeris to forget me for a few hunches. It s wonderful what magic you can get up, Mrs. Reynolds. You mirutes." i there is in some names." j must forgive me. I haven', seen Arme was curious as she followed Arrnc stood up slowly. "I Tm ! Anne except a few minutes fat Dr BarrrrT out onto the oorch. A ' afraid you don't understand " ! Washington, for about six months. to crush down the desperate resistance i2 ?ttx!! 11 ifterxmaJ unct Ajsswer to yettrdarrs puzz. Ssnxr? z.,i?.iCi of lie Far Eis' ard Sf'.i.lii AnreriiCMi Elarr.a are so coci-strfj'd that sei'iom need water z?A reii-jrr (eel the fr.i of 14 tear 15 Bt3-OTis 1$ tirs&i grapes 2 srteatli 21 sferier fcsaj 23. siikworta 24 uresnne lt::::. I frmrf amm km: awav t ptare I "Bit I d hke to." He smiled ud I'm glad you had such a fine nurse. wmcn we must expect from this miiitary antagonist at last bt-aten back to his own lair." fff-f Pittsburgh K. T. Keller. President of the Chrysler Corporation: "There's one thing about us Republicans. We're more accustomed to being beaten than the Democrats and we can take it more graciously." ' Lratber Fstfwear tn:te-i S'-lr per capita coc-Kirr.ct:oc ct Ieatcer footwear ex-cee'js I '-2 parr d any other eo-ntry. says Che cepartment of cotrinerce. fA A N YLaM. z A REST fA-RTBe4 cgTttjS'E !$ A L EQEG Pgr OPi L 'DC KE C3 A L j v TfJ j Q JQS A 5 T VI C'A N O EflN A Y g i T S ' ke"NTn"ERE 22. dmce step 24. crouch 2$. fcsrurx for iam preys 2 Canarfran pemnsula Zf short bow 32- capable of st retching 34 rid 26. stroked caressingly 3& French writer 29 coristeilalicit 4 cocrfers 42 domesticated 45 teurae 44 brjriea 4 1rA4 S4 larre deer 51 t. ta lav 25 small valley ZZ heavenly spirt. 29 arree 31 vipers 35 curves ST. wtld pittm 41 hkeiy 4vi. Sca.imaTa terrrtoriai -f the toot summer sun. The old at her. "Would you like to. tell Anne u tops." iortor sat down and oatted the me?" j Arme moved toward the door, rhatr beside him Sh? sat and wait- j "There isn't anything to tell " (but Dr. Raynor's crisp voice called sd trhi!e hts eyes rtrinkledL I "I see. Well, he told me to keep her. It was the voice of the sur- "I ve been meaning to have a you here if I bad to hang onto geon. not the man now. "I want talk with you. but I wasn't sore of : you." you. Miss Wilson. Don't leave. Yon m:-sef. Now I am, I dare say lots f "I m sorry. Dr. Banning. Under, can help me move Mrs. Reynolds of men have tok! you how pretty . the circumataxices I must go." i if I have to. Now, Dr. Banning, and sweet yrm are. but has any-J "And leave an old woman who shall we begin?" bcttv ever told you you were a depeiKis on you ? I didnt think you f The old lady nodded. "I think I hurr.v- V j ere like that. In fact, I know you can trust you. But I want Anne Si.e mas amused at the old-fash' aren't. Laura was hatful to you j with me w hen you start cattmg." toned word. "What have I done? on, I know about it. never fear 'Naturally Anne will assist me "Tou't fVeeivrd tar all rTatnral- f but yon ram nnmimr whra yon - rf nerrary. She has done so kua-Iv I ned. bfit even I wasnl ; were needed It a your nature And ; area of time-. sre. Uiiu it, ovj caa va fi,ta y&ur aaty. Yen re a purse, Y&ui (la Be CmUmmt4) Shan Lake Despite its great size. Great 5a"-Laj:e tas a icaximiiin defJa of oaf? 44 feet. Cleveland General H. H. Arnold. Commasfrer rf the IT. S. Army Air Forces: Thi3 is a bloody and brutal war. as bloody and fcmta! as any in the world's barbaric j'j-.l, in ! il'r. If'd 0rft hy a loiii; Acme? t'-mm mi 9tttn'tm ?l baim Tiarrar fsr SUbs Yjegar rrtx.ove uszt staivf jr as, t37.isl .

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