The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 9, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1944
Page 5
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T II E DAILY CLINTONIAN Friday, November 10, 1 911. Hillsdale Soldier Busy Fixing Turkey Day leg inuselu Funilerburg Injured In last week's Minnesota contest has fulled to respond to treutnient and to the left guard post, wnero tne Bears have not been especially strong. Football Notes Ella Thompson and family Wednesday afternoon. Elmina Canaday called on Mrs. Johnnie Jones and Mrs. John How-lett one afternoon last week. Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Cooke and daughter Alice took Sunday dinner with Warren Coolie and family near Dana. With tilenly of backfield strength Nine Killed, 97 Injured in Wreck Of Pacific Train . (Continued from Page One) Dinners in England and no oversupply of linemen, Ander lliat It was doubtful that Funder-burg would see net Ion against the Uoilennakers. Coach Lynn Wnlilorf was grooming Jack Doyle and Bill Bronhy, freshmen, lo plUR the gap. AN AIR SERVICE COMMAND son said the move would servo to strengthen the Bears all around. Mc- DEPOT IN ENGLAND nw.i Perrysville Woman 'Makes Her Mark' at Polls Despite Handicap In spite of the handicap of not being nblo to walk freely, Miss Ella Terrance. 90 years of age. "made her mark" nt the polls Tuesday, when several friends helped her get to the voting place In order that she might vole. Miss Terrance, who tell several years ago and broke her hip. has not been able to walk since. She moves about her home In a wheel chair. Knulty will be pulled Into the back-field when needed to punt, he added. I he rails, the engineer was crusnea Walter J. Hardesty, 1-. " " Hillsdale, ind. Is going to help his buddies celebrate Thanksgiving with SOUTH BEND, Ind. Notre name's football squad entrains this afternoon for New York and the SIst game with Army collegiate football oldest liitcrxcellonal rivalry. Bob Kelly, the Irish team's star right halfback, sparkled in yesterday's final workout despite rain and to death but Patrick Hurley, tne fireman riding beside him, escaped IOWA CITY, Iowa. Alex Kapler. 1IKI pound guard, will S''t 1,p call as acting ciiplaln of the Iowa wing, a druinstlcK anu a WKST POINT, N. Y. Army staged secret practice today In win, minor injuries. giving prayer. preparation for Notre Dame Satur- Seahawks la the game against the He Is a mejnner 01 mo . . i cmHm Pnm- Hurlev told investigators the train leaned sharoly as It hit the curve il.iv at the Yankee Htudiuin. i.ieui Invading unbeaten Hunker Mill Na slaff nt the largest n.i Col. Karl lllnlk. head Army coach after covering a slight downgrade val Air Si mi inn football squad Sat mand depot In Britain whiuh .n urday. I.leut. Coindr. Jack Meacher nliiK a Turkey Day oinnei . .- NOIt.M AN Hi ItltOl (iHS MEETS MOXTK.l MA BOY IS ITALY Both residing in town nlong the Wabash seven miles apart In adjoining counties before they entered the service, two Indiana IadB had quite a bit to talk about when they met somewhero In Italy recently. The two boys were Norman Burroughs of the U. S. Navy, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Burroughs of north of Newport, and Paul Machledt of the U. S. Army, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Machledt. and then hurtled from the tracks. "We left the track without warn wiib believed to be drilling his ground gainers on forward pass defenses. In any event the drill was said today. Inc." Hurley said. "We were rolling pele with Mom s. He will help prepare thousands of pounds of gobblers, dressing, mashed i,.m era 11 berry sauce, celery. conducted behind heavy canvass nlnng at the usual speed, going The starling lineup which has racked up seven wins since losing the season's opener lo Michigan will mud. Coach Ed McKeever said he probably will start the same lineup u-galnst Army as opened against Nay last week, Willi exceptions at left halfback, where Nunzlo .Marino, a freshman, probably will win the assignment, and at center, where Frank Hzjnianskl. defensive star of Ihe 1 4 S team, has taken over the assignment. through this cut on a slight down drapes. nie. coffee, and hard candy. Huge grade. As we rounded a curve the locomotive began leaning to the i, nf the finest Thanksgiv be unchanged, except at center, where Dick Ifamlow probably will replace George Slrohnieyer, who has been transferred. Counly Hardwood right and leaned more and more until It left the tracks. That s all 1 remember. Hill there was nolhing on the tracks, no sign or anymms Squad Defeated In First Rounds Dana. Newport and St. Bernlce Elusive Vitamin - Vitamin C is elusive. It's easily destroyed by heat and easily oxidized by air but the body needs a daily supply, (or it can't store it. Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness and Worry No lonuer he annoy! or feel III St MS becniiM of loose, vnhblr fle win. ('.RTKKTII. an imprwed alkaline (lion-a, -hit ii.iu-r, apriukltal on your plaiea holds It" firmer eo they feel mom ciiiiifiirtal.h.. ISootlilnir ami exiling lo tun in wade sore by excessive aclil 111011II1. Avoid embarrassment '-allied by looss plate. Hit t AM I KKTH tudljr St anf drug store. wrong, no warning of any kind. When word of the disaster was re i BI.OOMINGTON", Ind. Indiana EVANSTON, 111. The services ' University's football squad was to of Bob Funderburg, first string full- leave this afternoon for Minneapolis back, today appeared lost to North- where the Crimson players are ex- ceived, doctors, nurses and anion- cagers went down lo defeat as the Former Clinton Man Dies From Accident Injuries Mrs. Harry Morgan, 659 South Sixth Street, received word that her nephew, Glover Balrd, 30, oldest son of Gar Balrd died Monday. Nov. in Oxford. Mich, following an accident. Funeral services will be held Friday, Nov. in at Oxford. Baird was formerly of Clinton. over lances were rushed from De win western for Saturday's football mine nected to emerge victorious & rmv Hosultal at nearby Auburn A. N. against the vlBitlng Purdue Boiler-. Minnesota Saturday. Coach ing foodstuffs obtainable? are on their way from the U. S. "These soldier-mechanics and technicians here," he said, "have really done a Job keeping the fighters and bombers In the air over Germany. We ll try to give them the best Thanksgiving they ever had in the Army." Before entering the Air Forces In November, 1940. he was employed as a radio technician by the Riders Radio plant. Montlcello, Indiana. SSgt-Hardesty attended Hillsdale High School and Air Mechanic School in .Maxwell Field, Montgomery. Alabama. Brothers In the service are TSgt. I .eon H. Hardesty. Marine Corp and 2'c Petty Officer Paul II. Hardesty, IT. S. Navy. (Bo) McMlIHn sent the team through and lied Cross workers also answer makers. . Trainer Carl Erickson said that a ed the call for aid. basketball season got underway irus week. Dana lost a hard-played scrap lo Uosedaln while St. Bernice Hornets lost to the Concannon High School crew at West Terre Haute. Newport's Tigers were defeated In an Intra-county meet when Hills the final home practice Indoors yesterday because of rain. The train's diner which remained on the tracks was utilized as an merEency aid station. Witnesses re- norted that Immediately afler the dale's Hillloppers took tnem lor a accident, rescue efforts were hamp ered by the predawn darkness but LANE'S after army medical autborilies arriv ed on the scene, the Initial confu sion gave way to orderly routine. m I.AFAYETTK. Ind. - Leonard Schipperling, 174-pound marine V-12 trainee, had been drafted from the Purdue "B" squad today as a possible replacement In the Boilermaker backfield. weakened by the navy transferor seven regulars. Coach Cecil Isbell is grooming Scliipferllug for both the left halfback and quar-lerback positions in preparation for Saturday's game against Northwestern at Evanston. TABLETS Most of the Injured. Including 54-2.1 loss. Hillsdale, a hard-driving crew aiming for big things In the county, tossed a brand of basketball which left the Ill-fated Tigers hopelessly In the dust. Bosnell of Hillsdale snagged seven field goals to score high. The Hillsdale "B" team made a clean sweep by winning the opener 23-14. Newoort (25 FO FT PF twenty-one army and navy personnel Quaker Mission j were taken to De Witt Hospital. Thir ty-nine of the Injured were seriously hut not critically hurt while tne re TO THE VOTERS OF VERMILLION CO. I wish to take this opportunity to thank my friends who worked and voted for me in the election Tuesday, and to promise that the duties of my office will be fulfilled to the very be3t of my ability. , . Fountain Straughn COMMISSIONER, THIRD-DISTRICT mainder suffered minor cuts and bruises. 0 Butler, f - Investigations by the railroad, thej NEW HAVEN, Conn. Yale was Impressed today by three new backs accumulated by navy transfers. They were Jim Stevens from Dowaglac, Mich.; Arnold Whitler. former Rochester fullback and Bill Sadowskl, former Weslayan halfback. f 1 0 1 2 4 0 McMastters, Sagers, f Moore, c . Wlcken, g Wiggins, g Kennedy, g army and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were started at the scene of the wreckwhlch veteran railroad men described as one of the worst pile-ups they had ever seen. P. & J. MARKET Uillwlnle, Ind. Come and Try Our - GROCERIES . ' FRESH MEATS At All Times Hours: Week Days 6 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays 7 A. M. to 10 A. M. 4 P. M. to 8 P. M. Group Meets Mrs. Nichols Hostess To Missionary Society; Several Visitors Here Callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nichols recently were Ruth and Viola Patrick of Cayuga. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Former. Mr. and Mrs. In Mitchell. Dr. and Mrs. Saunders. Mrs. Opal Walthall. Mrs. Louise Ory. Mr. and Mrs. George J. Pauley of Newport. Mrs. William A. Walthall. Rev. and Mrs. Mel v in Smith. .Mrs. Bert Majors of Kingman was calling on relatives here Monday. Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Cooke were CHICAGO, III. The recent spec JL Reds Cross Tiza River, Move Up Budapest Rail Line (Continue!! from pars It tacular blossoming of Al Crygo as a right halfback gave co-Coach Hunk Anderson of the Chicago Bears an opportunity to shift his lineup today preparatory to Sunday's game with the Boston Yanks at Wrigley Field. Anderson sent Doug McEnulty. who started the season as a fullback and then transferred to right half. Totals S S Hillsdale (54) FO FT Russell, f 4 2 Stewart, f 1 0 Gonell. f 7 2 Magers, f " 0 Tharpe. c 4 3 Doce. c 3 n Knoblet. g 3 2 M. Tharpe, g 0 0 Totals 22 10 population to remain calm, "even If one or two Russian tanks reach thej I in Danville. III. Saturday. Hi Nich- Referee, Albright; umpire. ols. I Dana surrerea a 43-zi aeieat ai Thank You Voters! I wish to thank all of my friends whose assistance helped me to win the election Tuesday, and I will attempt to repay you with real efficiency in my office. AUDITOR OF VERMILLION CO. j , the hands of the Rosedale Hot Shots. Robert Nichols and wife called on John Dunivans In Dana. Friday evening. Hes Zumple and family have moled to the second house east of the elevator here. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Southard of near Ridgefarm. III. visited Ella Thompson and family Saturday afternoon. They all called on friends in Newport. - The Missionary Society met Thursday with Mrs. Robert Nichols. Several members and the following guests were present Mrs. Roy Bennett and baby of Chrisman. III.. Mrs. Ruth Alice Cardener of Idaho. outskirts." Artillery Duel in Prussia The Soviet supplementary war bulletin disclosed that a blazing artillery battle is in progress on the East Prussia front, and. In addition, revealed other Nazi attacks, near Tilsit and Pultusk, had been beaten off In that sector. At Tilsit, in northeast East Prussia, an enemy effort to land on the right bank of the river Niemen resulted in the destruction of two Nazi motor launches. Elsewhere in the vicinity, Russian units carried out reconnaissance operations and destroyed a number of enemy firing points, including a German anti-tank battery. In the first half of the game but the Hot Shots went out In front in the closing stanzas. Rosedale's reserves captured a 25 to 1 9 decision in the curtain-raiser. Summaries: Dana (21 ) Hamilton, f Underwood, f Baker, f Malone, cp J Gruner, g Reed, g Luckett, g Newsome, g Indiana Soft Gal Priee is Boosted 15 Cents liyOPA KG FT PF 1 1 3 0 2 3 . 0 t 0 . 0 S S . 0 3 3 . 1 2 5 . 0 0 1 .2 1 3 . 0 0 0 .4 12 23 FG FT I'F . 1 2 6 -20 5 .25 1 .11 2 3 .01 4 . 0 0 3 . 0 1 2 . 0 0 0 1! 23 Totals Kosedale '(13) Greene, f I ii AIT mt" 1 $ ' d. An in-" Ion In the e al produced in I by truck, was INDIANAPOLIS crease of 15 eer ' price of bitumii-'U Indiana and s Gift Hit for Mom fWooiIettes" Mrs. Bert Majors of Kingman and Mrs. Opal Walthall of Newport. Mrs. Nichols, who expects to move soon, was given a handkerchief shower. , Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nichols visited their son Cliff and family in Ridgefarm. HI. recently. Mrs. !,. J. Moore called on Klla Thompson Monday evening. ' Mrs. Roy Bennett and baby of Chrisman. 111. silent several days the past week with the Itilters grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Bennett. Sarali Allison. Mr. and Mrs. George Robertson of Newport took dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nichols Friday. Bert Majors of Kingman spent a few days last week in William A. ' Wallhalls. Klinina Canaday called Monday t afternoon on Fannie Gerard, Oella Harvey. Mrs. Joe Voumans and I family. Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Canaday. j Mr. and Mr.i. Vir;:il Kichois of I ft. Thank You Voters! May I thank you for the fine support which resulted in my election Tuesday? You may be sure that I will do my best to merit the confidence you have placed in me. r.'lELVIN HICKPilAN TR EASI RER-ELECT OF VERMILLION COUNTY Wheat, f Montgomery, f Hudson, c Boatman, K Huxford, g Roberts. E . Kukes, g 1.93 You uut 'cm to- 1 gether ana pains ''cm, Builds five r 11 ji dolls. Brt includes paints and evory- announced i an ' by the Of fie of 1'rice Adn' itimi. Tlie increase already n effert. The iMi applies doiuesUr tump douhlr-sereend roalK. ma'" p rod urp d from the Brazil 1" Minshall and Bomi-Braeil k veins in Clay. Martin. Pi It1. ne.T. Vermillion and Viso eoun-iioH. The mines afffct?d are in truvk priee proup No. J . Totals 17 .17 Referee, Dean; umpire. Van Hook. ' L.-SJ6- r Bernice staged a losing bat1' the ('olirannol! Cannon" SI. it It f Marshall spoilt several days with Cookie Jr Here's a visc old owl who can held a lot of cookies! For the Little fod. the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. i The previous eeiline priee of $:J.7' per ton at tlie mine or preparation plant now in adjunted to f :i . 5 per ton. The Ol'A said the increase was baaed on additional Information received from producers and the industry advisory district committee. -oiue out on the short end of ;-25 score. The first period ' 1 in an 8-8 tie but the Ciinnoi1' ik over for the last lliree r s, leading all the way in. !?' v.-as high point man Willi 1' : ..irldTS. St. RiTliicc (25 KG FT PF Newton, f 3 0 0 Allen, f 0 3 1 Houchin. r 2 0 4 Hewitt, c 2 0 8 Hadley. g 2 2 2 Griffin, g 10 1 tlines. g 0 0 0 From where I sit Ay Joe Marsh Now Stronger, Safer Then Ever Beforel Robert Nichols. They all called on Marian Roderick near Humrick, III. ill the afternoon. L. J. Moore was in iJam'iilf, ill. Monday. Mrs. George Kelley and sou Ronnie and Mrs. Payne of Indianapolis visited the former's grandmother. Recipe for a V-Mail Letter Kroger Company Seeks Playing Cards for Overseas More than a thousand decks of playing cards have come from a Hi nixie radio announcement of tli-Kroner Grocery and JJakitiK Company, its officials report, for shipment to service men overseas and in camp throughout t he United States. Two Lid" 10 11 Totals . ES Cuddly percsls bodies, an fasei, hands asd feet of softest wool. Cunnins costumes. Concannoli (361 FG FT PF L. Stark, f 6 2 3 U. Stark, r 1 1 2 Johnson, f 0 tl 11 BrimlMy. c 3 1 1 Pi ;iniln;lon, C 10 1 :-,. !. I . g 4 2 2 .losllu. g 0 0 3 YOU'LL i AGREE 5 that our HOMKM4DE CHILI Is Good J vorxi. i and remember! The backyard baseball games . . . the fishing trips . . . the picnics with the chicken sandwiches and ice cold beer. From where I ait, the least we ran do is write those V-Mail let. ters often -let our men know that those little tliiuKS they mise so much from the ball gatnee to the beer are still here, waiting for them till titer come back J. . r 1 if V - vWi f Christmas Gift Idea Taper shortage has hit the card industry, as t-lsewhere. it is explained, with t'ie result that boys in si-vtce ean buy few new cards. On i he popular radio program. "Linda's Fir M Low," Linda suspested that it T;le having old playinp cards, still :,iiipH(e find in good condition, would perf rom a patriot ie urviee jppreeiated by the armed forces, if they would mnil these cards to the K i oiler Company. The cards are turned over to the Ked Cross for distribution. Read the other day about a C.I. overseas who received an installment notice from the income tax collector. He wrote back: "Over here, even a letter from you is news from home." A tae, of eourne but with an overtone of truth about it. More than anything else, the men like getting li tters from boar. More than auyliiiiiK else, our V-Mail letters ean help to keep up their morale. What to write aluf That's the easiest thing of all. For it's the little things they dream of 1: II KK Totals 15 Referee. Thomas; uni'i.i home. OIK HOMEMAJiU I'lES French Fries, KandHiches, Coffee, In Cream, Soft lriuks SPEED GRILL DRIVE-IN North Main Street Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 235Vi Blackmail ItfLMxe Champion America's Quality Tire! Built with new, improved Bafti-Lock cord 14 stronger than ever before. Beaviar cushioning and xtra tread plies. t.00.1. J6.0.J1''"'" Grd I Ttr Crtifict NcfidH Anybody having playing cards i J (hey wish to give to service men may still spud these to the Kroger Croc- f ery and flakins Company at Cinein- WAI FLESE11V1XC NET .98 Sparkling glass with drip-less tops of bright red plastic. Copyright, 1944, B re win Industry Foundation A'o. 102 of a Series nun. 4Tl "35 DOKT LOOK M0W.D6AB BUT OUR PICTURES ARE rrTHATs fame ! A Ym i Fp&X.? " !v I CI 'Ivw SET $1.8 ALL OVER A BIG BILL LGIwC J'c. WAFFLE SERVING j-' ...... i'l BOARD BACK THERE HAiK -W y m BREADTH M&k POLAND'S HOME AND AUTO SUPPLY !!L?0Htfi( era-,., H4PRV J I I'liolie 732 rvM 211 S. Main St. itauu r Li I RFPRRl CLINTON, IND. J'i

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