The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 9, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1944
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Thursday, November 9, 1911. KHE DAILY CLINTON1AN Page Two , ,,ia nests and mash noppeis should be sprayed thoroughly If the poultry house is poorly constructed FDR, Churchill, Stalin Americans Defy draft a charter based n t lie principles laid down at tin- Dumbarton ivl(.: riinl'erencc. CEMETERY MEMORIALS MOXVMENTS und MARKERS Terre Haute Monument Co. siiki.i. v. itt'K riioiio asa lti'iircMentalive 40S 8. Seventh, Clinton Meeting Brought Near or badly tntesieu. mo floors also should be sprayed. Chicken Lfco SiTiil Poultry Money from State Farmers Old bens have been ridiculed for their constant cacklliiK. but like a human beinc, they sometimes have a real grievance. When "Hoosier sue- noons her mouth in protest, Copies of "How lo Kill i-nicKen By U.S. Elections Election Is Mandate For Total Co.operalion (Continued irom page 1) A charier will be dialled ncioie the middle ol next year, lie predict-ed. (Ul' Lice" may be obtained at iur. rn- Mud, Rain To Crack Germans sons office in the court nouse. (Continued from page 1) be aui-e she isn't object inn to the OFFICIAL COUNTY VOTE selves to avoid mixing ourselves lice and miles that make tier mr miserable and steal the poultry in American political affairs. I oiler citizen In conduct of the war and making the peace, and unceasing money at the same lime, in. J. my thanks to parliament, press and (Continued truiu page 1) (Contlnuea uom page 1 1 to public men. of all parties aim oi .ll'IKil no parties perhaps ospecianj " forces were reported making gains despite mud-covered terrain anil con OK St'l'HKMK CO! ItT Sill IHSTKHT Peterson, county agricultural agent, wurned fanners recently. Kxtension entomologist und poult-r.Miien at I'urdue I'nlversity say tiiese pests lower egg production, ni.ixknnn tlitn and reduce tlieli them for the care and rest rutin tinued had weather. ICE REFRIGERATION IS BEST BECAUSE Young (15) """ which have made all potential iudls-.,... lie miou their lips . , . on the two sectors southeast ol Suaim (l) Young's plurality I"' Met the Third Army penetrated Herman positions to depths up to Hirer "1 am sure everybody will be inov- r.,1 hv ll., MIDI' iHinanlike manner in uiarliet value and make them weak Never Any Repair Bills Nothing to get out of Orderl ICE refrigeration I trouble-free. There i nothing to break .,,i MU,-ni,tllile lo other ailments. loyal opposition' to the dangers confronting us on the borne front." The voters' Tear that a change of leadership would be unsafe and might bolster the fading morale of our enemies at a time when the wails going well overshadowed the gravest domestic issues In the history of our nation," lie said. Willis said "assumption of power by the federal government, high federal debt and even our peacetime prosperity" were domestic issues submerged by the war leadership Issue. n.iil said "the people of America miles. Ouernor Dewey ill Hie mo- Jl lMiH OK SITItF.MF. CO I ItT DISTKH T T,. kill chicken lice, apply tu per First. Army ;aln Ground ,m,i r tils defeat offered Ills con cent nicotine sulphate to the i-oobIb, ...,,, i, ,ni in tils opponent and u.. (III r,,oia mo ndv sed. Kvery rnicKcn The American Kind Army In Germany at tho same time gained new i rim in In stiff figliling south of noiKt most on a treated perch since Ka.uler (l --- .-,,. nliimlitv 'H" 4. pledi-cd bis party to work whole houilediy for Hie world's cause. l..jl,.l tit Viol-Id it is the fumes that do the Job. The Vossenack. southeast of Aachen. nttin siiinhfite may be placed in u-h:.i n model tills would be to Jl IKiF. OK AITKIXATK COI HI 1TKST IHSTKHT down, nothing to get out ot order, no dangerous fumes. There can never be any repair bills. The modern, beautiful ice refrigerator jyill give a lifetime of perfect, trouble-free refrigeration. ,.n nil can and aunlied In ttnn lines those slates where political differences are not solvable by word or vote. aloiiK the top of the clean rooste. ISolow Met?, the Third Army moved ahead on vital sectors across a 27-niile front, blasting its way forward behind heavy artillery shelling and bombings by American llimiilloll (111 '' ; l . ' -1 the nuestion of who is to uc Treatment should be made one nan hour before the chickens come in to i.. ,vii,, iu in mil niavbe one of Hnmiltoii's plurality -. . )"' roost, and should be repeated in ten nr.. mill death, to lie settled by vio ion, laiuu-cM Forward .i ini i-ii-iu. mid where there davs to kill newly hatched lice, one ounce of material will treat 20 feet don't like the fourth term" and supported Roosevelt primarily on war leadership and foreign affairs. The Minnesota senator asserted that results in other political races disclosed there had been "crossing of party-lines both ways" in the election. The international organization backer predicted re-election of Roosevelt will speed up moves to Jl 1MJF. Ol' AIM'Fl.I.ATR COIItT SKI ON U IHSTKHT l.-ljninilimtl lltl 4.KH.-I The 12th Army Corps lunging east of Pont-a-MousBon steadily expanded r attack across a Hi-mile of perch. Cnmumn chicken 111 H os feed Oil lilisscll (D) 4'717 chickens at night but hide in cracks .. ,!!,. nnriii nr the flremecy Forest Conic In, See the Refrigerator It I's Prove That It Is Best! may lie but a short gap between being Hie ruler and being the victim. "I feel free to express on personal grounds I lie very great joy it gives me to know thai my wartime and intimate cooperation with President u, 41 will he continued in the I'lannogaii's pliii-alily and advanced two and three miles and crevices or the poultry house during Hie day. To control them, spray the inside of the poultry house with a mixture of carbolineum and kerosene in eoual parts, or with Kev. Charles LinberR Installed at Hill Crest ilong Hie entire battle line. Yank forces which pushed olT simultaneously from points 20 mlloi .... ..r xi. i..,ttl.a tlin enemv a- ,.,nii, ileil lie before us. These are CLINTON ICE CO. months profoundly interwoven with mixture of four iih:sv oi limn; a front of almost four miles creosote or with MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Mne 0 For Service 1 - op Ub A Card L W.Walsh Monument Co. 2J14 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana parts of used crankcase oil and one the rull'r- of both our countries ana also we trust that the future associ and smashed ahead for gains of at part kerosene. least two miles. ation of our two countries win uc All cracks around and unacr interwoven with Hie peace and pro 14 Towns Capluml At least 14 towns fell to the gress of the whole world.' troops of Oen. Patton. While gains were being scoreo ,,i on.i unriiienst of Nancy in the liudolph tl. liloniann. pastor 'in. the Wabash Presbyterian Church of Crawfordsville, Ind., was the guest speaker at the installation services for Hoy Charles Unborn as Minister of the Hill Crest Presbyterian Church, it was reported today. Miles A. Freeman, moderator of the Presbytery of Crawfordsville, presided at the meeting and Ralph O'Dell, pastor of the Memorial Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis, gave the charge to the pastor. The program included congregational singing, call to worship, and the responsive reading given by J. 8. Godwin, a member of the Clinton continuing offensive launched behind a dawn artillery barrage yesterday, other American forces swept across the Seille river to carry the fight to Men, Women ! Old at 40,50,60! WantPep? Want to Feel Years Younger? no yovi Wftnw nxhauRtrn. worn-mi( ffMlnR on bkp? OiffS h i dono. Connum ton inny noil J. 60 60 fir Koiiy olil termini; low in Iron ; alo EfiprTyl" tie lii Mumln Hi. jiiWttm. UMtM fnMuoy lu i 3.W Try Onto li.nlo TKh l if w licp. ymmeor t-olliiB. Una very uu). Juniors, Sophomores Choosu Kings and Invitations Kings and invitations were selected by the Junior Class of Clinton High School Tuesday, Nov. 7, and I lie Sophomore class also selected their rings for next year, E. C. Hoyd, superintendent of Clinton Schools, announced today. a surprised enemy which apparently believed the Third Army would a-wait more advantageous weather before launching a drive. lnliimln Hu;1lon Attacks Ministerial Association In the Hurtgen Forest area oi Germany below Aachen, Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges' First Army .nuinintiipd attacks in the lace ot heavy opposition put up by the Nazis 3irdR"iig)Week7 in an effort to prevent an American break- through to the plains of Co logne. As new ground was gained soutn of Vossenack and west of Hurtgen, American troops mopped up pockets of Nazi opposition west of the hotly contested village of Schmidt. THRIFTY HOUSEWIVES NO. 2 CAN Popular Vote ll OflTATflPQ 11c 13c Buy By The Case COUNTRY CLUB Tomatoes or G. Beans Corn or Spinach NO. 2 CAN Shows Dewey PORK & BEANS Dauntless 2 cans 23 FARMERS PRIDE if , Ily the Bas Strength Heavy lOVioz.cans 25C 12 Cans $1.00 CAMPBELL'S (Continued from page 1) Tomato Soup Whole Apricots FLOUR S8J9 y$& h 21c The President retained Democra SANCO BliAND NO,22 In Syrup CAN mnlrnl nf Congress but Dy ! smaller margin than in 1940. The new and 1940 lineups are: u Lbs. PRUNE PLUMS Grapefruit Juice WALTON'S RICE 2 IL 20 aaUifliiiiiinK"11 win No. 23c Large Senate: Democrats, new' 58; 1940, 66. Republicans, new 37; 1940, 28. Others, new 1 ; 1940, 2. House: Democrats, new, 238; 1940, 2C7. Republicans, new .194; 1940, 162. oiliero new.- 3: 1940. 6. 290 40 Oz. fan egs CORN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE DAUNTLESS Avondale l'EAl'HKS Halves or Sliced! No. 214 I an OR A NCES Apimiiiv. over the 1942 and in- I NO. 2 Tl ka. inri... elections, the Democrats gain ed 23 seats in the house but merely 15 ESffil JL cans I NO. 2 can; 240 130 130 Plain Ooz. lSc -- Sugared 10 lbs 69c New Crop Florida's Sweet and J nicy held their own in the senate. Republican l'arty Stronger ei,.i.h onnnirtl. while GOV. Dew 1 1IW r-n AE 'WitfrVXk POKK & BEANS Vnn Camps Jar Ipii overwhelmingly in the i,,,.inr;il roilece. he ran so strong a rihso nuiinnni race lhat his narlv is strong YMI.I.OW ONIONS IO,K350 lUltan 4 "250 CANDY YAMS Toi to It b an M..l.,ii-rt er tndav than when Wendell wtimie Large AC- Tl N A FISH M W"" Golden Sliand, a l'. - '"' Knibassy Hiiind 8AIAK DKKSSIXII Jgj Smooth and Creamey! .Jar went down to defeat in 19411. J lus lileal lor Slicing or Cooking Ilelicious Candied Box WASHES CLOTHES SPARKLING WHITr helped greatly in overcoming elec tion bitterness, even though a few ipols of post-election rancor remain- Jumbo Si' ( IXI.ItY Well Itleaelied 250 Laige Stalks Kroner's Holiday Pack Quality roines first with Ihese local independent Eroccis, for (heir customers are their friends a worm m r lie election left the GOP perfect 5"" 290 $i KIM IT CAKK C I'1'. Buy Nmv! W I'aek L7 ...rT If.- H Ak tl X ly healthy and with a militant min- Klorhla or Teias ;lt.l'l)l'Hi IT Heavy with jniie . 1'iesli Solid Crisp HUAD I.KTTI'CH -IS Size orilv in rongress. Already some ol . . . lull too, mey me trying "J prices to Hie lowesl nos-ihlo level. Try trading; Kith I hem anil save . . . two mhjs. 30 Kit ait cahha;k 1 511 Ui. Hub i liny New iiu ,.nr are looking forward to 1948 n He but their number does not include $1.39 100 I. a rue .llead U llus. Rnvornnr Dewev. The defeated 1944 jj'.'l'l I AKMEIiSPKIDK KolU d 3 " 250 ! Ileliciolls-AI'I'I.KS, Fancy . 1)0 Kay Suiiply! ,.,1,i,1n wavpH aside all ouestions X ililinill CAI'SI l,KS KroKi-r's A, II, ', l i HOLD MKIIAIi l-loiir about his political future and when ROLLm OATS nuked siipeificallv about "next time. 25At$l.(5 MINNIE GIOVANINI 558 N. Eighth St. 20 Oz. Pkg. be dodged with a neat "it's been a 10,bs35c . -"UrtAN. jfj Buy For StoriiiR 98 Lb. Bag, $3.1!) POTATOES . 5 Uis. ' Ivil. lien TesU-d lot of fun this time." Dewey's great wartime race how- IpavpK lilm a nolent 1948 ng- ever Coiinliy Club I'ANCAKK FI.OI It Self Itisiiig FRESH'NAIRE if lie can will reelection as New 5l'lag260 lire CHUCK no AST York's governor two years hence. He will be only 46 in 1948. I : I4e FANCY' GRADK "A IVAN SVETKOFF 1201 North 7th Street HSS Illlie Label KAItO SYlil l lioblell Sjllip! -. I)l!li:l) I'ltl NKS lb. 27c Eliminates Kitchen Odors Bottle For a Fine Drink . . . FARMERS PRIDE COFFEE 1.-:11 Tropical Storm 5 Points Found 2::.3ii! l.l!;e Size. No. Slows American 15c u o,. PackaK.. uc , Bl LK SALKK KKAl.X 2 Lbs. 110 CLINTON PURE COFFEE CREAM Ilieakfust of ( liwiiiiun! Drive on Levte IIITINi FISH II (I. I l. or Jink Salmon --No 11. lV 250 (.Itol Ml IlKKF M. '.sit (Jroliud - & .... , For I.ouves or i-uie VICTOR PALONCY Pike & Lincoln Streets Country Club lUllil.F.n OATS (Juick or nodular! 1 350 CHF.AM t'HK.IK M. t l,.liil h INiiiud (Continued Irom page 1) CRYSTAL PEAS 2 25s CRYSTAL ."240 3 260 400 CH A SF.I. CATFISH l.h. Knmn - Heady to fry! WiM-oiiniil LonnhoiliB or Daisy KVAI". MII.K t Tall Can" acainst t lie fraulic Japs, and General .MiicArlhur reported that no appre i'...ii.v I'liilt U CaiiH . KLEEN-ALL CLEANER HiToliiniendi-d lor tiie Hubj ! ciable gain has been made In tne past 4 8 hours. 26 25 Oi Loaves 2 Vitamin Knrichcd he - Woodwork, Itnth Tub'. Tin- "ttli also fared heavy artil 3G nd F d - '." s- lery fire from the enemy, but this- 21c 59c I Ol'l-N Til l. I'. M. FI!HA CLOCK BREAD SPOTLIGHT was met by hundreds or liiS mill- Lb. SECONDINO BROS. Universal, Ind. I.OSF.H AI L DAY SATI It- niPler shells frnin the American 3' HOT-DATED COFFEE Bag KAY, NOV. II. SHOP l- AHI.i: artillery whirh splattered hastily prepared enemy positions and communication lines in the bitterly contested valley. idges along the northern end of the winding road which leads from SUPER Carigara to Moroc were the scene of heavy fighting, as the Yanks battled BEAL'S MARKET J" (mmJ M N. Ninth SL to flush the Jap out of his quickly MARKETS improvised forts, fox holes and Clasiifkd Ads Sell Most Anything

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