The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 8, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1944
Page 4
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I Wednesday, Novemfor 8, ItTH. DAILY CLINV'ONIXR t'njrp Four THE DAILY GJ1NTOIVIAN GOERING, GOERING-! 1U llllllili ll M Tka Waeklj t Im IM TIM CUmtou PUlndcwlcr abaotbad la 1MM rnbllahad OaUy Unapt Saturday and Buaaay twrge L. Carey Editor and Publisher I at Ue roauwrioe e i union, wu'" Hnna fiu Haoar i KepoblL i Editorial Phone 32 Phone 69 ' 1 -Vtjfcgg? Ttt L ,tWAYS BE TOPS H , Maintmm gtfllUUH Dint. Acrrtrt JTIAM ( WAV ' TWeSEly ' ' ' C ' 's Jjm I zjfr G'JL I The name Sealttst is your guarantee that our ice C- 71 V I V S $Z-T&&' ' V m. cream wW always be s pure, nourishing nd - r f rn irir ll .-AaMi OZJ-ir -iAi$ A fl tasie-appealing as the finest ingredients and CLOVE RLE AP II' J St'"' eZj2J fl Sealtest Quality Controls can make it. You can , I II e S ,5?l r-3T TtJ--viSSl. W tell it's Sealtest by the taste. , " J I 7 W Have a "Coke" Ahoy, mates Taking a Backward Glance . f,A WMM h- 1 Harlan o! Air. i'.nd Mrs. S. Sout'i Nxt h street ended the Torre KlUs' memorial services in V.' w I O Tuesday and W eliitMlay Ma idling in dramatic power, thrills and suspense any other picture ever directed by Howard Hawks, "Tiger Shark," Warners Pros.' sensational hit of a few seasons ago conies back to the Palace Theatre for two days. Starring Kdward C. Hobiuson -Tiger Shark" is an exciting drama of (lie tuna fisheries and the shark-infested fishing grounds lor oft the Mexican coast. "Itlders of the Kio Grande featuring yob Steele, Tom Tyler and Jimmybodd optms as the second featu re. ,, ,or keeping up the good work From sunny California to tbe coast of Maine, workers have learned bat Ibe pause lltal refreshes helps everybody do more work and tetter work. Whether in a tbipyard or in your own living room, Coca-Cola stands for the p.wie llMt reJmhel, become a symbol of friendly relaxation. eOniEO UNDER AUTHORITY OT- THE COCA COLA COMPANY tt TERRE HAUTE COCA-COLA liOTTUNG COMPANY HuuU' jesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Williams drove to Greeneastle, ind.. yesterday where they visited with their daughter, Miss Opal who is attending Depauw university there. Mr. and Mrs. O- A. Koss and little son, William Charles of the Powder Mill district, spent yes-teiday with Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ipyjap of 115 Spulli tfighih street. Coke"cCoca-Cola iitiiiral for popular name lo a.,oi!c tiiendly abtjnrvt,- Col. died !'Co&, HOW LONG WILL FRANCO LAST? While definite information as to the extent of the rebellious movement in Spain is not available, the news arrives that the Government-controlled Spanish press is accusing Russia of inciting the overthrow of the regime of General Franco. While it is perfectly natural for the Spanish Government to attempt to raise the same bogey that served its propaganda so well during the Spanish rebellion, there is little reason to suspect that the Soviet has a hand in difficulties that seem to be increasing in Spain. The rebellion of General Franco against the legally-established government of Spain would have been liquidated in short order except for the assistance given the Dictator by the German and Italian Governments. It probably would have been liquidated, in spite of this aid, if the government of the United States, Great Britain and France had permitted the regular Government of Spain to buy munitions of war. While the hold of General Franco upon the Spanish people is somewhat dubious, disinterested observers of the Spanish situation seem inclined to believe that the Franco opposition is badly divided and unable to get together for decisive action against the Dictator. However this may be, Franco is a vestige of an order that is being wiped out in Europe and, in time, , will follow his friends out of officeand out of power". " ' T OUR ENEMV HAS TWO HOPES. Winston Churchill, in his address to the House of Commons, declares that: "The enemy has two hopes: First, is that by lengthening the struggle he may wear down our resolution. The second and more important hope is that division will arise between the three great powers by which he is assailed and whose continued union spells his doom." As usual the British Prime Minister puts his finger on the matter. He adds that the foe hopes that some rift will split the alliance, that "quarrels may arise about the Balkans or about Poland or about Hungary" which will cause the Russians to go one way and the United States and Great Britain to go the other. Naturally, Mr. Churchill thinks that "our efforts must ceaselessly be bent" to deprive the enemy of this hope. He realizes that "three great powers so differently circumstanced" have "many differences in views about the treatment of the numerous countries into which their victorious armies have carried them". Admitting that he has "not hesitated to travel from court to court like a wandering minstrel" the British leader adds that always he has had "the same song or the same set of songs". After all, he marvels that "all hitherto has been kept so solid, sure and sound between us all". NUTRITIONAL IGNORANCE. Grafted Animal Pupil Surgcona grafted pupils from the eye of an animal to the optic nerve of a boy who was born without pupils 28 years ago. Tlie boy, Frank BenU, since has been graduated from the University of Wisconsin law school. Promotes Groft'tb Riboflavin promotes gi-owtb and il essential lor normal nutrition at alt ages. Insufficient quantities of riboflavin lor any length of time may be followed by digestive disturbances, nervous disorders, and some types of "eye strain" and a lowered general resistance. Dogs Sense Air-Raids In the days when Madrid was becoming a rubble heap, air-raid warnings were sounded according to the dogs. Soon after the beginning of the siege it was discovered that, a full half-hour before the farthest outposts had any warning of en approaching raid, practically every dog in the city howled, trembled and hid. As the dogs were never wrong, the air-raid warnings were regularly sounded according to their actions. This gave the people an extra half-hour's Bacterial Growth Bacteria, molds and yeasts, th chief causes of most food spoilage, grow rapidly at temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and slowly between ti degrees and 40 degrees, borne grow very slowls; at lemperatures between 16 and 20 de, grces but there appears to be no microbial action at temperatures be, low 15 degrees. Fresh joods should be chilled promptly and kept cold until properly frozen. ' Grown From Crowns Both the black and purple raspberries grow from central crowns and are usually kept in hills. Last summer the canes should have been tipped at 18 to 24 inches, to grow side shoots. This spring dead canes and weak growth should be cut out. The lateral branches on black raspberries may be shortened to 5 to 8 inches; laterals on purple raspberries should be left 10 to 14 inches long, TKN VKAILS A(. TOIUV Legion Hound tip B Air WinuJay Ijegiomiairfs living in tins county have been asked to participate in the fifth annual Aerial Roundup of the Indiana American Legion Sunday, Nov. 11th, wher five of the latest type of military observation planes will be i lown throughout the state by crack ur-niy pilots. All Legion membership cards in the hands of local Post officers will be taken to nearest airport visited by the army pilots and to state headquarters at Indianapolis where state Commander Frank R. Kossa of Jeffersonville. and sjate Adjutant William E. .Sayer of Bloomington, will meet the planes and report the totals to (he new national commander, Frank Belgrano, Jr. Anticipate lAi'ge 'rowi for i H. H. t'athcdral Gumr Traditional gold and black flags waved in the Main street breeze today as Clinton, queen city of Indiana high school fool-ball, awaits the whistle which will start the all-important gridiron contest between Clinton High School's Wildcats and Cathedral High School's Irish at Sport land Park tonight. IVi'MHialM iMrs. J. L. Horney of South Fifth street is attending a bridge-luncheon at the home of Airs. James Persons in Terie Haute today. Mrs. I). V. Cottrell ot Ather-ton is also a guest. Mr. and Mm. J. li. Stint- ol South Alain stive! arc to haw as their guest. .Mrs. Claud Williams of Attica. Miss Helen Lreds of South Fit ' h street is in Indianapolis, where she is taking the state board examination for nurses. Work Accidents Lost time from work accidents to tals 450,000,000 man days, enough .to build 7,500 average sized merchant ships. Save Coal Covering a bare hot water tank with insulation may save a ton of coal a year. POPEYE i . . j j i i i ii ' J-.- 1' U" I JUS' LIKE SHAKIN A kuAiiki' a :r S 'i r- 7--1 & TOO THICK -XT S-" spka 'T TOO THICK) J COCONUT mm. mm rnmrn TUKXTV VK.tKS A;0 TODAV riiri.simas Seals Suit.- In Hoiihe to Hmix am as Now The house to Iioiim' canvass for Tft I IF TOILER 1 MiSS TOMES, i DOJ BUT I'VE O0WEI IMERC ! PUAYIM6 HAftD1&6T IVviELU, WHAT DO (cSOSH? MO? tne THINK YOU (TALL 1 OOULO Tb IS TUST VMHAT FASCIrWES HlH! YOU WANT ME To 1 DOH'T DO LOU'S SIMR.yA (Tl SHOULJOMTf-WSCOORAfie HIM I ""W T DO PUAV ETASy I "THAT AltLD ABOUT (W f--i TRV TOr-jpA Xfi 11 , I TO GET? 'JiTMCR; the sale of Christ mas seals was begun t his morning in (Mini on. with the Curn-ii, Kvunts and Arts club workers in eliaiv. They indicated today they expeei to have some more of (lie bigger sales to report, early this wee'.:, and they hope to sell many in jots ot a dollar or other small ouant il ies in going from house to house. Each ot the tederateii clubs in the city has been asked lo btiv heal til bond. and. beside-. ei :i fT usv-w i mere ssssmn rar rswfca member of the clubs is asked ti buv one dollar's worth as an In dividual. The Current Kvents and 1 Arts club, besides leading in do DAN DUNN l'tJNLESS TM.S CODE ) C EXACTLY 'VVITH fTTilsTAy HERE AT THE ) I IT LOOK, DAN ! IF DOKTOR KRUOG TRANCES TARE THE FORMULA IS A HOTEL IN MOTOROPOLI S! 7 HIS XKAUT-tAFiw muwa fy , , I ' ing the work, is doing that mueh , in buying. The county lieaHh work being the objective of the j federated clubs, for the year.! gies special point to (his appeal lo the clubs and club members. Capitol Theule-r Building It Due lo He Sold Today Nutritional surveys conducted during the past decade indicate that malnutrition is a serious problem on the farm, as well as in the city, according to Dr. W. H. Sebrell, Medical Director of the U. S. Public Health Service, who points out that the problem exists among people who have plenty of money to spend for food as well a3 among those who live on relief allowances. It has been generally accepted that nutritional deficiency diseases resulted from poverty, but, in view of recent studies, it must be concluded that some of them are the result of ignorance. This calls for a campaign of education to reach all classes of people and to distribute information as to proper diet to maintain, and restore, bodily health. One of the interesting facts of human existence is the apparent failure of individuals, through many centuries, to study food in its relation to good health. Only in the lifetime of those of the present generation have we heard about vitamins and even now, the average individual is an ig-noramous in ir.inl to dii't and nutritional diseased. What liitle is known locally as I to wu.i. r. any bids, have been receive! by the receivers for the, Capitol theater building, there are xaiious rumors. One is that some l ids have been received for ,s'Li:, considerably more than $ 4".0i at which the property is appraised. It must sell for that much, or there must be a re-appraisement beiire any sale can be effected. i j in ui ii .i.i .-,Pii. (ii...' .r. . 4 ... V le bids are to be opened to- lay :.t Indianapolis bin it was llihi:; no.nhi:- the hi.! lu.i ny not be made public.

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