The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 8, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, November 8, 1944
Page 3
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JPage Three THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Wednesday, November 8, 1944. Clinton SoctalNotes Dewey Has 80,000 Lead in Indiana, COP Carries State (Continued from page 1) Year's Calendar Is Outlined for Delt Sorority Thanksgiving Dance Nov. 24 Highlights Report of Year Calendar Committee; 81a Parties Planned in Year Bunco Played Monday At ' Mystery Pal Meeting Members of tbe Mystery Pal Club held their regular meeting Monday with Mrs. Anton: Bogetto. Following the business meeting. J. Maas, Minn., ranking GOP member ot the house naval affairs committee, and Rep. Charles Dewey of Illinois, a former assistant secretary of the treasury. Maas lost to Frank T. Starkey, Democrat- Farm Labor candidate from St. Paul. Dewey, who led the congressional drive which resulted In an Investigation of the Montgomery-Ward plant seiiure, was defeated by Alexander J. Resa, Democrat, or Chicago. Foremost among tbe Republicans defeated was Rep. Hamilton Fish of New York, the pre-Pearl Harbor Isolationist who until the recent Empire atate redistrlcting was President Roosevelt's congressman. Fish was ousted by Augustus W., who lost the 29th New York district Republican nomination to Fish only to return as a Democrat with independent Republican backing and defeat the incumbent. Fish bad served in the house for 24 years and was the ranking minority member of tbe important bouse rules committee. Denounced in past campaigns by President Roosevelt, Fish this year was repudiated by Gov. Thomas E. bunco was played at three tables with prises going to Mrs. Jasper Gil-lio, bunco; Mrs. James Curry, high; Mm. Boeetto. low: Mrs. Joe verco- lio, mystery package; and Mrs. Simon Turchi, travel. nelfilous refreshments or ice cream and pie were served by the knuta. Durine tbe business meeting two dollars waa voted to tbe War Fund Drive. The neat meeting will be held November 20 with Mrs. John Giacherio as hostess. e Twenty lit -mbers And Three Guests Attend Bunco Meet Mrs. Rosemary Searing was b osteon Monday evening for the Happy Hour Bunco Club of Universal which met at the recreation hall. Mm. Elizabeth Troskey was elec'- d new president of the club whlje Mrs. Mafalda SoyacK was cnosen as the secretary-treasurer. Twenty members and three gt'ests were present at the meeting. ' Bunco was played with Mrss Thel-mi Curry winning low; M. Nell Stacey, bunco; Mrs. Let ha Cole, high and Mrs. Tbereasa l'hilipovicli, travel. Mrs. Zetta Brann 'will be hostess fiir tbe meeting next Monday evening. Mi's. Arnold Rod.gers returned to her bonne yesterday after spending the past week with her daughter, Mrs. Calvin Holliday at Washington, D. C. and Mr. ajid Mrs. Martin liodg-ers also of Washington, D. C. Mr. artd Mrs. Cyril Kircbner of .Brazil and Mr. and Mrs. Cec Snow visited M'j-s. Adrian RusseU and daughter of South Third street Thursday. Mm Adrian Russell and daughter. Mrs. Mamie Williamson and Mrs. Ma- ble Isley spent the week end In Danville, III. visiting Mr. and Mrs. James Morgan and Mr. and Mrs. Morris Poole and. J. E. Williamson. Mrs. C. E. Wooten, route one, Hillsdale, was admitted to the Robert Long "Hospital at Indianapolis Tuesday for medical treatment. She will be there for some time. Helta Entertain Centenary Youth Fellowship Members The October meeting of the Centenary Methodist Youth Fellowship h' Sunday at the home of Enid and Howard Helt at Center. The meeting opened with the singing. "Jesus CalU Us." Inspiring devotions on the theme, "God's Gifts" were given by Howard Helt. The lesson "Climbing Life's Ladder" was Presented by Euth Helen Cinder. Ifilred Wallers was in charge of Ihe entertainment. .Re freshments of sandwiches, cook ie t ana hot chocolate were terrest . tbe ',os he meeting. Those nre'' were Mildred Walters Kalbi VB Howard. Mrs. Cluder. Bulb Helen ,ude", Marie Myers. Martha Jane tWi-latlit, Mrs. Dorothy Helt and tbe ." Tie November , "ing will be held at the home Martha Jane Wright. , ""' Two Seamen Guesta At Picnic Supper Tuesday A. O. M. c Robert McConnell and 8 le Herman Rtfey were tbe honor guests at a picnic supper held at the home of Mr. and M.1- Walter Lear, south of Clinton, Tut day evening. S lc Riley Is spending a short leave with bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Riley, route two, after receiving his boot training at Great Lakes. 111. A. O. M. 2e MoConnell is spending a nine day leave with bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johv New-kirk also of route two. McConueU Is stationed at Bronson Field, Peasaco-la, Fla. with the Naval Air Fence. Those present, were Mrs. Robert Cooper of Elkhart. Ind., Mrs. John Newkirk and family, Mrs. Ed Riley and family, Mrs. Merle Newkirk arfcd family, tbe honored guests, and Mrs. Lear and family. Notice! n CUntonUa Want Yonr New. Please Call Miss Lear To Report Social Kews. Phone 82 or 83. American Beauty Shop X Vera Mae Black 81 3 8. Main Phone 69 Specialized Hair Styling Permanent Waves Open Every Evening Except Saturday Snow and ' Pf ity, -nttnn Dewey, the presidential nominee of bis own party. Leadership of both parties in (he lower chamber was assured of continued tenure. House speaker Sam Rayburn (D) Tex., majority leader John W. McCormack (D) Mass., and minority leader Joseph W. Martin. Jr., (B) Mass. All were re-elected by comfortable margins. Norwegians Join Reds in Battle Against Germans (Coatlnnad truss pas II ern front slackened generally today with Moscow announcing only that "there were no essential changes on the front" and that yesterday sixteen German tanks were knocked out in scattered local engagements. Behind the major sectors, how ever, there was the promise of big operations to come. Big Things In More The close siege of Budapest was impeded by a third day of torrential rains, but the Russians used tbe weather as cover for movement of thousands of infantrymen into the front lines beside tbeir tanks and Soviet artillery shelled the Hun garian capital's defenses methodically. In the southwest Latvian area, where Marshal Stalin listed thirty German divisions as trapped and in the process of annihilation, the Ger mans said Soviet attacks had eased somewhat southeast of Llepaja, but were still going strong in the Auce area and had made some small gains. Fruiting Canes J Fruiting canes of raspberries arc pruned in spring or after ail danger of winter injury is past. Weak cane should be removed, and the vigorous ones thinned to four to six inches apart in the row. ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP 137 North 7th St. PHONE 1H4-W PERMANENTS GIVEN AT NIGHT Bi jm km ptr tstiM? U rw fill sMadacbv after utiai? DtjmtitSWKIISlt tisilr? 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Only lOf and 25. , ALL WOMEN WANT BETTER PERMANENTS Everyday Frederics Famous Permanent Waves Are Acclaimed By Thousands! $5-6.50-$7.50-$1Q MACHINE WAVES PRE-WAR PRICES 0 Hair-Tinting 0 Facials Arches 0 Scalp Treatments PHONE 502 355 SOUTH MAIN ADAMSON'S BEAUTORIUM OPEN EVENINGS T BY APPOINTMENT! 10 DO.K.V NATION-WIDE SHEETS 1.19 Our famous Nation-Wide quality known tiio nation over for their long wear and lasting whiteness. 81 x 99. Heavy TICKING 31 Heavy blue and white stripe tick ing. 29 inches wide. Women's APRONS 690 Novelty tea aprons In colorful prints. Gaily trimmed. for senator long term and Ralph E. Gates Columbia City attorney for eovernor. ' Caneliart By 19,000 Ca peh art had a margin 01 neany 19.000 votea over Governor Henry F. Schrlcker Democrat and Gates was almost 25,000 votes In front of Senator Samuel D. Jackson Democrat. A medically discharged overseas veteran of World War II captured the short term senatorial title. He is Captain William E. Jenner of BedfordRepublican. He led Cornedius O'Brien Lawrenceburg businessman and Democrat by 34,000 votes and seemed to be the front man on the r. n P atate ticket. Incuntfieut Congressmen Win All incumbent .congressmen were .hoij There are nine Indiana Re publicans and two Democrats in tbe lower house of congress. CHICAGO, III. Gov. Dwlght H. Green. Republican, probably will pull ahead of Thomas J. Courtney, Democrat, by the narrow margin of some 15,000 votes, it was indicated today in a projection of almost complete election returns in Cook County and downstate Illinois. FDR Takes Electoral While the race for governor remained close, President Roosevelt had Illinois' 28 electoral votes safely in his column. The vote for president in 7,404 of the state's 8748 precincts was Roosevelt, 1,762,290; Dewey, 1,670.665. Kansas Goes GOP TOPEKA. Kas. As the unoffici al count of ballots in Tuesday's election neared completion, Kansas ap-neared todar to be the chief Repub lican stronghold in tbe nation. a tabulation of returns showed a ween hv the Renublicans. with GOP candidates winning every major contest in the state. Dewey Leads Otiio . COLUMBUS, Ohio. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey maintained an approximate 63,000-vote lead over President Roosevelt for Ohio's 45 electoral vote today as returns were tabulated from 7,766 of tbe state's 0,306 polling places. The count showed: Dewey 1,283,-075; Roosevelt 1,230,126. Beef Cattle Beet cattle excel all other livestock in producing meat from products which axe inedible to man, such as pastures, hays, stovers and straws. CURTAINS Lace Panels 1.29 , Lovely floral patterns. Slotted tops for easy banging. 2'A yds. long. RAYON NET PANELS fs69 Ea. Something different! Cream grounds with wine or blue or plain cream. They hang beautifully. CURTAIN MATERIALS 250 .nd 39c Rayon marquisette, cushion dot white marquisette, and cream or ecru in cotton marquisette. CLINTON lO STORE Advancing Yanks Close In Oil Ormoe Sector (Continued from psga 1) Fighting was concentrated In the narrow Ormoe corridor, but farther down In the valley, the Japanese were digging In for a new stand to meet an almost certain surging Yank advance. ffeavy United S'ates artillery aid ed our fighting men and pounded Jap positions in advance of the line of fighting as far south as Ormoe Itself, some IS miles away. Considerable damage was caused by the tons of heavy shells which poured Into the Ormoc-Valencla area. The big guns demolished warehouses. supply dumps snd lighted numerous fires as well as concentrating on enemy troop positions. Japanese lines of communication, bivouacs, and supply areas took a pounding, .toe, from Leyte-based army fighter planes which dive bomb ed Jap positions near Valencia and Palompon above Ormoe on the west eoast. Enemy attempts to reinforce their troops with mea and supplies were harassed by our planes which dam aged numerous barges and small craft with concentrated machine gun fire. Japanese resistance continued in spasmodic fashion in the Dagaml ar ea near tbe island's east coast where the Ninety-Sixth Division troops un der Ma). Gen. James L. Bradley strove to wipe out remaining Japanese positions. Tbe enemy is entrenched in this area in concrete pillboxes hidden in the high grass on the bill sides but flamethrowers and the attacks of artillery men proved potent weapons. Japanese air activity over Leyte, harassing in intensity in the closing days of last week, was negligible and credit went both to the accurate fire of American anti-aircraft batteries and smashing raids against enemy air bases in the central, northern and southern Philippines. General MacArthur announced that since Oct. 20, American antiair craft batteries on Leyte have shot a total of 144 enemy aircraft out of action ; either totally demolishing or probably destroying them. American Liberators in continuing strikes against Japanese airfields in the Visayas Islands to tbe west of Leyte. dropped 260 tons of explosives which badly damaged runways and Ignited large fires. Fifteen or more enemy planes were destroyed on the ground in the raid, and fires In dispersal areas damaged others. Three enemy interceptors who rose to meet tbe Liberators were shot down by escorting fighters and oth ers were damaged. FDR Landslide Sweeps in 25 House Seats 'Cratlnaad uosn pegs I) Earlier, the prospect of certain Democratic house control was em phasised when, with only 92 districts in doubt, 22 Democratic incumbents seeking re-election were yet to be beard from. The candidates who were swept along on the Roosevelt landslide had only to bold these outstanding seats to come up with a working house membership of 227 congressmen their greatest strength since 1940. Congressional returns, lagging be hind the presidential tabulations, disclosed that the tide of seat-captur ing was running with the Democrats. The Roosevelt-supporting and Roosevelt-aided candidates had made off with at least 18 Republican seats by mid-morning as against only two of their own won by the GOP. Among tbe Democratic gains were four Republican seats in Connecticut, three In New York, at least five In Pennsylvania, and one In Ken tucky. Tne surprise Republican house casualties included two house stalwarts from the minority side Rep. Melvln Patricia Ann Coverdale, R. R. 4, Rockvllle, Ind. was admitted to the county hospital Saturday as a surgical case. Gordon Wm. Huffaker, R. R. 4, Chrisman. 111. was admitted to the county hospital Saturday as a medical case. ' Dan Price, Beech Street, was dismissed from the county hospital Tuesday. mm- Mr and Mrs. Frank Sweet of Ter-re Haute are the parents of a daughter born Tuesday morning at the St. Anthony Hospital. The infant weighed seven pounds and eleven ounces and has been named Martha Kather-ine. The mother is the former Miss Lucille Strain of this city. Mrs. Frank Rodich and Mrs. Robert - Rodich were Tuesday evening guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lear, south of Clinton. Mrs. Robert Cooper of Elkhart. Ind. is visiting with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Newkirk and other relatives of route two, Clinton. CTJOSRITAl Lovely Embroidered jpy PILLOW CASES Swell for Christmas! g white, fine qual Plans for the annual Thanksgiving Dance of the Delta Tbeta Tau sorority to be given Nov. 24 in the Aragon Ballroom highlighted tbe presentation of the calendar of events for tbe year at the regular business meeting of the organization last night in the clubrooms of the Half Century Club. The year's calendar as outlined by Mrs. James Ashley, chairman of the calendar committee includes Nov. 21, business meeting. The first December meeting on the fitb of tbe month will be a bus iness meeting with tbe Christmas part? to be held on Dee. 19. Mrs. Jobn Miller will be chairman of tbe Cr.ristmas party with Miss Marie Field. Mrs. Charjes Brown, Mrs. 'Christine Kercheval. Mrs. Dorothy Whitcomb, Miss Louise Call. Miss Joan McDonald and Miss Martha L. Manship. Three meetings are scheduled for January, two business meetings on' tbe 2nd and Sflth of the months with tbe month's social meeting to be in the form of a "character party" on Jan. 16. Miss Rosemary Hayes is chairman of the party with her committee to be made up of Miss Valeria Valente, Miss Catherine Enrici, Mrs. Leon Fougnles, Mrs. Gerald Pagliero, Miss Anna Pagliero and Miss Joan Rodich. The February party will be a Valentine party on Feb. IS with Mrs. Robert Burton, chairman, and Mrs. Joe Morgan, Mrs. Frederick Fry, Miss Martha Reed, Mrs. James Ashley, Mrs. Jack Gilfoy and Miss Mary Lou Gilfoy as tbe committee. St. Patrick's Day will be the theme of the March party on the 13th of the month with Mrs. Claude Wegner, party chairman, Mrs. Thomas Rockwell, Miss Martha Foils. Mrs. Wayne Staats, Mrs. Edward La Roche and Miss Irma Pesavento on the committee. In April the party theme will be "come as you were" with a social meeting to be held on April 10. Mrs. Dom Costello has been named chairman of the party with her committee to be made up of Miss Betty Gel-ler, Miss Evelyn Clough, Miss June Owens and Mrs. Raymond Gilfoy. The Anniversary Dinner on May 22 will mark the end of the Delt year with Miss Kathleen Taylor named chairman of tbe dinner event with Miss Mary Catherine Sawyer, Mrs. Frank Ralston, Mrs. Jane Tompkins, Miss Anna Gavin and Miss Tai-ml Lahti on the committee. Mrs. Don Doughty has been nam ed chairman of the annual dance, oroceeds of which are used to furth er the sorority's charitable and philanthropic work. Wednesday Tri KaDDa meeting, 8 p. m. at the home of Marynette White. Associate Chapter or in napim, meet at the home of Gertrude Ewlng. Ladies Social Club of Fairview will meet with Mrs. Bert Short instead of Mrs. Vera Murray. Women of the Moose meet at the hall on Blackman street at 7:30 p. iaimx unio niuh has been postponed for two weeks. Place will be announced later. White Heather Circle, Mrs. jonn Dunsmore, 7:30 p. m. Friendly Bunco Club meeting, 7:30 d. m.. Mrs. Margaret Crowder, South Third street. Past Noble Grands Club, 7:30 p. m. at the hall. Refreshment committee, Mrs. Nora Charles and Mrs. Mary Stewart, entertainment, Mrs. Clara Gllmour and Mrs. Nora Wilson. Builders Class of the Fairview Methodist Church meet with Rev. and Mrs. Godwin. Mrs. Anna Miller, assistant hostess. ThunOAV Methodist Choir meet at Mrs. Co- rlnne Hall's home, 1044 South blxtn street, 7:30 p. m. Christmas cantata. Fairview P. T. A. meet at the school auditorium at 7:30 p. m. Ladies Bible clasB of the Christian Church meet at 2:30 in the church Houment Hostesses Mrs. James and Mrs. Sears. Devotionals, Rev. DePois- ter. entertainment, Mrs. Gilmore ana Urn Sfntt i WSCS of the Methodist Church, at the church, 2:30 p. m., Devotionals Mrs. Ray Wood, Mrs. Frank Kell, program leader and Mrs. Kamm. hostess chairman. The 8WAM8 of the First Baptist Church will meet at 7 p. m. at the home of Marcello Sollars, South Sev enth street. Acme Club has been postponed. Friday Friday Literary Circle. Mrs. Dave Salmond, 720 Blackman street. 2:3U n m Book reoort for the afternoon, "Valley of Decision" by Marcla Dav enport, by Mrs. H. M. Ferguson ana Mrs. Poor. Octette Club, noon luncheon, Clinton Hotel, Mrs. Julia Hatfield, hostess. WHAT CAUSES EPILEPSY? 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