The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 8, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, November 8, 1944
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THE DAILY CLINTOMAN The Home Newspaper Of Vermillion And Parke Countiei THE WEATHKB Light rain today, tonight and Thursday. Cooler Thursday. : Mailed la Conformity With P. O. D. Order No. 19687 Price Three Cents. CLINTON, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 194. Volume 'i'i Number 217. IS. I I I ' Republicans Take Vermillion County Winner for Landslide lectoral Vote Sweeps F. D. R. On Into Fourth Term Thirty-Six Stales With 430 Electoral j Votes Back Fourth Term Bid; Dewey 1 Wins hi Indiana, Eleven States; Popular; Vole Gives FDR Near 3 Million Lead j NEW YORK, N. Y. President Roosevelt rode trf umphantly into a fourth term in the White House today on the crest of a tremendous electoral vote with a mandate from the American people to speed victory, bring the boy home, find them jobs and secure the peace of the world. a irpmendoua electoral vote over? County Goes Totally CO .P., Returns Show Unofficial Figures Show Republicans Take Every County Office; Gov. Dewey Polls 5,632 Votes in County Had the county generally followed the lead of Vermillion County, yesterday's election would have been an entirely different story, complete unofficial figures for the 33 precincts,, completed late this morning. lyil . .wvwoor-v " " - ' Gov Thomas E. Dewey, his Republican rival, by apparently wtitnine- thirtv-six- states, havlnff 484f v ft- .V-Sy KJ , . y- ' A V:' I Dewey Has 80,000 Lead in Indiana, GOP Carries State Gates, Capehart, Jenner Win State Offices; Noble Johnson Leads 6th District Jteports Just before noon today Nhowed lncumtent Congressman Noble i. JoIuimmi K) leading OUs . Jamison D) In every county of tlie district emvpt Vigo. The unofficial jtabuUtioua s li o w e d Johnson's majorities In the following counties: llaadlloa, 25U0; Fountain, 1 7 0 0; Montgomery, iSOOO; and Boone, laou; State re. porta showed uOOO majority in 112 precincts wiiieli overtakes tb'.' BOM vote lead held by Jamison in Vigo County.) INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. With three-fourths of Indiana's precinc!: recorded Governor Thomas E. Dev - ey had a lead of nearly 80,000 vote:; over President Roosevelt today. Fresideiil Franklin 1. Koosf veil Democrats Win Control of Congress With Victories in House and Senate Former Mayor Dies Dr. Clyde M. Zink Clinton Physician, Politician Dies Tuesday Afternoon Dr. C. M. Zink, Former Mayor, Coroner Succumbs Al ter Lingering Illness Former two-term mayor of Clin-tnn nnri three-term Vermillion Coun ty coroner, Dr. Clyde M. Zlnk, died Tuesday afternoon at his home at 559 Mulberry Street. Dr. Zink. who had remained active iu Democratic political circles until recent months, was seriously ill for nearly a year before his death yesterday. He served as mayor of Clinton for two terms from 1935 to 1939 and from 1939 to 1943. Prominent In Fraternal Circles In addition to his active political life, he took a prominent part in fraternal and medical circles, holding membership in the Salem Masonic Lodge, Zorah Temple Shrine of Ter-re Haute, Jerusalem Chapter 125, Knights Templars; Masonic Chapter 48 of Clinton, Scottish Rite Masonic Lodge of Indianapolis, the Clinton Moose Lodge and the Modern Wood men of America. World War Veteran A veteran of World War I. Dr. Zink was a member of the Clinton Anirecian Legion Post 140 and of the Forty and Eight Voiture of Ter-re Haute. (Continue on page 6) School Mothers Invited To Education Week Program Mothers of students in Junior and Senior High School have been invited to attend a tea Thursday, Nov. 9. at 3:10 p. m. in the high school gymnasium given by the high school faculty. Mis. Helen Johnson, senior high school principal, announced today. Another activity in observance of National Education week was a program held by Miss Marjory Caid- well s class In Central uraae scnooi, Monday afternoon. Sixteen mothers were present. The program consisted of songs, poems, finger games and nursery rhymes. Second Blistering ft I ' f J l - imam i iff Fourth Time Democrats Hold Decisive Control in Senate Votes; Indiana Elect s G.O.P. . NEW YORK, N. Y. The Democratic party has retained decisive control of the United States Beuate, with late returns indicating that it n.av even increase its strength. Republican hopes of slashing deeply into the present Democratic majority of 20 faded as the Roosevelt landslide bowled over C. O. P. hopefuls and threatened to topple Incumbents. IVw Oi-Raiiizallon Ai)tron d Sure ..;... ,rv full fillftrt i l lie ijeiuueirtii'- nw. - of giving a two-tuiras niajomy. uj which treaties are ratified, but success of internationally-minded caudi-' dates enhanced chalices of approval of a "peace by force" world organl-j za"011' . .1 , -ii.h Democrats apparently had clinch- ed 22 senatorial contests, the Kepuo (Continued on page ) Mrs. Ellen Haynes Dies At Rockville Home Tuesday Mrs. Ellen Haynes, "0. Rockville. Ind. died at her home Nov. 7, at 12:10 p. m. She is survived by a son, Vern, at home two sisters, Mrs. Clarence Harsh. Rockville, and Mrs. Adeylotte of Indianapolis, and four brothers, Jess Daniels, Rockville. James Daniels, Montezuma, Ralph Daniels, Crand Rapids. Mich., and Manford Daniels. Casey, 111. The body was taken to the McMillan Funeral Home. Rockville. and will be returned to the residence Wednesday afternoon. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. m. Thursday at the Rockville Christian Church. Rev. Howard Hayes will of-ficate and burial will be in the Memory Garden Cemetety. ; I , The count In 3080 precincts w?i ident Herbert Hoover. Dewey 081.884, Roosevelt 004,441.1 The President had 36 states In hi Winning with the Republican pr' - corner, but two of them were Demo sidential nominee were Homer E cratic by small margins. Late tabu-Capehart Republican who wi lation of returnB put Michigan I Patton Drive Opens in Metz, Nancy Sector 12th Army Corps Takes 4 Towns in Initial Move, Artillery, Planes Back Attack; Battle In Reich SUPREME HEADQUARTERS, Allied Expeditionary Force, France Lieut. Gen. George S. Patton's Third Army loosed a dawn attack today in the area between Metz and Nancy, immediately captured four towns and considerably Improved the American nnsition. Yanks ol the 12 Army Corps surged across the Seille River at several points in the asasult which front dispatches said was being maintained. Two-Hour Artillery Barrage The dawn attack, launched despite Inclement weather, got under way after German positions wero softened up in a two-hour artillery bombardment. The Americans gained an average of a mile in depth along the whole assault front. The Seille River was crossed at several points in tlie area of Rouves, some 13 miles south of Metz. German opposition ranged from,. niuiter-fire t O battle!! against Nazi resistance units of ined-' ium strength. Heavy Battle Hear Aachen Heavy fighting raged meanwhile Inside Germany between American First Army troops and Nazi forces southeast of Aachen. Street fighting continued Inside the embattled town of vossenack and the Yanks around Schmidt, farther southeast, repulsed two German counterthrusts. The Nad command strove to build up the strength of German forces in the Schmidt area to prevent an American break-through to the plains, before Cologne. ' (A Blue network correspondent reported from inside Germany that American forces had suffered some reverses in the fighting around Schmidt. Nazi forces, the report added, were burling huge numbers of tanks Into the battle, and American guns had destroyed a large number of the Panzers.) Mop-l'p in Holland The campaign In Holland had re-( Continued on page ) Nazis Claim New V-2 Bomb Hurled At South England LONDON, England. An offlci-cial German communique claimed today that the Nazi V-2 robot bomb was in action against southern England. There has been no official confirmation of this claim from any Al- lied source. , The Nazi announcement described the V-2 bomb as a far more effective AvnUitva mffictlle than the V-l bUZZ bomb, and added that the bombard- j ment or soutuern r.ngianu uy unoriginal robot bomb model had been intensified in past weeks by the use of V-2's. The new weapon may be the one that Stockholm reported recently was flying over southern Sweden at a speed and altitude placing it beyond the reach of anything except the most sensitive supersonic recording apparatus. The V-l robot bomb hit London for many weeks, causing heavy casualties and much destruction In the capital, before the British Air Ministry Identified Britain's capital as the chief victim and main sufferer from this deadly weapon. If precedent is followed. It may be some time before the British have anything to say regarding the truth or falsity of Berlin's terroristic claim. LONDON, England. More than 360 Fortresses and Liberators escorted by over 860 Mustangs and Thunderbolts today bombed the Leuna synthetic oil plant near Merseburg. Germany, and railroad yards at Rhei-ne, northwest of Muenster. The British Air Ministry announced that RAF heavv bombers had blasted another vital Nazi synthetic oil plant at Homburg. nnth of these niants were brought under severe attacks in recent rains. Including the action which cost t battered Luftwaffe 208 fighters shot down, mainly over Leuna. electoral votes. Only 2C6 were necessary to win. The President swept another Dem ocratic Congress into power on tji wings of Lis conquest. Dewey t arries 12 States Cov. Dewey won or led In buC twelve states having 101 electoral votes. New Deal jubilation over tm President's great precedent-shatter ing victory was tempered a bit b the fact that he did not swamp Gov Dewey in popular affection. At 12: 3H p. m. today, it appeared the PresU dent would run behind the popular endorsement of his first three victor-, ies before the American electorate Near 3 Million Iad At 12:30 p. m., an International News Service tabulation of the popular vote, after a count of more than! 41.000.000 ballots, was: Roosevelt: 21.645.652. ' Dewey: 18.903.849. 1 Tliis gave the President a popular lead of 2,741,703 votes. It appeared! his final popular margin might ex- ceed 3.000.000. even with a total 8 fia.ono.OOO ballots. This was re . duced margin over his 5.000,000 de (cai 0f Wendell Willkie. his ll.uoo, j 000 defeat of Alf M. Landon , his 7.000.000 defeat of former Prea nis column alter navmg ueeu Dewev throughout the night. Hi margin there was a meager 20,000., He also led in New Jersey by a merj (Continued on page C) James Lee Auman Sentenced On Auto Theft Count Today reformatory was ler- Kf'inence or irom one iu iu jvatm Sijel(,rvi)1(, , ,, morB,0, , Vermillion Circuit Court when the of ndjtry Aunlan confessed stealing a car owned by John Bertotti, 328 North Ninth Street, Monday evening. The cur was taken from in front of the Bertotti residence sometime before 10 p. in, it was reported. State Policeman Oliver Hayek arrested the Auman youth at 11:30 p. m. after a report of the theft and description of the auto had been given to local and state police by Mr. Bertotti. Hayek recognized the car as Auman was driving along the Centenary road, west of Clinton, and gave cnase. He overtook the Bertotti car fc g streelt , ;.,, ,,, ,,.. ruort. .howed. Clinton, state police reports showed. Auman was Immediately arrestea and confined to the county Jail at Newport until his trial this morning. Nenliew of Clinton Man Is Killed in Action in France Seaman 2c Billie Joe Lark. U. husband of Mrs. Frieda Lark of route one. West T'rre Haute, and nephew of Thomas Lark, 625 South Fourth street, Clinton, was killed In action somewhere in the South Pacific theater of operations, according to a telegram received by his wife Monday, from the L . S. Navy De- partment. Seaman I.ark is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William Lark, West Terre Haute, Ind., route one. Lark, a graduate of Concannon H!gh School with the class of 1943. entered the I'. S. Navy on Dec. t. 1943. He received training at Great Lakes. 111., and went overseas Sept. 1, of this year. He is survived by the widow and the parents of West Terre Haute two brothers. Seaman 2c Simon Lark, now in the Philippine theater, and Donald Lee Lark, at home: a aittinr Mrs Mililreri MarHhflll. TprrA - Haute; the grandmother, jlrs. Annn Lark, Terre Haute and several aunts, unck-s and cousins. reveal. I Net a single Democrat, from Pres-I ident RooBevelt down to county com-i niissionera received a majority from Vermillion county voters, wuo tavui-ed the G.O.P. nominees by pluralities of as high as 1.600 votes. All figures are still unofficial and the official tabulation will probably not be completed until tonight, according to Circuit Clerk Carl R. Biggs. Outlet County Election' It was one of the quietest elections this community has ever known with voting surprisingly light and interest in the results lacking. Usual election night crowds failed to appear, due in part to the late hour at which the polls closed, which made returns correspondingly slow iu coming in. From the time that the .first returns were received from Saudytown precinct at 1 a. m., until the last from Jacksonville this morning, there was not the slightest doubt as (Continued on page 6 Norwegians Join Reds in Battle Against Germans Reveal Norse Battle Nazis In Own Country; Soviet Ready Big Latvian Push LONDON, England. Norwegian Foreign Minister Trygve Lie revealed today that Norwegian soldiers were fighting side by side with Russian troops in Norway. This first official announcement that Norwegian troops were fighting in Norway was made in Moscow when Soviet authorities welcomed Lie and his staff on their arrival In the Russian capital. LONDON, England. The Budapest radio said early today the Russian troops had landed on a small island in the Danube River south of Budapest and opposite the east bank suburban town of Dunaharaszti, only four miles below the Hungarian capital. New Hlwr Assault At the same time. Berlin said that the Red Army had launched a strong assault against the Germans' 140-mile Tisza River defense line northeast of Budapest and had won two bridgeheads on the river's west bank in a new threat to the capital. Fighting along the winding east-(Contlnued on Page 3) Raid Blasts Jap ii l. HARBOR Japan's air strength, shipping and military installations in (lie teeming Manila area staggered today from the devastating effects of the second successive smash executed by carrier-based aircraft of the Third United States Fleet. Admiral William F. Halsey's war-birds, obviously intent on preventing enemy reinforcements from reaching embattled Leyte and Camar, carried out the second blistering raid Sunday, bagging an additional 249 enemy planes, sinking five more ships and inflicting heavy damage on ground installations. 440 Planes. Six Ships Results of the neutralizing raids, announced in a communique from Pacific Fleet Headquarters, showed a total of at least 440 Jap planes destroyed, six ships sunk and twenty-four damaged. gunk were one sub chaser, three cargo ships, one oiler and one destroyer. The twenty-four damaged vessels Included two cruisers, five destroyers, two destroyer-escorts. i one trawler and fourteen cargo hips. ' Crmmilefl frafl Strafed Of the Japanese planes destroyed (Continued ou page 6) FDR Landslide Sweeps In 25 Seats to Seize House Control, Returns Indicate NEW YORK, N. V. A Demo cratic net gain of at least 23 states In the house of representatives was today ou the basis of incomplete congressional returns which clearly gave the party 01 rre-.ident Roosevelt house control for his newly-won fourth term. With less than one-eightn of me 425 house districts still In doubt, the Democrats had won 221 seats to mo rtalu for the COP. Minority parties had captured three. JjuuWide Takes 25 Seat Democratic candidates, swept in by the Roosevelt landslide, took 25 seats from Incumbent Republicans while the OOP was able to upset only two sitting Democrat. (Continued on Page 3) Dixie Flyer Crew Blamed in Probe Of Indiana Wreck Failure of the crew of the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad's Dixie Elver to obey orders and control train speed in conformity with automatic block signals was blamed for the collision of the passenger train and a mail train between Clinton and Terre Haute, lud., Sept. 14. the Interstate Commerce Commission ruled this week. Twenty-nine persons were killed In the collision of the trains near Dewey. Ind., nearly ten miles south of Clinton, early in the morning of Sept. 15. The toll of injured was set at 4 7. The majority of those killed and luiured were overseas veterans of the Army Air Forces who had been home on leave after combat duly in Italy and were reluming to Miami. Ela. on the crack southbound train for re-asslgnmeiit. Preliminary inquiry into the cause of the wreck was not conclusive, since the engineer of the Flyer was fatally injured in the collision. The Interstate Commerce Commission also found that the block signal system was Inadequate, adding a recommendation that a new system be Installed. Clinton Miner Injured In Slate Fall Tuesday Thomas Vianich. 64, Clinton and Fred Reginato. 55. West Terre Haute, are In the I'nion Hospital. Terre Haute, with Injuries sustained in a slate fall at 8:45 a. m. Tuesday at the Victory Mine. Vranish sustained a broken arm and minor injuries while Reginato suffered serious head and back injuries. Both men were reported lo be working underground at the time of (lie accident and the slate, bolstered by the support on which they were working, was believed to have given way unexpectedly. host to the 1938 cornlieia couieieuce tContlnuert ou page 3i (3 Servicemen '$ Ballot For Pres. Roosevelt Shows 2 to I Trend NEW YORK, N. Y. While Hi. ...Mm. i-t0 In m'nv states was mer- ged into counting of civilian ballots D,.mocratic no- returns indicated that Democratic ,,o- litlcal leaders were correct in c a.m- ing the service vote for Presldcn Roosevelt. In New York city the sen ice v ot went for the President by more thai, 2 'A to one. some states will give a clearer picture of the attitude of service men Pennsylvania and California, each with a big service vote, will not count it for two weeks. PARIS. France. France gener ally and American troops in Paris hailed the re-election of President Roosevelt today and expressed extreme gratification. The French people appeared parti cularly pleased. Some government circles were especially pleased slnc among them were those wuo .earn that Gov. Thomas E. Dewey u igln ,,t Dccorditiz to their view, nav f Continue! on pare ' following message "It Is clear that Mr. Roosevelt has been re-elected for a fourth term and every good American will whole - heartedly accept the will of the people. I extend to President Roosevelt my hearty congratulations and earnest hope that his next term will see speedy victory In the war. establishment of lasting peace ar.d restoration of tranquility among our people. "I am deeply grateful for the con- tiActnfn Avnr'.ituojl hi' Ul niallV mi! itxna ..f mv fellow citizens and for their labors In the campaign. The! Republican party emerges from the election revitalized and a great force i - r t. n.,,ntrt. .. , A rip ior me fuwi mi- .iiu.j . ihp nreservation of free government i in America. (Continued on rage 6 I , I i 1 I I Manila Area; Yanks Nearing Ormoc Dewey Calls for American Unity In Conceding Election to FDR NEW YORK, N. Y. Gov. Thorn- ( governor spoke, as E. Dewey retired early this morn-1 Seated at a table before an array ing after having smilingly and ur- of microphones Covernor Dewey in i,nuiu cmc-ded President Roose- clear, concise tones, delivered the GEN. MACARTHI'R'S HEADQUARTERS, Philippines. Sharp fighting raged today in the narrow Ormoc corridor on western Leyte as Twenty Fourth Division infantrymen came In contact with reinforced elements of four Imperial Japanese divisions and repulsed three strong counter-attacks with heavy losses to the enemy. Maj. Gen. Frederick A. Irving' hard-driving Yanks, pressing toward the enemy's last important stronghold from the north, experienced bitter resistance from the Japs in the first stages of the final battle for Ormoc. Force Yanks Bark Fanatical Japanese attempts to re tain their last Leyte stronghold for- Ced temporary withdrawal of an advanced battalion, but the Ameri- cms met and repulsed three determ- Ined enemy counter attacks from tl,n reinforced enemv forces before giving ground Elements of the Japanese 1st. velt's re-election and having receiv - A a t;.lL'i-am of thanks from the President a few minutes after he concluded his statement on the air. The face of the defeated Republican nominee was the brightest at press headquarters in the Roosevelt Hotel when he finally appeared at 3:15 a. m., after remaining in seclusion in his tenth floor suite with Mrs. Dewey and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brownell, Jr., since late in the afternoon. Governor Dewey laughed and joked with cameramen as he posed with Mrs. Dewey, who also was smiling, and shook hands with campaign workers whose high spirits had stead ily declined as election reports piled ily declined as election reports pnea ' ., i.i ..i nvFtiiiinf Democratic victory. Some of the wo - men were frankly weeping as the las 30th and 102nd Imperial Divisions Shed Razed By Fire have joined the ill-famed 16th Dlvi- Flre of unknown origin destroyed sion. General Douglas MacArthur an- coal shed located on the property nounced, and the Japanese have lln-of May Shaunon. 633 Vine Street at t-d up in the whole Ormoc valley. 2 p. m. Nov. 7. (Continued on page 3)

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