The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 7, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, November 7, 1944
Page 4
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I Behind the Seen 1 . i0 mm CHINA'S SORROW THE DAILY CLMONIAN f DISUNITY' r.vTiTl'AL 15VV i atabUahed M Ttaa Weekly CUatonlaa M gha OUatonPtalndeHler absorbed' in IBM Published Dally Except Saturday and Sunday feom L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher latere the Poatofflce at Clinton, Indiana v. HARRISON CARROLL- ' . Kins t'Mturi" SjniliiiiiU rllf r HOLLYWOOD The Chicago Civic Light Opera company wants Deanna Durbln for a guest appearance In January, anil her lifelong ambition's to rez. ... Carol .Tliursttsv nswiy signed by R-K-O, nmaiHK .'ix-inch cut on her wrist She was rehearsing a script at home and put her arm through a window pane... Cugat's brunette vocalist, Louise Burnett, will quit the band to make a picture In Mesico with Canllu-Ilas. . t Indiana RepnbUcan Editorial AaaocUtlflva Phone SS Phone 32 m: 2 , I YEARS RE5I5TWC J I 'f A. ... ii ' , , j! J' "t'I'W KfV.T,2 l'AI.ACK Tiivsclay anil Wwhivwlay MiUchlnK in dramatic iower, thrills and suspense any other picture ever directed by Howard Hawks. "TlKer Shark.'' Warner s Dros.' sensational hit of a lew seasons ago conieB back to the Palace Theatre lor two days. SlarriiiK Kdward (I. Ilobinson "Tiper Shark'' is an exciting drama of the tuna fisheries and tho shark-Infested fishiiiK grounds for off I lie Mexican coast. "Riders of the Hlo ("irande fea-turlii),' Hob Steele, Tom Tyler and Jimmy llodd opens as the second feature. WAIiXSII Humlav, Monday an1 Tiiewlay lit "Kansas Cily Kltly,"' Columbia Pictures' newest hit at the Wabash Tlieatre, Joan Davis dishes out the fun in a screenful of screaming comedy. She's nutty Mejubk fnum sing an operatic role but she has to turn the offer down. She will be In the middle of her next picture. "Lady on a Train." Republican wro Association j J I s V 1 When Bud A bbott and I)U Co-lello were In San Francisco, they met four sailors who were just buck from .30 months in the South Pacific and hail no place to sleep. Lou Invited them to share a "little hole in the wall" he'd managed to secure at the St. Francis. On arriving, the boys gaped in astonishment. It was the Presidential suite. Lou slept on a couch, gave, up the beds to the boys. But flrsl he had all four sailors talk long distance to their mothers.. Then Lou got on the phone and talked to each of the mothers. Mickey Roomy's mother, Mrs. Nell P a n k y; his bride, the former Bcttv Jane Harrison Carroll ! 17 i"X3 . tuney witty. She's "Kitty on m a picture full of Joy. ita.MM this rollicking screw KiT? :,v TV.,.j..irr.IikT'C ttivniTT.AR MOVE Rase; and his business mentor, Sam Stiefel, arrive here Nov. 11. Mickey's new wife will see Holly-wnrui fr the first time. Interest ball, there Is .lane Frazee und her En route here for "Duffy's Tav r aWA JT ' uf'.'Bl aT -. .Tav.'Sl W-TbX,--W swIiiB suiiijs and Bob Crohy ana his pbailMr baritone fn an assortment of melodic Interludes. ern," Cass Daley bought her par ents a big, brown-stone Philadel phia house that Cass used to pass every day, as a kid, walkirsi to ii'ni.1. In tha milla ""q on1 fathAt. atlll has his same old Job street Car wet aiooit The new moon, having one horn much lower than the other, resembling a tilted bowl, is called the "wet moon." It is wrongly be conductor. t Is. v : a-l imi.t.vwnnn ht..ttvr-S' vr. lieved to be a sign of wet weainer. onica Lake was in such a hurry to get to the. fights Friday night that she didn't change the 1910 style ing that Stiefel, former exhibitor, has bought the beautiful Bel Air home that Harry Warner once Intended for his daughter, Doris, and for Mervyn LeRoy. It's a show-place. Little June Haver must think It's a crazy world. She has to temporarily quit work on "Where Do We Go From Here" because of hives which were brought on by the nredlein Uiey were giving her for the flu. The preview cards on "Enter Arsene Lupin" show that Geza Korvin, or Charles Korvin as Universal calls htm, Is a terrific hit with the ladles. One girl wrote: "I'd like to hide In the cleft of his chin!" AKUnniuma , . The Argentine government, m what u calls a step of "singular importance" invites the governing board of the ran-American Union to call a meeting of foreign ministers of all American states to consider the fundamental aspect of its international conduct". This is, indeed, an unusual procedure. While we agree with the Argentine government that it can be done "without injury to her dignity" the fact remains that the necessity for such action has been created by the South American country, which has appeared to be against the policy pursued by the other American states. We have no idea whether the step proposed by the Argentine government comes as a result of the definite isolation of that country, or from a change of heart on the part of officials, anxious to chart a new Color Production Tungsten oxide is used in glass and porcelain manufacture for tbr production of coIom pompauymr luai- sue wcurj in "Miss Susie Slagle." Every pho- trtD-fanhA, In th n!a hnt rvfe a-... . r--- r"--, ir;,r... tures and now Veronica is wonder ing if. she inadvertently nas start- 01 a nur hail fad - .Tnhti Kn. have 3S Tire Inflation Six-ply tires should pounds inflation. P i i - disk is a terrific Woody Herman -v A Nickel Door-Bell A nlckcl-in-the-slot door-bell that will not ring unless paid has been designed to keep away useless I F. skldmore for Third District county councilman. Taking a Backward Glance List Honor Itoll Student for Central South, (ilenilale Schools Lumber Output This country cut more 30 bil lion board feet of lumber last year Bud Westmore, of the Westmore makeup clan and husband of Rosemary Lane, has been honorably discharged after three years In the Coast Guard. He's been in and out of hospitals for several months a mysterious allergy complc.uit. Brenda Marshall praying that our Manila bombers have good aim. Her father, Otto Peter Ankerson, is in the Santo Tomas concentration camp right In the middle of the city. . . . Roy Roberts, Twentieth Century-Fox actor, and Attor-nu sammip (Thfttinep swanned OA Its Honor roll and honorable men-lion students for Central, South and (Herniate schools, as announc-nrt hv L'.arl Rovd. superintendent TWKNTV V taa. Has all ol nis records ror tne last six years. . . . Alan Ladd gifted Sue Carol with a gorgeous wrist watch on her birthday.'. ... Sally Haynes and Attorney Milton Golden still making the rounds together. . . . The officer who wrote that slap at Joe E. Brown would have felt cheap if he'd heard the beautiful tribute Joe E. paid to the boys overseas In an Impromptu speech at the Trocadero. , , . Scor-gie Jessel with Dorothy Daleajat Slapsy Maxie's. . . . Barbara Bbjir (now a red-head) with Bob Lowery at the Biltmore Bowl. . . . FaMc-lCenzie showing friends at Lyman's, the square'eut diamond engagement ring given to her in Florida by Navy Flyer Lt. Robert Drake. . . . Minute that the war endi-and transportation ia available, Wu-reen O'Hara is head'lng' ft Mand. to show her babv to her . t.-iMU. course. The replies irom ouier nations will undoubtedly depend upon official interpretation of the motive behind the proposal. V. S. LEAVES AUSTRALIA It is now reveiled that the American Army and Navy have practically evacuat-j ADfoiia evppnt for a few skeleton sup- MM TODAY Ileal .Vaudeville Talent l-'or I'imh- Kills' Heiu'flt Hitrh class talent, much of it of schools for the first six weeks Tire Mileage As against driving at' 30 MPH, you cut tire life 22 per cent driving at 40 MPH and 40 per cent driv-ing at 50 MPH. Personals Hev. J. C. Ciii'fen returned to his home in Mulberry street yesterday from Evansville where he was called on account of serious illness of his daughter Miss Ruth, who is in a hospital there, Mrs. Gifl'en. who went to Evansville Tuesday Is remaining there until Miss C.iffen. is more improved. Hev. Gitlen reports her condition from outside the city, is on the! Exchange club vaudeville program j to be given at the Capitol thea blows outs; le the Trocadero with period are as follows: Central Honor Roll - Bessie Harden. Honorable Mention Heulah Romtcorsl, Kenneth E. Howard, Marie Lindsay. Margaret Thor-burn, Patricia Ann Hennis, Freddie Hill. Martha Jane Jungerlord, Elta Mcintosh, Lucille Miller. Marv Louis Paquette. Virginia ' Seasaine' Seed 1 Seasame teed is a source of sea-same oil - a small honey-colored j seed, baked on rolls, breads and buns which develops a rich toasted Roberts getting the worst of it I he Anne Sterling-Tommy Warner, ter, next Thursday alternoon ana night. Heing n benefit for the poor kids, the talent is coming at , nominal charges ami some of the best of Clinton talent, supplement as somewhat improved. marriage will follow right Mr. und Mrs. I'ra Seeger ol vif he gets nil divorce in Jua fl..or ' I 1 UUI West Lebanon. Ind., are to tome tomorrow to spend the week end i nn KtuwnH. Tlielma Lemon. Eliz with Mr. and Mrs.' Charles Harri abeth Raird, Mary Katherine Full- ply units and that the two and a half year friendly invasion has come to an end. Australia, with a population of about 7,000,000, had to accommodate a big foreign armed force for many months, and, inevitably, there were civilian difficulties and points of friction. The feeling of many Australians, no doubt, is one of relief that the armed force has moved on. An unnamed newspaper correspondent, after pointing out that the Australian neople; as a whole demonstrated friendly o THIE1P HAVEN o ing the numbers from the outside, is donated. C. M. Poor, president of the club, says the dollar seats, to be reserved next Wednesday, are lim son. TKN YKAKS. ited to the first floor forward i. man, Ralph Jenkins. James Mar-tin.'Thresa Murphy. Betty Wright, Rosemary Wright, Alice Trunko, Ralph Reed, Virginia Provence. Grace Loy, Ellen Hunter, Sally Main, Wayne Frist, -. Dorothy Fletcher. Hetty Earlywine. Billy .V have a fnh here. I need vou. T ...nn vnii tn he mv wife. I kDOW from the gallery and are already going rapidly. He says nothing left but 50 cents seats. AGO TODAY ;. o. I". Places Four In County .Office Election of lour Hepublican candidates 'to Vermillion County you don't love me as I love you. I home with her . that night 'because she sa he had the Idea that Dan had done something wrong. She had wanted to tell him she and Dan were married, had gotten married without thinking things over. But Craft, Mnybelle James, Cecilia Job couldn t ask tnat-Aii i as vm. you trust mc.: I' won't fell yott. I ll live to make you fcappy.;''Xoii'll Ad flub Voles to Turn Over Affairs To Clinton ('. of '. l.-'niinML-ini? the transaction of offices today was assured by com- ti-Khinev. learn to love ne. Hilly Carnell, Albert Glass, CJa-Harden, Richard Auer, Charles Please, Russell .' . V? ' ;'. '.. cA vMtn m. It means every- she hadn t told mm. someming u.u held her back that night. And then the next time she saw P.ussell he hospitality, says the initial enthusiasm waned in the crowded troop centers and concludes that, as the Americans leave, Australia "is more unreservedly for the British Empire than ever". Ijilete returns, ano siuim i.u, the sole posts which bad with-' stood the Democratic sweep at the i polls Tuesday. Cornier. Carol DeBolt, Katherine Uiiiu, to me, I'U make, you happy." told her Dan had gone, ijone wiui- Murnliv. Wanda Lee Shew. Eliza some preliminary business, including the decision to recommend that all places of business close on Armistice day from 10 a. m. to 3 p. in. the Clinton Advertising club voted almost without a dissenting vole t,o liquidate its af She tried to oraw away, oul helh, Hain. 'Robert Paine, Betty out a word. ui,Qt mnri it worse was that CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE ANNE GOT UP slowly from her seat amidst Mr. Thatcher's roses. "Since Dan Smith disappeared next day, our settling down isn't a very Important thought," she told her host "Yes, but he wrote you, didn't he?" She was going to be indignant, but it was too much, and she began to laugh instead. "Well, I never. The secret police of Russia aren't in the same class with your lady whose name you won't mention. I'll be glad to get back to New York, where nobody knows me or cares what I do or what becomes Of me." . - "Are you sure you'll like that? "Rir!-.t now I am." Shi held out M.-ip Oliver, .lack Heeder. Hps were almost touching ners. They were on Morris street, but It she could see Russell was terribly The successful Republican candidates were ('.. Edward Bingham lor Circuit Court Judge. Robert K. Ciiinu for prosecutor, Earl Smith incumbent sheriff, and B. Ethel Pierce, Jack Canaday, MARSHALL'S FEARS. Pentv Scott. Shirley Cottrell. Bar- was deserted, tiveryone who free wai. on the Strand watching ,u. niiinn- mmi she felt herself hurt by Dan s going, nt nou .uu to see her almost every night and fairs and go out ot business at. an organization. imrs f,. Rentlcv. Billy Cogan, Bil they had sat on the porch or strolled about or he had taken her Ilia: n ,1, . . , yielding to ' the tenderness in his y -James, Billy Jenkins, William eyes, yielding enougn, at icasi.i iu Hi. .a nap. mmitta tn ilia kisses and J. Murdock, Henry Pullen. I'l-isnnuls CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sheffer for a drive In his car. Always ne talked about Dan, blaming himself for what he's done to drive him away, but not telling her what he'd let him hold her tight and fa a General George C. Marshall, united States Army Chief of Staff, who has just returned from the European battlefronts, asked the people of this country to permit no echoes to reach the men in the grip of battle that would indicate a belief at home fVvot tVm war is nrartifiallv over in EuXODe. Mrs. Albert Henderson and Mrs. Donald Jenkins of South weak moment give up planning, trvine to think. But her mind re Fourth street spent yesterday in sisted. " ' Torre Haute. fc her hand. "I want to thank you for done. That made it imposasioie v.u tell him her own story. It had bothered her and had been on- factor In driving her to write to Miss Jurges. m nniu U,aa ah rinwn to her last "Laura! What about Laurai". "I don't love her as I love yod. I Mrs. Ernest Timm of Medary- i, iz u u m i I- y I i,u r t : : 4" 7777 TS ville. Ind.. is visiting her sister never did. We went on being en gaged from a kind of habit It The General points out that the Allied j forces on the Western front and in Italy , are attacking along almost 1,100 miles of , few dollars, but she was seeing too letting me see your loveiy guiucu. I'll never forget it" He held her hand. "Don't go away mad. When I was a kid we used to say that." "I'm not mad.. I'll never forget Taihnt. Rut monev is money." never meant anytmng oui. ui were close friends." 1 much of Kusseu, aiiogeuier much. The fact that as all Talbot seemed to know, ihe had received Mrs. William Kerr of Walnut street.. Barbara Ann Ray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ray or Fair-view, who has been ill the past week, is improving. "It meant more to ilea She loves a letter from Dan didn't neip any. Dan's epistle had been brief and niu.n nn arlrirefta. Marriage WSS all He kissed ner quicKiy. -uon i talk of her. It's you I love. We can He nodded. "Would you like to take care of my mother until something better turns up? She's very ia cni fhi hut not sick at all. be happy." bunk, he wrote. She could Just for get she'd ever maoe a miaianc njiw Suddenly sne pusnea mm sj. 'We can't! We never can! I can't It's more a case of liking someone tinF nri hnnnv around." Store fr'aorlcs Storing fabrics io a basement is dangerous because the combination of dampness, possible darkness, summer weather and poor ventilation is just right for mildew. married him. If she wanted to marry Russell, go ahead. It didn't mean anything to him and nobody would "Or of trying to help out a girl marry you." The action was S" sudden it took him by complete surprise. While' he know. ch. ott hnt anA tlreit all At Once who's young and not happy ? She smiled' and shook her head Thanks, Mr. Thatcher, but I think TM hallar trn hnelr " gaped at ner, sne went on uy-iv uHHlv. Did Dan really expect her to ignore one marriage completely and enter "The road back Isn't always "I don't love you. i aon t iove anybody. I never will. And I'm not stavine here on any account I'm into anotnerr Ana wny onouiu uc luini. Dk. aantorf tn mnrrv Rus "I don't expect things to be made leaving tonight" sell? Was lt the gossip Laura had "Darling!" ChA ant tin VrV StrftlE-ht Ber spread or somctuing rtusseu mm self had said? hands clasped so tightly the easy for me. I nave io iaae me it comes." He held the wicket gate open for her. His voice wss very casual. "wh nnt marrv Russell Smith? Washed Fastest Wool fabrics wash the fastest of all ai d can be harmed by too long cashing. They stretch when wet and should be handled with 'jarc. Water for washing wool should be aUiut 100 degrees Fahrenheit. How Tope Is Elected The pope is elected by the Col-'.vge of Cardinals. a if her thoughts had sum ill" ' TO3PI -----ii::R 1""" i!"J moned 'Im, he came up behind her knuckles snowea wnue. -riww drive me to the inn. I'va got "to pack. My job in New York Is wait In his car so quietly that she didn t realize until he reached out and ir.,arunna in ilium irnowa he's crazy about y- and that's why Laura ing." touched he' arm. "Can I give you I won't let you gor mis voica a lift, lady?" he said gayly, an she j,,na.l It awmMt nj If he must have heard her thoughts. She got I I i i rrfi Il-fa Reynolds tried to get you away. She looked straight Into his eyes. "All that makes me at least a flirt, doesn't it?" "Oh, nol You can't hel.- how many people love you. It s a price h.anlu tniittt nnv." in oesiuc llllll aillu uc nn,u du.v.j. "I've been looking everywhere was husky. "You can't stop me. If you must know, I'm I'm married. I hav; a husband. Now will you take me to the Inn?" 1 He stared at her blankly. 'You It it mn't be true, flay It iea't Say-" blazing battle lines, ngnung in ine cum and mud, against an enemy occupying favorable defensive positions and offering a desperate resistance. He does not want soldiers in the midst of battle to get the idea that the people at home believe they have a push-over. He frankly expresses fears of a "revulsion of feeling that would follow such a disclosure in the midst of present battles". , GAS TANK TRAGEDY The death of 133 persons in the explosion of gas tanks in Cleveland has not received general consideration, largely because the event was crowded off the news pages by stirring war events. Neverthelss, the tragedy may contain a lesson for other large cities. Just what caused the explosion of the gas tanks may not become known but it is certain that careful inspections will be made of other tanks that are located in populous areas. MOSCOW Premier Marshal Joseph Stalin urges a strong international force to curb aggresors: "It cannot be considered accidental that such unpleasant facts occurred as the incident at Pearl Harbor . . . When Japan, an aggressive nation, proved more prepared for war than Great Britain and the United States, an example of the advantage of an aggressive policy." ALBANY, N. Y. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, GOP presidential nominee, in final campaign address: "The question is: Do we dare not to make a change when our rm'n ovorurlav pxnpripncp and the testimo- 44. of that thing 47. wandering HORIZONTAL 1. want ror you. "I called on Mr. Thatcher. To see his roses. I wanted to see them before before I went away." 49. in this place "Didn't 1 read that somewhere 5. covered part covered part In a book ?" 5 ual of locomotive M .SCjai, flax VERTICAL 1. Tibetan priest 2. like a wing 3. shorten 4. that which opens 5. hiding place 6. assert 7. gathering He chuckled. "Books ere very Ana llilnDB nrnMimM " "Away?" He shook hut head. 'You mustn't talk about going Even aa she pushed against nis embracing arms, she saw Ladra dash wildly out of her house and ,. .,,, na, alnna- th lrt 9h hwav If vou onlv Knew how it And that was all. Before ahe a th ehpll rnarf alone which ' 4 i. 4. 62. on deep waters 53. whirlpool f4. .025 acre 55. hold back 8. list ot electors 12. drug-plant 13. beer 14 layer of iris n,aUa m fA!. VOU WOUldn't." 1 She looKea straight aneaa. a in was a distracted figure.- Sha saw them in the car and cam running, shouting at every step: t . 1 leavinsr on the train tonight' she had pushed Mrs. Reynolds on the las'- day with her, ahe turned and waved her hand to the man who stood by the gate. He waved back. Ther. she walked out of sight behind the tall swamp Trass that HnH th rnaH Butterflies danced He stopped the car and faced her -Pleas don't aav that" Answer to Saturday's puzzle. "It'a true. I was eoine to Slip Anucl Anne: Anner-Before Anne could reply, before Russell could take his arms away. t ..- u.aa hv th .1. D , Bnifl C She lEjUjIMlyAlEJ MrmsilEikja away, but maybe this Is Detter.- trnr a moment ne sat verv sun HlJilElsnNu 8. thick oup 9. chamber in stove 10. not so much 11. new 17. lawyer r 19. drowsier 22. wapiti 23. past 24. crafty 25. garden implement 27. most fretful 28. cereal grass 29. a fold 31. unit of internal capacity for ships 33. boy'a nickname 36. principal meal 38. vehicle for heavy loads 39. dull finish 40. headland 41. in bed 42. require 45. corner 46. juncture 48. bird 19. Own! caught at i Anna hysterically as) a Where are you going?" he asked in the hot golden sunlight Birds called to each other, but without the wanton cheeriness of spring. It mmar hnt full Summer. Anallu "I can't tell vou. Russell. It'a bet ter if you don't know." ciiuu caicnes at a mouwn bkicla. "Anne! Mother'a dyingl Help . . . no doctor . . . quick I Stroke!" For one moment Anna hesitated, then ahe was out of .the car and Hinnins I . harri AM . Ahe COUld. The sun burned through her dress "When when are you coming ha.b 7 It nrlll Am AO lnnp-.M ana the tnougnt or me cooi rooe 4, mill her wonder if she 15 numerous 1$. most intelligible 18. esthetics 19 title of book by Haggard 20. strained 21 consign 24 slate-like rock ' 26. self 27 summit 30. small case suspended irom chain 32. severe trial 34. nevertheless 35. school of seals I 37 indecent 38. embrocation 40 light boat 4l. ni "I'm never coming back, Russell. hadn't come away too soon, even If Laura ran after her, but Anne m "aEiEc a v o R T D t L IS EPA RAT OR 0 N E SCN APEL!nA R e?l e c T E DflC A P ESTS T EflR JTeEQ,! TaTc Ofr 5 E IT 9. kl A G OflMA N G II j! E g 1 1 1 ' ii-fc This is gooaoy. ISliiiiAj ftm ii ii Mr. Thatcher was taming aooui He gulped. "Have 1 aone some-,hi,,a m mAk vnu hate me? You Dan. -rh tl,tii-ht nt nan was unset wouldn't go away if you iidn't You ting. She didn't know what bad inside the bouse Betore Laara reached the steps. Laura shouted. "Get Dr. Banning, and shot tnsWe, Russell understood at last and the car leaped forward en lbs way Ml Weston. (Ta Be Continued) coutdn t go. aum tmihnt hi arm. "T have to happened between Dan ana ccusseu, .1,. u.aa nnitj. murtk anmettlinsr EDITORS: This photo ol Secralary el S'afo Cardcll Hull, a oiembt - of President Roosevelt's cabinet since March 4, 1933. is sent you for your Tile. He is seriously H with a, thro it infection. CENTRAL PRESS earn my living. I have no Job here." had occurred. She had tried to " - j j i - t ny of our eyes and ears cries out that a , 1 .i - l V" I Ha caught ner nan as rjuuouair. Avtrsce t s.lU.: M soiasU.. BiiU by Kins Features Syndicate, Inc. avoid :t oy maxine nuascu wtujw cnange is uespeiaiciy irccucu .

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