The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 7, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1944
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

Page Three THE DAILY CLINIONIANX Tuesday, November 7, 1944 Behind the scenes i Clinton Social Notes fr . Tuaaav - m HOLLYWOOD 5L B.M.2C Glaze Honored At Recent Sunday Dinner Mr. and Mrs. ErneBt GUize or 958 Sycamore street entertained Sunday with a dinner in honor of his brother, Harold A. Glnze, B. M. 2c of the U. S. Naval Hospital, Long Beach, Calif. Guests included Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Suitus and family of Kingman. Ind., Mr. and, Mrs. Darryl Glaze of Hillsdale, Mrs. Catherine Barcus, Austin Reed, Mrs. Dora Glaze and daughter, Bessie Janice, all of Clinton and the honored guest. Other guests during the week end were Mr. unu Mrs. John Howell and sons of lndianapoliB and Mr. and Mrs. Jack HarriB of Gary. Melvin Willard Honored On Eleventh Birth Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kelley of South Fifth street entertained Saturday with a party honoring the eleventh birthday of their son, Melvin Willard. Games were played with prizes being awarded to Martha Jane Gross, Doyne Crowder and Mary Alice Smith. Guests attending were Mary Kath-erine Blanton, Joey Smith, Mary Alice Smith, Doyne Crowder, Paul English, Wlnnifred Craft,. Willard Craft, Martha Jane Gross, Vera Ruth Craft and the honored guest. Billy Shannon was unable to attend. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served. Melvin received several nice gifts. Christmas Party Planned At Conservation Club Meeting Eleven members and one guest, Mrs. Grace, attended the meeting of the St. Bernice Women's Conservation Club held Friday evening. Plans were discussed for a Christmas party and the members who plan to attend are to notify Mrs. Cyrus Bodle or Mrs. Reed Mc- Reverse English The difficulty for most beginneri in learning Japanese lies in the fact that the order of thought in Japanese is the reverse of English. A Japanese would not say, for example, that "he received new goods and went home," but "new goods receiving, home he went." , J ic! it Coughs due to colds . . . eased without "dosing". Rub icits V vtpoRua Rheumatic Sufferers Nagging. Muscular Rheumatic Pains May Be Checked Fast " A.k for the arenufn Williams BUT Cow ' pound. You alecp, work and plajr with new enjoyment when you gvt relief from ns-ffinr paini. Many people declare they tuf-fered ao at time that they could hardly ' aleep and did not feel much like working. And then Will lama KUX Compound brought them grateful relief and In a hurry I The-ingredient in RUX, being liquid in form, are taken Internally and ao are available to speed relief to areaa of pain and eoa-; gettion. ResulU will apeak for themselves). Take only aa directed. Recommended and old by WHITE'S PHARMACY Come la for a demonstration. let your ears tell you why you need not pay more than $40 for a fine quality hearing aid. All controls on the outside. Many exclusive features! You will not be urged to decidewe serve only those who can be helped. 401 READY TO WEAR, complete L with radionic tube, crystal microphone, Neutral -Color Ear phone and Cord, batter- let. One model, no "decoy". , . one price . . . one quality, Zenith'i fmeit. Accepted by Amtric Mtdkl Anociation Council m VbytKai Tbtrspf on Gasoline Stations The United States has more than a half-million gasoline filling stations. ROBERTA'S 1 BEAUTY SHOP I 1S7 North 7th St. g I PHONE 184-W I PERMANENTS GIVEN AT NIGHT 1 1 S THOUSANDS ) PROVE As. the Success of 1 ' ay rtMCKiMJN vmkkwi ' Kins Foatarra Ijsalra'.F W riter HOLLYWOOEV-MUEt be some attraction to prowlers at the house where La Garbo did her famous shinny down the rain pipe. After the scare, Greta wouldn't go back to the place and put It up for sale. Anne Shirley bought tt and, night before last, she, too, had a prowler. Ha ran up the street, Jumped Into a parked car and drove away before the police could arrive. ' And, while we are on the subject of Annt, she and R-K-0 Producer Adri Harrison Carroll an Scott will be married soon after the first of the year. , Fox executives 'will hive the most hilarious screen blowup of the year Bill Eythe's double-talk and explosive, comment when he leaned over: to, pick .up , Taltulah Bankhead on trie set of "A Royal Scandal" and m Bkifi.Hghi hussar trousers split both In front and behind. . Ponce stopped the first rehearsal of Artie Shaw's new band! No kidding:. Artie rented a hall on Beverly boulevard and the neighbors squawked about the noise. ,. Met two of Maria Montez sisters at Universal Lucita, the youngest and Adlta, the eldest. Maria says, since the girls' arrival, she's had calls from wolves she hadn't heard from in years. When I asked if she was allowing her 'sisters to make dates, Maria said: "Yes, Adlta Is going out tonight with a Navy boy, who is going to bring us some cigarets, I hope. Seems as the girls are not going to live with Maria after all. She's getting- them an apartment, next week. , . ... And did you know there also are five Montex brothers in Santo Domingo In addition- to another 12-year-old sister in Spain? li-G-M may refuse to let Van Johnson have a vacation In New York., Studio Is seriously afraid that he might be hurt by wild-eyed fans. . . Judy Garland's mother, Mrs. Ethel Gumm, underwent' a major operation at the Cedars of Ihanon. ... Two of Cara WU- Simmer Flsk . Boiled fish is more tender and delicious if not boiled but simmered instead, report home economists. - y THE NEW CgevJS VheaRIN ! fJL i Lyepuonc LIKES MODEL CLEANINC! MODEL CLEANERS 323 SOITH MAIN PHONE 18 miu uvy menus oaiueu n out in front of Vesuvle's the other night ... Valentino in "Son of the Sheik" broke all house records of the Grand theater here. To take care of the crowds, they cut out the second feature, Jean Gabin in "Peps Le Moko." ... Is Shirley O'Hara's face red! She went to Venlta Oakle's party in an outfit . borrowed from "Tarzan and the , Amazon" and found everybody else ' in formal dress. . . , Rod Cameron's latest Interest is WAVE Ensign Adlle Under. ... Ethel Waters through with playing the Good Samaritan. On the way home from the Clover club she gave a ride to a civilian and, two blocks away, he grabbed her purse and jumped out of the car. Besides cash, she lost her gas ration coupons and all her Identification cards. . , . When they gave Jack Benny's new singer, Larry Stevens, his first scrip, showing how Jack finds him in a gas station, he asked;' "How did you know?" They didn't, but It's a fact. Stevens used to work in a gas station at Third and La Clenega. ' Paul Kelly had to take antitetanus shots after one of the old-fashioned revolvers being used In "San Antonio" went off unexpectedly and filled his hand and thigh with powder fragments. Blast also singed Errol Flynn's trousers. ' Mexican"'' divorce business reported booming. Milton Golden, one of the Hollywood attorneys who specializes in It, estimates that 10,000 American couples a year now take advantage of the easy decrees below the border where mutual consent is a recognized grounds Instead of collusion. State of Chihuahua is the Mecca. unr.T.vwnnn hi .TTNKS: Some thinf ntnle 150 roldflsh out of the fountain In Ann Miller's back yard. , . . Margaret u anen senaing o of her toys to "Bundles for Britain " . in "The Virginian." Son ny Tufts will carry a pearl-han dled, goid-piatea revolver in... New York police associates gave to V,mii ("".on Ratopv Radttsltv. . . . - " r j Most unusual movieland Halloween party was given by Peggy Kvan. She rented a cave In the Hollywood hills. . . . Add hard luck: Victor Cutter, whose leg v.-n broken by shrapnel In Buna am! was wounded again In New Guinea, fell Into barbed wire on the location for "A Walk In the Sun" and wrecked the same lejr, . ,., Now it's Marianne O'Brien and Jimmy McHugh. c... -Naval Battle Battle of the Monitor and the Mer-rlrnac, forerunners of the armored warship, took place in 1862. , 11, Tues. Delta Theta Tau Regular meeting in Half-Century uiuo at 7:45. 1 '' Pythian SlBters, special meeting, 7:30 p. m. at the hall. All members ..-A in attend. f iniHan Rtiir nub nostnoned until Wednesday with Mrs. Esmer nyuuui on Walnut street. American Legion Auxiliary Bunco Club -meet In basement of Clinton Hotel due to election board at Reg ion Home. , Wednesday Trl KaDna meeting, 8 p. m. at the home of Marynette White. Associate Chapter of Trl Kappa, meet at the home of Gertrude Ewlng. i.oHIp. Social Club of Falrvlew will meet with Mrs. Bert Short instead of Mrs. Vera Murray. Women of the Moose meet at the hall on Blackman street at 7:30 p. 'r.rnmnton Hill Bunco Club, 7 p. m. with Mrs. Rowena Bertotti. Mrs. Stella West, assisting. Idle Wile Club has been postponed for two weeks. Place will be announ ced later. White Heather Circle, Mrs. John Dunsmore, 7:30 p. m. Friendly Bunco Club meeting, 7:30 p. m., Mrs. Margaret Crowder, South Third street. Past Noble Grands Club, 7:30 p. :m. at the hall. Refreshment committee, Mrs. Nora Charles and Mrs. Mary Stewart, entertainment, Mrs. Clara GUmour and Mrs. Nora Wilson, Builders Class of the Falrvlew Methodist Church meet with Rev. and Mrs. Godwin. Mrs. Anna Miller, assistant hostess. - , ' Thursflav T.ndiMi nible class of the Christian Church meet at 2:30 in the church basement. Hostesses Mrs. James and Tinvotionals. Rev. DePols- ter, entertainment, Mrs. Gilmore and Mrs. Scott. WSCS of the Methodist Church, at the church, 2:30 p. m., Devotion-ia Mrs. Rav Wood. Mrs. Frank Kell, program leader and Mrs r.onr Kamm. hostess chairman. The SWAMS of the First Baptist Church will meet at I p. m. ai me home of Marcello Sonars, soutn ev enth street. Acme Club has been postponed. Kappa Delta Phi : Holds Founder's Day Dinner Sunday Nineteen Members and Cfcte Patroness Attend Dinner At Antontail's Restaurant; World Democracy, Program Theme The nineteenth anniversary Founder's Day dinner of the Psi Gamma Chapter of the Kappa Delta Phi was held at Antonini's restaurant Sunday afternoon. This dinner was held in honor of the founding of the sorority nineteen years ago at Louis ville, Ky. A lighted world globe was used as the centerpiece with lighted can-delabras on each side. World maps with the program and services on the inside were used as placards. Nut cuds In the form of brown and green palm trees were given as fa vors. The program consisted of a song, "I Would Be True" sung by Miss es Alice Drake and Marie Jones, The Lord's Prayer in unison, the national history of the sorority was given by Miss Viola Thompson of Fairbanks followed by the recogni tion of the past presidents of the chapter. "Remarks on the Democracy Path" was given by Mrs. Marlon Clark. The members of the Borority then sang "Blest be the Tie That Binds." Mrs. John Faraco, patron esses, gave a short talk. A delicious chicken and steak dinner was served during the afternoon. The nineteen members attending were Mrs. Marian Clark, Mrs. Charlotte Reed, Mrs. Clio King, Mrs. Joan Malone, Mrs. Kathryn Maurice, Mrs. Betty Pierce, Mrs. Dorothy Evinger. Mrs. Faraco, patroness, Misses Margaret Griffith, Viola Thompson, Dorothy Mooney. Edith Forte, Marie Jones, Mary Catherine Fullman, Violet Riso, Barbara Car rera, Loretta Divannls, Alice Drake and Joan Costa. Mrs. Maurice and Mrs. Pierce were co-hostesses for the meeting. The next meeting to be held will be the Christmas party , with Mrs. Clio King and Mis Fullman a hostesses. Local Girls Pledged To Sororities At State Three local girls, Misses Wanda Shew, Joan McDonald and Valeria Valente and one Dana girl, Miss Jane Carmack were pledged to the various sororities at Indiana State Teachers College during the November term. Miss Valente has been accepted for the Mu Zeta Sorority, Misses Shew and McDonald, Gamma Gamma and Miss Carmack, Alpha. Mrs. Edna Burgess, South Fifth street; Mrs. Betty Montgomery and baby, Montezuma and Mrs. Ruth Crockett and baby, Montesuma. were dismissed from the county hospital Monday. Mrs. A. J. Wheaton. 618 North Main street, was admitted to the county hospital Tuesday as a min CliOSRITAL Dominick Giacoletto Feted At Vitalie Home Sunday Mrs. William Vitalie of Unlver sal entertained with a ravioli and chicken dinner Sunday In honor of her brother, Dominick Giacoletto who was recently discharged from the U. 8. Army. Quests attending were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oiacoletti and granddaughter, Rose Mary Kay, Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Giacoletto, Cpl. Mac E. Thornton, Mrs. Mary Davitto and daughter, Jo Ann, Mrs. Anna Gar-gilietti, Battista Castagno and Mr. and Mrs. William Vitalie and children, Blilie Lou and Charles Anthony. VISIT IN ILIJOXOS Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bridgman, Miss Mae Bridgman and Miss Beulah Bonacorsi of Clinton and Mrs. Curtis B. Harper of Indianapolis spent the week end at Oakwood, 111. They attended a birthday dinner in honor of Mrs. Bridgeman'8 mother, Mrs. Ella Miles. It was her seventieth birthday anniversary. Mrs. Hoy Stults Is in Lafayette today attending the executive meeting of the Women's Society of the Northwest Indiana Conference. Notice! The Clintonian Wants Yonr News. Please Call Miss Lear To Report Social News. Phone 32 or 88. American Beauty Shop Vera Mae Black 812 S. Main Phone 09 Specialized Hair Styling Permanent Waves Open Every Evening Except Saturday FRIST FUNERAL HOME DAY OR NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE FttONI I06 0 Do Your Christmas TO COMPLETE Spacious DA IN TY NECKWEAR Extra dresses, sheen, life for rtOft Rayon 70 organdy.; 11 'S SMART envelope styles.. Colorful Fashion in With your Sheer leg rayon, clinging - -I- IS) Ginnts. Final arrangements will be made at the .meeting on December 1. Mrs. Cyrus Bodle was the winner of the door prize. Refreshments of doughnuts and coffee were served at the conclusion of the meeting by Mrs. Stanley Reed, Mrs. Harve Mc-Cau)ey and Mrs. Elishia McDonald Miss Virginia Heath returned to her home in Chicago Sunday after noon after spending an enjoyable week end with her sisters, Miss Ma- ble Heath and Mrs. Robert Taylor of North Main street. Mrs. Joe Ferro, Mr. and Mrs. Bap tist Ferro and daughter of Sanford, Mich, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Enrlcl of Blanford Sunday. ; -. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kelley and sons of South Fifth street had as their supper guests Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. Wilburn Kelley of Ter- re Haute. Cpl. Mac E. Thornton has return ed to South Carolina after spending ten days with his wife and baby and other relatives. Most popular"yMr Vound" dessert lira pint Always punt and delicious. YOU flavor In 2 Minutes. 20 taeiovs recipe ! pack pockoo. Please ask your grocer for L0f)D0fl0RRy 835 Howard Stroot, Son ProneUco 3, Calif. Shopping Early! THE Picture s' HANDBAGS carry-alls in pouch, m QO - : .."ti " .viVW,!1.'- 1 ill 'ii: CARRY ON . i '.- PRODUCE SUPPORT OUR CAUSE... : Ar ' LEATHER 9' 'V i It ' and lop-handle T Models la match every costume. Rayon Fabric Gloves at your fingertips Q q dress-up styles to wear O suits, dresses and coats. FULL-FASHIONED RAYON HOSE flattery in smooth O fL fashioned for sleek, w J fit. Co-with-cverything tones. .rf!'::". .lv. . r. r ' ' -J' n- !'v. -i-.i . l. i. .:' ' . .- ,. I ' . .-.-.a-:V -: .5 . i - - f ' , ' - ;. : ( I .- ': ' "... 1 1 . - n t . ; tf .: ,: Am m sBMswawasaaaawaswawawaaaai V or surgical case.

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