The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 7, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1944
Page 2
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:Z klZOt A !' 7.11 AH Sal. Tuesday, November 7, 1944 9rlv HE DAI L Y , CLINTON! AW Ifage Two SELFCT WARDPOBS FQRMWt, FUNCTIONAL STYLE but for President Roosevelt and the rest of the ticket. Four Incumbents in House Rep. Mary T. Norton (D.) of New Jersey, dean of women in the house, is considered a safe bet for re-election, as are three Republican incumbentsJessie Sumner (111.), Edith Nourse Rogers (Mass.,), and Frances P. Bolton (Ohio.) Other women Republican candidates include Mrs. Margaret Aderas Rockwell, of Arizona, and Edith Shaffer Stearns, of Florida. Senate lses l,oiie Woman Member The senate will be without the feminine touch, for It Is losing its & fft v4 t "? ' : ' . ! if. rl f K I ' - 4.', f,s i s la vatiaoiri' Soviets" Massed Battle For Budapest (Continued from page 1) Hungarian troops refuse to support the Budapest government.) Alalinovsky's forward elements, according to last official confirmation .In Moscow, stood at Ihe gates of Budapest, occupying Ihe town of An-drassy, less than five miles southeast of tho city. , KiiNsian Silent. The dally Russian communique, one of the most laconic yet issued in Mosaow, did not mention the Budapest battle specifically. It simply staled: "During Nov. I!, no substantial changes took place on the fronts." (Germany's high command implied heavy fighting was In progress south and southeast of the Hungarian capital. The Nani communique, heard In London, stated, "renewed Russian attacks failed." In that area.) Hovlot Territory Cleared The brevity or the Soviet war bulletin was interpreted as merely an I expediency to center tho limelight upon a special oroer or mo nay rrom Premier Stalin who announced that Russian territory has been cleared of the enemy. . ' i- --i Addressed to the Red ' army and I lie people of Russia; Stalin's order stated the Soviet frontiers have been-restored from the Black Sea to the Harents Sea. .. 7IM,IM Nn.l CasiiallM'H ; .,' Reiterating Russian triumphs during the year. Stalin also disclosed that 7110.000 Nazi troops were, killed or captured during the summer offensive, 540,000 of them on the White Russian front. 1- Stalin paid tribute to llio Allied victories on the western front, and concluded, "the war has now been, transplanted to Ihe territory of Fascist, Germany. The days of Hitler's bloody regime are counted." American Women To Cast 65 Percent Of Ballots in Election (Continued l'r,n Pmre 1l ( dark-haired Margaret Connors, battling for election to congress from Connecticut. Maine, which held nn for ' congr.amwomnn from t'allfor- ilia. She has been campaigning uc-' , tivelv. not onlv on tier nut. lu.luilf culty and the general public. v The ceremony ulsowill include the acceptance of tho university as represented by John Si Hastings, of Washington, Ind., of the Boris Cha-liapin portrait of the famous war correspondent, which was used last July as a cover for Time Magazine. The portrait recently was presented to the university by P. I. Prentice, publisher, and Roy Larson, editor, of Time Magazine. An academic procession by the faculty and music by the university concert band will precede the convocation. President Wells will preside and confer the degree Protein Source Soybeans are a good source of protein, calcium and iron, and of at least some members of the vitamin B complex. They also liave a higher energy value per pound than the more commonly used legumes with the exception of peanuts. Because of the current scarcity of many protein and fat-rich foods, soybeans are especially valuable now. VOTO HARDWARE Ai'D PLUMBING iK-M North 9th St. CLIXTOS, INI). e" '' SI1' - lone woman member, tne oniy one ever elected to a full term. Veteran Hattle Caraway was defeated in the i,ia,ia Democratic primaries. No other woman Is trying for a seat. I Because of the importance of the women s vote tins year, i""1"""' women's organization,-, have iomed in a non-partisan appeal to women to go to the polls. Famed Ernie Pyle To Receive Honorary Degree From Indiana BLOOM INGTON. Ind. Ernie Pyle, war correspondent and alum- us of Indiana Unuivcrsity. will receive the first humane letters doctorate in the history of his Alma Mater, it was announced today by President Herman B. Wells. The honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters will be conferred upon him at a special convocation at 11:15 a. m. Nov. 13 in the L IT.-.auditorium. The award-was -a university decision through vote of the faculty and board of trustees.' Pyle. now vacationing at his home in New Mexico after two years of following "G. 1. Joe" overseas, has advised the university that he will be present for the ceremonies, which will be attended by many of his college mates from 1919 to 1923 as well as the present study body, fac- Positive Relief for Stomach Sufferers HARVEY STOMACH TABLETS is now available to you in Tablet form. For many years it was necessary to have a DOCTOR'S Prescription tr get tho HARVEY S T O M ACHj TREATMENT. This DOCTOR'S FORMI LA Is guaranteed to relieve VIifKIi PAIX and that acid, gassy, belchy, constipated, nervous and run-down condition, or your money hack. Each box of HARVEY TABLETS contains a diet chart that points out the food that causes excessive gas, bloating, and stomach distress. Sold Exclusively By Powell's Pharmacy 129 South Main CLINTON, INDIANA left, black gown, gold lurbcm, e.lrich muff; center, gray. and .white .Oilume; right, fox. trimmed coat. Select every outfit for your wardrobe with the utmost care, says Jan Etreate, Powers model who poses fn the mctWatove In some of the ensembles she selected for hsr winter wardrobe. Accessories ihouM be ch "cn maUh oTcontrast. and clothes should be as well as sniart and flatter-ah Tsavs FO M important dinner date Jan chose the simple but dramatic black crepe gown V-5h a zipper in the back so it-can b;. used as a purs. The is Z"Zt ,,m wool. -- -' . white fox. A tiny black tat with Burke, husband of Mrs. Elizabeth Burke, Terre Haute, spent the day with James and Jack talking over hold times at-home and enjoyed the "chow" aboard .ship. At one time . James was within five miles of,, his brother-in-law. Cpl. Charles M.etz, husband of Mrs. Peggy Met, Clinton, somewhere in the Netherlands East Indies but did not know it uutil later. Air. and Mrs,, L,ew.s-nave anoin- carIy elation, has already re-elected er son, Robert,. a cadet in the Naval , Rep Mar(rnret (.a8e Slnlt, (R.) fr Air Corps, ut Chapel Hill, ft. C. and ja (,r(j irlm a grandson, BUI Eaton, stationed, on tho Democratic side, Helen Oa-with tho FnileH Slates Army in j nagan Douglas, wife of movie actor Camp Barkeley, Texas. , Mslvjn'lo.dlnir,c.onteiid-t Heavy Indiana Vole Keeoi'ded; See GOP Victory (Continued from page 1) dianapolbThut the" precinct s In which the workers live wer,- quiet. CIO Major Quest ion The question arose immediately Whether the CIO I'oliiicul Action Committee would be able to lead lis Democratic labor vote to the polls in the afternoon and from sis o clock to elRht o'clock tonight. 13 Electoral Votes At Blake were 13 Electoral otos for President and Vice-l'resulont and tho choices for Senator, b. it, and Hhort terms, tlovernor and "''"'; flees. U Congressional seats tin General Assembly - Four years aBo 1 ' 1 '!-5Jfl ters voted for the major presidential .ouilneos. Because of the huKe registration, a larger vote was predated tor today, provided that inclement ,-eather does not interfere H e action of the General Assembly Mi -urday extendinR the vot.ns hou s from 6 P. m. until 8 p. m. is certain to increase the size of the vote, with the Democrats probably profi inK most because it will encourage balloting by war workers. The Republican legislative majority served notice on Democrats not to cheat in the Del -rratie citadel of Lake County by nr. siiiK a bill creating a G.O.P.-conlrolled vote fraud investigation commission. The Democrats counter with an assertion that the commission probably will be called upon to probe im-nulai-n les in Marion County where the Republicans are in charee of the election machinery. On the eve of the balloting. Attorney General James A. Eirrmert, ' Republican running for reelection, accused the Democrats of trying lo steal the election. ' A'oto Without Kegistralion The charee was hurled because the Democratic majority of the Slate Board of Election Commissioners Monday afternoon instructed County Boards of Election Commissioners to Inform precinct boards that they may permit voters not shown registered on the precinct record to vote by making affidavits tliey were registered. The majority members! are Governor Henry P. Schricker. Democrat, who today is battling Homer E. Capehart, Republican for Senator, Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 235V Ktauikmar. Amazing resets shown in 'mprt9 Looks... boosting VITALITY! . the flo J i-"otn. ' 'stive juices 1 vita'"1!?; lich d in " . .....rhoavwith improper mrt, uv--i buii. uimur ties, colds, the f.u or other illness often impairs the stomach's dices-tive functions and reduces the red-blood strength. A person who ts opTS'lns onlv 70 to 75r henlthv blood vc-kime or ft fttomach digestive capartty "f onlv 50 to Wo normal in wverelv hiifltrnviV'""1 At such times Nature nftl.i extra trip to restore Its balance and fim.-tk n properly. Undigested food plnrcs n ix on the system. ..Insufficient blood etrnft'h to a detriment to good health. If you ore subject to poor digestion or auspeet deficient red -blood as tt cause of vour trouble, yet have no or- fanlc complication or focal lnloctlon. SS Tonic may be Just what you need ! ESS Tonic is especially desiined ( ! 1 Jo promote the flow of VITAL DIGEST VE JUICES In the stomach and I2i to buildup BLOOD STRENGTH when deficient. These two Important results enable you to enloy the food you do eat maiti use of It as Nature Intended. Thus vou mav pet new vitality . . . P-P . become animated . . . more attractive! Build Sturdy Health sn4 Help America Win Thousanda and thousands of users have testified to the benefits SSS Tonic has "rouiht to them and scientific research shows that It sets resul's-that's why so ma nv sav SSS Ton Ic builds sturdy health -makes you feel like vourself ipl". A -drug stores In lOand 20 oz sizes !S.S S CO. TONrc helps build STURDY HEALTH ' ' ' ":'' ' 7i ari fa ... 11 i Penal Offense1 The wasting of food is offense in England. a penal SHAKESPEARIAN SOCIETV INTERNATIONAL ABIUTV IN THE P'FAWMANCE BVMISS- aqua beret blacK ana two tones ui sj. shouldera and down the front wit., dved rhnnen to wear'WUn uw mw'-f-i tTn;.,prs.fkl RrntherS v Meet in New Guinea" Join Other Local Men James E.' Lewis S C 8e, -soa or . Mr. nnd Mrs. Harry Lewi :, Tnh'nr- sal, was recently -surprised -when his , brother. Capt.. Jack. Lewis, a. pilot in ' the Air Transport Command, vhiled him somewhere, -in. New iiiuw-, according to a letter received, .by the parenis.. . . -,( -j , The letter stated that Janioc, a blue r on a coast guard y.essel, was anchored In the harbor off (lie coast where Jack wa& stationed at an air base. Two other local boys, Fred Folfz. formerly of I'nlversal nnd Sgt. John AHQ So-AW-WE ffWE AW-BELWPAW BLINKS. HAIRBREADTH HARRY I LOttS-PeiAVEP 1 i AS'1 - l it) - i..-v- t tu. J -Mt - .A PAFlVZeP AUPi'Mt kit j I FINDlNS-.AW-eviC'Jr'TlONAWL 1 VO NEARBY COMFER CM WES- 4 .,; -.11 AijaTor-iuii - m sJBziii s-i vwi'. " i -ir- . .s v.n - n p .AvoMwawtrn 0UR AEC0!ui LOKS SCARCu PSWAKiXOl BUT WHOA'J R"P fLUNS A PINEAPPLE mil CEKgMOHV BEGINS -BUT LOOKv!- AW IWTEREUPTIOM !l WHO ZlT ?!! V ,.t fn, i'f- TUE MIKE!-SWINGS AT TUB 6PUTT6SIMS - T. , - ZZLmt nmUA Vf flaS gold tissue lame with matching the eont olaln crav and rtt"yy turned IS the WelrH nln nrl moll ll wn inni? lenn. nnd David M. Lewis, in-, dianapolls Demoernt. Ihe ti.u.i.i minority member. Edwin Steers, tf Indianapolis, protested In nln. i The Attorney General sent the following telegram to ull county election boards: I "Disregard instructions of Stale Board of Election Commissioners directing precinct boards lo permit voter. unregistered on rei-h traiion records at precinct to vole by merely making affidavit they are retisUrcd. , This violates law on registration and 'any such Illegal voting will he In instigated by new Senate Election frauds Committee. My official oplu-i, n follows." John II. Lauer, Republican stale 'chairman, has predicted Unit his oarty will carry the slate by moi" than 100,000 votes, but I'reJ nays. Democratic state chairman. clainiH a Democratic sweep with a a'n in Congressional standing which now Is nine Republicans and two i Democrat a. I The Indianapolis betting odds v.ere on the Republicans, with three ' to one on Governor Thomas E. Dew-! i y carrying the state, two to one that : Ttalph V. Gates. Republican, would heat Senator Samuel V. Jackson, , Democrat, and five to three that ! Capehart would down Governor Schricker. i President Roosevelt will run considerably behind Governor Schricker ' and probably somewhat in the rear of Senator Jackson, on his own ticket, according to the dopesters. The Democrats have been waging nearly a separate campaign for . Seln-ieker and Jackson, with Presi dent Roosevelt the "forgotten man." !the Republicans have charged. The Democratic strength in in the ceuiiHes with thousand.; of war workers Lake. Vanderburgh. SI. Joseph, Madison and Delaware - . observers say. The Republicans have one industrial area. Allen County, and possibly Marion Comity.. But their main source of power Is in practically all of the agricultural counties earl in many small towns. The politico agree that there is nolle a defect ion of the normally .Democratic Catholic vote because of '. tile f'omni'inisni issue which Governor P.ewcy has stressed, but in the lw,vi;ig days of Ihe campaign the : ''ernocratH attempted to counter Ibis ' ;.i ad ! Mi'iiur.v rvict Calls For :?0:i Infitana Niirttfs I Thr ininU for Indiana in the re-"i 'liu.'int rf nurse:; for military ser-j vi-.'o the period oi' July 1 lo Jan. 11. 1!'"i is '-'":: nurses. EthnI R. Ja i cobs ; t (,,. chairman, announced to-1 lay. ! Approvimi'tfly Too studen' nur-i:.s. many of which are Ortd-t Nr-s:;. iraining under the lT. S. Pnb-jlice Health Service's Cadet Nurse i ;:vr, program to meet the war e-j c:: r:ency, are expected to graduate 1 f:-c:.i srhools of nursing in the state by the end of the year, j These nurses arP now- being clas-isi.'i. 1 by the Indiana Procurement . nd As:ienment Committee for Nur-j st s. War Manpower Commission, to : speed the assignment of young nurses to military or essential civilian nursing Immediately upon graduation this fall, she said. Ethel Jacobs urged all nurses Classified as available for military serine to apply fer military appointment before graduation, so that no tim' will he lost in transferring from sehenl to tip ;!r:;ied ftirces. Application;- may In- filed witli any Red Cross Recruitment Committee or with tie Surgeon General of the Army or Saw, Wa' hie. !.,;,. D .'. the fh r VrM ill, SOCW K4 If YWmi V w 1 W ,'.'- - i . y,i' K. 1. w I . k l i -it ... ft "f-k-t'.-A ii. cnrr-?az ;r7vKJ9u -m i N.rti lsi imtuui.. i zinc - -zjr m -tmi v.'- f ( . zzx.'-"m!rxvwsr. m 11.-. .m - - . . KyJ&vm X " frSy VVVW I J I l 'H tit-Ill RlDY-A'ID W,U5 j 10 HOKW, ' I m f&ff Ziry sTRAwTuT row 1U'T INC CVH ! Ihuu hfunia i,THAT Justice S6EftvEP!HA; THE CUSTOMER WHO B W H6Y DAN.' HERE'S )f A piece of V goshwhvoet 1 wfll iav IT ) I JUST A VARIATION 1 1 f ortutruaiftficF 1 arcl PPDCtrTl I opirinnifo A W ovtRTmS Hi m OF THE OLD I THE NAZIS TRIED A BRING IT HERE' K HUNK O' I AC I ? J OfcDLR BLANK STENCILTRICK7 IT 1 7 TO BURN ' . A. yA Mn J -T -AN.?-" c----Jl a r-Jm ; j 1 frrrrrri 1 1 t yiWi5, m ORDERED THIS HA I Ifi WAD A FUNNY IRWIN ? TWO SOUPTWO DAN 1 jLL , WATCHES U'C ti'SSMg BeMBj MEAL APPETITE KINDS OF MEATS' TO ANEW r.:rr yAH ' AN1 ccciioy FRIES AFTER ( DESSERT . 1.i,iili- ,.i if AT ANY WE fAN BE WE'RE ON m - ; . ... s . iir -. : : ' 1 Secret WE'RE TOO LATE, DUNN' THE BRAUNS HAVE TAKEN RATE, T ITS HORRIBLE TO THINK Jf IOOK DAN 7 ,'' '! II I AN HERE S A tM ITSAHTOE tKUM ft i I SURE ) OF WHAT. IT WILL MEAN ASHES OF wwvA CE.THAT W HOTEL WAITER'S PAD.' -v- I THE J IF HE GBTS BACK TO' 5 PAPER ', '.,'f AIN'T ALL I HMM ' WHAT A PECULIAR fe yA TRAIL OF A THE FATHERLAND WITH IN THE "S WWi BURNED.' J T APPETITE THIS OOKTOR KRUGG?) THAT PARALYSIS GAS FIREPLACE.' TaN If I CUSTOMER HAD .' Y?:, f THEIR GUEST3 HIOE-OUT? uperanvf fcwr ,i iii f ir v mmwvm x f immY wtPr Kf. xsrs 1

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