The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on November 6, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1944
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Page Scroll THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Monday, November 6, 1941. By Jack Sords TITLE BOUND? I TROJAN GIANT St, , (AcMLL!M. I JoiAaIA COMA WrlW A4 eloosigR e&veei -To tAe- MSgt. William K. Kutch Awarded Air Force Meda! Master Sergeant Williani H. Kutch, Clinton, was one of two niasler sergeants recently awarded the liionzo Star at a Mustang lighter station somewhere In England. M Set. Kutch and MSgl. Harmon A. iJoyle of Vandalia. 111. were the His! enlisted men on their field lo receive the inedul w liich was awarded by the Eighth Fighter Command in lecognltion of their "outstanding service" In directing the merlianical maintenance of airplanes-at their station. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Kutch of South Fifth Street. MSgt. Kuteh has been In the Army Air Force for over three years and has hn.n cintli.m H iii England for two years. Divided World In 1493, Pope Alexander VI delivered his famous bill dividing the New World between Spain and Portugal. MONUMENTS ( A Complete l.lne 0 fur Service Drop Is A Card E. W.Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute. Indiana WANTED I! tll.F.OAl I'lMiENTIiV NKKD SKILLED I X-S KILLED WOl'.KERS SEE: REPRESENTATIVE I'.ULItOAD RETIREMENT HOARD Ration Board Office Every Tuesday Clinton, Indiana J:l0 lo 11:30 A. M. Silent Voters Hold Key to Presidential Kace in Electorate (Oonrtnued troat Taee I) l.u., ffirernst over the weekeilll that Califoniln would go for Dewey by loo.mio votes. An equally prominent Detroit observer predicted Michigan would go lo Itooseieli by a small margin. The president is favored by the poll in the ten stales or the Bonn south, plus Tennessee. Arizona. California. Montana, Nevada. I'tah. Washington. Kliode Island and .New Hampshire for a total of 1H3 electoral voles. Indiana Toll Shows Dewey The poll favors Dewey in Maine. Vermont. New Jersey. Ohio. est Virginia. Indiana. Illinois, Iowa. Ne braska. Kansas. Colorado, tuano. North Dakota. South Dakota. Minne sota. Wisconsin. Michigan. .Missouri. Wvomini and New Mexico for a total of 2"4 electoral votes. u..ninrl(v and Oklahoma, wnirn favored the President last week, are now in the doubtful class. The situation !n the doubtful states follows: New York: The Democrats claim a 601.000 to 650.000 plurality in New York City and say the Republicans can t match that upstate. The Republicans say the Democratic plurality in New York City may:g below 550.000 and that the GOP will come down state with around "00.-000 or better. Take your pick. Pennsylvania: The Democrats say they will carry Philadelphia by OOO to 125,000 and Allegheny Coun-tv (Pittsburgh) by 75.000. giving u,.t.,..u a slim victory. Kepunn- cans say the Democratic plurality in Philadelphia will be below 75,000 and around 50.000 with a like Roosevelt lead for Pittsburgh, which will not overcome a 200.000 Republican plurality in tbe rest of the tr. T..Lu vfnir nick. Massachusetts: Favoring Dewey with even New Dealers blaming their vice presidential nominee. Sen. Harrv Truman, for losing the state. Republicans say Dewey's charges that CommunistB will run the New-Deal have won the stale, along with the Klan attack on Truman and Truman's attack on Sen. David I. Walsh. Looks like Dewey. Connecticut: Claimed by both parties. Verdict In hands of voter of Irish and Italian extraction, who are reported favoring Dewey. Democrats arc buoyed by lack of confidence among O'-P leaders that they will carry state. Could go either way. Maryland: The Democratic plur-alit. in Baltimore against the Republican plurality outstaie. Democrats claim Baltimore by from 25- ono to 4",000. If It ts only 2o."o" - . By Jack Sords to 7 last .Saturday, has a date with Minnesota at Minneapolis this week, and Iowa, which finallv ach-, ieved triumph with a 2T-to-6 victory over Nebraska, meets Wisconsin to complete the conference schedule. Oliio State has a breather this week. Pittsburgh, but in the two re- mainine football Saturdays must compete against Illinois and Michi- gan. IHsfl Meet Amil' The biggest upset, of course, was provided by the unofficial member the conference Notre Dame. The 32-to-13 licking handed the hitherto upset all calculations. This Saturday the battered and disconsolate Irih go to New York for the annual emhro- glio with tbe Cadets of West I'oint. Consolidate FchOoll Almost a fourth of the one-teacher eustins in 182" had dis appeared i" IMC. and tr.eir pur'- were absorbed into the cver-incrtas- tne consolioatcd schooi aiitncts . ........ ....F-t'.in :,.'. tit llie flil- B III VOTE FOR AC ,11.. i Ir.itl.t tndav. I Delaware: Claimed by both sides. I Republican claim weakened by lack '; of confidence among OOP leadt-is that they will carry state. A "cross ' the fingers" business. Looks like Roosevelt on this account. Kentucky: Claimed for Roosevelt by a 20.000 to 20.000 margin, based largely on chances of Democrats carrying Louisville. Actually. Democrats may not carry Louisville and if they don't, a Dewey victory in tiie state. Really a 50-50 chance today. Senate Leader Barkley in serious trouble if Roosevelt's margin is as low a 20.-"0. Oklahoma: So many conflicting reports, outcome is in doubt. There is tendency among Republicans to concede it to Roosevelt but anti-New Deal Democrats insist it wi'r eo for Dewey. Toss a nickle but its like-i ly to go to Roosevelt with Sen. El-u;e- T! omas getting defeated. Orezin: A 5-50 proposition witn LELAND L MOORE Democratic Candidate For JOINT SENATOR m FOB VERMILLION, FOUNTAIN' AND WARREN COUNTIES Your Support Will Be Appreciated (This A'lvertiM-mi nt Paid For My Wends of Leland Moore) r'i iiiwmiittmii Jl i look for a Dewey victory, uutvou- ; - - - rfrTijT ' 't.i Hi' irt-i"''-gJ . I r.,. . ..r-,- v-,, , rsirNM'T K,v ,'viOAJ IF 1 COULD uJo vje I f I M SN LUrtL7 rbliC W i " ' ' - . ' 1 I. k .r-, -m-w , -m ACk UFK n Wildcats Splash Way to Victory For Sixth lim Cats Keep Record of No Defeats, One Tie in Win Over Indianapolis Crew; Valley Games are Next Playing in the midst of one of the heaviest, coldest rainstorms in recent football years, t li Clinton High School Wildcats practically dog-paddled their way to an outstanding 2a-ii defeat ovr a previously unbeaten Washington of Indianapolis outfit Friday night at the CHS Stadium. In a game where the tempers occasionally became considerably hotter than the weather, the Cats relied upon their steady groundwork to completely outplay the visiting firemen from the very beg hi n ins of the water-fight. Three Mar for fall Don Kelnero, Jack Ciliuan and Tony Enrietto played heads-un ball lor the Cats, with each or the flashy runners scoring points for the locals and Oilman hitting the pay-dirt twice. The first quarter took up a duelling act with each team trying to figure out just what the other had up their sleeves. CrbLiid-work featured the game sin.:-? the heavy dew-made parsing almost impossible. Mart In Second Quarter The Wildcats unleashed their well-known powerhouse In the second uuarter, rolling to two touchdowns before they eould be stopped. The initial drive started as Enrietto snared the ball of his own twenty, lacing up the field 25 yards to the midfield area. D. ileinero hoisted the pigskin : for another 25 yards, then Oilman took over, driving to the 15-yard i stripe. D. Ileinero took the ball on his own 15. went wide around tackle j to score standing up. I Mi nul.'s later the second touch-1 dow n came ax Sam Carry Intercepted ' a Washington nass on the 40-yard : marker, slipping down to the 20 be- 1... ....... ..I,,.. ..., t.v lha r-r.ntinen. 1 tal line. From there Enrietto look j .he lull in an anmnd-end eeo lo score again for the Cats. Enrietto then added another point to his score with a kicked conversion. Half St ore st-0 The half ended with Clinton leading 13-0. The rain came back in lorce in th ikl.J ...... . yliH Ihn Call X'jlritlir! the kiek-olf as the third stanza got underway Don Keinero chugged his ' way up to the midfield in a 40-yard return. I Keinero and Enrietto th'-n slipped j and slid through the mud in a series j ..i ciK.rtito1 with firt of short gains alternated with first downs to land on the Washington five-yard line. Jack Oilman, who switches between backfield and line with equal ease, went into the back- t 'KM hTKI! V M KM lit I A U MOM MK.NTS and l AKKKI.S Ti'rre Hatilc Moniiiiienl 'o. IHAA. . I.I I K riiiw -Mi H-pmw tplil -5 w.ieltl, lintuli Special Meeting Clinton Conservati'ili Club B ill Hold n S)et ial Mff tini Monday, Nov. 6't!i 7:;l I. . , 1 1 j' 'Mn Al! Mj-uil-r I rgeil To i'' I'ri-'lit Soothe your irritated eyes with Murine " . . J lm a fkni -tr-l n. mm - L iMrtfl Tt'.ltl lO r fHUTltm xnwm ww" ft rrei thss arc u red, bmoor li t..MM rr.nt in uth tit zd u. rrt at oace to oothe tod mm 1 i A Clinton Man Felt Like Swollen Ballon; Full of Stomach Cas RiMllf. tfimum man that be kWI tm tft Mfce H llwa .(tVewn wal. He '''" g- -"" "f jTjr ua. lei-- f"T "r alter -ti Wm t-rri- oi"p - - i. omr HI b liUB lre-l- in thl rUnitr now I.- WSIJ-HKLP. He Mate. Ih- w- aaiad tlie reMlIt trm lee I'M- f' !ediie. .r f rat what hr witUout km ur bloating. "d t-el. are r-g.ilar for tlM- lino tes i" "" " ,,ke KHH-llUi' .nlain IS -rea Herb.: tlM lea-e Umel.. l-ar z rum umirK ltx'' T aSMl"h sls. li--ral.l- e-f uon f" I diflerenl all -r. m a am MTflering; ii KIIH-HKI-P: White' (l-iall I1iarni lm iyn . I I ' 1 I : JoHM TeRRARQ op -ftg tMiVeesny op SoOfelBSiJ CAUFcxellA l-'J c r, t ; .'.1 i, ' cf- 14 field and plowed through the mud i to score, cilman Score Twice Oilman scored the Cats' final marker also, bulling through 20 yards to score after Enrietto had gained 20 yards from the kickolf. Clinton's record of no defeats stayed untarnished in the encounter while the Cats toppled the Indiana-! nolis crew's similar unbeaten claim, lll,.' l.nmn. Kehetlllled I Valley standing, which has the lo- cabs cu rreutly in second place behind the Kobiinon Maroors. was unaffect- ed by the game since inoianapons i outside the conference The Wildcats' next two games, Brazil and Sullivan, not only will test the tats' ability to slay in the unbeaten column but will have a vi- lal effect nil t hp ValleV TaCe. The Cats meet Brazil this Friday night in an Armistice holiday battle while they trek down to Sullivan to meet the arch-rivals, the Golden Ar- rows, in Turkey Day. Washington ) rUn'cm (.So) nteiie E.E. Cirey Borgroa Adamson LO. Brunner C Linder R.G. Mull R T. Darrah K.E. Deem Q. B. Esarey L H. Hodges H II. Ilines K. IS. Woire hv neriods: Washington " ' " I Clinton 0 13 6 6 25 J Scoring touchdowns D. lieinerio. Enrietto. Oilman. 2. I'nlnt alter touchdown Enrietto. Official liefree. Diederich: uln-i pire. Sergeant H-nely; lieadlioes- man. Sergeant Springer. Football Notes CiilCAOU. 111. The Western Conlerence cha:u;iolisii;p footliall mf was unchanged today 'he re o)' tiie le sue was sti eaieh up with State. Saturday s ref ults were jubt alrtut as exje-cted. and faii'-d to! change the championship P"ture. 1'unlue H.. 'trance TOUK. Hie liuekeyes Mill held undisputed leadership; Purdue can take the pennant if il wins its re-uiaiiiing gam'-s and Ohio ritatw lose. ai -Michigan and Illinois, each de- . . - .L.nM In alll ill lea ted once. v, r ( if misiortune ovenakes one or the other as well as the Bucneyes and the lioilermakers. Tnat puis the conference ipotlig:-r.n r.ranston atd Ann Arbor r : .is Katurdav. with Purdue p :Cortl wt-siern and Michigan tr: ! i : Wi'fl Illinois. i.rrfuj. mav have troubl : "' 'he Wiidcais. Northwestern ;! yi better toll Saturday tnan its J-'.o-I4 t witii ?!:tinesota u.dxa'es. Uil-faal Ne ((flnftive Northwestern came up with a brand-new offemii -. a complete "T" formation with mmhi n motion. Tins uncovered a new s"j:. lank Alt''let-er. for whom lb c-w 'Sense aje liarentiy u tatlr-oiade. 15a d breaks cut tue iii';is oui of a urpne victory at Minneapolis . Alieiieier. after scoring ' ,rhA,n on , -lyard ryn. ! , ' . z.vird nullified XW Win . n,lermak-r5. s'i.:-lly weakened the loss of key men due t Nay V-12 irantfem. d'dn'l r-tmw it in running up a 3i-to-o victory over Wisconrin. Illm il" a lleti The Illinois- Michigan fracas is a natural. Buddy Young figures to be in tip-top condition after last ratur-1 a . lavoff and Illini acout Wallv Weter iias predicted the same will 'prowo- "th- greatest outburt oi of-football seen anywhere this er." ' Michigan romped over I'ehBs-.lvao- . ia 41-to-l list Katurda I terf'tl bv J t?-JCkTe6i 21 ! j j of ; uranam I' jj I j l ...hpct arg Sit Em tilue UiMrmfw mammmM TAII CO r 1 toTKB ELAJWE eKd CH, BO?" P,-SSShK !XlJlaVI I rH SURE L-OOKS IF CLAiNt AMU I r'i Wioj . en . rr: .Tr V I R. VOUBEEMAU. iJKNOVvl -Tl MOOP J ANTA.6QM IXE HERJ (AR E (TO 2Ls VW I ' r l ' MINE 1 1 1 V X i r?MMi Sfw: i c'4., CpWS ASMOEMWENO - ;-iM3UCAFORA -;; - ' ? JlT.G?I A TEW m THEVS NOmUl P H f-'J- IY-Y -P)S PVNAMiTE ? J Jff -s? (tubes; d-. -y--( about rr V TIT --'t Thimble f0 VWP Vrqf fCfe Theatre tJUSi UBL Lil P -..,- . - , I rr , . Starring CJ xr-J .LJ . P0PEYE "5- (1 ' (.-s j

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